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chapter 12 An ungrateful Man

Chapter 12: An Ungrateful Man  
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Yes, the mysterious man was definitely using this crossbow to kill the insect. Looking at the pattern that was carved on it, he knew the crossbow was not normal. It must be because of this weapon so that man became so powerful.

Diao Dingguo could not stop thinking,  If this crossbow belonged to me, if I had such powerful weapon, then not only Fei Fei, but even more beautiful celebrities will seek protection from me. At that time, I can do whatever I want!  

As the saying goes, Greed makes a person do stupid things. Just when Chu Yunsheng turned around, and was about to leave, Diao Dingguo pulled out a watermelon knife he was hiding at his back, and tried to stab Chu Yunsheng.

Everyone was shocked by the sudden attack. The young man only saw a blade’s reflection flashed in front of his eyes, it was too late to try and stop Diao Dingguo.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked as well. How can such an ungrateful man exist in the world? I just saved their lives, now they want to kill me! Chu thought.  Even though he ironically said a few words to the middle-aged man, he did not expect that guy would stab him!

In the eyes of Diao Dingguo, this mysterious man is dead. No one could survive in a close-range knife attack. It is a watermelon knife. Even if this man did not die, he would be seriously injured, and then Diao Dingguo would take his crossbow. Everything seemed so perfect.

But once again, everyone was surprised by the result. The mysterious man was still standing and did not even move after being stabbed. Diao Dingguo’s watermelon knife dropped to the ground, and his hand was wounded. Diao Dingguo’s hand dripped blood onto the floor, and he groaned with pain on the ground.

“You wanted to kill me!?”  Chu Yunsheng shouted.

If it were not for the six armour Yuan Fu’s strong protection spell, this guy could have killed him. Chu Yunsheng was really furious. Whatever he said, at least he saved this man's life. But not only did Diao Dingguo not feel grateful, but he also tried to kill him. Does he even have basic human decency?

“Why?” Chu Yunsheng asked as he tried to suppress his rage. He still felt strange.

Diao Dingguo knew he made another big mistake when the knife bounced off. This man's power was beyond his imagination.

“I....I...” he was in a great panic.

Chu Yunsheng sneered at him, and said,  “Don't tell me you lost your mind again, and didn't know what you were doing.”

Diao Dingguo eyes moved toward the crossbow unintentionally, then quickly moved away. He tried to stay calm and think of a solution.

Chu Yunsheng was already at Yuan Tian stage one, and the six armour Yuan Fu also increased his overall strength. How could he not notice Diao Dingguo’s short glimpse?

Chu didn’t need too much time to understand; this guy wants his crossbow!

Chu Yunsheng was angry and speechless at the same time. Even if Diao Dingguo had the crossbow, without any Yuan Qi, he would not be able to use it at all. And if he really had Yuan Qi, the Yuan Fu he cast onto the crossbow has his personal signature on it. Therefore, even if he had Yuan Qi,  Diao Dingguo still couldn't use it.

Diao Dingguo was such a greedy and ungrateful human being. I don't need to be nice to this type of person, just kill him and feed him to the insects, was Chu Yunsheng’s first thought.

But when he pulled out the sword, and pointed it at Diao Dingguo’s neck, he couldn't do it. He just has never killed anyone before. That's why he hesitated.

Even though he has seen so many horrible deaths recently, and has killed some insects as well, this was different. It is a completely different feeling when he wants to kill his own kind.

But, he is not soft-hearted. For people such as Diao Dingguo, Chu Yunsheng does not have the slightest sympathy.

Diao Dingguo almost collapsed when he saw Chu Yunsheng pulled out a sword. Diao did not think his greed could bring his own death, but he selectively forgot that it was him tried to attack Chu Yunsheng first.

When he saw Chu Yunsheng's hesitation, Diao Dingguo seized the opportunity to turn around and run toward the room inside. However, the room led to a dead end, so maybe this time Diao has really lost his mind.

Although Chu Yunsheng hesitated, he was not prepared to let go of this scum. Diao Dingguo ran fast, but Chu Yunsheng’s crossbow was even faster. At this close distance, he did not need to waste any Yuan Qi. An arrow directly shot into Diao Dingguo’s thigh, and Diao Dingguo fell over and hit the ground. He could not stop screaming from the pain and fear.

The other five people who saw this were scared into silence. No one dared and no one was willing to plead for Diao Dingguo. Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng thought of a good idea.  He shut the only door leading out of Diao’s room and used a metal bar on the floor to lock the door. This way, he did not need to kill Diao Dingguo personally. Diao Dingguo would either bleed to death or starve to death inside!  In short, there was no way out.

This kind of death was crueller than killing him directly, Chu Yunsheng thought. But then he hates this type of person the most, so he did not think too much about it.

“This kind of bastard, you still believed him?” Chu walked over and said sarcastically in front of the young girl Feifei.

The girl was scared, and she did not dare to look at him after hearing what he said. She is like a frightened rabbit, quickly moving to hide.

“Am I scary?” Chu Yunsheng thought. He suddenly felt a little bit depressed.

"Can you take us with you?" The young man begged.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the five people, shook his head, and said: "I have other things to do. You need to leave this place quickly, the blood smell is very heavy, and soon other insects will come.”

"But, where can we go?" said a middle-aged woman. She was desperate.

"Go out, head west. There are lights, and gunshots there. There are troops, so you can go there!" Chu Yunsheng said quickly. He told them what he saw on the way here.

The young man immediately said: "No, we can’t. In the west, there is a bridge, and insects were guarding that place. We tried several times, but we still could not go past the bridge. We have lost several people as well!"

When Chu Yunsheng heard that they saw insects, he immediately asked with a trace of excitement, "Insects? How many?”

Everyone gasped in surprise. This guy must be crazy, they thought. He is probably the only man in the world who would get excited when he heard there are insects.

The young man became more certain about Chu Yunsheng mysterious ability. He recalled the scene at the bridge and said  "About two insects, one in the east of the bridge, one in the west. We went there several times, they were always like this.”

Two insects…Although they were a little bit away from each other, but this distance means nothing to them. It might be a little bit difficult. Chu Yunsheng suddenly thought of another question, and asked: "Why do you want to cross the bridge? Why didn't you try to go around the bridge from the north or the south?”

The young man had a wry smile: "Brother, we tried. In the south, there is a supermarket, and most times we went there, most people died there as well. There are insects on the street and in the supermarket. If we go there, we will die.”

Of course, fighting one insect is always the best choice, but I do not get to see single insects very often. If I have to wait until I encounter just one insect, then my cultivation speed will be dramatically decreased, which is not what I want. Chu Yunsheng thought.

If there are two, then I will just kill those two! Chu thought.

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Chapter 11 A meddler

Chapter 11 A meddler
This man was Chu Yunsheng, he had successfully frozen this careless red shell insect from behind. However, he was struggling to kill the monster completely. Apart from the frost arrow, he didn't want to reveal too many abilities to everyone.

The frozen red shell was not dead, however, it could not break out at any time soon. So he had to hurry up.

Since those six people didn't talk, then he had to make the first move. “ Cough, cough. I think you all are safe at moment, can you give me some space so I can deal with this insect!”

Not until he started to remind everyone did the crowd realised they were saved after the shock.  Everyone instantly broke out into tears of happiness and hugged each other while saying “ we... we don't need to die now...” repeatedly as if every sentence could completely vent their feelings of despair.

But Chu Yunsheng could not wait until their finished expressing their feelings, he had to interrupt them again, he rushed them: "Stop.... stop there! If you all are OK, can you please leave the room, I need this place to deal with this insect!"

The young man was the first one heard Chu YunSheng, he immediately stopped the crowd from crying. but they still did not move, they were looking at Chu Yunsheng and confused. the insect was dead, what did he need to deal with?

He could not blame them. Even when he froze the red-shelled insect for the first time, he also thought it was not dead.  At that time, he had to shot another frost arrow in order to kill the monster completely. So, when he saw the crowd was confused,  he pointed at the frozen red shell monster and explained: "This insect is not dead..“

However, he did not even get to finish his sentence. the first few words were like a bomb dropped in the crowd.  Everyone quickly moved to the side and kept themselves far away from the insects.

One woman who was just brave enough to approach the monster and about to touch the frozen monster. But when she heard what Chu Yunsheng said, she was so scared that she instantly sat on the ground, at the same time, she was crawling on the ground using both of her hands and legs trying to run away as quick as she could.

Chu Yunsheng completely understood their fears. when he encountered the red-shelled insect which was chasing the white down jacket woman,  the fear he had at that time was not less than theirs.

“You don't need to worry, it is fine now, but I need some space to kill it completely ” chu Yunsheng tried to calm everyone down. then he thought again and added ” the procedure might be unnerving, so I need you guy's full co-operation, please wait outside”

The group of people quickly agreed when he heard it. Although Chu Yunsheng said it would be fine,  they still couldn't stay with a live monster in the same room.

Since he did not need their presence, why not wait outside. Everyone was thinking the same thing.

"Can I stay?" The young man was very nervous.

Chu Yunsheng frowned, Under the old flashlight’s dim illumination, he could see the young man's expression. he admired the man's courage, but he only admired it, he still did not want to share his secret with a stranger.

“no! everyone out!” Chu Yunsheng flatly refused

The young man could not see Chu Yunsheng's  expression behind night vision goggles, But his cold tone voice made young man did not dare to have any dissatisfaction. so he followed the crowd and left the room with disappointment.

Chu Yunsheng immediately closed the door, then pushed up night vision goggles.

The type of night vision device he had would not cause a sudden blindness under the flashlight which was a relatively bright light source.

The reason why he pushed up the night vision goggles was that he could clearly see the red-shelled insect and kill it under the dim light.
Before he killed the monster, he had also tested the storage talisman and absorption talisman on the live red shelled insect. The result was what he expected, live creatures could not be stored in the storage Yuan Fu and he could not absorb Yuan Qi from the live red shelled insect.

The only way was to kill it first. Chu Yunsheng had carefully observed it before, the soldier’s rifles would not do much damage on a red-shelled insect, even if the bullets penetrated the monster's shield, it still could not kill the monster, but only provoke it.

Chu Yunsheng did not want to use the frost arrow again because it was the waste of Yuan Qi, a frozen red shelled insect did not have the shield, theoretically, he could kill it just using the ordinary bullets, But the gun sound could attract other monsters. Also, he only had 100 bullets left, even the red shell insect did not have a shield, he still did not know how many bullets would it take to kill the monster, so he could not waste any bullet as well.

The only way he left was the sword, he could use it to cut off its head. In that way, he did not need to waste too much Yuan Qi or bullets, that was why he had spent two days making One Sheng Bing talisman which was used to increase the damage of the sword.

The sword was already enchanted with Sheng Bing Talisman. Chu Yunsheng could now pass Yuan Qi into the sword.

“Ha!” he hissed in a quiet voice. He quickly raised up the sword then swung the sword very hard to cut off the monster’s head.

In order to prevent the loss of Yuan Qi, he immediately activated absorption Talisman, as he expected red shelled insect did not die immediately, it wiggled for a few seconds before it died, it was just happened to be the absorption talisman activated.

The room was spread with the pieces of human bodies. Chu Yunsheng did not want to stay any longer after he absorbed Yuan Qi.

It sickened him. Although he had seen so many bloody scenes before, he still could not bear with it.

Six people were still staying at outside, they did not leave. Just when Chu Yunsheng came out, he heard a man plead “Fei Fei, please listen to me, I was just gone insane, I did not know what I was doing, I did not want to do it, can you please forgive me,  if I was clear-headed,  even just a little bit, I would die for you, I, Diao Dingguo swear to god. Can you please believe me one more time.”
When dealing with this kind of girl, Diao Dingguo was confident that he would persuade her. No matter what happened, he would find a way to deceive her, even if he had just made a serious mistake.

However, to him, he still did not think it was a mistake. In fact, he still thought that his life was the most important. Who would know that a person would come out of nowhere to kill the monster? If he knew that already, he'd definitely pretend to protect the girl using his life, then with the help of his eloquence, the girl would definitely willing give away her virginity to him tonight.

Chu Yunsheng shone the flashlight at the crowd and he finally found out whose voice was it.  Diao Dingguo was a middle-aged man, and the girl who he called Fei Fei was the girl who was almost eaten by the monster. At the moment, the girl was biting her lips, and it seemed like she was struggling to believe this man, but the young man was just quietly standing on the side.
Chu Yunsheng cursed in his mind: is she an idiot? How could she believe this Diao Dingguo guy, and why did this young man suddenly become a coward, why didn't he say anything. Why let someone like this Diao Dingguo took away the opportunity he earned by risking his own life.

He usually just minded his own business, he did not want to get involved in other people's problem. what he needed right now was looking for the next red shelled monster, But when he saw this Diao Dingguo wanted to deceive the stupid girl, he just could not stand it.

Also, Chu Yunsheng slightly admired the young man’s courage earlier, so he could not help but said in a stone cold voice: “Oh! was it really that you went insane! but why this young man did not lose his mind? Little girl, some people could give you up once, they could also give you up twice! You need to think carefully.  ’

No one knew this man would intervene, everyone was surprised and looked at him, Chu Yunsheng was a bit embarrassed, maybe he really should not get involved.  Especially when he saw Diao Dingguo's eyes flashed with hate for a brief second.

But his words had already started to take effect. the girl Feifei suddenly realised that she almost got deceived again, “Diao Dingguo, we are done! “ she still could not forget the last minutes that man tried to wrest his arm from her tight hug. he abandoned her with those heartless eyes

Chu Yunsheng knew that he should not stay any longer, he passed the flashlight to the young man then turned around.  But he did know that since the moment he talked, the middle age man started to hate him. Chu Yunsheng humiliated him in front of everyone, Diao Dingguo’s mind was filled with anger and hatred. But he knew that he could not take the revenge now, he was afraid of this man’s ability.

When he saw the man was about to leave, he is thrilled, “just wait until the man left, then find another chance to persuade Feifei”. He thought,  he seemed to forget about what he planned originally, which was to ask this man to escort him to a safer place.

Until he saw the mysterious symbols on the crossbow in this man's hand, a controllable desire of having this crossbow instantly filled his mind.

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Chapter 10 Sneak attack

Chapter 10 Sneak attack
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Chu Yun Sheng was very excited, he couldn't even sleep. Finally, he didn't need to wait for two years to reach Yuan Tian stage two. His only objective right now was to kill 243 Red-shelled insects.

But He must also be proactive, he needs to walk out of his room. Walk into the darkness, and look for those monsters which were lost from their swarms, then kill them and absorb their Yuan Qi.

He prepared one new She Yuan (absorption) Yuan Fu, one pistol, one folding crossbow with arrows and one sword which was enchanted with Shen Bing(Weapon of deity) Yuan Fu that was specifically prepared for close combat. Even with this amount of weapon, Chu Yun Sheng was still worried, so he made one Six Armour Yuan Fu in addition to those items. After he finished all the preparation, 10 days had already passed.

Finding those Red-shelled insects wasn't difficult.  From time to time, frightening screams could be heard from afar,  as well as the sound of gunshots and rockets firing. No matter which one, it clearly indicated there was a presence of those Red-shelled insects.
With Chu YunSheng’s ability right now, it was best to attack those who fail to stay in a group. If he encountered a swarm, all he could do was run.

He gave up the idea of taking advantage of the area where the army and those insects were fighting. Those areas usually have a lot of insects, it was very dangerous. Also, the way he absorbed the Yuan Qi from a Red-shelled insect was out of the ordinary, people might feel very weird about it. He didn’t  want to be taken away by the army for a military investigation, just like what happened to the Ice Punch man.

His objective right now was to find one or two Red-shelled insects, not even three. If his Six Armour Yuan Fu couldn’t shield him from red shell insects’ speedy attacks and protect him from those corrosive secretions when confronting them. At that moment he didn’t even have time to regret.

In the past ten days, other people living in the building were struggling to live. Food was less day after day, it forced everyone to start talking about the transfer and evacuation or staying here until the army takes back control of the city. They often ended up fighting each other.

Many people sighed in despair when they saw Chu Yun Sheng walking out of his flat at this time, but no one bothered to ask. Many people were starving. In the past few days, some people who could not bear the hunger any longer went out looking for some food. However, a lot of them never came back again. They all thought Chu Yunsheng was this type of person as well.

Chu Yun Sheng found a secluded corner. He took out a motorbike from his Storage Yuan Fu. The brand of his motorbike was very popular during the Age of Light,  he thought it would be easy for him to find accessories in the future if it breaks down. He also put on a black helmet which had night vision Goggles attached on.  He then pressed the accelerator and disappeared quickly into the darkness. He drove towards the nearest place where the screams came from.
Shen Cheng City was surrounded by darkness, it was no longer the famous night city before. Occasionally there were lights that were passing by, like a fire ghost in a dead city. All the buildings were covered in the darkness silently as if they were the man - eater.

Chu Yun Sheng arrived at the place where the screams came from, but he only found a headless half body and an empty skull near a utility pole. The internal organs and blood were scattered everywhere, it made him felt sick.
The monster should not have gone too far. He unmounted his motorbike. Holding a crossbow against the buildings’ wall, he moved slowly towards another street. The night vision goggle he bought from the black market was a 4th generation night vision goggle which had the most advanced night vision technology in the world. Such products were tightly controlled in the country, therefore he could not get it from regular stores.

In order to cope with the darkness during the Dark Age, he also equipped an infrared radiation device.  It’s probably because of the monster's shield that it could not be seen through the night vision goggles. Therefore, he must rely on the surrounding glares and reflections to find them. But if he is in a completely dark area, the infrared radiation device was the only way to detect the insects.

He turned from corner to corner. While he was looking for a single red shell insect he occasionally met a few people who were scared, but he hadn’t encountered a single monster. ‘I am probably the only one person in the world that was hoping to meet those Insects!’ Chu Yunsheng sarcastically thought.
Just as he was getting ready to leave the area, a piercing scream came from a building next to him, then followed by a burst of noisy and panicked cries Chu YunSheng’s heart started to beat intensely, he lurked quickly towards the building. He peaked vaguely at a big hole in the window in the second floor of the building. The situation wasn’t very clear from his location, but the infrared imaging showed that there was movement on the five or six floor of this building, but it was blocked by the wall so he could not see very clearly.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath, he started to climb up the wall. The Six Armour Yuan Fu had increased his physical strength. With the help of the uneven wall, he successfully got into the second floor through the hole on the wall.

Along the way, he was extremely careful. Because of the walls, his visibility is limited, he didn’t know how many insects were there, so he had to be cautious. He must prevent accidents from happening.

Screams and crying came and go in the quiet of the night, it was very unnerving.

Chu Yun Sheng followed where the sound came from all the way to the fifth floor. This time he could clearly see that there are about six people and one Red-shelled insect. two or three bodies were lying on the ground. The Red-shelled insect probably thought that they had nowhere else to run, so it was not in hurry. It was slowly sucking the brains out of those three corpses lying on the ground one by one.

Those who were still alive were forced to stay in the corner. They were curled up together, screaming desperately from time to time. Chu Yun Sheng could not see their expression clearly through the wall even with help of night vision goggle. But Chu Yunsheng was certain that those people must be horrified, it was just like when he saw the Red-shelled insect for the first time.

The Red-shelled insect threw away an empty skull, it then started to glance at every single one of them. As if it was picking which one had the most delicious brain.

The group realised suddenly what was going to happen. They all stopped screaming, no one wanted to die. This disgusting monster might leave if it was stuffed. Everyone thought the same thing. Soon, the Red-shelled insect’s greedy eyes stopped at a delicate-looking girl.  The girl who was being stared at felt like she was falling into hell suddenly. Fear, despair, fright, all types of feeling broke out at this moment. She cried and hugged tightly a middle-aged man's arm.

"No, no. Not me, not me! ..." she shouted.

The people around her both felt sympathy and fortunate, fortunate that it was not them. That kind of complex and contradictory expression appeared on their faces.

She looked at the middle-aged man with hope, but only found out that the man once gave her promises was now trying to avoid eye contact with her. He was even trying to wrest his arm away from her tight hug.

She gave up her hope. At that moment,  her heart died, she finally accepted her fate, her death. The monster moved forward slowly, she closed her eyes.

Suddenly, she found out that she was pushed away. A man was standing in front of her. She opened her eyes, it was the young man who once said that he liked her, who had also been heartlessly refused by her. At this moment he turned to her with a slight smile on his face, that smile in the dim torch light was so desolate and touching!

Tears ran slowly across her delicate face. It was like time had stopped at this moment. However, the insect did not stop moving, he does not care about these human’s childish behaviour as long as someone was willing to come up and become its food.

The young man resolutely looked at the monster's bloody mouth that moved slowly towards him. He grasped the girl's hand tightly, death was right in front of him.

Everyone looked at the young man, they were shocked. Some of them were touched, some think it was stupid. But there was one thing everyone thought in unity, this young man was a dead man.

Surprisingly, the monster’s bloody mouth did not bite. It turned around rapidly, it can even be described as turning around in panic.

An arrow with an extremely cold frost pierced through the monster’s shield instantly. It was shot violently into the insect's body!

The Red-shelled insect did not even have time to make any sound, it was surrounded by the frost immediately and it became an ice sculpture quickly!

Everything was so sudden and also so strange! Even the monster was still maintaining a turning position!  Almost all of the six people's brains stopped working,  This scene was completely beyond the scope of their understanding!

Soon, in the direction where the arrow came from, a man in a grey coat with a strange helmet on his head and a crossbow in his hand appeared.

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chapter 9 yuan tian stage two

chu yun sheng Fan art: by bei ji shen suan(北极神算)

Chapter 9: Yuan Tian Stage Two  
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Because there was no sun, people started to lose their of sense of time. Even though clocks can show the exact date and time, how could anyone differentiate between daytime and nighttime in the darkness? Now, every second, and every minute, is nighttime. Since the Red Shell insects began to appear, people started to exclusively use the 24-hour clock, and scrapped the 12-hour clock to determine daytime and nighttime. The entrance door of building No. 8 was destroyed by the Red Shell insect. No one repaired it. Gradually, people started to move into building No. 8 from other blocks. At 20:00, Chu Yunsheng noticed while looking through the peephole that the landing area beside the stairs outside his flat was filled with people looking for shelter. It seemed that this building was the only safe place to stay. The landing area began to fill with more and more people. About 2 hours later, someone knocked on Chu Yunsheng’s door. Chu Yunsheng did not want to open the door. He could only take care of himself. The life and death battle he fought a few hours ago taught him that. If he wanted to survive in this place where the insects can come out at anytime, he needs to hurry up, and cultivates Yuan Qi. In just these two days, he understood a few more symbols on the book. He discovered that his Yuan Qi level is at “Yuan Tian stage one”. This level is just the beginner’s level. Not only could he not store a large amount of Yuan Qi in his body, but is also limited to a few Yuan Fu and incantations. He relied on Fu and incantations to save his life. He was not like other people who are self-awakening. Those people are extremely talented, although they are limited to have only one element such as ice, fire, or other elements. There are a lot of categories explained in the book. But they can use their power straight away without any medium, as if some kinds of incantations were already sealed inside their body. The ice punch man was a great example. Just an ordinary punch could unleash ice power. This is something Chu could not do. He belongs to a class which requires him to practice by using the original qi cultivation methods mentioned in the book. According to the book, if he could reach the Yuan Tian stage three, then he does not need those mediums. Later on, if he learned the combat skill sets that mentioned in the book, it will be much more powerful if he uses Yuan Fu and combat skill sets together. But for now, he still needs those Yuan Fu in order to unleash the power. On the plus side, he gets to experience different types of elements, and with the help of yuan fu, they are as powerful as self-awakening abilities. At the moment, he could barely make some level-two Yuan Fu. If he wants to make level-three Yuan Fu, then he has to reach Yuan Tian stage two as soon as possible. Level-three Yuan Fu can be repeatedly used. It is not like the low-level Yuan Fu that Chu Yunsheng has right now. Every time when the Yuan Qi inside wasn’t enough, he had to replace the Fu with a new one. According to the book, it is not complicated to reach Yuan Tian stage two from Yuan Tian stage one. All he needs to do is drain the Yuan Qi inside his body, then restore it. Repeating the process for eighty-one times allows Yuan Qi go through and strengthen the channels inside his body. After eighty-one times, he will reach Yuan Tian stage two automatically. But the way he was practising was too slow, like a snail. Apart from eating and sleeping, he used every single second he had to cultivate Yuan Qi, but his Yuan Qi’s concentration increased slowly. With this kind of speed, he needed to spend almost 8 or 9 days to fully restore his Yuan Qi. Not including the time he needs to drain the Yuan Qi inside his body, he would need to spend almost two years in order to get to Yuan Tian stage two. Two years? If it was in the age of light, of course, he would not mind at all. But now, the dangers are everywhere. He almost died when he tried to kill three Red Shell insects, what if he encountered 50 of them, just like what happened a few hours ago? He would not have a chance to escape. In two years, those monsters could kill him so many times. He had to find a better way to practice. Otherwise, even with this powerful, ancient book, he will be dead soon. He took out the book, and turned the pages back and forth, trying to learn something. He believed that there is definitely a better way mentioned in the book. It was just that he knew too few symbols. That is why he could not find it. “It must be there, it must be there.” Chu Yunsheng was trying so hard. He found a few things he thought could be related to Yuan Qi cultivation, but he failed every time. There was one incantation called “she yuan fu” (absorption yuan fu). Chu Yunsheng was not sure about the use of this Fu. He knew the meaning of those three symbols individually, but he could only read one-third of its description. Luckily he could read the symbols that explained how to make this Yuan Fu. This Yuan Fu is a level two Yuan Fu. He has to use all his Yuan Qi to make it. He already used half of his Yuan Qi while testing other Yuan Fu, even he wanted to make it now, he still needed to wait for another 4 days, until he fully restored his Yuan Qi. During these four days, when he felt tired, he would take out his crossbow, and practise his shooting skill. Yuan Qi is very important to him now, he could not afford to miss his target, and he needs to improve his accuracy. After four days of practice, and with the help of “six armour yuan fu”(refer DBA wiki), he was confident that he could hit a target within 30 meters, provided that the targets are not moving. After all, the ability to shoot moving objects can not be trained overnight, it is more important to have the experience. Four days later, he finally completed the “She Yuan Fu”, but when he tried to use it, there was a problem. No matter how Chu was tried to activate it, it would not absorb Yuan Qi. After struggling for a long time, he suddenly had an idea. Since the Yuan Fu cannot absorb the World Original Qi, what if he let it absorb the Yuan Qi that is already purified in his body? When he was just about to give it a try, he was frustrated to find out that the Yuan Qi inside his body was exhausted, and he could not test his hypothesis. Then he immediately thought of the Red Shell insect. That monster has a light red shield, which was definitely powered by the World Original Qi. It also meant that the Red Shell insect definitely had Yuan Qi inside its body. Chu Yunsheng quickly took out the monster’s body stored in the storage Yuan Fu, and started to activate the She Yuan Fu. As he expected, the Yuan Fu shot out a white beam at monster’s body. Then, he saw a streak of milky-like cloud that flew out of the Red Shell insect toward the She Yuan Fu. The process took him just 10 seconds, and the white beam returned to the She Yuan Fu after it completed the absorption. Chu Yunsheng took a close look at She Yuan Fu. There was a flame pattern on the surface of the Yuan Fu that covered ⅙ of its surface. Chu Yunsheng guessed that the flame pattern represented fire element Yuan Qi from the Red Shell insect. But when he just about to store the She (absorption) Yuan Fu, he was surprised to discover that as soon as he sensed the She Yuan Fu, the She Yuan Fu began to pass Yuan Qi directly into his body. Of course, he could stop it, but he did not. He wanted to see what would happen. The whole process was twice as slow as when it absorbed the Yuan Qi from the red shell insect, almost 20 seconds! After the flame pattern disappeared, the Yuan Fu fell to pieces. A level-two Yuan Fu is also a disposable Yuan Fu. But he was not upset when the Yuan Fu was destroyed, instead, he was excited and almost screamed out loud. He could clearly feel that he has restored one-third of his Yuan Qi. Usually, he would need three days to restore this amount of Yuan Qi. How could he not be excited right now? Some Yuan Qi from one Red Shell insect might be lost during transfer, but even then, the She Yuan Fu still restored ⅓ of his Yuan Qi. That means that if he had three monster bodies, he could fully restore his Yuan Qi, without needing to spend 8 or 9 days. Immediately, he developed a new plan, which he has been developing for a few days. He needs to make one She Yuan Fu first, then spend 8 days to restore his Yuan Qi. At the moment, he could shoot 6 frost arrows when his Yuan Qi was fully restored. That means that if he did not miss a target, he is able to freeze six monsters. While a monster is frozen, it cannot activate its shield, so Chu Yunsheng can find another way to kill it. Then, Chu could finally use She Yuan Fu to absorb Yuan Qi from six monsters. The She Yuan Fu Chu Yunsheng tested was a disposable Yuan Fu. It was destroyed because it unleashed all the Yuan Qi stored inside. Just like the other types of disposable Yuan Fu, once it is used, no matter how much Yuan Qi was withdrawn, it cannot be replenished again. Chu Yunsheng must maximise his She Yuan Fu usages. He has to use She Yuan Fu to absorb the Yuan Qi fully and then use it twice. Each time, it will restore his Yuan Qi fully. Theoretically, if he continues with this plan, he has to kill 243 red shell insects before he could reach Yuan Tian stage two. Then, he will be able to make level-three Yuan Fu, and he will not be needing those calculations anymore. This chapter was edited by Chubby 

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chapter 8 a formidable man in the no. 8 building

this chapter was edited by Chubby

Chapter 8: A Formidable Man in the No. 8 Building Chu was not sure if the Red Shell insect knew how to calculate the floor number. He doubted that it was smart enough to find out the exact location of his flat. So he believed that the last one would not come straight to him. That is why he opened the door. The monster could be busy chasing the people who just ran upstairs. Chu told himself it should have noticed the screams the people made, and that it was probably going to target them as the person who killed its partner. So Chu decided to take the risk. If the last Red Shell insect ran amok inside the building, he would not be able to predict where it would appear. It could use its corrosive secretions to jump out through the wall, or drop down from the ceiling. Its speed and reflexes are faster than Chu Yunsheng could imagine. Suddenly, the Red Shell insect appeared just outside the door. It noticed Chu straight away. Chu had not even pulled the trigger yet. It paused for a second, then rushed towards Chu Yunsheng with a strange scream. It was a moment between life and death. The whole thing lasted for less than a second. Chu pulled the trigger as he realised what was happening. He did not have time to check if the arrow hit the Red Shell insect or not. He immediately used the gun in his other hand, and fired 5 or 6 shots in panic.    "Pop! Pop!Pop!" Bullets with a powerful fire element went straight into the wall, and the sound of the shots that missed echoed loudly. After the smoke cleared, Chu Yunsheng saw that the frost arrow had activated and hit the red shell insect. He was lucky. The arrow Chu fired hit the monster’s claw, and froze over half of the insect's body. A few bullets hit it as well. Chu noticed that he did not have much Yuan Qi left. The flame bullets were less powerful than the frost arrow, but the Red Shell insect was completely dead now. The most dangerous situation Chu Yunsheng has faced since the sun disappeared is finally gone.    Chu used the cold frost arrow to stop the fire on the wall caused by the stray bullets. In less than a few minutes, those bullets had burned a few big holes on the wall. Chu Yunsheng was afraid to touch the monster’s body. He did not know if the monster’s body contained some kind of virus or corrosive material. He was very concerned, and decided to store its body in the storage Yuan Fu.   Not many people were still out on the street. Most of the people got away, but hundreds of bodies, and about ten dead Red Shell monsters were still laying on the ground. The remaining Red Shell insects retreated into the darkness after suffering the heavy loss. No one knew when they would appear again. The private motorcade was now scattered, and some of the cars were broken. But they continued following the army, and drove into the darkness. No one knew how many of those monsters were still waiting for them outside of the city.    Chu Yunsheng was exhausted, both physically, and mentally. After killing three Red Shell insects in one day, he now knew that there was no such thing as the legendary meditation practice. Meditation does not help you to recover physical exhaustion. Practice is practice; sleep is sleep. Having one cannot replace the other. As long as he is still a human: Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, and Farting were activities he could not stop. He had a dream that night, a vulgar dream. In the dream, Chu used the crossbow, killed a Red Shell insect, and saved a fairy-like beauty. The beauty fell in love with him, and when they just about to do “something”, he woke up. It upset him a lot. The electricity in his housing estate had already stopped, same as the gas. He was hungry, and needed some hot food. Originally, Chu wanted to use the camping stove he stored in the storage Yuan Fu, but then he realized that it was important to keep the stove for emergency use.    Chu took out the gun, and released the magazine. He used a little bit of the Yuan Qi that remained in his body, and fired the gun without any bullets. He successfully shot out a flame to ignite some firewood. The World Original Qi was very powerful. Chu looked outside. The dead Red Shell insect pieces still had not defrosted yet. Like the frost Yuan Qi, this flame must be very powerful as well. Chu Yunsheng was a stingy guy. He was very happy that he could save the alcohol camping stove for later use. He made a bowl of noodles with the fire, and just as he was about half-finished with the noodles, he heard someone knocking at the door. Trying to be as cautious as possible, Chu looked through the peephole. He saw a man very considerately lighting up the stairway with candles so Chu Yunsheng could see him. It was the neighbour from 10th floor. The guy had survived the attack. Chu Yunsheng’s first reaction was, Did they know I killed those three monsters? No it can’t be, they were panicked when I killed the first one. No way they could have figured it out. The second and the third were killed when they were busy running, there is no way they knew it was me.    Chu still opened the door. Although it was the Dark Age, and the end of the world - with dangers everywhere - humans are also are social animals. They need communication. His flat was clean, and the body of third Red Shell insect is stored in the Yuan Fu. Visitors would not notice that anything was amiss.    There are three other people accompanying the neighbour from 10th floor. A middle aged man, a young adult, and an ordinary-looking girl. “Hmm? Can I help you with anything?” Chu Yunsheng said in a tone full of confusion. The people raised their head peered at the living room behind Chu Yunsheng, as if they were looking for something. “Nothing,” the middle aged man said. “Just before, there was a insect that ran up the stairs, did you not see it?” The man from the 10th floor did not know who killed the insects. If it were not for the survivors of the Red Shell insect’s attack, he would not have been asked to knock the door to find the man who killed insects. After all he is the resident in this building. Out of all of the surviors no one is more suitable than him. The young guy saw that Chu Yunsheng did not react, and quickly explained, ”Bro, we were chased by the red shell insects before, one of them got killed outside by someone in this building. Another one followed us into the building. At that time we were busy running, and then we heard gunshots. After that, it went quiet for a while. We thought that this person must have killed that one as well. That is why we here. Did you see anyone?” Of course, the young guy did not think Chu Yunsheng was that person. In front of him is an ordinary looking guy with messy hair, and there is even a noodle hanging from his mouth. How could he relate a person who just saved their lives with Chu’s appearance? So they instantly crossed Chu Yunsheng off of their list. “Ha! What?” Chu said in a shocked tone. “Did a monster came in? I don't know anything, I just woke up and heard you guys knock on the door.” Then he nervously looked outside. “Did a monster really get in? What do I do now?” “You do not need to worry, there is a formidable man on this building.” the Middle aged man said. “It is very safe here. If you notice anything,however, please contact us. We need to go now!” Middle aged man furrowed his brows. He also thought that this guy is not the man they were looking for. So he simply tried to comfort Chu Yunsheng, and quickly left with the other three people. Building number 8 hid a powerful man. He could easily kill the Red Shell insects. Rumours have started to spread out. The whole housing estate was astir. For a long time, even the army could not find an effective way to kill the Red Shell insects. People have been living desperately in great danger. This feeling of desperation even resulted in some people committing suicide in order to find way to escape. For the rest of the people, the only thing they could do is to pray that they would not encounter those red shell insects. Now suddenly there is someone who can "easily" kill the Red Shell monster, and that person is in building number 8. People living in this area, and in other nearby areas have finally found someone they can rely on. At the moment, food, and safety are the direct threats to their life. Everyone has stored some food in their home, they could still survive for some time. So it is not a big problem. But safety is a different thing, those demons walking in the darkness can show up at anytime and anywhere. Take the area where Chu Yunsheng is living right now. Three Red Shell insect attacks have already happened. No one who was attacked survived, there was not a single completed body. All the brains had been eaten. Anyone who saw the horrific scene was traumatised. Only those who stayed in the vicinity of the powerful man would be safe. That man is in the 8th building. But, who is this man? Find him, seek protection! Everyone has been thinking the same thing.       this chapter was edited by Chubby

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chapter 7 a powerful arrow

chapter 7 a powerful arrow
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Chu Yunsheng cast the ‘Yuan Fu’ hurriedly onto the crossbow. He then used his spirit in the fourth dimension to sense the ‘Yuan Qi.’ Through it, a mysterious channel between him and the crossbow was created. He pulled the string and loaded an arrow onto the crossbow. He then took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down but failed. However, he did not have much time left. So he quickly aimed the arrow at a running Red-shelled insect nervously through a hole that he had made on the window. He was a little familiar with crossbows since he had been practising with it for a while now, but he wasn’t as experienced. Despite that, Chu Yunsheng still failed at his first shot. Not only did he missed the target but, also, the arrow’s frost damage effect didn’t even activate. He was just too nervous. His arrow was simply ignored by his target. These Red-shelled insects were way too fast compared to humans. Within moments they had already reached the crowd and started grabbing people with their deadly claws. Chu Yunsheng had a hard time reloading his crossbow with his shaking hands. When the crowd reached the building, He noticed that there were only 11 or 12 people left, five had been caught and killed by the Red-shelled insects on the way to his building. One of the people who was still alive was the person living on the 10th floor. the person tried to open the security door with his trembling hands but failed. the tried one more time but failed again. while they attempted to open the door, the Red-shelled insects had approached them. One of them used its sharp foot to pierce through a fat man. Then, like playing with its prey, it held the man up and threw him in mid-air. Chu Yunsheng wasn’t confident in hitting a moving target but when the monsters stopped moving and with a distance of fewer than 30 meters, he believed that he could now hit it. Taking another deep breath, he aimed the arrow at the one that was playing with a dead body. *Whoosh* The arrow’s frost effect activated, it caused the temperature surrounding the arrow to quickly drop. The sound of an arrow piercing through air alerted the Red-shelled insect. It quickly glanced at the window where the sound came from but that was all it could do. Since the distance is less than 30 meters. The arrow immediately arrived at its target and struck with the power of ice element. Not only the arrow slowed the monster’s speed down but it also broke the insect’s protection, allowing the arrow to easily penetrate the shell and went straight to the monster’s body. With the frost arrow’s effect, the Red-shelled insect screeched in great pain. As this happened, the other two that were busy sucking human brains stopped and looked at the dying one. They were confused. But it was not finished yet, the frost arrow soon unleashed its full power. Even though the fire element inside the Red-shelled insect’s body tried to fight back, it still could not withstand the frost arrow’s power. The Red-shelled insect was frozen instantly, becoming an ice statue. “Is it dead?” Chu Yunsheng had no idea how powerful the frost arrow was since he never tested it before. Even though the Red-shelled insect was frozen, he was still not sure if it was really dead. So, he loaded his crossbow with his third arrow. Now, based on the experience he gained from his previous two arrows, he wasn’t as nervous as before. When the despair-filled group saw the turn of events, their desire to survive instantly replaced all the fears inside them. A middle-aged man took the key forcibly from the still trembling 10th-floor neighbour. Then he opened the door calmly and the group pushed each other into the building. They then slumped themselves onto the stairs in the hallway while staring blankly at the frozen Red-shelled insect and the few dismembered bodies. In the dim light, they were looking at each other, not knowing what to do next. Eventually, the calm middle-aged man, or at least he looked like it, spoke. “Let’s go upstairs quickly, there are still two of them outside.” “Yeah, you are right, someone living upstairs knows how to kill those monsters. As long as that person is here we are safe.” “Did you notice which floor?” “Who the hell got time for that?!” “No, I also didn’t notice.” While talking to each other they rushed upstairs. ………… Chu Yunsheng aimed his third arrow at the second Red-shelled insect. When he was just about to pull the trigger he noticed that the frozen monster started to jiggle. It didn’t die and it’s going to come out soon ‘ must not give it an opportunity to recover,’ he thought. The fewer they are, the less dangerous it will be. Moreover, the other two started moving and he did not want to shoot a moving target again. So, he decided he might as well put another arrow to the immobile one. Not hesitating any longer, the third arrow flew towards the frozen monster, it made a hole in the ice instantly. In less than a second, it exploded into countless ice pieces. This time it was definitely dead. Seeing one of them die, the other two roared in fury. They threw away the head they were eating and ran towards the building. One of them tried to break down the security door with its claw, while the other climb the building straight to the 6th floor where the arrow came from. “Did they notice where I am?” chu thought. his desperation evoked anger deep inside his heart. “So you don’t want me to live? Then I don’t want you to live either…” With the dim lights from the vehicles outside in the streets, as well as the fire from the rocket explosions, Chu Yunsheng can clearly see the two furious monster through his crossbow’s infrared sight. The fourth arrow flew and hit the one that was climbing the wall, freezing it instantly. Chu’s plan was to freeze both of them first, then kill them using the gap when they try to break out of the ice. Reloading his crossbow quickly, he tried to find the 3rd one but it was gone from the security door. Unfortunately, in his current position, he couldn’t see if the security door was broken or not. So he did not know where it went. However, the time was precious. The 3rd monster was gone but the frozen one was still here. He immediately killed it and then went back to the living room. The windows weren’t safe anymore, he did not know where the last one would come from. Thus, he loaded his crossbow and waited patiently in a corner. Killing one Red-shelled insect used up only two arrows. If the military knew what he could do, they would have already forced him to join the army, since it is very difficult to penetrate the Red-shield insect’s armour with just ordinary bullets. Chu Yunsheng felt that he didn’t have much ‘yuan qi’ left in his body. Every single frost arrow that shot out of his crossbow consumed a lot of ‘yuan qi,’ except for the first one which didn’t activate. During his short break, he was shocked to discover that he could only trigger one more frost arrow. After that, his ‘yuan qi’ would be completely exhausted. It seems that to kill three Red-shelled insects he would need to use at least six frost arrows. The problem was, he’s limited to just five frost arrows! So, he basically had no chance of winning if the Red-shelled insects recovered faster than him. Knowing this, he immediately had to restore his ‘yuan qi’ first. since the last one was still outside. He believed that when the monster arrived, his reinforced door and windows can hold the monster’s attack for some time. He could also use this time to enchant his gun as well. He trusted that if he could just hit it with an arrow and freeze it, he was certain he could kill it with his pistol or ‘Li Hou Fu’ (summon god flame). The room now seemed empty with just a few pieces of furniture left, Chu had already stored everything he needed in his ‘storage yuan fu’ He was now sitting in the living room table while restoring his ‘yuan qi’ hurriedly, while listening to his surroundings. “Monster!!! The monster is coming up the stairs.” A person screamed outside, Chu Yunsheng jumped off the table. As he expected, that last one got into the building and climbed up the stairs. ‘The problem is: shall I go out and kill the monster on the stairs or wait until the insect breaks in and kill it at the door,’ he thought. However, he wasn’t a military strategist or a combat specialist. He could not quickly find the pros and cons to each of his thoughts. He needed time to think. But the Red-shelled insect didn’t give him this. Chu Yunsheng heard footsteps of someone running upstairs, just outside his flat. Due to the blackout, the elevator stopped working so the people have to use the stairs. At this moment Chu Yunsheng made the boldest decision in his life. He opened the door and hooked his crossbow onto the table where he was sitting to reduce recoil, then waited patiently while facing the now opened door. When the monster appeared, he must pull the trigger and hit it first to freeze the monster. This was his only chance of survival.

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Chapter 6 The moment between life and death

Chapter 6  The moment between life and death

There was a fierce fight between the army and three red monsters on the street. According to the neighbour lived upstairs, the army named those monsters as Red Shelled Insect, it belongs to Insecta class in the animal kingdom.  They had extreme strong defence and attack abilities. Their secretion was also extremely corrosive.

Luckily there were tanks and armoured vehicles on the street. However, although they killed three red shelled insects, they paid a heavy price for it. There was no celebration after the fight ended, no crying and sad screaming. Everything went back to the quiet state like what it was before.
After the second day, the army started to give out even less food than before. Neighbour lived upstairs told him again that it was not safe to transport supplies now. Everywhere were under the attacks from large amounts of red-shelled insects.

He also claimed that he even got a message from a whistleblower inside the army saying that military would probably abandon this area, they were starting to prepare for relocation. he said that there was a place where the red-shelled monsters were constantly coming out. And the number started to increase rapidly, the army started to lose control of that place.

This guy must be jinxed! Everything he said started to happen. Around 7 or 8 days later, red-shelled insects started to frequently appear around his housing estate.

There was a building just right behind the housing estate where Chu Yunsheng was staying, every time when it was around the time at late night in “age of light”(1), there would be many horrified screams mixed with high-pitched of animal roars rang out from there.

The troops were sent out to dealt with it several times, but gradually they stopped it and never went back to check again.

Red shelled insects’ roar started to appear everywhere around his housing estate as the time passed. Shen Cheng city was no longer a safe place to stay. Dangers were everywhere. He was living in the fears day by day, but he still did not forget to cultivate Yuan Qi.
It was not long until the army withdrew its first regiment from the city. under the protection of a large number of tanks and armoured vehicles, a long procession of the private motorcade was slowly passing the street in front of his housing estate. The neighbour upstairs said the first batch of withdrawal were some people with power, they were protected by the elite troops. but he did not know specifically where they were going to, perhaps some military base.

One week later.

The soldiers that distributed food in the area had stopped showing up for quite some days now, a number of law enforcement troops started to reduce, the situation started to get worse. The upstairs neighbour's wife almost got raped, but luckily Chu Yunsheng was there, he used the gun he purchased to stop the guy.
The neighbour was very grateful to what he did. later that night, he told him another secret he knew. He heard from his contact inside the military saying that after three days, the last group of a well-equipped elite troop would help to evacuate rest of important people. because of some unknown reason he was on the list.

Although he was at the lowest level of the protection list, he was allowed to bring three family members with him. unfortunately, he was a family of four, so he could not give out once place to Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng had already known that he was not eligible to be on the list, so he did not think too much about it.
Three days later.

The woman who was saved by the third-floor neighbours came back and took them away, it looked like from now one, they would also receive the protection from the army.

Although he thought that, it was his book saved the woman’s life, but he did not dare to tell anyone. of course, others might not believe him as well. The woman seemed to have a good heart, but He gave up the idea of seeking help from her. after all, the explanation would only cause more trouble than what he wanted
However, he did not expect that the evacuation on the third day was compromised. Even with the help of heavy armoured vehicles, they only had a chance to move a very short distance before they were stopped by the civilians. People were angry that military wanted to abandoned civilians, everyone was gathered on the street demanding the fair treatment.

Chu Yunsheng did not come downstairs, he was worried about if the red-shelled insects would appear, he removed the small metal plate on the window, noticed that street had been blocked by the crowd. The military’s vanguard had been driving away for a few blocks from his flat, he could only see some cars were blocked at back and people started to throw all kinds of stuff toward the cars to express their anger.
Before the neighbour who lived upstairs left, he told Chu Yunsheng that the military headquarters had already given out the order: During the evacuation, any obstruction of the military task would be neutralised. All the troops did not need to report to a higher level before executing the order. this was the trouble time. The harsh punishment was inevitable.

But when the 126th regiment was blocked by thousands of people, even the senior military officer also did not dare to execute the order. there were too many people and they were all just normal civilians. It would only cause more trouble if they started to kill people. Reports were sent to the headquarter constantly. But in the meantime, The military officer needed to calm the crowd down.

Soon, Chu Yunsheng heard a man's voice from far away, the man was using a megaphone shouted:
“Comrade! Comrades! Please listen to me! I am the 126th regiment political commissar Qin Gang. please stay calm, I assure you that the headquarters will never give up any comrades, the military withdrawal plan, including you definitely, please believe me! "

“you are lying !”

“bullshit!your people are gone,who is gonna evacuate us?”

“They are people, we are not people? Are you the people's army or the army of a rich people?”


Crowds were enraged, no one believed a single word he said,

Qin Gang raised the voice shouted:"
"Comrades! Do not be blinded by certain criminals, the military will not give up on you. I, Qin Gang is willing to stay behind and help to evacuate every single one of you. please, believe me! a large number of troops are still defending the front, we are Not the last batch, evacuation requires order, otherwise, it will be vulnerable to monsters attack, we must ensure the smallest loss!


"Do not listen to this bastard, nonsense!"

"if this is really the case why the government officials and the rich the first, we are the last?"

"Money is worthless,  it is just paper now.”

“You know nothing, rich people have a background relationship with those government officials, they must have some kind of dirty deal.  we meant nothing to them !"

"hope they all got eaten by insects, those fuckers...."

The situation was very chaotic, the crowd did not show any signs of leaving, more and more people started to gather together, there was one soldier who could not handle the pressure, fired a warning shot, it was like a bomb just dropped in the crowd.


“They are going to kill everyone now!”

“Let ‘s fight them”


Qin Gang turned around, he was furious, ”who the fuck fired the shot, I am going to kill him ”he shouted at his men
The soldiers who fired the shot were already surrounded by the enraged crowd and they were preparing to rush to the military vehicle.


someone screamed: " mon !  mon! , monsters!......"

One; two; three.... at least fifty or sixty of red-shelled insects were running along the walls of buildings on both sides of streets, they were approaching fast! The whole crowd was terrified and started to disperse, everyone was running everywhere.

there were 60 of the red-shelled insects! no one dares to stay.

While the telecommunication could not be used at moment, 126th regiment commander was using the megaphone shouted:

"Ready to engage!  2nd battalion, 3rd battalion, 7th battalion, get ready the heavy machine guns, the rocket launchers, all armoured vehicle get ready! ............"

While the heavy machine guns were firing, the rocket was flying,  the crowd were trampling onto each other and running toward the nearest building looking for a hideout.

Under the hail of bullets and rockets, red-shelled insects were still rushing forward, only a few of them were blown away by the rockets, rest of them was not affected by the bullets,   Saturation fire only caused a few cracks and holes on their shell, none of them was dead.

Until they reached the crowd, they immediately started slaughtering pepople. the spine-chilling screams just right before people die constantly came out crowds.

They were agile, one of them easily dodged the rockets and tank's attack, rushed into the troop’s formation and stood on the top of a tank. it opened its bloody mouth spat a green liquid on the tank, The armour was quickly corroded at a speed which was visible to the naked eye

It made a loud high pitched roar, it started to glow in red. then it just used its front claw to open up the tank's armour. Through the hole that was penetrated by its secretion, it killed the soldiers inside the tank. Before the soldiers inside the tank were skilled, they were still trying to use the pistols to kill the monster.

Chu Yunsheng admired the determination of those soldiers, if it were him, he would probably have fainted already.

He took a deep breath. he needed to cast the frost talisman onto the crossbow he bought three months ago.

According to the book, after the enchantment, He would be able to use to Yuan Qi on this crossbow,  it would unleash an arrow with frost damage. It was a very effective way to kill those monsters because they happened to be the fire element monsters.

Before the monsters appeared, He did not know what kind of monster would appear, so he made a lot of fire elements talisman, which was less effective than the frost talisman.

Now he needed to hurry up making more of those frost talisman. In order to protect himself.

The reason why he was in such hurry was that he noticed that three red shell insects were chasing the crowd towards his building. unless the book glowed again, otherwise those three monsters would definitely follow them into his building.

But when was the book going to shine the light? , he did not know. So he had to rely on himself.  Chu Yunsheng had to avoid having a close combat with those monsters. Because he did not have any protection nor his speed was fast enough compared to the monsters. That was why crossbow was the best option for him.

1. Age of light is referred to the day before the sun disappeared, people refer now as the dark age.

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chapter 5 Retreat

 Chapter 5: Retreat

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What happened next was even more frightening. Three soldiers armed with assault rifles were shooting at the monster. Through the binoculars, Chu could barely see that there seemed to be dim red lights flickering around the monster every time the bullets hit. Only a few bullets hit its leg, but the bullets did not hurt the monster. The bullets only provoked the monster to become more aggressive.

After a loud, shrill roar, the monster ran towards the soldiers who were still shooting. It was fast, faster than Chu could ever imagine. It’s speed could almost be described as teleportation.

Just after it ran towards the soldiers, Chu noticed that where the monster was previously standing, there was a body. The body looked human, but dismembered into three pieces, with all of the red and white internal organs spread on top of the destroyed car. Chu felt a bout of sudden sickness, and almost threw up.

The monster caught two soldiers who did not have time to run away, one on each claw. The speared soldiers were struggling, but their struggles did not help. The monster slowly closed the claws shut, cutting them in half.
The two soldiers did not die immediately. One of them used his hands to crawl on the ground, trying to get away with his half-body. Blood was everywhere, but the monster was not satisfied. It put one of its feet on the back of the crawling soldier. The razor sharp foot easily pierced through, and stuck the soldier to the ground. Then Chu heard another roar from the monster. The roar this time was different, full of pleasure, instead of aggression. The monster moved its claws back and forth, like a celebration of victory.

Is this hell or Earth? Am I crazy now? Am I hallucinating, now? Is this what the book says about how ‘we will be doomed’? Chu could not stop shaking, and could not stop his panicked thoughts. Then he suddenly stopped, and held his breath. His face turned pale, and sweat ran down his head. He was too scared to make a sound. All he could hear was his heartbeat.

It was the bloody monster. Instead of chasing the last soldier who ran away, it was staring at his building.
What the fuck! Why is it looking here? Is it looking at me? Go chase that guy who shot you! I didn’t do anything to you...  Chu’s head filled with these thoughts, as he silently begged the monster to leave. Then he heard a noise coming from downstairs. He took a quick peek through the window. A woman wearing a white down jacket was trying to climb up the building. The neighbours living at the lower level already had their windows and balcony blocked with metal reinforcement bars. These metal bars became the ladder for this woman to climb upward.

Although Chu was living on the 6th floor, and the woman had just reached the second floor, he did not doubt this woman could climb to the top. Under extreme situations, a human will often reveal some crazy power to do some crazy things.

Chu was alarmed. He knew the monster wanted to come to get this woman. He also knew that vicious animals did not easily give up on their prey. With its powerful claws, and corrosive ability, the monster could easily climb up 12 floors. If it climbed up to the sixth floor, or got into the building from another floor, no matter which scenario, it would not be difficult for the monster to break into his flat.

While Chu was thinking of solutions in panic, the monster began to slowly approach the building. Four razor-sharp legs easily pierced into the building's wall, and it steadily climbed up. Chu guessed that all of the people in this building were scared to death right now - including the neighbour who lives upstairs, who he met quite often.

The whole world suddenly became silent. The woman was desperately trying to climb up, higher and higher. She did not have time to call for help, the monster was just one floor below her. Chu believed that if the monster jumped, it could easily catch this woman in its claws. She was dead for sure.

The monster opened its claws. It probably ran out of patience, and wanted to end this boring hunting game as soon as possible. When it was just about to grab the woman, the book which quietly sat on the bed this whole time suddenly glowed with a dazzling, colourful light. Chu’s spirit in 4th dimension instantly experienced unprecedented power coming from seemingly everywhere. The Tian Di Yuan Qi in 3-dimensional space seemed to be disturbed.

The monster must have felt the power from the book too. It made a loud scream, and in its scream Chu could sense sadness, and fear. Surprisingly, the monster quickly climbed down the building and fled into the darkness, disappearing from everyone's sight. It only took it few seconds, fleeing faster than when it had attacked the soldiers.
Chu quickly grabbed the book and held it tightly. The book had returned to normal, but it left Chu feeling surprised, and with so many questions.

The woman who was climbing was saved by the people who lived on the third floor. When the danger was gone, she was stuck on the 3rd floor. She was exhausted, and could not climb up nor get down. When she was finally got saved, and got into the building, she started to cry so loudly that everyone in the building could hear her.

Chu put back the metal plate, and sealed the windows. He noticed that his back was wet. Death was very close to him.  If the book did not glow in the dark, not only would the woman have died, everyone in this building, including him, would have died as well. He made up his mind. From now on, no matter where he goes, book will stay with him. Even when he goes to the toilet, he would still carry the book.

The neighbour who lived upstairs told him that someone shit themselves on that day, but it definitely was not him. According to the upstairs neighbor, the woman who the 3rd floor saved came from a rich family. On that day, her boyfriend got permission from the army to go outside of the protection zone. So she came out with her boyfriend to have some fun. But when they were on the way back, the monster appeared, and her boyfriend died on the scene immediately. She was left traumatised.

After that incident, the whole housing estate became quieter. The army came and took the destroyed car away, along with the corrosive liquid the monster left behind. Some people were asked to give a description of the monster. Later on, another tank and an armoured vehicle were deployed and stationed on street where the incident happened.

The next few days did not proceed as Chu had feared, or in the manner the book predicted. Monsters did not flood into the world, but what happened was just like a nightmare. The red monster did not come back. However, the neighbour upstairs said the military has discovered monsters in other areas. The military used heavy machine guns on those monsters but it took the sacrifice of a dozen of soldiers before they could kill one.

Chu was very nervous right now. A sense of powerlessness had overwhelmed him. If it were not for his book, he would have already gone crazy.

Practice!  Practice! I have to make storage Yuan Fu, then make Six Armour Yuan Fu. Chu  constantly practiced day and night, although there was no such thing as daylight after the sun disappeared.

He spent 8 days to restore all of his Yuan Qi. Finally, he had succeeded. When Chu saw the Fu glowing with golden light, he almost wanted to shout out loud.  He spent 30 days to prepare for this moment, and he could not bear another failure.

It was a wonderful and somewhat bizarre experience; Chu recited incantations with his mouth and made the “Sword  Hand Gestures” with his hands and fingers. The Yuan Qi started to circulate inside the Yuan Fu, and the storage Yuan Fu shot out an orange light. Whatever the light touched, as long as it was not attached to the ground or wall, was lifted in the air. If Chu recited the incantations for storage, the item would shrink, fly towards the Fu, and become a strange symbol on the storage Fu. After storing everything he had in the Yuan Fu, he then changed his incantations. The storage Yuan Fu became a beam of the light that projected towards Chu’s arm, transforming into a pattern on his arm.  
Through his spirit in the fourth dimension, he clearly sensed that Yuan Qi is very active around the pattern on his arm. He could also sense all of the stuff in the storage Yuan Fu. Chu was excited for several days, and played around with it to test its abilities.

Until A few days later, there was another gunshot.

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The Sword Gesture (剑指)
Sword Gesture is used for casting spells, draw talismans on the air and water, consecrating/empowering talismans

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chapter 4 Arrival of the ruthless monsters

Chapter 4: Arrival of the Ruthless Monsters

This chapter was edited by chubbyT.

 Low-level Yuan Fu can only be used once. When it is consumed, all of the Yuan Qi stored inside will disappear. The Yuan Fu will lose its power, and everything stored inside will be removed. So either Chu Yunsheng must make a new one as a backup, or he has to improve himself to a level where he could make a level-three Yuan Fu. At that time, he can refill the level-three Yuan Fu with Yuan Qi, so the Yuan Fu could be used over and over.

The structure of a Yuan Fu is not complicated. It has three parts: the Head, the Body, and the Foot. The Head is used to direct Yuan Qi into the Body and activate the Yuan Fu. The Body acts as the storage space for the incantation. For Chu, an incantation is something that he could not completely understand.   Like driving a car, many people know how to steer the wheel, but not many people understand how the engine works. The Foot of the Fu is also called the Seal. It is used to seal the Yuan Qi inside Yuan Fu, so that the Yuan Qi could not be leak out. Many practitioners would leave their personal signature at the Foot so only they themselves can use it. Some practitioners don't leave their personal signature, allowing other people to use the Yuan Fu.

Chu spent almost three hours to complete one Huo Bing (Fire Element) Yuan Fu . Even though it was just a level-one Yuan Fu, it consumed all of the Yuan Qi he stored.

It was the first time Chu could actually feel Yuan Qi, and he gained experience in making Yuan Fu. He didn't want to to take the risk making of Wu Na(Storage) Yuan Fu first, since it is a level-two Yuan Fu. Not only is a level-two Yuan Fu much more difficult,  but his chances of success were very low.  He doesn't have much time, nor enough Yuan Qi to test it. He hoped the experience he gained from making level-one Yuan Fu would help him complete a Wu Na Yuan Fu in one go.

Every decision Chu Yunsheng makes right now can affect his life afterwards, so he must be cautious.

Luckily, he has the book. He noticed that it was easier to make Yuan Fu on the top of the book. But according to the book, he is still far away from stage 2, which will provide him enough Yuan Qi to make level-two Yuan Fu. In order to get to that stage earlier, Chu gave up the time he used for rest, and spent that time all on practice.

During the time Chu was busy cultivating Yuan Qi, the situation outside became worse. The weather grew colder, and some people froze to death. The sun did not show any signs of coming back. Cold and hunger drove people to out of their houses, seeking food and assistance. The conflicts never stopped, and the army began to lose control of the riots. The army narrowed down the areas they covered, and only focused on protecting important areas.

Chu was not aware of what was happening outside until one day, a bizarre incident happened in his housing estate.

One man started to argue with a soldier about the lower amount of food he received every day. The man was furious, and punched the soldier. This punch shocked everyone on the scene, including Chu. The punch that man threw out instantly froze the poor soldier. The angry man became scared -  his hand was still covered with frost.
 “No, no,  it was not me! I just simply pushed him! You all saw it….”  the man shouted with a quivering voice. He slowly started to move backwards, and escaped from the scene.
One hour later, a few armoured vehicles with a group of fully armed soldiers came to the housing estate, and took the ice-punch man away. No matter how strange his punch was, and how much damage he could do, at this time, people are still afraid of the army.

The ice punch man did not resist. He tried to explain that everything was not his fault, but no one was listening to his explanation. He was escorted from his home, leaving his wife, and a 7 or 8 year old son crying on the door.

Chu knew this situation is exactly like what was described in the book. That man's spirit has awakened in the 4th dimension by itself. That man clearly did not know of his ability until his emotions started to agitate the World Original Qi around him, which eventually caused him to freeze a soldier.

What a talented guy, Chu thought. Chu envied ice punch man’s ability. He has been practising Yuan Qi for so long, just barely awakening his spirit in the 4th dimension, but this guy can already throw a punch with frost damage. However; Chu still feels lucky, because if it were not for this book, he probably would not be able to achieve anything.
This incident had also warned Chu that he could not tell anyone, nor reveal any of his abilities to anyone - especially the army. Just take a look at the army’s escort of the ice punch man. Chu did not even need imagine - the army will not treat Mr. Ice Punch nicely - they will probably do all kinds of experiments on him.

Chu used to think that if the practices mentioned in the book worked, he would tell everyone about it, so no one will suffer; but this incident scared Chu away. Instead, he learned that the world had changed.  He didnot want to be the second ice punch man, so he must keep everything secret.

A few days later, while Chu was getting the supplies from the army, the neighbour who lived upstairs told him that government research department discovered a lot of dark matter and dark energy which could not be found before.  These new discoveries probably have something to do with the ice punch man. Government researchers are now focusing on researching these new discoveries.

He also heard from neighbour who lives upstairs that because of dark energy,  the planet’s temperature stopped dropping. His neighbor said that the plants outside began to absorb the dark energy instead of sunlight, and these changes would bring about an entirely new ecosystem.  But Chu did not really know what his neighbor was talking about, Chu is happy as long as he is not frozen to death or suffocated.

His progress with storage Yuan Fu was not going well. He failed to make one when he thought everything was ready. It upset him the entire night. The whole night, Chu kept thinking that if he made other Fu instead of storage Fu, he would probably have succeeded in his previous attempt. Now that his Yuan Qi had been wasted, he had to gather it again.
Nine days later, he experienced another storage Yuan Fu failure. A scream filled with fear and panic interrupted him while making Yuan Fu. Chu failed to seal the Yuan Fu, and all of the Yuan Qi inside leaked out. And then he heard the gunshot.

Chu was furious. He simply thought that it must have been someone trying to cause trouble. Riots have already spread to his area, so gunshots were quite frequent lately. When it is the end of world, Despair, Chaos, and Hunger gave people motivation to do all kinds of crime.  Rape, Rob, Killing… etc, were acceptable, as long as it can help people live happily for several days, months or even years.

That neighbour who lives upstairs said the army has already killed a lot of people. The order has been given: no time for prison, the only punishment is shoot-to-kill. The new order is also used to intimidate the regular civilians who might want to cause trouble in the future, and to prevent the situation from spiraling out of control. That same neighbour also whispered to him that actually quite a lot of soldiers did some pretty bad stuff, but no one dared to stand out and accuse them.

Chu was a good person for 20 years. He is calm and little bit timid.  The number of people he had an argument with in the past 20 years can be counted by using one hand. But this time, whoever interrupted him enraged him a lot. He used the courage he has been building up for 20 years to curse loudly through the window at whoever was responsible for the scream. The funny thing was, at the back of his mind, he actually thought that person was probably gunned down by the army - so he was not afraid that they would come after him.

He removed a small, unsealed metal plate on the window. When he looked outside, all of his anger was instantly erased by complete the spine-chilling feeling of horror. Across the street, under the armour vehicle’s light, there is a huge monster. Chu swore that even the most vicious and ugly animals on the tv programme Planet Earth are better looking than this one. Under the monster, there is an Audi sports car that was so badly destroyed it was hardly recognizable.
The monster is just as big as an original sports car. Covered with a red exoskeleton, it has four blade-like legs at the bottom, and two large deadly claws at front. Chu could not stop shivering. Through the binoculars, he saw sharp teeth inside the monster’s mouth, and blood-red eyes on its head.

Green liquid dripped from its mouth, causing green smoke to rise as it touched the destroyed sports car. Chu could almost hear the sizzling sound. A hole appeared on the car, as if the liquid has corroded and penetrated the metal. Chu did not even need to think about how strongly  corrosive strong that green liquid is. The answer is right in front of his eyes.

”We are doomed, we are doomed! They are here, they are here! What do I do? What do I do?” Chu mumbled uncontrollably. He thought he had planned everything perfectly. He did not panic when the sun disappeared. The worldwide chaos did not scare him.  He was not afraid of the cold and the darkness because he had already completed his preparations.

But, this? This is something he is not ready for yet. His Fu is not completed, and the monster is much stronger than he expected. Tian gui has returned, as expected. What should he do now that he has lost his calm, and his mind?

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red armour monster

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Chapter 3: The World of Darkness

Chapter 3: The World of Darkness


There were people everywhere! Crowds of people stood in front of ATM machines trying to get all of their money out of their accounts. While other people flocked to supermarkets to try and buy as much stuff as they could. The petrol stations in the city were packed with cars and people.

The police department of Shen Cheng city deployed every single one of their officers in an attempt to maintain order on the streets. However, they barely got them under control. If the Sun actually didn’t reappear, the police chief had little confidence that they would’ve been able to maintain order in the city with just his police force.

But events always take a turn for the worse. On 24th, the third day after the first disappearance of the Sun, the Sun disappeared once again. Many shops and banks started to close down. No one could relax after that moment. People who weren’t able to get into the shops on time started to break inside and grabbed everything they could. The crime rate rapidly increased and riots started to break out everywhere in the city. Order in the city started to collapse.

Early morning on the 25th, Chu Yunsheng heard gunshots outside his apartment as engine sounds of tanks echoed through the streets.

It was the army and they stepped in to maintain order in the city. Riots had escalated to a level where even the Police Special Force couldn’t handle them.

Tanks and soldiers were deployed in the center of the city. Warning shots were fired, but it didn't stop the people. The soldiers were given permission to shoot. A number of people were injured while the body count also started to increase. But no one was interested in these numbers anymore. All the TV channels were only broadcasting special notices that told the people of Shen Cheng city to calm down, to stay home and not to go outside as everything would soon go back to normal.

When Chu Yunsheng decided to rent a flat, he took a lot of things into consideration. He thought about the involvement of the army and the areas they might be deployed in. Especially the areas where senior government officials and the rich folks lived. But he couldn't just rent flats in those areas, because the army would probably search and evict him from the flat he rented. They might use it as a shelter for these important people, not to mention, the food he stored would be all gone.

Instead, he chose to rent two flats close to those areas. Although he wouldn’t receive the same level of protection, at least, seeing fully armed soldiers patrolling the area would make him feel safer.
After the short phone call with Yu Xiaohai on the 23rd, he then made a few phone calls to his relatives and friends. The signal was very unstable at the moment, so he kept it short; he reminded them to be careful and to store as much food as they could. He even told them his location just in case anything happened to them so that they could come to his place for shelter.
But it looked to be very difficult for them now. Ever since the army took over the city, the soldiers and police officers guarded all the major junctions and roads in the city. Everyone was told to stay inside their houses, and all their daily necessities were being transported into the city by the army until this whole thing was over.

On the 25th, the Sun disappeared for 2 hours.

On the 26th, the Sun disappeared for 4 hours.

On the 27th, it almost lasted for 10 whole hours.

On the 28th, the Sun disappeared once again, but this time, it didn't come back. Right before the Sun disappeared, the signal was stable, the President of the USA gave his last speech at the White House: “Satan has come back to earth, and our faith is now being tested by God. Only people who believe will walk out of darkness, and return to……..”

Date:December 28th
The world was plunged into darkness.
Duration: Unknown.

Chu Yunsheng sat by a window quietly. He already knew everything that was going to happen, but when it really happened, he started to panic.

The world had changed, the rules had changed, everything had changed. Was there be a future? A new world?

But this was just the beginning. The beasts from the other dimension were coming. What would they look like? Could he really survive? Everything was unknown.

The only thing that Chu Yunsheng could feel relief was that he could finally sense a little bit of Yuan Qi. But with that little bit of Yuan Qi, he could not do anything. He still needed to continue practising. It was also the only thing he could do now. Satellite communications were down. The soldiers were using a megaphone on the street to keep the residents in the area informed about any updates.

Everyday Chu Yunsheng went downstairs to receive his portion of supplies from the army. Although he did not really need it, he did not want anyone to notice anything odd about him.

One day, on his way back to the flat, he heard the upstairs neighbour say that a few places in the city were still having riots. Even though people were being ordered to stay at home. Some of them could not handle the pressure of the apocalypse and started disputes with the army. A lot of people were shot dead. Fear had started to spread even among the soldiers.

Chu Yunsheng decided to stick to his routine - which was staying home most of the time. He did not have any ability to protect himself from danger at the moment. All he had was one Li Huo Fu (God’s flame talisman) which could be used to summon fire. However, he hadn’t even tested its power yet.

Time slowly passed in the darkness. The weather outside was getting colder and colder until it started to snow. The upstairs neighbour said that the ice age was probably coming, but Chu Yunsheng did not know if it was true.

Chu Yunsheng had sealed all the windows but he still could not stop the temperature from dropping inside the room. The electricity supply started to break off, and he only had three hours of electricity during the day. The supply of gas started to decrease as well. For now, only tap water was being supplied regularly.
Chu Yunsheng bundled himself up and sat on the bed. It was the 5th day in the darkness. The Yuan Qi he had stored up was just about enough to make one low level “Yuan Fu“1.

Speaking of making Yuan Fu which was a Taoist talisman, Chu Yunsheng outlined two different routes for himself.

The first one was the combat route.

As his spirit, which he thought was the sixth sense, had grown stronger in the fourth-dimension, he felt that Tian Gui (sky track) would bring the other dimension closer and closer to Earth every day.

The closer Tian Gui got near Earth, the more dangerous it would become. So he needed to make at least one ’Six Jia’ (2) Yuan Fu that would protect him with an energy shield and also improve his physical strength; one “Huo Bing” Yuan Fu that would summon celestial soldiers with fire attribute to enchant his gun with fire elemental damage; and one final  Yuan Fu called ‘Shen Bing’ Yuan Fu that would enchant a sword.

He predicted that with his current ability, he could store just enough Yuan Qi to make those three low-level talismans before the other dimension collided with Earth.

The other route he could choose was, he could make one ‘Huo Bing’ Yuan Fu to enchant his gun with fire elemental damage, and one ‘Wu Na’ Yuan Fu (1) that would create a storage space out of thin air. He could use the space to stockpile all the stuff he had stored in the past three months.

Wu Na Yuan Fu is one level higher than the other talismans, and if Chu Yunsheng finished the Huo Bing Yuan Fu, he only had enough time left to make one Wu Na Yuan Fu. He had to give up on the talismans for defense and sword. The only weapon he would have at that time would be a gun enchanted with fire elemental damage.

Chu Yunsheng was struggling to make up his mind. On the one hand he was afraid of dying, and on the other, he slowly started to realise that this area would not be safe in the long run. Soon he would probably need to escape from here, and supplies were most important.

Chu Yunsheng knew that he was not a talented guy. If it was not for the book, he would probably be struggling to survive right now. He would be just like other people - incapable of surviving the apocalypse. He felt that he could lose everything right now, but he could not lose this book. As long as he had this book, he believed that he would survive. He inherited this book from his parents after they died and this book meant a lot to him.
What if he lost the book during an escape! Chu Yunsheng considered. It was a risk that he could not afford to take. He had to make a Wu Na Yuan Fu first and use it to store the book. Then he would need to cast the Wu Na Yuan Fu onto his body. This way, he would never lose the book.

1 Yuan Fu is a term for Daoist supernatural talismans.
2 Six Jia talisman: energy shield.
3. Wu Na talisman: storage talisman.
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