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Chapter 46 a drastic change

Chapter 46 a drastic change
But things didn't progress well as Qian Deduo expected.

“Qian de duo!!!!” a loud shout burst out from the back of bus No.1.

The sound hadn't faded out yet, but the man had already jumped on the truck, it was the captain Zhong Nan, he kicked over Qian Deduo when he just got on the truck and glared at him furiously:” Qian de duo! Qian big mouth! can you not fucking settle down once for all, don't you think we had enough trouble?”

Qian Deduo stood up and gave Zhong Nan an ingratiating smile while rubbed his hands constantly:” well… captain.. Don't get angry, I am just doing a test, don't be so nervous, no one will die!”

Zhong Nan snorted with anger:” no one will die? I'm warning you,  take a fucking look outside!”

Qian Deduo glanced outside, then said:” damn, captain, can't blame me, your fly-kick made me drop the sausage!”

Chu Yunsheng had seen many people had a bloody fight over a right to search a shop, but he had never seen such huge crowd fighting each other over a half sausage, even the sausage was already dropped on the ground.

He couldn't see where the sausage was, but he could hear someone shouted:” she got it!” then everyone rushed over towards that direction, the poor suspect instantly got swallowed up in the crowd!

The Chaotic crowd got even crazier, and chaos started to spread, some people just blindly join in the fight, a lot of people were tripped over and stepped over by other people, many people were shouting for help, screams were everywhere!

Zhong Nan’s face was livid, even Qian Deduo’s face also went pale as well, if they did not stop this now, people would die! Although life wasn't worth much now, it would have an effect on the school policy in the future, people would lose trust on them.

Bang! Bang bang bang!

Four continues gunshot!

The crowd stopped, even the guards also stopped.

It was Zhong Nan who fired warning shots, he jumped on the top of the truck, used the megaphone that driver gave to him and shouted:” students! Students! Please stop all your disruptive activities! please restrain yourself!”

it was obvious that his speech was much worse than the political commissar’s who Chu Yunsheng had seen a long time ago. Not only he didn't calm the crowd down but made it even worse.

One young man pulled down his hat, threw it onto the ground and shouted:” students, restrain shit…! Those bastards have food to eat, warm clothes to wear and even cars to seat on, why do we have to bear the hunger, cold. And even get eaten by the fucking insect!”

“well said,students,they said they are protecting us, but what they are doing now, people are dying every day, where are they?” a student shouted coldly.

“all they did was bullying us, what else can they even do!?  We are going to get killed anyway, if it's not the insect, it will be them!”
“those motherfuckers ruined my girlfriend!”

“go, students!”


Things quickly got out of hand, originally it was just scrambled for the food, now it had become a violent rebellion towards the authority, many students were shouting and rushing towards the trucks, bus no.1, and all other cars!


The whole situation was like a landslide! The battalion commander who was cooperating with the university had a stern cold face, he drew the pistol and shouted at the crowd while standing on the top of a bus:” whoever makes one more step forward will be shot dead!!!”
:"everyone ready to fire!"

Zhong Nan was very anxious, he threw away the megaphone, and shouted at the escort team:” first team protect the truck, second and third follow me to bus number 2 and 3, quick, must not let those people destroy the research data! Fourth and fifth, protect the bus no.1. Remember, if I did not give  you any order, don't kill anyone,  don't kill anyone, I repeat, without my fucking order, do not kill anyone!!!”

Chu Yunsheng had already activated the armour, originally he didn't want to join in this rebellion, no matter which side won, it would not affect him too much!

But now the things had gotten out of hand so quickly that he knew he had to make a choice!

Instead of standing on the weaker side, he chose to stand with the side which was more powerful, after all, everyone else considered him as an awakening, And the final winner of this rebellion would definitely be the university, not the students.

Moreover, Chu Yunsheng had seen how they fight with Red shelled insects with his own eyes. those team members might have done something terrible, but they were indeed protecting them, so he thought those students were making an irresponsible statement to incite violent behaviour, but on the other hand, those students were on the verge of mental breakdown, Qian Deduo shouldn’t have provoked them.

Bus no.1 was all escort team members’ weakness. because all the people they loved were living on it, that's why Zhong Nan assigned the strongest teams which were fourth and fifth to protect it.

The Students had already reached the bus, some of them even started to climb up, and some people wanted to push the bus over.

Qian Deduo’s face already went as pale as ghost, he didn't expect a non-harmful joke could cause such chaos, he followed the team to the bus no.1 bus, but his mind was completely blank.

Every time when a student got on the bus, the team member would kick them away. But there were too many people. chu Yunsheng had already felt that the bus slowly started to lean to one side under the power of the crowd.

The windows on the bus were already broken by the students, although there were metal bars outside the bus to prevent them from getting in,  it still made people screamed constantly inside the bus.

Suddenly a careless team member was dragged off the bus while kicking at one student, he was instantly swallowed up in the crowd. However, That team member’s ability was fire, when he was surrounded by the crowd, he instantly unleashed his ability in panic, the blazing fire burst out in the crowd!

When human experiencing the death threat, the order was not important anymore!

One, two, three….. Students were set on fire by those powerful dark energy flame one after the other, those flames were powerful enough to kill the red-shelled insects,

Screams, all you could hear were screams, the fire spread from this team member to where the bus was. Chu Yunsheng was startled then he immediately took the crossbow from Yu Xia hai, and infused the crossbow with one unit of Yuan Qi, then fire the frost arrow to stop the fire from out of control.

This sudden burst of fire made all the students lost their courage. when facing the awakening warriors they were just like the weak ants couldn't even withstand one round of attack.

the chaos had reached a deadlock.

“ look! Helicopters!” Zhou Tingyun had a very good eyesight, she pointed at three light dots in the sky at the back of the crowd. Those lights dots were slowly approaching them.

With the helicopters got closer and closer, the vigilant battalion commander suddenly commanded all the soldiers to turn the machine guns around, only until this moment did Chu Yunsheng realised that something was odd about those helicopters, it seemed like they were running away from something!

Chu Yunsheng quickly ran from the front of the bus to the back and adjusted the night vision goggles to take a closer look. There were few dots closely chasing the helicopter!

What's that? Chu Yunsheng’s heart sank!


The sound of heavy machine gun came from the helicopters, the bullets made many light beams across the sky and flew towards those dots.

The crowd below the helicopters were stunned, it included the awakening warriors, everyone was looking at the sky, no one knew what was going on.

Helicopters were even closer now, small dots became bigger and bigger, until a light dot caught the helicopters and they started to twine together.

The sound of machine gun constantly appeared In the sky, one of helicopter even fired two missiles.

“it's the insect! The flying insects!!!”

Someone shouted at the back of the crowd!

The helicopter which was attacked by the insect finally lost its balance and fell from the sky, the monster screamed and dashed towards another helicopter.

This time Chu Yunsheng could see what exactly that thing was, that monster was as big as a helicopter, it had four wings like dragonfly's, it had a long and sharp beak, four feet,  two short at the front, two long at back, it was flying like the wind!

That was just the first one, the other two were closely  behind!

One of them made a loud roar, then dived and flew straight towards the bus no.1 where the fire was.

The battalion commander immediately ordered the Machine gunner to shoot, the fire instantly burst out the gun’s chamber.

Horrified Chu Yunsheng back off several steps then shouted:” get on the ground! On the ground!”

Within a short amount of time, flying insects already flew close to the ground, Chu Yunsheng was running, he pounced onto the people who were still shocked and stood at the front of the bus.

The insect flew over the bus no.1. it's back legs hooked a person then immediately ascended and flew away.

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chapter 45 the power of a Sausage

Chapter 45 the power of a Sausage

Zhong Nan looked at Chun Yunsheng in surprise, he had never seen a person had kind of request before, normally the escort team member would find many excuses not to go to the battle!

He didn't know why he was asking for this, but as the captain, he did what he could to advise him to keep his energy for a long battle and don't get carried away by the anger.

But Chu Yunsheng still insisted, so Zhong Nan stopped persuading him,  After all, other teams would love to see people like him.

when it was time for the meal, Chu Yunsheng got the food from the university and decided to deactivate the armour,  because there were too many people, so he was not worried about if the insect would rush directly towards him, it would only give him more trouble if he kept wearing it.

The food was horrible, it was like sticky batter, but couldn't see what the ingredients were, luckily the teams which joined the combat would receive a half of sausage as a bonus, and even that was considered as a luxury reward by most of the people.

With this simple, or can be described as rubbish-like food, everyone was enjoying it, and the people who at outside the truck were swallowing hard while watching them eating it.

Chu Yunsheng did not like to waste food, especially at this time period. The food was getting lesser and lesser, as long as he was alive, he would have to face the long dark age with limited food, so he was not fussy about the food.

But he was quite happy today because he got two complete absorption talisman, based on this rate, he could get even more in the future! So he only consumed half of that sticky batter, then gave it to Yu Xiaohai. instead of eating the batter, he took out one tin of beer that he kept for a long time and lit a cigarette started to slowly consume the sausage.

Apart from the food, he also stored a lot of tobaccos. but then again the priority must have been the food first. After all, tobacco wasn't food, he could not survive just purely by tobaccos.

Most of his cigarettes he had were from the supermarket and tobacco shop, when he took the cigarette he didn't mind what brand he was getting, as long as it was tobacco he would take it. Who knew to what extent Jin ling city would be lacking in tobacco.

Beer, tobacco, sausage, any one of them would cause a commotion in the crowd, not to mention Chu Yunsheng had all of them!

But no one dared to interrupt him. He was fighting with three red shelled insects alone earlier on, and he killed all three insects. This information had already been spread by Qian Deduo. The man was even stronger than the captain, so as long as a person wasn't retarded, no one would dare to give him troubles.

No one dared to drink Chu Yunsheng's beer expect Yu Xiaohai, most of the people just stared at him and some of them envied what Yu Xiaohai could do.

“brother chu!” Qian Deduo didn't dare to treat him as a normal team member, he got closer and whispered to him:”I  got one thing need to discuss with you.”

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head signal him to carry on.

Qian Deduo quickly glanced around, lowered his voice even more:” brother chu, there is a food factory near here, I used to work there, I've talked to the big head Jiang, we gonna loot it.”

Chu Yunsheng paused for a second:”loot it?”

Qian Deduo nodded”: the university’s supplies were not enough for us, everyone often did similar thing secretly. We just fought with red shelled insects. so it won't be our turn anytime soon, those people at the top won't say anything, as long as we’ll return back quickly. if we got supplies, we will be rich!”

Chu Yunsheng had a doubt:” why didn't people at the top organise any search?”

Qian Deduo's face was filled with helplessness expression:” they did organise it. before you joined us, they organised many times, otherwise, where do you think they got food from? But because it was the organised search, so most of the stuff we found we need to hand in.”

Chu YunSheng now knew why he wanted to get something just for himself, but he didn't really mind, as long as he could get something as well:” how do you split it?” he asked.

Qian Deduo had a shallow smile on his face:” of course there are rules, if we didn't encounter the insect, we'll split evenly, if we did, whoever contributes the most, will get more! It’s fair and square!”

Chu Yunsheng nodded:” ok, but if it's too dangerous or too far, I suggest that we don't go there!”

Qian Deduo clapped his chest and promised it wouldn't be very far, but he didn't know how dangerous it would be. He told Chu Yunsheng that if they encountered many insects, then just retreat, no one wanted to die just for a bit of extra food….

The food factory was still quite far from here, so they had to wait until the crowd moved close to there, but not close enough to be noticed by everyone.  Qian Deduo sat next to Chu Yunsheng carried on talking:” brother chu, maybe you don't know, not only bread or sausages, even you have a cookie, those girls outside truck would willing to have sex with you! …… why are you looking at me like that…  you don't believe me!”

“ do you know what is it like to be starving? Killed by the insects wasn't that bad, it would give you a quick one, but the scariest thing is to starve to death, fuck that feeling, I would never ever want to experience it again!”

“ brother chu, do you know how I awakened? That day, I lost my consciousness because of starvation, I felt that I was in the hell, but God blessed me, I Inexplicably awakened when I was dying!”

The more he talked the more agitated he was as if he returned to that day which he awakened again, his sound was slightly hoarse.

Chu Yunsheng gave him the beer he was drinking, signalled him not to get too agitated. He noticed that the more people he talked to, the more he discovered that almost everyone had an unforgettable memory.

Qian Deduo gratefully took the beer, suddenly he rolled his eye and smiled”: brother chu, you still don't believe me, do you?”

Chu Yunsheng shook his head, it was not that he didn't believe him. since the dark age began, more people died of hunger than killed by the insect!

But apparently, Qian Deduo misunderstood him, he thought Chu Yunsheng didn't agree with him. Chu Yunsheng didn't know why he had a sly smile on his face Until he suddenly grabbed the half sausage that Yu Xiaohai wanted to keep for the last. He apologised to Yu Xiaohai:” sorry, borrow this for a minute! I'll show you!”

He stood up and pointed at the crowd outside truck:” I recognise those people, those are the students who were studying English in our university, let me show you the power of a sausage!”

Qian Deduo held the sausage over his head, he drew his voice out and shouted loudly:” f-----ood! F------oood!”(he shouted in English)

When he shouted, everyone including the people on the truck was looking at him, no one knew what he was saying, but the temptation of that sausage still caused everyone to push forward as if they knew something about to happen.

Qian Deduo was waving the sausage and smiled at Chu Yunsheng, then he turned around and shouted one sentence that almost made Chu Yunsheng throw up blood due to emotional trauma. :” half sausage for one pretty girl,  if you want, say it now!”

It was like throwing water into hot oil, the crowd was exploded, some people who still kept their pride standing aside and showing the contempt in their eyes; others who couldn't bear the hunger any longer all pushing forward, they already forget about what Qian Deduo was asking for. males, females, beautiful or not, they all shamelessly shouted:” me, me. Me!”

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Chapter 44 the benefit of the combat

Chapter 44 the benefit of the combat
The weakest parts of the insect were the head and belly, during the fight, normally Chu Yunsheng would focus on attacking the head, once he hit the head, it would normally finish the battle straight away.

The defence of the injured insect was greatly reduced, it tried to stab Chu Yunsheng by using its legs. But Chu Yunsheng turned his body sideways to dodge the insect’s attack, he slid forward and didn't use much effort to hack the insect into a half.

The soldier who blew the insect’s jaw off got threw on the ground by the insect, the other two soldiers quickly ran towards and hugged him.

“Sergeant!......” one of the soldiers was on the verge of the tear, he wanted to gather all organs and put it back to where it was, but his body was trembling uncontrollably, he didn't know where to start.

This Sergeant was slowly losing his consciousness, the half minced left arm was hanging on his shoulder and his head dropped down. The other two soldiers were trying to wake him up, and after a few attempts the Sergeant barely lifted up his eyelid, his mouth opened and closed for a few times, but he couldn't make any noise, one of the soldiers immediately put his ear near his mouth.

Chu Yunsheng's five sense was extremely sensitive, even though this Sergeant’s voice was extremely low, he could still hear it.

“Qiang …… Zi.. Find.. Find a place … bury me… i… i.. Don't want to die… like a …. Stray dog…!” the Sergeant’s mouth was filled with blood.

Qiang Zi couldn't stop his tear, he nodded his head:” yes sir!  sergeant..  Ser…”

Suddenly the Sergeant violently twitched his body, he barely kept his eye open and looked at the sky said indistinctly:” if …. You see.. My wife….”

He didn't finish his sentence, his eyes were still looking at the sky and there was a trace of a pitiful smile on the corner of his mouth. Qiang zi and another soldier were crying loud on top of Sergeant's body, they clenched their fist and hit the floor several times.

:”Qiang, let’s go kill the insect, captain died, lieutenant died, now the sergeant also died, all our brothers had died, why the fuck we are still alive!? ” the other soldier stood up, his face was twisted and ferocious.


Chu YunSheng stepped over the insect’s bodies and silently left. When he was alone, he would often think, if one day the insect killed him, he would also wish to be buried as well.

He often laughed at himself why he would have such ridiculous idea, he didn’t even have enough time to think about how he should survive when he was still alive, why would he care about thing after he died, it was indeed ridiculous.

Qiang Deduo, Jiang Ye and other people were already joining in the fight,  the soldiers who fight with them were constantly shooting at insects as if they wanted to realise all the anger by shooting at the insects, the insects slowly died one by one,  however human died even more.

Chu Yunsheng speeded up his movement and jumped up, a sword hacked down onto an insect which attempted to attack a team member from behind.

The sharp Qian Bi sword filled with pure Yuan Qi violently broke the insect’s defence layer and heavily smashed onto the insect’s shell, the shell was cracked up open. Chu Yunsheng fell onto the red-shelled insect’s back and stabbed the sword in between the gap very hard.

The red shelled insect felt pain, it frantically jumped up and down wanted to buck off the person on this back. but Chu Yunsheng did not give it any opportunities to struggle, he pulled up the sword, and stabbed several times in one breath until the insect stopped moving.

Chu Yunsheng erased the insect’s blood from the mask, he turned the sword and cut off another insect’s claw which was trying to pinch him. His whole body was like a bullet came out of a gun's chamber and shot from the side which the insects lost his claw to the other side.

The whole Qian Bi sword was forcibly inserted into the insect’s mouth, he roared loudly and pushed the sword while the sword was still in the insect’s mouth, the insect was pushed back a few steps, then Chu Yunsheng gathered all his strength and hacked down the sword, it instantly brought out the dirty corrosive mucus.

The insect suffered the heavy hit,  while it was staggering back, it’s was constantly bursting out the green liquid. A moment later it wobbled and fell to the ground.

At this point, there were only three insects left on the battlefield, and all their defence layers were destroyed by the awakening warriors, the soldiers were frantically shooting the bullets to suppress the insect, the insects were dying soon.

Qian Deduo had completed his task, his face was full of surprise while looking at Chu Yunsheng whose body was spread with sticky liquid. He was puzzled and asked Yu Xiaohai next to him: "Your friend is very strong, but did he not hear to what the captain Said, we just need to destroy the defence layer?”

Yu Xiaohai despised him for asking this kind of question, he said arrogantly: "get rid of defence? I have never seen any insect can survive Chu’s attack!"

Obviously, Yu Xiaohai was bragging about it. Before they joined the escort team and In order to save the Yuan Qi, Chu Yunsheng had to design an escape route to get rid of three insects which were chasing him. But this time, Chu Yunsheng killed three in a row, none of them needed the troop’s fire support, which made Qian Deduo did not doubt Yu Xiaohai words.

"He is really strong, except the captain, I have never seen such powerful guy, oh no, maybe even stronger than the captain, very good, luckily he is in my group, haha!” Qian Deduo was filled with excitement.

Jiang Ye stood next to him, he had a bitter grin on his face when he heard what Qian Deduo said, the team was set by the captain, he did not have any choice, but fortunately, that guy called Yao Xiang was also good, so he felt a little bit better.

The last three red shell insects finally fell on the ground, the team members who joined the battle gradually returned to Jiang Ye and Qian De duo. looking at the floor full of the dead bodies. They all lost interest to talk anything. after they checked damages and stats,  they just greeted the last military instructor who was still alive. then slowly left the battlefield with different thoughts and feelings.

Chu Yunsheng did not leave yet, he stood on the side smoking a cigarette, he told Qian Deduo that he needed to calm down for a bit, he wanted to wait until all the escort team and troops left. He needed to collect the insect’s bodies as soon as possible. Every second wasted here, made him feel distressed.

At the end of every battle, every team members would often have different kinds of strong emotions. Qian Deduo and Jiang Ye did not think too much, they just reminded Chu Yunsheng to get a rest and then brought everyone back to the truck, Chu Yunsheng asked Yu Xiaohai to get back to the truck first and to ask Zhang Zicheng about the research progress of his ability.

The soldiers who were Alive asked to bury their comrades. Chu Yunsheng understood that everyone was sad; their comrades just died, and maybe they would also die very soon!

The Insects were killed, and the crowd carried on moving, they had not even left the outer zone of the city yet, everyone was anxious and they did not dare to stay here very long.

Chu Yunsheng did not care about expose his ability to the ordinary people, for them using the talisman to absorb the insect's energy was as mysterious as Yao Xiang’s fire ring cut, there was nothing special about it.

All sixteen insects, Chu Yunsheng repeatedly using the empty absorption talisman to absorb the energy, and make a new one. Some of the insect’s energy was exposed a bit too long,  the energy from the sixteen dead insects was only equivalent to just fourteen insects after he gathered them all. He made a total of two full flame pattern absorption talisman, and the remaining two insects were placed in the storage talisman, he wanted to keep it for the future use.

His body still remained three units of Yuan Qi, he did not want to restore it straight away, with two full flames patterned absorption talisman, he could restore Yuan Qi at any time, so there was no need to hurry.

More importantly, for the Qi cultivation method,  it was only considered a successful cycle, when he released all the Yuan qi inside his body and restored it fully.  so he intended to use up all the Yuan Qi first.

Chu Yunsheng was feeling a little better now, the problem that had been troubled him for a long time finally solved. it indicated that his cultivation speed would once again speed up, the Yuan Tian stage two did not seem so far away now.

When he returned to the truck he saw Yu Xiaohai was very excited, Yu Xiaohai told him that Dong Shen University had developed a preliminary result on his abilities and they had recommended an exercise program to him.

After Yu Xiaohai tested it, the energy was indeed restored faster than before, but Chu Yunsheng still found it very slow, it was even less than half of the speed of his meditation practice. Not only Yu Xiaohai, he also heard that the other team members' Recovery speed was also very slow, which was why they wanted to split into groups to respond to the rescue.

Chu Yunsheng went to speak to the captain Zhong Nan, Later on,  he requested to join the combat every time, because he urgently needed to increase his strength.

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Chapter 43 join the fight

Chapter 43 join the fight

Qian Deduo used to be an ordinary student at Dong Shen university. with the ability to kill three red shelled insects, he gained three seats on the bus and was also promoted to be a team leader of the fifth team.

He did not use to be very popular with girls, but now he had become a chick magnet.

Qian Deduo was bragging non-stop about how the Prettiest girl at their academic department used to ignore him, and how she kept looking for him now, he was so excited that he even had foam in his mouth. Yu XiaoHai was so tempted, so Qian Deduo clapped his chest and promised that he would definitely find some pretty girls for Yu Xiaohai.

While Chu Yunsheng took Lin ShuiYao to bus no.1,  Lin ShuiYao told Chu Yunsheng how she ended up in the situation like this, she was being invited to join an event during the age of the light, And she just lived in the five stars hotel where he saved Yu Xiaohai,

They were protected by the military troop at that time, however, the insects appeared when they tried to retreat to the military base, her assistant and manager were both killed that day, and the rest of people had to go back to the hotel.

Later on, they joined the crowd try to escape the city second time, but once again the insects appeared, she thought she was going to die until one guy dragged her and ran away.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know why she was telling him this, he didn't want to get to know her at all, he guessed that she was finally feeling safe and now she needed to get all the negative feelings that had been built up in the past off her chest.

But he was not a psychiatrist, so he didn't want to spend times to comfort her. This world was collapsing, she would have a serious mental problem if she still felt comfortable about it.

After he settled down the Lin ShuiYao, Chu Yunsheng went back to the truck. He quietly sat on the side and quickly started to cultivate Yuan Qi. Qin Heng and other team members also stopped annoying him.

The fifth team originally had two people, the team leader Qian Deduo and one female team member Zhou TingYun.

Zhou Tingyun wasn't happy with the conversation between Yu XiaoHai and Qian Deduo, but she was just a team member and she her ability was very weak that she could only kill one red shelled insect, so even though she wasn't happy,  she was in no position to make a complaint.

Originally she wanted to talk to the guy who cut the insect’s shell in a half. the person who was always wearing an ancient armour-like armour. She wanted to discuss and exchange some awakening experience with the person. However, that guy closed his eye and just sat there didn't say a single word since he came back.

Time slowly passed in this kind of atmosphere.

After a while, Chu Yunsheng suddenly opened his eyes and instantly stood up, it caused everyone around him suddenly became very nervous.

It was the smell of blood, and it was very heavy!

But this was not important, the important was the smell came from the front, not the back, it meant that something happened at the front!

Chu Yunsheng immediately drew the sword, he couldn't let guard down at any second, the red sword instantly startled everyone on the truck, they still remembered what happened to the insect's shell.

Chu Yunsheng didn't care about what they think, he jumped on the top of the truck, adjusted the night vision goggles, started to scan the front, he needed to know all the information about the danger before it got here.

However his night vision goggles could not see the place far away, what he saw was the chaotic crowd and people’s heads moving in the crowd, nothing else!

Just when he was very anxious about the unknown, suddenly the flare was fired into the sky at the front, it was just one but it was so bright that it was enough to illuminate the area.
Qian Deduo stroke his chin and said”: brothers and sister, get ready, it's the captain's signal!”
The Truck couldn't move now, it was stuck in the crowd.

Zhang ZiCheng had selected fourth and fifth team to respond to the call, because both teams had new team members just joined in, a total of 9 people led by each one of their team leaders quickly jumping out of truck and heading towards the front, the people in the crowd spontaneously moved aside, they made a narrow way that barely enough for them to fit through.

Chu Yunsheng knew Yu Xiaohai did not restore much energy, Yu XiaoHai just relied on his body to recover the energy by itself, the speed was way too slow than Chu Yunsheng, but Zhang ZiCheng already had Yu Xiaohai’s information reported to the lab, Hopefully, soon they would be able to find out what was the best way for him to increase his strength.

Yu XiaoHai roughly estimated that he probably could trigger a frost arrow but only with half of its original power. Qian Deduo thought it was better than nothing after he got Yu XiaoHai’s information, so he still brought Yu Xiaohai with them,
The closer they got to the front, the more sound of horrible screams and violent gunfires they could hear.

Many people were running back from the front gave the escort teams a lot of troubles. Until they finally squeezed to the front, they saw Zhong Nan had just killed one red shelled insect.

:” why are you so late?” Zhong Nan shouted after he saw everyone arrived late.

Jiang Ye the fourth team leader was gloomy, he said:” Captain, don't blame us, the truck was stuck at back and everyone was pushing back, we did our best!”

Zhong Nan’s face didn't look so well, probably he just had a fierce fight with the insects, he was exhausted and said:”  half of the fourth team and the fifth team are new, remember just break their defence layer, leave the rest to the troops, there are still twelve insects remaining, hurry up!”

Although Jiang Ye talked back, he also didn't dare to slow down a bit, because the insects almost break through the troop's defence line.

The ground was full of blood, it felt sticky when people stepped on it. female and male’s bodies were scattered around, some were soldiers, some were university students, some were kids,  some got cut in half; some got a big hole in their body,  all the organs were mixed with blood and fell on the ground.

Chu Yunsheng was already familiar with this kind of scene, it might be miserable and bloody, but it didn't affect him much.

Before they all charged out, Qian Deduo said:” you need to be careful about the bullets, one or two may not kill you, but if it's machine gun, you will die, also they didn't have time to prepare the bulletproof vest!  So You need to be careful!”

Chu Yunsheng didn't need their bullet-proof vest, nor did Yu Xiaohai. Liu Jia energy shield was strong enough to stop the bullets, not to mention the armour.

He looked around noticed that the 4-5 red shelled insects bodies were lying on the ground. Then He immediately jumped over a car and rushed towards the red-shelled insects, he needed to hurry up killing all those insects, otherwise, the Yuan Qi inside the dead insects would dissipate very soon!

Then he saw three soldiers were using the automatic rifle frantically shooting at the insect which was rushing towards them.

One of the soldiers was in a frenzy of rage, he took out a grenade and shouted:" Qiang Zi retreat, Let me take them to the hell! "

Chu Yunsheng wanted to stop him, but it was too late, the soldier rushed towards the red-shelled insect, and collided with insect's’ leg. He was hooked by the thorn on the insect's leg.

The soldier grinned wickedly:” die! You motherfucker!” he used all his remaining strength to pull himself out, the wound was sliced open by the insect's leg, the blood and organs were bursting out. But it didn't stop him, he reached out his hand and stuffed the grenade into the Insect’s mouth. Even though the hand was broken by the insect mouth, he was still pushing his arm deeper into the insect's mouth.

A loud explosion, even though the insect's defence was strong, but it still lost its half jaw. It was in a great pain, and the pain made it even angrier.  when it was about to take the anger out on the last two soldiers.

Chu Yunsheng’s sword attack arrived!

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Chapter 42 Test

Chapter 42 Test
“I'm Zhong Nan! The captain of this awakenings escort team, time is precious, let's start from the right, one by one doing the test.” said by a man while he was walking, he was closely followed by the team members who were holding a big chunk of red shell insect’s shell

Chu Yunsheng took a close look at him, quite tall, hard sinewy body, wearing a black coat, his movement was very nimble, 和seemed to be a competent man.

Zhong Nan stopped in front of them, and said sternly:” everyone, we are doing a basic test today, just want to make sure if everyone is truly the awakenings, and it is also used to roughly estimate your capabilities, we will readjust the estimate later on base on your performance during the battle, and give you the benefit accordingly.”
Everyone was fine with what he said, so Zhong Nan took out the red-shelled insect’s shell and explained:” the energy is important for all of us, so the test method was simplified, use your ability to attack this shell, like how you attack normally, just once, I'll give you a rough estimate base on the damage appeared on the shell.”

Chu Yunsheng already heard from other people saying that those awakening warriors couldn't break the insect’s defence layer easily, normally they had to attack continuously in order to break insect’s defence layer.

Zhong Nan’s method was to use one piece of insect’s shell, in this way, people did not have to waste too much energy on it, and based on the attack he could easily estimate their capacities.

The test was done on the truck, it was very crowded outside the truck, and there was no time to find an empty place, so everyone stood up and gathered at front of the truck, some people even sat on the top of the truck.

The first one was being tested was Yao Xiang, he was always enthusiast about everything.

The shell was tightly held on by two team members,  Chu Yunsheng was shocked when he saw Yao Xiang begun to twist his body as if he was possessed by an evil spirit, suddenly he shouted “Ha” a ring of fire was thrown out from his hand, and then smashed onto the shell, two members were pushed back half of a step by the impact.

With the help of light, the deep marks on the shell could be clearly seen by everyone, Yao Xiang was satisfied with this result, so he happily asked Zhong Nan:” captain, what do you think?”

Zhong Nan nodded his head, he simply told the girl who was making a record:” pass!.”

Seeing captain didn't have much reaction, it upset Yao Xiang a little bit, he couldn't do anything but moved to the side with a disappointment.

The next one was Ding Yan, Chu Yunsheng thought his ability looked like Simei who he killed, they both needed a gun to unleash the power, according to that lecturer Zhang, this type of ability would be their main research subject, the aim was to find out the reason behind it and use it on all type of firearm to kill the insect.

Ding Yan’s bullet burned a hole on the shell but it didn't penetrate it, Zhong Nan still without any emotions:” pass.!”

Next one was Yu Xiaohai, but it was a bit trouble for him. Since he used up his energy, so he could not trigger any more frost arrow now, Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and pulled Yu Xiaohai who felt embarrassed aside and said:” he used up his energy, couldn't do the test now.:
Yu Xiaohai nodded his head, this was the fact.

Zhong Nan knitted his brows just about to say something, he was immediately interrupted by a few team members who thought he was lying at the beginning, Qin Heng kicked up a fuss and everyone laughed.

:“don't want to do the test, then get off the truck, this is not the place you can get free food!”

“why let them go that easily, at least…..”

“was he saying 6? why when the captain is here,  he didn't even dare to do the test, such a pussy!”
Chu Yunsheng was so pissed off, he didn't think he had done anything to them, but why the fuck they were treating him like this, are they retarded?

But he didn't know that since those people had awakened their power, they slowly became arrogant, while their social status became higher and higher, they started to look down on other people.  a sarcastic speech was nothing compared to what they did normally. Sometimes they could beat up some people, and they still didn't even get any punishment for that.

A person like Chu Yunsheng who gave them such insolent statement that he could deal with 6 insects, of course, he would be considered as another stupid guy or another new person they could mock at.

Chu Yunsheng was not smiling anymore, he instantly drew the sword. Hacking, flicking and another hacking, three sword forms in one breath. Everyone could only see three red beams flashed under the light. They were stunned, they did not know what just happened. and Chu Yunsheng slowly sheathed his sword.

Even the captain also didn't see what just happened because he didn't feel any energy movement when Chu Yunsheng used the sword.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to use his Yuan Qi on the shell, it was dead, Qian Bi sword was sharp enough to break it on its own.

He pointed at the shell and said coldly to Qin Heng and other people:” say one more word, you will end up like that!”

Qin Heng and other people were stunned by his gorgeous sword forms. But when they realised the armour did not break, they all laughed out loud:”almost fooled by you, you stupi…...” . in next moment they gasped in shock, and unable to finish the sentence. The shell was broken into four pieces and fell onto the floor.

“Thump, thump” two muffled sounds like the hammer hit everyone’s heart!

What kind power was that!?

His speed was faster than the eyes can see, he broke insect’s shell which was known to be harder than the steel, and even more absurdly that he did not use any energy.

Was that really the unbreakable red shell insect’s shell?

Qin Heng and other people looked at each other and stopped laughing!

The captain Zhong Nan’s first reaction was shocked, then he heart was filled with happiness and excitement, he had never seen such powerful man before, with this man’s help, his team’s strength would definitely increase. He thought.

He had always been nice to Qin Heng and his team, although those people acted snobby and superior in the past, for the whole team and for the big picture, he did not offend them.

 However, he did not want to lose Chu Yunsheng this powerful awakening warrior. so his face instantly turned into a grave look and said to Qin Heng’s group:”you come here, and apologise to this gentleman”

Chu Yunsheng had no interest in playing this kind of game, he said coldly:”no need for it, captain Zhong, I only hope that they won’t do it next time, I have to mention it first, the reason why I wanted to join your team was because we both need each other, we don't owe each other anything, it’s a deal. I hope that we can work happily together, and also, my brother used up his energy, believe it or not, this is my only explanation!”

Zhong Nan smiled:”with your ability, we totally trust your friend, I hope we can cooperate happily”

Chu Yunsheng saw Zhong Nan responded to him so quickly, so he did not carry on complain anything. after all, they were probably going to cooperate for a very long time, so he pointed at Lin Shuiyao and said:”apart from her, we did not bring any other people, so if it’s not trouble, please ask your people to help her go through whatever the procedure you need her to do .”

So called the procedure was actually register their name with a girl who responsible for making the record on bus No.1, because of some unknown reason, the team member would often request to replace the people in the bus.

Zhong Nan nodded his head:”don't worry, we will make sure everything was arranged properly .” then he pointed the girl who was sitting next to him doing the record, :”Also, if you need to allocate other people in the future, you can look for Tong Tong, as long as it’s within the limits gave to you, there won't be any problem”

“En” Chu Yunsheng replied, then stopped talking.

The truck had stopped moving for quite some time, all the people were crowded together and discuss something, no one knew what happened in the front.

Zhong Nan was worried while looking at front,  He called another team member and told Chu Yunsheng:”this is Qian DeDuo, you and your friend are going to team up with him temporarily, you both spent some time to get to know each other, I have other things need to attend to ”

Just right after he finished his sentence, he hurriedly left the truck, Chu Yunsheng took out a cigarette from his pocket, took a deep drag while looking at this Qian DeDuo this team leader.
He was a young man, roughly twenty years old, perhaps was the student from the Dong Sheng university, he was always squinting his eyes, and his face was filled with weird smiles.

Qian Deduo reached out his hands and smiled:”Hello, my name is Qian Deduo, you can call me Xiao Qian“

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Chapter 41 A tempting bus No.1

Chapter 41 A tempting bus No.1

Chu Yunsheng wasn't an idiot. if they could take care of Lin Shuiyao, he would not refuse. Not to mention that he could also get some information from the researchers, and more importantly, he could get more insects which were the reason he wanted to join in since the beginning.

There were several buses behind the truck, one of them was heavily guarded, it was definitely for the families and friends of the escort team. The heavy machine gun was installed on the top of buss, and the bus was modified with steel reinforcement bar outside. They were constantly guarded by two people on each bus.

Normally, one bus was limited to 50 passengers only, each escort team member had two or three seats on the bus, it was based on their power level, the strongest got three places, the weaker one only got two, and it was a fixed rule made by the team leader, no one dared to break it. If anyone wanted the third seat on the bus? Then they had to earn it!

Apparently, the reason why this rule was made was because of a couple of reasons, the first reason was because it was a lack of defence, food, fuels and other materials, secondly the students in the escort team were mainly from other cities, they didn't have many family members with them, the seats they got was mainly their boyfriends or girlfriends.

The troops provided them weapons, the university provided them with the food in exchange for the escort team to fight for them. So it meant that not only those buses would be heavily guarded, the people on the bus would also receive a regular supply of food.

It became the heaven in everyone’s mind, On this moving castle, everyone would receive protection, warm clothes, and the most important thing: food and water!

Before Chu Yunsheng joined them, the escort team had 14 members, they were 8 male, and 6 female, only 5 of them had 3 seats, that included their team leader,  the rest of them all had two seats on the bus.

Everyone coveted those few seats on the bus, some of them tried to schmooze their roommate in the university; some girl even exchanged her body for the safety; some pretty boys were busy chasing the girls in the escort team.

Especially those people who already got their seats on the bus, many people wanted to curry favour with them. It was just because those people would receive meals two times a day.

Apart from this bus No.1 there were few other buses behind the truck, they were all became the secondary choices, however, those buses were not easy to get on as well, they were mainly for the people who had contact with the university or the military.

Chu Yunsheng and Yu Xiaohai both had 5 places in total, but they had to pass the team leader's strict test first, Lin Shuiyao only allowed to get on the bus after they made sure that their abilities were real.

At the moment, their team leader was guarding on the top of Bus No.1. Zhang Zicheng used this gap to explain the benefits and responsibilities they would have.

For example, the things like food and water supplies, how to respond to the calls and in what order, how they should guard the place… etc. The most importantly. He reminded all the awakening warriors, they did not need to kill the insects, they just needed to destroy their defence layer, and leave the rest to the troops, in this way, they would be able to deal with more insects.

Chu YunSheng was still leaning against the steel bar, he was smoking a cigarette while overheard Qin Heng was bluffing about how their team leader would destroy him, and expose his lie.

He did not have time to argue with Qin Heng, he just needed to wait until their team leader arrived and showed them his true ability. He wanted to see how they would react when they discovered his true power.

Chu Yunsheng turned around and looked outside,  the crowd was mixed with cars and people, it was moving very slowly, sometimes it was not even moving at all. But they could not do anything about it, the road was filled with refugees, no one cared about the bodies on the side of the road and the horrible smell of faeces.

People were shouting all the time, some were calling the name, some were just crying, some people were even busy stealing other’s bags, but mostly were panicky footsteps.

If someone was tripped over and if they did not get up one time, the results would be stepped to death, at this time, no one would care about if the person underneath them was dead or alive.

Chu Yunsheng noticed some people were jumping on the top of some unarmed privates cars at a place in a distance, some people even broke the windows and started to squeeze in, it was really a mess.

It was much better on the side he was staying, no one dared to fight the gun and the awakening warriors, they did not even dare to come close to their vehicles.

The Intermittent sound of explosions constantly appeared from the place far away at back, it attracted Chu Yunsheng’s attention, it was the fierce battle between the army and the swarm.

The rockets from the howitzers and rocket artilleries were violently bursting out the fire in the sky, it lit up the entire skyline, the ground was shaken violently as if it was a huge earthquake. The sound of the explosions and rockets piercing through the air resounded through the entire crowd.
Chu Yunsheng was stunned, it was the first time he saw such massive military attack other than in a movie. There were so many rockets flying in the sky, every fire trail at the tail of every rocket was pulled all the way across the sky as if the sky was raining the rockets down to earth.

The most importantly, They still had not used the ballistic missile or the nuclear weapon these kinds the destructive weapons yet. It suddenly reminded Chu Yunsheng that not only the insect, human themselves could also destroy the earth!

He could not imagine that if the president of the country which had the most nuclear weapons put his hands on the activate button right now!

Since the beginning of the dark age. Chu Yunsheng always thought he was fighting on the front line, but now it seemed he was way off.

With such massive of artillery fire,  He didn't even need to think how large the swarm they were dealing with over there!

There should have been the front line of the battle between the insects and human!

However, even the military had such firepower they still decided to retreat, Chu Yunsheng had a chill down to his spine, what exactly did they see, why were they so scared that they had to retreat?

Was it really that they would only be safe when they arrived the Jin Ling city, Would Jin Ling city really be able to stop the swarm's attack?

Chu Yunsheng could not answer himself,  apart from Qi cultivation, his thought was exactly the same as other people outside the truck, which was to flee to Jin Ling city and maybe they would be safe over there.

Jin Ling city was their last hope, and it was the only thing that kept them alive, he could guarantee that if some reliable news source told them Jin Ling City had fallen, everyone here, including himself would probably fall into an infinite panic until they die.

Or maybe this hope did not exist at all, but people still chose to believe it, in fact, some rumours had already said Jin Ling city had fallen,  but because it wasn’t from a reliable source, so no one believed it。

Chu Yunsheng looked at the endless crowds and suddenly thought if Jin Ling City really fell, where would his hope be, would he escape to the end of the world, or would he give up escaping and just waiting for the insect to kill him?

“I still have Yuan Qi, I can still cultivate it.” Chu Yunsheng told himself:”even it means to escape to the end of the world, I will still do it.”

His father once told him, Even the darkest clouds would be dissipated one day, never gave up, otherwise, you would never get to see the sun after the dark clouds.

Chu Yunsheng’s thoughts started to drift away,  a sound of someone got on the truck pulled him back to the reality, it was the captain of this escort team!

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Chapter 40 The awakening warriors

 Chapter 40 The awakening warriors

Chu Yunsheng was also recruited, the reason obviously was his armour!

When he joined those people he did not want to hide his abilities, he knew how much he could do, so he did not want to be a hero nor did he wanted to use those students as the human shields to protect himself.

He was also willing to join in the escort team, the reason was simple,  he needed a lot of red-shelled insect’s bodies. With the help from the escort team, he could collect red shelled insects a lot faster.

Chu Yunsheng was very concerned about if someone else would notice his special abilities when he was in the building No.8. it was mainly because of he had seen how the ice punch man was taken away by the troops, and he was worried about if they found out what he could do, he would end up in the same situation.

However with the situation was getting even more chaotic, it had already gotten to an extent which beyond his imagination, he was living in horror day by day, in order to survive longer he had to calculate the energy he used to a very precise point.

The original social structure had collapsed in this unprecedented disaster. Order and morality had already started to disappear. Escape and survive became the main themes of this horror city.

The self-awakened people started to appear, he had even killed one of those people. the more people he killed, the more he realised how different the city he was living in right now, So slowly he started to stop hiding his abilities deliberately.

“Maybe by temporarily joining them, I could get more red shelled insects” Chu Yunsheng hoped. He was struggling to find a small group of red-shelled insects now, it almost drove him crazy.

This escort team was allocated on a military truck, Chu Yunsheng suspected that it was for the ease of team member to respond to calls and rescues, because It was easy for the awakenings to jump out of the truck and engage in combat.

There was a dozen of people sat randomly on the truck already, but Chu Yunsheng did not take a close look, his attention was attracted by three relative older men who was sitting at the front of the truck, they were having some intense debate over a piece of a map.

Apart from Chu Yunsheng’s groups, there were also two other men joined in, they were all recruited during the Dong Shen university's retreat.

To the awakenings who had weak skills, fighting red shelled insect in a group was much safer than fighting it alone.

Chu Yunsheng leant against the steel barrier on the truck, he was wearing the armour, so it wasn't really comfortable, he glanced over those people quietly. There was a light installed on the truck, although it wasn't very bright, it was bright enough for everyone to see other.

The representative who brought them here squeezed through the crowd and whispered something to a middle-aged man who was wearing a glasses.

The middle-aged man looked at them for a second, then knocked the table and said loudly:”everyone, quiet down, quiet down, please welcome those newly recruited awakening warriors.”

No one clapped their hands or greeted them, it was just quiet as if those five people didn't exist. Chu Yunsheng was only curious at words “ The Awakening warriors”, other than that he wasn't interested at all.

They did not know each other, everyone was thinking about how to get away from the red shells, so no one cared about who joined in. Trust was hard to build up, it was even so under this kind of tension.

The middle-aged man adjusted his glasses and said sternly to them:” since you have decided to join the escort team, I need to have some information of your abilities, of course, I'll tell you some information you might need to know as well.”

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, signalled him to carry on. The middle-aged man then introduced himself:" I'm Zhang Zicheng, a physics lecturer at Dong Shen university, you could call me lecturer Zhang, I'm in charge of groups arrangement and guidance, now I'd like to know your abilities, please introduce yourself.”

“My name is Yao Xiang, Yao as for Yao Ming, Xiang for Liu Xiang, (two famous athletes in China), my ability is fire ring cut, I can deal with three nasty insects! ”  said a chubby young man, although his appearance did not look like Yao Ming or Liu Xiang at all.

“My name is Ding yan, I'm older than everyone, so you can call me Lao Ding, my ability also is fire, but I need to use gun to unleash the power, roughly two insects, I have been working with Xiao Yao (Yao Xiang) for a long time.” said a man roughly 40 years old, tall and skinny, ordinary looking, it was the type you could easily forget his look after you met each other.

Yu Xiaohai peeked at Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng gave him a go-ahead look, then he said:” Yu Xiaohai, ability freeze, weapon crossbow, two insects!”

This answer was already planned by them, they didn't know much about others, so it was better to keep some secrets to protect themselves. Yu Xiaohai knew he was limited three insects, although it wasn't many, Chu Yunsheng still asked him to say one fewer.

After Yu Xiaohai finished, chu Yunsheng carried on:” Chu Yunsheng, weapon sword, the ability also is a sword, 6 red shelled insects.”

Chu Yunsheng didn't hide his real name, but he told everyone he could deal with 6 insects, instead of 9.  It was also part of the plan. The first reason was he didn't want to reveal his full strength, the second reason was, he only had 6 units of Yuan Qi he could use, so he was just telling the truth.

Just right after he said this, the quiet truck suddenly became very noisy. Everyone was whispering to each other, with the help of Liu Jia energy shield Chu Yunsheng could hear everything they said

:”Six, bullshit, our captain almost died last time, and he just killed 5…..”

“I was amazed by his armour but didn't expect he is full of shit,.....”

“this guy is not normal, don't you think this armour is a bit familiar?…... “

Chu Yunsheng didn't expect they could have this kind of reaction, he had already kept almost half of his strength, but still no one believed him, originally, he planned to tell everyone he only could deal with 3 or 4 insects, but on second thought, what if he encountered some very bad situations, then he would not be able to explain why he could kill 6 insects in a row. probably by that time, no one would trust him either.

It would be easy for Yu Xiaohai to explain why he could kill one more insect. after all, it was not uncommon to see the awakenings increased their power to another level during the combat.

Zhang ZiCheng knocked on the table again, he asked Lin Shuiyao who was behind the Chu Yunsheng:”quiet, quiet, there is another one, please introduce yourself as well.”

Ling Shuiyao’s  paused a second, her mind instantly went blank,  did not know what to say. :”she is my friend, I promised her to escort her to Jin Ling city, she is an ordinary person, does not have any abilities, but she has to stay with us,” Chu Yunsheng explained.

In fact, Lin Shuiyao had already told Chu Yunsheng the location of the jade pendant, she was worried about if Chu Yunsheng was going to abandon her. but when she saw Chu Yunsheng was trying to protect her, She looked at him gratefully.

A young man in a black down jacket snorted:”this truck is only for the awakenings, everyone got their friends if they are all here, how can we do our job?”

A girl next to him tugged him:”Qin Heng, you stop talking.”

Chu Yunsheng ignored him, he looked at Zhang Zicheng, he knew on this truck only three people can make the decision, and those three people were sitting in front of them, however, he did not know why those awakenings would listen to them.

Zhang Zicheng thought for a moment, he was in a difficult position :Mr. Chu, I'm sorry, we do have such rule,  we also want to safely escort everyone to Jin Ling city.”

Chu Yunsheng smiled, although he had already known where to get the pendant, he still could not break his words, as long as it was within his limit, he would not abandon her. Everyone got rules, this team was not formed by him, of course, he couldn't make any decision.

Chu Yunsheng did not like to talk too much, So if that was the case, he thought that he should leave.

He shook his head and picked up the sword:”ok, I do not want to waste your time, we are leaving”

Lin Shuiyao’s face was covered by a scarf, so people could only see her eye, but based on her dress, everyone knew she was a woman, Zhang Zicheng thought that she was Chu Yunsheng’s girlfriend, he was even more sure when he saw Chu Yunsheng was going to leave because of her, so he smiled and explained:”Mr. Chu, please let me finish, you don't need to worry, everyone got their friends and families, they are all allocated on a bus behind us, this is one of the benefits, we as the school provided to the escort team, we will take turn to guard the bus, you may rest assured that your friend is 100% safe there. ”

Chu Yunsheng was surprised, he did not know the university had this kind of arrangement, but on the second thought, those students definitely had their friends and families, they definitely would not abandon their friends and families to join the escort team, it seemed like he rushed to the conclusion earlier.

While he had not replied yet. the chubby Yao Xiang approached him, and whispered to him: “brother, don’t leave, I've heard that the Dong Shen university's research had a huge breakthrough, it will help to improve the awakening warriors' strength.”

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Volume 2 Journey to Jin Ling City Chapter 39 Leaving the City

Volume 2 Journey to Jin Ling City

Chapter 39 Leaving the City
Edited by Chubby 

There used to be a famous comedian in the age of light. One of his famous lines went like this: “If I saw someone who had a meat bun when I was hungry, then that person was luckier than me. If I saw someone wearing a thick cotton cloth when I was cold, then that person was luckier than me. If I wanted to go to the toilet, but the only seat was already taken by someone, then that person was luckier than me.”

Chu Yunsheng was facing the same situation right now. When the chaotic crowd attracted that tentacle monster, he was luckier than them.

It was a mess outside. Chu Yunsheng decided to wait in the building until everything quieted down. He didn't think those three red-shelled insects and the tentacle monster would be back anytime soon.

It wasn't difficult for Chu Yunsheng to find a room to make talismans in such a big mall. He asked Yu Xiaohai and Lin Shuiyao to wait outside the room. With the help of the flashlight, he carefully drew the talisman’s patterns while inside the room. He was already familiar with the process, so he didn't spend too much time on it.

After he used absorption talisman to absorb the Yuan Qi from the red-shelled insects, he checked the stuff inside the storage talisman. He had a total of 15 red shelled insects’ bodies.

His armour needed to be repaired, so he took out the bodies and began to repair the armour until all the cracks were gone.

The new absorption talisman was filled with flame patterns. It could restore a total of 12 units of Yuan Qi. He needed to keep 6 units of Yuan Qi to make another new absorption talisman,  so he could only use the final 6 units.

Deep in his heart, Chu Yunsheng was worried. If he carried on like this, he would never be able to make more absorption talisman as backups. He needed to use the traditional Qi cultivation method to restore his Yuan Qi without touching the absorption talisman at the moment. Of course, he could ask Yu Xiaohai to help him, but he didn't think Yu Xiaohai would restore his energy any faster than him.

When would he be able to reach the Yuan Tian stage two? He had been dreaming of that day for a very long time. By that time, his Yuan Qi would be so dense that he would only need two units of Yuan Qi to make one absorption talisman. Or, at level two, he could use more Yuan Qi to make a level three absorption talisman which could be used repeatedly.

He felt it was such a waste to use 6 units of Yuan Qi to make one absorption talisman for one-time use!

He really needed to speed up now!

Qi cultivation cycles required him to unleash and restore Yuan Qi repeatedly. It wasn't complicated but instead, rather troublesome. So he spent 6 units of Yuan Qi to make one new talisman, then absorbed the remaining flame patterns from the old one.

When he finally came out of the room, he saw Yu Xiaohai and Lin Shuiyao were busy gossiping. They were discussing such questions as: Was she really having a relationship with some male celebrity? Or did she date some rich guys? etc...Chu Yunsheng was wondering where the hell he got all those questions from!

Yu Xiaohai was surprised to see Chu Yunsheng came out of the room with the recovered armour. He clicked his tongue(1) and said: “Chu, you sure are a miracle worker!”

Chu Yunsheng knew he could go on for a long time. So he ignored and interrupted him: “Let me explain what my plan is. You both can express your opinion, but you can't decide anything.”

Yu Xiaohai didn't mind, he would always listen to Chu Yunsheng.

Lin Shuiyao didn't seem to have any reactions, and Chu Yunsheng also didn't bother to ask her opinion: “It's less than 50 hours from the military retreat, we need to follow the troops. Xiaohai, you take the control of the motorcycle. I will sit in the middle, and actress Lin sits at back! Everyone will need to listen to my command.”

Yu Xiaohai didn't have any problem with it, but Lin Shuiyao knitted her brows and thought: Did he not feel any shame asking a lady to sit at the back? The middle seat would be the safest.

However, she didn't know Chu Yunsheng needed to restore his Yuan Qi. The middle seat was the most steady spot, and Chu Yunsheng would have minimal disruption. But Lin Shuiyao didn't have the right to complain, even though Chu Yunsheng said that she could express her opinions. She wasn't stupid, and she did not want to put herself in a bad situation.

She gave him a soft smile, then said: "I am actually a model, so please don't call me actress.”

Chu Yunsheng waved his hands, and said: “To ordinary people like us, they are all the same.” He did not wait for her to say anything, and magically took out some food from his storage, which left her totally flabbergasted.

Yu Xiaohai had already seen Chu Yunsheng’s strange abilities before, so he did not have any reaction. Contrary to his reaction, Lin Shuiyao’s reaction seemed exaggerated.

They had already begun their journey of escape.  The three of them needed to recover their physical strength, especially Chu Yunsheng, as he was the one who did the most work.

Three ham sausages. A can of tuna. Three pieces of bread. Two boxes of DaNeng biscuits. Even a few vacuum-packed roasted eggs!

Chu Yunsheng also gave himself and Yu Xiaohai a bottle of Red Bull each to refresh themselves, because he guessed that it might be a long road ahead.

Unless it was a special circumstance, Chu Yunsheng would have a regular meal every day, because he had stored a decent amount of food. But to Yu Xiaohai and Lin Shuiyao, it was an entirely different experience.

He distracted and ate while thinking about something else. So when he finished his half of bread, he noticed his favourite food, the canned tuna, was already consumed by those two people. 

 “Foodaholics!” he was pissed off, and cursed in secret.

To find a crowd was not difficult. Every now and then, there was a group of people passing by in a hurry. They were all heading to the west of the city.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng magically take out the motorbike, Lin Shuiyao’s reaction was not as exaggerated as before. This time she controlled her emotions very well. At least, she looked calm. Instead, Yu Xiaohai suddenly burst out in surprise: “Chu, was our motorbike not broken? Did you fix it?”

“This is a new one.” Chu Yunsheng explained.

Yu Xiaohai raised his thumb at Chu Yunsheng, and he sighed. “Chu, I should’ve listened to you, and sold everything I had to prepare supplies! Otherwise, I would not end up like this!”

This was the second time Lin Shuiyao heard Yu Xiaohai talking about Chu YunSheng’s prediction, which instantly attracted her attention.

But Chu Yunsheng did not carry on with this topic, he tapped Yu Xiaohai’s shoulder: “Regret won’t get you anywhere. If you have time to think about this, why don't you use your time to think about how to increase your shitty abilities? You never know when you might need it.”

Yu Xiaohai’s face immediately turned red and he stopped talking.

Chu Yunsheng carefully walked out of the mall, and looked around the area. On the street, a number of groups were continuously passing by. He waved his hand to signal them that it was safe outside, then three of them quickly got on the motorcycle, and headed towards the nearest crowd.

The crowd Chu Yunsheng joined was very strange. It was massive. The crowd had a lot of people, but was split into several small groups. The smaller groups were spread from the front of the crowd to the back, and they were all young people.

While Chu Yunsheng was curious about why the crowd was formed like this, Yu Xiaohai had already chatted up a girl in one of the groups.

They were the students from Dong Shen University. It was the 23rd of December when the sun disappeared. The university's term had not finished yet, so all the students were trapped at the university. After they received the notice from the military, they decided to flee to Jin Ling city with the rest of the people.

Their retreat was much more organized. Under the university’s arrangement, teachers and their family members were formed into two groups. Students in each academic department were also formed into groups. Before the troops arrived, they were only protected by dozens of self-awakened students.

Dong Shen university was one of the biggest universities in Shen Cheng city. The university had about 30,000 students, but according to the girl, a lot of people were killed by the red-shelled insects. Plus some people went missing, so they had only gathered less than 20,000 people.

No wonder he could not see the beginning or the end of the crowd, Chu Yunsheng thought.

The sky often appeared to have a hazy shimmer. It was more obvious at the time when it was supposed to be midday. However, at nighttime, the sky turned pitch black. 

As time passed, a lot of random people began to come out of buildings to join in this massive crowd. The number started to increase rapidly. Representatives from the military, and the university stood in the chaotic crowd, asking awakenings to join the escort team non-stop.

As they traveled, they were attacked by a small group of red-shelled insects. Luckily, all the insects were stopped by the troops and the self-awakened students. Of course, casualties could not be avoided.

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-------------Translator’s note------------

In Chinese culture, click one’s tongues could mean two things, it could mean disapproval and it could mean someone was amazed by something.

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Chapter 38 You are an actress (end of volume 1)

 Chapter 38 You are an actress
(End of volume 1)
Yu Xiaohai was dazed for a moment then burst out laughing:” chu, you are funny.”

Chu Yunsheng rolled his eyes and said:” you think you're a good guy, huh? ok,  we should stop it, we are really running out of time!”

Yu Xiaohai turned to face the girl and shrug his shoulder:” you see, I told you my brother doesn't recognise you, you should stop following us.”

“do I have to know who she is!” Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked, he probably had heard this name before, but it was very blurry, all he thought right now were the insect and escape. Just two days ago, he had seen a person who used to be a very famous tv presenter died in A red shelled insect’s claw, he didn't feel anything at that time, the whole world was in the chaos right now, who cared how famous you used to be, whoever survived the longest was the real winner.

You Xiaohai grinned, he knew he was a bit boring, so he closed his mouth and walked behind Chu Yunsheng.

“Can you take me with you?” Lin Shuiyao clung onto her last hope.

Yu Xiaohai pointed at Chu Yunsheng who stood in front of him, he was trying to say you need to talk to him.

Chu Yunsheng was worried if she was still going to follow them, so he thought for a second then said:” if you were an awakening just like him, then it would be helpful for everyone, then I would consider you joining us, but you should understand if you don't have any abilities, it would be dangerous for everyone, so…..”

She saw Chu Yunsheng was going to refuse her, she immediately interrupted him:” I knew a jade pendant, it's exactly like the one you wanted on the roof!”

Chu Yunsheng's heart jumped:” what did you say?!:

Lin ShuiYao looked at his eyes, replied with certainty:” yes that woman’s pendant, when she gave it to you, I was there, I have seen one exactly like it.”

Chu Yunsheng's pupils suddenly became bigger, the information about the maps was very important to him, and he had no clue where to find them, this girl claimed that she saw one which was exactly the same as the one on the roof. Of course, He was very suspicious about it, his first reaction was this girl was lying to him, the motivation was obviously to ask him to bring her with them. but she would bring huge risk to them, it was big enough to scrap his old plan and make a new one.

Chu Yunsheng looked her up and down, he tried to find any sign that might indicate she was lying, The girl was staring at Chu Yunsheng at all times, she did not panic nor did she avoid the eye contact.

it was like an invisible contest between believing and disbelieve, their eyesight clashed with each other, and whoever backed off first would lose the contest.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't find anything wrong about her,  but it made her even more suspicious because Chu Yunseng knew she was an actress!

He calmly said”: how can I believe you?”

Lin ShuiYao smiled:” you think I am lying to you?”

Chu Yunsheng sneered and reminded her:” don't forget you are an actress!”

Liu Shuiyao didn't react for a second, until she realized what he meant, she had a slight of helplessness appeared on her face,  then she knitted her eyebrows and pointed at his big sword:” you don't need to make it too complicated, with your abilities, if you find out I'm lying, you can use it to kill me at anytime.”

Even Lin Shuiyao said this, Chu Yunsheng still thought for a minute. Just like what he told Yu Xiaohai, everything was dangerous now, but for the second map, maybe it was worth a try.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said sternly:” I'll try to believe you,but you need to remember every single word you just said, you can tell me where the jade pendant is now.”

Lin Shuiyao grinned with relief:” it was a birthday present a company director gave to his son, I was at his birthday party that day.” she paused for a second, her eyes slightly moved, it caused the light to flash in her eyes. She carried on:” as far as I know, they were at Jin ling city before the sun disappeared, As for the specific name, I'll tell you when we get to Jin ling city, I hope you would understand.”

Chu Yunsheng snorted with a slight anger:” so are you threatening me right now? if you don't believe me, how can we work together?”

Lin ShuiYao shook her head and apologised:” I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't do this, but I'm really scared that you are going to abandon me later. if you were me, you would do the same, wouldn't you?”

Chu Yunsheng didn't answer her, instead, he asked her:” you really think that jade pendant is important to me?”

She had a sly smile on her face:” when we were on the roof before, I already knew, you were looking at that women's pendant for the whole time.”

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, this girl wasn't talking much at that time, apart from being held as a hostage by Gu Liming, the whole incident had nothing to do with her. He didn't expect that she would be such a sophisticated person that secretly observed them.

She was a smart and cautious woman, this was Chu Yunsheng’s impression of her, then again, which woman wasn't smart in the entertainment industry?

He understood why she was doing that, in such dangerous world, how could anyone build up trust with a stranger so quickly, she had to keep something with her, so the deal could last longer.

But it didn't mean he was going to accept it, although the map was important to him, four maps couldn't be collected in a short amount of time, if she thought she could use this to restrict him, then she was wrong.

When talking to the smart people, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to deny that he needed the pendant, he gave Lin Shuiyao a friendly smile and said:” you were right, but unfortunately it is not my way of doing things, I don't think we can work together, so bye- bye!”

Just right after he said it, he opened the door and stepped outside, actually, he was worried that he couldn't refuse the temptation of wanting to go back.

“you!” her face was taut, and she was terrified, she didn't expect this would be the outcome, so she panicked, Chu Yunsheng might not need her information, but she needed his protection, although it was an unfair deal, she didn't have other choices.

She gritted her teeth and followed him, she shouted in the hallway:” ok, you win, I can tell you who has it!”

But Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to hear what she said, his heart was jumping rapidly. Just a moment ago, through the window at corner, he saw a naked woman appeared on the street!

It was the sign of tentacle monster!

He couldn't kill this type of monster, he needed to run away as fast as he could.

Lin ShuiYao didn't know what was going on, she thought that Chu Yunsheng was pretending that he didn't hear her, he wanted to humiliate her. But what could she do?  She had been following them all the way here, just hoping that they could help her,  she felt wronged:” you… you want me to beg you?”

Chu Yunsheng was so scared right now,  he was scared that the monster could hear the noise from here, he pointed at Lin Shuiyao and hissed:” you shut up!” “silent!”

He signalled Yu Xiaohai to switched off the flashlight and leant against the wall. At the same time he switched on the infrared sensor carefully detecting the movement inside the building, his heartbeats still didn't slow down for a second!

Lin ShuiYao’s body started to shake uncontrollably, it was not because Chu Yunsheng hissed at her, it was because she knew Chu Yunsheng was under the extreme stress, and whatever that thing was, it was definitely dangerous than three red shelled insects!

-----------------end of volume 1 the disappearance of the sun----------------------------------

volume 2 Journey to Jin Ling City is on the way

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Chapter 37 Who was that girl

Chapter 37 Who was that girl

Chu Yunsheng told Yu Xiaohai that if he was not back in one hour, he didn't need to wait for him anymore.

He hoped that the armour would be strong enough to endure the five red shelled insect’s frenzied attack.

The light was still very dim and hazy outside, Yu Xiaohai couldn't see anything when he was on the fifth floor, Chu Yunsheng had to give him some light.

But if he switched on the light in the dark, he would not be able to dodge insect’s attack so easily, all the insects would flock towards him.

Chu Yunsheng took three deep breaths in a row, then he switched on the flashlight which was already tied on his shoulder, he jumped out from the corner and fell onto the top of a car.

The red shelled insects instantly noticed him, without a single second of hesitation, they rushed towards Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng shouted out loud as if he was trying to embolden himself, or maybe he was trying to remind Yu Xiaohai something.

He was surrounded right after Qian bi sword hacked one of the insects, they all raised their razor shaped legs fiercely sliced down from Chu Yunsheng’s head. The armour was constantly making the ear-piercing scratching sounds.

Even he had the armour as protection, but when taking the damage from four red shelled insects at the same time, It was still too much for his body to handle,  the sharp pain appeared non-stop everywhere in his body.

Just when he was about to be pinched by one of the red shell insects, he gathered all his strength jumped over the red shell insects, At the same time, the frost arrow that Chu Yunsheng had been waiting for a long time finally arrived, it instantly froze one of the red-shelled insects.

It was the time to retreat. But he still needed to attract the red-shelled insect’s attention, he had to make sure they wouldn't look for the place where Yu Xiaohai was hiding. Otherwise, Yu Xiaohai would be dead for sure!

Because of red-shelled insect’s attack, some areas on the armour started to have cracks, but Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to check how bad it was, he was running on the street and three angry red shelled insects was closely followed behind him.

The race between human and red shelled insect had begun!

Chu Yunsheng took the advantage of his relatively small body, he was much agiler compared to the insects when running through the gaps between the cars that were blocked on the street, sometimes he even went into the building and broke out of the windows from the other side of the building.

Three red shelled insects closely followed him, they had already passed two group of people, but it seemed like the red-shelled insects were pissed off by Chu Yunsheng so much that they didn't even bother to touch other people, they were still continuously chasing Chu Yunsheng without any sign of stopping. Of course, this terrifying chasing scene scared the hell out of those people they had passed.

Chu Yunsheng lured the insects far away from Yu Xiaohai. so far, everything had worked out according to the plan. It didn't take a long time for Chu Yunsheng to arrive at the building complexes which he had tied the rope to earlier on.

He quickly ran upstairs, the insects also followed him into the building.

He still had 6 units of Yuan Qi, but he couldn't use it, even though he could use them to kill three red shelled insect easily, he still couldn't use it.

He was panting when he reached the roof, but he couldn't stop, because three red shelled insects just right behind him, the one of red-shelled insects’ claw almost pinched his butt!

He quickly pounced on the rope he had left on the roof and jumped off the building!

He swung through the gaps between two building complexes and crashed into the glass windows in the opposite building, three red shelled insects couldn't do anything, they were howling non-stop on the roof as if weren't happy about it.

Chu Yunsheng believed that the insects had intelligence, when he first time saw the insect climbed up the wall, he knew for sure that those monsters were not stupid, so even the insects were on the other side of the building, he still could not let his guard down, so he quickly ran down the stairs and left the place as fast as he could.

The insect did not take the original route down, they tried to climb down the building from the outside wall, although it was not as fast as they were running on the street, but Chu Yunsheng still did not dare to stay there. While the insects were still on the wall, he quickly disappeared in the dark.

He did not know if the insects would go back to the high street, but he definitely needed to go back to collect two red shelled insect’s bodies.

The Yuan Qi inside the red-shelled inset would slowly dissipate after the insect died, so Chu Yunsheng was running as fast as he can.

When he came back to the high street. two red shelled insects, one was still frozen, the other was hacked to death, Chu Yunsheng quickly used the sword cut off the frozen one’s head, then store two of them in the storage talisman.

The time was ticking, Chu Yunsheng didn't even take a time to rest, he ran up to the fifth floor where Yu Xiaohai was hiding. He needed to make one absorption talisman as soon as possible.

Originally he planned to make it before he left the building, but he was worried that if anything happened on the road, he would be dead! So, for his safety, he chose a more secure way, he felt that at any time protecting his life was the most important thing.

Suddenly he saw two shadows through the night vision goggles when he was still at the downstairs, he started to worry about if something had happened to Yu Xiaohai.

So he careful lurked up to the fifth floor. The building originally was an electronics and appliances mall, the counters were scattered all over the place. when he just pushed the door open, he heard Yu Xiaohai nervously shouted:” who is there?”

Chu Yunsheng was instantly relieved when he heard Yu Xiaohai’s voice, he replied:” me!”
Yu Xiaohai walked out of the darkness and turned on the flashlight. he noticed the slightly broken armour and asked:” are you injured?”

Chu Yunsheng shook his head:” no, don't worry, we need to go now.”

Yu Xiaohai paused a second, he seemed to hesitate:” Chu, that girl followed us here!”

Chu Yunsheng was confused:” what girl?”

Yu Xiaohai explained:” the one we saved by a mistake!”

Chu Yunsheng just stood there for a second then asked:” how the hell did she get here, why was she following us?”

Yu Xiaohai suddenly whispered to him:” we will talk about this later, do you know who she is?”

Chu Yunsheng didn't have time for the chit-chat, he was running out of patient:” say it now!”

Yu Xiaohai walked back and brought the girl when he returned, his hand also held a poster. The poster was opened up and laid next to the girl, he seemed to be very excited:” take a look.”

Chu Yunsheng's flashlight was already destroyed by the insects, so he took over the flashlight from Yu Xiaohai and took a brief look: new year sci-fi blockbuster movie: dark age? What the fuck is this?”

Yu Xiaohai pointed at a person on the poster:"  take a look here."

"hmm- does look alike." said Chu Yunsheng, then he realised it was not the time to have this kind of conversation, he was slightly annoyed i:”what the hell you are trying to say, we are running out of time, stick to the point!”

Yu Xiaohai was upset by his reaction, he sighed deeply:” Chu Yunsheng, she is Lin ShuiYao, did you not recognise her!”

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows:” who is Lin ShuiYao? Your new girlfriend?”