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Volume 2 Journey to Jin Ling City Chapter 39 Leaving the City

Volume 2 Journey to Jin Ling City

Chapter 39 Leaving the City

There used to be a famous comedian in the age of light, one his famous line went like this: if I saw someone had a meat bun when I was hungry, then that person was luckier than me; if I saw someone was wearing a thick cotton cloth when I was cold, then that person was luckier than me; if I wanted to go to the toilet, but the seat was already taken by someone, then that person was luckier than me.”

Chu Yunsheng was facing the same situation right now, when the chaotic crowd attracted that tentacle monster, he was luckier than them.

It was a mess outside, Chu Yunsheng decided to wait in the building until everything quiet down. He didn't think those three red shelled insects and the tentacle monster would be back anytime soon.

It wasn't difficult for Chu Yunsheng to find a room to make talisman in such a big mall, he asked Yu Xiaohai and Lin Shuiyao to wait outside the room. With the help of the flashlight, he carefully drew the talisman’s patterns inside the room, he was already familiar with the process, so he didn't spend too much time on it.

After he used absorption talisman to absorb the Yuan Qi from the red-shelled insects, he checked the stuff inside the storage talisman, he had a total of 15 red shelled insects’ bodies.

His Armour needed to be repaired, so he took out the bodies begun to repair the armour until all the cracks were gone.

The new absorption talisman was filled with flame patterns, it could restore him 12 units of Yuan Qi. He needed to keep 6 units of Yuan Qi for another new absorption talisman,  so he could only use the rest of 6 units.

Chu Yunsheng was worried deep inside his heart, if he carried on like this, he would never be able to make more absorption talisman as backups. He needed to use the traditional Qi cultivation method to restore his Yuan Qi without touching the absorption talisman at the moment. of course, he could ask Yu Xiaohai to help him, but he didn't think Yu Xiaohai would restore his energy any faster than him.

When would he be able to reach the Yuan Tian stage two? he had been dreaming that day for a very long time, by that time his Yuan Qi would be so dense that he only needed to use two units of Yuan Qi to make one absorption talisman, or he could also use more Yuan Qi to make a level three absorption talisman which could be used repeatedly.

He felt such a waste he had to use 6 units of Yuan Qi to make one absorption talisman just for one-time use only!

He really needed to speed up now!

Qi cultivation cycles required him to unleash and restore Yuan Qi repeatedly, it wasn't complicated but rather troublesome, so he spent 6 units of Yuan Qi to make one new talisman then absorbed the remaining flame patterns from the old one.

When he finally came out of the room, he saw Yu XiaoHai and Lin ShuiYao were busy gossiping, the questions such as: was she really having a relationship with some male celebrity? or did she date some rich guys? etc...Chu Yunsheng was wondering where the hell did he get all those questions from!

Yu Xiaohai was surprised to see chu Yunsheng came out with recovered armour, he clicked his tongue(1) and said:” Chu, you sure are a miracle worker!“

Chu Yunsheng knew he could go on for a long time. So he ignored and interrupted him:” let me explain what my plan is, you both can express your opinion, but you can't decide anything.”

Yu Xiaohai didn't mind, he would always listen to Chu Yunsheng.

Lin Shuiyao didn't seem to have any reactions, and chu Yunsheng also didn't bother to ask her opinions :”it's less than 50 hours from the military retreat, we need to follow the troops, Xiaohai, you take the control of the motorcycle, I will sit in the middle, and actress Lin sits at back! Everyone will need to listen to my command.”

Yu Xiaohai didn't have any problem with it, but Lin Shuiyao knitted her brows and thought:” did he not feel any shame to ask a lady to sit at back, the middle seat should be the safest.”

However, she didn't know Chu Yunsheng needed to restore his Yuan Qi. The middle seat was the most steady spot, Chu Yunsheng would have a minimum disruption. But Lin Shuiyao didn't have the right to complain even though Chu Yunsheng said that she could express her opinions. she wasn't stupid, she would not want to put herself in a bad situation.

She gave him a soft smile then said:"I am actually a model, so please don't call me actress”

Chu Yunsheng waved his hands and said:”to ordinary people like us they are all the same. ” Then he did not wait for her to say anything and magically took out some food left her totally flabbergasted.

Yu Xiaohai had already seen Chu Yunsheng’s strange abilities before, so he did not have any reaction. On contrary to his reaction, it seemed like Lin Shuiyao’s reaction was exaggerated.

They had already begun their journey of escape, three people must recover their physical strength, especially Chu Yunsheng, he was the one who did the most of the work.

Three ham sausages, a canned tuna, three pieces of bread, two boxes of DaNeng biscuits, and even a few vacuum packed roasted eggs!

Chu Yunsheng then gave himself and Yu Xiaohai a bottle of Red Bull each to refresh themselves, he guessed that it might be a long road.

Unless it was a special circumstance, otherwise Chu Yunsheng would have a regular meal every day, he had stored a decent amount of food, but to Yu Xiaohai and Lin Shuiyao, it was an entirely different experience.

He was eating while thinking something, so when he finished half of bread, he noticed his favourite tuna was already consumed by those two people. :”foodaholic !” he was pissed off and cursed in secret.

To find a crowd was not difficult, every now and then, there was a group of people passing by in a hurry, they were all heading to the west of the city.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng magically took out the motorbike, Lin Shuiyao’s reaction was not as exaggerated as before, this time she controlled her emotions very well, at least she looked calm. Instead, Yu Xiaohai suddenly burst out in surprise:”chu, was not our motorbike broken? Did you fix it?”

“This is new one” Chu Yunsheng explained.

Yu Xiaohai raised his thumb at Chu Yunsheng, but he sighed:”Chu, I should’ve listened to you and sell everything I got to prepared the supplies! Otherwise, I would not end up like this!”

This was the second time Lin Shuiyao heard Yu XiaoHai talking about Chu YunSheng’s prediction, it instantly attracted her attention.

Bu Chu Yunsheng did not carry on with this topic, he tapped Yu Xiaohai’s shoulder:”regret won’t get you anywhere. if you have time to think about this, why don't you use your time to think about how to increase your shitty abilities, you never know when you might need it ”

Yu Xiaohai’s face immediately turned red and stopped talking.

Chu YunSheng carefully walked out the mall and looked around the area, on the street, a number of groups were continuously passing by, he waved his hand to signal them that it was safe outside, then three people quickly got on the motorcycle and headed towards the nearest group.

The crowd Chu Yunsheng joined in was very strange,  it was massive. The crowd had a lot of people,  but it was split into several small groups, the groups were spread from the front of the crowd to the back, and they were all young people.

When Chu Yunsheng was curious why the crowd was formed like this, Yu Xiaohai had already chatted up a girl in one of the groups.

They were the students from Dong Shen University. It was 23rd of December when the sun disappeared, the university's terms had not finished yet at that time, so all the students were trapped in the university. Only until they received the notice from the military, did they decided to flee to Jin Ling city with the rest of people.

Their retreat was much more organised. Under the university’s arrangement, teachers and their family members were formed into two groups, students in each academic department were also formed into groups. Before the troops arrived, they were only protected by a dozen of self-awakened students.

Dong Shen university was one of the biggest university in Shen Cheng city, the university had about 30,000 students, but according to the girl, a lot of people were killed by the red-shelled insects, plus some people went missing, they had only gathered less than 20,000 people.

No wonder why he could not see the beginning of the crowd, and the end of the crowd. Chu Yunsheng thought.

The sky often appeared to have a hazy shimmer, it was more obvious at the time when it was the midday during the age of the light. However, it was still pitch black at the night time.

As the time passed, A lot of random people begun to come out of buildings to join in this massive crowd, and the number started to increase rapidly, the representatives from the military and the university stood in the chaotic crowd asking the awakenings to join the escort team non-stop.

They had encountered a small group of red-shelled insect’s attack, and luckily all the insects were stopped by the troops and the self-awakened students, of course, the casualties could not avoid.
-------------Translator’s note------------

In Chinese culture, click one’s tongues could mean two things, it could mean disapproval and it could mean someone was amazed by something.


  1. why they don't eat insect monster? maybe they can get lvl up. hehe

    1. Because they can be poisonous. Think, secrete acid saliva.

  2. In my opinion, you should keep the girl with him and find a way to wake her up. You can sevir to cover the missing intelligence gap.