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Chapter 66 Plan

Chapter 66 Plan
Chu Yunsheng had already come back from the state of trance. he just realised what he had done. It was not that he was worried about exposing some secret, that was just one simple rule amongst other rules in the ancient book, and it was still a primitive model. he was worried that he had constructed something that even the professors couldn't construct, someone was definitely going to question him!

Professor Fang suddenly shouted. he grasped Lao sun’s hand said with full of excitement:"Lao sun, isn't this the subject I deduced and eventually scrapped yesterday!? Who changed! Quick, tell me who changed it!”

Professor Sun just remembered the person who caused all this mess after being questioned by him. he immediately dragged Chu Yunsheng who was about to leave said:" It's him! Young man, don't go! Quick, tell us how did you construct it?”

Chu Yunsheng tried to calm himself down, he was trying to think of an excuse he could use:"professor Sun, do you think a person who graduated from a small university like me could construct things like that?  I don't even know what I was doing. it was just a coincidence. it doesn't matter if you believe it or not, that's the only answer I can give to you.”

He regretted the thing he just did, he almost hated himself for being so concentrated and why he didn't pay attention to the surrounding.

Professor Sun was staring at him like looking at the endangered animals.  one moment he shook his head, next moment he clicks his tongue, however, Chu Yunsheng insisted that it was a coincidence. but this reason was farfetched, no one believed him.

Professor Fang didn't give up, he still tried to make Chu Yunsheng talk. but he got coldly refused by Chu Yunsheng, at the end he got no choice but went back to deduce the graph again.

Even the Miss Zhao who was always keeping her distance from Chu Yunsheng, now also got closer to look at him with both curiosity and vigilance.

What Chu Yunsheng did, caused a great shock in their group.  he had already heard from Professor Sun that Professor Fang had been constructed this energy field for a very long time. However when he could not deduce any further, he thought that he headed in a wrong research direction, so he reluctantly gave up.

The significance of this graph to their research work was like the cornerstone of the building. since the discovery of a large amount of dark energy, it had the major role in establishing the new physics system, according to Professor Sun that If Chu Yunsheng could explain the meaning of those strange symbols and what do those symbols do in those equations. he could even apply for the Nobel Prize in Physics during the age of light!

Chu Yunsheng smiled, at this time, they were still thinking of novel prize. all those academic people in Norwegian probably already left their institution and hid somewhere, they probably could not even control their body from shivering right now.

He did not want to carry on this topic, instead, he immediately reminded Du Qishan who also seemed to be getting curious:”Commander Du, we need to hurry up, please arrange them to show me how to break the fog wall.”

Commander Du nodded his head, if they could not escape from Kun city, any research results just some words on the pieces of paper. so he said loudly:”everyone, everyone, we need to discuss how to break the fog wall, it’s very dangerous outside, we need to leave here as soon as possible, so if you have any method, please tell us now!”

His words just like a bucket of freezing water poured on of everyone’s head, the crowd instantly became silent.

Professor Fang ZiWeng stood up and said sternly:" magic square’s model has been constructed. the sequence has also been solved. now the only problem is how to destroy the 9 fog cores and the operation time has to be controlled within 12 hours. otherwise, the fog cores will be reborn and the fog wall will be reactivated. in terms of the specific method, Lao Sun knows better than me, Lao Sun please."

Professor Sun explained:"Commander Du, based on our assumption. Actually, all the giant plants in Kun city are all connected together, and the fog cores exist on the top of the giant plants in every 9 sections. according to our observation recently, those fog cores not only have some strange ability to protect themselves, there are some vicious monsters often appeared around them.  so the main objective should be just focusing on destroying the cores and disable the fog walls. In terms of how you going to destroy it. commander Du needs to decide it carefully. but I have to remind you, with our ability right now, we probably cannot destroy all the fog cores."

His last sentence made all the people in the meeting room even more depressed.

Commander Du thought for a second then spoke to staff officer Tao:”I am giving you two tanks, you take Zhou Wei with you and start to search all the awakening warriors that still alive in this city. tell them that we need their help to destroy the fog walls, try to recruit as many of them as possible, also……. ”

He turned around and asked Professor Sun:"is it the flame monster you are worried about? Do you have any information about them? how many people do you think we need, I need more information in order to deploy my soldiers."

Professor Sun shook his head:" flame monster’s ability is beyond our prediction, you can not use a number of soldiers or the awakenings warriors to make up the power gap. if you really want to use force, then we will suffer a tremendous loss, all our people could die!”

Commander Du knitted his brows.  it was still far away from Jin Ling city.  if all the soldiers and the awakening warriors are dead, they could not get to Jin Ling city alive.

The meeting room fell silent, everyone was having different thoughts, and everyone was deeply worried about if the mission would be successful or not.

Suddenly Chu Yunsheng opened his mouth:" Commander Du, maybe I can help you to distract the flame monster! but….. ”

He did not even get to finish the sentence, everyone in the room shifted their eyes and staring at him with all kinds of expression.

Chu Yunsheng did not avoid their eye contact. At this moment, he did not want to hide his ability anymore. because he knew that if he wanted to leave this city, he had to rely on others as well. Of course, if it was a suicidal mission then he would prefer to stay in this city.

Commander Du looked at him in shock, he wanted to recruit Chu Yunsheng because he thought Chu Yunsheng’s ability was better than Gan Ziqiang, but he did not expect that Chu Yunsheng could even deal with a flame monster. so he was dazed for a minute then said:”Mr. Chu, you know that it is not the time for a joke!”

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head:"Commander Du, we need to talk privately!”

They walked into another meeting room. Chu Yunsheng habitually took out a cigarette and started to lit it up:"Commander Du, let’s make it short. first, let me explain what I can do. before you initiate the attack, I can distract the flame monster. but I can not kill it, so you only got less than 1 minute time, if you can not destroy fog core in one minute, I can not help you any further. I will run away."

Commander Du said sternly:"one minute is enough, but Mr. Chu are you sure that you can divert the flame monster? I don’t want any mistake during the operation "

Chu Yunsheng smiled:" at the moment, I can not. that is why I need to tell you the second thing, I need three days to increase my power, during these three days, I need some cooperation from your men,”

Commander Du was puzzled, he did not believe Chu Yunsheng:"you just need  three days to reach a level that allows you to deal with the flame monster?........."

Chu Yunsheng interrupted him:"commander Du, this is my condition. I can assure you that I just need three days, and I can distract the flame monster for one minute. if you carry on doubting my ability, I don’t think we need to talk anymore! "

Commander Du thought for a second and said:”what do you want us to do?”

Chu Yunsheng flicked the cigarette ash away and said:"the first is, in these three days, I need your soldiers to collect as many red shelled insect’s bodies as possible. there are many of them in this city, and they are all dead, so it is not dangerous, don't ask me why, just do it.

The Second thing is,  I need your awakening warriors to kill as many red-eye monsters as possible. And it is the same, I still need the monster’s body, as many as possible! This is directly related to how long I can distract the flame monster.

The Third thing is, if we are lucky enough to escape this city and get to Jin Ling city alive, I need the military’s power to help me find some people.

I know I probably can not force you to do anything in the future, because I understand you are a soldier to the backbone. so it is useless to threaten you with your life. but I know you are a smart man, you understand the benefits of having a friend rather than an enemy.

But I can tell you, the people I am looking for do not have any conflict with the military.”

Chu Yunsheng mentioned his conditions in one go, he needed these three days to break through Yuan Tian stage two’s barrier and to make level three offensive talisman in order to deal with the flame monster.

He had never fought with flame monster directly before, and he still had not reach Yuan Tian stage two yet. so he did not know for sure how long he could stall the time for. that was why he just mentioned less than one minute.

The red shelled insect’s bodies those soldiers collected could be used to increase his combat armour’s defence ability and the sharpness of Qian Bi sword. the red-eye monsters could be used to increase the blue ripples inside his sword. When dealing with a type of monster that solely made of energy like the flame monster, having red-eye monster’s blue gas was very important. because its blue gas was very effective at corroding the energy away.

As for the last condition. Chu Yunsheng wanted to use Du Qishang’s resource to find the man Lin ShuiYao mentioned, it did not matter it was real or not, he needed to see for himself.

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chapter 65 a sense of realisation

chapter 65 a sense of realisation

Commander’s Du’s face was livid. he could not afford the risk. if Gan Ziqiang did pull the pin, the awakenings would not have any problems, but half of important people in the meeting room would be injured or even dead.

Gan Ziqiang grinned hideously:"Du Qishan. Now. order your man to kill that guy. everyone will be safe, otherwise, none of those important people will live!. "

It struck a chill into Chu Yunsheng’s heart. This man even wanted his life. Originally he was hesitant because of those scientists. After all, if he wanted to leave this city he needed to rely on them.

But now Gan Ziqiang was threatening the commander Du. it forced Chu Yunsheng to make choice immediately.

He instantly made up a bold decision. He took out an arrow and pulled the string, infused the Yuan Qi inside arrow and aimed at Gan Ziqiang. Chu Yunsheng was hiding behind the pillar and Gan Ziqiang was not facing him. so he had a great advantage. the only thing he needed to worry was accuracy.

As long as the arrow hit him, Chu Yunsheng was confident that the arrow would instantly freeze him,  He knew the speed of his frost arrow, it was even faster than the speed of the bullet. once he shot, Gan Ziqiang would have no chance to detonate the grenades.

Time flashed by, when Commander Du was about to say something, Chu Yunsheng’s frost arrow was breaking the law of physics pierced Gan Ziqiang’s body like a white light beam within a blink of an eye and tightly nailed him onto the wall. the frost instantly surged out and froze him, even his grenades were still stuck in a fix position.


Chu Yunsheng shouted inside his mind secretly.

The sudden change shocked everyone on the scene. then both side started to join the fight.

Chu Yunsheng put back the bow, drew the sword and walked out from behind the pillars. when he reached the fight in the middle, he quickly killed the two people and then cut off long face man’s head. Finally, he avenged Yu Xiaohai’s death! And finally, The weight was lifted off his shoulder.

The awakenings from the military also killed the rest of two Insurgents, the hall went back to quiet again.

The whole situation lasts less than three minutes!

Commander Du’s face was stern. he waved his hand to single the soldiers to move the bodies away, then he spoke to Chu Yunsheng on the side:”Mr. Chu, do you know how dangerous it was? how could you act presumptuously on your own!”

Chu Yunsheng sheathed the sword and gave him a disdainful smile:"Commander Du, did you forget the things you tell me? You said you can sacrifice anyone to protect the people inside. I did not doubt that you will order your troops to kill me! I am just eliminating my threat that is all!"

Commander Du was angry but he could not do anything. he let out a deep sigh and said:” follow me, professor Sun will explain everything to you, breaking the fog wall is both important to you and me.”

Then He pushed the door in. everyone inside was looking at him. The people inside the meeting room appeared to be very scared. doing the research was one thing, scared to die was another thing.

Commander Du could barely give them a smile, he said:”Everything is fine now, the danger has been eliminated.”

Everyone sighed with relief. it was chaotic outside, even the wall was frozen into ice. that was Chu Yunsheng’s work. Apart from that that they did not anything happened outside, so before Commander Du came in all of them were very scared.

:"I heard from staff officer Tao saying that you have solved the equations, it that true?" commander Du intentionally avoided the topic and asked about the progress of the research.

Everyone instantly changed their face when they heard commander Du talking about equations. some were exciting, some were still thinking, some were puzzled, some were shaking their head…..

Chu Yunsheng already deactivated his armour. he was still wearing his grey cotton coat and quietly stood behind Commander Du.

He saw Ding Yan earlier, but he just gave him a look, he did not talk to him. he guessed that Ding Yan probably got other plans, but he did not ask.  speaking of Ding Yan, he did not seem to have a good relationship with Commander Du,  he even had a violent conflict with Commander Du’s Subordinate Gu Liming.

It was not too long for Professor Sun to realise who was the man behind Commander Du. At first, he did not realise he was Chu Yunsheng because When Chu Yunsheng was on the roof with professor Sun, he did not pull up his mask. Miss Zhao also recognised him. the only difference was professor Sun's face was filled with excitement, but Miss Zhao was shocked and with a little bit of anger.

In the dangerous dark world. people could die anywhere at anytime. it was an incredible thing to have two groups of people alive to meet each other once again after they were separated.

Professor sun left a good impression on Chu Yunsheng. not only this old man did not keep the things Chu Yunsheng did in mind, but also shared his knowledge with Chu Yunsheng. the food he got from Chu Yunsheng also shared with the people in his group.

So he did mind to see this old man again. when the old man recognised him, it also put a smile on his face.

Professor Sun was holding a draft. he walked around the table and laughed:”young man, I did not expect to see you again! Huh? where is your …. Your … your .. body armour?”

Chu Yunsheng just smiled at him, but he did not answer. If this old man knew Chu Yunsheng could freely put on the armour, who knows what would those people do to him?

Professor saw Chu Yunsheng just smiled but not answering him, so he just shook his head:" the awakenings warriors like you always thought that we would cut them into pieces and study them. but there is no such thing! If you don't want to talk about it that’s fine. everyone got their own secret. we won't force you…. won’t force you!  come, come, let me show you our research results.  it was truly astonishing, truly amazing. young man, Do you know that If we use those equations to build a spaceship in the future, we could perform the warp in space!?"

Commander Du gave Chu Yunsheng a sympathetic look when Chu Yunsheng was being dragged away, probably he had had enough “knowledge” from those professors. Chu Yunsheng soon started to understand that feeling. It was a feeling of mental torture. because he could not understand the formulas and graphs on the draft at all,  it was like reading a book written in double Dutch.

But when he glanced through the drafts, he noticed a graph. a graph that he was very familiar with. he had seen the graph from the ancient book before, it was one of Yuan Qi rule’s description, Chu Yunsheng usually skipped the description about the principle of something.  but he had studied this graph for a short period of time. Because it was related to a problem about the space in talisman’s body in one of level three talisman. However, Chu Yunsheng couldn't figure it out at all.

The graph on the draft paper was not exactly the same as the one in the ancient book.  it could only be described as a Preliminary model and it had many mistakes. The graph was constructed from the most primitive form. there were five steps, each step was deduced from the previous one, but the last one was written in a big cross, it seemed like they gave up deducing.

The longer Chu Yunsheng looked at it, the more Chu Yunsheng got into it. He felt like he was about to open a door of something. he instantly fell into a state of trance. his hand unconsciously picked up a pencil next to him and started to reconstruct the graph based on the part of description he could understand in the ancient book.

His strange behaviour immediately attracted professor Sun’s attention. When the old man saw Chu Yunsheng was drawing on the scrapped draft and he could not understand the symbol Chu Yunsheng was drawing, so he laughed:”young man, did not expect you got potential in science..…..”

before he even finished the sentence, a new Geometric graph appeared on the paper. Chu Yunsheng finished reconstructing the graph, it was the Preliminary model about the rule without any mistakes. Although it was still very different than a complete graph in the book, Chu Yunsheng had reached his limit to deduce.

After reconstructing, Chu Yunsheng felt that he had a sense of realisation.

Before, when he was making a talisman, he was just trying to copy the shape. he did not understand its rules. when he failed, he just thought it was because the shape wasn't exactly the same as the one in the ancient book.  Now he had sensed the principles inside the rules, it meant that the barriers to making a high-level talisman were slowly breaking down.  it was a truly wonderful experience!

Chu Yunsheng was dazed at the graph he drew. At first, Professor Sunfirst glanced at the graph without paying attention to it, then he looked at again, and then he could not help but looked at the graph third time. this time, his eye did not leave the graph.
Professor Sun was shocked and immediately grabbed the draft. his lips were twitching:” no way, no way, this is impossible! The coupling inside this kind of energy field should not be stable! But why it is stable now? Why is it not collapsing, how do you control the Decay process? lao Fang, Lao Fang, quick, come here, you are the physicist, take a look this!"

A regular draft paper immediately became professors argument. everyone wanted to take a look at the graph. it was very chaotic. even the staff officer Tao also anxiously rushed inside the meeting room with a group of soldiers.

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chapter 64 fog cores' sequence

chapter 64 fog cores' sequence

6 hours later, Commander Du’s troops still had not come out of the building yet.

Chu Yunsheng had already recovered its strength, so he didn't want to wait any longer. he decided to walk into the building through the front door.

Jin Jiang building had a lot of rooms, Chu Yunsheng didn't know which one would long face man be staying at, so he wanted to walk into the building through the front door rather than lurk into the building looking for him. He wanted to see their reactions. if Commander Du still tried to protect long face man, then he would just kill them all. even if he still could not kill them all, he would just go back to assassinate them again until every single one of them died.

If that was really the case, then next time, he wouldn't be just focusing on long face man, Commander Du would also become his target!

He had thought of the worse case scenario. He asked Yao Xiang to stay outside in case of things went downhill so it wouldn't expose Ding Yan. also, it was in case of long face ran away and assassinated him which was like what he did.

Any one of those cases happens would cause him a lot of trouble in the future!

Yao Xiang’s ability had increased a lot, plus energy shield's protection, even he did face the long face man, he would not lose! Not to mention long face man’s other team members.

Chu Yunsheng’s appearance was soon discovered by the military sentry.

Commander Du arrived the hall with his troops when Chu Yunsheng walked into the building, he had a strange smile on his face while looking at Chu Yunsheng.

:”Mr. Chu, we meet again!” Commander Du said first.

It was very easy to recognise Chu Yunsheng.because apart from him no one else would wear the red combat armour.
Chu Yunsheng was very straightforward,  he looked at him and said:"Commander Du, I think you know why I am here, so don't waste everyone’s time, just tell me which side you are! ”

Commander Du paced back and forth then looked at Chu Yunsheng again:” is it possible for you to wait until we get to Jin Ling city?.” he was testing Chu Yunsheng’s limit.

Just leave the question whether they could get to jing lin city aside, even they did get to Jing Lin city, by that time, who knew what would happen. of course, Chu Yunsheng would not let it happen, his hand clenched the sword and said it a word by word:"no way, he needs to die now.'

Commander Du nodded his head, it did not seem surprised him much as if he already expected Chu Yunsheng’s answer.

Suddenly staff officer Tao trotted across the hall towards the commander Du, he whispered at commander Du’s ear, commander's face was first seemed to be happy, then he knitted his brows and constantly nodded his head.

As the staff officer Tao finished reporting to him, Commander Du also calmed down. he looked at Chu Yunsheng with a cheerful expression on his face while slowly walking towards him, he approached him and said in a very low voice:”Mr. Chu, I knew you have been following us for a very long time, and you wanted to kill Gan Ziqiang, there will not be any problem, we will handle him over to you, but here is one thing, I think you will definitely be interested.”

Chu Yunsheng shook his head:”I just want long face’s life, I am not interested in any of your business.”

Commander Du smiled:”it is not just us, it is also related to you, staff officer Tao just told me, the professors have solved the equation. the fog wall’s cracking sequence was completed. if you want to leave Kun city, we need to work together once!”

Commander Du carried on saying without waiting for Chu Yunsheng’s response:” I'll be straight with you,  we need to destroy 9 fog cores in order to break the fog wall, we had already found out their specific locations. however, those cores must be destroyed in a specific sequence,  this sequence will change in every 12 hours. The good news is professors had already constructed the model and equations and they just solved it.

From the beginning of the attack to the end, it must be done within 12 hours, otherwise, once their sequence changed, all the cores will be reborn, all the work will be wasted!”

Chu Yunsheng heard what he said, his heart instantly sank, he didn't expect those scientists would really find a way to crack the mysterious fog wall this soon, Unlike him, those people were truly genius! If he could really leave this fog city, he didn't mind to work with troops, even though they had an unpleasant past, but survive was far more important.

However it didn't mean that they could use long face man’s life as a wager, that man’s life belongs to his friend Yu Xiaohai!

Commander Du paused for a second, he had a wry smile on his face:”I am a soldier, it is my job to obey the order. although it is a chaotic world. but as long as Jin Ling city exist one day. the military will exist and I will still live as a soldier to perform my duty. "   ”

“My mission is to escort those people safely to Jin Ling city, the headquarter told us to protect them at all cost. If necessary, sacrificing everyone apart from the escort target! Mr. Chu, do you know what that means? That’s put it this way, there is no exception for me as well. so you may think I am despicable. when I need his help, I will stand on his side, when I don't, I will abandon him. but I have no choice, I have to consider what is benefit my mission the most."

“Destroy the fog wall requires unusually speed and power, we could not do it within 12 hours just by ourselves, you are the fastest awakenings I have met, and the strongest, only with your help, we will have a chance to destroy the fog wall, I believe this is a win-win situation..."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head:” Commander Du, you are wrong and you are wrong from the beginning, I don't have to leave this city. In here, I could still survive. ”

Commander Du was dazed for a second, he waved his hand:” I know what you mean. say it. name your price. as long as it's within my ability, I can guarantee that there won't be any problem.!"

Chu Yunsheng did not answer him straight away. actually, he still was not sure if he wanted to join them. Although he really wanted to leave this city, he didn't know how dangerous it would be to destroy the fog cores. he needed to know more information in order to make the decision. However, the priority was to finish the long face man first.

But since he came in, the did not seem to see long face man, just when he about to ask, he heard some noises came from the third floor.

Soon a soldier quickly ran down the stairs, and nervously spoke to Commander Du:" commander, Gan Ziqiang has a bomb tied to his body, he wanted to blow himself up with the professors! ”

Commander Du was shocked,  He immediately ran upstairs without getting the reply from Chu Yunsheng, At the same time, he shouted angrily:"where is Zhou Wei, did he not keep eye on them? He only got one job!"

Chu Yunsheng looked up, the hall and second floor share the one ceiling, there were lifted and stairs went up to the third floor. There were two stairs in total, one at left and one at right, commander Du was taking the stairs on the left. Chu Yunsheng secretly took the stairs at right. With the help of the dim light, he lurked into the third floor.

The third floor used to be a business meeting hall. there was a rest area in the centre of the hall, and it was surrounded by a  few meeting rooms and a few big cylinder pillars and they were spread evenly on the third floor. When Chu Yunsheng arrived the third floor, he was leaning against the pillars while secretly passing the rest area.

Gan Ziqiang and other people were not far from him.

The meeting room’s entrance was blocked by a few awakenings from the military, Gan Ziqiang and his team members were leaning against the wall at the opposite side.

Gan Ziqiang’s face was twisted and he sneered at troops:"Commander Du, our brothers had sacrificed their lives for you, now they all died, you want to kill rest of us!"

Commander Du forced himself to calm down:”Captain Gan, you need to calm down, if you have any request. we can still talk about it!"

Gan Ziqiang laughed out loud:” Du Qishan, you are really treacherous, even now, you are still lying to me. I knew that guy was here and you want to hand me over to him! Yes, I can’t kill him, but you will be stuck here with me. I will take everyone down with me! ”
He then pointed the grenades which were covered all around his body:”see this? I took them from your soldier's bodies, I knew this day will come. you asked Zhou Wei to keep eye on me. yes, I can’t beat Zhou Wei, but why do I need to fight with him? I am not stupid! Your scientists are in the meeting room behind me. there are just ordinary people, if I pulled the pin, blow a few of them up, I don’t think you will have a good day!”

Commander Du’s face instantly changed, he shouted in rage:”Gan Ziqiang, don’t you dare! ”

Gan Ziqiang spat on the floor and sneered at them:”don't I dare? Du Qishan, since I carried this grenade vest, I did not think about getting out here alive!”

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Chapter 63 model construction

Chapter 63 model construction

The arrow hit the man, but the man wasn't injured, he was only shaken by it, however, the impact was powerful enough to cause him to reveal his weak point, two red-eye monsters instantly noticed the chance and started to flap down.

The man was instantly wrapped by one of the monsters,  even though he used all his energy to pull one of the monsters away, he was already heavily wounded,  another one did not give him any chance to recover, it immediately dived at him again. the man was already exhausted with energy, he did not struggle for long before he was completed melted into the blood.

Chu Yunsheng successfully ambushed one person, so he continued to pull the string hoped that he could disrupt them even more. His accuracy was very low, so he missed a lot of shot, but luckily they were busy fighting the monsters, so no one noticed his arrows.

Until commander Du’s troops killed all the monsters, Chu Yunsheng had ambushed another 3 people, he counted, there were only 16 people in long face man's group now, it seemed like the long face man lost a couple of his men in the past few days.

Chu Yunsheng sat on the floor and lit a cigarette, he wanted to wait until the troops left. so he could take the monster's body.

As long as he carried on like this, he would soon kill the long face man.

The air was filled with strong blood smell. commander Du didn't stay for long, they hurriedly left. Chu Yunsheng quickly went downstairs to collect all the bodies. he didn't want to stay here too long as well. heavy blood smell could attract more monsters, so the longer he stayed the more dangerous it would be.

However, the thing didn't always turn out as expected. When he just finished storing the bodies, he noticed that the fog not far from them slowly turned red, it was illuminated by some kind of moving red lights. then slowly those blurry red lights appeared in the fog, they were the red-eye monsters, more than 30 of them!

Chu Yunsheng was startled, he immediately took Yao Xiang ran towards the nearest fog wall which was to their east.

He was fighting while retreating. luckily there was Yao Xiang to support him. He swung the sword to knock away the monsters which dive at him, the sharp Qian Bi sword injured most of them.

However, the number of monsters didn't seem to reduce any, it only seemed to increase and it was increasing rapidly. Chu Yunsheng suddenly increased his speed, at the same time he dragged Yao Xiang who was running slower than him. He gave up defending himself from the monsters’  because he didn't dare to slow down, once he slowed down, he would be surrounded by the uncountable amount of monsters.

When Chu Yunsheng reached the fog wall, he lifted Yao Xiang and threw him inside, then he turned around to hack down one of the monsters which almost caught his head. After the monster was killed he quickly jumped into the fog wall.

Yao Xiang was relieved when he Chu Yunsheng came out, then they both went back into the same fog wall again as what they had planned, a moment later they appeared at the southern fog wall at section 5.

They were both carefully looking for the traces might lead them to the Commander Du’s troops, but they didn't find any.

So Chu Yunsheng once again crossed the fog wall, section 5; section 1; section 7; section 4, they searched again and again. Finally, they saw the troops at section 9.


Five days later, troops Location: Jin Jiang building.

:"Commander we are suffering heavy losses, the awakening leader Gan doesn't have many men left!" said staff officer Tao who was very concerned.

In the past few days, his troops didn't suffer many losses. however, no one knew why a lot of Gan Ziqiang’s awakening warriors had died.

If they were continuously dying at this rate, then the whole team would disappear before they even had a chance to escape Kun city, not to mention they needed to go to Jin Ling city.

Du Qishan gazed at the fog outside the window, he knitted his eyebrows and said slowly:"Lao Tao, don't you think it is a little bit strange? With The same ability, why only the awakenings in our troops survived?  and why most of the awakenings in Gan Ziqiang’s group died?”

Staff officer Tao nodded his head and said sternly: "Yes, I suspect that some people made it happen, but why they are just focusing on Gan Ziqiang, but not our man?"

Du Qishan Gave him a helplessness smile then sighed: "I already know it was him. he would not give up that easily. since that day he left, I already had a bad feeling, I knew this day would come!"

Staff officer Tao was puzzled: "Who is he?"

Du Qishan had a wry smile on his face: " do You remember before we enter Kun city, we met a powerful awakening?  when I asked him to join us, he refused.  later on, he and Gan Ziqiang had a conflict, I came forward to stop him. he backed off and left the group, perhaps he has been following us and secretly seeking revenge.”

Staff officer Tao was surprised, he quickly asked: " are you saying it was Chu Yunsheng? The man you told us that he had a fight with more than 30 awakenings just by himself!"

Du Qishan couldn't help but nodded his head and said: "Yes, it is him, I can't think of any other person could follow us so long without being noticed by us, only him has this kind of ability!"

Staff officer Tao bowed the head and thought for a moment then said: "Commander, do you know how powerful he is?"

Du Qishan did not even think, he immediately replied: "I do not know,  I may have underestimated his ability before. so there is no way to tell how powerful he is now. but this is not important now! oh, how is Professor Sun’s research progressing now?"

The staff officer Tao replied:”the fog's Magic Square dimensional model has been constructed, now only left partial equations are still in deduction, but because lacking in high-end computer’s support, the deduction was done manually, so it is a little bit slow."

Du Qishan let out a long sigh and said: "That's good, finally we do not need to risk any more lives in the fog wall, please issue my order: from now on until the scientists deduced all the equations, no one is allowed to leave Jin Jiang Hotel, anyone violates this order will be shot and killed on the spot! "

The staff officer Tao immediately stood at attention and saluted: "Yes Sir!"

Du Qishan turned around and asked: "How many people does Gan ZiQiang still have?"

Staff officer Tao immediately replied: "only five, including Gan ZiQiang!"

Du Qishan Squinted his eyes, thought for a second then said: "Gan Ziqiang is not a fool, he probably already knew what happened. assign a task to Zhou Wei, give him some men and ask him to keep eyes on them. Must prevent them from making any troubles, when it is necessary, we may need sacrifice Gan Ziqiang! "

Staff officer Tao’s face suddenly changed, he said firmly: "Yes Sir!”


Chu Yunsheng had been hiding outside the Jin Jiang building for more than twelve hours now. after the commander Du went inside the building, he did not see anyone come out.

He had also successfully killed the other twelve people in their groups. they now only had five people left including the long face mam,

"Brother Chu, have you ever thought about that if we attack them now, the Commander Du probably will not stop us?" said Yao Xiang who was sitting beside him. It was quite rare for him to make any suggestions

Chu Yunsheng nodded and said: "Yes, Commander Du is the man who will only treat the military interests as the highest goal. as long as there are unnecessary losses, he will not do it.  I guess even if we are facing them right now, he will probably just abandon the long face man to avoid the direct conflict causing his own losses. But if they get to Jin ling City, they probably will not be able to tolerate the things we did!! "

Yao Xiang laughed: "then why are we still waiting? brother Ding will help us from inside. if we attack them together, Commander Du will not have any other choice."

Chu Yunsheng exhaled the smoke and looked at the the building across the street: "let’s just wait for a while, we both take turns to have  3 hours break, if they are not coming out anytime soon, we will be able to restore our strength to attack them and kill the long face man straight away.  even if Commander Du still wanted to stop us, we will have enough energy to fight them back. since we have been following them this long, there is no difference if we waited for another few hours.”

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Chapter 62 The assassination begins

Chapter 62 The assassination begins

Yao Xiang heard what he said, he burst out:” you bunch of animals!”

The unshaven man shivered, he didn't speak back, he just carried on begging for mercy.

Yao Xiang’s face was as cold as ice, he said to Chu Yunsheng:” bother chu, those bastards already lost their humanity, they will carry on harming other people if we keep them alive!”

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, he had killed a lot of people, but he had yet fallen to a point where he would use those women as baits to lure the meat worms, he said:” they deserve to die, you deal with them, I am going to get a bow!”

The unshaven man was scared, he thought Chu Yunsheng would be like Boss Jiang, but he did not expect that he was digging his own grave, he knew that there was no way back, so he immediately stood up and running away from Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang.

But how could they run away from an awakening warrior! less than a minute they were all burned to death by Yao Xiang’s fire ring cut. it scared those women to shout constantly.

Chu Yunsheng got to the second floor,  he searched all the room, still could not find any crossbow, he only found some bows. But he still stored them inside the storage talisman, with all the arrows he could find.

He was an amateur, so he did not know which bow was good and which wasn't. He just grabbed them all and hoped that the practice would make him good at it.

Chu Yunsheng unfolded the map and marked 1- 4 on the 4 areas where he had been before.  he did not know which area was the commander Du staying right now. he just hoped that he would encounter them later or he would discover the marks left by Ding Yan which would help them to find the traces of where they might be going.

At the moment, the Yuan Qi inside his body had reached to a state where he could almost deal with 11 red shelled insects. he needed to use the gap between the time he lost the Commander Du and the time he encountered to increase his strength, he also needed to kill a few more of those red-eye monsters, so he could use Qian Bi sword to absorb more of those blue gases.

Chu Yunsheng still could not get rid off the thought of human flesh when he saw the monster's meant.  he felt sick every time when he thought about it, so he asked Yao Xiang to give them to those women and asked those women to leave this place as soon as possible.

After they had searched the building Chu Yunsheng took Yao Xiang left the club and went into the fog once again.

His method to kill red-eye monster was to try to kill them as many as possible. if the monster was chasing them, he just needed to cross the fog wall several times, then they would eventually lose them in the fog.

Chu Yunsheng’s archery skill was not very good, so instead of using the actual arrows, he used a bow to shoot out pure Yuan Qi energy. luckily those red-eye monsters' defence was not very strong, he only needed to use a small amount of Yuan Qi to freeze them.

Originally he planned to climb up to a tree to ambush them. but since he heard the unshaven man said that there were many other monsters living on the top of strange plants and none of those monsters was easy to kill, so he gave up the idea.

Chu Yunsheng had gone past few blocks, but they still had not seen any signs of troops, so he suspected that commander Du was probably hiding somewhere. they got so many scientists, so finding a place to study those fog wall was much better than running around blindly in the fog. after all, they would not be able to leave this place very soon.

After Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang spent two days running around inside the city, they finally marked all the 9 sections on the map. He also experienced the changes of pattern in every 12 hours, that was something Chu Yunsheng knew for sure that he would never be able to figure it out by himself.

While running around the city, he also found many red shelled insect’s bodies which he could use to repair the huge cracks on the armours.

He also got to see the meat worms that the unshaven man mentioned, that was a 10 meters long cylindrical tube-like white monsters. , it did not have any head, it only had two mouths, one at the front and one at the back. Chu Yunsheng did not know which side was its front and which side was its back.

The only thing he knew was that with his ability right now, he could only kill two of them at most! No wonder why The Boss Jiang wanted to make a human energy bomb. only when the bomb was detonated inside the monster, would it cause the monster to lose its ability to attack. So the Boss Jiang and his group member could get close to the monster and kill it.

What was even more terrifying was from time to time there were some monsters dive down from top of those strange plants, the monster's body was covered with visible flame as if it were made of the pure fire element. When it dived down at meat worms and red-eye monster, they could not even withstand its first round of attack. Chu Yunsheng even saw a group of five awakening warriors were burned to ashes within a minutes by its flame.

Chu Yunsheng guessed that his combat armour, energy shield and 11 unit of Yuan Qi meant nothing to this flame monster. unless he reached Yuan Tian stage two, otherwise when he encountered this monster again, he was 100% dead.

Chu Yunsheng compared his ability with this monster. he was still four steps away from being able to kill this type of monster.

The First step was, he still needed to circulate Yuan Qi inside his body 32 times in order to reach the peak of Yuan Tian stage one. Then he would need to recite the incantations on the book to break through the barriers between Yuan Tian stage one and Yuan Tian stage two.
When he reached Yuan Tian stages two, not only he would be able to perform the true sword fighting techniques, but also he was able to make the lowest level of “Feng Shou Fu” to seal the dying monster onto talisman. He could summon the monster later on during the battle to fight for him. the more Feng Shou Fu which was the monster seal talisman he got, the more monsters he would be able to summon!

By the time, having monster seal talisman with other offensive talismans he would be able to make when he reached Yuan Tian stage two and the sword fighting techniques, even if he could not kill the flame monster, but there would not be a problem for him to run away.

In his hand, he already had a dozen of flames pattern and ice pattern absorption talismans. apart from the last time he killed the boss Jiang's group, rest of Yuan Qi came from the red-eye monsters he and the troops killed.

The blue ripples inside the Qian Bi sword didn't seem to change much. Chu Yunsheng was also scared to find a meat worms to do a test. Because it was the flame monster’s main food. It was not worth to risk his life just to test the sword.

One red shelled insect could supply him one unit of flame pattern, one red-eye monster could only supply him 1/5 unit of an ice pattern, this huge gap upset him a little bit.

The only advantage he was able to find was that he could use the fog wall to get away from those monster’s chase. If he was at outside, then he had to use his feet to race with the red-shelled insects.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunsheng was at an area where he marked as section 3 on the map, he had already discovered the commander Du’s troops 3 hours ago. When he found them, they were leaving the place they stayed hurriedly, Chu Yunsheng didn't know where they wanted to go. but now they were under the attack of a massive amount of red-eye monsters.

This was the chance he had been waiting for, he gave Yao Xiang a signal, then both of them lurked in to a nearby building nearby. they didn't dare to get to the roof, they only got to the third floor.

Chu Yunsheng opened the window which was facing the troops, he asked Yao Xiang to watch out the surroundings, and himself would focus on disrupting the troops, he pulled the string, an arrow made of pure Yuan Qi slowly formed on the bow, Chu Yunsheng only used ⅕ unit of Yuan Qi. his main objective was to disrupt them not to kill them. also, his archery skill wasn't very good, so even if he missed the shot, he would not waste too much energy.

He aimed the arrow at a man next to long face man.

“whoosh!”  the arrow pierced through the air and flew straight towards the man.

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Chapter 61 Meat worms

chapter 61 Meat worms

The middle-aged man started to panic when he saw they only had three people left. He immediately thought an idea and shouted:” this man killed three of our men in a row, he must have reached his limit, we still have three people, we will definitely win!”

However he didn't know Chu Yunsheng’s Qi was so dense that he had only consumed half of his Yuan Qi, it was not difficult for him to kill three more people.

Three people immediately charged towards Chu Yunsheng, but Chu Yunsheng only focused on the middle-aged man, he ignored the rest of two people’s attack.
Fire warrior’s defence wasn't very strong, Chu Yunsheng's sudden lunge attack broke his defence straight away.  The sword was stabbed straight into his chest, his eyes were wide open as if he couldn't believe what happened even after he died.

When the rest of two people saw their leader was dead and their attack didn't seem to injure Chu Yunsheng, the thought of retreat started to emerge from deep inside their mind. they backed away immediately while Chu Yunsheng’s sword their leader’s chest.

The combat armour was already broken. there was a huge crack on it, if they carried on attacking him, they could easily injure Chu Yunsheng, however, they decided to run away!

They did what they shouldn't have done in a battle which was to reveal their back to the enemy. Chu Yunsheng chased them, stabbed the first one and headed towards the last one. when he stabbed the second one, a strange thing happened.

This man's ability was very strange, his ability was like the "steel beast" who he heard when he was in Shen Cheng city,  the man’s strong defence was unusually strong, Chu Yunsheng hacked down the sword several times, but it still didn't kill him. His body was jarred by the sword’s impact and the attack caused the man to constantly throw up the blood.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. he continued to infuse the Yuan Qi into the sword until the power of the sword reached its peak point, only when he used all his strength to hack down the sword three times, did he just chopped off the man’s arm.

The man was begging for mercy, but Chu Yunsheng had already lost his mind, he kept continuously chopping the guys until he died completely.

Yao Xiang also dealt the guy who fell off the roof. Chu Yunsheng walked over the bodies and approached the edge of the roof. he singled Yao Xiang to go through the back door to attack the rest of group from the ground floor, and himself would attack from the roof, he wanted to finish them all because he had no sympathy over those cannibalistic monsters.

When he reached the stairs, his eyes inadvertently glanced at the dead body of the strange awakening warriors. Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea, he was always using absorption talisman on the dead monster, but he never thought of trying it on the awakenings warriors. According to professor Sun’s explanation on that day, Chu Yunsheng felt that the awakening warriors' energy was definitely the Yuan Qi that ancient book mentioned, and the ability of the warrior he killed was exactly like metal element the ancient book described.

Chu Yunsheng took out an absorption talisman a tried to use it on the dead body. As he expected a stream of golden gas slowly flew towards the absorption talisman until it became two golden patterns on the absorption talisman.

 :“ as I expected, absorption talisman could be used on the dead awakening warrior’s body, and this guy’s ability also belongs to metal element which is a relatively rare element! ”

If he could absorb Yuan Qi from the metal element warrior guy, that meant he could absorb from rest of ice and fire warriors. So he took the absorption talisman started to go around the roof to absorb Yuan Qi from rest of bodies, he immediately filled up two absorption talismans.  just the leader’s body provided him 4 unit of flame patterns!

The way of the absorption talisman absorbing Yuan Qi from a dead body reminded Chu Yunsheng of an imaginary martial art technique called "Xi Xing Da Fa"(1), it was a technique which used to suck and obtain the power of enemy when they were alive.

Unfortunately level two absorption talisman could not absorb energy from creatures when they were alive, otherwise, it really was  "“Xi Xing Da Fa"1.

But luckily he found out absorption talisman’s additional ability, so in the future, he did not need to worry about if he would be exhausted with Yuan Qi!

Chu Yunsheng stored the absorption talisman and went down the stairs, the three awakenings warriors' bodies which were on the ground floor he decided to absorb them later when he got down the stairs.

When he just arrived the third floor which was originally the rest area of the club,  he heard a quavering voice said:"please don’t kill me! I will give you everything!!"

Then, Chu Yunsheng saw Yao Xiang who had already got to the third floor. Yao Xiang threw few people who were about to run down the stairs to the ground, then he noticed Chu Yunsheng.

Yao Xiang said to Chu Yunsheng:" none of them are awakenings. they are all here, did not lose a single one of them."

Apart from those 4-5 people. on a bar next to them there are 7-8 young women were tied together. Chu Yunsheng suspected those people are probably their “food”.

The quavering voice came from a man with an unshaven face, he saw both ways were blocked by Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang, he immediately turned the whole floor upside down to look for something. At the same time he begged:"please don't kill us, we are just ordinary people, we are not the awakenings like boss Jiang."  just right after he said, he pushed a barrel towards Chu Yunsheng and said:" this is all our food, you can take it all, please don’t kill us.  oh... also ...... Boss Jiang also got alcohol, let me get it for you."

Before Chu Yunsheng responded anything, he quickly ran back to the bar and desperately tried to find something behind the bar while mumbling:"I remember it was here……."

He was so nervous that he did not even notice his hand was punctured by the broken drawer, he just kept looking for the alcohol he mentioned as if that thing was going to save his life.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the things inside the barrel, it was a pile of white meat. he immediately thought of those people were eating the human flesh. his stomach instantly turned upside down. If it was not that he used to see so many dead bodies, he probably vomited already.

The unshaven man was still looking for alcohol, he kicked away a woman who climbed over the bar counter in panic. Finally, he found a bottle an alcohol with a blurry label. He was so happy that he lifted up the alcohol and shouted:”I found it, I found it!”

But then he saw Chu Yunsheng’s stern face and his eye were still staring at the white meat inside the barrel. he immediately thought of something and rushed over.  however He was tipped over and fell to the ground, but it didn't slow down his speed. He was crawling towards Chu Yunsheng. :” boss.... this isn’t human flesh, really! If you don't believe me, I can show you." he said it very fast and nervously.

:"the rumour was intentionally spread by boss Jiang, he wanted to intimate the stranger, so we could be safe here, the half-human bodies you saw outside, there were all eaten by the monsters. we just hang them there to scare the people away." he then grabbed the meat tried to eat it as if that was the way to prove the meat wasn’t the human flesh.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows:"if it isn’t the human flesh, then what is it?"

The unshaven man quickly answered:"boss, no one dared to eat human meat, we are not crazy! That meat came from the monsters on the trees outside this buildings. they were caught by Boss Jiang and his group, one monster is enough for us to eat for several days. This monster is the only thing we found that we can eat."

The rest of people also nodded their head and said:”yes…. Yes… they are the monster's meat”

The unshaven man worried Chu Yunsheng wouldn't believe him, so he pointed at the women and said:"boss, as long as you let me go, I will tell you everything I know. Those women were caught by Boss Jiang. if he liked them, he would keep them for days for his own pleasure, if he did not like them, he would rip off their clothes, use them as bait to lure those meat worms!”

This was the first time Chu Yunsheng heard of someone using the human to lure a monster, and it seemed like it was the monster he had never seen before.

The unshaven man left the bottle of alcohol in front of Chu Yunsheng and pandered to him:" if they are not well-behaved or the Boss Jiang fed up with them, they would be ripped off clothes, and Doctor Ding would stitch bombs inside their stomach, then hang them on the tree. "

They wouldn't die immediately, the more they struggled, the more easily the meat worms would be attracted by them. the bombs were infused with some kind of energy by those awakenings warriors. As long as the worms ate those bomb, the energy would unleash the flame to trigger the bomb. usually, it would severely damage the worms, then Boss Jiang and his group would attack the monster together and try to kill the meat worms. Once they killed it, they would store its meat as food.”

The unshaven man then dragged out a neat and clean man, at the same time he pointed at a corner of the room said:" this is doctor Ding, those are the equipment Boss Jiang got from a nearby hospital, it is used to stitch the energy bomb. I and other two people were responsible for making the bombs. ”

Just when he said this, his eyes suddenly flashed a sign of happiness. he pointed the women on the side said:"Boss, if you keep us alive, we can still prepare the bomb for you, Boss Jiang got us a lot of materials, you could still use them. those women if you like them, you can keep them, if you don't like them, I will show you how to catch the meat worms. if you could also spare some meat to us... not a lot......just enough to keep us alive. so we can carry on working for you! ”

1. Refer to a power sucking techniques in Jin Yong's novels (

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Chapter 60 dignity

 Chapter 60 dignity

Wan Gurong brought them to a three-storey building. The place used to be a high-grade club, the billboard outside the building on the second floor still had a word archery wrote on it, although it was broken, Chu Yunsheng could still recognise the words.

There were few half human bodies hanging at the front door, it was a ghastly sight that could easily make people palpitate with fear.

Wan Gurong was worried about those brutal people, so he took the rest of cookies from Chu Yunsheng then quickly left. Before he left he reminded Chu Yunsheng again to be extra careful with the people inside.

Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang followed a plant’s rattan which as thick as a water bucket to the back of the building, in the fog they could not see things very clearly, not to mention that the club's windows were all in dark colour.

The club was surrounded by concrete walls, there was a door at back, and in its backyard, there was a carport, its top was already torn open and revealed the sharp metal spikes underneath it.

He was definitely going to get a bow, Chu Yunsheng wouldn't spend much time on thinking about the pros and cons. because he needed to save time to consider other more important things.

He told Yao Xiang to wait outside and if he didn't come back on time or Yao Xiang himself encountered any danger, he asked Yao Xiang to forget about him and just run, run through those fog back and forth a few times then he would definitely be able to get away from any danger.

He activated the armour and drew the sword then jumped over the wall from the giant plants. Just when he was about to lurk into the building from the back door, he heard a noise came from the roof.

Chu Yunsheng immediately leant against a bus and hid behind it, soon he saw a woman slowly appears on the edge of the roof, her hair was flying in the wind, her cloth was shredded, it could barely cover her body and her white underwear.
A man drew his voice out and said it in a mocking tone:” run, why don't you run now? Bitch,  why are you ruining the chance of saving yourself from the disgrace. if you choose to serve us well, I will keep you. you know,   keeping you just as simple as keeping a pet! But if you pissed me off, then we will rape you. not only that, we will kill you and eat you!”

After he said, a few people burst out sly laughs. Chu Yunsheng couldn't see the woman's face, but he could see the woman had a sudden shudder, then she slowly climbed over the fence and said resolutely”: not every woman will disrespect themselves, I'd rather die!”

Just right after she said it, she lightly hopped off the roof, she was like a kite with broken string fell off the sky and slumped onto the sharp spikes, her body was instantly pierced through, the blood burst out and spread on the ground.

The woman's head was twisted and faced Chu Yunsheng, she was one meter away from him.  Chu Yunsheng could see her delicate face and eyes,  she was staring at Chu Yunsheng, and she didn't close her eye as if she tried to show him that her determination was unshakeable even after she died.

Chu Yunsheng was astonished, There was such a dignified woman in the world!

The man on the roof was furious, he cursed:” fuck!........ Quick ...Take back that bitch’s body…..”

Then the people on the roof started to slide down along the water pipe from the third floor. their actions were so nimble, Chu Yunsheng suspected that those people most likely were the awakened warriors.

He did not believe Wan Gurong’s word, he thought that eating people just a horror story, people still had boundaries, how could they eat human flesh? But now, it made him reconsider if what he thought was right, he clenched the sword. the woman was not far from him. if they come down to collect the body they would definitely notice him.

Chu Yunsheng did not have a second thought. with such cruel people, negotiation was only a waste of time. the quickest way to get the bow was to kill all the way into the building then take the bow!

He could still clearly remember the things that the bald man and Si Mei did. That kind of people would start to fight straight away if they were not happy with anything he said. and they would not show mercy once they started the fight. unless he was dead, otherwise, they would not let it go.

It was the dark age, people’s hearts were fragile, once you hesitated, you could get killed. there was not any particular reason for it, Chu Yunsheng did not want to fall into a passive situation where he was forced to react to what other people did to him again!

He held his breath, there were two people sliding down from the roof, and one person was still standing on the roof not moving.

He held Qian Bi sword behind his back waited silently like a cheetah. Two people were cursing while walking towards the woman, they did not know the danger was near them at all.

As the man at the front slightly moved to one side, he immediately noticed Chu Yunsheng, the frost energy instantly emerged from his body.

But Chu Yunsheng's speed was even faster, he was moving like a bullet dashed forward with the sword, as a beam of red light flashed by, the man's head and a half of a steel bar fell on the ground!

The man's eyes were filled with shock even after he died.

The sword had lost its momentum after the first cut, While Chu Yunsheng was still in the air and had not touched the ground, he threw a kick, hit the second man's chest.


Even the man had already started to use fire to defend himself, Chu Yunsheng's high-speed fly-kick still made him flew backwards and smashed into the wall, it even caused a huge dent in the wall!

Just when Chu Yunsheng touched the ground, he bent both of his legs and dashed out again. He lifted his left foot kick at the man’s neck and lock him onto the wall!
He was worried that his kick wasn't powerful enough, so while he was locking the person on the wall, he also pushed the sword into his body until it pierced through the wall!

Just within a few seconds, he killed two people, the man on the roof panicked, he was shouting and running back into the building.

Chu Yunsheng pulled the sword, his left foot stepped on the dead body and jumped up, his right foot kicked on the water pipe, it instantly increased his ascending speed.

When he almost reaches the roof, his left hands grabbed the handle on the roof edge,  “ha” as he burst out a sharp shout, he pulled himself up and quickly climbed over the railing. the man who was running away earlier definitely heard his sharp shout, it made him even more panic, he was then tripped over and fell on the floor.

Chu Yunsheng knew he couldn't stop it now, he had to finish this battle as soon as possible, so he lifted the sword and rushed towards the man, the man was shouting in panic:” no. No .. Don't kill me. My brother was in charge of ……”

Chu Yunsheng’s sword sliced his neck before he could finish the sentence, the blood instantly burst out!

The man was not an awakening, but Chu Yunsheng didn't care, Diao Dingguo, bold man, and the cripple guy’s boss, they were all just ordinary people.

But they were the threats to his safety, so as long as they were posing any danger to him. once he drew the sword, that meant blood must be shed

Within a moment, there were 6 people ran out of the door, their faces were filled with anger!

Looking at the person Chu Yunsheng killed, One of the middle-aged men suddenly shouted: " brother!" the man had a beard on his face and his face was slightly twitching.

He shouted while running towards Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng immediately lifted the sword and hacked down, this was the sword form he used the most often!

The middle-aged man punched out both of his hands, two lines of whip-like fire instantly blast out of his hands and hit Chu Yunsheng’s Qian Bi sword.

Yuan Qi inside Qian Bi sword instantly exploded, and even the blue ripples started to glow a bright light. the fire element which released by the man was instantly pushed back.

Chu Yunsheng was also pushed back two steps by the force, he pulled the sword back and hid it behind his back.

The middle-aged man was also pushed back several steps, luckily there were people at his back so he could be stopped.

The man’s face immediately changed, he gritted his teeth:” brothers, this man is vicious and merciless, if we don't kill him, he will kill everyone here, let's do it together!”.  when he just finished the sentence, he took the lead and charged towards Chu Yunsheng again.

Everyone began to move after they heard what he said.

This was the moment Chu Yunsheng had been waiting for. if he moved first, all his movement would be exposed to them. so he would be easily locked down by them. But If he moved later. not only he would get to know where they were moving to but also he would get to know what their abilities were, so he could also easily use the information he observed to dodge the attack, he might even be able to kill one guy.

It only took him less a second to think, Chu Yunsheng immediately dashed towards their left side, he swung the sword from his back to the front, the sharp sword filled with Yuan Qi instantly took a life with it.

One was dead,  now it left five, Chu Yunsheng was much more confident now, he still had Yao Xiang who could provide support in the dark!

Those people seemed to have combat experience. they knew their speed was slower than Chu Yunsheng after they failed the first wave of attack. So They immediately backed off and formed a defensive formation with the ice element warriors outside the formation and the fire element warriors inside the formation.

They were slowly pushing towards Chu Yunsheng! They didn't seem to give up!

Chu Yunsheng started to quickly move around, but the roof didn't have many spaces for him to move. eventually, he was trapped in a corner!

He then decided to break their formation. but it meant that he would need to ignore their attack, he needed to rely on the combat armour and energy shield to withstand the attack. he must kill at least one person!

Having a Strong defence was also one of his secrets, he could use it to against them. even if he was injured, but if he could kill one more person to reduce their strength, it was still worth it!

Chu Yunsheng slowly stepped back and started to gather his strength secretly, until he reached the railing, he burst out a loud shout and used all his strength to kick the railing. the force made him flew towards the formation, at the same time, he raised the sword and pointed it at a fire elements warrior.

One hit, two hits …..

The armour had received the attacks almost 10 times, and Chu Yunsheng finally broke into the formation, the sword unleashed Yuan Qi to break through all the defence and pierced through the fire element warrior’s throat!

The rest four people’s attack once again arrived. when Chu Yunsheng killed the guy he also couldn't withstand any more of their attacks. he was hit and flew backwards.

He was thrown off the railings. This was a third story high building. he did not want to be penetrated by the metal spikes. so he immediately used his feet to hook the railings and used the strength from his legs tried to pull himself back to roof. the force instantly made the metal railing to bend into an arch shape. Eventually, he pulled himself back to the roof.

But there were still four people standing on the roof, Chu Yunsheng immediately hacked down the sword when he just returned to the edge of the roof. the sword hit one person’s shoulder, while the sword was stuck in the man’s shoulder, Chu Yunsheng held the sword down very hard, at the same time, his feet kicked the railings again, then he did a front flipped on top of their head and steadily fell on the roof at their back.

There were cracks in the combat armour, but they were not severe, it could still withstand a few attacks.

The ice element warrior who was hacked by Chu Yunsheng was almost pushed off the roof when Chu Yunsheng did the front flip.

Now, it was one versus four, and one of them was heavily injured!

As the old saying goes: kill the enemy when he is at his weakest. now it was the best chance to attack. Chu Yunsheng already knew when he started to kill the first guy, he knew that the only way to end this battle was either he died or killed everyone here. there was no time for mercy, especially to those Brutal people.

Speed, he still relied on his speed.  he immediately charged towards the injured warrior without taking a break to recover his strength. he kicked him off the building and shouted:”Yao Xiang, kill that man!”

They were already engaged in the fight for some time now. but there weren't any new awakening warriors showing up. it meant that those people were the people they had. So it only left three people on the roof, he could easily deal with them. Chu Yunsheng was worried that the impact wouldn’t kill the warrior who fell off the roof, that was why he called Yao Xiang for help.

A Severely injured ice element warrior plus he fell off the roof fight versus a fire element warrior who was hiding in the dark. if there weren't any accidents, the ice element warrior was dead for sure. so he did not worried about Yao Xiang.

Chu Yunsheng lifted the sword again and charged towards rest of three people.

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Chapter 59 Fog walls

 Chapter 59 Fog walls

The man who led the way called Wan GuRong, he told Chu Yunsheng, that he used to be an urban management officer, so no one knew this area better than him!

When The red shelled insect appeared He didn't even have a chance to escape from the city, then he was then trapped here by the fog. He also reminded Chu Yunsheng not to run around in the fog, otherwise, he would easily get lost.

Wan Gurong took Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang lurked into a building which used to be a Chinese telecommunications business building,  road sign outside the building was written Wan Shou road on it. Further along the road,  there was a fog wall, it was thicker than the other fog that existed in this city, he couldn't see what was behind the fog wall.

When Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang followed commander Du’s group, they had seen the same wall before. Almost every time when they went through the fog wall, they would lose commander Du’s trace. he would always need to spend a very long time to find the marks that Ding Yan left behind in order to follow them again.

Wan Gurong said sternly:” be careful, stay close, and follow me. “ Then he took the lead walked into the fog wall.

Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang followed close Behind.

When all three crossed the fog wall, in front of them was a square, there was a water fountain in the middle,  it looked like it had been abandoned for a long time, behind the square was a mall.

There was a road sign that had already fallen on the ground next to them,it was written Ren Min road on it!

They were on the Wan Shou road earlier, how come it suddenly change to Ren Min road? Chu Yunsheng puzzled, then he heard Yao Xiang suddenly said:” brother chu, I get it now!”

Chu Yunsheng was curious:” get what?”

Yao Xiang was holding a map, he approached Chu Yunsheng, then used a pen to circle the Wan Shou road on the map, then he also circled the Ren Min road on the map which was far away from the central city. He then drew a line to link two circles together.

He looked at Chu Yunsheng said in shock:” look, through this fog wall, we had travelled a few miles! No wonder why last time we crossed the fog wall in the park, the industrial and commercial bank suddenly appeared in front of us, I was baffled for a very long time, then I forgot about it when we found the troops."

Chu Yunsheng took over the map and took a close look at the circles and line that Yao Xiang had drawn, he was also shocked, so that was why they lost the troops’ trace every time when they crossed the fog walls.

Then he heard Wan Gurong lowered his voice:” lower your voice, you will know it in a few days. now, this city has been split  into 9 sections, no one is able to walk out this 9 sections!”

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a moment, then pointed the fog wall behind him:”9 section? They were all separated by this fog wall?”

Wan Gurong nodded his head, he took the pen from Yao Xiang, then drew another straight line, which is perpendicular to the line Yao Xiang drew, he said:”as far as I know, there are 9 sections, I don’t know if there is more.” he then pointed the pen at the line he drew and carried on saying:”we came from this place, now we are at this square, but if we want to go back, we will be sent to here, not here! ”

Then he drew another circle on the map, he pointed it and said:”this is it, we need to go through this fog section, then we need to go through the fog wall over here, and we need to immediately go back through the same fog wall again, then we will arrive at the place we need to go.”

Wan Gurong drew another small circle very hard and slowly on the map!

Chu Yunsheng was already lost, he was very confused while looking at those circles, what the hell was this thing?

Yao Xiang suddenly interrupted:” how do you know so much?”

Wan Gurong smiled:”the fog exist in Kun city for quite a while now! Because we were searching for the food, so we went to all the streets we could go to, also because I used to be an  urban management officer, so I have a good sense of direction, I have noted the route I traveled, but this thing is too complicated, and I am just an urban management officer, I don't have higher education, so I don't understand its rules and patterns!   ”

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second then asked:" if there are nine sections, we could go through all the sections and all the fog walls in those sections, then make a note about it. Would that not help us to understand the rules and patterns?”

Wan Gurong sighed and explained:”we had the same idea as you, but in the end, it made us even more confused. a lot of people were still trapped in the fog, we do not know if they are still alive or not. eventually, we learned that roughly every 12 hours, those patterns will change.  for example, the fog wall we crossed, it teleported us from Wan Shou road to Ren Min road. two hours later from now, if someone wants to cross the same fog wall, then they will not be teleported here, it could be the eastern road or east sea road. no one knows exactly where.”

Is it going to change? Chu Yunsheng’s heart sank, it meant that every 12 hours the city of fog would have an entirely new map!

Suddenly they heard a human scream coming from afar, it startled three of them. Wan Gurong said:”we need to hurry up. Now, I am still able to recognise the route. but we need to cross the fog before it changes the patterns. otherwise, 2 hours later, we all will be lost in here! ”

Chu Yunsheng’s mind was filled with dread, he did not dare to delay, so he immediately followed Wan Gurong crossed the fog wall again.

This time appeared in front of them was a river. there was a bridge not far from them at their right-hand side. there were many cars stuck on the top of the bridge, because of the green fog, they could not see it very clearly.

Wan Gurong emphasised that they needed to cross the fog wall on the other side, and went through the same fog wall again, then they would arrive the place they wanted to go. time was ticking, three people did not dare to stay any longer, so they quickly followed the river bank and jumped on the top of cars to cross the bridge.

But suddenly they saw a tank gun slowly appeared in the fog not far from them, then a blurry tank figure slowly emerged in the fog. There was no time for Chu Yunsheng to hide, so he immediately deactivated the combat armour, covered his head with a wool hat and dragged Yao Xiang to the other side.

It was commander Du’s troops!

Tanks slowly drove on the bridge, Chu Yunsheng turned his body to one side pretending to have a conversation with Yao Xiang who was also wearing a thick hat. Their heart was jumping rapidly, Chu Yunsheng did not expect they would have such close encounter with them.

The bridge was quite narrow, so three tanks were driving on the top of cars and crushing them over, it made very loud cracking noises.
There were soldiers sitting on the top of tanks, they were bumping up and down while tanks slowly moving forwards, their morale seemed to be very low,

Chu Yunsheng did not See commander Du nor long face man in the group, he suspected that they were probably in the armoured vehicles, but they saw Ding Yan the person Yao Xiang was most worried about was sitting on an Infantry fighting vehicle-IFV and chewing something.

Suddenly a man jumped off the armoured vehicles, walked towards them while holding the assault rifle, Chu Yunsheng’s heart sank, he gave Yao Xiang a look while whispered:”get ready! Remember, run, if we can’t kill them! ”
Wan Gurong was so scared that he almost sat on the floor when he heard they wanted to fight with the troops, luckily Chu Yunsheng noticed his difference and immediately grabbed him.

At the same time, one man came out of armoured vehicles said:”food will be ready after we crossed the bridge, anyone who is still alive please register for the food now. ”

The soldier who was heading Chu Yunsheng obviously heard it, he immediately put the gun at his back, and hurriedly rushed back to his group as if he was scared that he could not get the food in time.

Chu Yunsheng, Yao Xiang and Wan Gurong were finally relieved, this was about the best they could hope for. otherwise, once they noticed them,  it would be much more difficult to assassinate.

As the soldier returned to the group, Three people immediately crossed the bridge and headed towards the fog wall.

They went through the fog wall and then went through the same fog wall from the other side again.

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Chapter 58 where is the way out?

 Chapter 58 where is the way out?

Chu Yunsheng charged forward, he stepped on the sofa, and jumped towards the old women, at the same time he shouted:” go save your wife!”

The reason why he instantly jumped out wasn't just because of his feelings towards such cruel scene, it was also because it was the best time to attack those monsters.  Now there were only four monsters flying above their heads, if there weren't any accidents, he and Yao Xiang should be able to deal with them.

Qian Bi sword just lightly sliced through the monster, it immediately opened up a huge hole, Yao Xiang immediately came up and dragged the monster down.

Once Chu Yunsheng dealt this one, he immediately turned around and used the up-flick sword form to stab the sword straight into the monster which was dive at him. the Yuan Qi burst out from the sword, it instantly destroyed the monster ‘s central nervous system. the monster died instantly.

The man saw Chu Yunsheng killed the monster that caught her mother, he immediately dashed towards the monster which caught his wife,  he unleashed the ice energy tried to freeze the monster.

Chu Yunsheng swung the sword to shake off the monster which still was still hanging on his sword. and himself steadily fell on the ground, at the same time, the rest of two red-eye monsters started to dive at him together.

He turned body sideways, then jumped up, the sword was lifted above his head, he aimed at one of the monsters then hacked down, the monster was cut in half.

Another monster which failed to hit Chu Yunsheng quickly turned around and started to dive at Chu Yunsheng again, but Yao Xiang’s fire ring cut stopped it. Yao Xiang cast three fire ring cut, it made the monster stopped attacking Chu Yunsheng, instead it was busy dodging Yao Xiang attack, eventually, the monster was caught on fire and burned to death.

All of the monsters were killed. Chu Yunsheng did not know how the man got his wife off the monster’s tight wrap.  but the man was shaking uncontrollably while holding his wife. The skin on his wife’s head was completely gone, she did not look like she would be able to survive from it.

Chu Yunsheng approached the broken windows and looked around. he was finally relieved when he didn't find any other red-eye monster,

The power of Red-eye monster's gas on normal people was beyond Chu Yunsheng's expectation.

:”you need to stay alive.” said the man's wife before she died.

The man's mother also didn't survive too long, she couldn't talk because her trachea was melted, she just tightly grasped the man's hand and looked at his son for a very long time without blinking her eyes. Her eyes were filled with nostalgia, hope and worry until they became emotionless.

The man was choking with sobs, he hid his head in his long dishevelled hair, his both hands were grabbing the hairs on the back of his head while making a heart- wrenching weep. the hairs were forcibly pulled from his head, the blood was dripping down, but he didn't seem to feel it!

Save wife or save Mother, in the end, he couldn't save anyone!

Whether it was in the dark age or in the age of light, the most distressing thing was probably seeing your loved ones died in front you, but you couldn't help!

Chu Yunsheng quietly picked up the monster's body on the floor, when he picked up the one near the man, that man instantly grabbed the body started to tear the body frantically using his mouth and hands. a moment later he suddenly stood up, dashed outside the door and shouted at the green fog:” come at me! You fuckers! Come bite me! Come, why the fuck won't you come out!?......”

Chu Yunsheng immediately rushed out, he was worried that the shout would attract other monsters, just when he about to pull the man. He saw the brawny man who was almost two meters high suddenly kneeled on the ground and collapsed on the ground. He passed out.

Chu Yunsheng dragged his collar, pulled him back to the cafe and laid him next to his wife and mother.

The other group which had come into the cafe earlier looked at the man silently. but Chu Yunsheng still heard a quiet sigh came from that group.

Yao Xiang picked up the food that Chu Yunsheng dropped on the ground, walked towards the group, he said sincerely:” Hello, may I ask, do you live around here?

Perhaps they were sacred by Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang’s abilities, or maybe because Yao Xiang sound sincere, so the group didn't respond to him coldly.

The leader was that women, she nodded:” yes. if you are passing by, I know what you want to ask.”

She pointed a man in her group then said:” he also came to Kun city from outside, I know your questions, but we can't help you. because no one is able to walk out of this fog!”

Chu Yunsheng’s was startled, he instantly asked:” what do you mean?”

The woman had a wry smile on her face, she said:” since the sun disappeared, many insects came out of nowhere, a lot of people died. then a lot of strange things happened, the first thing was the fog, then different types of strange plants and monsters emerged, and then insects were killed by the monsters in the fog.

we thought we were finally saved, but then it was not too long until the monsters in the fog started to kill people as well.

we wanted to leave the city, but even we were following the route that showed on the map, we still couldn't walk out of the fog.”

Chu Yunsheng puzzled:” why is that?”

the women smile sarcastically:” why? if we knew, we won't be hiding here!” then she then insinuated:”not only just the ordinary people, even the awakenings are also not able to walk out of this fog, they are either dead or trapped here with us. I have never heard of anyone walk out of here!”

It instantly struck a chill into Chu Yunsheng’s heart, if he could not walk out of the fog, how was he going to see his aunt in Jin Ling city, was he going to be trapped here forever.

Yao Xiang’s face was bleak, no one wanted to be trapped here,

There must be a way out, Chu Yunsheng kept encouraging himself, so he wouldn't give up. something must be wrong with the fog, as long as he was able to find out what was wrong with it, he would definitely be able to escape from here.

Anything that was mysterious was mostly resulted by unknown and unfamiliar, as long as he found out the root of the problem, then there would be a hope!

Chu Yunsheng slowly calmed down, he then noticed that he still was not powerful enough,  the Yuan Qi he had just enough for him to kill 10 red shelled insects. He recalled his cultivation progress, his body needed 3 to 4 more qi circulations, then he would reach the level to kill 11 red shelled insects,  it was not far away from the peak state of Yuan Tian stage one which would provide him with enough power to kill 15 red shelled insects.

He needed to hurry up increasing his strength, otherwise, he would be dead way before he even found the exit!

Then he thought of Commander Du, Chu Yunsheng had an idea, he needed to change the plan which was to ambush the long face man’s group. He could use the advantage of the fog to kill the long face man here.

After all, he did not know when he could find the exit. It was not just dark here. In outside they could use a flashlight or any form of light source to find where he was, but in here, there was the green fog, light was much weaker because of the fog, the night vision goggles were also not very effective here, so this was the best place to assassinate them.,

Chu Yunsheng thought commander Du was definitely more worried than him right now, he was definitely busy finding the way out.  Chu Yunsheng could just follow them in the dark, once they found the exit, he would also be able to get out from here, he did not even need to do anything. Moreover, they had scientists, they were much smarter than Chu Yunsheng himself.

And lastly when they encountered the monster, not only Chu Yunsheng could disrupt them, but also Chu Yunsheng could have the monster’s body they killed which he could later use it to upgrade his power. it was a perfect plan for him.

Chu Yunsheng was not that anxious anymore once he made the plan.  he thought about he still needed one bow, so he asked them:”do you know any place in this city were selling the bows or any archery clubs?” he was hoping they knew.

He saw the group did not reply him, Chu Yunsheng took over the food from Yao Xiang and said:”as long as you help us to find it, we will give you three bags of this kind cookies in exchange!”

“Ok!” said a man who immediately jumped out of the groups, but then he said:”I know a sports club, there is bow there, but that place is very dangerous, I don't know if you dare to go! ”

Chu Yunsheng was not impetuous, he asked sternly:”how dangerous!”

The man said:”it is not the monsters like that one, it’s people, a group atrocious people, they have the awakening warriors and guns, I have heard that when they run out of food, they would eat human, the place they are staying right now used to be a high-grade club in Kun city, now it became their camp!”

Chu Yunsheng did not want troubles, he thought for a second then asked:”apart from that place, do you know any other places used to sell bows?”

That man shook this head:”as far as I know, that is the only place you will get a bow.”

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth. he wanted to take a look how strong they were, then he would decide what he needed to do, so he nodded his head and said:”ok, then we will go to that place, this half pack of cookies is the upfront payment, you take us to there, if they do really have it, I'll give you the rest of cookies! ”