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Chapter 171 into the giant tomb

Chapter 171 into the giant tomb
“are you sure that what you saw was a red-purple flame monster?” Chu Yunsheng asked a young man whose name was Zhang Huan, who was also a rank 1 dark warrior.

“Yes, Captain Chu, I was responsible for the watch out at that time. I saw it through the binoculars. It was that thing killed my brother. I'll never forget it!” Zhang Huan gritted his teeth and said.

"how many did you see? Chu Yunsheng asked again. if it was more than two he would drop his plan immediately. Although sealing this type of monster was very attempting to him, he still didn't want to risk his life.

“we only saw one, but I don't know if there is more” Zhang Huan thought for a second and said.

"thank you for your information, you may rest now." Chu Yunsheng nodded his head.

“Yao Xiang, go back to the office building to tell Ding Yan, I'm going to check that purple flame monster, if there is anything urgent, tell the people to fire the flare towards the other side of the river.”

Based on the limited information, he suspected that there was probably only one red-purple flame monster on the other side of the river. This was a great opportunity for him, he probably wouldn't have any more opportunities like this in the future. So he decided to take a risk. If there was any danger, he had enough ice element talisman to help him to run away.

The reason why he needed the monster so badly was mainly because of the two aliens. A red-purple flame monster was almost as powerful as him, so he could use it to fight those two aliens in the future.

Although Chu Yunsheng joined the woman in the white dress at the moment, he still did not trust her.

At the moment, Ding Yan had already alerted the ice and fire combat team which was led Yao Xiang and Lu Yu. He asked them to be always on the high alert to watch out the cloaked man.

“ok brother Chu, be careful!” said Yao Xiang.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. Compared to the last time he crossed the river, he had fewer pressure and concerns this time!

If there was any danger, he believed that with his speed, he would still able to get away.

After Yao Xiang left, Chu Yunsheng immediately started to make monster seal talisman. He was going to make two of them not just one of them.

If he wanted to successfully find the red-purple flame monster. With the little tiger’s “detection” ability was not enough. Without the golden shell, he could not get into the swarm.

He borrowed a small boat from the military and quietly rowed the boat across the river. Since the stone stele flew away, the surface of the river became very quiet, the black fog had also disappeared. That water monster which looked like an upside down shuttlecock had also disappeared from the river never showed up once.

Since the tomb was destroyed, the sticky substances which were all over the ground had also moved back. Many bodies of the monsters were also slowly moved back to Jin Ling city one after another by the military, it only left different sizes of craters on the frontline and some big tombs remains which the military could not take it away.

Chu Yunsheng activated his armour immediately after he crossed the river. He carefully looked for the tracks that Zhang Huan mentioned, and lurked towards the swarm with the little tiger. Sometimes they noticed one or two green shells flying over their head, they quickly hide into the carters and covered themselves with the burnt soil until the green shells left.

This was a secretly hunting, and both he and the little tiger were experienced in it. Especially the little tiger, it was able to react to the different level of danger and that was how Chu Yunsheng going to find the red-purple flame monster.

One man and one tiger, hopped from one crater to another, slowly and steadily approaching the sticky substances. Soon they saw the crowded swarm appeared in their eyesight and it seemed like the insects in the swarm was busy doing something.

He was hiding in one of the craters that close to the sticky substances. he slowly moved his head up until his eyes reached the top of the crater which was on the same level of the ground. he was secretly searching for his target,

But the result was very disappointing, not a single golden shell, let alone the red-purple flame monster, apart from red shells and green shells, all the swarm had, were the worms and the countless bloody meatballs as big as an adult human. 

Chu Yunsheng was constantly changing the craters around the edge of the sticky substance, he was hoping that he could find a golden shell at the other places.

It took him almost half hour, but he still did not find anything. Eventually, he gave up. Probably the golden shell liked to live under the ground. Unless there was some special circumstance they wouldn’t come out of the ground. He thought.

When he was thinking to go back to the city, suddenly a tomb’s tube emerged from the ground in the centre of the crater he was hiding. it wriggled for a second but there was nothing came out of the tube.

This was the type of tube that presumably connected the centre of the tombs. When Chu Yunsheng bombed the other tombs, he had controlled the red shells to crawl into these tubes before.

He knitted his brows and suddenly had an insane idea, he wanted to get into the tube!

This was the only way to get into the swarm without being noticed by the insect, but it was also very risky. However, there wasn’t much time for him to think it through carefully. If he could not make a decision straight away, once the tube started to generate the sticky liquid, he would lose his chance.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the little tiger on the side then gritted his teeth.

“Do it!” he quickly made up his mind. He really wanted to get a red-purple flame monster. If he had it, he would have the ability to defeat the two aliens, he could even suppress the swarm’s attack for a while.

He and little tiger slowly approached the centre of the crater and looked inside to see if there was anything.

He used the tip of the submachine to poke the outside of the red tube for a few seconds to see if there was any reaction from it.

Although he had controlled the red shell to crawl into the tube before, he didn't know if the tube had some kind of detection mechanism or not. he still remembered that the tentacles monster he fought back in the horror city had eyeballs on its tube, so he needed to be careful.

No reactions, he poked a few times more than nervously looked at the insects in the swarm, also no reaction.

Until he was sure that they wouldn't react to anything crawled into the tube, Chu Yunsheng got into the tube with the tiger.

The tube was big, Chu Yunsheng could even stand up straight inside. But its stinky smell was even worse than the sewer. The internal surface of the tune was very sticky, whenever he lifts his feet, he would bring up a very long sticky liquid.

The only thing good about this was, if the tube was curved up, the sticky liquid would help him to stand still.

Chu Yunsheng was using a dim glowing stick to see inside the tube. He was worried that the internal of the tube would have a reaction to the strong bright light, it might also alert other insects as well.

He just needed some dim light to see what's in front of him, so the glowing stick was more than enough.

He was so anxious inside the tunnel, he even heard the insects were crawling in the tunnels above him sometimes.

He went deeper and deeper into the tunnel until he reached the end, then, he saw an open space, he didn't know if they arrived at the central of tombs or not.

But there were many tubes filled with some kind of liquid hanging above their head. There were also some sticky meatballs here, however, unlike the meatballs he saw outside the tombs, they were hanging above the ground by those tubes. There were also two smaller tubes connected to those meatballs. It seemed like they were being constantly injected with some liquid.

Suddenly a sticky meatball near Chu Yunsheng started to move. Then the meatballs began to shrink, smaller and smaller until its surface tightly wrapped around the object inside. Based on its tightly wrapped outline Chu Yunsheng felt something.


A moment later,  with the help from the glowing tubes inside the tomb. He saw a golden shell's head that its size was as big as a bus broke out of the “deflated” meatballs!

Chapter 170 the entrance of the anti-world

Chapter 170 the entrance of the anti-world.
Chu Yunsheng thought for a second, Zhu Lingdie seemed to have also talked about two paths his father and Fang Yuehou chose. Although professor Sun was not a senior officer at the GCH, what he said was very close to the truth, so he asked:” what exactly is the anti-world?”

“Mr.Chu, you studied engineering, you should know that antimatter existed in this world right! For example, a proton has a positive charge while an antiproton has a negative charge. A collision between any particle and its anti-particle partner will create huge energy, its power can compete with any nuclear weapon known to us!

During the age of light, creating antimatters and preserving them was extremely difficult. They can only be used in the lab, but since the entire scientific system has been changed, we have discovered a lot of dark energies and dark matters. We had re-deduce the theory before. If the anti-world exist, its link between the positive world is the mysterious dark energy. This is the only assumption that we have which can barely explain the stability of the entire space.

We have also proposed a theory that the dark energy’s antimatter could be just dark energy itself, it is like the photon, the antiphoton is itself." professor Fang tried to explain it as simple as possible.

Chu Yunsheng was indeed an engineering student, and professor Fang also explained in a very simplistic way, so he understood a little bit what he said. :”if the antiworld only contained antimatters, that means that if we entered the anti-world we will be dead, won't we?” he asked.

"This is why the aliens came to you, not other low-ranking dark warriors! From what we observed. their targets are at least rank 4 dark warriors or individuals who are as powerful as the dark warrior king! We suspected that the reason why those aliens set this standard was that only when dark warriors reached this level, their energy shield will be strong enough to prevent them to collide with the antimatter.

Also because of the existence of dark energy field, the collision of particles and anti-particles, may not lead to a large-scale of energy release. However, we don’t know the rules of physics in the "anti-world" and because of the limited condition, we couldn’t conduct any kind of experiment. The only data we could gather was from the last nuclear explosion and made some assumptions based on those data." professor Fang shook his head.

Chu Yunsheng knew which nuclear explosion he was talking about, he had also personally experienced it, he was almost killed by it.

In any case, Professor Fang's explanation was enough to make Chu Yunsheng realize the "anti-world" was extremely dangerous.

However, Compare to other dark warrior kings, Chu Yunsheng had more protection methods. He had armour, shield and Ben Ti Yuan Qi’s protection.

“when I came here, I saw the troop has blocked the place where originally the stone stele was. There are also five strange shaped machines. Is that what they are going to use to open the entrance for the anti-world?” Chu Yunsheng asked.

“Yes, that's right! Xiao Chu, after the stone stele left, they have sped up their plan. They are going to activate the machine very soon, so you need to be prepared! Be extremely careful.” professor Sun sounded very concerned. :”our technology is not as advanced as them, you are the only one we know who has the power to compete with them. So please do take care of yourself!”

Chu Yunsheng did not need anyone to remind him. It was his life, of course, he would take care of himself. He would not be manipulated by those aliens.

:"We have told you everything we know. Also, The type 2 dark energy gun has also been completed. We will ask Xiao Zhou to send it over to you.” said professor Sun.

“thank you!” said Chu Yunsheng. Although their caring about him was different than the Auntie's family's caring about him, He didn't know what else to say apart from that.

“this is the information regarding the new food research I sort out recently. It's only just my personal opinion. It may be fragmented and not systematic, but on the macro level, the direction is not wrong. In terms of specific research work, it requires you to put some efforts on it.” said Chu Yunsheng while passing out some draft he spent quite a long time to describe the concept and the principle behind the talisman of cure poison.

“let me have a look!” professor Huo was the first one grab the paper.

“huh? This is truly incredible!” professor Huo’s expression was changing quickly while glancing through the draft. With the impact from the dark energy and dark matter on the traditional physics and biology. They had already started to think outside the box.

What Chu Yunsheng did was eventually given them the answer without telling them how to do it. It was like giving a technician a completed product. The technician might be able to reverse engineer the product and understand all the knowledge behind it.

:”since Xiao Chu is confident about it, in my opinion, Lao Huo you should organize people to start the research as soon as possible. The food shortage problem has already reached the critical level, we shouldn't delay it any longer.” professor Sun roughly looked at the paper and said.

The information Chu Yunsheng brought to then was a huge surprise!

Once the food crisis was solved, then people would have the strength to fight the insects. It would be just the matter of time to eliminate all the insects.

GRD this huge “research machine” started to run its maximum power after Chu Yunsheng left. Chu Yunsheng heard that all the researcher’s break time was reduced. They were only allowed to take a rest less than 6 hours’ break a day.

“brother Chu, something happened on the other side of the river!” Yao Xiang shouted at Chu Yunsheng before he got into the office building. He was short of breath because He just ran back from the front line.

It seemed like the swarm was trying to recover themselves recently, and there was not any movement from the other side of the river.  So normally Chu Yunsheng didn't need to go to the front line all the time. Only Yao Xiang and Lu Yu took turns to lead the teams to patrol the front line from time to time.

“what happened?” Chu Yunsheng’s heart sunk, if the insects were pushing at this time. The situation inside the city would get even worse.

“the research team that was supposed to collect research data and samples from the other side of the river had encountered the red-purple flame monster this morning! They have lost most of the data and ran back in a panic!”  Yao Xiang said nervously.

“how can they survive if the encountered the red-purple flame monster?” Chu Yunsheng doubted about they could run away. He could still remember when he encountered the red-purple flame monster for the first time. Apart from him, anyone whoever got locked by it would be dead definitely.

“they saw it through the binoculars. They were so scared that they ran away in panic!" said Yao xiang.

“do you know the exact locations? Take me to see those researchers!” Chu Yunsheng said immediately.

The reason why Jin Ling city could survive from the last insect’s push was mainly that there weren't many red-purple flame monsters this kind of powerful monster in the swarm. If there were many of them, Jin Ling city was probably already taken by the insects.

Since he killed the last red-purple flame monster he had always been paying extra attention to this kind of special monster. He also told Lu Yu and Yao Xiang that whenever anyone discovered them, tell him straightway.

Before, he just wanted to gain more experience, so it would be easy for him fight the same monster in the future, but now the situation had changed. He suspected that the reason why the swarm didn't have any movement was that “min” was first injured by the ancient book, then it was injured by the stone stele. It probably had not recovered from the twice injuries yet

He suddenly had a very bold plan. If there was just one purple-red flame monster on the other side of the river. He could seal it!

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Chapter 169 making the armour to reinforce the city

Chapter 169 making the armour to reinforce the city
On the second day early morning, Chu Yunsheng went to the GRD straight away. Because he could not sleep all night, it made him he looked like he was exhausted.

when Chu Yunsheng arrived at the city centre. He noticed that there were a lot of heavy-armed soldiers guarding the place where the stone stele was,  There were five big triangle cone-shaped strange machines built around the place and formed in a pentagon shape.

Since when did GRD build this? Chu Yunsheng wandered.

With the help of the special rank badge that professor Sun gave to him, Chu Yunsheng easily past the security and went into the lab.

Assistant Zhou was told by professor Sun that whenever Chu Yunsheng came to GRD, he should take him to the lab first.

Professor Fang and professor Sun were busy doing the experiment when Chu Yunsheng arrived. Their tired expression indicated that they had not had a good rest, but their eyes were filled with excitement.

"Xiao Chu, just the right time. Look Lao Fang’s experiment, it's almost completed now!" professor Sun rubbed his red eyes and said with excitement.

"what experiment?" Chu Yunsheng was curious.

"the new smelting technology! Combine with necessary dark energy, we could missive produce the armour using the shell of the insects!" professor Sun said proudly:" it's a huge technology advancement in the human history!"

"However the theory is not perfect, once it was completed, we could directly deploy the armour to the army and equip our soldiers" professor Sun pressed the machine's buttons and said.

"In that way, we will have fewer people dying!" Chu Yunsheng admired their intelligence and what they did here.

Although the armour they made did not improve soldier's physical strength like the armour he made.  The only benefit it provided just some defence ability. However, it could still save a lot of soldier's lives.

"Not just that, we could also use this technology to reinforce the walls around the entire city, so the swarm can be blocked outside the city!" professor Sun laughed out loud as if he saw that day was near.

"It must be a very spectacular scene" Chu Yunsheng could also imagine the scene, the walls that between the light and darkness; civilization and beasts.

"Yes, Xiao Chu, i really hope that day would come sooner, too many people have died!" professor Sun let out a long sigh.

"We have to thank the stone stele, it gave us the inspiration, that was a truly miraculous object, a lot of researchers were affected by it. It was a shame that it flew away, otherwise..." professor Fang sighed.

"Lao Huo has already organized the smartest biologists and neurologists to study the impact of this incident on the brain. As long as we found out what caused it, we will figure out a way to improve it. Lao Fang don’t be upset." said Professor Sun.

“Xiao Chu, we also wanted to talk to you, but it was delayed by this experiment for almost two days. " professor Sun paused for a second and said.

"We will talk about that later, I need to ask you something first, what is the anti-world?” Chu Yunsheng knew what they want to talk about, From Mo Wuluo’s incident, he had already realised how bad the food shortage problem had become.

"They still found you!" said professor Sun, it made Chu Yunsheng baffled. Then he signalled the assistant Zhou and whispered to him:" go get Lao Chui, don’t alert other people."

As the top level people at the GRD, professor Sun more or less knew something about the woman in the white dress and the cloaked man. Chu Yunsheng followed them into a quiet room and waited. 

Soon, professor Huo ran into the room:" Lao Sun, what is so important? I still have a lot of experiments on ongoing!” he said hurriedly.

Just when he finished the sentence he saw Chu Yunsheng. Then he looked at professor Sun and professor Fang’s stern face again. He seemed realised something, So he slowly closed the door and sat down quietly.

"Xiao Chu, we didn't intentionally want to hide it from you, because we don't know much about them. In fact, compared to them, you are the only secret we and GCH want to hide!" said professor Sun.

"me?" Chu Yunsheng heart skipped a beat.

"yes. the former chief commander was our old friend. When we arrived Jin Ling, we have reported the things about you to him. At that time, the argument between him and the alien had reached a peak state. He was extremely worried about the future of Jin Ling. So, after we confirmed that you are a human, he had listed all your information as the highest classified information. No one else except him in Jin Ling could access your file. The day before he died, he had destroyed all your documents." professor Sun slowly explained.
"why does he want to do this? A lot of people in the second division knows about me. You can not keep it as a secret." Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows. He had heard too much secrets recently. He almost couldn't handle the pressure.

"commander Du’s men didn't know a lot of things about you. So it doesn't matter. Also, everyone treated their saying as a rumour. So, not many people believed them. But Xiao Chu, think about it, have we ever revealed any information about your abilities, your sword and armour. We even hide them from the new chief commander. We even lied to them." professor Sun said.

Chu Yunsheng dazed for a second, what he said was true.  he had never been bothered by the researchers from GRD, even Zhu Lingdie who had a strong connection in Jin Ling also thought his armour and weapons were from GRD. So it was them covered it up for him.

"Now let’s talk about the anti-world. Since you heard that word, that means those two aliens have found you. But We don’t know much about them, the former chief commander had arranged me to observe the cloaked man in secret before. According to the information we had about him and with my years of experiences as a biologist. I am sure that he is not a human!" professor Huo said sternly.

"One of them is very cruel and cold to human, the other one is slightly better. But both of them have never revealed any of their technological knowledge and dark energy knowledge to us. Not even the slightest! It was because of this, the former chief commander had never stopped arguing with the cloaked man, it was also the reason why the cloaked man killed him!"

"Since the former chief commander died, we all knew that they don’t care about the human lives, we have to rely on ourselves. To us, they are as dangerous as the insects outside the wall, and maybe even more dangerous!" said professor Sun.

"if they don’t care about us, why they are helping two deputy chief commanders to gain control of Jin Ling city?" Chu Yunsheng pointed out where they contradicted themselves.

"This is just temporary, the entrance to the anti-world is in Jin Ling. Before they found the things they were looking for, they need someone to secure and stabilize the entrance when they entered the anti-world.

Secondly, they need equipment to open the entrance, this part they had already done without us, they had selected and controlled a small group of people to do it. But we still needed to provide them with the materials.

Thirdly, the dark warriors, they need some dark warriors to assist them to open the entrance, they need the dark warrior’s energies to do it.

This is all we know. But it is more than enough for us to know why they need to control Jin Ling." said professor Sun.

"Why would two deputy chief commander willing to be controlled by them?" this was what Yao Xiang wanted to know. Chu Yunsheng was also baffled.
"They don’t have other choices, those two aliens could easily kill Zhù Xīruì and Fāng Yuèhòu! At the moment, Zhù Xīruì and Fāng Yuèhòu had different opinions about the future of Jin Ling. Fang Yuehou thinks we should join the alien and surrender to them, in that way, they will probably help us. But Zhu Xirui thinks we should use two aliens conflict to gain advantages from it. We should not be their slaves." professor Fang explained.

Chapter 168 Choose a path

Chapter 168 Choose a path
Whether it was going to be the rise of dark warriors like Ding Yan said. Or "the right path" like Zhu Llingdie said. They were not what Chu Yunsheng wanted eventually. He just wanted to survive and live better.

Ding Yan wanted him to create a new order. But Zhu Lingdie wanted him to join her to resume the old order.

There were insects outside the city; aliens inside the city. It seemed like nowhere in Jin Ling city was peaceful now.

He couldn't sleep at that night. While staring at the endless dark sky he suddenly felt very tired, maybe the dead people were much happier.

But people were reluctant to die, he was the same.

If Ding Yan had the ancient book, Chu Yyunsheng believed that he would definitely be able to rule the city and create a new order; if Zhu Lingdie had the ancient book, Chu Yunsheng believed that she would definitely be able to resume the order

Chu Yunsheng knew his limit, during the age of light he was just an ordinary office worker, if it weren't the book, he would be dead already.

But Ding Yan and Zhu Lingdie those people were from the upper class. They were nothing like him.

He might look stronger than others, but inside his mind, he was still an ordinary man. Ding Yan and Zhu Lingdie had their plans. But it seemed like he just tried to survive day by day.

This was also the reason why they had two different approaches. Ding Yan wanted to wait for the fight between the woman in the white dress and the cloaked man broke out. so he could gain advantages from it. but Zhu Lingdie wanted to use the woman in the white dress to resume their orders.

However, Chu Yunsheng himself was moaning internally that there wasn't a peaceful day.

He had thought about it,  he had thought about why he would feel annoyed by those things. At the end, he gave himself a conclusion, it was because he did not have any ambitions.

Living like a normal person was not an ambition, reach Yuan Tian stage three was not an ambition, they were more like the short term objectives he was forced to set by the current situation.

But what was his ambition really, Chu Yunsheng felt that finding his ambition was as difficult as writing an essay.

It was said that a person's personality decided one's fate, and the way of thinking led one’s path. He could not change his character to become like Ding Yan or Zhu Lingdie. He could only try to find ambitions that suitable to both himself and this world.

As he was thinking what he wanted to do the most in his mind. He felt like apart from he hoped that his family would live peacefully for rest of their lives. He didn't want to do any other things. When he was young, he wanted to become an adventurer, and now He was just curious about this new world and the secrets behind the book. However, he couldn't leave his family. Maybe one day when Jin Ling became a safe place and after his family settled down. He would set off his adventure to discover this world.

Then he let out a long sigh, and took out the ancient book.

Since the stone stele flew away, he had tried to find out the secret of the stone stele in the ancient book.

After the non-stop days and nights hard work by lecturer Tang and other professors, he could finally and barely understood few paragraphs.

With the strange experience he had in the past few days, he opened the book and started to read the book once again.

The information inside these few paragraphs was about the senior practitioner. He was heavily injured when he had a fight with his enemy who was chasing him. Accidentally he discovered the people in a human tribe were on their knees worshipping a stone stele.

Based on the information on the book, It seemed like the stone stele mentioned in the book was not as big as the one Chu Yunsheng discovered. The senior practitioner used "surprised" and "shocked" symbol several times to express his feeling at that time. According to the description, the human tribe around the stone stele was much smarter than the other human tribes at further regions, and the weapons they used were much more advanced than others.

The senior practitioner described that even he had travelled countless galaxies, he still could not understand that stone stele. All he knew was that the stone stele might have some connection with the myth that happened hundreds of millions of years ago. Because of this myth, the earth had become a battlefield for countless times. However, never once the winner of the battle discovered the secret behind the myth.

When Chu Yunsheng read here, he suddenly thought about the extinction of the dinosaur. Was it also because of the myth?  Or maybe the dinosaurs were not from the earth at all.

he shook his head to clear his thoughts. it seemed like he got carried away too far. Then he carried on reading.

At the very beginning, the people who came to the earth were either very famous overlord of the galaxies or the leaders of the civilizations. Because of the war, a lot of those overlords and leaders had fallen. Then the things that they left behind became the late comer’s treasures, and then it caused the wars and conflicts again and again…  The cycle repeated for a very long time until the myth was almost completed forgotten! if it wasn't that the senior practitioner lived for a very long time, he probably didn't even know about how this kind thing started.

Then Chu Yunsheng thought about the stuff that the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress were looking for. are they here for the treasures that left by those overlords? However, there was no evidence to support his assumption and the book also did not mention about what kind of treasures they left behind, so he carried on reading.

However the next paragraph was not completed deciphered, all he could understand was
"...the sudden and strange communication with the stone stele..."
"...hundreds of millions of years ago... Legendary and invincible seven sects….Qi Shǐzǔ
…. A rare race…."
"..Eliminated by a group called 'the great devil' in one night..."

The senior practitioner did not seem to be interested in the things left behind by the galaxies overlord and the leaders of the civilisations, it seemed like he only interested in the stone stele a lot.

It was a shame that his time was running out, and he could not study the stone stele.

A lot of things Chu Yunsheng did not understand, he had to guess what they meant based on the context. He could feel that the senior practitioner was worried about the great devil, the symbols like “quick”  “take out the treasure!” “eliminated the monsters” “to my world” repeat several times.

He sighed again. he still had no idea what he wanted to do even after reading the ancient book.  If The senior practitioner was still alive he would probably be very disappointed with him.

However, He still would not choose Ding Yan’s path, he also would not choose Zhu Lingdie’s path, because he knew for sure that was not something he wanted. It might take a long time to find his own path, but he was willing to wait.

At moment, he had to find the senior practitioner's treasure first.

It meant that he had to finish gathering the maps. Since the second map was found, he vaguely felt that the book was pointing at the north-west. He did not know where it was exactly, and he could not leave his auntie behind to find them either. So he had to eliminate all the threats first. The food problem, two alien's problem, and create a city that was safe for them to live.

According to Zhu Lingdie’s information, the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress were equally powerful, So he had rough idea how powerful they were.

If he wanted to kill them, only having level three talismans was not enough. He had to reach the peak of Yuan Tian stage two as soon as possible.

Also, he needed to go to the GRD to ask professor Sun what the anti-world was exactly. The ancient book did not seem to have any description about it.

The hazy shimmer slowly appeared in the sky as if it was challenging the endless darkness

“Maybe, helping Ding Yan and Yao Ziang to take control of the city is not a bad idea after all.” Chu Yunsheng was gazing at the glimmer of light and mumbled.

Chapter 167 the secret of jin ling

Chapter 167 the secret of jin ling

Not only Zhu Lingdie’s people saw the fight between Chu Yunsheng and the woman in the white dress, even Wu Kezhao also saw the fight.

“Sister Ligndie?” Su Yun hesitated after she saw the fight.

“Don’t move, let’s just wait here, we cannot deal any one of them." Zhu Lingdie said sternly

Chu Yunsheng was slowly walking down the icy roof. Although he was shocked and surprised, he did not panic this time.

The woman was even more powerful than he expected. Despite she was in the fight, she could still notice Zhu Lingdie who was on the ground in the dim light. That meant that she did not use all of her strength during the fight. But it did not mean that he would not have a chance. Because of the cloaked man, most of the high-level offensive talismans he had were mainly used to counterattack the fire element energy. If he had a lot of high level of fire element offensive talisman, he thought that he would definitely be able to give her some pressure.

“what happened?” asked Ding Yan. All the walls had frost and it was extremely cold.  Everyone was still in the state of panic after Chu Yunsheng signalled them to come out.

“remember the woman in the white dress I told you. She was here, and she left.” Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

"let's talk it in the meeting room." Ding Yan knitted his brows then glanced over the crowd and said.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head,:"Zhu Lingdie is outside, tell Ye Qisheng to open the gate and take her here. Everyone can go back to their rooms now!"

He turned around and saw Chu han’s face was filled with worry. :"Auntie, go, have a rest. It's fine, I'll deal with it. Nothing serious." he held her cold hand and smiled to her.

---------------------------7th-floor meeting room.-------------------

A few senior member was already sat here, Chu Yunsheng had told them what happened and including why Zhu Lingdie was here.

:"Mr.Chu do you know if she is a human or not?" Ding Yan thought for a second and asked.

:"I'm not sure, she looks exactly like us, the only strange thing is how she speaks." Chu Yunsheng tried to remember every detail and said.

"she seems to know a lot of secrets, she also knows about the cloaked man and seems to know a lot about him. The possibility of her isn't a human is very high And more importantly, Mr.Chu can you defeat her?" Ding Yan stared at him.

“if I did not prepare anything, I will definitely lose. If I have preparation, she won’t be able to defeat me easily.” Chu Yunsheng said calmly.

"Mr.Chu as long as you are confident to give her pressure, then things will be easy. It does not matter what they want to do. At the moment, It does not affect us much. Even if you just lost the fight, it is not a bad thing at all. at least she will not be focusing on us anymore.

I think not only Zhu Lingdie was watching the fight, probably Fang Yuehou and the cloaked man will also receive the same information as well.  Now, one of them is supporting deputy chief commander fang, the other is supporting deputy chief commander Zhu. They wanted to control the city so badly that they even disregard the insects outside the city. Sooner or later there will be an internal conflict.

Mr. Chu we also need to prepare for the conflict. Comparing to the cloaked man, the woman in the white dress seemed to be more “friendly” to humankind. I suggest we join Zhu lingdie and use the woman in the white dress to suppress the cloaked man. It will give us some time to reserve our strength.

We can watch them fight until the end!”

"Who are those people!? The world has already become like this, and they still want fight each other? Do they think we have not lost enough people’s lives." Yao Xiang was very quiet early on, but when he heard that the people are still fighting against themselves at this time, he just couldn't stand it.

"you are not them, how do you know what they really want? Maybe in their mind the anti-world and cubic object are much more important than human lives, to them, maybe we are no different than the insects outside!" Ding Yan said slowly.

"once they found what they looking for, they will probably just leave us to die!" Ding Yan sneered.

"they are not human, but those senior officials at GCH they are human. Why they are messing around with them? Do they not care about the human future anymore?" said Yao Xiang.

"that question we will need to ask lady Zhu! She is the deputy chief commander zhu’s daughter." Ding Yan smiled while looking at Chu Yunsheng who was in the state of deep thinking.

“let her in.”

Zhu Lingdie was patiently waiting outside until she was let in.

“Commander Zhu, she told me why you here. So just save everyone's time. Tell me who that woman is." Chu Yunsheng still called her commander, after all, his clan was still in her regiment.

"that woman?" Zhu Lingdie frowned.

"commander Zhu, don't tell me you have been watching the fight for so long and you still don't know who I am talking about. If you want to persuade me, at least be sincere." Chu Yunsheng also knitted his brows.

"brother Chu, you may have misunderstood something. Indeed, I know something,  but what I know may even be less than what you know. Even I am the daughter of the deputy chief commander, I still could not get access to many classified information." Zhu Lingdie seemed to mock herself.

"Tell me what you know, including the anti-world and the cloaked man." Chu Yunsheng said even more sternly. "We are both humans!" he suddenly added.

Zhu Lingdie looked at Chu Yunsheng and there was a slight surprise flashed past her eyes. After a moment of silent, she started to talk:" when the former chief commander was still alive, and when we still had not resumed the contact with the capital. Some people at the top started to have a second thought. Since Jin Ling city was heavily guarded, and there weren't any insects inside the city, the insects outside the city also were not as dangerous as now, So Some people attempted to overthrow the old government and started to build their own, to establish their own order.

In order to eliminate the increasing number of the rebel forces, the former chief commander started to forcibly recruit the dark warriors into the military in the name of fighting the insects for the first time. He hoped that he could use the force to eliminate them once for all.

However, he started to discover more and more GCH’s senior officials also involved in the rebellion. Not only he could not eliminate them, instead, those people had infiltrated into the military. The rebel’s counterattack was the direct cause of the GCH’s power to be split. It was the reason why three major headquarters became a thing later on.

It was at that time, a cloaked man you talked about appeared, he came to the former chief commander and told him that he could help him to defeat the gradually increased rebel force's dark warrior. It was said that he had listed out a lot of conditions, I don’t know exactly what the conditions were, but I know one of those conditions. It was to use live human’s brain to feed red shells. At that time, they said that they did it in order to study the insect’s habits and characteristics.

Because of infiltration or maybe because of some other reasons, at that time, 10 major divisions had different opinions about eliminating the rebel forces. the former chief commander realised that he could no longer control the military, so he reluctantly accepted the cloaked man’s conditions. Soon the rebel forces were wiped out by the cloaked man, and the internal conflict was eventually over.

However, because of those secret conditions, the former chief commander and the cloaked never stopping arguing.

The cloaked man even started to hunt low ranking dark warriors privately and use their brains to feed the red shells.

When the number of the dark warriors went missing started to increase rapidly,  it finally alerted a lot of people, a lot of dark warriors started to turn against the GCH, they all thought that because of many dark warriors were lack of discipline, it resulted in GCH executing the dark warrior privately. That was the truth behind the last major dark warrior’s conflict, and it was listed as a classified information.

After the conflict, the dispute between the former chief commander and the cloaked man had reached its peak. The cloaked man had turned and went to support the hidden rebel forces which were led by Fang Yuehou. He attacked the former chief commander and told outside the former chief commander was suddenly sick.

The new chief commander we have now is just a puppet.

At the same night, when the former chief commander was sent to the hospital and when the chaos caused by the insect suddenly broke out inside the city.  Fang Yuehou’s force started to slaughter all the forces that supported the former chief commander

It was at that time, the woman in the white dress appeared. She found my father and told my father she would help us. I don’t know who she is, my father never told me. But I know that night, she had a fierce fight with the cloaked man, eventually, they both could not defeat each other, and at the end, they had a negotiation where Fang Yuehou needed to withdraw their forces and move them to the front line...


In terms of the anti-world you talked about, I don’t know anything about it. I have heard my father talked about that. It seemed like Jin Ling city was the entrance to somewhere that they have to go. You should go to GRD, professor Sun might know something about it.


Now you know, there are a lot of reasons behind it, it is not like what rumours says, it is not just some ridiculous the power struggle reasons, the world has changed, it is no longer the world we are familiar with. We are just trying to find a way to survive. Fang Yuehuo and my father chose two different options...

…. I’ll find a time to arrange you to meet with my father...


After Zhu Lingdie left, Chu Yunsheng went to the roof to smoke the cigarette. He did not go to find professor Sun straightaway. He was just staring at the city centre and thinking something.

What she said had totally inverted the “history” he knew.

The chaotic world…The dark world..... The saha world… humans...

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Chapter 166 the battle on the roof

Chapter 166 the battle on the roof
Whenever the hazy shimmer disappeared from the sky and when the world resumed its darkness, All kinds of strange things could happen in Jin Ling city.

For example, right now, a strange thing was happening on the roof of the office building. One man and one woman were quietly standing on each side of the roof. The man was wearing the armour and had the sword in his hand; the woman just had a simple white a dress, and both of them were staring at each other.

Chu Yunsheng wasn't wrong, the white shadow  indeed stopped at the office building’s roof and she was indeed the woman he met twice before,  she didn't even seem to change her dress at all.

He didn't know if this woman was an enemy or a friend. In reality, there was no such thing as killing intent he could detect.

He also didn't know if he could defeat this woman or not because there was not much information he could use to compare.

She just a cold and expressionless strange visitor. She didn't seem to be afraid of Chu Yunsheng's armour at all.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to move. Because he wasn't sure. The first time he encountered her, he was shocked, but he could feel that the woman was very powerful, the second time when she appeared on the top of a monster which head could be split into several parts, he could clearly feel that she was stronger than him.

Both times, she didn't attack him, especially the second time, she also saved some humans.

So Chu Yunsheng wasn't sure about her intentions. But there was one thing he was sure of. She wasn't here to take a break or to enjoy the views on the roof.

So he was on a high alert, he didn't dare to let his guard down.

The woman seemed like she was thinking something, then she slowly raised her right hand and casually draw a line in the mid-air. The tip of her index finger was filled with powerful ice energy.

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng also started to wave the sword. This woman started using her ability without even talk to him first. No matter what her intention was, it was definitely not a friendly one.

Luckily he had prepared, he wanted to cast out his sword fighting technique straightway to gain advantages.

However, the woman was faster than Chu Yunsheng expected.


The highly dense energy shot out from the tip of the woman's finger and flew towards Chu Yunsheng at an incredible speed. While The energy was still travelling in the air, it expanded to a strange vicious monster shape that Chu Yunsheng had never seen before.


Chu Yunsheng tried his best to break the ice monster's head. Despite the sharp pain in both hands caused by the impact, he still charged towards the woman in the white dress. In his mind, he had to protect the building and defeat this woman.

With the tier two sword, he didn't believe the word could not make a hole on her body.

But when he just broke the ice monster's head, the woman's second attack arrived. His feet were trapped by the ice and locked onto the roof. The frozen area quickly spread to his legs until it froze his whole body.

He was frozen into an ice sculpture!


He infused the Yuan Qi into the sword and drilled out of the ice!

It might look like he was able to withstand the attack. But his body still remembered the freezing temperature when he was inside the ice. Even he got out of the ice very quickly, but his body still couldn't stop shaking.

The power of her ice energy attack and the speed the ice spread across his body was even more powerful than the ice dark warriors’ in his entire company combined.

But the woman didn't seem to want to give him a break. The third wave of attack closely followed. It was a cloud of bayonet made of ice. Each one of the bayonets contained deadly ice energy.

Only now did Chu Yunsheng realized that he couldn't defeat this woman, she cast out three attacks, but he couldn't even unleash a sword fighting techniques. She was stronger and faster than him.

She was even stronger than a flame bird.

Since the tier two armour was completed, even the purple flame monster couldn't damage his armour, but those bayonets could create scratches and even deep dents on his combat armour!

He couldn't afford to let her carry on casting out the ability like this anymore. If he couldn't counterattack anytime soon, his energy would all be wasted on defending.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and ignored the cloud of bayonets. He roared and break out the cloud of bayonets then cast out his sword fighting technique!

Twelve sword Qi instantly burst out from the sword, the sword Qi was formed in a straight horizontal line to destroy rest of the bayonets in front of him and shot towards the woman.

However, the sword didn't penetrate woman or blast woman into pieces like what he expected. There were two beams of light shot out from the woman’s eyes and collide with 12 sword Qi.

The tip of the sword Qi was instantly frozen in the collision, then it started to slowly freeze the entire sword Qi, at the end the sword Qi lost its energy and drop on the ground and smashed into pieces.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, although he knew  that he should not lose concentration during the fight, he had never fought with someone could easily block the sword Qi.

He could not retreat, he could not be defeated and he could not die. Because his family was in the basement of the building underneath him. He did not know what this woman would do after she killed him? But the was sure that what cloaked man would do, otherwise the fire king Qi Xuan would not ask Ding Yan to take care of his son.

Chu Yunsheng’s armour was constantly attacked by the cloud of the bayonets. It was severely damaged,  Chu Yunsheng immediately took out one of the level three talismans he had - “Li Huo Fu”!

He clenched Li Huo Fu on his hand and started to infuse Yuan Qi into the talisman. Instantly all the fire element in the space around them was converged to his left hand. In the cloud of ice bayonets, the violent fire energy was very dazzling.

A moment later, a beam of red light shot out from Chu Yunsheng’s left hand and exploded in the mid-air. Instantly the space around them started to rain fire.

Li Huo Fu was a level three talisman, even Chu Yunsheng was at Yuan Tian stage two, he still could not unleash its full power. However, it was still very powerful.

Within a minute the cloud of ice bayonets was melted and disappeared.

At the same time.

“Huh?” the woman seemed to be surprised.

She was distracted, it was a great chance! Chu Yunsheng noticed the woman was distracted by the fire, he immediately took the opportunity to cast out the sword fighting technique the second time.

This time he merged twelve sword Qi together to form a single bright beam and cast out at the woman.

At the same time, he also leapt forward, raised the sword up high, attempted to hack the woman.

Frozen, and destroyed, then frozen again, and destroyed again.

The single beam of the sword Qi was trying so hard to push towards the woman in the white dress. The woman knitted her beautiful brows then she casually moved her left hand to pinch the sword Qi.

Chu Yunsheng was not far from the woman, he could clearly hear high pitched frequency caused by the energy inside sword Qi vibrating rapidly. 

Then! crack!

The sword Qi was once again broken and disappeared.

While Chu Yunsheng was still in the air, the woman reached his right hand out, a weapon made of ice instantly formed in her palm. Then she waved the ice weapon to knock away Chu Yunsheng Qian Bi sword.

Chu Yunsheng was hit and flew backwards until he fell on the ground.

Qian Bi sword only made a crack on the ice weapon, then the woman casually threw it away, it instantly became snowflakes and then dissipated in the air.

“You have been qualified to go to the “Anti-world” with us.” surprisingly the woman did not carry on attacking him. She just said lightly.

“Us? Anti-world” then Chu Yunsheng suddenly realised what she was talking about:”you? You are with the cloaked man!?”  Chu Yunsheng clenched the sword.

“You are very scared of him?” the white woman looked at the Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng just stared at her, did not say anything.

“You knew his existence, but you can’t tell the difference between us. All you have just little bit power. A foolish human!” the woman seemed to lose her interested and said:”That Zhu Yatou has arrived, she is on my side! Remember, if you don’t want to be the cloaked man’s puppet, this is your only choice. Otherwise, even I don't kill you, he will….”

“What is the anti-world? Are you looking for a cubic object?” Chu Yunsheng ignored her comment about his intelligence, He just wanted to know what was going on.

“Not bad, you still know something. When you made your decision, and if you are still alive, then come to me.” the woman just stopped there and flew away….

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Chapter 165 the coming storm

Chapter 165 the coming storm
While the blood was shed in front of the office building.  A black Audi car drove out of the city centre and headed towards the west district.

“Sister Lingdie, since deputy chief commander Zhu also wanted to ask Chu Yunsheng to join his side, why he still asked you to persuade him on that day with Zheng Weibo?  That Zheng person was Fāng Yuèhóu’s man." Su Yun was sitting on the right-hand side of the Zhu Lingdie. She was confused.

"Because Chu Yunsheng will not accept it. I was there because i wanted to know what is his bottom line" Zhu Lingdie give out a charming smile, but her eyes were filled with a stern look.

“Bottom line? Sister Lingdie, do you think he will join us?” Su Yun asked.

"I don’t know, maybe he will choose to be neutral, maybe he wants to see what we can offer him." she said slowly. However, her expression was not at ease at all. She still remembered what her father told her at the secret meeting. She didn't think she would be able to persuade this man to join her side.

"he is really a strange man. Many people would love to keep a beautiful celebrity with them, but he thinks she is trouble and gave her to us. Instead, he feeds a building of people has no benefit to him at all. He doesn't seem to be short of food as well.  he also has a very good relationship with the GRD, even better than we have. But he doesn't look like a smart man! Why would professor Sun and even the professor Fang want to help him? What exactly does he want!?" Su Yun was very confused.

"safety! A strange level of safety!" Zhu Lingdie simply said, originally she wanted to use a freak to describe Chu Yunsheng, but then she thought it would damage her image. So she just used word “strange” to describe him.

"safety? That is a truly strange thing, nowadays who else can harm him Jin Ling city?.......even the king of dark warrior……" then she suddenly stopped there. She seemed to realize something, and what she realized seemed to surprise her:" is it because of the man behind Fang Yuehou!?" she mumbled.

In the next second, the expressionless woman next to the driver seat suddenly moved over to the back seat in an incredible speed and pressed down Su Yun’s upper body very hard.


The bullet she fired instantly penetrated the roof of the car and flew toward a building behind them.

At the same time, a fiery bullet was fired towards them. Both bullets collide with each other and burst out a fire cloud.

Immediately, the woman in the trench coat fired another two shots. This time The bullets exploded in the building behind them. and a man's scream seemed to appear at the same time when the bullets exploded.

But the thing was not over yet. There were around 5 dark warriors who were dressing in black jumped out from the dark corners of the street and charged towards the car.

The driver immediately speeded up the car, and the woman in the trench coat opened the sunroof with her cold expression and hooked the dark energy gun on the top of the car started to strafe!

Zhu Lingdie was holding Su Yun who started to panic and sneered:"some people are running out of their patience!"


In a dark warrior's resident in the west district.

Wu Kezhao was walking back and forth anxiously in the living room. A dozen of his men was also nervously waiting for his decision on the side.

“join them? Or not join them?” Wu Kezhao was constantly mumbling about it. He often didn't need to make such complicated decision. But he didn't have anyone smart in his clan.

:"boss, should we just wait. We all know that captain Chu just refused the GCH’s. It is too risky for us to make a decision now." one of his men suggested.

:"you are so short-sighted. Boss, I think we should join captain Chu right now. He is not an ordinary man….." another man said.

:"Lao Hei has a point, I just went to the office building today, I saw their ice and fire team. Everyone was wearing the same armour as the captain chu. Originally one of guy I knew was almost as powerful as me. But now he much stronger than me!” said one of the dark warriors who standing next to Lao Hei.

:"I still think we should wait, who knows what would GCH do to them!" said another man.

"boss we shouldn't listen to Er Lengzi. I suggest we should join them right now… if we miss this opportunity…"

"how can you be so sure that GCH won't do anything to that chu person?"

"boss …."

“stop! Stop! All of you!.....” Wu Kezhao’s thought was instantly disrupted by their argument.

Nowadays, the insects had retreated. But the storm was not over.  Everyone was trying to join a side that would be able to stand to the end.

If they chose the wrong side.  The answer would be very obvious!

"let me talk to him first, I'll decide later!" Wu Kezhao gritted his teeth and said.

Meanwhile, the same thing was happening in all other small clans over the west district. Tonight was bound to be a sleepless night.


The office building in the west district.

“I think this means tree!” lecturer Tang suggested.

“I think that looks like a grass…” said another old man.

“no, you are all wrong! It should be…..” a slightly young woman said.

“let me have a look!” after Chu Yunsheng had already made armour for his men. so he spent most of the time with those researchers.

Everyone gave their draft to Chu Yunsheng. But no one knew how exactly Chu Yunsheng was going to make his conclusion.

All of them had gathered privately try to discuss what kind of secrets are behind those texts before. But none of them had any answers.

Just when Chu Yunsheng got the document, he heard people shouting and screaming outside the building.

Since he wiped out Yue Jin’s clan, no one dared to create any trouble around the office building, so he was confused.

He knitted his brows and roughly glanced at the documents. Then he heard some noises appeared on the ground floor. He closed the document, walked out the “research room” and walked downstairs. Then he bumped into Ye Qisheng who was with a kid.

A kid? No, two kids? At first, Chu Yunsheng thought it was just one kid and the kid was covered with blood. Then he saw an infant in the kid’s arm.

“what happened?” said Chu Yunsheng.

"some ruthless bastards trying to kill this kid. Oh right, this kid just recruited by brother Ding. He has a special wood element ability." Ye Qisheng paused for a second:" but I have heard from Duan Danian saying that his ability is very weak and didn't seem to improve."

"wood element ability?" Chu Yunsheng looked at Mo Wuluo again from top to the bottom with curiosity. An abnormally skinny kid that covered with blood, there was a big wound on his arm. But he still used the injured arm to hold the infant tightly. The kid bowed his head down didn't dare to look at Chu Yunsheng.

"warped him up and give him some medicines." Chu Yunsheng said casually:" why did they want to kill him?" he asked

"those animals wanted the infant……. They are not human!" Ye Qisheng said coldly.

"you guys have enough food to eat, of course, you will say that! Take Xiao Mo to his room and give him some treatment. I need to talk to Mr.Chu." said Ding Yan who just came from the downstairs.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. Is the food problem this severe now!? but he still had no idea how he could improve the GRD’s food processing machine…..

"I….I don't need medicine, it will recover itself…. I just need something to eat…. Just little bit…” Mo Wuluo was very scared. His voice was getting lower and lower.

He still didn't dare to look at Chu Yunsheng. All the people he saw were talking to the man in front of him in very carefully and respectfully tone. Even those people in the red armour. Mo Wuluo had joined so many clans, so he knew this man was a very important man in this building, even if this man was not a leader, but this man was definitely at the top of this clan.

He was worried that Chu Yunsheng would kick him out because of injury, after all, the medicine was almost as important as the food. But if he could get some food, he would recover very soon.

However, Chu Yunsheng suddenly changed his facial expression. His face was filled with shock and fear.

"Lao Ding, quick take all the people to the basement! Ye Qisheng, you go upstairs to escort my family to the basement, quick!” Chu Yunsheng shouted. As he was shouting the armour also appeared around him. It instantly scared Mo Wuluo away.

"without my signal, don't come out! Even Yao Xiang and Lu Yu as well!" then Chu Yunsheng disappeared in front of them.

Just now, he noticed a white shadow flashed by the windows. And he could feel the shadow was heading the office building’s roof.

That shadow he was also very familiar with, it was the woman in the white dress, who he had also encountered twice.

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Chapter 164 whoever offended office building, kill!

Chapter 164 whoever offended office building, kill!
The night was dark as usual. In the vast land, there was only one city shine a dim light in the darkness and It was struggling to survive.

The beautiful night scenes of Jin Ling city was long gone. Every day there were people died of all kind of reasons, and people didn't seem to have any reactions to it at all.

Compare to the bright city central, the west district was a lot of darker.

Most of the streets were pitch black, but they were not empty because most often people would try to look for mice in the dark places.


Mo Wuluo just had his 16th birthday, but no one apart from his cousin's three years old daughter was there to celebrate his birthday.

He was a dark warrior, but the sad thing was his ability couldn't even reach rank 1 rating.

If it wasn't that his ability was a wood element, he would have probably already died.

He had joined a lot of clans, and it was so many that he had already lost count. The reason why he changed so frequently was simple, he was kicked out.

Many people thought he had a potential because he was young, so they treated him well. But after a while, they all found out that his strength didn't increase at all and his ability couldn't heal any injuries.

Since the insects surrounded the city and most of the food was handed over to the GCH, most of the clans didn't have any spare food to give out, So after they discovered his strength couldn't increase they all kicked him out.

But Mo Wuluo just a kid, he was not strong enough to join the military, he wasn't a beauty, so no one would want to feed him. At the end, he had to lie in order to get into other clans and then try to survive in the clan as long as he could.

But there were not many clans he could lie to. Eventually, everyone knew about him and no one believed him anymore.

Mo Wuluo tried every method he could think of to get the food. Joined the refugees to beg for the food, looked for some small animals he could eat. A lot of refugees suggested him to get rid of his "little sister", Just get food for himself. But he refused. Every Time when there was food, he will let his "little sister" eat first.

He was living like that until he and his "little sister" had anything to eat for a long time. He felt that if he couldn't find food soon, he and his "little sister" would die from the starvation. Some of the dark warriors he knew told him should go to an office building in the west district. There was a new clan over there, He should give it a try and It seemed like he had no other choice now.

So a 16 years old Mo Wuluo carried his "little sister" moved to the west district from the north district. On the way, he made a naive decision that he would regret for the rest of his life. He thought that if the clan noticed he was carrying an infant, they would not take him in. if they thought he was alone, he might be able to stay in the clan for a long time. Then he could just sneak out to feed his "little sister".

So he found a dark place and hide his "little sister", and he went to the office building alone.

But unfortunately he was immediately recognized by one of a fat dark warrior, then he was kicked out. When he lost all his hope and thinking about ending his own life. A middle-aged skinny man stopped him. The man looked at him for a very long time using his ice cold stare.  It made Mo Wuluo constantly shivering. But then it shocked him when he was told that He was allowed to stay in the clan and he could bring his family member as well!

Mo Wuluo instantly turned around and started to run. It was not that he ran away from the offer, it was that he wanted to tell his "little sister" what happened. He wanted to share the happiness with his "little sister". Although his "little sister" was just a three years old kid, she was the only person he could talk to.

However, when he returned to the place where he kept his "little sister", his mind went blank! His "little sister" was gone!

He went to all the places he could think of like a crazy person, but he still could not find anything.   At that moment, he burst into tears, he realised that his "little sister" was the only thing that kept him survive this long, his "little sister" was the only thing that could help him go through the days living in this cruel and bloody city.

He knew what happened to the "little sister". Because he had heard of people saying that some starving people enjoyed the flesh of…..  He was filled with remorse and shame. He could not stop thinking about what is going to happen to her.

He tried to break his own hand to stop himself from losing mind, but it still did not help him much

“Miǎomiǎo, where are you… where are you…..” he was constantly shouting his little sister's name on the cold and heartless dark street. But no one responded.

The more he shouted, the more miserable and desperate his voice was.

The refugees on the side of the street were woken up by him, but all they did was looking at him then sighed in silent.

Suddenly, Mo Wuluo heard a kid crying. His body started to shake violently. He did not remember exactly how he still has the strength to run. But when he heard the kid cry, he lost his mind completed!

The voice came from a residential building. Mo Wuluo climbed up the building with an incredible speed.  When he was facing the cold door, he gathered all his strength and broke open the door.

There were around 5 people inside the room, they were panic when they saw someone broke in, but when they noticed it was just a kid, they were relieved.  Everyone was looking at Mo Wuluo with their ghostly face.

Mo Wuluo had already forgotten the bloody scenes he saw in the room because his eyesight was locked onto a kid --- his "little sister" Miao Miao!

Happy, excitement, scare...worried …. All kinds of feeling appeared in his mind in a split second. He charged forward without any single moment of hesitation, he pushed over a male and a female, but then his back was stabbed. Despite the pain, he held the crying "little sister" on his arm and held it tightly.

“I am from the office building” Mo Wuluo tried to scare them away. But those people did not believe it at all.

“Kill this kid, don’t let him runway!” a tall man said coldly.

Instantly three men and two women blocked the exit and started to surround Mo Wuluo.  They were slowly approaching him with the knife that was still dripping blood.

Mo Wuluo grited his teeth and ran to the balcony then jumped off from the third floor!

Even he tried to use his ability to protect himself, but his left leg was still broken!

Run! I have to run! If they catch me, then we are dead! Mo Wuluo was shouting in his mind!

This place was not far from the office building, once he got there, he would be safe. Those people at the office building would definitely protect him.

He was holding his "little sister", dragging his broken left leg and trying his best to move towards the office building while he was still bleeding.

"fuck" shouted a man from the third floor. Three men and two women were looking down from the balcony on the third floor then they went back in immediately. But they did not give up. From the cursing sound they made, Mo Wuluo could hear that they were running down the stairs.

“HELP! HELP!” Mo Wuluo was shouting while running, it shocked many refugees. but there were not any police.

A man who ran the fastest caught up with him and stabbed him several times.  Mo Wuluo was about to collapse. But with his half-closed eye, he could see the office building’s door was in front of him. :"HELP, HELP, I AM Mo Wuluo, from the office building!....” he used last bit of his energy to shout it out.

"Brother, why are you stop chasing!" a shorter guy who ran slower than the others asked. He could not stop panting when he finally arrived. but everyone else had already stopped chasing.

“Fcuk, he is really from the Office building, Run!” the tall man shouted in panic. Everyone in the west district knew who lived in this building.

But it was too late for them to run away.  Two red shadows flew out of the entrance with the extremely high heat. Both men were wearing the red armours and caught them in a split second

One of the armoured men stabbed the tall man with a long spear, he held the man up high and said coldly:"whoever offended office building, KILL!"

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Chapter 163 stone stele flew away

Chapter 163 stone stele flew away
Chu Yunsheng was looking at the black stone stele, but his mind was filled with the images of his ancestors, all the scenes seemed to be marked into this memory, it was very clear.

That old man in the white robe was probably the senior practitioner. and it seemed like the senior practitioner had noticed him.

Why a long sigh? What was he trying to say? Chu Yunsheng was baffled.

However, the scene was instantly changed to the vast and boundless space. Then his “time travel” was ended without any sign.

During the whole time travel journey, he was like an observer. he couldn't talk, couldn't interact with them. The stone stele also didn't give him a second chance.

For a long time Chu Yunsheng still could not recover from this “retrospection”, no matter how good a person could manage their emotions, they still could not calm down after they had experienced entire 5000 years of history and realised that the reality did not change at all.

Professor Sun did not tell him anything about this “retrospection” would happen, it meant that no one else apart from him had experienced it.

But why, he thought. He did not think he was some special people, whatever happened to him would eventually happen to other people as well. Unless it had something to do with the ancient book.

The senior practitioner must have written down some information about the stele. Why he was injured? What exactly happened! Chu Yunsheng was baffled.

Before the insects initiate attack once again, i needed to hurry up decipher the symbols! He told himself again.

What exactly happened 5000 years ago? What did senior practitioner discover?

Maybe all the answers are in the book.

Chu Yunsheng could not wait any longer, he wanted to get back to the office building as soon as possible.


All of sudden, An ear-piercing frequency started to ripple through the entire Jin Ling City from the stone stele,  The vibration was so severe to the extent where the city and everything around was shaking.

It was the most disturbing sound that everyone on earth would not want to hear it. It was like a piercing shrillness of the metal-scratching-metal sound, but 100 times worse.

Everyone including Chu Yunsheng all covered their ears trying to block the sound. But it didn't seem to work.

A soldier couldn't stand the vibration collapsed on the ground and rolling around in pain.

Then more and more people started to fall on the ground like a domino effect!

Chu Yunsheng also didn't hold on for very long. The sound made him feel like his head was about to explode!

He was on his knee and using his hands to cover his ears. He tried so hard that the blood vessels started to swell on his face.

The sonic wave was constantly rippling through the city. Men; women, kids, soldiers, refugees, Everyone in the city was either on their knees or rolling on the ground.

The beeping sound did not seem to stop after it reached the defence lines. It even rippled through the river and reached the swarm.


The tombs that human was trying so hard to destroy started to swell up and burst one after another!

The swarm was retreating as fast as they could, it was like they knew the vibration was going to wipe them out if they don't run away.

The beeping sound lasted for almost 10 minutes, but Chu Yunsheng felt like it was even longer than 5000 years.


The world suddenly went quiet. Then everyone inside the city started to vomit.

The food Chu Yunsheng just had not long ago was all over the ground. He couldn't feel his strength, all he could do was raise his head to look at the stone stele in a great shock.

At the same time, the stele suddenly moved a little bit. The sky above it started to have a visible turbulence,  then the turbulence became stronger and stronger until it formed a giant whirlwind.

In the centre of the whirlwind, a beam of sunlight that had been disappeared from earth for a very long time shed on the dark stone stele. it made the stone stele looked sacred and solemn.

The stone stele was being slowly lifted up higher and higher until it reached the centre of vertex and disappeared in everyone's eyesight.

"I understand it now! I understand it now!" professor Fang jumped up from the ground and suddenly grasped professor Sun's arm:" Lao Sun, I understand it now! We were wrong! All wrong! I understand it now! So that's how it should be!......” he shouted.

Professor Fang was so excited that he totally forget he should stay calm at this moment.

“Lao Fang, are you alright!?” professor Sun was worried that the high pitch frequently might damage his brain.

“of course, quick! Lao Sun, let's go back! This time I need you to assist me. I need to start experiment right now!” professor Fang did not want to wait any longer, he was scared that his inspiration would disappear all of sudden.

“xiao Chu, come with us, let me get you a gun, then we will ask people to send you back." professor Sun was holding the professor Fang who was constantly mumbling about something, he sounded extremely worried.


After Chu Yunsheng got back from the GRD, he checked the progress of deciphering the symbols. Then around 50 new words were added to his personal dictionary.

Jin Ling city was very quiet in the past few days, all the defence line were very quiet, even all the dark fogs on the river were also disappeared.

When the stone stele lifted off, it almost destroyed half of tombs.

And during this quiet days, the only thing that made him happy was he finally completely deciphered the Yuan Tian stage two's cultivation method. He was finally able to cultivate Yuan Qi once again. When he recited the cultivation incantations, he noticed that his cultivation speed slightly increased a little bit, although it was just a little bit, but he could still clearly feel it.

He was not sure if it had something to do with the beeping sound or not. But professor Fang seemed to be affected by it. He also heard that their lab had a huge breakthrough.

Ding Yan still couldn't find anyone who had a special ability other than the ice and fire. So at the moment he just left it aside.

But he already selected 12 people, although Chu Yunsheng told him that they did not have to be very powerful, Ding Yan still only selected people that were rank 2 and above.

Then Chu Yunsheng split 12 people into two groups, Yao Xiang led the fire team and Lu Yu led ice team.

Those two teams were going to be the backbone of his force. Chu Yunsheng had prepared the tier 1 armour and weapons for every single one of them.

After he studied the new symbols, he realized that the tier 1 armour also had two levels, level 2 was almost three times powerful than level 1, but it also required a lot of raw material, time and energy to make it.  However, Chu Yunsheng was busy deciphering the symbol and increasing his own strength. His time was also limited, so he only made two level two tier 1 armour, one for each team leaders, and every team members only have level one tier 1 armour.

Not only he needed to prepare for the insect’s attack, he also needed to prepare for deputy chief commander Fang’s action.

Although both of them were very quiet at the moment, Chu Yunsheng didn't think both of them would let it go that easily.

So he needed to hurry up!


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Chapter 162 touch the stone stele

Chapter 162 touch the stone stele 
When Chu Yunsheng saw the stone stele, his facial expression wasn't any better than other people.

The stele was about 100 meters high 10 meters thick and 30 meters wide. The stone stele was pure black. But that was not strange. The strange thing was such big piece object was levitated in the air!

Originally some part of it was still buried underneath the ground. But when GRD removed all the soil around it. They discovered that it was levitated in the air!

What was more surprising was, no matter what kind of machine they used to move it. It wouldn't even move an inch! As if it was locked there.

It just floated there as if what happened to this world has nothing to do with it. Its dark surface was very smooth, there weren't any marks, patterns or symbols on it, it just looked like an ordinary black slab stone.

:"we used all the methods we could think of to test it, no reaction from it at all! At the beginning, we were scared that we might damage it, so we were very careful when doing the test on it. Later on, we found out that no matter how we tried to break it, it won't even cause a scratch on its surface!” professor Sun sighed while touching the stone stele.

“bullet couldn't make a scratch, the bomb couldn't make a dent, even the sharpest cutting machine we have couldn't do anything to it! We tried to burn it, freeze it and use all kinds of dark warrior's abilities on it. No reactions at all!”

“This thing is definitely not created by human, Its existence has gone beyond anything we can understand, and even the new dark theory cannot explain its existence!” professor Fang raised his head and looking at the top of the stone stele. He was upset. He had been doing the research for his entire life, but he still couldn't explain what this is.

Chu Yunsheng originally thought this thing might have some connections with the ancient book. It might even be the treasure that the senior practitioner left behind. But when he stood in front of the stele, the book had no reaction at all.

"you can touch it, it's material…" said professor Sun

Chu Yunsheng opened his hand and reached out, he gently put his palm on the stele….


Chu Yunsheng was shocked! Everything around him disappeared!

He had this kind of feeling before, it just happened three days ago, when he fought with “min” over who takes control of the consciousness.

The only difference was he was not dragged into a colourful channel this time. he could see every blood vessels and every Rong Yuan cells flowing inside his body.

Then a seemingly ancient and powerful force appeared on the palm. Instantly, he was pulled into Into a even more micro world.

In the vast and empty space, floated a long string of spiral object looked like a gene.
The gene was glowing from bottom to the top when the force reached it. Then he started to see more an more gene,  soon, all of them were covered by the force

Then he was instantly "pulled up", so many genes became smaller and smaller in "his eyes" until he saw the world that was filled with them.


Chu Yunsheng had totally lost his “freedom”, he couldn't do anything but seeing the scenes changed quickly in front of him until once again he arrived at that colourful channel.

All his memories had gushed out, even including the memory of the ancient books. The force completely ignored the existence of the book.

Compare to this force, Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel that the power of “min” and “ancient book” both were so minute!

He was going through the colourful channel in a great panic. until reached its end, he saw the world once again. At that moment, his heart started to beat fast like never before

He saw the sun!

Then he discovered another “him” below his “consciousness”.

He noticed that he was at the cemetery that he was familiar with.

Another “him” was on his knee sobbing next a grave and auntie’s family was standing next to him with sadness all over their faces.

He realised where this place was now, it was the place where he buried his parents. When he wanted to get close, the space around them suddenly gets distorted!

Next moment, he was in a surgery room in a hospital, then he saw a woman looked like his mom when she was young. She was lying on the bed, and a man looked like his father when he was young, and he was waiting anxiously outside the surgery room.

Suddenly a sound of baby crying appeared.

“it's a boy!.... A boy!........”

When he wanted to take a close look. The space around him distorted once again…...

A moment later, his surrounding was changed once again, he was in an old house, and the house belonged to his grandfather.

“Father, it's all over the newspaper, the college entrance examination has been resumed(1.)! Please let me try it! Please!" said a young man in a blue shirt who looked his father, but he seemed to be even younger and very skinny.

“No! Stay at the factory and focus on your job, I'll find you a wife in two years time, it is much better than going to the university! So stop thinking about it!” a middle-aged man who looked like his young grandfather said sternly.


Space was distorted once again!


"overthrow the capitalism!"

"No more capitalists, throw away those useless ideas"(2.)


“Mother(the person was actually calling the wife), did you throw away the book?” the young man who looked like his even younger grandfather asked nervously.

“Yes, don’t worry about it, no one will be able to find it, why your father kept this Fengjian material, once it was found out by other people, we will be in deep trouble!......."(3.)


Space was distorted and the scene changed again!


The city below him seemed to be the old Jin Ling city, and the city was in a chaos. There were many planes flying over the city, and all those planes had Japanese flags mark on it.(4.)


"Father(wife calls her husband) run with our kids, they are coming,  run… i can’t make it,....” Chu Yunsheng did not recognize the woman and the man. However, he had a strange feeling that they were related to his grandfather.

“Jane, i will not go without you, they are animals!” said the man while carrying the woman on his back. And it seems like the woman was dying.

"Father, why are you still carrying the book!....." a kid was running behind the man.


Space was distorted and the scene changed again!


"It is said that there is going to be a reform! How dare they defy our ancestor's rules!" said an old man who has a Queue (5.) on his back and he was sitting at the door and empty his smoke pipe.

"Zhǎng Guì(means boss in the old China), please, don’t say it that loud, do you want to get arrested?” said a man looked like an employee. Chu Yunsheng’s conscious was linked to the employee. Probably this man was his great great grandfather. He thought.

“Xiao Chu, you have been working for me for almost three years now. Next year, your apprenticeship will be completed…….”


Space was distorted and the scene changed again!


Chu Yunsheng slowly started to realize, it seemed like the times were reversed and every time he would appear at a different time with someone who had blood relation with him…. and Those were all his ancestors!!!

he had been through several generations, and every time there is someone different.


“ enemy is coming. Run!..”
This time his ancestor was a soldier...


"I shall light the incense to tell the ancestors that we have found the book……..!" this time his ancestor seemed to be an officer in the Qing Dynasty.


 Then the book was lost for several generations….

 “Our king has passed away, it was a shame that our knowledge cannot be used to protect our country…. “ this time, his ancestor was a student….

“Master, the harvest was not good this year!”

“Sigh! Where is Er Yatou(the common nickname for the second daughter)?”

“Master!  bad news, Prince of Yan has returned to the capital, he said he will get rid of all the bad guys around the king! ”

This time his ancestors was a Landowner.


“Mongolians are also human, I do not believe that we can’t kill them!”(6.)

“But we are just regular civilians, let’s just heads south….. ”

This time "he" was a refugee.


It seemed like the time was just constantly going backwards….

Song dynasty(960- 1279)…… then, tang dynasty(618 -907) ….. Sui dynasty (581-618)


"Jiutian Xuannü( the goddess of war see footnote 7)  has given us the Long Jia Shen Zhang (Heavenly Book see footnote 8) we will win!”

“From today, we will be the son of Yanhuang(9)! ”


"Tribes. Tribes, Tribes!"

Then Chu Yunsheng saw an old man in a loose silk robe standing on the top of a hill and a Tribal native who was wearing the animal's fur was kneeling down behind him.

“Cí Wú, i don’t have much time left, i am giving you a book that has all of my knowledge and skills, please keep it safe. I am also leaving my bow to you, i hope the bow will help you. But keep in mind, you can lose the bow, but you can never lose the book! I have already planted your blood inside book…..."

"I have done everything i could. You may leave now!"”  said the old man!

Although they were saying something resembles ancient language, but since Chu Yunsheng’s consciousness was linked to the tribal native, he was also able to understand what the old man said.

The tribal native “Ci Wu” took over the book which looked exactly like the one he had and a bow and arrows from the old man. He kept kowtowing very hard regardless his head was bleeding!

Suddenly the old man raised his head and stared at “Chu Yunsheng”

After a while, he let out a long sigh!


In the deep and vast galaxy, many gigantic space warships slowly “emerged” from the dark space…...


And that was the last scene he saw. After that, the space around him suddenly shrunk in and compressed into a single line.

Chu Yunsheng’s body suddenly shook violently, then he regained control of his consciousness, he had returned to the real world.

The Professor Sun did not seem to finish his word:" its material… is very unique, nothing else on the earth is like it”

Chu Yunsheng’s hand instantly pulled back like he had an electric shock. Then he looked at his hand, did not find anything strange.

What was that? He wondered. He felt like he had experienced the entire 5000 years of his ancestor's lives, but in the reality, the time did not even move for a single second!

The stone stele was still there, and it was still silent.

But when Chu Yunsheng tried to touch it one more time, there is nothing happened.

Footnote 1
In the early 1970s, Mao Zedong realized that internal political struggle had taken too big a toll on him as well as the nation and decided to resume the operation of universities. However, the students were selected based on political and family backgrounds rather than academic achievements. This practice continued until the death of Mao in September 1976. In late 1977, Deng Xiaoping, then under Hua Guofeng, the heir apparent of Mao, officially resumed the traditional examination based on academics, the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, which has continued to the present day.

Footnote 2
The famous slogan that people used during the chinese cultural revolution

Footnote 3
During chairman Mao’s era, anyone was found with Fengjian material with them or in their house, would be publicly punished/executed.
more about fengjian can be read here.

Footnote 4
The time during the japanese invasion

Footnote 5
The time was during qing dynasty(1636 - 1912)

 Footnote 6
It happened during the Mongol conquest of China

Footnote 7
In Chinese mythology, Jiutian Xuannü is the goddess of war, sexuality, and longevity. More at

Footnote 8
a Heavenly Book

The Origin of Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲)

4600 years ago, Yellow Emperor (黃帝) - 2697 BC to 2597 BC) was fighting against a war with Chi-You (蚩尤), who had the capability to summon the wind and rain. It was said that his head was as strong as copper and arms are like iron (铜头铁臂) and able to win any wars.

During the battle, Yellow Emperor knew he did not have the capability to defeat him. In desperation, Goddess Jiu Tian Xian Nu (九天玄女) sent him a Heavenly Book - Long Jia Shen Zhang (龙甲神章).

In addition to the method of building and making weapons, Long Jia Shen Zhang (龙甲神章) also documented the strategies of war and movement and deployment of soldiers.

At the same time, Feng Hou (风后) - The Prime Minister (宰相) Of Yellow Emperor, invented the the South Pointing Charot (指南车) and devised the Ba Zheng Tu (八阵图) - 8 Battle Arrays .

With the knowledge of Long Jia Shen Zhang (龙甲神章), the South Pointing Charot (指南车)  and  the battle formation of  Ba Zheng Tu (八阵图), Yellow Emperor was able to win the war against Chi-You (蚩尤).

Later on, Yellow Emperor put Feng Hou (风后) to task to reorganize Long Jia Shen Zhang (龙甲神章) into 13 Chapters Of Art of War (兵法十三章) , 12 Chapters of Solitary Virtual  Methods (孤虚法十二章) and 1080 Configurations of Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲一千零八十局).
More relevant story can be read

Footnote 9
Yan Huang was the name of an ethnic group of ancient China who inhabited the Yellow River basin area. They claimed their descent from the two tribes led by the Yan and Yellow Emperors.Their main achievement was to join together to strengthen the basis of the two tribes and their civilized community. The Yanhuang were the founders of the Chinese people and the initiators of Chinese culture.
More can be read here.