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Chapter 228 Surrender Or Die

 Chapter 228 Surrender Or Die
This chapter is a non-edited preview, the edited chapter will be ready soon.

It was not the first time Chu Yunsheng had encountered other dimensions, take his storage talisman as an example, it was a small pocket dimension, the anti-world those aliens mentioned when he was in Jin Ling was also another dimension. Moreover, many scientists during the age of light also claimed that the universe itself as a whole was also multidimensional.
“If it was not a dream, then what was it?” Edgar seemed to realise that Chu Yunsheng had felt something, so he immediately asked. However, only him who was always paying attention to Chu Yunsheng’s opinions could hear Chu Yunsheng’s murmur, all other people did not seem to hear it at all.

“I don’t know.” Chu Yunsheng shook his head. Only by re-entering the "dream", would he have an opportunity to determine whether it is another space or not.  

“Why don’t we try to get to sleep one more time?” Ga Zi suggested.

“I think this is the only way, but I don’t want to be trapped inside.” Edgar murmured.

Time slowly passed. Some people also did not like to go back to the dream world, and Tan Ning still had not woken up yet. Chu Yunsheng who was sitting next to the driver’s seats had also attempted to sleep several times, but he still could not enter the dream world again.

Instead, Qin Qiqying who had received a proper training fell asleep very quickly, and then woke up very soon.

“How is it?” Chu Yunsheng approached her and asked.
“Nothing happened.” Qin Qiying shook her head.

“it seemed like we need something to trigger it. ” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and turned around:” Did anyone else went back into the dream?”
“No, no one.” Cheng Daiyou stood up and answered.
Then Chu Yunsheng pulled Edgar off the RV and said:” Tell Jiang Qianqin that we need to go back and leave this place, we need to find other ways to bypass here, something is not right about this place!”

Although the underground granary that near the yellow mountain city was not far from them, however, it was not a place he had to go. his final destination was towards the northwest.

Originally he thought that he might be able to go northwest through the yellow mountain city, and he could just take the food from the underground granary on the way. However, it seemed like this option was not viable now.

To their west, the spore forest was spread along Yangtze River, it covered the entire south-eastern area of the river. so if he could not find other ways to bypass the spore forest, he would have to cross the spore forest by force.

Yellow mountain city used to be a major city that links both sides of the river during the age of light, it was also the closest city Chu Yunsheng could use to bypass the spore forest. However, the city was so bizarre that Chu Yunsheng did not want to take a risk.

When it finally got to the second day early morning, Tan Ning and other people still had not woken up, and no matter how other people tried to get into the dream again, they still could not succeed it.

Without having other choices, Chu Yunsheng urged Edgar to tell Jiang Qianqin once again to turn the vehicles around and take the original route back.

However, just when they about to pass the thin mist, an accident happened!

One student in the first bus at the front shouted:” Sister Jiang… something isn't right… people are dying!”

Chu Yunsheng's heart sank.

:”What happened?” Jiang Qianqin was walking next to the first bus, she seemed to be calm at the moment.

:”It's Zhou Yun, he hasn't woken up since last night.  When we just woke up, we saw his mouth was filled with foam and it seemed like he was having difficulty breathing, his pulse also stop...stop..stop…:” the girl next to the window fainted before she could finish the sentence.

Then many other students also started to faint one by one.
Jiang Qianqin also felt like her soul was seized by an invisible hand and it started to take her soul out of her body as she was walking deep into the mist. She immediately turned around and shouted:” Don't go back. Everyone! move away from the mist!”

At the same time, she opened the bus’s door while enduring the pain, quickly pushed away the driver who was unconscious then drove the bus backwards.

When they returned to their camping area, the most of the students who fainted earlier woke up one by one. Only one student whose name was Zhou Yun no longer had breath.
Chu Yunsheng heart sank even deeper, although Jiang Qianqin didn't say anything to Edgar, he knew that it was his decision killed that student.

“This is bullshit!” Chu Yunsheng cursed silently, he didn't believe that he couldn't leave here, he could even break out from the maze in the fog city, so there was no way he would be trapped here.
While all the students were getting off the bus, and everyone was gathering together discussing the death of that student in panic, Chu Yunsheng wrapped himself in cotton clothes and left the crowd. He needed to try it one more time.

However, just when he got into the mist, he started to have an acute headache, and as if all the bones inside his body were broken apart, he didn't have any strength to support him to walk deeper into the mist. Although he didn't pass out like other students did, probably because there was the ancient book to protect him, there was a strange force pulling him back, and as he walked deeper into the mist the force was getting stronger.

Chu Yunsheng activated the armour immediately and charged out once again. However, he didn't get far before he was thrown out of the mist and went back to the place where he began.

:”Mr.Lennon, are you okay?” Edgar quickly approached Chu Yunsheng, and asked nervously. He was more concerned about if Chu Yunsheng was going to abandon him than if Chu Yunsheng was injured. That was why he was secretly following Chu Yunsheng earlier.
:”I'm ok.” Chu Yunsheng deactivated the armour and slowly stood up. :”We can't get out now, let’s get back and find other solutions!”

:”Since we can't get out now. Shall we go to the yellow mountain city, there might be some survivors there. We might be able to get some information from them?” Edgar suggested.
Chu Yunsheng thought for a second. Edgar was right, since there was no way to break out of the mist by force, why do they not ask the local people? They might be able to provide some valuable information.

However, before they set off again, Chu Yunsheng was alerted by the sounds of motorbike engines.

:”Someone is coming, get ready!” Chu Yunsheng immediately told Edgar who still was not aware of situations.

Soon, around 20 motorbikes kicked up the snows from the ground appearing in everyone's sight, along with noisy engine sound.

The group of motorbikes were formed in a triangular formation and everyone on the top of the bike were dressed in red, they had long broadswords hanging on their waist and guns at their back.
The person at the front of the formation was probably their leader, he lifted up the front of the motorbike and charged straight towards the students.

Once they got near the students, the first person immediately turned the bike sideways to stop the bike. No one knew If he did it on purpose or not, all the snow on the ground was instantly kicked up and flew towards the students.

The rest of the bikes were then spread out to form a semi-circle formation to surround the students.

:”All Skywalkers, stand in front of the group!  Do it now! “ the leader commanded while drawing the long broadsword. The sword was covered with fire once it was drawn out completely. Then he waved his sword to order his man:” take the rest of the people back to the castle of raging fire, whoever resisted,  Kill!”

Jiang Qianqin knitted her brows and looked at him coldly. But she didn't move.

The sudden appearance of a group of fully armed strangers caused a commotion in the student’s group, no one knew what was going on, and everyone was talking to each other in panic.

The leader of the strangers sneered, he pointed the sword at Jiang Qianqin and said coldly:” You are a Skywalker?”

Jiang Qianqin nodded her head, at the same time she started to use her hand to gather ice energy in secret. From the fire energy movement on that broadsword, she could tell that this man was much powerful than her. However, she did not panic, because she still had Doctor who was just right behind her.
:”Skywalker will receive a preferential treatment! We will provide food, weapons, safe place to live,  and everything you need!”  the leader took out a pack of bread then raised it up high while talking.

However, he seemed to worry about something that he immediately took back the bread and said hurriedly:” surrender or die, you choose!”

That leader didn't know that since he appeared, there were two roaring flame guns pointing at him, one was held by Edgar who was standing in front of RV, the other one was held by Chu Yunsheng who was underneath the RV’s cover on the roof of RV.

“What about them?” Jiang Qianqin pointed at the students behind her.

That leader glanced over the crowd and said with disdain:” just a bunch of ordinary people, only the awakened human beings can be considered as real humans. They will live as slaves to serve the castle of raging fire!”

:”I don't think we will be joining you!” Jiang Qianqin said coldly and instantly cast out ice energy, within a split second an ice wall was raised from the ground between the motorbikes and the students.

:”Kill them all!” that leader also gave the order without any hesitation.
Boom! Boom! Boom….

Chu Yunsheng always liked to make a pre-emptive move during the fight, so when Jiang Qianqin raised the ice wall, he immediately started to fire the energy bullet before the leader of the stranger's group lifted the sword.

One shot after another, he did not want to give that leader a break.

Normally, even if that leader was as powerful as a rank 3 dark warrior, Chu Yunsheng believed that his Yuan Qi bullet would still be able to injure that man.

But the strange thing was, that leader could use the long broadsword to stop his Yuan Qi bullet, and it did not seem to be difficult for him to stop the energy bullets at all.
It must be that broadsword! Chu Yunsheng frowned.

Just when he was thinking about if he needed to risk exposing himself to use the Qian Bi sword to kill that leader, two people jumped out from the back of that leader, both of them were hacking the fiery sword down and it instantly became a red fiery cross and smashed into the ice wall.

At the same time, another two people jumped over the ice wall and headed straight toward the RV’s roof, with those two people’s speed, Jiang Qianqin and other skywalkers could not stop them at all.
Those people were truly powerful, they were not like Ren Sanbao and his men at all. No wonder why they were so domineering earlier on. Chu Yunsheng thought.

Chu Yunsheng immediately took out a monster seal talisman. He wanted to summon a type two green shell to assist him, no matter what happened, at least, at the moment, he still did not want to expose his sword just yet.

However, the situation suddenly changed again.
The area they were in suddenly started to snow heavily, at the same time when the snow appeared, Chu Yunsheng heard a clatter of a horse's hoofs and horse neighs.

Then,  in the next second,  many crystal-clear ice arrows, pierced through the snowstorm appeared in everyone’s sights while making the sharp ear-piercing sounds ...

As the ice arrows stabbed into the ice wall, a sturdy white horse broke out of the snowstorm. On the top of the white horse, there was a person whose face was covered with white veils, who was also dressed in white clothes and a white cloak. The person’s dress was so thin that it was flying around in the snow storm.

The first white horse was reared up by the rider and stopped at the place not far away from Chu Yunsheng’s RV, then, many horses appeared one by one in the snowstorm, on the top of every horse there was a person who dressed in white clothes and white cloak, and all their faces were covered with white veils…...  

Two people who were originally approaching the RV immediately cast out their fire ability while they were still in the air, with the help of recoil they both did backflips in the air and returned to their bikes.

“Fu**! Brothers, let’s go, the bitches from the castle of Snowstorm are here!” the leader who was originally suppressed by Chu Yunsheng suddenly shouted out loud. With the help of other two people, they immediately turned the motorbike around and drove away.

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Chapter 227 Floating mountains

Chapter 227 Floating mountains
This chapter is a non-edited preview, the edited chapter will be ready soon.

:”You...you know my cousin?” Tan Ning gasped in surprise. Her cousin's university was in the capital, so She couldn't believe that she was able to meet someone who knew his cousin here.

:”So, don't worry that much, I'll try my best to escort you to a safer place.” Chu Yunsheng picked up a biscuit and put it in his mouth, then he turned around and wanted to get back to the driver seat.

:”Major Du, wait! is my cousin's family still alive?” Tan Ning suddenly raised her head and asked with full of hope.
:”Don't know, we lost contact after the sun disappeared.” Chu Yunsheng didn't want to tell her that Xiaohai’s family including Xiaohai had all died. Sometimes knowing too much wasn't a good thing at all.

Her head dropped with disappointed, however, to her it was not a bad news at all. At least it didn't mean that they were dead.

She quietly picked up a biscuit and started to chew it, she then hid the rest. The experiences taught her that no matter what, she shouldn't finish the food in one day.
There were many students on the RV. Including Bi Fangting this Skywalker, everyone was staring at that box of cookies, however, no one dared to do anything. This was doctor's RV, and last night Doctor just killed three other Skywalkers.

Without Ren Sanbao this trouble, the group's travelling speed was increased a lot. When they arrived at the yellow mountains area, they were ahead of schedule for almost 5 days.

The roads near the yellow mountain area began to become rugged and dangerous, and the nearby mountains were shrouded in gloomy light and mysterious mist.
Chu Yunsheng immediately felt energy fluctuations when they entered the area, the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi in the area seemed to be stirred and also constrained by something, however, when he tried to used his spirit to sense it, he couldn't detect anything.

Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped cultivating Yuan Qi. He started to focus on the environment around them.

:”Look, what's that?” a boy pointed outside and shouted after the vehicles slowly passed thin mist.
:”Oh my god!” Edgar who was sitting next to the driver also shouted.

Chu Yunsheng was alerted, he approached the window and looked outside, above them a huge mountain slowly flew by. It was floating in the air and shrouded in the mist, the scene was so spectacular as if it came straight out of Xianxia novel.
All the vehicles had stopped, all the people rushed out of vehicles to see this miracle.

:”It's like the mountains in the movie Avatar!” Cheng Daiyou was amazed by the view.

:”No, it's straight out of The Legend of Sword and Fairy .” another body said.

:”No, it is from The Legend of Zu.” another girl argued.

:”Look, there are many more! Oh my god! So beautiful!” Yu Zhixuan pointed at the sky in the distance and praised.

Through the mysterious mist, they could see that there were many floating mountains of different sizes flying around the main peak of the yellow mountain in the distance. Some were not moving, some were floating upwards and downwards, and some were even moving around the main peak of the yellow mountain. There were even several huge blocks just separated from the main mountain.
Beautiful? Chu Yunsheng didn't think so, he climbed onto the top of RV and used the binoculars to search around the area, he didn't want to miss anything that was suspicious.

He didn't believe that a strange place like this, did not have any monsters.

However, his visibility was limited, he couldn't see places far away from him.

Just when he just put down the telescope, Suddenly a bolt of lightning crackled through the dark sky and hit the main peak of the yellow mountain, instantly many colourful halos appeared out of thin air and expanded from the centre of the mountain peak and rippled outwards.
In that split second only Chu Yunsheng who had seen the fog city, a nuclear explosion and the disappearance of Jin Ling city could stay calm. However, the rest of people seemed to be forced by something, and they all started to kneel down one by one while facing the mountain.
Chu Yunsheng's face was even more stern. Through the energy in those halos that rippled from the main peak in the distance, he felt that the light contained some kind of unknown ancient power.
At this moment, there would probably be another hour before the sky went completely dark, so Chu Yunsheng asked Jiang Qianqin to stop moving any further and just encamp in the nearby area for a night. He felt something was not right, so he wanted to observe it for a night then decide if they really needed to carry on this route or not.
Jiang Qianqin didn't really want to encamp in the wild. Yellow mountain city was not far from them and no matter how ruined the city was, it was still better than the wild.
However, Edgar insisted, so she didn't have other choices.
When the night finally arrived, Chu Yunsheng not only asked Edgar to double the manpower to guard the camp, he also guarded the RV himself.

The night was still very quiet, there were not any monsters around them, they could only hear the sound caused by huge mountains flew over their head from time to time.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know why when it got to the late night he started to feel that his eyelids became heavier and he was more sleepy every second. He tried to force himself to stay awake, but he would always fall asleep repeatedly and inadvertently.

He didn't know how long it had passed, but when he woke up, he discovered that he was in a strange place. The place that was immeasurable vast.

And he was standing on the top of a square-shaped floating rock. When he looked around, he almost had a heart attack. There was nothing underneath the floating rock, he did not know about his current altitude because he could not see the land below, he could not even see the skyline. However, there were a lot of rocks with the same shape slowly floating around him.
In the middle of this strange place, there was a colossal pillar that seemed to be there for a very long time. At the top of the pillars floating an egg-shaped object that glowing a golden light and constantly shooting the golden rays outwards.  

It seemed like there was something inside the golden light object, however, it was too far, so Chu Yunsheng could not see it clearly.

While Chu Yunsheng was thinking what to do next, another piece of small square rock slowly floating toward the one he was standing. It stopped for a second when it touched the rock he was standing then slowly flew away towards a floating mountain not far from him.
Chu Yunsheng did not move, when facing the unknown he was always more cautious than usual.

Once in a while, there was one square rock floating towards Chu Yunsheng as if it was some kind of transportation tool. There were many “paths” made by those floating rocks and mountains he saw and they were spread outwards from the centre of the colossal pillars.
What is this place? Chu Yunsheng still did not move.
Suddenly, the black rock underneath him started to flashing red, it flashed three times continuously, then the rock started to fade out until it turned into fog.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what happened, but he started to fall, he was falling faster and faster until he suddenly woke up in panic. Then he found himself still on the top of RV, what he experienced earlier seemed like a dream.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head and thought that probably the pressure he received from the new environment made that dream, but it was truly a bizarre dream!

When he was awake and he did not find anything wrong with his body, so he was relieved, however,  when he tried to concentrate on the surroundings again, he heard students whispering in the RV.  

“You also had that dream?”

“Yes, very bizarre!”

“Everyone had the same dream!”

“Look, Cheng Daiyou woke up, let’s ask her if she had the same dream!”

Chu Yunsheng was startled, so, it was not just him had that dream, everyone else also had it.

He quickly jumped off from the Roof of RV, just when he tried to open the door, he bumped into Edgar. :”Len... Major Du... what happened just now?” Edgar sounded very concerned.
“I also had that dream!” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head. ”Did major wake up?” Chu Yunsheng asked. Maybe this major from that mysterious department knew something about this. He thought.

:”She is awake, she also had the same dream!” Edgar said.

Chu Yunsheng quickly got into the RV, then he noticed that it was much noisier inside the RV now, all the students were talking about the dreams.

Not only them, even Jiang Qianqin also came over to ask the situation.

:”Do you know what's going on?” Chu Yunsheng whispered in Qin Qiying’s ear.
She shook her head.
Chu Yunsheng was disappointed, then he suddenly heard someone shouted:” some people haven't woke up!”
:”Tan Ning also hasn't woke up.” Cheng Daiyou said.

:” Something isn't right, Do you think she got on those floating mountains?” Yu Zhixuan asked, all the people who woke up didn't get to the floating mountains in the dream, they either fell off when they trying to move to the other floating rocks or they didn't move like what Chu Yunsheng did.
Chu Yunsheng slightly shook Tan Ning’s head, however, she still didn't wake up.

:”Did anyone got to those floating mountains?” Chu Yunsheng asked after he got off the RV. After he tried all kind of methods but he still couldn't wake up Tan Ning, he decided to ask around to see if he could get some more information.

:”No one. But we also have a few students who still haven't wake up !” Jiang Qianqin shook her head.

:” Most likely they got on those floating mountains!” Ga Zi said while staring at Tan Ning who was still “sleeping”.

“What about that Mr.Zhuo” Chu Yunsheng noticed there was one person missing from Jiang Qianqin’s group, so he asked.

:”He... also hasn't woke up!” Jiang Qianqin paused for a second before she answered Chu Yunsheng's question.

:”They are definitely still in the dream, we need to get them out as quick as possible!” Ga Zi said nervously.

:”How? We don't even know what's going on.” Edgar asked.
:”Wait, two of the students said that they saw each other in the “dream”, so I think, we are not only having the similar dreams, we are actually in the same dream! Probably we are too far from each other, so we couldn't see each other!” Jiang Qianqin suddenly said.

:”I don't think it's a dream!” looking at the dark sky Chu Yunsheng said slowly, It was definitely some kind of spiritual world created by the power he felt earlier.

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Chapter 226 the suspicion of human brains

Chapter 226 the suspicion of human brains
This chapter is a non-edited preview, the edited chapter will be ready soon.

:”Please don't kill me, Xiao Jiang, oh no, captain Jiang. Please, for the sake of I have been working with your father for many years, please don't kill me, it was Ren Sanbao that bastard forced me to do it….” Lao Bi was on his kneel and begging for forgiveness.

:”Bi Fangting, how dare you mentioned my father, and how exactly you look like a teacher?” Jiang Qianqin frowned and interrupted him:” it's not my decision whether to kill you or not, Doctor will decide it!”
She raised her head to look at Edgar, her beautiful eyes were still filled with shock. Although she might look “fine”, the poison had already spread across her body, she could barely stand up. But the doctor didn't seem to be affected by it!
She knew that the Doctor was powerful, but she still didn't expect the doctor would kill Ren Sanbao and other three in just a few minutes, this level of power was beyond her comprehension.

Meanwhile, Edgar was leaning against the RV while swallowing very hard. He didn't know how exactly Chu Yunsheng killed those men and made them looked like he killed them.

:”Mr.Lennon, what do I do?...Mr.Lennon?” Edgar slightly turned around while looking at the rest of Ren Sanbao’s men, he really didn't know what to do next.

:”let them handle it themselves, but don't kill that Bi person, we need to know everything about the poison gas he made. Chu Yunsheng heard everything they said, so he also knew who made the poison gas. Jing MouYou had told him before he left the camp that there were many types of spore virus, and each type might have a special effect.

Although this type of poison gas was not powerful enough, it couldn't even damage his immunity system, but if a type of poison that could paralyze opponents on a large scale or if it could greatly reduce skywalkers’ power level, it was still something he was interested in, because he might be able to use them in the future.

Edgar calmed himself down and walked into the hall. Two Skywalkers were originally keeling on the ground begging for forgiveness, but when they saw Edgar walked in, they immediately crawled back in panic.
:”Doctor….” Jiang Qianqin seemed to want to say something, but she immediately stopped.
:”I know... Let him save those people first, in terms of punishment, you decide it.” Edgar said while walking towards Bi Fangting, and stopped in front of him:” Bi, I have heard of you when I was in the university,

You are a very good chemist, tell me how you did it? You know I am a biologist and I am very curious about the spore gas you made. If you tell me, I will say a few good word about you to Jiang. "

Bi Fangting immediately took out two mushroom stalks from his pocket and said:” It's this type didymous spore plants, however, their toxin is slightly different, I could use my awakening ability to mixed these two toxins together at a specific quantity, then it will become something that can paralyze the human’s nervous system and even stop Skywalkers from having an effective control of their own abilities."

He emphasized his awakening ability hoping that the Doctor would want to keep him. He knew perfectly well that no one would want to kill him tonight because they need him to cure those students, but he was not sure about later. So for his own safety, he had to tie himself with this doctor. He needed to prove the doctor that he was valuable.

Edgar took over the two mushrooms stalks which had many red spots on it. But he couldn't figure out what they were, after all, he was just a zoologist, he didn't know anything about the plants or chemistry.

:”So, how do you want to cure them?”  Edgar said while shoved two mushrooms stalks into his pocket. Although he didn't know what they were, he still needed to give them to Chu Yunsheng to study them.

:”Doctor, Captain Jiang. Although I joined Ren Sanbao, I did not want to get everyone killed, Ren Sanbao asked me to make it stronger, but I didn't, otherwise, a lot of students would be in the vegetative state now.” Bi Fangting was trying so hard to explain himself.
:”Stick to the point, Doctor didn't ask you this.” Jiang Qianqin interrupted him.

:”Right….right. point. Point… this moss.” said Bi Fangting while taking out a pile of plants that had a strange smell. :” this type of epiphyte plant was grown on top of the didymous spore plants, it could completely restraint the toxin."

"I lied to Ren Sanbao that it was also the ingredients of the spore gas, so I collected quite a lot. Originally I wanted to wait until Ren Sanbao left then cure everyone…..I don't really want to get everyone killed."

:”Are you that kind?” Ga Zi staggered to his feet from a chair and spat on the ground.

:”It's true… I don't want many people to die. I……” Bi Fangting said hurriedly.

:”We all know what kind man you are, so stop wasting our time. Cure them now, if you can't cure them, you are dead.” Jiang Qianqin said bluntly.

:”Most of those ingredients are still on the second floor. I'm going upstairs to make the antidotes now. " Bi Fangting quickly stood up and pointed upstairs.
:” Xiuxian, follow him. Don't let him run away.” Jiang Qianqin told the slovenly young man who was still able to walk.

Zhuo Xiuxian had a strange look on his face when he glanced at Edgar and then went upstairs with Bi Fangting.

:”Sister Jiang, how do we deal with the last one?” Ga Zi dragged the last person collar and asked.
Bi Fangting didn't lie, the moss-like plants soon “woke” up all the students. 

Chu Yunsheng was surprised that Jiang Qianqin didn't kill Bi Fangting and big head, he understood why they would want to keep Bi Fangting, but he didn't know why they want to keep the big head.

However it was just his thoughts, because he didn't need any Skywalkers, but Jiang Qianqin was different, to her, one more skywalker means higher chance to survive, of course, she couldn't keep Ren Sanbao this kind of leader, but instead of killing his men, why not force them to work for her?

Now Jiang Qianqin’s group had 7 skywalkers including the doctor, there was no way those men would dare to defy her orders.

:”Toxin, toxin… mixed together, a new toxin?” Chu Yunsheng looked at the mushroom stalks Edgar brought back and murmured, however, he also could not figure out how he could use them.

:”major Du, Tan Ning just woke up." Cheng Daiyou squeezed toward the driver's seat and told Chu Yunsheng.

:”woke up?” Chu Yunsheng still did not know how to speak to her. However, since she was alright now, he could just leave her aside first. At the moment he was more frustrated by the three green shells which ate human brains without his order.
He didn't feel that those insects had any changes after they consumed the human brain. But he still felt something wasn't right. Because the sealed insects would not act that way unless something was meaningful to them, Just like what happened when they wanted to eat leech-like monster. After the insects levelled up, they also stopped showing any interests in the remaining leech like monsters, so there must be something to cause them to act that way.

Since Chu Yunsheng met the insects from the beginning. He knew that they like human brains, but he still didn't why they like it, not only just human brains, they even like pig's brain as well.

He had also asked professor Huo before when he was still in Jin Ling, but they also did not know about it.
Whether it was the knowledge in the ancient book or the way of controlling the insects, if chu Yunsheng didn't understand them, he could repeatedly experiment it, it was the dumbest method, but the result he got would also be the most accurate.
But he still couldn't test this, he was not an animal, he could not test it on human brains, otherwise, he was not different than "Min" this kind of monsters.
Snow finally stopped on the second day.

While students were discussing what had happened last night. Big head was sent to the front of the group and was forced to use his fire ability to make a way on the icy road for the vehicles.

Bi Fangting was used as a doctor and constantly asked to cure the students who suffered from the frostbite. His energy was not that many at the beginning, so soon he used up all his energy.

But he didn't really mind at all, in fact, he liked RV’s environment a lot. Although he couldn't touch the girls now, it was warm and safe in the RV, it was much better than when he was with Ren Sanbao.

His healing speeding was not fast, every time when he healed someone Jiang Qianqin would come out of nowhere and replace the recovered students with some other students who had frostbite. So he could not store his energy at all.

:”He likes you?” Chu Yunsheng asked Tan Ning after Ga Zi left the RV again.

Since Tan Ning was asked to stay on the RV, this Ga Zi would always find some excuses to see her, It seemed like he was worried about something might happen to her, so Chu Yunsheng was curious.

Then Chu Yunsheng passed a box of cookies to Tan Ning.
Tan Ning was dazed for a second then slightly nodded her head, what made her daze was not the question Chu Yunsheng asked, but the things that Chu Yunsheng passed to her. 

She didn't know why this man would treat her this way, and she had also heard from her classmate saying that what this man had used to cure her. She had also seen with her own eyes that this major was telling Jiang Qianqin that she needed to stay on RV.
At the beginning, she thought that this major Du wanted her body, because it had happened too often to her. However, since she woke up, this major Du hardly ever talk to her, so she had a faint feeling that it might because of some other reasons.
“You can eat it, I don’t have many left, if it were not that you were very weak, I don’t want to give to you either.” Chu Yunsheng said. He thought for a second and carried on:” I know your cousin Xiaohai, we were best friends, I am two years older than him, when I was in the university, his dorm room was next to mine, he used to always show off your photos to me.”

Chu Yunsheng lied about his age, but he did not lie about his relationship with Xiaohai, they were indeed from the same university and they were also best friends, however, he did not want this girl to find out who he was, it might be bad for both of them.   

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Chapter 225 Night Change

 Chapter 225 Night Change
This chapter is a non-edited preview, the edited chapter will be ready soon.

Chu Yunsheng instantly woke up, Rong Yuan cells were circulating rapidly inside his body, at first he was startled, because he thought that his cultivation method went wrong again, but soon, he realised that Rong Yuan cells were actually trying to remove something out from his body.

Huh? Wood element poison? Where did it come from? Wait? What’s this smell?

Chu Yunsheng immediately held his breath and quickly came up with more than three possible scenarios, the most dangerous one would be that there were strange monsters around them.

All the students seemed to have fallen into deep sleep, even the student in the driver's seat who was supposed to watch out for the danger also constantly dropping his head.

Chu Yunsheng held the gun and approached windows, he slowly and slightly moved the window's curtain away and took a quick peek outside the window, at the same time, he also pushed Edgar to wake him up.

However, Edgar didn't wake up, his push instantly made Edgar fell to the other side.

Chu Yunsheng was startled again, he immediately turned around and shook Edgar’s head, “Edgar?...” he whisper-shouted.

But Edgar still dropped his head as if he were dead.

Poisoned? Chu Yunsheng quickly released him and checked his breath, then Tan Ning’s breath as well.

He was relieved when he found out they were still alive.

However, there wasn't any energy fluctuation in the area, if there were monsters around them, there must have been some energy movements.

Just when he wanted to go outside the RV to check what happened, he heard some noises came from the house which other students were staying.

Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped, he used the gun to move away the curtain slightly again. Then he saw a few shadows were moving near the campfire.

Then he heard someone talking.

:”Brother Sanbao, we got them all, lecturer’s poison was sick!” said by a fat man who wanted to use a woman to exchange for Chu Yunsheng cigarette two days ago.

:” Search everyone, I want all the food they got!” said by a man who was originally facing the other side, but after he finished his words, he turned around and looked at the RV.
“Bastards! it was them, almost scared the shit out of me!” Chu Yunsheng cursed silently, because originally he thought that they had encountered some powerful monsters.

So that's what they want? Food? Chu Yunsheng thought again. He had seen similar things happened so many times before,  it was so many that it would not make him feel angry anymore.

Everyone was unconscious at the moment, so he had no concerns, but just when he was about to get off the RV again, he saw a person was thrown outside the house.
The person fell to the ground and attempted to get up several times, but he failed. :” asshole Ren, you will die miserably sooner or later.” knowing he could not get up, the man cursed.

With the light came from the fire, Chu Yunsheng recognized the person was Ga Zi who was also a Skywalker. Chu Yunsheng thought for a second then cast one talisman of cure poison onto Edgar…..

:”Hehe, wanna bite me? I don't know if I will die miserably or not, but I know you will!” Ren Sanbao’s face was filled with an evil grin, then he told the fat man:” Go, check that black man, let's deal with them together!”

:”You incompetent fu**ers only know to poison people, come at me, fu**ers!” although Ga Zi was on the ground couldn't get up, he was still cursing constantly.

:”Are you fu**ing seriously?” the fat man walked past Ga Zi then stepped on Ga Zi’s face. He spat on the ground and said.

:”Reb Sanbao let go of Xiao Ga, you can leave with the food….” Jiang Qianqin appeared near the campfire, she was still followed by the slovenly young man.

:” Oh! Beautiful Jiang, there is no point to resist, I knew what the young man behind you is capable of, so I smoked you longer, don't you feel very weak now? You think you can fool me, haha… what else can you do?” Ren Sanbao laughed out loud.


The young man behind Jiang Qianqin fired a shot without any warning, within a split second a frost arrow hit Ren Sanbao.

Fire instantly burst out from Ren Sanbao’s body. In the blazing fire, he was knocked back three steps.

:”Mr.Zhuo, you have a bad temper, but it doesn't mean that you are powerful, I admire that you still have a strength to fire the shot! “ Ren Sanbao lifted his hand to catch the frost arrow which was still spinning in the air, the raging fire instantly swallowed the frost arrow and within a moment the arrow was burned into ashes.

The slovenly young man sneered:” Ren Sanbao you just getting shittier and shittier, If you have time talking nonsense, why don't we just fight each other!”

Then he whispered to Jiang Qianqin:” I'll try to stop him, you leave first!”

:” There is no need to hurry,  I'll deal with you later. But beautiful Jiang, without Lao Bi’s cure, you might be fine, but those students might not be able to survive it.” Ren Sanbao shrugged his shoulders and said.

“: what do you want?” Jiang Qianqin said coldly.

“you know exactly what I want.” said Ren Sanbao while playing the fire in his hands.

:”Ren Sanbao, you think this is a movie? You think she will accept it? Are you fu**ing retarded? No... actually, you are fu**ing retarded!” the slovenly young man quickly interrupted their conversation.

:”Oh, is it? I'm really disappointed in you! But Mr.Zhuo, I was not talking to you. Since you are eager to die, let me help you!” Ren Sanbao seemed to be very confident that he would win.

Just when he was about to attack, Jiang Qianqin shouted:” wait!” she pulled the slovenly young man back and said:” you will need to cure them first.”

Jiang Qianqin didn't think that they would let them go, however, they couldn't win the fight the fight either, so what she did was just trying to buy time. She hoped that she would be able to find a chance and attack them by surprise, she might even be able to find a chance to kill the leader....

:”Jiang Qianqin, I don't think you understand the situation here, you are in no place to negotiate with me! And do you really think you are that great? I have a plenty of girls! It is just that we still have some time until the next hazy shimmer appeared in the sky and I'm curious that if a noble and virtuous woman like you would become a slut on the bed or not.”

While they were talking, Chu Yunsheng quickly removed the poison out of Edgar’s body, luckily Edgar didn't seem to inhale a lot of poison gas, so it didn't take long until Edgar woke up.


:”Mr.Lennon, I…..I… I  can't beat them, they are the real Skywalkers!” Edgar panicked after he heard what Chu Yunsheng wanted him to do.

:” who said that I want you to beat them? That fat man is coming, we don't have much time, you just need to get off the RV and shoot him. I'll handle the rest!” Chu Yunsheng picked up Edgar and pushed him next to the door.

If it were not for the fact that Jiang Qianqin and other skywalkers hadn't fainted,  Chu Yunsheng would have just done it by himself, he didn't even need to force Edgar,

:”Mr.Lennon, please no…. No…” Edgar was constantly shaking. He believed that Chu Yunsheng had that kind of power, however, he didn't believe himself.

Seeing the fat man was getting closer and closer, Chu Yunsheng suddenly opened the door and kicked the Edgar off the RV.

The fat man was scared when he saw Edgar staggered off the RV all of sudden.

:”Hi !” Edgar had no choice but said hi while pointed the gun at the fat man, in the next second, he pulled the trigger.


The fat man flew all the way back while his body was covered with blazing fire. while he was still in the air, he was smashed into the door and tumbled all the way into the house.

:”It's doctor!” Ga Zi was the one who was nearest to the RV, he shouted with excitement.

A few people in the hall were dazed for a second,  they didn't expect that even after the doctor was poisoned, he still had this kind of power. Ren Sanbao knitted his brows, he didn't have time to deal with Jiang Qianqin at the moment, she would not be able to run away anyway, so he picked up the fat man Qian and shouted at his men who were still busy searching for the food:” big head, you stay here watching them, rest of people follow me to kill this doctor!”

Jiang Qianqin and other people were very excited, at the same time, they were also worried that doctor couldn't defeat them.

Looking at the people stormed out of the house fiercely, Edgar's legs were constantly shaking.

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng already turned off the fluorescent light in the RV. From the gap of the RV’s door, he quietly pointed the freeze gun outside, the power of the gun was adjusted to the minimum, he fired three shots continuously, there were no milky beams of light, but the three campfires were put out instantly, and the surroundings were suddenly plunged into the darkness.

“What happened?” Ren Sanbao was startled, and he immediately stopped.

“What the fu…..ah!!!” the fat man who was already injured let out a blood-curdling scream.

“Fat man?” Ren Sanbao reached his hand out wanting to grab the fat man, at the same time, he used another hand to unleash a cloud of fire, however, the fat man was already gone.



Another two horrible screams came out continuously, then they heard the sound of something was blasted into pieces.

“Lao Yang? Da Zhou?” Ren Sanbao panicked, he was throwing out the clouds of flame everywhere, however, everyone all disappeared.

Then Edgar was suddenly poked by Chu Yunsheng from his back, he was instructed by Chu Yunsheng to quickly fired a few shots into the sky, suddenly a pile of burning bodies were falling down from the sky, Ren Sanbao was shocked: how powerful is this black man, how could he killed his men within a split second!

However, whatever he was thinking, he still did not dare to stay here any longer. The fire instantly burst out from his body once again, and he was using his maximum speed to run into the darkness.

But he was just a fire warrior, there was no way he could compete with 8 type 2 green shells which were already waiting for him to escape. Ren Sanbao could not see the green shell in the dark, but it did not mean that those green shells could not “see” him.

He did not get very far before he was shredded into pieces by those green shells.

Then Edgar fired another shot, at the same time, one of the green shells used its ability to lit up the body and threw the body onto the ground.

There were not any campfires, however, there were some burning bodies. Green shells were wheeling in the sky at a high altitude, so no one was able to spot them. Then Chu Yunsheng ordered those green shells to landed on the back of the roof, however, he did not seal those green shells immediately, because just now, he encountered an accident that he never had before.

In order to kill Ren Sanbao’s people as quickly as possible, Chu Yunsheng had let loose of the control of those green shells. But he did not expect that the monsters would instinctively slice open the back of their heads and started to suck their brain out. Their instinctive action instantly made Chu Yunsheng felt like he was the one actually eating the brain.

“We surrender, we surrender!” the rest of the Ren Sanbao’s men were scared to death, they all kneeled down and begged.

Soon, Jiang Qianqin lit up the campfires in the house again. Chu Yunsheng had already retreated into the darkness. There was no need for him to kill rest of people, In terms of how Jiang Qianqin was going to deal with them, it was no longer his problem.

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Chapter 224 Milk candy

Chapter 224 Milk candy
Chapter 224 Milk candy
This chapter is a non-edited preview, the edited chapter will be ready soon.

Since there were more people inside the RV and Edgar was considered as an important person, so he didn't need to be a lookout anymore.

When the hazy shimmer just appeared on the second day Chu Yunsheng was wakened up by the rustling sounds outside the RV, he pushed away the girl who was sleeping on top of him and stretched his body then got off the RV.

Edgar got up earlier than Chu Yunsheng, he seemed to be discussing something with Jiang Qianqin on a map they were holding.

Jiang Qianqin nodded her head to greet Chu Yunsheng when she saw he came out of the RV.
:”The nearest city from here is Tong city, it is a small city, so most likely it was already abandoned, and the spore forest is blocking the way to there, so we can't get through. We should take the highway G205 and try to get to yellow mountain city in two days. We need to gather all the necessary supplies there, then head west to Yu Zhang city, that is a big city, so we will probably be able to find troops there.” Jiang Qianqin pointed at the map and said.

:”I am not familiar with the geography of China, you can decide it.” although Edgar said that she could decide it, Chu Yunsheng and he had already decided where they wanted to go. The billionaire’s underground granary just happened to be near the yellow mountain city, so of course, Edgar didn't object this decision.

In fact, the yellow mountain city was not far from Xu Jia Ying town on the map, however, the obstacles on the road, the monster’s harassments and the limited time they could use for travelling when there were hazy shimmers made their moving speed very slow.

What Jiang Qianqin said was already an optimistic estimation. When Chu Yunsheng was escaping from Shen city all the way to Jin ling city, he didn't remember exactly how many days it took him, all he could remember was that the swarm was almost everywhere, and he was seeking for places to hide the most of the time.
The situation at the moment was slightly better, the insects were no longer spread out, it seemed like they were gathered in the creep area, the battle between the monsters in the spore forest and the insects also seemed to restrict the insect’s movement, so as long as they could bypass their battlefield, there would not be any problems for them to escape from this area.

After two buses plus Chu Yunsheng’s RV were stuffed with people, the group once again backed on the road moving cautiously along the highway G205.

In the dim obscure light cast down from the grey sky, they could see dead bodies and abandoned vehicles everywhere on the crooked highway, it was like a dead dragon falling from the sky and its body extended to the distant horizon….

And as if there was a voice kept sighing gently:  give up, give up, the world has become a hell, the mankind has perished, everything was ruined!

The vehicles were moving slowly on the highway, many pairs of eyes were staring blankly and numbly at the bodies outside the cold windows. The feeling of despair had already gone through the stages of spreading, triggering and venting, all it left now was numbness and indifference.

No one wanted to talk once they were back on the road. To the students who only had one meal a day, speaking was an activity that would consume their body energy, moreover, they needed to reserve their energy on the road, if they encountered any monsters, they would be able to run away, so most of the time they were silent.

Chu Yunsheng had already forgotten what date was it right now. The winter was supposed to be finished two months ago. However, two months had already passed, not only it didn't have any sign of getting warmer, it was getting colder and colder every day.

It was snowing again since they left the town and it seemed to be getting heavier and heavier.

When the hazy shimmer was about to disappear, they arrived at an unknown town in the heavy snow, many students quickly moved out of the bus gathering around the campfires which were just lit up.
Only the students in the RV were lucky, even the group stopped at the unknown town, none of the students in the RV wanted to come out. Everyone was scared that once they got off, they wouldn't be able to get on the RV again.
:”We can't keep travelling in this condition,  we are going to freeze to death!” Ga Zi was the first one who broke the silence amongst the Skywalkers, he tucked the gun under his armpit and facing campfire to warm his hands.

:”Without any food, stopping here also means death!” the fat man Qian said loudly.

:”Look at this snow, the road will definitely be blocked by tomorrow.”

:”We can't leave, and we can't stay either, what the fu** are we going to do?”
:” I'm still keeping my old plan which is to abandon those students and leave here just by ourselves.” Ren Sanbao said while playing with the flame in his hands.

:”if you want to leave, then, just leave, no one asks you to stay.” the young man took out the thin branch from his mouth, it instantly became an icicle, then he flicked his index finger, the icicle flew out immediately.

:”Doctor, what do you think?” Jiang Qianqin turned her head to the left to face Edgar.

:” We also don't have much food left, and it is true that the weather condition is bad. How about staying for one more day. If it is still snowing, then even if it means we need to walk, we will have to keep moving. The fat man is right, sitting here is as the same as waiting to die.” Edgar slowly told them what he had discussed with Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng still had a quite a lot of insect’s bodies in the storage talisman, but those insect’s meat contained poison, he had to use the talisman of cure poison to process the meat before they could eat it.

However, there wasn't many the poisonless meat left in his storage talisman and talisman of cure poison would cost him a lot of Yuan Qi, he didn't even have that many of absorption talismans left to allow him to process that meat. So there was no way he could help everyone here.

The most important point was that there wasn't any creep near them, and he didn't dare to mess with flying centipede monsters, otherwise, he would have already left the RV. After all, hunting was something he was quite good at.
So the best solution right now was to get to the yellow mountain city and find the underground bunker that billionaire built and dig out all the food he stored.

Probably because Edgar made the suggestion or maybe Ren Sanbao decided to give in, eventually, the final decision was to wait for one more day to see if the snow was going to stop or not.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have many things to do, most of the things were handled by other people, so all he did was to cultivate Yuan Qi again and again.

During the time when he was busy cultivating Yuan Qi, Jiang Qianqin forced many boys to get off the RV, instead, she moved a lot of students who suffered from frostbite in the RV. Chu Yunsheng almost felt like his RV became an ambulance.

:”Xiao Tan fainted!” the Skywalker whose name was Ga Zi shouted nervously while sending another girl into the RV.

Chu Yunsheng raised his head to see what was going on, a girl who was almost frozen, instantly attracted his attention. Because she looked like a person he knew, and their surname was exactly the same!

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, grabbed Edgar’s arm and asked:” Doctor, which school were you from exactly?”

:”University of Hang city.” Edgar was dazed for a second, he thought Chu Yunsheng already knew. However, he did not know that because of alien's "APB", all Chu Yunsheng thought right now was to increase his power. Chu Yunsheng had no time to ask Edgar which university he came from.

Chu Yunsheng heart sunk, he hesitated for a second then took out some vitamin pills and some candies to Cheng Daiyou who was taking care of the students who suffered from frostbite:” use hot water to dissolve those then feed her.”
“Milk candies?!” Cheng Daiyou could not help but blurt out loud.

The RV was not big, her words instantly attracted everyone's attention, everyone’s eyes were wide open as if they saw something shocking.

Even Edgar was also gasped in shock, he had been following Chu Yunsheng for a very long time now, he had never seen Chu Yunsheng took out milk candies before, it made him stare at the girl who was still not conscious uncontrollably.

“There were many students suffered from the frostbite, why would Mr.Lennon treat her differently, there must be a reason, oh no… Edgar, you don’t know anything…. You don’t want to know anything either….” Edgar thought in secret.

Huh? Qin Qiying turned around and looked at the girl who still had freezing fogs around her, she was also shocked:” since when did this guy know that he needs to take care of girls?”
Chu Yunsheng opened the RV’s door, climbed onto the top of the RV then and then lit up a cigarette, he felt inexplicable irritated at the moment. The girl reminded him a person - Yu Xiaohai.  It seemed like it had been a long time since Yu Xiaohai died, and he was almost about to forget it.

Chu Yunsheng had never seen Tán Níng in person before, but he had heard of her name so many time. Because she was Yu Xiaohai’s greatest pride. In the age of light, Yu Xiaohai had mentioned her name in front of him more than once, Yu Xiaohai even claimed that she was the prettiest girl in the University of Hang city…

In order to prove what he said was true, Yu Xiaohai also showed Chu Yunsheng his cousin’s photos. He still remembered that day when he patted his shoulder and said:” how is it brother Chu? Are you surprised? You didn't expect a weirdo like me would have such beautiful relative, did you? Maybe one day she will become a star or maybe she will marry a rich guy, then I'll probably stop messing around, don't you think so.”

That day in the horror city after Chu Yunsheng saved Yu Xiaohai, Xiaohai also stopped talking about it, Because the refugee he encountered told him that the University of Hang city had already been surrounded by the insect, everyone inside was killed.

Chu Yunsheng was hesitant when he recognized the girl, the reason why he was hesitant was that he suddenly had a desire to kill the girl, he did not know if Yu Xiaohai had told the girl anything about him, especially the things happened a few days before the disappearance of the sun.

However, he quickly suppressed his strange killing desire. He could even trust a black man and a military officer who he barely knew, why he could not trust his best friend’s cousin? Not only that, why would he even want to kill his best friend's cousin? Chu Yunsheng instantly had a chill down to his spine, he instantly realised that he was not familiar with himself anymore, it seemed like he had become someone else, someone terrible.

Chu Yunsheng flicked off the cigarette butt and returned to the RV, Tan Ning had not woken up yet, so he sat next to her once again went back to cultivate Yuan Qi.

The area they were in was very quiet, apart from a few students who were guarding the buses and the RV, all other students had already fallen asleep. Everything seemed to be normal until the midnight when a strange smell started to spread in the air…..

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Chapter 223 Not knowing how to appreciate the kindness.

Concept: Major Qin Qiying
Chapter 223 Not knowing how to appreciate the kindness.
This chapter is a non-edited preview, the edited chapter will be ready soon.

:”So, you think this woman is aware of something?” Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows after Edgar reported back to him.

:” I think she was just curious, but I don't think she knew what is going on.” Edgar paused for a second and said.

In terms of what was going on, both of them knew exactly what it meant, however, they didn't want to say it out clearly.

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second then patted Edgar’s shoulder and smiled:” it was me who stepped out of line earlier.”

Edgar knew that since the UFO’s incident, Chu Yunsheng clearly trusted him even more. They didn't use to talk a lot on the road. Now, Chu Yunsheng even discussed this with him.
More or less, he felt like he was slowly getting into Mr.Lennon’s world.
Of course, he didn't doubt that if he made a different decision, with Mr.Lennon’s speed and power, he would have been killed by him already.

Chu Yunsheng thought it over and decided to play safe, he would not believe a single word the woman in the white dress or any alien that associated with them said, if he fell into their hand, there was no way he would be alive.

That day, the reason why the cloaked man was desperately trying to capture him was all because of the methods of making the talisman, however, it was just a part of the knowledge in the book, if they discovered the book, there was no way they would let him live.
Even if they would not kill him, but having lost the book he depended on, meant that sooner or later he would die.

Chu Yunsheng rarely hid his power deliberately, he usually only kept one or two secret moves like a monster seal talisman to attack the enemy in surprise. From Shen city to the fog city, until later on in Jin Ling city and the camp in Wu city, he had been always like this.
He did not have extra time or energy to hide. Hiding his power would only make him die faster.

But now is different, the aliens were searching for him everywhere, he already had a hard time dealing with the woman in the white dress, what if two aliens jumped out from the UFO? then surrender would be the only option.

Therefore,  before he had enough confidence in fighting them, he had to hide like a turtle, hiding its head in its shell and trying to survive as long as it could. Only his life was the most important, anything other than that were meaningless.

:” You did a good job, just tell them that we are senior officers in the army, you can carry on acting like you are a Skywalker, if they asked you why you are with us, you tell them that we are temporarily recruiting you to escort us.” Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and said.

He had thought about finding a place to hide first and come out when he was powerful enough to compete with those aliens.

However, Jin Ling city had disappeared for more than three months now, his heart was torn with anxiety because he couldn't get any new information about them;

Secondly, if he could not gather the treasure that the senior practitioner left behind before the great devil arrived on earth and if he just depended on his own cultivation speed, he would be dead for sure;
Lastly, he didn't know exactly how powerful the alien's forces on the earth were, how many flying machines they had, and how many aliens were as powerful as the cloaked man and the woman in the white dress? Were there aliens more powerful than them? Without knowing how strong they were, even he hid for 10 years, how would he know he would be more powerful than those aliens?

So regardless the situation he was in right now, he needed to keep going. Hiding was definitely not an ideal solution.

As long as there was a glimmer of a chance, he would take it. The treasure that the senior practitioner left behind was used to deal with the great devil, so it would definitely be very helpful at fighting those aliens who were looking for him, the treasures that left behind might even include an advanced flying machine.
“Do we need to let major Qin know first?” Edgar nodded his head and said.
:” No. She is smarter than us, just make sure that when you are talking, she is there. She will know.” Chu Yunsheng shook his head and said:” from now on, you will still act like you are the decision maker amongst our three, after all, they thought you are the only Skywalker in our group, I can squeeze with a few people on the bed at the back of the RV,  so you may allow people to stay there, otherwise, it will be difficult to explain.”

“Don't worry, this time I will handle it well.” Edgar said.

“ you may leave now, later on, I'll get you some protective equipment, you will need to wear it when we set off tomorrow. You are still an ordinary person. Pretending to be a Skywalker is a very dangerous task to you.” Chu Yunsheng wanted to take a little bit of time to make an energy shield for Edgar, he also wanted to use 2 pieces of golden shells and its tendons to make a vest for him.
In fact, it was not that he wanted to make a vest all of sudden. He saw other students were wearing the insect’s shells as a vest, so he wanted to copy their idea as well.

Class C RV was smaller and had fewer functions than class A RV, however, it also had some advantage,  it was much easier to control compared to the class A RV.
The temperature was still very low outside, the weather was freezing. The RV had heating facilities, however, petrol was extremely precious, so chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste it.
But Chu Yunsheng had another way to warm up the RV, he used a few small pieces of red shell to wrap the last few pieces of flame monster’s seed and used it as a small heater.

So the temperature inside the Chu Yunsheng's RV was not cold at all.
When Chu Yunsheng got back on the RV it was already in the midnight, the RV was already filled with people, but it seemed like there were more girls than boys.

Probably Edgar had already instructed those students what to do in the RV, so when Chu Yunsheng just got on the RV,  some students immediately said:” Major Du, here, here, we kept a place for you.”
When Chu Yunsheng was thinking of a fake name he needed to use, he didn't know why he thought of Du Qishan. But for the sake of convenience or maybe other reasons, he told Edgar to tell other people that his name was Du Qishan.

There wasn't enough space for everyone to lie down to sleep, so apart from Qin Qiying, Yu Zhixuan and a student who suffered from the frostbite were sleeping on one bed the rest of students were mainly sitting against each other while taking a nap.
Of course, Edgar and Chu Yunsheng also got the best spots on the beds.

:”Major, when we arrived at the military base, could you help me to get into the military?” a girl next to Chu Yunsheng asked sternly.

:”If we are still alive, then we can talk out it again! Oh right, where were you all heading originally?” Chu Yunsheng just realized that he and Edgar forget to ask them what was their destination. All he knew was that they were heading south.
:”Originally we wanted to go to Jin Ling. But we can't get through the forest, so sister Jiang was taking us to the south, we have heard that there was a troop retreated to that direction, we are hoping that we will be able to catch up with them.” said the boy who was leaning against the bed.

:” what if you can't find them?” Chu Yunsheng asked again.

:” Then head south until we arrived at Yang city, if Yang city also fell, then Hong Kong, I don't think in such big country we couldn't find a place to stay.  Don't you think so?” the boy said again.

Yang city? Hong Kong? It was too far, especially with their ability, they would most likely die halfway on the road.
:”Is Jiang Qianqin your teacher?” Chu Yunsheng paused for a second and asked. Since they were probably going to stay together for a while now, it was better for him to know more about those people.

:” No, sister Jiang was the daughter of our vice-principal, she is a very smart lady, before she became a Skywalker, she was a musician who was very good at the classical music, she even won an award in Europe.” the boy’s tone was filled with admiration.
Just when he finished, Edgar returned from the hall. Instantly, Edgar became everyone's “target”. All the students were rushing towards Edgar asking him a lot of questions.

Chu Yunsheng was not interested what they were asking Edgar, so he started to harness the energy inside his body to practice his cultivation method.

No matter what they were talking about, increasing his strength was the most important.


“Brother  Sanbao, the monkey is back.” the fat man Qian knocked on the door of a private room that belonged to Ren Sanbao and whispered.

After a while, Ren Sanbao opened the door with the mask one and asked eagerly:” how is it?”
In the small gap between the door, the fat man Qian glimpsed an erotic sense in the room, he swallowed very hard and then quickly looked away. :”We found quite a lot, the lecturer Bi said that the quantity is more than enough.” 

Ren Sanbao’s eyes were instantly filled with happiness, he nodded his head and said:” ask Lao Bi to hurry up extracting the toxins we need, tomorrow, giving him some more food as a reward!” 

The fat man had an obscene smile on his face, he carried on said:” two days, the lecturer Bi said that he will get it done in two days, by that time...” he paused for a second and suddenly let out a cunning laugh:” that Jiang person will be yours…...”

However, Ren Sanbao instantly changed his face:” Tell lecturer Bi to increase the concentration of the toxin, we need to handle that Doctor as well!”

The fat man Qian also changed his expression:” This doctor does not know how to appreciate our kindness, at that time, we will deal with them all together…. by the way, that RV was truly a wonderful stuff, and that black guy really knows how to enjoy his life! ”

Ren Sanbao sneered:” that Jiang women thought that she could sit back and relax after that doctor joined her? Let’s just pretend to cooperate with them in these two days….  ”

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Chapter 222 A fight

Chapter 222 A fight 

This chapter is a non-edited preview, the edited chapter will be ready soon.

In a corner of the hall.

“Wake up, quick! The RV wants people!” a boy gently shook a girl who was sleeping next to a campfire and whispered.

“Want people?” the girl was sleepy and responded listlessly in confusion.

“Shush! lower your voice, I heard the conversation between Doctor and sister Jiang…..just follow me, don’t make any sound and don’t wake others up, there may not be any place left if we are late! ” said the boy who instantly covered the girl's mouth and glanced around the people in the hall.

In another corner,

“I don't think we will have a chance, Doctor is a male, he will definitely choose girls!”

“How do you know if you haven’t even tried?”

“Try? Look at those Skywalkers' behaviour upstairs, do I even need to try? ”

“But the Doctor is different.”

“You are really naive….”

Outside the hall

“Doctor, let me help Zhixuan to get on the RV first. ” looking at the people started to surrounded RV, Cheng Daiyou instantly felt the pressure.

Yu Zhixuan who was the person she was originally jealous of, now became her treasure. She still remembered what Chu Yunsheng said to Yu Zhixuan, so, one of the places on the RV must be belonged to Yu Zhixuan. Looking at the people started to gather in front of the RV, she immediately made up her mind. She needed to used Yu Zhixuan to get on the RV, once she got on, probably doctor would not kick her off.

Edgar nodded his head, Mr.Lennon gave him an allowance of a dozen people, so having her on the RV would not be a problem.

Cheng Daiyou was overjoyed, she immediately helped Yu Zhiyuan to get on the RV. At the same time, some people were trying to follow them, they attempted to sneak in while Edgar was distracted by the crowd.

“Back off! Back off!” Edgar was startled, he immediately rushed towards the RV, however, some people already got on the RV.

He was scared that he screwed this thing up, Mr.Lennon told him more than once that he needed to watch out for the people who got on the RV. Once Mr.Lennon knew that he just let anyone get on the RV, he would definitely be told off by Mr.lennon.

Just when he did not know what to do, the people who were trying to squeeze into the RV suddenly stopped, then they were slowly moving backwards.

Then Edgar saw Chu Yunsheng used an assault rifle that he had never seen before pointing at the person’s head and forcing the people to get off the RV.

“Doctor, anyone who are not following the rules, do not let them in! Especially those people who just rushed in, I do not want any one of them in the RV” Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

His word instantly disqualified a lot of people to get on the RV.

“Why could they get on the RV right now, but we could not?” a girl was hiding in the dark inside the crowd complained.

“Yes, who does he think he is? This is doctor’s RV!” those who were disqualified by Chu Yunsheng only hoped that Edgar would get them in.

“Doctor, I was pushed forward by them, I am innocent. ” one sly student instantly thought of an excuse.

“Not following the rule, of course, you will be disqualified. Hi, handsome guy, I am supporting you! ” those who just arrived at the RV gloated over other people who got kicked off the RV.

“What did you say? Motherfu**, I am tired of you fucking attitude, last time, you even stole my…. ” the boy who got disqualified by Chu Yunsheng said angrily, he was already not happy, but when he heard someone was mocking him, he instantly threw a punch at the person.

“Bastard, you got disqualified and you wanted to take it out on me? Lao San was killed because of you, a fucking coward, brothers! beat him! ” the person who was punched immediately called his friends to join the fight.


It was originally just a small group of people fighting each other, then more and more people started to get involved, the crowd instantly lost control, the fight started to get bigger and bigger, even the girls also started to join the fight. From the words they cursed, it seemed like they were mostly the resentments that had been built from the past.

The feeling of resentment probably had been hiding inside the student’s mind for a very long time, however, the cruel reality forced them to stay together and deal with the food shortage problem and the problem of monsters. So, once this type of feeling was let out, it instantly became a vent.

There were almost 200 people here, but there was not much space on RV, so getting a place on the RV became the trigger for the fight.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Jiang Qianqin heard the noise outside, she immediately woke up others and fired three warning shot. :”Stop! All of you! ”

Amongst those students, she still had some authorities, of course, the warning shots helped a lot as well,  so apart from a few students who totally lost their mind, rest of people already stopped and moved aside.

“Do you want to die? Do you think there are not enough dead people?” Jiang Qianqin picked up a boy whose eyes were filled with blood vessels and said loudly.

As a Skywalker, picking up a student was not hard for her.

“Ok, Sun Lian, here is the gun, if you want to kill, then kill them! Kill those who had been staying with you since the beginning of the apocalypse!” Jiang Qianqin gave the gun to a boy who was restrained by her earlier, then she pushed him to a student who was still on the ground.

“Pull the trigger, why don’t you do it now? Do you not hate him now? Do you not hate him for stealing your food? Why are you shaking? Why don’t you fire the gun?” Jiang Qianqin pulled up the boy whose head and face was covered with the blood from the ground and pushed the boy towards the gun.

“Ok, if you don't want to do it, then let him do it!” Jiang Qianqin took over the gun and pushed the gun to the student who was still bleeding. She held the student’s hand and help him to grab the gun and pointed at the other student’s head.

The student’s face was covered with tears and blood, his body was constantly twitching but he also couldn't pull the trigger.

Everyone stood there silently watching them, even Ren Sanbao and his men also approached the windows to see what was going on.

“All you knew was stealing Sun Lian's food, but do you know why he wanted to keep the food while bearing the hunger? he gave the food to those girls who….” Jiang Qianqin glared at him closely.

“Sister Jiang, I'm sorry, please don't say it anymore….” the student who was bleeding, begged.

“Ok, now, who else want revenge, who else want to kill others! “ Jiang Qianqin released him and glanced over the crowd and shouted.

All the students who were in the fight earlier were like a deflated balloon, everyone was silent.

:”no one?” Jiang Qianqin glared at them and asked again.

Everyone was trying to void having an eye contact with her, no one dared to say anything.

:”if no one, then get the fuck back in the building!” Jiang Qianqin shouted angrily again.


:”Edgar, we caused a trouble again.” Chu Yunsheng said to Edgar.

Edgar looked at Chu Yunsheng with confusion, although he was not an expert in Mandarin, why would Mr.Lennon say again? "it was my fault, I didn't deal with it properly.”

:”Just choose those people who didn't come out earlier, don't waste any more time now.” Chu Yunsheng pointed at the people who were still in the hall and said.


Second floor next to a window.

The masked man shook his head and said:” this woman….. I don't know what she is doing it for?....”

“brother Sanbao?” the fat man Qian who was next to him, was confused.


In the corner of the hall.

:”what? Us?” a boy couldn't believe what he heard.

:”Yes, hurry up, Doctor is waiting for you, he still needs to tell you something before you got on the RV.” the person who passed the message was the person who called Ga Zi, he didn't like those who cosy up to the Skywalkers, however, he did not seem to realise that he was also a Skywalker.

:” What did I say! the Doctor was not that kind of person, see! I am not naive!”

“did I say that you are? Why I can't remember it?”

:”you boys stop arguing, but, why is he choosing us?”


“sister Jiang, you don't have any bullets in that gun.” the slovenly young man who was always following Jiang Qianqin smiled playfully.

:”oh, then, I dare you to try it” Jiang Qianqin passed the gun to the young man and smiled mysteriously.

:”okay!” young man immediately grabbed the gun and pointed the gun at his head then pulled the trigger several times, however, apart from the gun clicked several times, nothing else happened.

Jiang Qianqin shook her head and ignored him, she then walked towards the RV.

Over there, Edgar was telling those students the rules inside the RV, he emphasised repeatedly that they need to keep absolutely silent in the RV.

Jiang Qianqin was waiting quietly on the side until Edgar finished his talk.

:”Doctor, I need to talk to you privately.” said Jiang Qianqin.

“Jiang, I am sorry about what happened earlier.” Edgar apologized.

“No, doctor, it’s not your fault, you helped us, we can’t thank you enough, so please don’t apologize.” said Jiang Qianqin while walked away from the RV.

“Then you?” Edgar slowly and closely followed Jiang Qianqin.

“I can’t sleep, I need someone to talk to.” she kicked away the rock on the road and said. :”your friend doesn't seem to like us, I am sorry that we made your life difficult.”

“No…. no.. not at all.” Edgar looked at the woman who had a pretty face and immediately alerted, why she wants to talk to me all of sudden? he thought.

“Are they also the ordinary people?” Jiang Qianqin did not seem to realise that Edgar was already alerted, she still carried on with the topic.

“They are from the military.” Edgar answered carefully, he did not want to disclose where Chu Yunsheng was from.

“Oh, no wonder, I hope we could also find a military base. Oh right, I have heard from the students saying that when the apocalypse happened, you were at Jin Ling city, right? How is it over there? ”Jiang Qianqin raised her head and looked at Edgar.

“I left the city on a business trip at that time, when I tried to go back it was already too late, the city was surrounded by the insect! ” Edgar shook his head, he felt like he needed to end this conversation as soon as possible.

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Chapter 221 The Seats On The RV

Chapter 221 The Seats On The RV

Translated by  Ben Chan and Sarah
Edited by: Sarah

Chu Yunsheng only moved away for a few steps, then he suddenly turned around and asked:” how many thrusters does your flying machine have?”
Qin Qiying’s mind was still filled with shock and confusion, so Chu Yunsheng’s sudden question almost made her answer the question. Luckily the years of military training helped to stop her from leaking out the information.
After thinking for a second, the question Chu Yunsheng asked was not much of a big deal, and apart from the secret she was trying to hide, it seemed like no other intelligence can still be considered a secret in this time and age.

But she was not only one who knew that secret, there were three other very reliable officers who also knew about it. In order to safely send this secret to the capital, four of them were split up and escorted by different troops from different routes.  However, she didn't care about other officers, she must make sure that she was not the one who leak out the information.
She also realised that she was too relaxed around Chu Yunsheng. From the stories she had heard from Shan Yuxiong, and from Chu Yunsheng’s behavior which she observed this whole time, she knew that this was not a man who would pay extra care towards others. Although she did not know whether Chu Yunsheng asking her to take a good rest was to distract her or not, she needed to pay more attention now. 
However, she also forgot that Chu Yunsheng was not an interrogation expert. He was just confused when Qin Qiying said the flying machine was not theirs.

“It is not a big secret, like I said before, I will tell you anything you want to know, as long as it is within my knowledge.”  Qin Qiying said while adjusting the pillow on the bunk bed.
At the same time, Edgar finally adjusted his emotions and got into the RV with Yu Zhixuan.
“Wait.” Chu Yunsheng turned around, passing by Edgar and Yu Zhixuan. He popped his head out and glanced outside. The decent looking girl was still outside, but she seemed to be very sad.
“You... that’s right. You… could you come in for a second.” Chu Yunsheng said.
Chéng Dàiyōu was dazed for a second, then answered quickly:” Yes! Of course!” she quickly got into the RV like a gust of wind, as if she was scared that someone else would take over her place. 

She did not care whether it was the doctor or this man in balaclava hat who was interested in her, she just wanted to get on the RV.
“Could you do me a favor and help her to get off the RV, we need to have a meeting.” Chu Yunsheng pointed at Yu Zhixuan who just sat down and said.
Cheng Daiyou gasped in surprise, her mouth was wide open and she just stood there not knowing what to say. It was like winning a lottery but to discover later on that the ticket was fake, and it frustrated her.
Yu Zhixuan looked at Edgar, hoping Edgar would say something. However, Edgar intentionally turned around and started looking for something.
“Little girl, don’t worry, we still need you to guard the RV at night.” Chu Yunsheng knocked on the side of RV urging them to hurry up.
Cheng Daiyou wanted to say she could also guard the RV, but as the words reached the tip of her tongue, she could not bring herself to actually say it out... Feeling helpless and disappointed, she helped Yu Zhixuan off the RV.


“Ok, let’s start, major Qin, you first, then I will clarify a few things later.” Chu Yunsheng said
What a strange skywalker! Looking at the girl that was kicked off the RV, Qin Qiying thought, then she said:” doctor you are from the USA, you should have heard about area 51 right?”
“Yes, that place is very famous, it was said that the government was researching extraterrestrial civilization there, but no one actually had evidence to prove that. ” Edgar responded.
“But the place does exist.Before the apocalypse, researchers from the USA had discovered an ancient flying machine underneath an ice layer in Antarctica, and managed to transport it back to area 51 It was their top secret, but….” Qin Qiying smiled, she didn't carry on.
“Maybe they came to earth a long time ago, but we didn’t know about it.” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said. He could connect those flying machines to the information he learned from the ancient book, even the senior practitioner also seemed to come from the outer space.
“Not necessarily so, did you notice what the flying machine said just now? Although the students below shouted that we are earthlings, but they were persistently calling us humans rather than earthlings." Qin Qiying raised her head slightly and said.   

“Prehistoric Civilization? Based on the history of the earth's biological evolution, there is no evidence to support this theory. " the topic was related to Edgar's profession, he became unusually confident about with his words.
“Regardless, we also found a similar flying machine, and we had also attempted to make it fly again However right until we left, we still could not succeed. ” Qin Qiying did not want to discuss the theoretical issues with Edgar, so she returned to the subject again.
“Wait. Don’t you  think the one we just saw also looked very ancient?” Chu Yunsheng looked at them and said.
“Yes, I have also noticed it, but it is not the one from our lab.” she paused for a second then carried on.“In fact, the apocalypse itself is also very bizarre. Remember that when the sun disappeared, it did not disappear once, but disappeared several times, and each disappearance lasted longer than the one before, until the sun completely disappeared? ”

Of course, Chu Yunsheng knew that, and according to what he learned from the ancient book, it was a problem with the Sky tracks. But what the Sky tracks are exactly was something that he was never concerned about...
“Destroy. From the beginning to the end, the sun disappeared 7 times in total. It seemed like something was destroying something”  At this moment, Qin Qiqying was merely talking about her guess. After all, she was trapped at the scene capturing aliens when the sun disappeared. She had no clue about the classified research that happened afterwards.

“What makes you say that?” Chu Yunsheng frowned, other than the ancient book’s abnormal behavior, there was nothing else that was destroyed.

“From what I know, after the first time the sun disappeared, we received a lot of report regarding the crashing of planes, not just our country, all the planes around the world seemed to be knocked down by something! It was at that time, the government and the military started to mobilise, and resources started to be allocated…..” Qin Qiying looked at the roof while telling Chu Yunsheng what she knew, thinking back about the chaotic beginning of it all...

“But if I remembered it correctly, that was not what the citizens were told…..” Chu Yunsheng said bitterly.

“We didn’t know how bad it was going to be, and we don’t want to cause a chaos. It was not just us, every country was doing the same thing, France… Russia... ” Qi Qiying tried to explain...

“Forget about it, that was in the past, let’s talk about the crashing of planes, what was that about? ” Chu Yunsheng interrupted and said.

“I don’t know, the only thing that I know is that the alien that was captured was very fearful and scared, similar to a having mental breakdown in humans. This is something that I told you last time. .” Qin Qiying shook her head.

“So, based on what you said, the flying machine we saw today most likely already existed on earth for ages, and it was fixed by them, right?” Chu Yunsheng looked at them and said.

“I think so. ” Edgar said.
“Could be.” Qin Qiying also nodded her head.
If this inference is correct, then regardless of the woman in the white dress or the cloaked man, the number of flying machines they have on hand should not be too much, in fact, it should be just a handful. Chu Yunsheng thought.

In that case, if they didn't have a lot of them, that meant they would not be able to search for him everywhere all the time. The thought of it made him relieved.

But It was time to change his plan, the woman in the white dress presumably got all his information from the deputy chief commander Zhu, and even knew that he prefers to act alone.
Luckily she didn't know about his monster seal talisman, although she might have seen the golden shell when he was running away, she might not know much in detail.

“Edgar, later on, tell the woman whose hair is in a bun that we could help her to transport some people,  they are heading the south right? Tell her that we are going to the same destination.” Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and added:” you can also tell her privately that we will support her.”

Chu Yunsheng immediately decided to hide in this crowd of students, since they had already searched them, and the possibility of them searching this group again was very low. It was much riskier to travel alone now.

“Alright, there are three beds on the RV, the one at the back of the RV is mine, you need to make them understand that. The one above the driver seat belongs to major Qin, so before she recovers, do not let anyone disrupt her rest. The one in the middle is yours, and the remaining space...you can do whatever you like. Also, I need an absolutely quiet place, do not let strange people get in!” Chu Yunsheng kept emphasizing the need to be quiet to Edgar, as he still needed the time on the RV to break through Rong Yuan body stage three. If the RV became noisy because of this, he would rather risk travel alone.

… ...

Half an hour later, in the small building.
“Really? Doctor, thank you very much, thank you…. I will gather the people right now, so you can choose whoever you like, but there was a student who has a frostbite, could you pick that student first? ” Jiang Qianqin was thrilled. Early on four students were killed by the flying machine, so everyone was very gloomy, but Edgar brought a great news to her.
However, to Ren Sanbao, it was not a good news at all.
But no one expected that the news Edgar brought to them would bring about a fierce fight for the seats...

Translated by  Ben Chan and Sarah
Edited by: Sarah
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