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Chapter 214 Journey of three people

Jing Mouyou

Chapter 214 Journey of three people
“Mr.Lennon, I am a good driver!” Edgar said and got in the driver seat, he used his actions to answer Chu Yunsheng’s question.
Looking at the grey sky, Chu Yunsheng lifted one of his feet and was about to get on the RV, however, he suddenly paused.  He turned around and slowly walked back to the survivors. The waste on the ground was already covered with the snow, so whenever Chu Yunsheng stepped on it, it would make a clear crunchy sound.

:”Mr.Lennon, are you? Are you staying with us?” although Xiao Si knew this was impossible, he still said it with full of hope.

Almost all the survivors shared the same thoughts. Although Chu Yunsheng didn't reveal his face,  the things he did for them in the past few weeks couldn't be measured in any way. At first, Chu Yunsheng saved their lives from the animal's hands, then he helped them wipe out animal clan's threat, and most shockingly he had also helped them to eliminate all the flying head monsters near the camp…..

As if as long as he was with them one day, no matter what kind of dangers were out there, he would help them remove it.

Although Chu Yunsheng had said to Edgar that they might die tomorrow, the survivors didn't really believe it, to them the safest place on earth right now was probably staying with Chu Yunsheng, so when Edgar got on the RV, they were extremely jealous.

:”one last advice before I go.” Chu Yunsheng said to their chief Shan Yuxiong, he pointed at the girl and carried on :” her power has increased, everyone can start trying those poisonous mycelia, it might be beneficial to the ordinary people like you, of course, it is very risky, you might lose your life, but I don't think I need to teach you what high-risk high reward means.”

It wasn't that Chu Yunsheng didn't want to take the girl with him, however, if the girl didn't mention it, Chu Yunsheng also didn't want to force her, after all, her mom, relatives and friends were all in the camp, Chu Yunsheng didn't think the girl would abandon her family, and there was no way he could bring them all together with him.

Shan Yuxiong looked at Jing Mouyou, he seemed to be confused, it looked like the girl had not told other people about the deal they made. But Chu Yunsheng didn't think she would keep the secret long, she would most likely tell everyone after he left, so the conditions he mentioned before would most likely only last for a short period of time.

Chu Yunsheng also took out a bottle of vitamin c from his grey coat and gave to the girl. No matter what happened after he left, the girl had worked hard to help him to recover the purple flame monster, every time during the healing, the girl would unleash her energy until she would almost pass out, so this was the reward Chu Yunsheng gave to her.

Then, before they said anything Chu Yunsheng quickly turned around and got into the RV. He and Edgar still needed to arrive to the next destination before the sky went completely dark.

Jing Mouyou felt both surprised and grateful for what Chu Yunsheng did. She was staring at Chu Yunsheng until he got into the RV.

:”Wait, Mr.Lennon, please wait!” the middle-aged man who was saved by Er Guai was shouting while helping a woman in a military uniform to squeeze through the crowd and walk to the front.

Chu Yunsheng recognized this woman, while he was wiping out the animal's clan, he had seen this woman. She was the one that the middle-aged man had asked him to save.

:”Mr.Lennon,  please take us with you, please, I'm begging you!” the middle-aged man was still very weak but he still carried another person with him, so when he got to the front his face was very pale and he was constantly panting while shouting.

“I don’t deal with the military, so goodbye.” Chu Yunsheng shook his head and rejected the man’s request.

“No, Mr.lennon, we are not scared of dying, it is just that we have an important information that needs to be sent to the headquarter, please, it is a matter of life and death of millions of people! ” the man was extremely agitated.

“Did you not know that millions of people have already died?” Chu Yunsheng did not even face him while talking to him, he was tired of dealing with the military.

“Let me talk to him, move me closer to him.” the female major said in an extremely weak voice.

The middle-aged man walked clumsily while carrying the major toward the RV’s windows, he had to lean against the side of the RV to make sure that he would not fall over while walking.

“Mr.lennon, I know that we are a burden to you, but I can pay you, as long as you can send us to any military base!” the female major reached her hand out to hold the RV’s door and said.

Chu Yunsheng did not respond to her, he signalled Edgar to start the engine and get ready.

“Mr.lennon, we can provide you with some information that could help you to increase your power” the female major believed that this was an extremely tempting offer, Chu Yunsheng would definitely trade with her, because she understood that all the Skywalkers desired to increase their power badly.

This was also the reason why she could live this long when she was captured by Wu Weijian. It was because of the knowledge she had that made Wu Weijian not daring to kill her, Wu Weijian couldn't understand the complicated method of increasing his power, he needed her help. However, it did not mean that Wu Weijian was going to treat her nicely, he just gave her enough food for her to barely keep her sanity.

However, this time she clearly found the wrong guy, Chu Yunsheng did not need her information to increase his ability. Even all the methods from GRD in Jin Ling city combined were worthless compared to the method in the ancient book.

So the RV was immediately started running without any delay.

The female major was dazed for a second, she did not expect Chu Yunsheng to not be interested in what she could provide to him, he did not even pause for a single second!
“We also got information about those aliens. we had captured one before….. ” Seeing the the car was about to leave, the female major suddenly knocked on the RV’s door and said.

The RV instantly stopped,

Chu Yunsheng jumped off the RV and said coldly:” whoever lies to me won't live long, you have to know that!”

The female major was relieved when she saw that the RV stopped. “You can execute me if you think I am lying,” she said while leaning against the RV.

Chu Yunsheng looked at this woman from top to bottom, the “woman” was so skinny that she was almost out of human shape. He quickly thought for a second. Whether it was the powerful monsters like Min and monster's king or the woman in the white dress and the cloaked man, the more Chu Yunsheng knew about them, the more he started to realise that they were not just them out there.

So to him, knowing more about them would help him fight those aliens better in the future!

“I can take you, but not him, more people means more danger !” Chu Yunsheng said while pointing at the man.

:”Major Qin, go with him, I'll stay in the camp, as long as you can safely return to the base, commander….” the middle-aged man didn't seem to be sad.

:”make your decision quick, you have three minutes! If you insist on taking him, then don’t waste my time!” Chu Yunsheng looked at the grey sky and said.

“Lao Li, take care of yourself!” The major Qin held Lao Li’s shoulder and said. Staying with Chu Yunsheng was her only hope, if she missed this chance, she would probably be staying in this little camp for the rest of her life.

“Don’t worry, I am fine, Major Qin, if you see my wife and son when you returned to the capital, tell them that I am still alive!” Lao Li smiled.
“I will!” major Qin released him and used her remaining strength to salute him.

The RV started running again and soon it slowly disappeared into all survivor's sights,

“Edgar, follow the route on this map, we need to get to this place before the night goes completely dark!” Chu Yunsheng pointed a place on the map said, then he put the map on top of the dashboard.

:”My name is Qin Qiying.” the female major was sitting next to the driver seat, she turned around and introduced herself.

:”Follow him, call me Lennon.” Chu Yunsheng pointed at Edgar and said.

:”you are a foreign Chinese?” the Female major looked at Edgar and said in confusion.

“ Aboriginal Chinese, unlike you who is a senior official’s offspring, so far I still don't know how the moon outside china looks like!” Chu Yunsheng said sarcastically.  Although the female major didn't have a healthy shape, Chu Yunsheng could still tell that she was very young. Such a young female major, unless she had a powerful family background, there was no way she could be a major at her age.

Qin Qiying was dazed for a second, of course, she knew Chu Yunsheng was mocking her, however, she didn't expect that Chu Yunsheng would do this. To her, Chu Yunsheng’s response was more like an ordinary people’s response in the age of light. It was so familiar to her that she even found it a little “cute”.

Of course, It was all because she had seen a lot of people that changed the way they were when they gained their abilities.

Chu Yunsheng took out a piece of cooked meat and passed it to her then said:” You'd better ask fewer questions about me. Since we are in the same boat, there is something you need to know. Edgar knows all my rules, so ask him to teach you later! Once you finish this piece of meat, then take a short break. In my place everyone must have their existing values, your job is to take turns with Edgar to drive the car and be a lookout.”

“Also, you need to take a shower, it stinks!” Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and said.
Edgar and Chu Yunsheng both had a shower when the discovered waster, so they were still fine, but this female major, god knows for how long she hadn't had a shower. The RV was filled with a stinky smell ever since she entered, it was a torture for Chu Yunsheng because his five senses were much more sensitive than others.

It was the first time that someone said to Qin Qiying that she stunk, she couldn't do anything but let out an embarrassed smile.

:” Edgar, teach her our rules, if there is anything, inform me immediately.” Chu Yunsheng said when he returned to the back of the RV.

however, it wasn't a smooth ride at all,  sometimes they had to stop the RV next to other broken cars to hide from the centipede monsters in the sky; if the road was blocked by the cars, Edgar had to get off the RV and use the roaring flame gun to burn the cars into ashes.

Only until afternoon, did their first destination appeared in their sights. However, there was also a strange group which appeared in front of them at the same time, one of the cars in the strange group seemed to have broken down in the middle of the road and It just happened to block the road.  

“Go, check what is going on!” Chu Yunsheng patted Edgar's shoulder and said, Qin Qiying was so weak at the moment, she could not even move to the back of the RV to take a shower, let alone get off the RV to check the situation at the front.

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I found that this city is very similar to the world of  《Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind》,
so the most of concept arts were taken from that anime, I wish I could share them all, but because of the storage problem, I could only a few more pictures. but if you have time, this anime is worth watching.
Mouyou and Grandpa Qin

Study the spore

Land Of Dead
Defending the Camp


quite an important foreshadowing in this chapter.......

regarding the personality changes after people awakened their ability...
it is extremely important......

I don't know if you guys still remember the fire king back in Jin Ling city suddenly became a different person?

that is also a foreshadowing.

and lastly, Happy new year everyone.

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Chapter 213 leaving

Chapter 213 leaving

A giant mushroom was blasted into pieces by the energy bullets.

The new gun no longer needed Chu Yunsheng to infuse his energy in order to unleash a powerful attack, Chu Yunsheng could charge up the energy core beforehand and just pull the trigger to unleash the fire bullet during the combat. Moreover, its power not only didn't seem to reduce any but rather it seemed to increase.

The energy core of the new gun was the essence of a flame monster, it was truly powerfully!

This was probably the only thing that made Chu Yunsheng truly happy recently. Because it would reduce a lot of pressure from Chu Yunsheng during combat.

Only now could that gun be regarded as a real dark energy gun. However, it did not seem to appropriate to continue calling it a dark energy gun, since it had been heavily reconstructed and it’s firepower had also increased.

Looking at the roaring flame it unleashed Chu Yunsheng decided to call it a roaring flame gun.

Although both the freeze gun and the roaring flame gun were not perfect, Chu Yunsheng believed that once he reached Yuan Tian stage three, he would definitely be able to improve it.

After Chu Yunsheng tested the type 2 dark energy gun, he also took out the type 1 dark energy gun that Edgar used and embedded another small piece of fire energy core into the gun to slightly upgrade its power and because the seed-like object now worked as an energy core, there would not be any problems for an ordinary human being to use the gun as well.

The entrance of the camp was lit up by the fire that was unleashed by the new gun, many survivors gathered at the entrance with the guns that they took from the “animals”, they were looking at each other in panic, not daring to say anything.

Chu Yunsheng turned around and was about to return to the camp, when he suddenly heard a man shouting from the wooden tower next to the entrance of the camp. :”who is there?”

Chu Yunsheng thought the man was shouting at him so he was about to respond. But another voice interrupted him from behind.

:” it's me! Er Guai!”

Chu Yunsheng turned around but he couldn't see anyone, the narrow passage was curved, he could only hear the noise.  Probably only the person on the watchtower could see.

After a moment, Er Guai and several other survivors from the camp helped five scarily skinny men and women to walk out from the narrow passage.

:”what happened? Why are you so late? the Chief came to ask me several times!” the “sentinel” seemed to be relieved.

:”don't ask me any questions now, quick, get Grandpa Qin and Xiao Jing here, quick, they can't hold it any longer…..don't just stand there, go get help Song Zi.” Er Guai urged.

The young man who was called Song Zi quickly climbed down from the top of the tower and ran into the camp, at the same time he also heard Er Guai shouting at his back: "Ask them to cook some mycelium, and to squash it before cooking it, they cannot eat dry stuff..."

The passage was narrow, so Chu Yunsheng quietly stood aside to make space for them to pass.

Er Guai did not notice Chu Yunsheng earlier, so when he just passed by Chu Yunsheng he was dazed for a second. :” Mr.Lennon, it is very late now, why are you here” Er Guai was puzzled.

Before Chu Yunsheng could answer him, Er Guai’s partner poked him and secretly pointed at the fire in the spore forest, what he was trying to say was that apart from Chu Yunsheng, this Skywalker, who else in the camp could do such a thing, so what Er Guai just asked was unnecessary.

There were five people being carried by them, three males and two females, those five people were in the state of trance and could not walk properly, they were being carried by the rest of the survivors. The group had a total of around 13- 14 people.

“He is that Skywalker! ”

“It was he who killed Wu Weijian…..”

“......everyone was killed!”


In the group, some survivors were whispering at each other while slowly moving the other people into the camp.

A bald skinny middle-aged man seemed to have heard what they whispered, he suddenly pushed away the other survivors who were carrying him and it seemed like he was trying to walk towards Chu Yunsheng. However, he was so weak that he instantly fell to the ground, but it did not stop him, he was crawling towards Chu Yunsheng and used all his strength to say:” ple… please…. Please...”  the man did not get to finish his words. He passed out straight away.

“Er Guai, what happened?” Chu Yunsheng looked at the man on the ground and asked.

“They escaped from Wu city,  they told us that there was a rumour going around the city saying that Wu Weijian’s group was killed by the monster’s king, after Wu Weijian’s group had not gone back to the city for two days, the last two Skywalkers could not come to an agreement of who was going to take the leader’s position, so they had a fight. Those five people took the opportunity to escape from the city.” Er Guai said while moving the fainted man inside the camp.

“okay. ” Chu Yunsheng was just curious, but he still did not expect that there would be a power struggle in the city in just less than 36 hours after the leader Wu Weijian died.

He shook his head trying to get rid off those unimportant thoughts, he did not even know those survivors for more than 48 hours. Time seemed to pass so quickly but at the same time, it also seemed to pass so slowly. When will I be able to find Jin Ling, he suddenly thought.

These five new survivors immediately caused a commotion in the camp, especially for those whose family was still trapped inside the city, they were the ones who were particularly excited. This was also one of the reasons why Er Guai took the weapons and some people with him to check the situation inside the city.

With the help of the old man Qin, and the squashed food, the people slowly recovered their strength around the campfire.

Chu Yunsheng also learned why Er Guai treated those survivors who had just escaped from the city so seriously, especially the bald man who attempted to ask him for help earlier. According to the bald man, he was a soldier who was responsible for escorting some important information and some people from the Fu province to the capital.

Because of insects and monsters constantly appearing,  they were delayed and eventually lost their directions until they arrived at Wu city.  They were out of ammo and food at that time, so not long after arriving at the city, they were captured by the animal's army and one of his superiors was still kept as their “food” in a basement. 

"As long as you rescue the major and escort us to Jin Ling City, I can guarantee that you will get a proper settlement in Jin Ling City." The middle-aged man said full of hope.

Jin Ling City was the entire camp’s hope and sustenance, they did not know that Jin Ling City had disappeared and they still thought it was the safest place.

So everyone was staring at the Chu Yunsheng who looked very calm, and Edgar who had a weird expression on his face.

“You can forget about Jin Ling now, that place was surrounded by the swarm, even I could not get in!” Chu Yunsheng shook his head.

“Jin ling city has fallen?” Li Xi, Shan Yuxiong and the middle-aged man almost shouted out at the same time.

“Something like that, anyway, no one will be able to get in! ” Chu Yunsheng repeated his answer, at the same he looked at Edgar who also nodded his head, it seemed like Edgar knew what Chu Yunsheng was trying to tell him.

“Sigh! Is the world really over?” the dispirited middle-aged man sat on the ground and sighed.

What Chu Yunsheng just said was like a storm that quickly wreaked the hope of all the survivors leaving them with only the despair.

People needed hope to keep them alive, without hope there would only be despair, so the entire camp fell into silence.

Chu Yunsheng stuffed one last piece of monster meat into his mouth then slowly got up. He could save those people's lives, but he couldn't give them hope. Besides he also had more important things to do, so he returned to his shed.

After a long time, Chu Yunsheng vaguely heard the billionaire saying emotionally and loudly:” Chief, Lao Li, don't give up, we still have this camp, we still have grandpa Qin, Xiao Jing, and more than a hundred of brothers and sisters! As long as we work together, help each other, we can get through this…”

Chu Yunsheng slowly fell into sleep while billionaire was giving a speech. He got up very early next day in the morning and went to Wu city along with the “soldiers” who were selected from the camp.

The last two Skywalkers were nothing to Chu Yunsheng, they couldn't even block the roaring flame gun's attack, so both of them were burned to death.

When the "soldiers” rescued the unfortunate people who were treated as food from the dark basement, all the survivors were crying out loud.

Looking at every one of those dishevelled survivors, even the “cold-hearted” Chu Yunsheng also felt sad, there were males, females, kids, some of them were even stripped completely naked. Why would human beings do such thing to their own kind? Chu Yunsheng just didn't understand it.

Automobiles and petrol were quickly gathered and brought together. There was even an unexpected surprise. Xiao Si found a recreational vehicle in the city, although it was not very luxurious, the performance was good enough for Chu Yunsheng's temporary use.

To the west of Wu City was a spore forest. To the east of Wu city was a wasteland. Chu Yunsheng thought that with his current strength, he probably would not be able to directly cross the spore forest, so he could only take a detour along the highway from the east to the south, hoping that he would be able to bypass the spore forest.

While he was waiting for Jing Mouyou to recover her strength, Chu Yunsheng also took some time to go to the 2nd and 3rd land of the dead. He had also killed as many monsters in those places as possible.

Eventually he finally figured out that it would take roughly 100 leech monsters for a regular green shell to upgrade to a type two, he had also gathered more than 1000 leech monsters from both the 2nd and the 3rd land of the dead, after leveling up rest of three green shells to type 2, Chu Yunsheng still had more than 700 leech monsters left inside his storage talisman.

10 days later, the purple flame monster was finally fully recovered with the help of Jing Mouyou’s healing ability.

“Edgar, you need to think it carefully, if you want to leave with me, you may be dead by tomorrow, if you stay here with them, you could live longer!” Chu Yunsheng was standing next to the RV and reminded Edgar once again.
With the help of Chu Yunsheng, the survivors received a lot of insect shells, the flying head monsters were also almost eliminated by him, the threat of the animal’s clan was also removed, so the camp was in fact very safe now.

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Chapter 212 fire energy seed

Chapter 212, fire energy seed

In a narrow jungle trail, came the muffled sounds of an object breaking the sound barrier.

If there were any humans here, they would definitely be able to see a streamlined and majestic combat armour tearing the sound barrier making a long trail of seemingly green after-images. The shadows were as light as smoke,  disappearing after a second.

The centipede monster’s angry roar reverberated through the spore forest, many other centipede monsters flew into the land of the dead one by one from the sky.

However, Chu Yunsheng had already left the battlefield after successfully killing one. Soon, he appeared near the camp entrance. He quickly deactivated the armor and only wore the same grey cotton coat he used to wear all the time.

Then he thought of the meat which he should give to Jing Mouyou, he quickly took out a bag of meat and carried it before he enters the camp. It would only bring him more trouble if he took out the meat after he entered the camp.

After greeting the guards, he quickly entered the camp. It was time to ask the girl to heal his monsters now.

Although he killed one centipede monster, he also lost one green shell, and two were also injured, and that was including the type 2 green shell as well. With this kind of result, he would rather not to fight centipede monster.

Unlike other insects, a green shell was very fast, and most of the time they were in the sky, so it was very difficult to catch one. Chu Yunsheng spent two months in the area of the sticky substances, but had only caught 5 of them. Sealing one green shell was much more difficult than sealing a powerful golden shell!

Chu Yunsheng originally planned to form an air seal force starting with those 5 green shells first, however, he did not expect that the spore forest monsters would annihilate half of his airforce.

However, this unexpected encounter made Chu Yunsheng realized how important the type 2 green shell was, he urgently needed to upgrade the rest of three green shells to type 2,  only then would those green shells be capable of fighting the centipede monster!

Chu Yunsheng returned to his shed, he woke up Edgar who was taking a nap. :”give this meat to the girl and ask her to come here now.” Chu Yunsheng said after he passed a bag of meat to Edgar.

:”okay.” Edgar said then immediately ran out of the shed.

Chu Yunsheng was sitting on the bed, he was resting while checking the monsters he had sealed.

Four green shells, three golden shells, one purple flame monster, a total of 8 sealed monsters. Apart from the one green shell which ate 40 leech-like monsters and the other normal green shells which were fine, the rest of the monsters were injured.

Although the golden shells and the purple flame monster were heavily injured, Chu Yunsheng did not think he urgently needed those two monsters to fight for him, at least he did not want to have a fight with the monster’s king at the moment, his main threat was those centipede monsters, so he still needed to rely on the green shells to deal with them.

He needed Jing Mouyou’s ability to help the heavily injured type 2 green shell to recover its strength, it would be very slow if he just used Yuan Qi to heal it.

The green shell that had a minor injury Chu Yunsheng could heal it just by using his own Yuan Qi.

It was not long before Edgar brought Jing Mouyou back to the shed.

“Xiao Jing, what you need to do is very simple, just like what you did to Edgar last time, unleash your energy, I will deal with the rest.” Chu Yunsheng stood up and said without any preamble.

“Like this?” a cloud of green wood elemental smoke emerged from Jing Mouyou’s fair-skinned hands.

“That’s right, just like this, until you use up all of your energy!” Chu Yunsheng did not need to touch Jing Mouyou’s hand, he could use the incantations to directly absorb the energy into his body.

The unique wood elemental energy was then transformed by the Rong Yuan body and sent into the monster seal talisman. There was one thing Chu Yunsheng noticed which was that the Rong Yuan body did not transform this strange wood element energy into pure non-elemental energy, which was what he had in his body, but instead the energy kept its elemental attribute while being sent into the monster seal talisman, it was very bizarre.

Chu Yunsheng did not ask the girl why her energy was different to the old man. Even he himself also could not understand it, so he did not expect this girl would know it. He had one theory which was the girl might have eaten some kind of mycelium, that caused her energy to mutate, just like what happened to Xiao Si.

Jing Mouyou’s energy was very little, it could only change the type 2 green shell’s injury from severe to minor. Once she used up all of her energy her whole face turned pale, and she could not stand properly.

“Mr.Lennon, are you injured?” Jing Mouyou was sitting on the bed recovering her energy, she asked Chu Yunsheng when she saw Chu Yunsheng knitting his brows.

However just right after she said it, she instantly regretted it, because one of the three conditions they had agreed on was that she was not allowed to ask him anything.

She was so nervous and scared that Chu Yunsheng would get angry and stopped teaching her the method to increase her power.  She did not want to waste this opportunity just because of her questions.

But Chu Yunsheng did not seem to heave hard what she said, he still sat there knitting his brows not saying a single word.

While Jing Mouyou was waiting in fear, Chu Yunsheng was actually busy re-thinking his plan. He was quite disappointed at the result, originally he thought no matter how little energy Jing Mouyou had, it would at least help him to recover one green shell, however, he did not expect that her energy could not help to fully recover the type 2 green shell at all.

 “Take this, and follow the instructions on it, start it right now, if you have any questions or any problem with remembering the instructions, ask me straight away, I will watch over you until you finish it, once you have completed it, burn the paper.” Chu Yunsheng took out the wood element cultivation method from his clothes and gave it to the girl.

Jing Mouyou saw that Chu Yunsheng did not mention the question she asked, so she immediately took over the paper and let out a long sigh of relief. Then she started to concentrate on the paper.

Chu Yunsheng did not want to disturb her, he just sat on the ground and started to harness the energy inside his body to speed up the recovery of the green shell, at the same time, he also took out the freeze gun and tried to study it.

The structure of the freeze gun was surprisingly simple, at least it looked very simple, however, the mechanism part of the freeze gun was not what Chu Yunsheng was interested in, instead, he was more curious about its energy core. It was a clear, glass-like, frozen tube with glittering devices on both ends.

The Inside of the tube was full of white gas. Because of the cultivation method, Chu Yunsheng was very sensitive to the flow and fluctuation of Yuan Qi. So the first thought that came to his mind was that this device was still working, he could feel the device constantly drawing energy into the tube and converting it into ice elemental energy.

While holding the tube, Chu Yunsheng was thinking about replacing it with an absorption talisman, but then he immediately turned that thought down, the absorption talisman worked in a completely different way, especially the energy inside it…. then he suddenly remembered the thing that the flame bird dropped after it was killed.

The shed was instantly heated up after the seed-like object was taken out from the talisman. The seed-like object was filled with a tremendous fire elemental energy.

If this object could be used as an energy core then how could he get the energy out?

Chu Yunsheng suddenly found that he seemed to have made a mistake. For a long time, he thought he had a problem finding a Yuan Qi energy core, however, he was actually having a problem with the usage of energy.

The talisman that was cast on to the gun worked as a communication medium between the energy inside his body and the gun. If he wanted to use the energy core instead of the energy from his body, he would also need to link the talisman to the energy core.

This was the key point.

Chu Yunsheng immediately turned around and secretly checked the ancient book while Jing Mouyou was busy remembering the instructions.

However, even when he found the area that described the enchanted weapon, he could still not understand everything.
So he needed to rely on the only part which he understood and the principle of the freeze gun’s operating mechanism and make a brand new enchanting talisman.

But in order to have a deep understanding of the freeze gun’s operation mechanism, Chu Yunsheng needed to make it work.

Chu Yunsheng suspected that the energy inside the gun was not enough to support it running, that was why it only fired one shot and then stopped working. Based on what he had heard from Shan Yuxiong, it would take a long time for itself to restore its energy.

But that didn't mean Chu Yunsheng didn't have other ways of speeding up its energy recovering speed. His method was to cast a frost talisman onto the device and then infuse his Ben Ti Yuan Qi into the talisman, then the talisman would convert his energy into an ice elemental energy and fill up the tube.

He believed that with the Yuan Tian stage two’s strength, he would definitely be able to fill it up.

This was also one of the advantages of the senior practitioner’s cultivation method, Chu Yunsheng’s pure and non-elemental Ben Ti Yuan Qi could be converted into any of the other five elements, it could even be used to assist the mutated secondary elements.

After he infused the ice energy into the device, he still needed Edgar to reassemble the gun because he didn't know how to do it.

Jing Mouyou was asked to repeat the instructions described in the piece of paper 10 times before she could talk to Chu Yunsheng, so she was trying to remember as much as she could before Chu Yunsheng destroyed the paper.

After everything was done, Chu Yunsheng went outside of the camp to test the gun, he fired three shots and froze three big “mushrooms”. During the tests, he carefully observed how the energy flowed and the fluctuations it made inside the gun until he used up all the energy. Then he returned back to the camp again and asked Edgar to teach him how to disassemble and assemble the gun.

Chu Yunsheng was not talented, but he was not stupid either. He tested the gun back and forth several times. Only until the second day morning did he barely sense something. Then based on what he had sensed he made a brand new but crooked Huo Bing talisman.

Now there was one last thing Chu Yunsheng needed to do, which was to embed the seed-like object into a place inside the dark energy gun where the original dark energy field was.  However the seed-like object was as big as an apple, Chu Yunsheng could not embed the entire thing into the dark energy gun. He used all of his strength and managed to hack down a small piece of it and then stuff it into the dark energy gun.

Finally, Chu Yunsheng cast the brand new Huo Bing talisman onto the gun and went out of the camp to test the gun despite the tiredness.

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Chapter 211 the second form of green shelled insect

Centipede monster

Chapter 211 the second form of green shelled insect
The secluded road was crooked and gave off a gloomy, with help from the map Xiao Si gave to Chu Yunsheng, Chu Yunsheng headed straight towards the passage that leads to the land of the dead after coming out of the camp.

According to the map, Xiao Si drew, there were three places that used to have brutal and unfortunate massacres in the north of Wu Cheng city, which was also done by the insects.

The place that Xiao Si showed Chu Yunsheng was the one nearest to the camp, it was also the one with the least casualties out of those three places.

One of the other two places was near the place where Chu Yunsheng and Edgar first landed from the sky and the last one is on a highway near the edge of the city. Because the highway was used during the evacuation and because a lot of cars were blocking the road at that time, that place ended up having the most casualties.

With the experience he gained from the last encounter, Chu Yunsheng’s movements were much quicker this time, however he still needed to be cautious because of the monster's king and there was also one more thing he noticed, which was the density of the spore virus seemed to be much higher in the lands of death than the other places.

With the amount of the time it would take Rong Yuan cells to kill the spore virus, Chu Yunsheng suspected that he could stay in the land of the death for one hour at most, if he stayed for more than one hour, the disinfection speed would not keep up with the infection speed.

So he only had one hour.

The flying head monsters which were scared away yesterday, had all came back to the land of the dead, it seemed like the bodies underneath the land of the dead were very important to them.

With the help of the armor, Chu Yunsheng sneaked inside without making any noise this time. The monsters were still casually flying in between the giant mushroom when he arrived.


A green shell suddenly appeared out of nowhere, the high-speed wing buzzing sound instantly rang out in the area, then a second green shell, third,... fourth, the monsters started to panic.

Chu Yunsheng immediately ordered them to start chasing the monsters into a small circle, he only left only one green shell which was twice as big as the others next to it.
The last green shell was the one which had consumed the most of the flying head monsters last time, its colour had also changed quite a lot, it was darker and it gave people a feeling of metal texture.

Chu Yunsheng could help chase the monsters, but he decided not to, instead he wanted to see how strong the defence of the upgraded green shell was.

So he ordered the green shell to land and stabbed the sword into its shell. Although the sword could penetrate its shell, Chu Yunsheng could feel some resistance. After all, a tier two sword was very sharp. Based on the resistance the sword had, he could tell the toughness of the shell had improved a lot.

:”From now on, you are called type 2 green shell.” Chu Yunsheng patted the green shell and said. In fact, he didn't really know what kind of name he should give to the upgraded green shell,  but when he glanced over the type 2 dark energy gun unintentionally, the name instantly came to his mind.

The type 2 green shell wasn't affected by the stab. When Chu Yunsheng ordered it to move, it instantly flew towards the flying head monsters at a speed which was almost the same as Chu Yunsheng’s when he was wearing the armor.

Speed also increased?

Normally the flying speed of a regular green shell could not compete with Chu Yunsheng when he was wearing the armour.

If both the green shell’s protection and speed were increased, that meant its strength could also be increased as well.

After the type 2 green shell joined the hunt, within less than 10 minutes, all the flying head monsters were eliminated in the area.

All the leech-like monsters were piled up in front of Chu Yunsheng, there were almost 60 of them, and since the five green shells landed next to him, they were constantly sending the desire of eating the monsters to Chu Yunsheng.

However, Chu Yunsheng ignored most of them, he just kept feeding the type 2 green shell.

After type 2 green shell had continuously eaten 10 leech-like monsters, the changes started to become less obvious, no matter the body size or the colour, even the energy concentration didn't have much change.

Chu Yunsheng immediately stopped feeding the monster after not being able to get any new results out of the feeding.

He thought for a minute, the green shell had already consumed almost 100 leech-like monsters before he sealed it back on the talisman yesterday, because of the appearance of the monster's king he had hurriedly sealed up the monster before he could observe the changes, despite that, he suspected that the type 2 monster probably had completed its transformation.

The leech-like monster most likely couldn't provide enough “nutrition” to upgrade the second form.

But how many monsters does a regular green shell need to eat in order to reach the second form? Chu Yunsheng wondered.

He secretly calculated, the green shell ate around 20 of them near the house they landed, almost 150 of them in the land of the dead. So in total, it was around 170 of them, however, this number was obviously more than the actual number a green shell would need to change.

In order to find out what was the minimum number that could cause the changes to the green shell, Chu Yunsheng needed to feed the other green shells.

But before that, he still wanted to see if the purple flame monster was interested in those leech-like monsters or not.

Surprisingly when Chu Yunsheng summoned the purple flame monster, it only had a slight desire to eat.

Even if it didn't show much of an eating desire, Chu Yunsheng still fed it 10 leech-like monsters.

He wanted to see if it would help the purple flame monster to recover its injuries.

But the result was very disappointing, it didn't help at all.

However, it proved that what the senior practitioner said was correct, which was that the sealed monster must be healed using the user’s own Yuan Qi, he did not know why it worked that way, the book had too many complicated theories he could not understand. He just hoped that one day he would be able to figure it out.

But there was one thing that puzzled him which was why Jing Mouyhou’s energy was able to heal the sealed monster. Although he could not understand everything mentioned in the book, he suspected that after the wood element energy went into this body it was transformed by his Ben Ti Yuan Qi, it was probably because of that, that the wood element Yuan Qi was able to get into the monster seal talisman and speed up the monster's recovery.

Suddenly, both the injured purple flame monster and Chu Yunsheng raised their heads and looked at the sky, they suddenly felt an energy fluctuation coming towards them.

Almost within a split second, the energy fluctuations were getting more and more intense, and just when Chu Yunsheng sealed back the purple flame monster, a giant centipede dived down from the sky.

Its target was not Chu Yunsheng, but a green shell!

The fight instantly broke out without any sign, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to fight this monster before, because he didn't know how strong it was, so before he was confident at fighting it, he didn't want to have any conflict with it.

However, he had no choice, it had already locked onto a green shell, if did not order the green shell to fight back, he would suffer huge losses.

Because Chu Yunsheng was fighting the centipede monster for the first time, he didn't have any kind of plan for controlling the green shells. 6 flying monsters clashed together and fought in the melee.

In just the first clash, Chu Yunsheng instantly lost one green shell, the green shell was worried to death by the centipede powerful mouth!

However the centipede monster was also injured, the type 2 green shell unexpectedly spat out a blazing fire at the centipede monster, it even burned a hole in the centipede’s belly.

Chu Yunsheng drew the sword, he was ready to cast out the sword fighting technique, he wanted to end the fight as soon as possible before the monster killed any more green shells.

Then, he was surprised to find out that rest of four green shells and started to gain control of the fight!
The centipede monster was attracted by the type 2 green shell, it wanted to kill the type 2 green shell, however, the type 2 green shell was very agile, but when it wanted to catch the regular green shells, the type 2 would constantly spat fire at it.

But the green shells couldn't control the fight for long, after a while, Chu Yunsheng lost another regular green shell, and type 2 green shell was also heavily injured.

Chu Yunsheng decided to not wait any longer, he cast out the sword Qi straightway attempting to cut the monster in half.

At the same time, he also cast out one last fiery rain talisman at the monster.

He needed to end it right now, because he had heard noises made by other centipede monsters, and they were coming towards him.

After the monster gave out a last loud ear-piercing scream, it was cut in half and fell to the ground.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to stay a second more, he quickly sealed the rest of the green shells and the body of dead centipede monster and then left the land of the dead.

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Chapter 210 conditions

Chapter 210 conditions

The reason why Chu Yunsheng acted so strangely was because after he checked the talismans, he found out that the hint of fragrance went into the monster seal talisman, and surprisingly it speeded up the purple flame monster’s recovery speed.

The purple flame monster’s recovery speed was always a big problem to him, so when he suddenly realized something that could speed up its recovery, he was both excited and curious, because he had never seen anyone who had this kind of ability, even the witch in Jin Ling city couldn't do it.

However, the hint of fragrance didn't last for long, it disappeared before Chu Yunsheng even had the time to find out what it was. All he knew was that the fragrance had a distinctive wood elemental smell, and the smell came from the girl.

That's why he took a huge sniff when he was near her.

However, he could not feel anything from the old man when he touched his head. He suspected that he might not be able to feel anything through his hand. So he tried reaching out his hand again. But when he wanted to test it out, the girl was scared away.

:”.but….you…them...” Edgar didn't know what to say, he looked at Chu Yunsheng and then looked Shan Yuxiong and the other people.

:”it's ok, you can put away the gun now.” he thought for a second, then said to Jing Mouyou:” I need to speak to you privately for a minute.”

:”ok.” Jing Mouyou said, she suddenly had a shudder and her face instantly turned white. She wanted to refuse, but she couldn't, there were more than 100 people living in the camp including her mom. What would happen to them if she refused, she didn't dare to imagine.

:” Xiao Jing (Jing Mouyou)” the old man Qin suddenly grasped her hand tightly. He sounded very concerned.

:”it's alright grandpa Qin.” Jing Mouyou tried to calm him down, however, she also didn't believe what she said.

Chu Yunsheng was confused about why everyone acted so strangely all of sudden, Edgar was like that, Shan Yuxiong was like that, even Li Xi was also like that, however, he didn't have time to ask, he was more concerned about how he should talk to the girl.

Chu Yunsheng turned around and walked towards his shed, apart from Jing Mouyou who quietly followed him from behind, no one else was moving.

The camp was not big, they arrived at Chu Yunsheng’s shed within a minute.

:”Please.” Chu Yunsheng said after closing the door and pointed at the broken bed which was the only place they could sit in the shed.

The sleeping bag was still laying on the top of the bed, since Chu Yunsheng didn't store it back into storage talisman earlier.

Jing Mouyou was dazed for a second and her heart twitched suddenly when she saw Chu Yunsheng pointing at the bed and saying please, she thought she was prepared, but when she heard him said it, she still could not do it.

She was just a little girl who had almost turned 18 years old, she was supposed to be studying in school if she was still in the age of light. Although she became a Skywalker after the world plunged into the darkness, she was still a little girl.

It was not that she didn't suspect everything being just a misunderstanding, Mr.Lennon had saved everyone in her camp, he also gave them the insect’s meat and saved her, how bad could he be?

But then again, she couldn't explain why he sniffed her body, or why he pointed at the bed and said please.

It was at that moment, all her suspicions; doubts disappeared, leaving only sadness but not despair, because she still remembered what the black man said, if…..

:”Don't be so nervous! nothing serious.” Chu Yunsheng said when he saw the girl couldn't stop her body from shivering. :” let's just put it this way, although you can't learn the method I used to cure the poison, I might be able to help you increase your power!”

:”....huh? What?” Jing Mouyou didn't realize what he was saying at first, so chu Yunsheng repeated one more time.

This time she heard it clearly, after a short pause she finally understood what Chu Yunsheng was trying to say.

:” I'm sorry Mr.Lennon, I misunderst…”  she was immediately interrupted by Chu Yunsheng.

:”I don't care about what you think, and I don't want to know about it, if you want to learn, I have three conditions,

Firstly, do not mention to anyone that you learned it from me;

Secondly, from now on, I need your ability to do something, so until I leave the camp, your ability can only be used by me, of course, I'll give you some food to compensate the time you wasted, and don't worry, I won't be staying here for long.

Thirdly, during the time of cooperation, no matter what you see or hear, do not ask me any questions.

If you can do it, I’ll let you know the method by tomorrow, but if you can’t, it's better to tell me the truth, otherwise, if you agreed on the conditions but later you broke any one of them, I’ll kill you, remember it, I’ll kill you.

Think it carefully, you don’t need to decide now, you can tell me the answer by tomorrow, but, do not try to discuss this with the others otherwise you know the consequences!”

“Also, I have to remind you, I suggest that it’s better not to leak out the information and the method I am going to tell you, not only will it not be useful to others, it will also cause harm to them.” Chu Yunsheng said.

He was not threatening her, what he said was true, because he had almost lost his life when trying to test out the cultivation method in Jin Ling city.

Even although they didn't know who he was and all they knew was his fake name “Mr.Lennon”.  he was still worried that those aliens would be able to trace it back to him.

“Mr.Lennon, may I ask, what do you mean by using my ability?” Jing Mouyou thought for a second and asked.

:”I need to use your ability to do something, in terms of details, I'll only tell you when you have agreed.” Chu Yunsheng explained.

:” ok, Mr.Lennon, there is no need to wait until tomorrow, I accept your conditions. I believe you. You are a good man.”

:” There is no need to flatter me, I am older than you, I know what kind of person I am. It is just a deal between us, nothing more, I have saved a lot of people before, but I also killed a lot of people before. So, did you really think it through? I'll not think twice before killing you If you break the conditions.” Chu Yunsheng said sarcastically.

“Yes, I understand it.” Jing Mouyou nodded her head.

:”That's good, from now on, save your energy, you may leave now, take a good rest tonight, I'll get you tomorrow morning.” Chu Yunsheng opened the door and said.

Jing Mouyou opened her mouth, she seemed to want to ask something, but then she instantly stopped. It seemed like she remembered the 3 rules.

After Jing Mouyou left, Chu Yunsheng didn't take out the book straight away, he just ate some food and went back to sleep again.


Chu Yunsheng woke up naturally on the second day’s morning, it was a good sleep, no one disrupted his sleep last night, so he was both physically and mentally rested well.

There were rays of hazy shimmers coming through the gaps between the wooden walls, however, it was still very dark inside the room, so Chu Yunsheng had to switch on the flashlight.

With the help of the flashlight he copied the wood element warrior's cultivation method onto a small piece of paper, however, he didn't copy all of it, because he couldn't understand it all, so he only copied the part which he understood.

After he wrote down the method, he didn't go to find Jing Mouyou immediately, he wanted to see what would happen to the sealed monsters once they consumed the leech-like monsters.

He went to the location that Xiao Si showed him yesterday, there were still some flying head monsters left and the monster’s king had just left that place, so that place should be safe for the moment.

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Chapter 209 Misunderstanding

Chapter 209 Misunderstanding
The reason why he said to keep it short was that he still had others things needed to be prepared.

The night of the camp was the same as every other place he went to. There were no stars or moon in the sky, it was dark and quiet as usual. The only difference was that the camp was surrounded by a strange “co….co” sound.

The temperature was still very low outside the shed, there were snow flurries falling from the dark sky from time to time. The roof of the sheds and the top of the spore plants which were surrounding the camp were already covered with a thin layer of snow, perhaps it had been snowing for some time now.

If Chu Yunsheng had to mention one benefit that dark blood age had brought to earth, it would probably be the fresh air.

Of course, not counting the miasma of spores.

Zhang Hu couldn't stand outside for long because of freezing temperature, so once he got the meat from Edgar he quickly moved back to the shed.

Looking at his shivering body, Chu Yunsheng shook his head. Although he promised that he would save his mistress, he did not think the girl could survive in an isolated room for such a long time. Even though the food might be enough, the mental torture was much deadlier.

:”Mr.Lennon, thank you for saving me.” Jing Mouyou’s voice was low and tender.

:”You don't need to thank me, you saved my man as well. “ Chu Yunsheng said. What he said was true, the girl almost lost her life to save Edgar, but compared to her, Chu Yunsheng didn't have anything to lose.

:”my ability is still very weak, otherwise, many people would have survived. Also, thank you for the vitamin C, my mom….” she said. She was bowing her head down while she was talking, it seemed like she had a very low self-esteem.

 The girl was probably thinking too much about what Chu Yunsheng had told her, but Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to listen to what she wanted to say.

All Chu Yunsheng could think of was probably that the girl felt embarrassed to ask the question, so she was trying wait until she felt less embarrassed and then ask.

But who knows when that would be, so he immediately stopped her. :” your name is Xiao Jing, right? I know why you are here.”

:”you….you know? You will…..” Jing Mouyou instantly raised her head and looked at Chu Yunsheng in surprise.

Chu Yunsheng interrupted her again:” I know! The method I used was different from a wood element dark… oh.. I should say different from a Skywalker’s...there was just a small accident, so your clothes and quilt were destroyed by my energy, there was nothing like what they said. So you don’t need to worry. Originally I didn’t want to explain this…but since you are here... Anyway, you are a good girl, but it is not good for both of us if you are still demanding for an answer!”

Jing Mouyou was dazed for a second, then her white ears instantly turned red, she did not expect Chu Yunsheng to say that this bluntly. But this was not what she was here for, so she immediately explained:” I trust you, Mr.Lennon, and I did not think that way…. I am here for another thing.”

“Other thing?” Chu Yunsheng was confused.

:” I….I...Mr.Lennon could you teach me how to cure the poison?” she was very embarrassed to ask.

Chu Yunsheng frowned just when he was about to refuse, Jing Mouyou begged nervously again:” I'm sorry, Mr.Lennon, I know I have asked too much from you, please don't get mad.”

The reason why she was so nervous was because the people in the camp had already told her what happened in the secret passage and how powerful this man was. She didn't want to make him angry because she knew that the consequences would be deadly.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head:” it's not that I don't want to teach you,  it's that you won't be able to use it. You and the old man both should focus on your own abilities and forget about this.”

The reason why he deliberately mentioned both was because he wanted to tell her that he had already rejected the old man once.

A glimmer of hope slowly faded away in her eyes when Chu Yunsheng rejected her.  However Chu Yunsheng didn't seem to be angry, so she was also relieved.

Chu Yunsheng closed the map and put it back into his cotton coat then turned around to Edgar:” Edgar, let's go!”

Suddenly, he smelled a hint of fragrance when he passed by Jing Mouyou. The smell which had a trace of wood elemental energy flew into his lung and followed the path his Rong Yuan cells travelled then quickly got into one of the talismans he made. It happened within a split second, when Chu Yunsheng tried to sense it again, it had already disappeared.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows, he instantly harnessed the energy inside his body to check if there was anything wrong. Then he suddenly stopped walking. He quickly turned back around and stared aggressively at Jing Mouyou like a wolf staring at a sheep.

Jing Mouyou had a sudden shudder at Chu Yunsheng’s aggressive eyes.

She instinctively moved back one step. Then she saw that the man was hesitant, it seemed like he was struggling to make a decision or maybe he had some concerns. But one thing didn't change, it was his aggressive look, he was staring at her from the top to the bottom and he was getting closer and closer.

Even Edgar felt something was wrong. :” is Mr.Lennon really interested in the girl….” he thought.

:”Mr….Mr.Lennon?” the girl said nervously, Chu Yunsheng was only one step away from her now, she couldn't help but start to breathe rapidly, every part of her body instantly became tense.

:”Shush...don't move!” Chu Yunsheng said, he wanted to catch that smell, and he didn't want anyone to interrupt him.

At the same time, Shan Yuxiong and the other people also walked out the shed. The first one was Li Xi, but he was stunned when he saw Chu Yunsheng’s face less than 10cm away from Jing Mouyou’s face, what was more shocking was that Chu Yunsheng even took a huge sniff and it seemed like he was not even satisfied.

He is molesting Mouyou!  Everyone was thinking the same thing when they saw it.

A few of them got relieved that Zhang Zizhao was locked up, otherwise, he would definitely want to kill this man.

But no matter what he was doing, the whole camp instantly fell into an awkward silence. Jing Mouyou was looking at them with teary eyes, she was seeking help, but they didn't dare to say anything to stop the man.

Qin Renno however didn't hold back, he gritted his teeth and charged out immediately when he saw Mouyou’s hopeless expression, Li Xi tried to stop him, but how could he stop a Skywalker, even if Qin Renbo was an old wooden element skywalker,  he was still not someone he could stop.
Perhaps Li Xi had tried too hard, even though he couldn't stop the old man, the old man’s clothes were ripped when he broke free.

Both Shan Yuxiong and Li Xi didn't know what to do now. The entire camp depended on both Xiao Jing and the grandpa Qin. What grandpa Qin just did was to force them to fight this Skywalker, but how could they defeat this man.

Qin Renbo might be stronger than others, but compared to Chu Yunsheng, he was as weak as a little chick.

Chu Yunsheng could feel something coming towards him, however, he didn't really want to be interrupted, so he reached one of his hands out to stop and hold the thing that was coming towards him.

Seeing grandpa’s head being grabbed by Chu Yunsheng’s like a basketball everyone instantly stopped breathing. :” grandpa is going to die!” everyone was thinking the same thing.

The situation started to get worse, even Edgar started to switch off the safety of the gun he was holding.
Jing Mouyou’s lips were twitching, she was on the verge of crying. :”Mr.Lennon, let grandpa go, I'll not resist...” She took a deep breath and said with a voice full of despair as if she was going to die.

“ok!” Chu Yunsheng subconsciously responded and released the old man. At the same time, he was murmuring:” why she could do it, but he couldn't? Huh? If I remembered it correctly, Witch also couldn't do it… why is that?...”

He subconsciously reached his hand out again to touch Jing Mouyou’s head, but he missed, because Jing Mouyou quickly moved back a few more steps.

Chu Yunsheng slowly started to feel something was not right, he looked around and noticed that everyone was staring at him and the atmosphere was very tense around him.
Then he noticed that Edgar was holding the gun and was standing next to him.

:”Edgar, why did you take your gun out?” Chu Yunsheng frowned, he was trying to remember what happened earlier, and why everyone looked so tense.

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Chapter 208 mistress

Chapter 208 mistress
What Chu Yunsheng just said made them realize that the Skywalker in front of them didn't really care about what they thought.

Then everyone was looking at Xiao Si hoping that he would give them some sort of explanation as to why would this Skywalker come here to look for him.

:”ma… is ready.” Xiao Si was very nervous, he felt like what he did betrayed his camp. He didn't dare to have an eye contact with Chu Yunsheng. All he did was quickly take out the map and pass it to Chu Yunsheng.

:”Thank you.” Chu Yunsheng said, he opened the map then noticed that the map was very detailed, not only were the locations circled out, there were even some words around some circles explaining what monsters were in the circles… etc.
This kind of map would help Chu Yunsheng a lot.

:”my long as it can help you.” Xiao Si waved his hand.

:” There is no such thing as pleasure when you helped someone but you could not get anything in return!  Two cigarettes for a map is a fair deal…” Chu Yunsheng took out another cigarette and threw it Xiao Si.
:”Mr.Lennon, you don't need to do this, you saved our lives…..” Xiao Si felt embarrassed, he felt sorry for what they did here and he thought that what he did might be able to compensate the trust they lost from this man. So he didn't dare to take the cigarette.

Li Xi who was standing next to him, he patted his back and whispered:” he asked you to take it, then you just take it.”

With Li Zi’s permission, Xiao Si quickly took the cigarette and moved behind the crowd.

“You can carry on, I am leaving with Edgar first!” Chu Yunsheng said and turned around.

Suddenly, he noticed the person who was standing next to the door to be very familiar. He thought for a second then realized that he was the billionaire Shan Yuxiong told him about.
:”Hi, mister, if you don't mind, may I talk to you for a second outside?” Chu Yunsheng said and then walked towards the door without getting the man's reply. he did not think this man would dare to refuse it.

:”of course, Mr.Lennon, after you!” Zhāng hù said who politely opened the door for him.

When Chu Yunsheng walked out the door, he bumped into another person. It was the girl he saved.

:”Mr.Lennon, can I talk to you for a moment?” her voice was extremely quiet, Chu Yunsheng could barely hear what she said. She had already put on clothes. But the clothes seemed to belong to a man,  they were dirty and ripped. In contrast to the crumpled old man's clothes, her skin was extremely white and clean.

:”ok, but you need to wait. I need to talk to this guy first.” Chu Yunsheng said while pointing at the billionaire.

Chu Yunsheng understood why the girl would want to talk to him. No matter who you were, if your clothes were taken off by a stranger while you were unconscious, you would definitely find the person and ask him clearly what did he do to you. Especially when you were a girl.

But it was not urgent, at least he didn't do anything to her. He didn't even touch her.

Just when he finished his words. A voice appeared on his back. :” Li, I don't really understand what you guys were thinking. This was a great chance for you guys. If Mr.Lennon likes the girl. He may even stay here for her. Think about how your lives would be improved if he stayed. Would you ever live in fear again?

And also according to my recent study, the possibility of your child being a Skywalker as well, between two skywalkers is very high…. trust me... I am a zoologist… I know stuff….”

The room instantly fell silent after he said that. It was so quiet to an extent that even if a needle dropped on the ground, the sound it made would be clear to everyone.

“Edgar! What the fuck did you just say? Do you believe I will not throw you back to the insect’s sticky area!” Chu Yunsheng immediately turned around and dragged Edgar out of the room.   

Edgar was actually higher than Chu Yunsheng, however, Chu Yunsheng could still pick him up like a little chick. 

“Yes...Yes...  Mr.lennon, it was just a joke…look! That pretty girl blushed.” Edgar quickly explained.

“Listen, I don’t have time for your jokes, if you say one more word, I will leave without you!” Chu Yunsheng said sternly.

Edgar instantly broke out into a cold sweat, he knew that Chu Yunsheng did not really need him, but he needed Chu Yunsheng, without him there was an 80% chance he could not survive, the rest 20% chances depended on if he could stay in the camp or not. 

“What is your name?” Chu Yunsheng threw Edgar aside and turned around speaking to the billionaire.
“Zhāng Hù” Zhāng Hù said with a calm voice.

:”ok, let’s just save everyone a bit of time.” said Chu Yunsheng while carried on walking out of the door. He opened the map which Xiao Si gave to him and switched on the flashlight:” I know that you have an underground bunker, and you stored a lot of food, and I also know the location already, but I need some more details from you. What does the inside of the bunker look like, and what kind of food do you have stored? It is better if you could draw it down.”

“Of course you will get something in return. I will use the monster's meat in exchange for your information. But I also don’t have many left. ” Chu Yunsheng said straightforwardly.

“Mr.Lennon, my underground bunker was quite complicated, if you have a pen and paper I can draw it out” Zhang Hu was very smart, he did not ask how many he would get exactly, because he knew that he was in no position to demand anything. 

“You can talk to me while drawing.” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and took out a notebook and a pen from his cotton coat.

“Chief, what should we do? ” Er Guai poked  Shan Yuxiong lightly and asked.
Shan Yuxiong let out a hollow laugh and said reluctantly:” Lock up Zizhao, let him calm down first.”
“But chief, Zizhao is a local, two third of the people in the camp are local people, what if they want to argue….” Er Guai was very concerned.

“You got any better ideas? Do you think it is better to offend local people or it is better to offend Mr.Lennon? ” Shan Yuxiong said while looking at Chu Yunsheng.

“You are right, I am just worried that after Mr.lennon left, they will…..” Er Guai let out a long sigh.

“Don’t worry about later… we don’t even know how many days we could survive after the man leaves.....” Shan Yuxiong smiled again.

“True….but we have more guns… I really hope we could live happily together….”Er Guai secretly waved his hand to signal Da Li to knock Zhang Zizhao out. Then both of them quietly moved Zhang Zizhao out of the room. 

But when they left the room, they were seen by Jing Mouyou.

“Er Guai, where are you taking brother Zhao ?” Jing Mouyou frowned her brows

“Xiao Jing, we are trying to protect brother Zhao, if he continues being unreasonable, he might really provoke Mr.Lennon. At that time, we would not be able to save him at all. ” Er Guai did not lie to Jing Mouyou.

“But brother Zhao is a good man. I’ll speak to Mr.Lennon. Please don’t lock him up for too long.” although Jing Mouyou said that, she did not have much confidence that she could change Chu Yunsheng’s mind…..

“This is the entire floor plan, Mr.lennon, all my food are in a vacuum packaging. The temperature there is also extremely low now. So the food is definitely still in a good condition. I wish you can successfully get them!” Zhang Hu gave back the pen and stood up. He paused for a second and took a huge breath and said:” if you can really find it, could you do me a favour?”

“What is it?.” Chu Yunsheng said.
Zhang Hu hesitated for a second and carried on:” when the insects appeared, all of my family died in the bunker, only me and my mistress survived. She is just a girl, and she was stuck in a small room, the entrance to that room could not be opened by an ordinary man, and the food inside the room was only enough for her to live for a year.

I tried my best to save her, but I still could not open the entrance. Then more insects appeared. I had no choice but to leave her in the bunker….. If….if she is still alive, and if she was not eaten by the insects, then the food in her room should be finishing soon. If you really find the bunker. Could you please save her!” 

“Mistress?” Chu Yunsheng was speechless.
“Yes.” Zhang Hu smiled with embarrassment.

“Ok, if she is still alive, I will save her.” Chu Yusnheng did not want to waste time here, it was not hard for him to save one person, let alone that the person was in the bunker he was planning to go to.   

“Thank you!” Zhang Hu said.
“Edgar, give all the meat you have to him.” Chu Yunsheng waved his hand at Edgar then turned to Jing Mouyou:” ok, now it’s your turn. Keep it short.”

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Chapter 207 Unbelievable

Chapter 207 Unbelievable

:”huh?..” many people were confused why there was a brand new quilt on top of Jing Mouyou.
:”Ah…..get out...all of you! Get out….” Zhang Zizhao was shocked for a second after he lifted up a side of the quilt, then he instantly shouted out loud and pushed everyone out of the shed.

:”Hmmm? Xiao Jing’s strength has recovered… I can feel it.” the old man said.

When Zhang Zizhao and the other people walked out the room, everyone had a gloomy look on their faces.


Meanwhile, Chu Yunsheng had already taken out a sleeping bag and went straight to sleep on a simple wooden bed.

Before he went to sleep, he also didn't forget to summon the green shell to guard him. When the green shell was summoned, its body took over all the space in the room.

Although Chu Yunsheng didn't really care about what those people would think, who knows what would they do after they discovered that the girl was naked.

After all, Xiao Si told him that all the men in this camp fantasized about the girl. So he had to protect himself.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know for how long he slept until he was woken up by his bladder, but he didn't really want to get up, because he did not have a luxurious peaceful resting moment like this a lot, so he preferred to sleep as much as he could.

However, he could not hold onto it for more than 10 minutes. He was annoyed by his bodily functions but eventually got up.


His head bumped into the green shell’s body. He had forgotten that there was a monster in his room.

He let out a long sigh and patted the green shell, it instantly shrunk back to the monster seal talisman.
He opened the door and noticed that the sky had already gone completely dark. The camp was dark but the spore plants around the camp were glowing in a strange dim fluorescent light.

Chu Yunsheng took out a flashlight and swept around the area. He noticed that Edgar was leaning against the wall of the shed. The flashlight was shone at him, and he was instantly woken up:” Mr.Lennon, you are awake?”

:”You can take a rest now, I'm going to the toilet.” Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said.

:”I'm ok, when you were out of the camp, I already took a rest.” Edgar shook his head.
Chu Yunsheng didn't want to spend time talking to him, his bladder was full and it was killing him. So he quickly went around the shed to pee.

After he zipped up and planned to go back to cook something to eat, two men holding fire torches walked towards him.

:”did you know that the new Skywalker took off all Xiao Jing’s clothes.” one man whispered.
:”who told you? That can't be true. I heard that the man was trying to cure Xiao Jing, and Xiao Jing is okay now, right” the other man said.

:” You think that everyone is like grandpa Qin and Xiao Jing?  Xiao Jing is pretty, every man likes her, that Skywalker is also a man!”

:”lower your voice, if he heard you... You would die.”
:”What I said was true! The Chief is in a meeting since this evening, if you don't believe me, you can secretly listen to their conversation yourself later on.  Anyway… I don't know why the new Skywalker wanted to take off Xiao Jing’s clothes. I heard that he only stayed in there for less than a….a….a. Ah .. M...Mr..l….l...lennon, you are awake…”

The man with moustache suddenly couldn't speak properly and his legs were shaking.

:”where is Xiao Si?” he asked with an unpleasant tone. He didn't expect those people to repay him with anything, but why did it sound like he did something immoral to them.

:”he… he ….he is….at…” the moustache man panicked, he didn't know what to say.

:”he is at the chief’s shed.” the other man next to him said. :”over there.” he pointed at a shed not far from them.

:”Edgar, it's time to go now!” Chu Yunsheng walked to the front and said to Edgar.

Chu Yunsheng was not happy with their attitude, but that didn't mean that he was going to leave without the map.

He was still thinking about what would happen to the green shell after consuming enough leech monsters.

If the green shell were to become much more powerful than the centipede-like monster, then it would greatly reduce the time for him to find the third map.

Of course, he still needed to find out how strong the centipede monster was. He had only encountered them twice, so he couldn't estimate how strong the monster exactly was.

Edgar closely followed behind Chu Yunsheng, soon they arrived at the chief’s room.

“: Grandpa Qin, do you think it is really necessary to take off the clothes during the treatment?” the voice belonged to Zhang Zizhao.
:”Normally.... There is no need, but every skywalker has their own way of …..” the old man Qin also found it very hard to explain.

Li Xi’s face was twisted, he couldn't bear it any longer and interrupted the old man.

:” Zhang Zizhao, I don't think you are suitable for deputy chief any longer. The questions you asked were all based on your personal interest. We all know who you like the most, but you have gone too far with that, you have lost your mind!

Mr.Lennon saved Xiao Jing, this is a fact; Mr.Lennon killed all the animals and saved the entire camp, this is also a fact! You are so fucking blind that you didn't even see those facts. Do you really think he needs to molest Xiao Jing during the treatment?

That man could kill an entire animal's army, can you stop this kind of man? If he wanted to rape someone in front of you, could you stop him?

But did he do it? No. He didn't, he even asked the black man to give you some foods, and cured the girl you like without even taking a rest… and you are here to question him...

Zhang Zizhao you have lost your fucking mind…..

And Chief, brother Xiong! for fuck sake, what the fuck is this meeting, a child’s game? Don't you think it is really stupid!?”

His words made everyone in the room feel ashamed. What he said was true, the man could kill all of them here easily.

But Zhang Zizhao still argued:” are you sure he is not a second Wu Weijian? Chief, I think we’d better leave here as soon as possible……”

:”You! ….unbelievable!” Li Xi wanted to say something, but then he gave up, he snorted and just walked out of the shed.

:”Mr.Lennon?” Li Xi bumped into Chu Yunsheng who was about to push the door in, his heart skipped a beat then looked around. The faces of the two guards were as pale as ghosts, they were so scared that they didn't even make any sound.
:”Mr.Lennon..., Mr.Lennon... Mr.Lennon…” everyone in the room stood up in panic.

:”Chief Shan, you don't need to explain anything, and I'm not here to give some excuses. I'm here to get Xiao Si, and we are leaving.” Chu Yunsheng said before everyone tried to explain something to him.

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Chapter 206 a small accident

Chapter 206 a small accident
:”The monster's king? What is that?” Chu Yunsheng asked while picking up Xiao Si and started running.

“We have never seen it before, All the people who had seen it are dead!” Xiao Si’s voice was shivering:” We used to hear it roar from deep inside the spore forest all the time, but it hardly ever came out... Unless...unless…”
:”unless what” Chu Yunsheng frowned.

:”unless the monsters inside forest started to fight with the insects outside again, and it must be a large battle, small conflicts wouldn't make the monster's king come out of the forest... Right!… let's go ..quick, there must be a large battle near here!” Xiao Si said nervously.
:”Monsters inside?? Insects outside?” Chu Yunsheng was even more confused now!

:” Yes, ever since the spore forest appeared, the red shells and other insects outside of the forest never stopped fighting the monsters inside the forest, that's why we could survive this long!” Xiao Si explained.

:”ok…” Chu Yunsheng said. he paused for a second then asked again:” Do you know any other places like this?”
:”Mr.Lennon, have you not finished it yet?” Xiao Si said. He sounded very concerned.

: "it's already done, but I still need to get some more of those monsters after I cure the girl.” Chu Yunsheng said simply, of course, he would not tell Xiao Si what he wanted to do.
:”Mr.Lennon, could you teach Xiao Jing the method, we….we have a lot of people…” Xiao Si didn't know why he suddenly had the courage to ask.

Chu Yunsheng laughed:” even if I teach her, she still won't be able to use it. It's just like your night vision eyes.”

Xiao Si instantly realized he asked something he should not have asked:” I'm sorry Mr.Lennon...I….I” he apologized in panic.
:”it's ok.” Chu Yunsheng patted Xiao Si’s shoulder and took out a Wu city's map and said:” when we get back to the camp, could you help me to mark down all the areas that have the flying head monsters. Also all the safe passages you can remember, as detailed as possible. Thanks.”

“We have a map in the camp, it was also made by me. But that map only contains the passages near the camp. We haven't travelled outside this area for a very long time. The spore plants grow very fast. The passage we travelled earlier might disappear in a month.” Xiao Si nodded his head and took over the map.
The sound of the monster's king roar slowly faded out into the forest. But Chu Yunsheng and Xiao Si didn't slow down at all. It took them quite a while to return from the forest back to the camp.

“: You are a local, right? What did you do for work?” Chu Yunsheng felt sleepy, so he habitually took out a cigarette and got ready to light it up.

The girl only had two days to live after she was infected with the virus. Since the time she had gotten infected until now, it was almost 12 hours now. So Chu Yunsheng didn't have the time to take a break.

He took out one cigarette and passed it to Xiao Si. Xiao si was overwhelmingly flattered by this unexpected favour, he quickly took off the gas mask and took over the cigarette with his trembling hands

:” I almost forgot about what it smells like, the last time I smoked one was almost half a year ago…..” He took a long drag of it and paused it for a very long time then exhaled it slowly.

:” I used to be a driver, doing all kinds of the transportation businesses, but I didn't have a  business license. So you could say that I was driving illegally. My family helped me to borrow money from everywhere they could think of. My dream was to pay off my debt and build my own house, then get married… but then the world became like this… hehe!” Xiao Si let out a hollow laugh.
:” but, I was not the worst off, with my eye's special ability, I could get more food than other people. A lot of female survivors would like to marry me. Some of them even had a very high education.

Mr.Lennon, do you know how hard it was for a person like me to marry someone like them in the age of light...
I knew that I am not good enough for her. She was smart and pretty. So I cared for her, as long as I had food, she would not be hungry… she also cares about me, whenever I went out with brother Zhao, she would be very worried… I mean.. I still have a family...right?... But we couldn't have kids. Because we would not be able to raise them…”

Chu Yunsheng smiled and patted his shoulder again:” Xiao Si, You did your best…”
:”Mr.Lennon, you are a Skywalker, you probably don't know how ordinary people felt. Even a person who had a small ability like me could be so popular in the camp. Let alone a Skywalker. Xiao Jing is a pretty girl and a warm-hearted person, she is also a Skywalker. She is every man's dream. But no one dares to express their feelings towards her. Even brother Zhao.”

He laughed, then he suddenly looked around and lowered his voice:” some girls even said that, as long as grandpa Qin wants, they are all willing to…. It's crazy…..they are crazy….”

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, he didn't realize Xiao Si was talking about grandpa Qin’s age. Just when he tried to say something he saw Edgar running towards him.

:”Mr.Lennon, they have disassembled the gun. Do you want to take a look?” Edgar was panting while talking to Chu Yunsheng.

:”Really?” Chu Yunsheng threw away the cigarette and stood up. Then be saw Xiao Si quickly picking up the cigarette he threw away and putting in his pocket and smiled awkwardly at him.

:”We had done it with Wu Weijian before. So it wasn't difficult for us to do it again.” Shan Yuxiong said, he was just right behind Edgar.

:”Ok, let Edgar bring the parts over, I'll have a look, Chief Shan, can you find a room for me, I need to prepare something to cure the girl.”

“It's already done!” Shan Yuxiong said readily.
Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said to Edgar:” same as usual, watch the door for me. Don't let anyone interrupt me. “

:”Don't worry Mr.Lennon, I'll not leave.” Edgar said.

According to the ancient book, the talisman of cure poison has five types. Amongst those five types, Chu Yunsheng was only familiar with the fire element poison, it was also the type of talisman he still had backups of.

Although each was used for a different type of poisons, the ways of making them were quite similar to each other.

However, it still took Chu Yunsheng more than 3 hours, meaning three tries until he finally completed a new type of talisman of cure poison.
:”I'm ready now, take me to her.” Chu Yunsheng said after he came out.

:”This way!” the Chief Shan said.

:”You will all need to leave the room, wait outside!” Chu Yunsheng said after he saw that people tried to squeeze into the room.

Zhang Zizhao and the other people looked at each other, they hesitated for a minute then finally left the room one by one.

:” You need to leave as well.” Chu Yunsheng said to the old man.

:”I can help you.” Qin Renbo said carefully. In fact, he also wanted to see how this powerful daywalker would cure the poison. he might be able to learn something from it.

:”No need, you need to leave. I'm tired, so don't waste my time.” Chu Yunsheng declined.
Indeed, he was very tired, he had not had a good rest ever since he met this group of people and he had just broken out from the area of the sticky substances before he met them. So the feeling of physical and mental exhaustion was tremendous.
Qin Renbo blushed, probably he thought that Chu Yunsheng knew what he was trying to do. So he also left the room quickly.
Chu Yunsheng didn't want to waste any time. After he saw that everyone left, he immediately cast out talisman of cure poison!

The symbol of “cure” was instantly projected into the air, as it slowly scattered and converted into a phantom fog that warped around Jing Mouyo. The fog was slowly getting smaller and smaller, it seemed like the fog was being absorbed by Jing Mouyou’s body.

Just when everything was going well, an accident happened, maybe because Chu Yunsheng was too tired, he forgot about what would the fire element do to people.

Luckily, there was only a small amount of fire element stored in the talisman, it was used as a part of the trigger to activate the talisman. That small amount of fire element wouldn't kill anyone, especially the skywalker like the girl, despite her ability being very weak. However, it was more than enough to burn anything that was used to cover her, including her clothes.   

Chu Yunsheng was focused on the energy movement earlier, so when he realised what happened, it was already too late. Having seen her naked body Chu Yunsheng was stunned for second, 

But then the talisman of cure poison started to have a reaction inside her body, it instantly attracted Chu Yunsheng’s attention.

The girl’s face was twisted when the three types of energy started fighting inside of her body. Fortunately, the fight didn't last very long. When the energy from the talisman joined the fight to help the wood elemental energy inside the girl's body. The virus instantly lost its advantages. It was quickly destroyed by two energies together.

She did not wake up immediately, however, her expression returned to normal, meaning that she was okay now.

Perhaps she was still very weak. Chu Yunsheng looked around, he did not find anything that he could use to cover her, so he took out a brand new quilt that He had stored a long time ago and used it to cover her.   

Chu Yunsheng was very tired. After the girl was cured, he only had one thought which was to take a rest as soon as possible.

"She is fine now, but she needs rest, so don't let anyone else get in!" Chu Yunsheng said and then hurriedly left the place.

:”That's fast.”  Zhang Zizhao was surprised. He felt like he just came out of the room, and this man already said she was ok now?

:”If Mr.Lennon said she is fine, then she is definitely ok!” Edgar said.

Everyone was looking at each other still not quite believing what he said. In the next second, all of them pushed the door in....

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