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Chapter 11 A meddler

Chapter 11 A meddler
This man was Chu Yunsheng. He had successfully frozen the careless red-shelled insect from behind. However, he was hesitant that he should kill the monster in front of other people immediately. Apart from the frost arrow, he didn't want to reveal too many abilities to everyone.

The frozen Red-shelled insect was not dead. However, it would not be able to break out at any time soon. So he had to hurry up.

Since those six people didn't talk, he planned to make the first move. "Cough, cough. I think you all are safe at the moment. But can you give me some space? So I can deal with this insect!”

Only until he started to remind everyone did the crowd finally realized that they were saved. Everyone instantly broke out into tears of happiness and hugged each other, while saying “ we... we don't need to die now...” repeatedly as if every sentence could vent their feelings of despair.

But Chu Yunsheng could not wait until their finished expressing their feelings. He had to interrupt them again. "Stop... Stop there! If you all are OK, can you please leave the room. I need this place to deal with this insect!"

The young man was the first one heard Chu YunSheng, he immediately stopped the crowd from crying. But they still did not move. They were looking at Chu Yunsheng in confusion. 'The insect is dead, what does he need to deal with?'

Chu Yunsheng could not blame them. Even when he froze the red-shelled insect for the first time, he also thought it was not dead.  At that time, he had to shoot another frost arrow in order to kill the monster completely. So, when he saw the crowd was confused,  he pointed at the frozen red shelled monster and explained. "This insect is not dead..."

However, he did not get to finish his sentence. The first few words were like a bomb drop in the crowd.  Everyone quickly moved to the side and kept themselves far away from the insects.

One woman was brave enough to approach the monster to touch the frozen monster. But when she heard what Chu Yunsheng said, she instantly sat on the ground in fear.

She was crawling on the ground using both of her hands and legs, trying to run away as quick as she could.

Chu Yunsheng completely understood their fears. When he encountered the red-shelled insect that was chasing the white down jacket woman,  the fear he had at that time was not less than theirs.

“You don't need to worry, it is fine at the moment. But I need some space to kill it completely ” Chu Yunsheng tried to calm everyone down.

“The procedure might be unnerving. So I need a full cooperation from you guys. Please wait outside.” He thought for a second and added.

The group of people quickly agreed when he heard it. Although Chu Yunsheng said it would be fine,  they still couldn't stay with a live monster in the same room.

Since he did not need their presence, why not wait outside? Everyone was thinking the same thing.

"Can I stay?" The young man was very nervous.

Chu Yunsheng frowned. Under the old flashlight’s dim light, he could see the young man's expression. Chu Yunsheng admired the man's courage, but he just admired it. He still did not want to share his secret with a stranger.

“No! everyone out!” Chu Yunsheng refused bluntly.

The young man could not see Chu Yunsheng's expression behind night vision goggles. But his cold tone voice made young man did not dare to have any dissatisfaction. So he followed the crowd and left the room in disappointment.

Chu Yunsheng immediately closed the door, and then pushed up the night vision goggles.

The type of night vision device he had would not cause him to have a sudden blindness under the flashlight, which was a relatively bright light source.

The reason why he pushed up the night vision goggles was that he could clearly see the red-shelled insect and kill it under the dim light.
Before he killed the monster, he had also tested the storage talisman and absorption talisman on the live red shelled insect. The result was exactly what he expected.  Live creatures could not be stored in the storage talisman, and he could not absorb Yuan Qi from the live red shelled insect.

The only way was to kill it first. Chu Yunsheng had carefully observed it before.  The soldier’s rifles couldn't do much damage on a red-shelled insect, even if the bullets penetrated the monster's shield, it still could not kill the monster, but only provoke it.

Chu Yunsheng did not want to use the frost arrow again because it was the waste of Yuan Qi. A frozen red shelled insect that did not have the shield, theoretically, he could kill it just using the ordinary bullets. But the gun sound would attract other monsters. Also, he only had 100 bullets left, even if the red shell insect did not have a shield, he still did not know how many bullets it would take him to kill the monster. So he didn't want to waste any bullet as well.

The only way he left was the sword, he could use it to cut off its head. In that way, he did not need to waste too much Yuan Qi or bullets. That was why that he had spent two days making One Sheng Bing talisman which is used to increase the damage of the sword.

The sword was already enchanted with Sheng Bing Talisman. Chu Yunsheng could now pass Yuan Qi into the sword.

“Ha!” He hissed quietly, and raised up the sword then swung the sword very hard to cut off the monster’s head.

In order to prevent the loss of Yuan Qi, he immediately activated an absorption Talisman. As he expected red shelled insect did not die immediately, it struggled for a few seconds before it died completely.

The room was spread with the pieces of human bodies. Chu Yunsheng did not want to stay any longer after he absorbed Yuan Qi.

It sickened him.

Although he had seen so many bloody scenes before, he still could not bear with it.

Six people were still staying at outside. They did not leave. Just when Chu Yunsheng came out, he immediately heard a man pleaded. “Fei Fei, please listen to me, I just lost my mind. I did not know what I was doing. Can you please forgive me,  if I was clear-headed,  even just a little bit, I would die for you. I, Diao Dingguo swear to god. Can you please believe me one more time.”
When dealing with this kind of girl, Diao Dingguo was confident that he would be able to convince her. No matter what happened, he would still find a way to deceive her, even if he had just made a serious mistake.

However, to him, he still did not think it was a mistake. In fact, he still thought that his life was most important. Who would know that a person would come out of nowhere to kill the monster? If he knew that already, he would have definitely pretended to protect the girl using his life, and with the help of his eloquence, the girl would definitely willing give away her virginity to him tonight.

Chu Yunsheng shone the flashlight at the crowd, and finally found out that whose voice it belonged to.

Diao Dingguo was a middle-aged man, and the girl who he called Fei Fei was the girl who was almost eaten by the monster. At the moment, the girl was biting her lips very hard. It seemed like she was struggling to believe this man. But the young man was just quietly standing on the side.
Chu Yunsheng cursed in his mind. ‘Is she an idiot? How could she believe this Diao Dingguo guy, and why does this young man suddenly become a coward? Why doesn't he say anything? Why let someone like this Diao Dingguo take away the opportunity he earned by risking his own life?’

Normally, he would just mind his own business. He did not want to get involved in other people's problems. What he needed right now was looking for the next red shelled monster, But when he saw this Diao Dingguo wanted to deceive the stupid girl, he just could not stand it.

Also, Chu Yunsheng slightly admired the young man’s courage earlier. So he could not help but said in a stone cold voice. “Oh! was it really that you lost your mind? But why this young man did not lose his mind? Little girl, some people could give you up once, they would give you up twice! You need to think it carefully.”

No one knew this man would intervene, everyone was surprised and looked at him. Chu Yunsheng was a bit embarrassed. Maybe he really should not get involved.  Especially when he saw Diao Dingguo's eyes flashed with hate for a brief second.

But his words had already started to take effect. The girl called Feifei suddenly realized that she almost got deceived again, “Diao Dingguo, we are done!”

She still could not forget the last minutes that man tried to wrest his arm from her tight hug. He abandoned her with those heartless eyes

Chu Yunsheng knew that he should not stay any longer. He passed the flashlight to the young man then turned around.  But he did know that since the moment he talked, the middle-aged man began to hate him.

Chu Yunsheng had humiliated him in front of everyone. Diao Dingguo’s mind was filled with anger and hatred. But he knew that he could not take the revenge now. He was afraid of this man’s ability.

When he saw the man was about to leave, he is thrilled. 'Just wait until the man left. Then find another chance to persuade Feifei.’ He thought.

He seemed to have already forgotten about what he had planned originally, which was to ask this man to escort him to a safer place.

However, when he saw the mysterious symbols on the crossbow in the man's hand, an uncontrollable desire of having this crossbow instantly filled his mind.


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    1. The only way he left was the sword, he could use it to cut off its head. In that way, he did not need to waste too much Yuan Qi or bullets. That was why that he had spent two days making One Sheng Bing talisman which is used to increase the damage of the sword.

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