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chapter 8 a formidable man in the no. 8 building

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Chapter 8: A Formidable Man in the No. 8 Building  

Chu Yunsheng was not sure if the Red Shelled insect knew how to calculate the floor number or not. He doubted that it was smart enough to find out the exact location of his flat. So he believed that the last one would not come straight to him. That was why he opened the door.  

The monster could be busy chasing the people who just ran upstairs. Chu Yunsheng told himself. It should have noticed the screams that other people made, and it would probably target them as the person who killed its partner.  

So Chu Yunsheng decided to take the risk. If the last Red Shelled insect ran amok inside the building, he would not be able to predict where it might appear. It could use its corrosive secretions to jump out through the wall, or drop down from the ceiling.  

However, Its speed and reflexes were faster than Chu Yunsheng could imagine. When the Red Shelled insect appeared just outside the door. It noticed Chu Yunsheng straight away. Chu Yunsheng had not even pulled the trigger yet. But It just paused for a second, and then rushed towards Chu Yunsheng with a strange scream.  

It was a moment between life and death. The whole thing lasted for less than a second. Chu Yunsheng pulled the trigger as he realized what was happening. He did not have time to check if the arrow hit the Red Shelled insect or not. He immediately used the gun in his other hand, and fired five or six shots in panic.  
"Pop! Pop!Pop!" Bullets with a powerful fire element went straight into the wall, and the
sound of the shots that missed echoed loudly. After the smoke cleared, Chu Yunsheng saw that the frost arrow had activated and hit the red Shelled insect.  

He was lucky. The arrow he fired hit the monster’s claw, and froze over half of the insect's body. A few bullets hit it as well. 

Chu Yunsheng realized that he did not have much Yuan Qi left. The flame bullets were less powerful than the frost arrow, but the Red Shelled insect was completely dead now. The most dangerous situation he has faced since the sun disappeared was finally gone.

Chu Yunsheng used the cold frost arrow to stop the fire on the wall which was caused by the stray bullets. In less than a few minutes, those bullets had burned a few big holes on the wall. 

Chu Yunsheng was afraid to touch the monster’s body. He did not know if the monster’s body contained some kind of virus or corrosive material. He was very concerned, and decided to store its body in the storage talisman for the time being.  
Not many people were still out on the street. Most of the people got away, but hundreds of bodies, and about ten dead Red Shelled monsters were still laying on the ground. The remaining Red Shelled insects retreated into the darkness after suffering the heavy loss.  
No one knew when they would reappear again. The private motorcade was now scattered, and some of the cars were broken. But they continued following the army, and drove into the darkness. However, No one knew that if there were more monsters waiting for them outside of the city.  
Chu Yunsheng was exhausted, both physically, and mentally. After killing three Red Shelled insects in one day, he now knew that there was no such thing as the legendary meditation practice. Meditation didn't help him to recover his physical exhaustion.  Practice is practice; sleep is sleep. Having one cannot replace the other.  As long as he was still a human: Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, and Farting were activities he could not stop.  

He had a dream that night, a vulgar dream. In the dream, he used the crossbow, killed a Red Shelled insect, and saved a fairy-like beauty. The beauty fell in love with him, and when they just about to do ‘something’, he woke up. It upset him a lot.  

The electricity in his housing estate had already stopped, same as the gas.  He was hungry, and needed some hot food. Originally, Chu Yunsheng wanted to use the camping stove he stored in the storage talisman, but then he realized that it was important to keep the stove for emergency use.  
He took out the gun, and released the magazine. Using a little bit of the Yuan Qi that remained in his body, he fired the gun without any bullets. He successfully shot out a flame to ignite some firewood. 

The Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi was truly powerful. Chu Yunsheng looked outside and thought.

The dead Red Shelled insect pieces still had not defrosted yet. Like the frost Yuan Qi, the flame he fired must be very powerful as well. 

Chu Yunsheng was a stingy guy. He was very happy that he could save the camping stove for later use.

He made a bowl of noodles with the fire, and just as he was about half-finished with the noodles, he heard someone knocking at the door.  

Trying to be as cautious as possible, Chu Yunsheng looked through the peephole. He saw a man very considerately lighting up the stairway with candles so Chu Yunsheng could see him. It was the neighbor from the 10th floor. The guy had survived the attack.  

Chu Yunsheng’s first reaction was: ‘Did they know I killed those three monsters? No, it can’t be, they were panicked when I killed the first one. No way they could have figured it out.  The second and the third were killed when they were busy running, there is no way they knew it was me.’
But he still opened the door. Although it was the Dark Age, and the end of the world - with dangers everywhere - humans are social animals. They need communication. His flat was clean, and the body of the third Red Shelled insect was stored in the storage talisman. So visitors would not notice that anything was amiss.  
There were three other people accompanying the neighbor from the 10th floor. A middle-aged man, a young adult, and an ordinary-looking girl.  

“Hmm? Can I help you with anything?” Chu Yunsheng said in a tone that was full of confusion.

The people outside the door raised their head peered at the living room behind Chu Yunsheng, as if they were looking for something.  

“Nothing.” the middle-aged man said. “Just before, there was an insect that ran up the stairs, did you not see it?” The man from the 10th floor did not know who killed the insects. If it were not for the survivors of the Red Shelled insect’s attack, he would not have been asked to knock the door to find the man who killed insects. After all, he was the resident in this building. Out of all of the survivors, no one was more suitable than him.

The young guy saw that Chu Yunsheng did not react, so he quickly explained. ”Bro, we were chased by the red-shelled insects before. One of them got killed outside by someone in this building. Another one followed us into the building. At that time we were busy running. But then we heard gunshots. After that, it went quiet for a while. We thought that this person must have killed that one as well. That is why we here. Did you see anyone?” 

Of course, the young guy did not think Chu Yunsheng was that person. In front of him was an ordinary looking guy with messy hair, and there was even a noodle hanging from his mouth. How could he relate a person who just saved their lives with Chu Yunsheng’s appearance? So they instantly crossed Chu Yunsheng off of their list.  

“Ha! What?” Chu Yunsheng said in a shocked tone. “Did a monster came in? I don't know anything, I just woke up and heard you guys knock on the door.” Then he nervously looked outside. “Did a monster really get in? What do I do now?”  

“You do not need to worry, there is a formidable man in this building.” the Middle-aged man said. “It is very safe here. If you notice anything, however, please contact us. We need to go now!” the middle-aged man furrowed his brows. He also thought that this guy was not the man they were looking for. So he simply tried to soothe Chu Yunsheng, and quickly left with the other three people. 

Building number 8 hid a powerful man. He could easily kill the Red Shelled insects. 

Rumors have started to spread out. The whole housing estate was astir. For a long time, even the army could not find an effective way to kill the Red Shelled insects. People have been living desperately in great danger. 

This feeling of desperation even resulted in some people committing suicide in order to find a way to escape. For the rest of the people, the only thing they could do was to pray that they would not encounter those red shelled insects.  

Now suddenly there was someone who could ‘easily’ kill a Red Shelled monster, and that person was in the building number 8. The people living in this area, and in other nearby areas had finally found someone they could rely on.  

At the moment, food, and safety were the direct threats to their life. Everyone already stored some food in their home. They could still survive for some time. So it was not a big problem. But safety was a different thing, those demons walking in the dark could show up at any time and anywhere.  

Take the area where Chu Yunsheng was living right now as an example. The Red Shelled insect's attack already happened three times. No one who was attacked survived. There was not a single completed body. All the brains had been eaten. Anyone who saw the horrific scene was traumatized. Only those who stayed in the vicinity of the powerful man would be safe. That man was in the building No.8. But, who was this man?  

‘Find him and seek protection from him!’ became everyone's topics in the area.

this chapter was edited by Chubby


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