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chapter 9 yuan tian stage two

chu yun sheng Fan art: by bei ji shen suan(北极神算)

Chapter 9: Yuan Tian Stage Two  
This chapter was edited by Chubby 

Because there was no sun, people started to lose their sense of time. Even though clocks could show the exact date and time, how could anyone differentiate between daytime and nighttime in the darkness?  

Now, every second, and every minute, was nighttime.  

Since the Red Shelled insects began to appear, people started to exclusively use the 24-hour clock, and scrapped the 12-hour clock to determine daytime and nighttime.  

The entrance door of the building No. 8 was destroyed by the Red Shelled insect. No one came to repair it.  

Gradually, people started to move into the building No. 8 from other blocks. 

At 20:00, while looking through the peephole, Chu Yunsheng noticed that the landing area beside the stairs outside his flat was filled with people looking for shelter. It seemed that this building was the only safe place to stay. The landing area began to fill with more and more people. 

About 2 hours later, someone knocked on Chu Yunsheng’s door.  

Chu Yunsheng did not want to open the door. He could only take care of himself. The life and death battle he fought a few hours ago taught him that, if he wanted to survive in this place where the insects could come out at any time, he needed to hurry up, and cultivate Yuan Qi.  

In just these two days, he understood a few more symbols on the book. He discovered that his Yuan Qi level was at ‘Yuan Tian stage one’. This level was just the beginner’s level. Not only could he not store a large amount of Yuan Qi in his body, but also he was limited to a few talismans and incantations.   

He relied on talismans and incantations to save his life. He was not like other people who were self-awakened. Those people were extremely talented. Although they were limited to have only one element such as ice, fire, or other elements that were mentioned in the book, they could use their power straight away without any medium as if some kinds of incantations were already sealed inside their body.  

The ice-punch man was a great example. Just an ordinary punch could unleash ice power. This was something that Chu Yunsheng could not do. He belonged to a class which required him to practice by using the original Qi cultivation methods that mentioned in the book.

According to the book, if he could reach the Yuan Tian stage three, then he would not need those mediums anymore. Later on, if he learned the combat skill sets that mentioned in the book, it would be much more powerful.

But for now, he still needed those talismans in order to unleash the power. 

On the plus side, he was able to experience different types of elements, and with the help of talismans, he would be as powerful as self-awakened humans.  

At moment, he could barely make some level-two talismans. If he wanted to make level-three talismans, then he had to reach Yuan Tian stage two as soon as possible.  

Level-three talismans could be repeatedly used.  It was not like the low-level talismans that Chu Yunsheng had right now. Every time when the Yuan Qi inside a talisman wasn’t enough, he had to replace the talisman with a new one. According to the book, it was not complicated to reach Yuan Tian stage two from Yuan Tian stage one. All he needed to do was to drain the Yuan Qi inside his body, then restore it, and repeat the whole process for eighty-one times to allow Yuan Qi to go through and strengthen the channels inside his body.

After eighty-one cycles, he would reach Yuan Tian stage two automatically.  

But the way he was practicing was too slow. It was like a snail. Apart from eating and sleeping, he used every single second he had to cultivate Yuan Qi, but his Yuan Qi’s concentration still increased very slowly. With this kind of speed, he needed to spend almost eight or nine days to fully restore his Yuan Qi.  Not including the time he needed to drain the Yuan Qi inside his body, he would need to spend almost two years in order to get to Yuan Tian stage two.  

Two years? If it was in the age of light, of course, he would not mind it at all. But now, the dangers are everywhere. He almost died when he tried to kill three Red Shelled insects, what if he encountered fifty of them, just like what happened a few hours ago? He would not have a chance to escape. In two years, those monsters could kill him so many times. He had to find a better way to practice. Otherwise, even with the powerful ancient book, he would still be dead soon.  

He took out the book, and turned the pages back and forth, trying to learn something. He believed that there was definitely a better way in the book. It was just that he knew too few symbols. That was why he could not find it.  

“It must be there, it must be there.” Chu Yunsheng was trying very hard. He found a few things that he thought could be related to Yuan Qi cultivation, but he failed every time. There was one incantation called ‘She Yuan Fu” (TL: Absorption talisman). Chu Yunsheng was not sure about the use of this talisman. He knew the meaning of those three symbols individually, but he could only read one-third of its description. 

Luckily he could read the symbols that explained how to make this talisman.  

This talisman was a level-two talisman. He had to use all his Yuan Qi to make it. He already used half of his Yuan Qi while testing other talismans. So even if he wanted to make it now, he would still need to wait for another 4 days, until he fully restored his Yuan Qi.   

During those four days, when he felt tired, he would take out his crossbow, and practice his shooting skill. Yuan Qi was very important to him now, he could not afford to miss his target, and he needed to improve his accuracy as well.  

After four days of practice, and with the help of ‘Liu Jia Yuan Fu’(TL: energy shield talisman),  Chu Yunsheng was confident that he could hit a target within 30 meters, provided that the targets were not moving. After all, the ability to shoot moving objects could not be trained overnight, it was more important to have some experiences.  

Four days later, he finally completed a ‘She Yuan Fu’, but when he tried to use it. He encountered a problem.

No matter how he tried to activate it, it would not absorb Yuan Qi. After struggling for a long time, he suddenly had an idea. Since the talisman couldn't absorb the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi, what if he let it absorb the Yuan Qi that was already purified in his body? When he was just about to give it a try, he was frustrated to find out that the Yuan Qi inside his body was exhausted, and he could not test his hypothesis.   

Then he immediately thought of the Red Shelled insect. That monster had a light red colored energy shield. It was definitely powered by the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi. So If he was not wrong, Red Shelled insects definitely had Yuan Qi inside its body as well.  

Chu Yunsheng quickly took out the monster’s body that he stored in the storage talisman, and started to activate the She Yuan Fu.  

As he expected, the talisman shot out a white beam at the monster’s body. Then, he saw a streak of milky-like cloud flew out of the Red Shelled insect’s body and flew toward the She Yuan Fu.

The process took him just ten seconds, and the white beam returned to the She Yuan Fu after it completed the absorption.  Chu Yunsheng took a close look at She Yuan Fu. There was a  flame pattern on the surface of the Yuan Fu that covered ⅙  of its surface.   

Chu Yunsheng guessed that the flame pattern represented fire element Yuan Qi from the Red Shelled insect. But when he was just about to store the She Yuan Fu, he was surprised to discover that as soon as he sensed the She Yuan Fu, the She Yuan Fu began to pass Yuan Qi directly into his body. Of course, he could stop it, but he did not. He wanted to see what would happen. 

The whole process was twice as slow as when it absorbed the Yuan Qi from the red-shelled insect. It was almost twenty seconds!  After that, the flame pattern disappeared from the talisman, and the talisman fell to pieces.  

A level-two talisman was also a disposable talisman. But he was not upset when the talisman was destroyed. Instead, he was excited and almost screamed out loud.

He could clearly feel that he has restored one-third of his Yuan Qi. Usually, he would need three days to restore this amount of Yuan Qi.  

How could he not be excited right now? Some Yuan Qi from the Red Shelled insect might be lost during transfer, but even then, the She Yuan Fu still restored ⅓ of his Yuan Qi. That meant that if he had three monster bodies, he could fully restore his Yuan Qi, without needing to spend eight or nine days in meditation cultivation practice.  

Immediately, he came up with a new plan. He needed to make one She Yuan Fu first, then spend eight days to restore his Yuan Qi. At the moment, he could shoot six frost arrows when his Yuan Qi was fully restored. That meant that if he did not miss a target, he was able to freeze six monsters. While a monster was frozen, it could not activate its shield, so Chu Yunsheng could find other ways to kill it. Then, Chu Yunsheng could use She Yuan Fu to absorb Yuan Qi from all six monsters.  

The She Yuan Fu Chu Yunsheng tested was a disposable talisman. It was destroyed because it unleashed all the Yuan Qi stored inside. Just like the other types of disposable Yuan Fu, once they were used, no matter how much Yuan Qi was withdrawn, it couldn't be replenished again.

Chu Yunsheng must maximize his She Yuan Fu usage. He had to use She Yuan Fu to absorb the Yuan Qi fully and then use it twice. Each time, it would restore his Yuan Qi fully.

Theoretically, if he continued with this plan, he had to kill 243 red shelled insects before he could reach Yuan Tian stage two. After that, he would be able to make level-three Yuan Fu, and he would not be needing those calculations anymore.  

This chapter was edited by Chubby 


  1. In the eighth paragraph you tableted is this supposed to say talented. He relies on fu and incantation to save his life. He is not like others people who are self-awakening, those people are extremely tableted

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