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Chapter 25 Evacuate The Whole City

ZTZ99 By Ralph1989
Chapter 25: Evacuate The Whole City

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After he took back the two Red Shell insects’ bodies, Chu Yunsheng quickly left the area with excitement. He didn't even bother to look at the crowd which was still in shock behind him.

One unit of Yuan Qi for one insect, it seems to be the same as frost arrows, but Chu Yunsheng knew that amount of Yuan Qi to insect kill was only ideal, but not practical. 

In the past, when he fought with many insects, only the first shot was guaranteed to freeze the insect. The rest of them usually consumed him two units of Yuan Qi , sometimes even more! Not only was the Yuan Qi consumption a problem, the raged insects are even more dangerous than usual. 

But now, with the armour's protection, he could fight with Red Shell insects in a close range. His Yuan Qi consumption is also greatly reduced, and close range fighting is more practical than using the crossbow.

He was confident that if he restored 9 units of Yuan Qi fully, when in combat with insects, he could kill at least 8 of them.

As Chu Yunsheng carefully wiped the Qian Bi sword, he stood on the roof of 20 story high building. The happiness brought by his new armour did not stay for long. The happy feeling was replaced by news brought by the military. 

He looked at three majestic  ZTZ99 main battle tanks slowly passing by with mixed feelings. The tanks were closely followed by six ZBD-97 (Type 97 Infantry fighting vehicle). All of the vehicle's lights were switched on, and the megaphone on top vehicles kept broadcasting the 《emergency notice》 from military headquarters:

“...We call them Red Shell insects!...

...We are not scared of sacrifice!...

...Regardless of all the cost, we tried to eliminate all of the insects!…

...There are many insect tunnels underneath the city!

We can't destroy them all, because insects are constantly coming into the city through those tunnels!

...Now, we have to announce that the situation has gotten worse!

 Recently, in the centre city, the number of insects has been increased again!....

...It's out of control...Extremely dangerous!...

...After a careful discussion with headquarters, we have decided, from now on, we are forced to evacuate! We are forced to retreat!...

...Anyone who can hear this announcement, please follow us! We are heading to Jin Ling city!...

……There is a good news!

According to scientists, because the central area of the Jin Ling city contains large amounts of unknown matters, they haven't discovered any insect tunnels over there!

The headquarters is planning to establish a new defence system!

Over there, our troops spent several months in the bloody combat, and they have succeeded in eliminating all the insects inside the city!

They also successfully stopped insects rushing into the defense line outside the city!…

...The order has been given!

 After giving this announcement, the military will hold the defence line for another 72 hours!

Anyone who wishes to leave the city with us, please leave the city in next 72 hours!

After 72 hours, we will retreat from this city!...

... Do not worry, we will have your back!...”

Finally, they are giving up this city! Evacuating More than 20 million  people, it gave Chu goosebumps just thinking about it! 

Perhaps the military couldn't hold on any longer, or maybe the situation is so bad that it could not get worse.

Evacuating the whole city perhaps it is the military’s last resort. Or maybe, it was another way of saying “we are going to abandon you”. No matter what, this is the disaster of Shen Cheng city, and a disaster of all mankind. Perhaps the whole world probably is trembling under might of the insects…

Chu Yunsheng’s thoughts were in a whirl. Although he heard people talk about evacuating a lot, especially the first batch of retreats, like his upstairs neighbour who already retreated to the military base. But when the day when the formal evacuation order really arrived, he suddenly had a hard time to accepting it!

This is more than 20 million people! He could not even imagine it!

Chaos, disorder, fighting for escape, insects, lack of food, lack of drugs, etc., how many people would die from this evacuation!?
Chu Yunsheng did not know why military headquarters would issue this type of order. Since the sun disappeared for almost three months now, Shen Cheng city, as one of megacities in the country, had been given the highest level of defense deployment. It is said that in order to protect Shen Cheng city, military headquarters decided to abandon many small cities. The military then gathered the most elite and most powerful military forces in the country’s East region and deployed them in Shen Cheng city!

But now they are going to abandon this place as well? Chu Yunsheng sensed that the headquarters might have discovered something. Maybe new monsters, maybe the number of rapidly increasing insects caused the headquarter to reconsider: Is it really worth it to continue to waste resources to protect Shen Cheng, which is eventually going to fall? It is just matter of time, so why not gather all the available resources to enhance the new defence system, to protect humanity’s last safe land.

But these are all Chu’s guesses, no matter what, he needed to prepare to retreat.

Although he has armour, the Qian Bi sword, and frost arrow weapons, he is not invincible. Chu did not think that he could kill tens thousands of insects just by himself! 

Retreating with the army is his only option, and the best option. Also,  his only relatives are in Jin Ling city as well. 

It is about time to run for his life.

But before the retreat, Chu Yunsheng thought he needed to prepare some things. He needed to kill more insects to be used as Yuan Qi backup, and search for some other supplies that might be useful in the future. 
He would never be naive to think that the three hundred kilometres journey from here to the Jin Ling city would be a safe trip.

As long as he had the ancient book, the armour and Yuan Fu, Chu Yunsheng believed that he could arrive at Jin Ling city safely.

The military said that they eliminated the insects from the central city of Jin Ling. So when he gets there, he will be able to rely on the city’s protection, and speed up his Yuan Qi cultivation.

Searching and killing the insects outside of the city is better than worrying when and where the insect is is going to come out inside!

Chu didn’t know if his auntie is still ok in Jin Ling city. His auntie was his only close relative after his parents died.
Before the sun disappeared, he made a few phone calls to auntie from time to time. He  constantly reminded her to be safe, and even asked them to come over to his place. But at that time, his auntie didn't worry too much about the apocalypse. Instead, she asked Chu Yunsheng to stop worrying too much about it, and he needs to go back to work etc… After the telecommunications breakdown, Chu Yunsheng couldn’t  get in touch with them anymore.

Chu Yunsheng’s non-stop cultivation of Yuan Qi is not just for protecting himself. He also hoped that he had the ability to protect his friends and family as well.

He didn't expect that the insects would arrive so early, and the monsters would be so powerful. It disrupted all his plans.

Fortunately, the news that the army gave was good news. He was relieved. As long as his auntie escaped from the earliest around of insect attacks, and are still alive, they should be safe in Sheng Cheng central city, but did they have enough food? Chu Yunsheng wondered.
According to the ancient book, the earth has collided with Tian Gui of another space. The Tian Gui tunnel had been opened. But because of some unknown reason, it had avoided Jin Ling city. So the insects couldn't appear inside the city, they had to attack the city from outside. It was a great advantage for the military, that's why they could clear the insects inside the city.

Unlike Shen Cheng city, where there were so many Tian Gui tunnels; if you just cleared one, several others would appear inside the city. It's a  non-stop cycle. This could also be one of the reasons why the military want to abandon this city.

Chu Yunsheng cleared his mind. His plan is to use rest of three days to collect as many supplies and insects as possible! He needs to prepare for this unprecedented evacuation!

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Chapter 24 what is the ultimate skill?

Chapter 24 What is the ultimate skill?
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The three sword forms may not kill an insect,  but it will definitely injure it!

Chu Yunsheng knows during actual combat, it is often more dangerous than expected, so he needed to practice those three sword forms until he could perform them perfectly.

A famous saying in the age of light goes like this: What is the ultimate skill? Ultimate skill is practising the simplest moves to perfection!

What Chu Yunsheng needed to do now is to repeatedly practice those three sword forms until they reached perfection!

Although the three sword forms looked easy, it was difficult if he wanted to maximise their power. He needed to practice each step until he found the perfect coordinating spot for each sword form.

In a simulation of actual combat, Chu Yunsheng activated the armor and even armed himself with the crossbow and pistol to try to reproduce a combat scene.

In order to make the simulation as real as possible, he tied himself to the wardrobe, simulating being pinched by insect’s claws, and tried how he could swing his sword to kill the insect!

First, he practised the three forms separately, trying to find the best spot and position for each step. It was a step by step practice, he didn't try and find a shortcut, but kept swinging the sword non-stop!

The key point is when sword moves with the body, the movement must be steady;
only when the movement of the body is steady then the sword will be steady; and only when the sword is steady then the flow of yuan qi inside the sword will be stable;

So not only did Chu Yunsheng need to find perfect moves that coordinate with each sword form; he also needed to pay attention to the flow of his yuan qi as well. He needed to reach a point that he could perform sword forms with both sword and yuan qi spontaneously and simultaneously.

Hands, sight, body, forms and steps needed to reach a point that they could work together unconsciously!

This is why he needed to practice a lot. Fortunately there were only three sword forms, otherwise, within a short amount of time, he wouldn’t have any improvement. Even if the sword forms were easy, Chu Yunsheng still broke into a sweat in such cold weather. After a long boring practice, he thought that he started to feel something.

In the past three days, Chu Yunsheng spent most of his time practising the sword forms until he could finish all three forms with his eyes closed. However, he knew that it's just the movements, the coordination between sword and yuan qi still had not reached its best status.

He needed some real combat, only in actual combat would he be able to gain experience!

If he just relied on his physical strength, no matter how sharp the Qian Bi sword was, it would not penetrate the insect’s shield and shell at the same time. Only a sword filled with yuan qi was able to do that.

He needed real combat to test it,and also find out the yuan qi consumption! He needed to calculate it correctly, any mistake could cause his own death!

He only had 3 units of yuan qi left. He had been thinking for a while, finally he gave up the idea to stay home and recover his yuan qi. It was really a waste of time, he needed to absorb yuan qi from insects and use it to kill even more insects!

After the initial chaos, people who were still living in Shen Sheng city started to form groups, as it's not only hard for individuals to kill insects, it's even harder to find food. Of course, Chu Yunsheng was an exception.

There were often a large number of people holding torches searching for the food on the streets, They were no longer just looking for supermarkets and other places like the food warehouses. They even turned the sewers upside down, to catch mice to make dinner out of it.

Insects were indeed terrifying, but instead of starving to death, why not go out and try their luck? After all, insects were not everywhere. If they were lucky, they probably would not encounter one. This was one of the reasons why Chu Yunsheng suddenly saw many people on the streets.

All because of starvation!

Chu Yunsheng activated the armor and equipped his weapons. He even attached the night vision goggles on the top of his armor. He didn't have a choice, with his abilities right now, he still couldn't use his yuan qi to explore in the dark, so he could only rely on the night vision goggles. When he was making the combat armor, he deliberately added a slot on the helmet which allowed him to install the goggles easily.

Everyone was curious about his appearance, but he didn't have time to complain. He didn't have much yuan qi left, and needed to be as cautious as possible. Insect’s rushing speed was insane, once one jumped towards him, he wouldn't even have time to activate his armor.

He walked a few streets and still had not found any insects. Just when he wondered where all the insects were, he suddenly heard someone shouting in the front, "Run quick! Insects!”

Ear-piercing screams accompanied by chaotic footsteps made the street look even more terrifying.

Chu Yunsheng immediately leaned against the building next to him. He raised his crossbow, watching the people ran past him in a panic. Some couldn’t even hold their torches properly and dropped them onto the ground.

In the age of light, there was a dark humour joke. It involves two people meeting a tiger and when one man said,"Run!", the other said, "You can’t run faster than a tiger. The tiger is too fast." The first man responds, "I do not need to run faster than the tiger, as long as I can run faster than you!"

Although at that time it was only a joke, but now it was a completely cruel reality. As long as you run faster than others, you will survive. The slowest people will be eaten by the insects.

Chu Yunsheng's arrow was already aimed at a red shell insect which had jumped towards to a man. He did not hesitate, the frost arrow flew straight towards the red shell insect.

The armor didn't restrain Chu Yunsheng's movement, instead it improved all his physical strength. With the help of the armor he could jump three meters high.

One shot was enough, it was time for him to test the sword.

There were two insects in total, even he did not use the Qian Bi sword, he could also use the pistol, but he now urgently needed an insect to experiment, plus he had less than twenty pistol bullets left.

Chu Yunsheng ran past the frozen red shell insect, his sword swung and even without the use of yuan qi, the sharp sword blade cut off the shield-less insect’s head.

The other insect saw Chu Yunsheng and immediately threw away the human it caught earlier. It squeaked and rushed towards him, both of them were about to collide in a high-speed rush!
Chu Yunsheng drew back the Qian Bi sword, then followed the sword forms he had  been practicing for a long time. He held the sword up high, first infusing a quarter unit of yuan qi into the sword. “Bang!”, the sword hit right on top of the running insect’s head, the overbearing impact made both of them fly back.

With the protection of the combat armor, Chu Yunsheng didn't get injured. He immediately jumped up after falling to the ground. The insect also shook its body and quickly stood back up. A quarter unit of yuan qi clearly was not powerful enough to break its defence!

Then trying half a unit, once again he infused the yuan qi into the sword, with the armor’s power Chu Yunsheng leapt into the air and chopped down. The insect screamed while using its claws to try and smash Chu Yunsheng’s sword.

A loud “crack” sound was heard, the insect’s claw bounced back, and it fell on the back of its head. Chu Yunsheng’s Qian Bi sword had surprisingly crushed its claw.

At this point, the insect’s defensive shield was weakened. Chu Yunsheng roared loudly, and  once again infused half a unit of yuan qi into the sword, then used the second sword form [Slice]. The insect head instantly flew out of its body, the decapitated area bursting out green liquid. Some of the liquid was blocked by his energy shield.

Without using combat skills, it only consumed one unit of yuan qi to kill the insect, this was how powerful the combination of armor and Qian Bi sword was!

Frost arrow was considered a type of magic combat skill, it took the advantage of the element's mutual creation and destruction principle, but it could only freeze but not kill.

However, the combination of the armor and the Qian Bi sword could easily kill an insect by just using one unit of yuan qi. The most important thing was, now he was able to fight with insects at close range!

Chu Yunsheng could not help but be stunned!

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Chapter 23 Three sword forms

Fan art: by bei ji shen suan(北极神算)
Chapter 23 Three sword forms
Edited by DQ

Chu Yunsheng thought the armor had already finished forming its shape, but since it was still able to absorb more shells, that meant it could be upgraded. So if he got new insect shells, he could continuously upgrade the armor.

He still could not figure out what was wrong with the blade portion, it stopped absorbing the shells. He guessed that perhaps the materials weren't right, but he couldn't understand the description on the ancient book, so he couldn't be sure.

He thought for a while, but still couldn't understand it, so he threw the insect claws and legs in to give it a try. Surprisingly the sword portion started to absorb the materials again. After he ran out of his supply, a crimson red colored sword appeared.

Chu Yunsheng was thrilled,he thought it must be the claws and legs because they were somewhat different from the shell. One was focused on defending, the other was focused on attacking, therefore material that focused on attacking, of course could be used to refine the blade.

In order to make the combat armor as perfect as possible, he threw the rest of insect shells in.

The armor also changed into a crimson red color. Although it was not black colored which was what Chu Yunsheng always wanted, but it was not the time for him to complain too much.

Both sword and armor were red, but they didn't contain any fire elements. Similar to the yuan qi Chu Yunsheng had, they both contained yuan qi at a pure primitive state. It greatly increased the degree of the armor's plasticity.

It was also very convenient to use as well, he cast the combat armor yuan fu onto his body, and just needed to use his yuan qi to activate the combat armor during the fight, and the armor would individually appear on each part of the body and slowly adjust themselves to perfectly fit the whole body until there was not a single gap.

The sword hung on his left side. When Chu Yunsheng unsheathed it, he could instantly feel the sharpness of the sword.
The sword he used before now was kept in the Wu Na yuan fu, he thought that he might need it in the future. Anyway, there was no way he would throw it away.

The whole refining process required a lot of yun qi. After the armor was complete, Chu Yunsheng found that he only had one unit of yuan qi left. He had a wry smile on his face, took out the last She yuan fu he had, and absorbed the yuan qi from the last three flame patterns. He barely restored 7 units of yuan qi.

Then, he made a new Liu Jia yuan fu, and a Shen Bing yuan fu and cast them separately onto the armor and the sword.

Chu Yunsheng felt that he just needed to use one unit of yuan qi to activate the sword, then he could easily stab into the insect’s body. This was not an ordinary sword, it was made of the quintessence extracted from nearly 240 legs and 120 claws!

When Chu Yunsheng understood the description of the level 2 Liu Jia yuan and level 2 Shen Bing yuan fu, he believed that the power of his armor and sword would be even more powerful.

At Yuan Tian stage two, he would be able to learn a sword skill called “Qian Jun Bi Yi”1.   This sword skill set is what he always wanted. He thought for a second then named the sword “Qian Bi” (Thousand ward). He hoped that this sharp sword would stay with him to ward off thousands of insects!

Chu Yunsheng felt more confident now. If it was not for the fact that he used up most of his yuan qi, he would have tested his armor set on the insects.

Now all that was left was to obtain Yuan Tian stage two!

He needed to circulate the qi cultivation process fifty-four times. He realized that he miscalculated the number, with the degree of concentration increased by one more level, he would have to kill more insects in order to replenish his yuan qi. For example, he now has 9 units of yuan qi, he needs four and a half flame patterns in order to fully restore his yuan qi. When he has ten units of yuan qi, he would need five flame patterns, each increased unit requiring half of flame pattern.

However Chu Yunsheng was not upset, he now had armor and a Qian Bi sword. The speed of killing insects would definitely be faster.

At the moment his biggest problems were:
First, reaching Yuan Tian stage two, so he won't be ruled by others and also he can protect himself!
Second, he is way too slow in learning the characters in the book. It's like he knows where the treasure is buried, but he has no tools to dig it up.

Yuan Tian stage two to him was just a matter of time, but the characters written in the book are the most problematic. They were not even oracle texts, they were very strange, and the number of characters in the book were extremely numerous, especially those he couldn't understand. The only way to decipher it was to keep trying to guess what they meant, and then to experiment to verify if they were correct.

Chu Yunsheng pondered for a bit and he decided that no matter what, he needed to reach  Yuan Tian stage two first. He hoped that by that time, Yuan Tian stage two status would help him understand the ancient book more clearly. Also he would be able to perform more experiments, after all, stage two provided much more different types of yuan fu than Yuan Tian stage one.

After his break and his excitement died out, Chu Yunsheng calmed down and started to think about the Qian Bi sword. It was indeed a powerful weapon, but if he doesn't use it properly, then the power will be greatly decreased. Like his frost arrow, because he couldn't aim properly on moving targets which caused him to only use frost arrow to perform sneak attacks, it greatly decreased the level of deterrence that frost arrow originally should have.

If it was used by a crossbow master, he believed that the frost arrow could be even more powerful.

That is why he did not want to blindly use the sword. Of course, the ancient book contained combat skills, but his level wasn't high enough to learn any of them. He can only learn some basic sword moves. The ancient book mentioned some of them, but he also couldn't understand those characters, moreover, the book did not encourage the reader to learn those moves. Under the absolute power of the sword skills those sword moves only play a subsidiary role, as they are only used to help the swordsman to get familiar with the sword!

It did not matter that Chu Yunsheng did not understand the ancient book’s sword skills. He already prepared a lot of martial art documents during the age of light. Some from bookstores, some downloaded from the internet. Now was a good time to use them.

The basic sword movements consisted of hook, parry, poke, upward flick, stab, hack, etc. Chu Yunsheng surely could not learn all of them. It was both time-consuming and difficult to remember. His only threat right now were red shell insects, so the sword movements should be used to deal with the insect’s weakness.

Chu Yunsheng recalled the red shell insects’ movement while looking at all the information on sword movements. He now wanted to compile a set of the most simple but most practical swordsmanship.

Red shell insects usually jump towards the prey, using their claws to cut the target into the half, or use their legs to pierce through. If the two attacks did not work, then they would spit corrosive saliva instead. So it can be said that although their attacks were very powerful, their attacks methods were not complicated.

With his ability right now and also with the help of the armor and Liu Jia yuan fu's double protection, insect attacks were less effective. If he had enough yuan qi, he could defend against insect attacks many times. In addition to that, the Qian Bi sword would be unstoppable after he filled it with yuan qi.

Based on those factors, Chu Yunsheng sorted out three offensive sword movements.

The first move was a head hack, he named it [Sword chop] form: he had to hold the sword up using both hands, wait until the insect gets close, then hack from the top. Arm and sword should stay in a straight line, so both strength and yuan qi could reach all the way to the sword point, and hack the insect from its head!

If the insect did not dodge, then it’s head which was the weakest point in the whole body would be hit. The damage would injure, or may even kill it!

Of course, it's based on if he can accurately hit the insect’s head. If the insect moved too fast, or he hacked too slow, then he would hit the shell which was the strongest point in the whole body!

If the insect dodged or he couldn't hit its head, then he could use the second form: [Sword slice]  form!

[Sword slice] form was easy and practical. If the first form failed, the sword blade would drop down to a lower position. At that time, depending on where the insect was, the sword would slice up to the left or up to the right.

If the insect tried to escape, by jumping over Chu Yunsheng, then he could perform the final sword form [Upward flick], stabbing straight into its belly!

1. Qian Jun Bi Yi - Qian (Thousand) Jun (Army) Bi Yi (Ward).

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Chapter 22 Revealing the combat armor

Chapter 22 Revealing the combat armor

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Two hours later, Chu Yunsheng returned to his flat in building no.8 of City Housing estate. He was exhausted, he used the unloaded gun to heat up a bucket of water he stored, then washed himself several times.

The power of Li Huo fu was beyond his imagination, only a fifth of its full power still burned all the tentacles to ashes!

He also realised that he didn’t kill the monster that was hidden inside the pool. Just based on the amount of yuan qi inside a piece of organism he brought back, it proved that the tentacle monster and red shell insect were not on the same level.

After he injured the tentacle monster, he successfully escaped from the hospital. The tentacle monster did not chase him, probably because it knew he was not an easy target.

After Chu Yunsheng gave the prescription drugs to the female teacher, he decided to take some time to recover. He now needed a good sleep, to forget about everything and stop doing anything.

He had another dream again. This time in the dream, he was chased by a group of red shell insects, then he jumped into a large pit which had a lot of naked women inside. He panicked and tried to jump out but found that some thin tentacles were tightly wrapped around his two feet.

Then he woke up, sweating all over. He sat by a window, lit a candle, opened his notebook and thought for a moment before starting to write.

【Red shell insect】
Origin: unknown
Level: unknown
Size features: about four meters long, two meters wide, about two and a half meters high
Attack methods: claws, legs, corrosive saliva
Defence: shell, energy shield
Features: likes the dark, likes eating brains
The place of occurrence: unknown

【Tentacle monster】
The Queen
Origin: unknown
Level: unknown
Size features: about five meters high, about four meters in diameter, cylindrical, multiple tentacles, tubular organism.
Attack methods: tentacle winding, erosive mucus, mouth-like organism bite
Defence: has energy shield, but relies mainly on its tentacles
Features: breeding through human bodies
The place of occurrence: unknown
After he wrote down all the information he knew about the two monsters, he closed the notebook. This dark age was even more dangerous now. Just the red shell insect alone was already hard to deal with. Now there was an even more terrifying monster, it was like adding insult to injury.

If he wanted to survive in this sinister world, the more information he had about the monsters, the safer he would be. So he decided to use the notebook to keep all the information he knew.

Perhaps there might be more monsters that appear, and even more powerful creatures. If he did not become stronger as soon as possible, he would be dead on the street at any time!

Although this time he was almost killed again, but it did not mean he did not get anything. Not only did he get a lot of precious drugs, he also got to see a more powerful creature, which reminded him how weak he was. It provided him with a motivation for his future qi cultivation.

Another thing was, Chu Yunsheng absorbed four units of yuan qi from the monster’s organ that he brought back, which replenished the yuan qi he lost during the fight. At the same time, he also understood how powerful that monster was.

At the moment with his ability, he was not strong enough to confront this monster, until he got stronger then he could try to kill it. Now he should just focus on collecting the red shell insects. Chu Yunsheng couldn't wait to wear the powerful combat armor!

Chu Yunsheng felt a lot more comfortable both mentally and physically after he had changed into new clothes. He started up his motorcycle and disappeared into the dark.

Chu Yunsheng felt that time was even more limited now. While he was still in the housing estate, he heard from people that the army had finally decided to abandon the city. At the moment a large number of troops were still fighting with the insects in the city. The majority of the red shell insects were attracted by the military troops. If they abandon the city, those insects would spread out, and at that time, he would not even have a chance of encountering a group of three red shell insects or less.

He only had one complete She yuan fu left. With 41 insect bodies, he still needed 19  more! It was not a large amount, but he was still worried. It was not enough just to depend on the level 1 Liu Jia yuan fu’s shield, he needed to hurry up and finish the combat armor.

The place that Chu Yunsheng chose to hunt red shell insects was a bridge used to connect the  West district and East district. Because the bridge had troops heavily stationed, from time to time there were helicopters that flew by. Insects had been trying to capture the bridge, but the military was heavily armed so they did not succeed.

However, with more and more insects, and less and less ammunition, it was just a matter of time before the insects captured this place. Chu Yunsheng was hiding in a residential building not far the bridge, so sometimes he could encounter one or two red shell insects retreating from the front line. Of course, he would not let those insects escape, those injured insects were his best targets.

If there weren’t any insects passing by, he would practice his shooting skill. His aim was still very bad, he could hit some non-moving targets, but unless the insects were running in a straight line, it would be extremely lucky for him to hit.

Practicing using the crossbow is a very boring thing, but fortunately, the crossbow is more stable than a regular bow. As long as the person is calm and the body is steady then the accuracy will improve. If a person was not calm nor steady, it was common they would miss.

Fortunately, red shell insects were huge, so long as a frost arrow slightly touched their body, it would immediately unleash the frost element, so his success rate increased a lot.

Chu Yunsheng spent five days in total to collect the rest of the 19 red shell insects, roughly 4 of them per day, this was because he feared to engage more than 3 red shell insects. But he was still quite happy, now he had all the materials to craft the combat armour. When he completed it, his qi cultivation speed should increase.

Returning to his old place, Chu Yunsheng locked all the door and windows. According to the methods described in the ancient book, a complete combat armor not only included the body, shoulder, arms and legs, they even included the head, hands and feet. In short, each body part must be wrapped in the armor in order to achieve total protection.

The outline of the armour was a smooth line, Chu Yunsheng chose the most awesome style because of his vanity, and of course, it had to be practical as well. After he drew the combat armour yuan fu, he suddenly thought, his sword still could not penetrate the red shell insect’s shell. If he drew the sword on the combat armour yuan fu, he could obtain a good sword as well. He was not just dreaming because he had seen a similar combat armour style mentioned in the book before he just was not sure he had enough materials to complete the entire set. He was not sure if it would be successful, but he still decided to try his luck.
The three-dimensional diagram was complete, now he needed to draw the fourth-dimensional channel. The instructions to link yuan fu to the diagram, Chu Yunsheng did not really understand how the method worked. so he just simply followed the step by step instructions detailed in the ancient book.

Now he needed to draw some incantations and complete the yuan fu seal. The whole process consumed 8 units of yuan qi in total, it seemed like improving his qi concentration to 9 units before making the combat armor was a good decision.
After he had prepared everything, he restored his yuan qi in full then activated the combat armor yuan fu. The yuan fu immediately projected the diagram into mid-air and started slowly spinning. It shone a light beam downwards, illuminating a round circle on the floor. Chu Yunsheng immediately threw an insect shell onto that spot. After a while, the insect’s shell turned into sparkles and flew into the diagram. Other than that, nothing happened.

Chu Yunsheng knew the diagram needed a lot of materials to refine, so he kept throwing insect shells into the circle. With more and more shells that he threw in, the armor diagram started to materialize from the head down. When Chu Yunsheng had placed about forty-six shells, the whole combat armour appeared, but the sword was still only partially complete. Chu Yunsheng tried adding two more shells, but he was surprised to find that the armour portion was still able to absorb the shell, but the sword portion did not.

What was going on?

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Chapter 21 Injured tentacle monster

Chapter 21 Injured tentacle monster
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Chu Yunsheng didn't pause, he immediately kept his crossbow and took out the gun.

From past experience, he knew that no matter how dangerous the situation was, even if the sky was falling or the earth cracked, he shouldn't panic. If he panicked then it was [Game Over]!

At this moment, the monster had blocked the exit, he had to fight his way out. It didn't matter what kind of monster it was - if he wanted to survive, he had to fight to the end!

The crossbow was not a very effective weapon to be used to against this type of thin and long monster. Not only was it difficult to aim, even if it hit the monster the frost arrow would probably only be able to freeze part of it.

Although bullets might not be able to hit the monster as well, however, the fire that the bullets unleashed could burn everything. He hoped that the fire could stop the monster for a while.

Chu Yunsheng didn't wait until the monster attacked. He pulled the trigger straight away, he didn't think this animal would be friendly towards him.

The monster easily dodged the bullets and quickly moved back into the corridor. At the same time three tentacles, each as thick as a human leg slithered through the air heading towards him from deep inside the corridor.

Chu Yunsheng didn't really know what to do so he tried to scare the tentacles away by lighting up the surrounding using the flame from the gun.

in order to defend itself, out of the three soft tentacles, immediately two split out. They rapidly waved in mid-air trying to block the bullets for the last tentacle. A heavy smell of burnt meat filled up in the corridor but it still didn't retreat.

The tentacle monster was very agile, especially the one that was protected by other two. It was like a snake, quickly approaching Chu Yunsheng and wrapping around him.
Chu Yunsheng was relying on Liu Jia yuan fu’s protection and the yuan qi inside his body. He broke free several times. but then it instantly wrapped around him again.

When the fourth and fifth tentacles appeared, Chu Yunsheng lost hope. He was tightly wrapped around by the tentacles without any gaps and his gun was empty. His hands were tightly wrapped by the monster, there was no way for him to replace the clip.

The tentacle monster probably thought that Chu Yunsheng didn't have any resistance ability, it started to drag him back to the ward inside the corridor.

Chu Yunsheng tried to halt the panic in his mind, he tried to find a way to escape as fast as he could, but he could not find any.

The hospital wards were located in a four storey high building. The building was very wide and when Chu Yunsheng was dragged inside, he found that all three floors had been destroyed, the walls were spread with a sticky substance, as if the whole building was glued together. It was like a mossy cave glowing in a dim green light.

The wall was full of naked women stuck to it. Chu Yunsheng was so shocked that he could not even close his mouth. Some of the bodies were still wearing shreds of patients or nurses clothes.

Chu Yunsheng finally realised why he felt something wrong when he was in the hospital hall. It was too clean, he did not even see a single body in the hall area! Red shell insects only liked the brain, they would discard the rest of body, so the hospital should have many bodies with empty skulls, but when he was in the hall, he did not see any of them!

Chu Yunsheng felt a chill run down his spine. So this is the place where the missing bodies went, but it seemed that all of them were already dead!

Suddenly, he saw a thin almost transparent tube, the size of which was as big as a finger, inserted into the back of a girl, and then it held onto her while she walked away from him. It was exactly like the naked woman he had seen before, she was controlled by this monster. Chu Yunsheng could clearly see that her eyes were as empty as the woman he saw before.

So this was what was controlling her! No wonder why he felt that the naked woman was fluttering like a ghost when she walked. So that scream was from this monster when he shot that arrow!

At this moment Chu Yunsheng was more curious than frightened! What exactly was this monster?

In the middle of the building, it had formed a pool of sticky substance. Inside the pool were the human’s flesh and blood. From time to time some bubbles popped up, sometimes a human body curled up in a transparent mucosa like a pupa popped up.The human body inside seemed like it was melting.

Each pupa had a different thickness of tube attached. Most of the tubes were connected to a five-meter tall tree-like organism in the centre of the building. It was covered with a sticky substance, the other tubes were connected to a small cylindrically shaped organism around the giant one in the centre.

The largest cylindrical organism was at least three to four meters in diameter, covered with strangely shaped tentacles, they were the same tentacles that had wrapped around Chu Yunsheng.

All the pipes and tentacles seemed to be very busy at doing something, only when Chu Yunsheng was dragged near the monster, did he find out that all the women that hung on the wall had been inserted with the monster’s tubes in their lower part of their bodies.  The disgusting sticky liquid was flowing through the tubes. Some women’s bellies were swollen, and some of their bellies had a big hole. A lot of cylindrical monsters as big as a human palm were crawling out of the hole in those bellies, and quickly used their long tentacles to start to eat those women.

It was breeding! Massive breeding! Chu Yunsheng was shocked!

He guessed the pool was used to feed these monsters.

“What the hell are those things?”

Chu Yunsheng was terrified, he was struggling but still could not stop being dragged closer and closer to the pool. A tentacle as thick as a human thigh appeared in front of him, the tip of the tentacle started to split, wider and wider, until it became a huge mouth. It swallowed Chu Yunsheng from his head. As it engulfed him bit by bit, the tentacle started to get bigger and bigger until it covered Chu Yunsheng entirely.

After the monster swallowed Chu Yunsheng,  it gushed out a large amount of sticky substance spreading around Chu Yunsheng’s body. He could clearly feel the yuan qi inside Liu Jia yuan fu starting to spread across his body, even across the night vision goggles. However, he could not breathe. If he could not get out soon, he was going to suffocate to death!

"Pop!", the monster spat Chu Yunsheng into the pool after it wrapped Chu Yunsheng into a pupa-shaped mucosa. A thin tube simultaneously tried to insert itself into Chu Yunsheng’s head,but it was deflected by Chu Yunsheng’s yuan qi.

Chu Yunsheng’s face was extremely red due to the lack of oxygen. When he saw the tube was deflected, he immediately realised that now was his chance!

Under the protection of the Liu Jia yuan fu, this erosive liquid only caused him to suffocate, but it could not do any damage to him. Even his hands, clothes, pistols, etc were all safe at the moment.

Now he could take out his sword and break the pupa open, but he knew that he could not run too far, those tentacles would still drag him back.

His only way to escape is to try to get close to the largest tentacles monster which could be their queen, injure it, and then wait for the opportunity to escape!

The opportunity was slowly approaching, when the tentacles were deflected,  his body was pushed towards the giant tentacle monster.

He passed many pupas, most of them only had human bones inside.
Chu Yunsheng was holding his breath, luckily he was at yuan tian stage one, so he could hold breath for awhile.

He secretly changed the gun clip and checked, the bullets were running out. He only had less than thirty left.

He then took out the She yuan fu and slowly restored his yuan qi bit by bit. He did not dare transfer yuan qi to his body too quickly, he feared being found out by the monster, then would be game over for him.
Closer and closer!

Until he completely reached the bottom of the giant monster, it seemed that it had not noticed what he was doing.

“One... Two... Three!”

Chu Yunsheng gathered all his strength, he was extremely focused.


He already restored six units of yuan qi - he quickly shot three bullets with no holds barred, each bullet consuming a unit of yuan qi.

The pupa instantly broke open, the bullets with blazing flames flying towards the monster.

At the same time, Chu Yunsheng hastily took a deep breath, he was almost suffocated!

The monster had an energy shield, but Chu Yunsheng already thought of it. Even the red shell insect had a shield, let alone this even more terrifying creature. It definitely would have one as well.
“Woo.. Woo… “ the monster was enraged by his sudden attack!  It waved all its tentacles in mid-air then rapidly lunged towards Chu Yunsheng!

The bullets were spinning on the monster’s energy shield, but the flames were still burning. The shield seemed to have weakened. Chu Yunsheng didn't wait for the tentacle to reach him, he immediately fired two shots again.

The flaming bullets finally penetrated the shield and the monster’s skin! They violently collided into the monster’s internal organs and exploded. A gaping hole was made by the explosion on the monster’s sticky body and it’s organs burst out.

“Woo...woo!” the monster was screaming and started to try and sink his body. Chu Yunsheng suspected that he seriously injured it, now it's time for him to escape!

One of the monster’s internal organs flew towards him, hit his head and hung on the night vision goggles. Chu Yunsheng instantly felt that even this small piece of the organ had more yuan qi than several insects combined!

But there was no time for him to think. The monsters had started to surround him. Many small monsters were crawling on top of giant tentacles, and opened their mouth screaming.

Chu Yunsheng didn't hesitate, he took out his last weapon, Li Huo fu.

This was a level three offensive yuan fu, because he was only at yuan tian stage one, he couldn't unleash its full power. If he used it now, it would really be a waste, but he didn't have a choice!

Looked at the charging monsters, Chu Yunsheng quickly passed his yuan qi into the Li Huo fu and activated it!

Li Huo fu projected a “fire” pattern in mid-air and started to gather a tremendous amount of yuan qi towards it. Suddenly he heard a sharp noise, the pattern started to break and flames appeared inside the building. It came out nowhere and then, as if God was casting the fire magic from the sky, it was raining flames inside the building!

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Chapter 20 New Monster

Chapter 20 New Monster

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Chu Yunsheng sat on the floor while he was staring at the pig brain, thinking that he should he go to the nearby zoo to get some animal brains. Although he stored quite a lot of pork, he only had three pig brains, he didn't know it could be this useful before.

He checked himself to see how bad the injuries were. He felt numbness in the right hand, and when he was trying to move it caused him great pain. His abdomen was pinched by the insect, it was the main part of his body that received the most injuries, he even felt pain when he breathed, but fortunately, he was not missing any body parts. His injuries would recover once the yuan qi circulated inside his body for a complete cycle.

The remaining two unit of yuan qi was more than enough to deal with the two dying red shell insects.
After he collected the three insects bodies Chu Yunsheng did not rush into the hospital, he held his right hand and found himself a quiet corner.

So far he had saved up two she yuan fu, they were all filled up with flame patterns. Before he left the restaurant, he had used one of them to restore his yuan qi, now he only had one and a half, a total of 9 flame patterns left. It meant that he could still restore 18 units of yuan qi.

At that moment he used half a yuan fu to restore his yuan qi.

He looked at the yuan fu while it was making a sibilant sound and slowly burning out in the mid-air. Chu Yunsheng took out a cigarette and thought, in this battle he killed three Red shell insects, it had cost him six units of yuan qi, which equaled the amount he gathered from three dead insects, but he collected more materials in the end. In short, the result was not too bad.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to take a break, the night was still long. Once he had finished the cigarette, he started to move again!

This community hospital had two buildings, one big and one small, and both buildings were built up with red bricks. There were bodies lying around on the ground next to the wall, some looked like doctors and others looked like patients, but they all had something similar, which were the empty skulls. It was definitely done by red shell insects.

The main building’s glass door entrance was broken, glass pieces were scattered around the floor, it made cracking sounds when he walked on it.

There was a huge pool of blood in the reception area, the hall was a mess. Medical reports and newspapers were everywhere, the headlines printed in the newspapers were very eye-catching:

<The sun disappeared!>

Or even more frightening:

<Monsters attacking humans! Army involved!>

There was half an intestine hanging on the new patient registration window. The blood that dripped from it was already frozen. There were a few bank notes whirling in the Eddies of wind. The computers and furniture were all knocked over, it seems that a serious riot had happened here.

There was a cupboard tightly blocked behind the security door, however there was a hole in the top half.  An eyeball was stuck on the rusty iron on top of the door. it looked ferociously at the dark corridor behind the hall.

The notice board for introducing traditional Chinese medicine was broken into half,  there was hair with blood all over the broken glass。

He turned to the right saw a counter. On the top of the counter, there was a sign which was about to fall down. It read Drug collection. In front of the counter the chairs were all over the place, some of them were broken into pieces.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what happened here, but it was so quiet that he could even hear his own footsteps!

Every step he took, he could hear the sound echo back from deep inside the corridor as if he was stepping into hell. The gusts of wind constantly brought the heavy smell of blood to his face through the corridor.

Chu Yunsheng always felt something was wrong about this hospital. This place was very creepy and hair-raising, but he could not tell what exactly made him felt that way!

He had already got to this point, why give up halfway? He needed to hurry and find the drugs then leave as soon as possible.

The counter window for drug collection was broken. As long as he carefully removed the debris, he could just climb over it. Behind the counter the cabinet for the drugs had fallen onto each other one by one just like dominos. All the drugs had fallen on the ground scattered in the whole room.

Chu Yunsheng controlled the beam that came from Yu Na yuan fu and scanned the whole room. All the drugs were sucked into the yuan fu, as at that moment he didn’t really have time to differentiate which drug was useful, and which was not.

The drug collection counter did not have many drugs, the majority of the drugs were stored in the drug storage facility according to the map drew by that female teacher. If he wanted to go to the drug storage room, he had to go through that deep dark corridor!

Should he go or not?

Chu Yunsheng did not know why he feared this corridor. The hospital was already creepy enough, plus the insects that came and went like ghosts made him even more afraid!

He grabbed a counterfeit detector from the counter, threw it very hard down the corridor, then he quickly aimed the crossbow at the corridor.

“Clang ... clang ..." the counterfeit detector rolled very far.

Nothing happened, no insects jumped out, no ghosts appeared.

Chu Yunsheng was slightly relieved, “Maybe I am too nervous. If there were any insects, they should have come out already!” he thought.

Turning on the infrared radiation device, the dark corridors instantly appeared in a green colour in the night vision goggles, it was even eerier.

Chu Yunsheng tightly clenched the crossbow, and slowly moved into the corridors along the wall.

Even though he was extremely careful, he could still clearly hear his footsteps echoing inside the corridor!

Chu Yunsheng was so nervous that his palms were sweating, but for the drugs, he had to take the risk. Even if the drugs were not for those kids, in future he would certainly need those life-saving drugs as well.

He did not even dare look at the doors on both sides of the corridor. He kept thinking he just needed to quickly go through the corridor as soon as possible, and after turning right to the end, the drug storage room would be just one floor above him!

He passed another door on the left, when suddenly a white shadow flashed by!

Chu Yunsheng instantly leaned against the left side of the wall, his heart started to jump rapidly. When he was hesitant to decide if he needed to see it one more time, a crooning song came from a room on the side of corridor, it was soft, cold and intermittent.

“Who is in there?” Chu Yunsheng hissed, this cold song made his hair rise.
No one answered him, but the song still could be heard clearly from the outside.

Chu Yunsheng bit the bullet and made up his mind ”Fuck it, I do not believe there is a ghost! I have killed more than a dozen red shell insects why I am still scared of these things?”

When he was about to kick open the door,  the door unexpectedly  "creaked" open by itself.

He immediately aimed the crossbow at the door. A woman appeared in front of him. She was naked, her messy hair could not hide her pretty face, her nice curvy body emitted a dim pale light. She was looking at him, but her eyes appeared unfocused, a small and delicate mouth opened and closed. She was emotionlessly humming a song.

"Who are you?" Chu Yunsheng was not intimidated, he had seen worse.

This woman was very strange, everything about her was unusual. The temperature was freezing cold, but she didn't wear anything and her skin was as pale as a ghost!

The woman did not answer, but strangely smiled at him, step by step walking towards him. Chu Yunsheng felt Liujia yuan fu suddenly activated. He did not know why, but it seemed like the shield was trying to defend against something.
"Stop! Or I will shoot you!" he hissed while grinding his teeth.

The woman continued walking towards him still didn't respond. Probably she didn't hear him. her steps were so light as if she was a puppet controlled by something.

Chu Yunsheng would not allow anyone to threaten his life, even this naked woman. He pulled the trigger without any hesitation!

In such close distance, the powerful frost arrow pierced through her chest, dragging her back and stuck her onto the wall!

"Ah! ..." the naked woman only had time to make a shrill scream.

In the moment she was about to freeze,  the woman seemed to smile at him again. The difference that this time her empty eyes flashed a glimmer of colour, it seemed like she was relieved.

"... .coo..  ...coo.."  A strange low grunting sound came from the back of the hospital. The sound seemed to contain some anger as if a beloved toy was taken away by someone.

“What was that?!”

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, but there was no time for him to think too much. He came all the way here to get drugs, he should quickly get the medicine, and leave this place as soon as possible! He should absolutely not get close to that place!

He did not dare stay any longer. He started to run fast, he took a turn and ran upstairs.  Following the map, he soon found the drug storage room. The door was locked but Chu Yunsheng easily broke it.

The medicine storage room was very clean, there was no sign of someone breaking in before. Chu Yunsheng quickly collected everything he could, even the refrigeration equipment.

Once he was done he immediately ran down the stairs, but when he just came back to the corridor, he felt that something was staring at him.

Through the lobby, taking a right turn upstairs was the medicine storage room, the left turn straight to the end headed towards different wards.

Chu Yunsheng's feeling came from the corridor on the left. He clenched the crossbow. From his understanding, the world’s scariest thing is nothing but insects.

But when he saw a slender pipe-shaped tentacle, it suddenly struck him that there was more than just one kind of monster!

The tentacle appeared to have a giant eye on its front, and it was quickly moving towards Chu Yunsheng.

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Chapter 19 New use of pig's brain

Chapter 19 New use of pig's brain
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“Please stand up!" Chu Yunsheng went back to his seat and asked: "Do you know where exactly inside the hospital?”

The female teacher heard this and excitedly said: "Are you going?”

Chu Yunsheng smiled: "Yes, but you need to tell me the exact location first, I don't know the area very well."

Hearing his answer, the students immediately burst into happiness, they all clapped excitedly: "Yeah!"

“Uncle, I knew you are going to help us, you are a good man!” a junior high school girl was brave enough to come up to Chu Yunsheng and said, “Xiao Xue is saved!”

“What uncle?” Chu Yunsheng didn't react at first, but now he felt very awkward. He wasn't that old, was he?
You couldn’t really blame those students, Chu Yunsheng wore the night vision goggles all day. No one knew how he looked, so calling him uncle was pretty normal.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have time nor the mood to correct it, and urged the female teacher: "Do you know, or not? Also I do not know which drug do you need and which you don't.”
He kept reminding her several times, and she apologised: “Sorry I was too excited, you don't need to be worried about the pharmacy’s location,  my father used to work there, but then the insects…. Anyway, just take me there, I know where it is!”

"No, you can not go in. It is very dangerous, there is no way to protect you!" Chu Yunsheng did not even need to consider, was she joking! In this level of fight, taking one more normal person with him means suicide.
Chu Yunsheng thought a moment, said: “Draw the floor plan, I can go in by myself.”

The female teacher knew if she went with him, she would only be a burden, so she didn't argue. She took the paper that Chu Yunsheng passed to her, quickly drew the location of pharmacy based on her memory, and wrote down the names of the of drugs as well.

She drew two places, one was the counter that sold the regular drugs, the other was the hospital's drug storage room which had a security door. It could be a small issue, but Chu Yunsheng believed that with the help of his enchanted sword, it should not be a big problem.

Chu Yunsheng left the hotel, followed the map that the female teacher had drawn and headed towards the hospital.

He first chose a building on the opposite side street of the hospital and used the night vision goggles to take a closer look at the hospital. However he didn't really trust the night vision goggles. It was only useful when used to walk in the dark, but using it to find insects wasn't very reliable.

“Three insects”, Through the night vision goggles he could see three red shell insects. He tried to calm himself down then started to sense the tian di yuan qi in this area. He did not find anything strange like the last time in Hualian supermarket, so he was 90% sure that there were only three of them!

How to get into the hospital became a problem, this community hospital had a total of two entrances, one at the front and one at the back respectively. The route that the three red shell insects wandered was not fixed. Regardless of which side he tried to get in, he would definitely be noticed by one of them, then rest of them would quickly rush towards him.

Chu Yunsheng tapped his forehead. He was always thinking about how to attack, but he did not think of luring the insects out!

The more he thought, the more he felt how great his idea was. There was a mini passenger van parked in front of the hospital's main entrance. It's a 9 seat van, facing the opposite direction of the hospital, he can get in there.

Ok, go!

It did not take him much effort, Chu Yunsheng smoothly got into the mini passenger van from the broken windows in the front seat. This was an old gold cup brand MPV, the window could be manually rolled down. He pulled out his crossbow, the distance was just right. When he was in the building earlier, he estimated that the range was too far that was why he needed to get into this van.

He took a deep breath, this was the first time he took the initiative to attack three red insects!

The one which was the closest to him appeared in his sight. It suddenly paused, looking in his direction. Chu Yunsheng did not hesitate, and immediately pulled the trigger.

Target hit!

The other two heard the noise and quickly rushed towards him. Chu Yunsheng knew how bad his aim was, so he didn't try to use crossbow again. Instead, he planned to use the gun.  The gun could shoot more than once, at least one of bullets could slow down the insects.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! ...” A total of 15 rounds of bullets, consumed about 2 units of yuan qi. Chu Yunsheng emptied the gun clip in one go, the insects had jumped on the top of the MPV and were trying to destroy the van!

Out of 15 rounds of bullets, only 1 or 2 hit the insect. He suddenly realised how lucky he was when he was in the Hualian supermarket.

The insect hit by the bullets only had minor injuries, it was still very strong.

Corrosive mucus quickly penetrated from the top, but it bounced off because of the Liu Jia yuan fu. Chu Yunsheng suddenly found that he made a serious mistake. He originally planned to shoot an arrow first then fire the gun, but he forgot he was inside the van Right now, he could just use the van as cover and wait until the insect got near then start to shoot the gun. In that way, the chance of hitting the insect would be much higher.

It seemed that his actual combat experience s still not enough, the number of sneak attacks could not help him get such experience.

Regret at that moment did not help him to change anything, so he quickly reloaded the gun while the insect was still trying to break into the van. The van was completely out of shape under the insect's attack, their razor-sharp legs made many holes on top of the car. Through the giant hole made by their corrosive secretion, Chu Yunsheng saw they were about to jump in.

“Bang!… bang!”

Through the big hole, Chu Yunsheng aimed the gun at an insect’s belly, one unit of yuan qi quickly consumed by the bullets. Luckily all the bullets hit, and the insect instantly caught on fire. It screamed while swinging it's claw back and forth then retreated.

Another insect finally broke into the van, pinched Chu Yunsheng's body and dragged him out of the van.

With the Liu Jia yuan fu’s protection, the insect could not easily cut him into  half, but even with this, Chu Yunsheng still felt that his internal organs had been squeezed together. It was extremely painful and blood started to come out of his mouth.

Although his right hand was still holding the pistol, it was tightly pinched by another insect’s claw. The insect was pulling and dragging, trying to dismember him. There was a moment that Chu Yunsheng felt that his whole arm was cut off by the insect.

Chu Yunsheng had to use his left hand again to pull out the sword, stabbing towards the insect’s head. However the same luck would not happen twice, the insect did not give him the opportunity to pierce into it’s mouth, he wasted nearly one unit of his yuan qi.

So far, he used five units of his yuan qi. He froze one insect, another one was on fire, but he did not know if it was dead. The last one he could not kill, but the insect also could not do anything to him, it was a deadlock.

Chu Yunsheng was very anxious, he needed to kill this insect as soon as possible. Once the frozen one broke out of the ice, or the one was on fire slightly recovered, Liu Jia yuan fu could not defend against two red shell insect’s attack at the same time.

“What weapons do i have?” Chu Yunsheng tried to calm himself down, he used yuan qi to activate wu na yuan fu (storage yuan fu) to look for something that he could use!

Corrosive mucus, it is useless, he did an experiment before,

Red shell insect’s legs, it is the same, useless;

Pig brain useless ...

Pig intestines! What a mess!



Pig brain, he did not know what would happen if he threw it at the red shell insect. This was its favourite food, if it even just distracted it a little bit, he could find a way to get out its claw, then he would have a chance!

Yes, he still had Li Huo fu (summon the god’s flame), this was a level three yuan fu activated by the ancient book, it must be very powerful. It had been a long time, that he almost forgot its existence! Thinking of Li Huo fu, Chu Yunsheng was not so nervous now.

He took out the pig brain first, using all his strength, and smashed it onto the red shell insect’s head. After that he quickly gathered all his yuan qi, and waited for the moment when it would be distracted by the pig’s brain. Then he would be free!

Although the pig brain was not fresh, but it was still an authentic pig’s brain, the insect's instinct started to react. It paused for a second, seemed like it was thinking which one it should eat first.
This was the moment he had been waiting for! Chu Yunsheng immediately filled the sword with yuan qi and stuck it in between the claw. He roared loudly while using all his strength to force the claw open, he held on through the pain coming from his right hand, quickly pulled back, then aimed the gun at the red shell insect’s head. The last bullet, consuming one unit of yuanqi, flew out of gun’s chamber.

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Chapter 18 Courageous path

Chapter 18 - Courageous path
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Chu Yunsheng counted the insect bodies he had.
38 of them in total, he still needed 22!

Pig’s brain had always been Chu Yunsheng's life saviour, he had no other choice. Red shell insects were very hard to find, so he felt happy even if he encountered a pair.

Surely not only Chu Yunsheng, even the army didn’t like to engage the swarm as well. The insects like to eat brains, it didn’t matter if they were human or other animals - to them, all creature’s brains on earth were a delicious meal. Chu Yunsheng had successfully used pig’s brain as bait and killed a dozen of red shell insects.

But recently it was not very effective. The last time, the pig's head was almost taken away by some starving people! It’s pork, so of course if anyone saw it they would try and take it.

Chu Yunsheng learned from his mistake, he removed the pig's brain from the head, mixed it with blood and left it on the street next to a human body. After doing that, no one dared to steal the pig's brain anymore!

Chu Yunsheng guessed that probably the brain weren't fresh anymore, that's why fewer insects fell for the trap. Until now almost none of them came.

While he was thinking how to find more red shell insects, the teacher and her students came into the restaurant hall one by one. They probably had finished the food. After all half a pot wasn't that much, let alone with the number of people they had.

This group of people hesitated but still forced themselves to come to him. Chu Yunsheng frowned, furrowing his brows. Looking at this situation, they were definitely going to ask him for something else. It wasn’t that he didn't want to help these kids, but the problem was that he couldn't even take care of himself, how could he pretend to be a hero and take care of them?

He instantly regretted what he did, he should have left earlier.
The female teacher gratefully said to him: "Thank you for your help, I am a teacher in Shen Cheng city, twenty-first high school, my name is… "

Chu Yunsheng quickly interrupted her: "OK, OK, I do not want to know this, based on the situation you are in right now, I personally think that you should seek help from the troops or government as soon as possible. You are all students, the troops should do something to help.”

His interruption was somewhat embarrassing to the female teacher, but she still bit the bullet and explained: "We did go to the troops, but they have too many people that need to be taken care of. We never had a chance! Sir, I am not asking for food from you, I have a student who is suffering from high fever for three days now. She needs prescription drugs. If she doesn't get treatment soon.. Sir, please, she is dying....!”

Chu Yunsheng was stunned for a moment. He was very sympathetic towards their plight, but he didn't have any prescription drugs. In the age of light, the prescription drugs were given out by doctors. He did not have much time nor energy to find those drugs. He had some regular medicine, but to cure this level of high fever he did not think it would help. So he could not help but say: "I'm sorry, I do not have any drugs!”

The female teacher quickly said with a tone of hope: "There is a community hospital not far from here. We have been there before, but there are insects over there, can you... please?!"

"I am sorry!" Chu Yunsheng thought for a second but still refused. He had also been to that hospital, there were three red shell insects just near the entrance and there could be even more inside. It was too dangerous. Although they had his sympathy, but he was not yet ready to sacrifice his own life for others.

The hall suddenly fell into an awkward silence.

Chu Yunsheng thought it was his right to choose whether to help or not. He did not want to risk his life for a stranger. It was not a good idea at all, so he got up and prepared to go!

“Thump!” Behind him, the female teacher knelt down!

He was stunned by her action, Then, “thump!”, “thump!”, “thump!”.....

More than a dozen students, they all knelt down!

Chu Yunsheng’s heart inexplicably jumped. He couldn’t describe the feeling he had then, it was more than just shocked.

In the age of light, on the television or on the Internet, there were appearances of groups of people on their knees asking for justice.

He used to curse those officials as cold-blooded, that they did not have any feelings towards others, that they were the shame of humanity!

But he never thought that this scene would appear right in front of him, and that he was standing on the side he used to curse at!

He opened his mouth, only to find that he did not know what to say.

“Please, uncle! Xiaoxue is dying!” said a girl who could not stop crying,

“Uncle please…!” Everyone was starting to cry.

Chu Yunsheng was struggling to make a decision - on one side he was thinking: “Well, you are not powerful enough, do not do it! You don't even know what is going to happen. So just mind your own business, forget about others!”

On the other side: “Come on brother, life is all about trying isn't it? Let's fight, brother! Strength is important, but if you do not have courage, you will be always weaker than others!”

Many years later, when Chu Yunsheng looked back to the past, he would be surprised to find that it was because of these people that he learnt how to face this world.

A truly powerful man, not only relies on his physical power, but also the courage to dare to challenge the limit, without backing off!

Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized that for a long time, he had been living in a cycle of escaping from danger; to avoid challenges, and pray for better luck the next time.

Of course, he could continue to live like this, but would this kind of cycle help him survive in the future? With more and more red shell insects, he couldn't find any single red shell insect easily anymore. If he continued living like this, his qi cultivation would slow down. Before he reached Yuan Tian stage two, he would have been eaten by a monster already!

He broke out in a cold sweat and he thought for another minute, “Even in the age of light, you can not succeed without taking any risk, not to mention in this sinister dark age!”

The number of insects was increasing rapidly, the awakenings were also getting stronger, but he couldn't even dare face three red shell insects. If he didn’t change, then he would be struggling to survive in the future, and eventually would be eliminated by this dark world. And also it would be a waste having this ancient book!

“Do it!” Chu Yunsheng let out a long stressful sigh. He did not expect that these people's actions would accidentally cause his thoughts to undergo a dramatic change!

His state of mind changed from being a cautious poacher to a bloodthirsty killer!

Of course, it did not mean that he was going to do it blindly, even though strength was still very important, having courage did not mean to be reckless. If the strength gap was huge, no matter how much courage he had, he was still going to die in the end!
He had eight units of yuan qi now. He could try to fight with three red shell insects. Plus If he planned in detail, he believed that there was over 80% chance of winning.

The first thing he needed to do was lurk, he could not let the insects be aware that he was approaching. If he used the crossbow to freeze one as fast as he could, then he would only have to face two angry insects. If he was lucky, he could use the gun to injured a second one, then it would leave him with one last one. As long as he still had the pistol or the crossbow at that time he could win!

At the moment, there was no way for him to use the sword to break both the insect’s shield and shell defence at the same time. He could break the energy shield, but there was no way he could stab the sword into the insect’s mouth like the last time. It was very lucky, but he could not just blindly believe in luck. The same lucky chance would not appear twice.

So to sum it up, there were two key points. First, he must freeze one as fast as possible, the second point, his pistol and crossbow could not be lost!

If he kept to these two points, he had at least a 70% chance of winning. If he was able to injure another one during the insect’s counterattack, then the chances could go up to 90% and as long as there were no other insects, he should be able to kill them all.

After thinking through the plan, he was not as worried as before. He just needed to look into some details then everything would be perfect.

Chu Yunsheng did not realise they were still on their knees. When he noticed, he felt sorry for them. Eventually it was these people that changed his qi cultivation approach, and since he decided to challenge his limit, why not help them as well. It was a win-win situation.

In addition to that, the importance of drugs was not much less than food. It was also the supplies he spent the least time to prepare, therefore it was absolutely necessary for him to get some prescription drugs as well.....

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Chapter 17 who is in control

Chapter 17 who is in control
“brother” a group of people were horrified while looking at the bold man ice sculpture

“do you want to see what a real flame looks like?”  Chu Yunsheng said with a smirk on his face. He would not let those idiots who pointed a gun at him go way.

To stop a single point of attack, The Yuan qi inside his body would converge towards a single point to defend. Chu YunSheng's Yuan Qi was fully restored at the moment, so Simei’s flame bullets would not do any damage to him.

Chu Yunsheng put the crossbow on his shoulder, then drew the gun slowly, and pointed at Simei who was still in shock.

“Simei run!” shouted the man who was wearing a mask, he quickly grabbed Simei’s hand and ran towards the door!

“why are you running away now? Can you even run faster than a bullet!”  Chu Yunsheng whispered.

Bang!  Bang!

2 shots in a row,  Chu Yunsheng's bullets contained fire element, it brought flames flew towards the woman and directly hit Simei’s back!

“ah!.......” A mournful scream, Simei’s whole body was surrounded by the fire. She used all the energy trying to stop the fire, but the flame seemed to be unstoppable, it was still burning around her body.

The bullets Chu Yunsheng shot this time were not like the other bullets he shot before, this time the bullets were filled with Yuan Qi, each bullet almost consumed him one unit of Yuan Qi!

With one unit of Yuan Qi, he could fire a frost arrow to freeze a powerful red shelled insect. With two units of Yuan Qi, he could strike the monster into pieces.

Those two bullets had consumed him two units of Yuan Qi in total,  it was not something that Simei this type of people could block. She just awakened her power and her ability was still very weak. Even although she awakened fire element ability, she still could not block this level of attack!

The fire had already spread across her body, her energy was already exhausted, the constant ear-piercing screams terrorised people in the kitchen. The whole kitchen was filled with the burnt smell of human flesh!

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. He did not expect it could be this horrifying. He never had this kind of feeling when he killed the insects, but when he faced the people, even although he was ready to kill his enemies, such death still frightened him!

However, Chu Yunsheng did not have the slightest regret! Maybe this was what the end of the world looked like, if he did not have any power, perhaps the one that was burned to death was him now!

This woman fired the first shot, she was not even hesitant!

This was her retribution! Chu Yunsheng thought. If he was the one lying on the ground, probably this group of people would not feel sorry for him, because they wanted him dead from the beginning.

If they did not take other people's lives seriously, then they did not deserve any of his sympathies. Her punishment was burned to death, and that was what she deserved!

The fire had spread to the mask man’s arm. While Chu YunSheng was still in the shock, the mask men immediately raised his knife and cut off his own arm. he then ran away through the door while enduring the pain and leaving his partners behind.

When facing the enemy which was even more dangerous and powerful than a red shelled insect, escape was the best choice. it was like a flock of birds that was scared away by of beasts, now there was none of them left!

Chu Yunsheng did not want to chase them, he was not a bloodthirsty demon, and he had already killed two of them already. The most important thing was the fight consumed him three units of Yuan Qi already.  In this horror city, he might encounter many unpredictable dangers at any time, so keeping some of his strength was absolutely necessary.

Chu Yunsheng put back the pistol and found out that the group of students and the young woman were staring at him on the other side.

the woman was dressed in a suit, so he suspected that she was their teacher. However, he did not really have time to care about others because the city was full of homeless and starving people now.

Looking at burned Simei’s body. Chu Yunsheng lost the appetite to eat. but he did not want to waste the beef either.

Everyone knew what was the most expensive thing in the dark age, it was the food!

He found the tableware in the kitchen, readied to pack the rest of food and stored them in the storage yuan fu, so he did not need to worry about food spoilage.

"Hello! Sir."  said the teacher, she really could not help but walked forward when she saw Chu Yunsheng readied to pack the stuff and leave.

She and her students were trying their luck at finding food at finding the food in the city. when they just entered the hall of this restaurant they immediately smelled an aroma of food they missed for a long time. One of the students who had a really strong smell sense guessed that it was definitely the smell of beef, so she did not hesitate to come in.

A group of atrocious gangsters followed them in shortly after they enter the restaurant. She recognised the bald man,  A notorious thug in this area, he had gathered a bunch of men and women to help him exploiting the people in this area. There was no laws and orders in the dark age, so these thugs committed all sorts of crimes.

When She was a child, she used to listen to grandmother talking about the story of the Japanese invasion. During that time girls would deliberately put the wood ash on their face to make themselves look as ugly as possible, in order to prevent any harms caused by their look. But she did not expect that now she and her students would have to do the same as what her grandmother did.

She thought that the man who was eating the beef earlier would be dead. Because she had never seen a single person survived in the hands of bald man.

There was a girl, she was resisting when the bald man trying to rape her.  later on that day, the girl's whole family were nailed to the entrance of her housing estate. Even until now she still felt like it was a nightmare.

But the result was totally unexpected, the young man single-handedly killed the two most powerful people in that atrocious gang.

She was shocked. After she realised what happened she could not describe her feelings.

She knew there were people with special abilities, and her students often asked her why. But she could not explain. She was from this neighbourhood, and she had never heard of the existence of this man.

where did he come from? she thought.

Of course, the answer to these questions was not important at the moment. The most important thing was that the man was leaving and he was going to take the half pot beef away. She and her students have not eaten for more than two days now.

So she had to be thick skinned to ask for the food, even if it was just a little bit of food.

Xiaoxue has been suffering from a high fever for three days now. If they could not get any food, she was worried that her favourite student probably would not hold on much longer
Chu Yunsheng did not know what kind of thought went through their mind, but with the experiences he had in the past,  he could tell it was not something good. Normally in this kind of situation, the only thing would make a person talk was mostly the food.

His strategy usually was that if you did not speak it out, he would not mention it as well. he was not a philanthropist, food was precious especially in the dark age!  But if You talked, then it would also depend on the situations.
Like what happened now. More than a dozen kids; twenty pairs of piteous eyes were looking at him, and his pot of beef. His hands inexplicably stopped. After all, he was still a soft-hearted guy.

 "this pot of beef, you can have it!” he sighed

Chu Yunsheng put the whole pot in front of them, then quickly took back the camping stove and returned to his original place. he did not want to talk to them,  he was afraid of his soft-hearted nature would make him do something even more stupid.

He lit up a cigarette, sat on the sofa in the hall, and thought about what happened earlier. it forced him to realise that he was in the dark age, the rules had changed, there were no more countries, no more social morals, it was completely ruled by power.

If you were relentless and powerful, then you could oppress others, do anything, even harvest other's life; no police would come to arrest you; no court would come to give you any sentences; everything was caught in the boundless disorder of chaos.

it was the time to change his mind, just like what happened earlier, if it was not his energy shield, he'd be probably on the way the hell now.

Only those who had absolute power could make rules in the dark age! Chu Yunsheng flicked cigarette butt and thought.

So, he had to work harder, spent more time on his Qi cultivation. Only until when his Yuan Qi was strong enough would he be able to protect himself from being ruled by others.

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Chapter 16 the killings caused by a Half pot of beef

Chapter 16 the killings caused by a Half pot of beef 

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Battles between people usually attracted at least one or two Red Shelled Insects. He couldn't have stopped those people nor Red Shelled Insect, all he was able to do is to kill the insects as fast as he could.

By pulling the rope that was tied to the roof, Chu Yunsheng quickly swung over the crowd. A Frost Arrow pierced through the air and embedded straight into the Red Shelled Insect’s shell without any resistance. The insect was completely frozen together with the arrows.

He swung toward the Red Shelled Insect and reached out his hand. He grabbed the end of the frozen arrow, Yuan Qi immediately gushing out. The tension of the rope took both man and insect straight over to the nearby roof.

The crowd suddenly stopped crying and screaming! All the torchlight shined at Chu Yunsheng’s back. What they saw was a lone gray view of his back and the mysterious crossbow that hung there.

No one knew who he was!

No one knew where he came from!

He seemed mysterious and powerful, but never landed!

He came alone and left alone.

All he took away were the dying red insects!

So the rumors about him gradually spread in the Eastern District of Shen Cheng city.

The horror city started to create more and more powerful people, many people were talking about it. Chu Yunsheng was only occasionally mentioned among those people, most of the time he was silently hunting for Red Shell Insects in the desolate streets.

Chu Yunsheng also heard some of these rumors, the most talked about were two people. The first one was part of the army, known as "The Steel Beast". According to the rumors, he could kill a single Red shelled Insect with simply a thrown punch. Chu Yunsheng really wanted to know; how many punches could this person have thrown in one breath?
Another is said to be the government's security adviser called "The Ice King". This person's ability was quite similar to Chu Yunsheng's Frost Arrow. The only difference was that Ice King could freeze a large number of Red Shelled Insects instantly.

Standing on the roof of a three-story high building, Chu Yunsheng thought:” If I kill a sufficient number of Red Shelled Insects, I can start to create combat armor.  At that time I may not be weaker than these people!”

Recently, the more Red Shelled Insects that he killed, the more insects that started to appear. He had not one clue where they all came from! Times that he encountered a single Red Shelled Insect were becoming less frequent, making Chu Yunsheng very frustrated.

If he killed enough insects, then he would not need to hide and only hunt for a single Red Shelled Insect anymore!

He stared at the pig’s brain outside in the street, that was his bait, but seemed to fail today!
He has waited here for quite some time, his body started to become a stiff slightly. He had heard from the people who passed by, saying that the temperature now seems to have stopped declining. But he still felt unusually cold.

“I should get something to eat!” Chu Yunsheng touched his cold belly. Recently he had only been able to eat bread and biscuits, so today he decided to eat something hot.

This three-story high building used to be a luxury restaurant, he didn't spend much time finding a kitchen on the first floor. All of the cookeries were still there, they just were not in the right places. Someone must have come here before him, anything that could be considered as edible was already gone.

But it didn't matter, Chu Yunsheng already had food. He lit the camping stove, the environment he was in only allowed him to make hot-pot.

Beef, bok choy, noodles, even some tofu were all mixed together, causing the air to become filled with the aroma of food.

This was probably the best meal Chu Yunsheng has had recently. Although he stored plenty of food, he had neither the time or the skill to cook often.

With the hot bok choy and beef in his stomach,  his body started to warm up steadily.  He felt so comfortable he even shook a bit, it had truly been that long since he's had a warm meal.

Ordinary meals became a luxury need in this environment

"Ah? Did Someone just come in?" Chu Yunsheng swallowed a piece of beef quickly before he picked up the crossbow. The pot had at least half of the food unfinished, so he was reluctant to leave it.
A group of students appeared in his view first, they were staring straight at his half pot of beef. They were followed by a group of men and women holding various weapons. They were also looking at his half pot of beef.

The luxury restaurant's kitchen was not that big, but suddenly
 it became crowded with so many people inside.

Chu Yunsheng held the crossbow, dazed at them for a long time. He pointed at the half pot of beef, said in an awkward tone: "... This is mine!”

“Not anymore.” a burly man said casually. His face carried a long, red colored scar, he was bald and looked very aggressive. He used the machete he was holding to tap the stove a few times, making everyone shiver.

"Oh?" Chu Yunsheng snorted with indifference. He may have been soft-hearted and timid, but he hated the feeling of someone putting pressure on him.

He might have given it to them if they had swallowed their pride and asked. Since he had quite a lot of food, he wouldn't have minded giving a little.

But if you forced him, then he would become rather surly.  Also, he was no longer a frail, white-collar worker.  Chu Yunsheng knit his eyebrows and said: "You can try!”

This man laughed aloud as if he heard some kind of joke. With a machete pointed at his group, he said: "Young man, don't be stupid! You only have a crossbow, you can only shoot one arrow, and it's over! We have these multitudes people. You can't win!”

“Oh really?! Who said I am going to shoot them? I just need to kill you!” Chu Yunsheng said it slowly.
The man grunted angrily,  made a hand gesture and said: "You've got balls, Si Mei, show this man what we've got!"
“Bang!” The sound of a gunshot rang out. Chu Yunsheng thought they were just playing tricks but did not expect they actually tried to shoot him!

He had been active in the front line of killing the insects, so he was rarely involved in human fights for supplies. Within his subconscious, people still behaved the same way as they did in the age of light. This type of killing just because they had a disagreement was something he did not expect.

If Diao Dingguo were here, he would have definitely cursed and called this man a fool. Because he already knew how powerful Chu Yunsheng is. But unfortunately, he was not here. Nobody had a clue who this young man was. They only knew that a person who could prepare a pot of beef soup should have a lot of food, so killing and looting them was ideal.

 "Ding!" A bullet fell onto the ground, and the whole room was plunged into silence and the atmosphere grew heavy.

Si Mei had never seen people who could block her bullets, even more so since she had awakened.

She was slightly surprised when Chu Yunsheng just stood there unmoving, but her bullet was stopped.  It did not scare her at all. In her mind, Chu Yunsheng was a person who awakened their defensive abilities. She had seen this type of person before, and she even killed one!

Her first bullet hadn't activated any energy.  If the opponent was a self-awakened person, blocking bullets was completely normal.

Si Mei sneered: " Since you stopped the first one then try to stop this!" She infused her maximum fire energy into the second shot without a moment of hesitation.

Chu Yunsheng had not reacted until the second shot. He was absolutely furious. Those bastards, why would you kill me for just a pot of beef?! Am I not even worth a half pot of beef!? He thought.

He didn't care about bullets, Liu Jia Yuan Fu would have stopped this type of attack. Chu Yunsheng immediately infused his Yuan Qi into to the crossbow and pulled the trigger. They were going to kill him, of course, he would show no mercy!

Whoosh! Frost Arrow flew out with a terrifying, freezing air. That bald man was already prepared to defend himself from Chu Yunsheng's attack, he made up his mind to take the damage. This would give Si Mei enough time to fire the shot.

But he was wrong, terribly wrong. He had chosen the wrong man to mess with. But, sometimes if you made a mistake, there was no chance to correct it.

Just when Chu Yunsheng’s Frost Arrow flew out of the crossbow, Si Mei’s Flame Bullet already reached him.The small kitchen suddenly acquired two differing zones of bitter cold and burning heat.
The bald man was without a doubt instantly frozen into an ice sculpture. If he was not a self-awakened person then he was a dead man. The power of Frost Arrow couldn't be stopped by a normal human being.

Si Mei’s Flame Bullet accurately flew at Chu Yunsheng’s chest, aimed where the heart was. But the Flame Bullet failed to penetrate his body and incinerate everything like Si Mei imagined, instead it was just a small spark.

The space in front of Chu Yunsheng was slightly distorted, then the spark was extinguished.

"No! No way! It is Absolutely impossible! How can it be?"

Si Mei simply couldn't understand her bullets could even penetrate the Red Shelled Insect; How can it not break this person's defense!?  It did not even burn his clothes!

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