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Chapter 15 A Combat Armour

Chapter 15 - A Combat Armour
Edited by Joseph

After having his Yuan Qi slightly restored, Chu Yunsheng took out the red-shelled insect's body and used the She Yuan Fu to absorb Yuan Qi from all four bodies.

At the moment, there were five flame patterns on the She Yuan Fu. Chu Yunsheng didn't want to wait until he killed another red shelled insect to completely fill up the She Yuan Fu. As, in dark Shen Cheng city, dangers could occur everywhere in every minute.
He immediately decided to use the She Yuan Fu without any hesitation. After he transferred Yuan Qi into his body, he discovered that the concentration of Yuan Qi inside his body increased a lot.  With the volume he had right now, he could freeze seven red shelled insects.  If he counted the Qi consumption of freezing one red shelled insect as one unit,  his Yuan Qi concentration would have one unit left at the end!

Also, the numbers of flame patterns that disappeared from the She Yuan Fu wasn't just three, it was three and a half!

Before, when he fully restored his Yuan Qi, it only consumed three flame patterns. Based on what he discovered, it clearly meant that his Yuan Qi concentration was increased!

In the first time he cultivated Yuan Qi, Chu Yunsheng roughly calculated that the Yuan Qi unit he had was around five to six units. Until now, he already did roughly eight or nine times of Qi cultivation cycles. So it was most likely that when he completed another nine cycles, his body would be able to store one more unit of Yuan Qi!

There are eighty-one cycles in total, and that meant that he could have his Yuan Qi increased by nine units. In other words, when he reached the peak status of Yuan Tian stage one, he could freeze fifteen red shelled insects!

When he broke through Yuan Tian stage two barriers and learned the close combat skill sets, he would easily get away from the attacks of large numbers of red-shelled insects! Chu Yunsheng smiled with confidence!

After the Yuan Qi was restored, he made another She Yuan Fu. It consumed him six units of Yuan Qi, and as expected he still had one unit of Yuan Qi remaining inside his body. This kind of feeling was so great!

As Old She Yuan Fu couldn't absorb Yuan Qi anymore,  he transferred the Yuan Qi from the remaining half flame pattern into his body. He now had four units of Yuan Qi.

Originally he wanted to keep the old She Yuan Fu for an emergency. But then again, when he thought of the dangerous environment he was in at this moment, he abandoned the idea of staying in his room and continued to practice for a long time.

Liu Jia Yuan Fu couldn't be used anymore;  It consumed him two units of Yuan Qi to make a new one.  The Yuan Fu on the crossbow and the gun still had half of Yuan Qi remaining, so they could be used for some time.

After he finished everything, his Yuan Qi went back to two units again. He would have to spend almost seven days to fully restore the Yuan Qi again.

During the time Chu Yunsheng was recovering himself in the room, the food Zhang Han took back was already finished by those five people. Chu Yunsheng also gave them some biscuits and drinks he took from the market.

Chu Yunsheng was surprised to find out that the bruises Zhang Han had on his face were not because of the food, it was because of a pack of sanitary towels! It was because that Feifei girl was on her period!

‘This guy really is a love fool!’ Chu Yunsheng signed.

Having analyzed the fight, Chu Yunsheng realized that he was lacking in close combat skill. But he couldn't do anything about it at the moment. If he was a self-awakened human,  he could have a close combat skill set.

But for now, he had to wait until he reached Yuan Tian stage two. According to the ancient book, if he learned the powerful sword fighting techniques, he would become unstoppable.

He was also concerned about Liu Jia Yuan Fu’s defence shield. Although it could easily stop the attack of one insect, if more than two insects attack him, Liu Jia Yuan Fu’s defence would be weakened.

Unless he could make a level two Liu Jia Yuan Fu. However,  the description of level-two Liu Jia Yuan Fu he only understood less than half of it. Even if he wanted to use six units of his Yuan Qi to make it, he still wouldn't know how to make it.

‘What should I do now?’

He looked at the perfectly aligned six insect's bodies. All of them were killed by himself. He killed the first one at his flat, the second one was killed when he met Zhang Han, and the rest of them were killed in the last fight.

He suddenly had an idea! The armor of the Red Shelled insect was rock-hard, So why not use it as raw material to make a set of armor?

In the ancient book, there was one type of Yuan Fu named Zhan Jia (TL: combat armor) Yuan Fu. It was a level two Yuan Fu, and it required practitioners to draw a complete armor diagram on it. After that was done, the Zhan Jia (TL: combat armor)Yuan Fu would automatically absorb all the material it needed.

Even Though Chu Yunsheng already knew how to make this Yuan Fu in the past. He did not have any materials or even heard of the materials that mentioned in the ancient book. So he did not pay attention to it. But one of those materials was animals bones or shells.

Now that he had the body of the Red Shelled insect, he could try to make a combat armor!

The combat armor required a lot of raw materials, and in the process of refining,  only six bodies were not enough at all. If he waited until his Yuan Qi increased another two units to make a combat armor Yuan Fu, he would not only be able to store more bodies of insects, but also be able to prepare enough She Yuan Fu as a backup.

When he was making a Yuan Fu combat armor, those backups could be used to restore his Yuan Qi to compensate his Yuan Qi loses.
Two units of Yuan Qi required eighteen cycles, so he needed to kill at least 54 Red Shelled insects! Even if the number was quite big, Chu Yunsheng was confident. As long as he did not encounter the same situation as the last fight.

Since the shell was useful, Chu Yunsheng immediately thought that other parts of insects might also be useful in some way.

For example, the very sharp legs of the Red Shelled insect could be used to make an arrow’s head. It could make his crossbow even more powerful.

The corrosive secretions inside the insect’s body could be collected using insect's internal organs. In the future, he could use Yuan Fu to refine it, making it an even more corrosive venom.

Chu Yunsheng quickly dismembered the Red Shelled insect's bodies. With the help of Liu Jia Yuan Fu, he didn't need to worry about the toxic and corrosive secretions.

The shell of insects could be used to make armor. Claws and legs could be used to make arrows. Secretions can be used to make poisonous venom. All it left was just some meat which didn't seem to have any value. But Chu Yun Sheng still felt that the insect’s muscles were very powerful, and they might not be as simple as they look. They might be useful in the future. So he stored them inside storage Yuan Fu as well.

Of course, Chu Yun Sheng would never ever dare to eat that meat, who knows what would happen if he ate the meat?

After he finished separating the bodies, Chu Yunsheng seemed to have found new objectives. If he wanted to survive this horror city, he must become more powerful.

God did not give him the talent of a self-awakened human, but the ancestors left him a thousand years old ancient book. With the help of this ancient book, his ability was not worse than those self-awakened people!

If reaching Yuan Tian stage two was his intermediate goal, then the long, boring and difficult cultivation practice, and the possibility of making the combat armor were his short-term objectives. He really needed to speed up,

Chu Yunsheng stood on the roof, looking at the boundless dark sky.

Three days ago he killed the two insects on the west side of the bridge, and sent the love fool Zhang Han and other people to the army base on the opposite side of the bridge. As for the possibility that they could get the protection from the army or not, that was no longer his problem.

Food had become a new crisis in this horror city. Many people that could not endure the hunger started to frequently appear on the streets. Sometimes people were fighting each other just for the right to search supermarkets like “Hao De convenience store”.  Its cruelty was not much less than the Red Shelled insect’s killing.
There was a fight across the street right below where Chu Yunsheng was standing right now. One side had a police pistol, the other side had nothing but they had more people.

The fight was very violent, and it was just for a rice shop. Chu Yunsheng even saw an old man who was equipped with at least three steel knives, was guarding the door.

When the side that did not have guns broke through the door, due to the sheer number of people they had, a giant red shelled insect appeared on the street.

No one at this point hesitated, no one stopped, everyone chose to run away at that moment. They just had one pistol, if they chose to fight back, the result was definitely death!

How could the human’s running speed compete with the speed of Red Shelled insect!?

The red shelled insect quickly jumped into the crowd. In its eyes, those cowardly humans were just a bunch of preys. But it did not know that there was always a bigger fish.

Soon, a grey shadow fell from the sky, accompanied by the freezing cold Yuan Qi from a frost arrow!

Edited by Joseph


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