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Chapter 16 the killings caused by a Half pot of beef

Chapter 16 the killings caused by a Half pot of beef 

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Battles between people usually attracted at least one or two Red Shelled Insects. He couldn't have stopped those people nor Red Shelled Insect, all he was able to do was to kill the insects as fast as he could.

By pulling the rope that was tied to the roof, Chu Yunsheng quickly swung over the crowd. A Frost Arrow pierced through the air and embedded straight into the Red Shelled Insect’s shell without any resistance. The insect was completely frozen together with the arrows.

He swung toward the Red Shelled Insect and reached out his hand. He grabbed the end of the frozen arrow, Yuan Qi immediately gushing out. The tension of the rope took both man and insect straight over to the nearby roof.

The crowd suddenly stopped crying and screaming! All the torchlight shined at Chu Yunsheng’s back. What they saw was a lone gray view of his back and the mysterious crossbow that hung there.

No one knew who he was!

No one knew where he came from!

He seemed mysterious and powerful, but never landed!

He came alone and left alone.

All he took away were the dying red insects!

So the rumors about him gradually spread in the Eastern District of Shen Cheng city.

The horror city started to create more and more powerful people, many people were talking about it. Chu Yunsheng was only occasionally mentioned among those people, most of the time he was silently hunting for Red Shelled Insects in the desolate streets.

Chu Yunsheng also heard some of these rumors, the most talked about were two people. The first one was part of the army, known as "The Steel Beast". According to the rumors, he could kill a single Red shelled Insect with simply a thrown punch. Chu Yunsheng really wanted to know; how many punches could this person have thrown in one breath?
Another was said to be the government's security adviser called "The Ice King". This person's ability was quite similar to Chu Yunsheng's Frost Arrow. The only difference was that Ice King could freeze a large number of Red Shelled Insects instantly.

Standing on the roof of a three-story high building, Chu Yunsheng thought. “If I kill a sufficient number of Red Shelled Insects, I can start to create a combat armor.  At that time I may not be weaker than those people!”

Recently, the more Red Shelled Insects that he killed, the more insects that started to appear. He had not one clue where they all came from! Times that he encountered single Red Shelled Insects were becoming less frequent, making Chu Yunsheng very frustrated.

If he killed enough insects, then he would not need to hide and only hunt for single Red Shelled Insects anymore!

He stared at the pig’s brain outside in the street, that was his bait, but seemed to fail today!

He has waited here for quite some time, his body started to become a stiff slightly. He had heard from the people who passed by, saying that the temperature now seemed to have stopped declining. But he still felt unusually cold.

“I should get something to eat!” Chu Yunsheng touched his cold belly. Recently he had only been able to eat bread and biscuits, so today he decided to eat something hot.

This three-story high building used to be a luxury restaurant, he didn't spend much time finding a kitchen on the first floor. All of the cookeries were still there, they just were not in the right places. Someone must have come here before him, anything that could be considered as edible was already gone.

But it didn't matter, Chu Yunsheng already had food. He lit the camping stove, the environment he was in only allowed him to make hot-pot.

Beef, bok choy, noodles, even some tofu were all mixed together, causing the air to become filled with the aroma of food.

This was probably the best meal Chu Yunsheng has had recently. Although he stored plenty of food, he had neither the time or the skill to cook often.

With the hot bok choy and beef in his stomach,  his body started to warm up steadily.  He felt so comfortable he even shook a bit, it had truly been that long since he's had a warm meal.

Ordinary meals became a luxury need in this environment

"Ah? Did Someone just come in?" Chu Yunsheng swallowed a piece of beef quickly before he picked up the crossbow. The pot had at least half of the food unfinished, so he was reluctant to leave it.
A group of students appeared in his view first, they were staring straight at his half pot of beef. They were followed by a group of men and women holding various weapons. They were also looking at his half pot of beef.

The luxury restaurant's kitchen was not that big, but suddenly it became crowded with so many people inside.

Chu Yunsheng held the crossbow, dazed at them for a long time. He pointed at the half pot of beef, said in an awkward tone. "... This is mine!”

“Not anymore.” a burly man said casually. His face carried a long, red-colored scar, he was bald and looked very aggressive. He used the machete he was holding to tap the stove a few times, making everyone shiver.

"Oh?" Chu Yunsheng snorted with indifference. He may have been soft-hearted and timid, but he hated the feeling of someone putting pressure on him.

He might have given it to them if they had swallowed their pride and asked. Since he had quite a lot of food, he wouldn't have minded giving a little.

But if you forced him, then he would become rather surly.  Also, he was no longer a frail, white-collar worker.  Chu Yunsheng knitted his eyebrows and said. "You can try!”

This man laughed aloud as if he heard some kind of joke. With a machete pointed at his group, he said. "Young man, don't be stupid! You only have a crossbow, you can only shoot one arrow, and it's over! We have these multitudes people. You can't win!”

“Oh really?! Who said I am going to shoot them? I just need to kill you!” Chu Yunsheng said it slowly.
The man grunted angrily,  made a hand gesture and said. "You've got balls, Si Mei, show this man what we've got!"
“Bang!” The sound of a gunshot rang out. Chu Yunsheng thought they were just playing tricks but did not expect they actually tried to shoot him!

He had been active in the front line of killing the insects, so he was rarely involved in human fights for supplies. Within his subconscious, people still behaved the same way as they did in the age of light. This type of killing just because they had a disagreement was something he did not expect.

If Diao Dingguo were here, he would have definitely cursed and called this man a fool. Because he already knew how powerful Chu Yunsheng was. But unfortunately, he was not here.

Nobody had a clue who this young man was. They only knew that a person who could prepare a pot of beef soup should have a lot of food, so killing and looting them was ideal.

"Ding!" A bullet fell onto the ground, and the whole room was plunged into silence and the atmosphere grew heavy.

Si Mei had never seen people who could block her bullets, even more so since she had awakened.

She was slightly surprised when Chu Yunsheng just stood there unmoving, but her bullet was stopped. However, It did not scare her at all. In her mind, Chu Yunsheng was a person who awakened their defensive abilities. She had seen this type of person before, and she even killed one!

Her first bullet hadn't activated any energy.  If the opponent was a self-awakened person, blocking bullets was completely normal.

Si Mei sneered. " Since you stopped the first one then try to stop this!" She infused her maximum fire energy into the second shot without a moment of hesitation.

Chu Yunsheng had not reacted until the second shot. He was absolutely furious.

‘Those bastards, why would you kill me for just a pot of beef?! Am I not even worth a half pot of beef!?’ He thought.

He didn't care about bullets, Liu Jia Yuan Fu would have stopped this type of attack. Chu Yunsheng immediately infused his Yuan Qi into to the crossbow and pulled the trigger. They were going to kill him, of course, he would show no mercy!


Frost Arrow flew out with a terrifying, freezing air. That bald man was already prepared to defend himself from Chu Yunsheng's attack, he made up his mind to take the damage. This would give Si Mei enough time to fire the shot.

But he was wrong, terribly wrong. He had chosen the wrong man to mess with. But, sometimes if you made a mistake, there was no chance to correct it.

Just when Chu Yunsheng’s Frost Arrow flew out of the crossbow, Si Mei’s Flame Bullet already reached him. The small kitchen suddenly acquired two differing zones of bitter cold and burning heat.

The bald man was without a doubt instantly frozen into an ice sculpture. If he was not a self-awakened person then he was a dead man. The power of Frost Arrow couldn't be stopped by a normal human being.

Si Mei’s Flame Bullet accurately flew at Chu Yunsheng’s chest, aimed where the heart was. But the Flame Bullet failed to penetrate his body and incinerate everything like Si Mei imagined, instead it was just a small spark.

The space in front of Chu Yunsheng was slightly distorted, then the spark was extinguished.

"No! No way! It is Absolutely impossible! How can it be?"

Si Mei simply couldn't understand her bullets could even penetrate the Red Shelled Insect; How could it not break this person's defense!?  It did not even burn his clothes!

This chapter was edited by Einstro