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Chapter 17 who is in control

Chapter 17 who is in control
“brother” a group of people were horrified while looking at the bold man ice sculpture

“do you want to see what a real flame looks like?”  Chu Yunsheng said with a smirk on his face. He would not let those idiots who pointed a gun at him go way.

To stop a single point of attack, The Yuan qi inside his body would converge towards a single point to defend. Chu YunSheng's Yuan Qi was fully restored at the moment, so Simei’s flame bullets would not do any damage to him.

Chu Yunsheng put the crossbow on his shoulder, then drew the gun slowly, and pointed at Simei who was still in shock.

“Simei run!” shouted the man who was wearing a mask, he quickly grabbed Simei’s hand and ran towards the door!

“why are you running away now? Can you even run faster than a bullet!”  Chu Yunsheng whispered.

Bang!  Bang!

2 shots in a row,  Chu Yunsheng's bullets contained fire element, it brought flames flew towards the woman and directly hit Simei’s back!

“ah!.......” A mournful scream, Simei’s whole body was surrounded by the fire. She used all the energy trying to stop the fire, but the flame seemed to be unstoppable, it was still burning around her body.

The bullets Chu Yunsheng shot this time were not like the other bullets he shot before, this time the bullets were filled with Yuan Qi, each bullet almost consumed him one unit of Yuan Qi!

With one unit of Yuan Qi, he could fire a frost arrow to freeze a powerful red shelled insect. With two units of Yuan Qi, he could strike the monster into pieces.

Those two bullets had consumed him two units of Yuan Qi in total,  it was not something that Simei this type of people could block. She just awakened her power and her ability was still very weak. Even although she awakened fire element ability, she still could not block this level of attack!

The fire had already spread across her body, her energy was already exhausted, the constant ear-piercing screams terrorised people in the kitchen. The whole kitchen was filled with the burnt smell of human flesh!

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. He did not expect it could be this horrifying. He never had this kind of feeling when he killed the insects, but when he faced the people, even although he was ready to kill his enemies, such death still frightened him!

However, Chu Yunsheng did not have the slightest regret! Maybe this was what the end of the world looked like, if he did not have any power, perhaps the one that was burned to death was him now!

This woman fired the first shot, she was not even hesitant!

This was her retribution! Chu Yunsheng thought. If he was the one lying on the ground, probably this group of people would not feel sorry for him, because they wanted him dead from the beginning.

If they did not take other people's lives seriously, then they did not deserve any of his sympathies. Her punishment was burned to death, and that was what she deserved!

The fire had spread to the mask man’s arm. While Chu YunSheng was still in the shock, the mask men immediately raised his knife and cut off his own arm. he then ran away through the door while enduring the pain and leaving his partners behind.

When facing the enemy which was even more dangerous and powerful than a red shelled insect, escape was the best choice. it was like a flock of birds that was scared away by of beasts, now there was none of them left!

Chu Yunsheng did not want to chase them, he was not a bloodthirsty demon, and he had already killed two of them already. The most important thing was the fight consumed him three units of Yuan Qi already.  In this horror city, he might encounter many unpredictable dangers at any time, so keeping some of his strength was absolutely necessary.

Chu Yunsheng put back the pistol and found out that the group of students and the young woman were staring at him on the other side.

the woman was dressed in a suit, so he suspected that she was their teacher. However, he did not really have time to care about others because the city was full of homeless and starving people now.

Looking at burned Simei’s body. Chu Yunsheng lost the appetite to eat. but he did not want to waste the beef either.

Everyone knew what was the most expensive thing in the dark age, it was the food!

He found the tableware in the kitchen, readied to pack the rest of food and stored them in the storage yuan fu, so he did not need to worry about food spoilage.

"Hello! Sir."  said the teacher, she really could not help but walked forward when she saw Chu Yunsheng readied to pack the stuff and leave.

She and her students were trying their luck at finding food at finding the food in the city. when they just entered the hall of this restaurant they immediately smelled an aroma of food they missed for a long time. One of the students who had a really strong smell sense guessed that it was definitely the smell of beef, so she did not hesitate to come in.

A group of atrocious gangsters followed them in shortly after they enter the restaurant. She recognised the bald man,  A notorious thug in this area, he had gathered a bunch of men and women to help him exploiting the people in this area. There was no laws and orders in the dark age, so these thugs committed all sorts of crimes.

When She was a child, she used to listen to grandmother talking about the story of the Japanese invasion. During that time girls would deliberately put the wood ash on their face to make themselves look as ugly as possible, in order to prevent any harms caused by their look. But she did not expect that now she and her students would have to do the same as what her grandmother did.

She thought that the man who was eating the beef earlier would be dead. Because she had never seen a single person survived in the hands of bald man.

There was a girl, she was resisting when the bald man trying to rape her.  later on that day, the girl's whole family were nailed to the entrance of her housing estate. Even until now she still felt like it was a nightmare.

But the result was totally unexpected, the young man single-handedly killed the two most powerful people in that atrocious gang.

She was shocked. After she realised what happened she could not describe her feelings.

She knew there were people with special abilities, and her students often asked her why. But she could not explain. She was from this neighbourhood, and she had never heard of the existence of this man.

where did he come from? she thought.

Of course, the answer to these questions was not important at the moment. The most important thing was that the man was leaving and he was going to take the half pot beef away. She and her students have not eaten for more than two days now.

So she had to be thick skinned to ask for the food, even if it was just a little bit of food.

Xiaoxue has been suffering from a high fever for three days now. If they could not get any food, she was worried that her favourite student probably would not hold on much longer
Chu Yunsheng did not know what kind of thought went through their mind, but with the experiences he had in the past,  he could tell it was not something good. Normally in this kind of situation, the only thing would make a person talk was mostly the food.

His strategy usually was that if you did not speak it out, he would not mention it as well. he was not a philanthropist, food was precious especially in the dark age!  But if You talked, then it would also depend on the situations.
Like what happened now. More than a dozen kids; twenty pairs of piteous eyes were looking at him, and his pot of beef. His hands inexplicably stopped. After all, he was still a soft-hearted guy.

 "this pot of beef, you can have it!” he sighed

Chu Yunsheng put the whole pot in front of them, then quickly took back the camping stove and returned to his original place. he did not want to talk to them,  he was afraid of his soft-hearted nature would make him do something even more stupid.

He lit up a cigarette, sat on the sofa in the hall, and thought about what happened earlier. it forced him to realise that he was in the dark age, the rules had changed, there were no more countries, no more social morals, it was completely ruled by power.

If you were relentless and powerful, then you could oppress others, do anything, even harvest other's life; no police would come to arrest you; no court would come to give you any sentences; everything was caught in the boundless disorder of chaos.

it was the time to change his mind, just like what happened earlier, if it was not his energy shield, he'd be probably on the way the hell now.

Only those who had absolute power could make rules in the dark age! Chu Yunsheng flicked cigarette butt and thought.

So, he had to work harder, spent more time on his Qi cultivation. Only until when his Yuan Qi was strong enough would he be able to protect himself from being ruled by others.


  1. thanks for the chapter , BTW i´m curious , what happen to the army?

    1. in chapter 6 it mentioned, they are at front line busy defending the insect swarm. but there is more to it. i am glad that you like this book, and i don't want to spoil the plot, what happened to the army will be mention in the next few more chapters, so stay tuned XD

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    1. But then those reincarnated can actually used their experience in there past life which is impossible without their body undergoing adjustment
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