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Chapter 18 Courageous path

Chapter 18 - Courageous path
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Chu Yunsheng counted the insect bodies he had: thirty-eight of them in total. He still needed twenty-two!

Pig’s brain had always been Chu Yunsheng's life savior, he had no other choice. Red shelled insects were very hard to find, so he felt happy even if he encountered a pair.

Surely not only Chu Yunsheng, but even the army also didn’t like to engage the swarm as well. The insects like to eat brains, it didn’t matter if they were human or other animals - to them, all creature’s brains on earth were delicious meals. Chu Yunsheng had successfully used pig’s brain as bait and killed a dozen red shelled insects.

But recently it was not very effective. The last time, the pig's head was almost taken away by some starving people! It was pork, so of course, if anyone saw it they would try and take it.

Chu Yunsheng learned from his mistake, he removed the pig's brain from the head, mixed it with blood and left it on the street next to a human body. After doing that, no one dared to steal the pig's brain anymore!

Chu Yunsheng guessed that probably the brain wasn't fresh anymore, that's why fewer insects fell for the trap. Until now almost none of them came.

While he was thinking how to find more red shelled insects, the teacher and her students came into the restaurant hall one by one. They probably had finished the food. After all, half a pot wasn't that much, let alone with the number of people they had.

This group of people hesitated but still forced themselves to come to him. Chu Yunsheng frowned. Looking at this situation, they were definitely going to ask him for something else. It wasn’t that he didn't want to help these kids, but the problem was that he couldn't even take care of himself, how could he pretend to be a hero and take care of them?

He instantly regretted what he did, he should have left earlier.

The female teacher gratefully said to him. "Thank you for your help, I am a teacher in Shen Cheng city, twenty-first high school, my name is… "

Chu Yunsheng quickly interrupted her. "OK, OK, I do not want to know this, based on the situation you are in right now, I personally think that you should seek help from the troops or government as soon as possible. You are all students, the troops should do something to help.”

His interruption was somewhat embarrassing to the female teacher, but she still bit her lips and explained. "We did go to the troops, but they have too many people that need to be taken care of. We never had a chance! Sir, I am not asking for food from you, I have a student who is suffering from high fever for three days now. She needs prescription drugs. If she doesn't get treatment soon... Sir, please, she is dying...!”

Chu Yunsheng was stunned for a moment. He was very sympathetic towards their plight, but he didn't have any prescription drugs. In the age of light, the prescription drugs were given out by doctors. He did not have much time nor energy to find those drugs. He had some regular medicine, but to cure this level of high fever he did not think it would help. So he could not help but say. "I'm sorry, I do not have any drugs!”

The female teacher quickly said with a tone of hope. "There is a community hospital not far from here. We have been there before, but there are insects over there, can you... please?!"

"I am sorry!" Chu Yunsheng thought for a second but still refused. He had also been to that hospital, there were three red shelled insects just near the entrance and there could be even more inside. It was too dangerous. Although they had his sympathy, he was not yet ready to sacrifice his own life for others.

The hall suddenly fell into an awkward silence.

Chu Yunsheng thought it was his right to choose whether to help or not. He did not want to risk his life for a stranger. It was not a good idea at all, so he got up and prepared to go!

“Thump!” Behind him, the female teacher knelt down!

He was stunned by her action, Then, “thump!”, “thump!”, “thump!”.....

More than a dozen students, they all knelt down!

Chu Yunsheng’s heart inexplicably jumped. He couldn’t describe the feeling he had then, it was more than just shocked.

In the age of light, on the television or on the Internet, there were appearances of groups of people on their knees asking for justice.

He used to curse those officials as cold-blooded, that they did not have any feelings towards others, that they were the shame of humanity!

But he never thought that this scene would appear right in front of him, and that he was standing on the side he used to curse at!

He opened his mouth, only to find that he did not know what to say.

“Please, uncle! Xiaoxue is dying!” said a girl who could not stop crying,

“Uncle please…!” Everyone started to cry.

Chu Yunsheng was struggling to make a decision - on one side he was thinking. “Well, you are not powerful enough, do not do it! You don't even know what is going to happen. So just mind your own business, forget about others!”

On the other side. “Come on brother, life is all about trying, isn't it? Let's fight, brother! Strength is important, but if you do not have courage, you will be always weaker than others!”

Many years later, when Chu Yunsheng looked back to the past, he would be surprised to find that it was because of these people that he learned how to face this world.

A truly powerful man, not only relies on his physical power, but also the courage to dare to challenge the limit, without backing off!

Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized that for a long time, he had been living in a cycle of escaping from danger; to avoid challenges, and pray for better luck the next time.

Of course, he could continue to live like this, but would this kind of cycle help him survive in the future? With more and more red shelled insects, he couldn't find any single red shelled insect easily anymore. If he continued living like this, his Qi cultivation would slow down. Before he reached Yuan Tian stage two, he would have been eaten by a monster already!

He broke out in a cold sweat and he thought for another minute, ‘Even in the age of light, you can not succeed without taking any risk, not to mention in this sinister dark age!’

The number of insects was increasing rapidly, the awakened humans were also getting stronger, but he couldn't even dare face three red shelled insects. If he didn’t change, then he would be struggling to survive in the future, and eventually would be eliminated by this dark world. And also it would be a waste of having his ancient book!

‘Do it!’ Chu Yunsheng let out a long stressful sigh. He did not expect that these people's actions would accidentally cause his thoughts to undergo a dramatic change!

His state of mind changed from being a cautious poacher to a bloodthirsty killer!

Of course, it did not mean that he was going to do it blindly, even though strength was still very important, having courage did not mean to be reckless. If the strength gap was huge, no matter how much courage he had, he was still going to die in the end!

He had eight units of Yuan Qi now. He could try to fight with three red shelled insects. Plus If he planned in detail, he believed that there was over 80% chance of winning.

The first thing he needed to do was lurk, he could not let the insects be aware that he was approaching. If he used the crossbow to freeze one as fast as he could, then he would only have to face two angry insects. If he was lucky, he could use the gun to injured a second one, then it would leave him with one last one. As long as he still had the pistol or the crossbow at that time he could win!

At the moment, there was no way for him to use the sword to break both the insect’s shield and shell defence at the same time. He could break the energy shield, but there was no way he could stab the sword into the insect’s mouth like the last time. It was very lucky, but he could not just blindly believe in luck. The same lucky chance would not appear twice.

So to sum it up, there were two key points. First, he must freeze one as fast as possible, the second point, his pistol, and crossbow could not be lost!

If he kept to these two points, he had at least a 70% chance of winning. If he was able to injure another one during the insect’s counterattack, then the chances could go up to 90% and as long as there were no other insects, he should be able to kill them all.

After thinking through the plan, he was not as worried as before. He just needed to look into some details then everything would be perfect.

Chu Yunsheng did not realize they were still on their knees. When he noticed, he felt sorry for them. Eventually, it was these people that changed his Qi cultivation approach, and since he decided to challenge his limit, why not help them as well. It was a win-win situation.

In addition to that, the importance of drugs was not much less than food. It was also the supplies he spent the least time to prepare, therefore it was absolutely necessary for him to get some prescription drugs as well...

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  1. Thanks for the chapter
    i don´t understand , why the insects just don´t eat all the people ?, they are an easy prey after all

    1. they can and they will. there are several reasons why they can do it now and they do not do it now, 1st it was just the start, swarm was stopped by the army, which mentioned in chapters before, only few of them had broken though the front line. 2nd reason there was a hint in chapter 13, it implies the insects are the intelligent species, and they are not hungry all the time.... (more reason will be revealed in later chapter)

      sorry to leave you hanging, but I'll be happy to answer your question, if there are hints in released chapter.

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