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Chapter 19 New use of pig's brain

Chapter 19 New use of pig's brain
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“Please stand up!" Chu Yunsheng went back to his seat and asked. "Do you know where exactly inside the hospital?”

The female teacher heard this and excitedly said. "Are you going?”

Chu Yunsheng smiled. "Yes, but you need to tell me the exact location first. I don't know the area very well."

Hearing his answer, the students immediately burst into cheers. They all clapped excitedly. "Yeah!"

“Uncle, I knew you are going to help us. you are a good man!” a junior high school girl was brave enough to come up to Chu Yunsheng and said.

“Xiao Xue is saved!”

“What uncle?” Chu Yunsheng didn't react at first. But now he felt very awkward. He wasn't that old, was he? He thought.
You couldn’t really blame those students, Chu Yunsheng wore the night vision goggles all day. No one knew what he looked like. So calling him uncle was pretty normal.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have the time nor the mood to correct it. He just urged the female teacher. "Do you know it, or not? Also, I don’t know which drug you need and which you don't.”
He kept reminding her several times, and she apologized. “Sorry I was too excited, you don't need to worry about the pharmacy’s location,  My father used to work there, but then the insects…. Anyway, just take me there, I know where it is!”

"No, you can not go in. It is very dangerous, there is no way to protect you!" Chu Yunsheng did not even need to consider. Was she joking! In this level of fight, taking one more normal person with him meant suicide.
Chu Yunsheng thought a moment and said. “Draw the floor plan, I can go in by myself.”

The female teacher also knew that if she went with him, she would only be a burden, so she didn't argue. She took the paper that Chu Yunsheng passed to her, quickly drew the location of pharmacy, based on her memory, and wrote down the names of the of drugs as well.

She drew two places, one was the counter that sells the regular drugs, the other was the hospital's drug storage room which had a security door. It could be a problem, but Chu Yunsheng believed that with the help of his enchanted sword, it should not be a big problem.

Chu Yunsheng left the hotel, followed the map that the female teacher had drawn and headed towards the hospital.

He first chose a building on the opposite side street of the hospital and used the night vision goggles to take a closer look at the hospital. However, he didn't really trust the night vision goggles. It was only useful when walking in the dark. But using it to find insects wasn't very reliable.

“Three insects.” Through the night vision goggles, he could see three red shelled insects. He tried to calm himself down then started to sense the Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi in the area. He did not find anything strange like the last time in Hualian supermarket, so he was 90% sure that there were only three of them!

But How to get into the hospital became a problem, this community hospital had a total of two entrances, one at the front and one at the back respectively. The route that the three red shelled insects wandered was not fixed. Regardless of which side he tried to get in, he would definitely be noticed by one of them, then the rest of them would quickly rush towards him.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng tapped his forehead. He was always thinking about how to attack, but he did not think of luring the insects out!

The more he thought, the more he felt how great his idea was. There was a mini passenger van parked in front of the hospital's main entrance. It was a nine-seater van, facing the opposite direction of the hospital. He could get in there.

‘Ok, go!’

It did not take him much effort, Chu Yunsheng smoothly got into the mini passenger van from the broken windows in the front seat. This was an old Gold Cup brand MPV, the window could be manually rolled down. He pulled out his crossbow, the distance was just right. When he was in the building earlier, he estimated that the range was too far that was why he needed to get into this van.

He took a deep breath, this was the first time he took the initiative to attack three red insects!

The one which was the closest to him appeared in his sight. It suddenly paused, looking in his direction. Chu Yunsheng did not hesitate. He immediately pulled the trigger.

Target hit!

The other two heard the noise and quickly rushed towards him. Chu Yunsheng knew how bad his aim was, so he didn't try to use crossbow again. Instead, he planned to use the gun.  The gun could shoot more than once, at least one of bullets could slow down the insects.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! ...” A total of fifteen rounds of bullets, consumed about two units of Yuan Qi. Chu Yunsheng emptied the gun clip in one go, the insects had jumped on the top of the MPV and were trying to destroy the van!

Out of fifteen rounds of bullets, only one or two hit the insect. He suddenly realized how lucky he was when he was in the Hualian supermarket.

The insect hit by the bullets only had minor injuries, it was still very strong.

Corrosive mucus quickly penetrated from the top, but it bounced off because of the Liu Jia Yuan Fu. Chu Yunsheng suddenly found that he made a serious mistake. He originally planned to shoot an arrow first then fire the gun, but he forgot that he was inside the van right now, he could just use the van as cover and wait until the insect got near, then start to shoot the gun. In that way, the chance of hitting the insect would be much higher.

It seemed that his actual combat experience was still not enough, the number of sneak attacks could not help him get such experiences.

Regret at that moment did not help him to change anything, so he quickly reloaded the gun while the insect was still trying to break into the van. The van was completely out of shape under the insect's attack, their razor-sharp legs made many holes on top of the car. Through the giant hole made by their corrosive secretion, Chu Yunsheng saw they were about to jump in.

“Bang!… Bang!”
Through the big hole, Chu Yunsheng aimed the gun at an insect’s belly, one unit of Yuan Qi quickly consumed by the bullets. Luckily all the bullets hit, and the insect instantly caught on fire. It screamed while swinging its claw back and forth then retreated.

Another insect finally broke into the van, pinched Chu Yunsheng's body and dragged him out of the van.

With the Liu Jia Yuan Fu’s protection, the insect could not easily cut him into half, but even with this, Chu Yunsheng still felt that his internal organs had been squeezed together. It was extremely painful and blood started to come out of his mouth.

Although his right hand was still holding the pistol, it was tightly pinched by another insect’s claw. The insect was pulling and dragging, trying to dismember him. There was a moment that Chu Yunsheng felt that his whole arm was cut off by the insect.

Chu Yunsheng had to use his left hand again to pull out the sword, stabbing towards the insect’s head. However the same luck would not happen twice, the insect did not give him the opportunity to pierce into its mouth, he wasted nearly one unit of his Yuan Qi.

So far, he used five units of his Yuan Qi. He froze one insect, another one was on fire, but he did not know if it was dead. The last one he could not kill, but the insect also could not do anything to him, it was a deadlock.

Chu Yunsheng was very anxious, he needed to kill this insect as soon as possible. Once the frozen one broke out of the ice, or the one was on fire slightly recovered, Liu Jia Yuan Fu could not defend against two red shelled insect’s attack at the same time.

“What weapons do I have?” Chu Yunsheng tried to calm himself down, he used Yuan Qi to activate Wu Na Yuan Fu (TL: storage Yuan Fu) to look for something that he could use!

Corrosive mucus, It was useless, he did an experiment before,

Red shelled insect’s legs, it was the same, useless;

Pig brain useless ...

Pig intestines! What a mess!


Pig brain! He did not know what would happen if he threw it at the red-shelled insect. But that was its favorite food, even if it just distracted it a little bit, he could find a way to get out its claw, then he would have a chance!

Yes, he still had Li Huo Fu. That was a level three Yuan Fu activated by the ancient book, it must be very powerful. It had been a long time, that he almost forgot its existence! Thinking of Li Huo Fu, Chu Yunsheng was not so nervous now.

He took out the pig brain first, using all his strength, and smashed it onto the red-shelled insect’s head. After that, he quickly gathered all his Yuan Qi, and waited for the moment when it would be distracted by the pig’s brain. Then he would be free!

Although the pig brain was not fresh, it was still an authentic pig’s brain, the insect's instinct started to react. It paused for a second, seemed like it was thinking which one it should eat first.
This was the moment he had been waiting for! Chu Yunsheng immediately filled the sword with Yuan Qi and stuck it in between the claw. He roared loudly while using all his strength to force the claw open, he held on the pain that coming through from his right hand, quickly pulled back, then aimed the gun at the red-shelled insect’s head. The last bullet, consuming one unit of Yuan Qi, flew out of gun’s chamber.

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