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Chapter 20 New Monster

Chapter 20 New Monster
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Chu Yunsheng sat on the floor while staring at the pig brain, thinking that he should go to the nearby zoo to get some animal brains. Although he stored quite a lot of pork, he only had three pig brains, he didn't know it could be this useful before.

He checked himself to see how bad the injuries were. He felt numbness in the right hand, and when he was trying to move, it caused him a great pain. His abdomen was pinched by the insect, it was the main part of his body that received the most injuries, he even felt pain when he breathed. But fortunately, he was not missing any body parts. His injuries would recover once the Yuan Qi circulated inside his body for a complete cycle.

The remaining two unit of Yuan Qi was more than enough to deal with the two dying red shelled insects.
After he collected the three insects bodies Chu Yunsheng did not rush into the hospital, he held his right hand and found himself a quiet corner.

So far he had saved up two Absorption Talisman, they were all filled up with flame patterns. Before he left the restaurant, he had used one of them to restore his Yuan Qi. Now he only had one and a half, a total of nine flame patterns left. It meant that he could still restore eighteen units of Yuan Qi.

So, he decided to use the half Yuan Fu to restore his Yuan Qi.

Looking at the used Yuan Fu making a sibilant sound and slowly burning out in the mid-air, Chu Yunsheng took out a cigarette and thought, in this battle, he killed three Red shelled insects, it cost him six units of Yuan Qi, which equaled the amount he gathered from the three dead insects, but he collected more materials in the end. In short, the result was not too bad.

Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to take a break, the night was still long. Once he had finished the cigarette, he started to move again!

This community hospital had two buildings, one big and one small, and both buildings were built up with red bricks. There were bodies lying around on the ground next to the wall, some looked like doctors and others looked like patients, but they all had something similar, which were the empty skulls. It was definitely done by red shelled insects.

The main building’s glass door in the entrance was broken, glass pieces were scattered around the floor, it made cracking sounds when he walked on it.

There was a huge pool of blood in the reception area, the hall was a mess. Medical reports and newspapers were everywhere, the headlines printed in the newspapers were very eye-catching:

<The sun disappeared!>

Or even more frightening:

<Monsters attacking humans! Army involved!>

There was half an intestine hanging on the new patient registration window. The blood that dripped from it was already frozen. There were a few banknotes whirling in the eddies of wind. The computers and furniture were all knocked over, it seemed that a serious riot had happened here before.

There was a cupboard tightly blocked behind the security door. However, there was a hole in the top half.  An eyeball was stuck on the rusty iron on top of the door. it looked ferociously at the dark corridor behind the hall.

The notice board for introducing traditional Chinese medicine was broken into half,  there was hair with blood all over the broken glass。

He turned to the right, saw a counter. On the top of the counter, there was a sign which was about to fall down. It read Drug collection. In front of the counter, the chairs were all over the place, some of them were broken into pieces.

Chu Yunsheng did not know what happened here, but it was so quiet that he could even hear his own footsteps!

Every step he took, he could hear the sound echo back from deep inside the corridor as if he was stepping into hell. The gusts of wind constantly brought the heavy smell of blood to his face through the corridor.

Chu Yunsheng always felt something was wrong about this hospital. This place was very creepy and hair-raising, but he could not tell what exactly made him felt that way!

He had already got to this point, why give up halfway? He needed to hurry and find the drugs then leave as soon as possible.

The counter window for drug collection was broken. As long as he carefully removed the debris, he could just climb over it. Behind the counter, the cabinet for the drugs had fallen onto each other one by one just like dominos. All the drugs had fallen on the ground scattered in the whole room.

Chu Yunsheng controlled the beam that came from Yu Na Yuan Fu and scanned the whole room. All the drugs were sucked into the Yuan Fu, as at that moment he didn’t really have time to differentiate which drug was useful, and which was not.

The drug collection counter did not have many drugs, the majority of the drugs were stored in the drug storage facility, according to the map drawn by that female teacher. If he wanted to go to the drug storage room, he had to go through that deep dark corridor!

Should he go or not?

Chu Yunsheng did not know why he feared this corridor. The hospital was already creepy enough, plus the sounds of insects that came and went like ghosts made him even more afraid!

He grabbed a counterfeit detector from the counter, threw it very hard down the corridor, then he quickly aimed the crossbow at the corridor.

“Clang ... clang ..." the counterfeit detector rolled very far.

Nothing happened, no insects jumped out, no ghosts appeared.

Chu Yunsheng was slightly relieved, “Maybe I am too nervous. If there are any insects, they should have come out already!” he thought.

Turning on the infrared radiation device, the dark corridors instantly appeared in a green color in the night vision goggles, it was even eerier.

Chu Yunsheng tightly clenched the crossbow, and slowly moved into the corridors along the wall.

Even though he was extremely careful, he could still clearly hear his footsteps echoing inside the corridor!

Chu Yunsheng was so nervous that his palms were sweating, but for the drugs, he had to take the risk. Even if the drugs were not for those kids, in future he would certainly need those life-saving drugs as well.

He did not even dare look at the doors on both sides of the corridor. He kept thinking that he just needed to quickly go through the corridor as soon as possible, and after turning right to the end, the drug storage room would be just one floor above him!

He passed another door on the left, when suddenly a white shadow flashed by!

Chu Yunsheng instantly leaned against the left side of the wall. His heart started to jump rapidly. When he was hesitant to decide if he needed to see it one more time, a crooning song came from a room on the side of the corridor, it was soft, cold and intermittent.

“Who is in there?” Chu Yunsheng hissed, this cold song made his hair rise.
No one answered him, but the song still could be heard clearly from the outside.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and made up his mind ”Fuck it, I do not believe there is a ghost! I have already killed more than a dozen red shelled insects, why I am still scared of these things?”

When he was about to kick open the door,  the door unexpectedly  "creaked" open by itself.

He immediately aimed the crossbow at the door. A woman appeared in front of him. She was naked, her messy hair could not hide her pretty face, her nice curvy body emitted a dim pale light. She was looking at him, but her eyes appeared unfocused, a small and delicate mouth opened and closed. She was emotionlessly humming a song.

"Who are you?" Chu Yunsheng was not intimidated, he had seen worse.

This woman was very strange, everything about her was unusual. The temperature was freezing cold, but she didn't wear anything and her skin was as pale as a ghost!

The woman did not answer, but strangely smiled at him, step by step walking towards him. Chu Yunsheng felt Liu Jia Yuan Fu suddenly activated. He did not know why, but it seemed like the shield was trying to defend against something.

"Stop! Or I will shoot you!" he hissed while gritting his teeth.

The woman continued walking towards him still didn't respond. Probably she didn't hear him. her steps were so light as if she was a puppet controlled by something.

Chu Yunsheng would not allow anyone to threaten his life, even this naked woman. He pulled the trigger without any hesitation!

In such close distance, the powerful frost arrow pierced through her chest, dragging her back and stuck her onto the wall!

"Ah! ..." the naked woman only had time to make a shrill scream.

At the moment she was about to freeze,  the woman seemed to smile at him again. The difference that this time her empty eyes flashed a glimmer of color, it seemed like she was relieved.

"...coo...  ...coo..."  A strange low grunting sound came from the back of the hospital. The sound seemed to contain some anger as if a beloved toy was taken away by someone.

“What was that?!”

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, but there was no time for him to think too much. He came all the way here to get drugs, he should quickly get the medicine, and leave this place as soon as possible! He should absolutely not get close to that place!

He did not dare stay any longer. He started to run fast, he took a turn and ran upstairs.  Following the map, he soon found the drug storage room. The door was locked but Chu Yunsheng easily broke it.

The medicine storage room was very clean, there was no sign of someone breaking in before. Chu Yunsheng quickly collected everything he could, even the refrigeration equipment.

Once he was done he immediately ran down the stairs, but when he just came back to the corridor, he felt that something was staring at him.

Through the lobby, taking a right turn upstairs was the medicine storage room, the left turn straight to the end headed towards different wards.

Chu Yunsheng's feeling came from the corridor on the left. He clenched the crossbow. From his understanding, the world’s scariest thing was nothing but insects.

But when he saw a slender pipe-shaped tentacle. It suddenly struck him that there was more than just one kind of monster!

The tentacle appeared to have a giant eye on its front, and it was quickly moving towards Chu Yunsheng.

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