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Chapter 23 Three sword forms

Fan art: by bei ji shen suan(北极神算)
Chapter 23 Three sword forms
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Chu Yunsheng thought the armor had already finished forming its shape, but since it was still able to absorb more shells, that meant it could be upgraded. So if he got new insect shells, he could continuously upgrade the armor.

However, He still could not figure out what was wrong with the blade portion. He guessed that perhaps the materials weren't right, but he couldn't understand the description on the ancient book, so he couldn't be sure.

He thought for a while, but still couldn't understand it, so he threw the insect claws and legs in to give it a try. Surprisingly the sword portion started to absorb the materials again. After he ran out of his supply, a crimson red colored sword appeared.

Chu Yunsheng was thrilled. He thought that it must be the claws and legs because they were somewhat different from the shell. One was focused on defending, the other was focused on attacking, therefore material that focused on attacking, of course, could be used to refine the blade.

In order to make the combat armor as perfect as possible, he threw the rest of insect shells in.

The armor also changed into a crimson red color. Although it was not black colored which was what Chu Yunsheng always wanted, it was not the time for him to complain too much.

Both sword and armor were red, but they didn't contain any fire elements. Similar to the Yuan Qi Chu Yunsheng had, they both contained Yuan Qi at a pure primitive state. It greatly increased the degree of the armor's plasticity.

It was also very convenient to use as well. He cast the combat armor Yuan Fu onto his body, and use his Yuan Qi to activate the combat armor. Then, the armor individually appeared on each part of the body and slowly adjusted themselves to perfectly fit the whole body until there was not a single gap.

The sword hung on his left side. When Chu Yunsheng unsheathed it, he could instantly feel the sharpness of the sword.
The sword he used before was kept in the Wu Na Yuan Fu, he thought that he might need it in the future. Anyway, there was no way he would throw it away.

The whole refining process required a lot of Yun Qi. After the armor was completed, Chu Yunsheng found that he only had one unit of Yuan Qi left. He had a wry smile on his face.

Taking out the last She Yuan Fu he had, and absorbing the Yuan Qi from the last three flame patterns, he barely restored seven units of Yuan Qi.

Then, he made a new Liu Jia Yuan Fu and a Shen Bing Yuan Fu, and cast them separately onto the armor and the sword.

Chu Yunsheng felt that he just needed to use one unit of Yuan Qi to activate the sword, then he would be able to easily stab into the insect’s body. This was not an ordinary sword, it was made of the quintessence extracted from nearly 240 legs and 120 claws!

When Chu Yunsheng understood the description of the level 2 Liu Jia Yuan Fu and level 2 Shen Bing Yuan Fu, he believed that the power of his armor and sword would be even more powerful.

At Yuan Tian stage two, he would be able to learn a sword skill called ‘Qian Jun Bi Yi’.   This sword skill set was what he always wanted. He thought for a second then named the sword “Qian Bi”. He hoped that this sharp sword would stay with him to ward off thousands of insects!

Chu Yunsheng felt more confident now. If it was not for the fact that he used up most of his Yuan Qi, he would have tested his armor set on the insects immediately.

Now all that was left was to reach Yuan Tian stage two!

He still needed to circulate the Qi cultivation process fifty-four times.

He realized that he miscalculated the number. With the degree of concentration increased by one more level, he would have to kill more insects in order to replenish his Yuan Qi. For example, he had nine units of Yuan Qi at the moment, it required four and a half flame patterns in order to fully restore his Yuan Qi. If he had ten units of Yuan Qi, he would need five flame patterns, each increased unit requiring half of a flame pattern.

However Chu Yunsheng was not upset, he now had armor and a Qian Bi sword. The speed of killing insects would definitely be faster.

At the moment his biggest problems were:
First, reaching Yuan Tian stage two, so he wouldn't be ruled by others and also he could protect himself!
Second, he was way too slow in learning the characters in the book. It was like he knew where the treasure was buried, but he had no tools to dig it up.

Yuan Tian stage two to him was just a matter of time, but the characters written in the book were the most problematic. They were not even Oracle texts, they were very strange, and the number of characters in the book was extremely numerous, especially those he couldn't understand. The only way to decipher it was to keep trying to guess what they meant, and then to experiment to verify if they were correct.

Chu Yunsheng pondered for a bit and decided that no matter what, he needed to reach Yuan Tian stage two first. He hoped that by that time, Yuan Tian stage two status would help him understand the ancient book more clearly.

Also, he would be able to perform more experiments. After all, stage two provided much more different types of Yuan Fu than Yuan Tian stage one.

After his break and his excitement died out, Chu Yunsheng calmed down and started to think about Qian Bi sword. It was indeed a powerful weapon, but if he didn't use it properly, then its power would be greatly reduced. Like his frost arrows, because he couldn't aim them properly on moving targets which caused him to only use frost arrows to perform sneak attacks, it greatly reduced the level of deterrence that frost arrows originally should have.

If it was used by a crossbow master, he believed that frost arrows could be even more powerful.

That was why that he did not want to blindly use the sword. Of course, the ancient book contained combat skills, but his level wasn't high enough to learn any of them. He could only learn some basic sword moves. The ancient book mentioned some of them, but he also couldn't understand those characters.

Moreover, the book did not encourage practitioners to learn those moves. Under the absolute power of the sword skills, those sword moves only play a subsidiary role, as they were only used to help the swordsman to get familiar with swords!

Although Chu Yunsheng did not understand the ancient book’s sword skills, he had other ways. He had already prepared a lot of martial art documents during the age of light. Some from bookstores, some downloaded from the internet. Now was a good time to use them.

The basic sword movements consisted of hook, parry, poke, upward flick, stab, hack, etc. Chu Yunsheng surely could not learn all of them. It was both time-consuming and difficult to remember. His only threat right now were red shelled insects, so the sword movements should be used to deal with the insect’s weakness.

Chu Yunsheng recalled the red-shelled insect’s movements while looking at all the information about the sword movements. He now wanted to compile a set of the most simple but most practical swordsmanship.

Red shelled insects usually jump towards their preys, using their claws to cut targets into the half, or using their legs to pierce through. If those two attacking methods did not work, then they will spit corrosive saliva instead.

So it could be said that although their attacks were very powerful, their attacking methods were not complicated.

With his ability right now and also with the help of the armor and Liu Jia Yuan Fu’s double protection, the insect’s attack would be less effective. If he had enough Yuan Qi, he could defend against the insect attacks many times. In addition to that, Qian Bi sword would be unstoppable after he filled it with Yuan Qi.

Based on those factors, Chu Yunsheng sorted out three offensive sword movements.

The first move was a head hack, he named it [Sword chop] form: he had to hold the sword up using both hands, wait until an insect gets close, then hack from the top. Arm and sword should stay in a straight line, so both strength and Yuan Qi could reach all the way to the sword point, and hack the insect from its head!

If the insect did not dodge, then its head which was the weakest point in the whole body would be hit. The damage would injure, or may even kill it!

Of course, it was based on if he could accurately hit the insect’s head. If the insect moved too fast, or he hacked too slow, then he would hit the shell which was the strongest point of the whole body!

If the insect dodged or he couldn't hit its head, then he could use the second form: [Sword slice]  form!

[Sword slice] form was easy and practical. If the first form failed, the sword blade would be dropped down to a lower position. At that time, depending on where the insect was, the sword would slice up to the left or up to the right.

If the insect tried to escape, by jumping over Chu Yunsheng, then he could perform the final sword form [Upward flick], stabbing straight into its belly!

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