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Chapter 24 what is the ultimate skill?

Chapter 24 What is the ultimate skill?
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The three sword forms may not kill an insect,  but it will definitely injure it!

Chu Yunsheng knows during actual combat, it is often more dangerous than expected, so he needed to practice those three sword forms until he could perform them perfectly.

A famous saying in the age of light goes like this: What is the ultimate skill? Ultimate skill is practising the simplest moves to perfection!

What Chu Yunsheng needed to do now is to repeatedly practice those three sword forms until they reached perfection!

Although the three sword forms looked easy, it was difficult if he wanted to maximise their power. He needed to practice each step until he found the perfect coordinating spot for each sword form.

In a simulation of actual combat, Chu Yunsheng activated the armor and even armed himself with the crossbow and pistol to try to reproduce a combat scene.

In order to make the simulation as real as possible, he tied himself to the wardrobe, simulating being pinched by insect’s claws, and tried how he could swing his sword to kill the insect!

First, he practised the three forms separately, trying to find the best spot and position for each step. It was a step by step practice, he didn't try and find a shortcut, but kept swinging the sword non-stop!

The key point is when sword moves with the body, the movement must be steady;
only when the movement of the body is steady then the sword will be steady; and only when the sword is steady then the flow of yuan qi inside the sword will be stable;

So not only did Chu Yunsheng need to find perfect moves that coordinate with each sword form; he also needed to pay attention to the flow of his yuan qi as well. He needed to reach a point that he could perform sword forms with both sword and yuan qi spontaneously and simultaneously.

Hands, sight, body, forms and steps needed to reach a point that they could work together unconsciously!

This is why he needed to practice a lot. Fortunately there were only three sword forms, otherwise, within a short amount of time, he wouldn’t have any improvement. Even if the sword forms were easy, Chu Yunsheng still broke into a sweat in such cold weather. After a long boring practice, he thought that he started to feel something.

In the past three days, Chu Yunsheng spent most of his time practising the sword forms until he could finish all three forms with his eyes closed. However, he knew that it's just the movements, the coordination between sword and yuan qi still had not reached its best status.

He needed some real combat, only in actual combat would he be able to gain experience!

If he just relied on his physical strength, no matter how sharp the Qian Bi sword was, it would not penetrate the insect’s shield and shell at the same time. Only a sword filled with yuan qi was able to do that.

He needed real combat to test it,and also find out the yuan qi consumption! He needed to calculate it correctly, any mistake could cause his own death!

He only had 3 units of yuan qi left. He had been thinking for a while, finally he gave up the idea to stay home and recover his yuan qi. It was really a waste of time, he needed to absorb yuan qi from insects and use it to kill even more insects!

After the initial chaos, people who were still living in Shen Sheng city started to form groups, as it's not only hard for individuals to kill insects, it's even harder to find food. Of course, Chu Yunsheng was an exception.

There were often a large number of people holding torches searching for the food on the streets, They were no longer just looking for supermarkets and other places like the food warehouses. They even turned the sewers upside down, to catch mice to make dinner out of it.

Insects were indeed terrifying, but instead of starving to death, why not go out and try their luck? After all, insects were not everywhere. If they were lucky, they probably would not encounter one. This was one of the reasons why Chu Yunsheng suddenly saw many people on the streets.

All because of starvation!

Chu Yunsheng activated the armor and equipped his weapons. He even attached the night vision goggles on the top of his armor. He didn't have a choice, with his abilities right now, he still couldn't use his yuan qi to explore in the dark, so he could only rely on the night vision goggles. When he was making the combat armor, he deliberately added a slot on the helmet which allowed him to install the goggles easily.

Everyone was curious about his appearance, but he didn't have time to complain. He didn't have much yuan qi left, and needed to be as cautious as possible. Insect’s rushing speed was insane, once one jumped towards him, he wouldn't even have time to activate his armor.

He walked a few streets and still had not found any insects. Just when he wondered where all the insects were, he suddenly heard someone shouting in the front, "Run quick! Insects!”

Ear-piercing screams accompanied by chaotic footsteps made the street look even more terrifying.

Chu Yunsheng immediately leaned against the building next to him. He raised his crossbow, watching the people ran past him in a panic. Some couldn’t even hold their torches properly and dropped them onto the ground.

In the age of light, there was a dark humour joke. It involves two people meeting a tiger and when one man said,"Run!", the other said, "You can’t run faster than a tiger. The tiger is too fast." The first man responds, "I do not need to run faster than the tiger, as long as I can run faster than you!"

Although at that time it was only a joke, but now it was a completely cruel reality. As long as you run faster than others, you will survive. The slowest people will be eaten by the insects.

Chu Yunsheng's arrow was already aimed at a red shell insect which had jumped towards to a man. He did not hesitate, the frost arrow flew straight towards the red shell insect.

The armor didn't restrain Chu Yunsheng's movement, instead it improved all his physical strength. With the help of the armor he could jump three meters high.

One shot was enough, it was time for him to test the sword.

There were two insects in total, even he did not use the Qian Bi sword, he could also use the pistol, but he now urgently needed an insect to experiment, plus he had less than twenty pistol bullets left.

Chu Yunsheng ran past the frozen red shell insect, his sword swung and even without the use of yuan qi, the sharp sword blade cut off the shield-less insect’s head.

The other insect saw Chu Yunsheng and immediately threw away the human it caught earlier. It squeaked and rushed towards him, both of them were about to collide in a high-speed rush!
Chu Yunsheng drew back the Qian Bi sword, then followed the sword forms he had  been practicing for a long time. He held the sword up high, first infusing a quarter unit of yuan qi into the sword. “Bang!”, the sword hit right on top of the running insect’s head, the overbearing impact made both of them fly back.

With the protection of the combat armor, Chu Yunsheng didn't get injured. He immediately jumped up after falling to the ground. The insect also shook its body and quickly stood back up. A quarter unit of yuan qi clearly was not powerful enough to break its defence!

Then trying half a unit, once again he infused the yuan qi into the sword, with the armor’s power Chu Yunsheng leapt into the air and chopped down. The insect screamed while using its claws to try and smash Chu Yunsheng’s sword.

A loud “crack” sound was heard, the insect’s claw bounced back, and it fell on the back of its head. Chu Yunsheng’s Qian Bi sword had surprisingly crushed its claw.

At this point, the insect’s defensive shield was weakened. Chu Yunsheng roared loudly, and  once again infused half a unit of yuan qi into the sword, then used the second sword form [Slice]. The insect head instantly flew out of its body, the decapitated area bursting out green liquid. Some of the liquid was blocked by his energy shield.

Without using combat skills, it only consumed one unit of yuan qi to kill the insect, this was how powerful the combination of armor and Qian Bi sword was!

Frost arrow was considered a type of magic combat skill, it took the advantage of the element's mutual creation and destruction principle, but it could only freeze but not kill.

However, the combination of the armor and the Qian Bi sword could easily kill an insect by just using one unit of yuan qi. The most important thing was, now he was able to fight with insects at close range!

Chu Yunsheng could not help but be stunned!