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Chapter 25 Evacuate The Whole City

ZTZ99 By Ralph1989
Chapter 25: Evacuate The Whole City

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After he took back the two Red Shelled insect’s bodies, Chu Yunsheng quickly left the area with excitement. He didn't even bother to look at the crowd which was still in shock behind him.

One unit of Yuan Qi for one insect, it seemed to be the same as frost arrows, but Chu Yunsheng knew that amount of Yuan Qi to insect kill was only ideal, but not practical.

In the past, when he fought with many insects, only the first shot was guaranteed to freeze an insect. The rest of them usually consumed him two units of Yuan Qi , sometimes even more! Not only was the Yuan Qi consumption a problem, the raged insects were even more dangerous than usual.

But now, with the armor's protection, he could fight with Red Shelled insects in a close range. His Yuan Qi consumption was also greatly reduced, and close range fighting was more practical than using the crossbow.

He was confident that if he restored nine units of Yuan Qi fully, when in combat with insects, he could kill at least eight of them.

Chu Yunsheng carefully wiped Qian Bi sword while standing on the roof of a twenty stories high building. The happiness brought by his new armor did not stay for long. It was replaced by the deep worries that caused by the news brought by the military.

He looked at three majestic  ZTZ99 main battle tanks slowly passing by with mixed feelings. The tanks were closely followed by six ZBD-97 (Type 97 Infantry fighting vehicle). All of the vehicle's lights were switched on, and the megaphone on the top of the vehicles kept broadcasting the 《emergency notice》 from military headquarters:

“...We call them Red Shelled insects!...

...We are not scared of sacrifice!...

...Regardless of all the cost, we tried to eliminate all of the insects!…

...There are many insect tunnels underneath the city!

We can't destroy them all, because insects are constantly coming into the city through those tunnels!

...Now, we have to announce that the situation has gotten worse!

 Recently, in the center city, the number of insects has been increased again!....

...It's out of control...Extremely dangerous!...

...After a careful discussion with headquarters, we have decided, from now on, we are forced to evacuate! We are forced to retreat!...

...Anyone who can hear this announcement, please follow us! We are heading to Jin Ling city!...

……There is a good news!

According to scientists, because the central area of the Jin Ling city contains large amounts of unknown matters, they haven't discovered any insect tunnels over there!

The headquarters is planning to establish a new defence system!

Over there, our troops spent several months in the bloody combat, and they have succeeded in eliminating all the insects inside the city!

They also successfully stopped insects rushing into the defense line outside the city!…

...The order has been given!

 After giving this announcement, the military will hold the defence line for another 72 hours!

Anyone who wishes to leave the city with us, please leave the city in the next 72 hours!

After 72 hours, we will retreat from this city!...

... Do not worry, we will have your back!...”

Finally, they are giving up this city!

But evacuating more than 20 million people?? It gave Chu Yunsheng goosebumps just thinking about it!

Perhaps the military couldn't hold on any longer, or maybe the situation was so bad that it could not get worse.

Evacuating the whole city perhaps was the military’s last resort. Or maybe, it was another way of saying “we are going to abandon you.”

No matter which one it was, this was the disaster of Shen Cheng city, and a disaster of all mankind. Perhaps the whole world probably was trembling under the might of insects…

Chu Yunsheng’s thoughts were in a whirl. Although he heard people talk about evacuating a lot, even he himself also saw the first few batches of retreat, when the formal evacuation order really arrived, he suddenly had a hard time to accept it!

This was more than 20 million people!  Who was going to maintain the order of retreat? All Chu Yunsheng could think of was nothing but chaos. How many people would die from this evacuation!?
Chu Yunsheng did not understand why the military headquarters would issue this type of order. Since the sun disappeared for almost three months now, Shen Cheng city, as one of the megacities in the country, had been given the highest level of defense deployment.

It was said that in order to protect Shen Cheng city, the military headquarter had decided to abandon many small cities. The military then gathered the most elite and the most powerful military forces in the country’s eastern region and deployed them in Shen Cheng city!

But now they were going to abandon this place as well? Chu Yunsheng felt that the military headquarter might have discovered something else, and they were not telling them.

Maybe it was new monsters, or maybe the number of rapidly increasing insects caused the military headquarters to reconsider: Is it really worth it to continue wasting resources to protect Shen Cheng city, which is eventually going to fall? If it is just a matter of time, then why not gather all the available resources to enhance the new defence system, to protect humanity’s last safe land.

But those were all Chu Yunsheng’s guesses. No matter what, he needed to prepare for the retreat.

Although he had armor, Qian Bi sword, and crossbow, he was not invincible. Chu Yunsheng did not think that he could kill tens of thousands of insects just by himself!

Retreating with the army was his only option, and the best option. Also,  his only relatives were in Jin Ling city as well.

It was about time to run for his life.

But before the retreat, Chu Yunsheng thought that he needed to prepare many things. He needed to kill more insects to be used as Yuan Qi backup, and search for some other supplies that might be useful in the future.
He would never be naive to think that the three hundred kilometers journey from here to Jin Ling city would be a safe trip.

As long as he had the ancient book, the armor and Yuan Fu, Chu Yunsheng believed that he could arrive at Jin Ling city safely.

The military said that they eliminated the insects from the central city of Jin Ling. So when he got there, he would be able to rely on the city’s protection, and speed up his Yuan Qi cultivation.

Searching and killing the insects outside of the city would be much better than worrying constantly about when and where insects might jump out to attack him.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t know if his auntie was still okay in Jin Ling city. His auntie was his only close relative after his parents died.
Before the sun disappeared, he made a few phone calls to auntie from time to time. He constantly reminded her to be safe, and even asked them to come over to his place. But at that time, his auntie didn't worry too much about the apocalypse.

Instead, she asked Chu Yunsheng to stop worrying too much about it, and he needed to go back to work etc…

After the telecommunications breakdown, Chu Yunsheng could not get in touch with her anymore.

Chu Yunsheng’s non-stop cultivation of Yuan Qi was not just for protecting himself. He also hoped that he had the ability to protect his friends and family as well.

He didn't expect that the insects would arrive so early, and the monsters would be so powerful. It disrupted all his plans.

Fortunately, the news that the army gave was good news. As long as his auntie escaped from the earliest insects’ attacks, and if she and her family were still alive, they should be safe in Jin Ling City central. ‘But do they have enough food?’ Chu Yunsheng wondered.
According to the ancient book, when Earth collided with the Tian Gui of another space, many Tian Gui tunnels would be opened up.

However, because of some unknown reason, Jin Ling city didn't seem to have those tunnels. But It gave the military great advantages while clearing the insects inside the city.

Unlike Shen Cheng city, where there were so many Tian Gui tunnels under the ground. When troops just killed one, many others would appear in other tunnels inside the city.

It was a non-stop cycle. This could also be one of the reasons why the military wanted to abandon this city.

Chu Yunsheng cleared his thoughts. His plan was to use the rest of three days to collect as many supplies and insects as possible! He needed to prepare for this unprecedented evacuation!

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