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Chapter 27 who else can it be

Chapter 27 who else can it be
Chu Yunsheng still remembered what happened last time. This kind of people would only care about themselves. Their motivations were to kill and took anything they could.

Since he met this kind of people again, of course, he had to be cautious. So he drew the sword immediately, tried to make himself look intimidating.
In the dark age, there were strange things happening in every corner of the world in every minute. But they were none of his business. As long as those people didn't look for trouble, he wouldn't give them one.

It was not that he was scared of those people, he was just worried about the insects. They all had guns. Once he started a fight with them, they would definitely use them. What if the noise attracted more insects? Then, it would be even worse!

After he killed the five insects, his Yuan Qi decreased to four units. So he couldn't afford to take any risks.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng didn't move. Those people also didn't move. They were scared of his fully armored appearance. Only a skinny crippled person who was holding a dim flashlight slowly moved to the back of water tower.

Suddenly a bump sound appeared. Then, the skinny crippled man was kicked out by a tall man. The tall man was cursing at the crippled man while his hand was still holding his pants. “Fuck you bastards, I was doing something important. Why the fuck you want to interrupt me!”

When Chu Yunsheng saw the tall man, he immediately knew that this guy was their leader. Based on how he looked when he just came out, Chu Yunsheng knew that he was not doing something good.

The man was cursing while walking towards Chu Yunsheng. He stopped at a few meters away from Chu Yunsheng and shone the flashlight at him.

The man paused a second, then slowly approached Chu Yunsheng. He glanced at him and said. “brother, you are…?”

Chu Yunsheng was still on his guard. “just passing by!” he said.

“Oh.” the man responded, then he paused again. His eyes were moving. It seemed like he was trying to estimate Chu Yunsheng’s power.  After all, Chu Yunsheng’s armor was still too exaggerated for them,

Chu Yunsheng did not like the way he looked at him. If he was not concerned about the insect, he would not care about fighting these people at all. At the most, he would probably just waste some Yuan Qi. He might not even need to use Yuan Qi.

“Huh!” He snorted at the man and tried to remind him not to piss him off.

The men frowned slightly, and immediately put on a smile his face. "Brother, since you are just passing by, please find yourself a place and take a good rest. Everyone minds their own business. I like to make friends, and I am an easy going man. Those are my brothers, they just came out of prison. So they do have any manner. If they did something that offended you, please do not keep them in mind." he said.

Chu Yunsheng knew this guy was threatening him. He deliberately said those people just came out prison was to imply that he might look tough, but they were not weak as well. So do not mess with them as well!

Chu Yunsheng did not want to have any contact with them from the beginning. He just ignored what he said and nodded his head. He then walked into a corner where was far away from everyone.

He needed a break to quickly restored his Yuan Qi. Absorption talisman was already finished. So he needed to rely on the meditation to restore his energy. To him, time was precious, the more Yuan Qi he restored the safer he would be.

That leader went back and said a few words to the crippled man. He then went behind the water tower to finish his ‘business’.  In the extremely quiet night, his activity behind the water tower was extremely loud.

It was probably the first time that Chu Yunsheng was not happy about the ability that Liu Jia talisman gave to him. The energy shield improved all his senses. Everyone else was only able to hear vaguely moaning sounds, but he could hear all the noises caused by the movement.

The sound of gunshots slowly faded out, no one knew which side was winning. The insects that came after Chu Yunsheng still had not arrived yet, and Chu Yunsheng was irritated by the moaning sounds behind the water tower. He could not carry on meditating, so he took out a cigarette, lit up and slowly enjoy the cigarette while his thought started to drift away…

“Bro, can you give me one cigarette?” the skinny cripple guy had an apologetic smile on his face. He said it with slight vigilance.

Although Chu Yunsheng did not want to have any conflict with them, it did not mean that he was going to share his cigarette with them. He shook his head and ignored the cripple man.

The Cripple paused a second, then used his hand to tap his head(1) all of sudden. He slowly approached Chu Yunsheng and whispered to him “bro, wait here, I'll give you something in exchange!” After he said it, he did not wait for Chu Yunsheng’s respond and quickly ran back to his group.

“Freak! ” Chu Yunsheng cursed quietly.

It was not long until the crippled guy came back. This time he dragged a person with him as well. Chu Yunsheng did not know why the crippled guy had a weird smile on his face, and why he would bring another person back.

The crippled guy smiled to him. “Bro, I will exchange her for cigarettes, but not just one. She is worth at least a half pack of cigarettes. This chick is very hot. I did not even ask my boss…”

Only until now did Chu Yunsheng finally understand what cripple was trying to do after he whined for a very long period of time.

People have emotions and urge, but that is only when they have a stable life.  But Now?  How on earth would he have the mood to even consider such a thing?

Those thugs just lived day by day. They tried to enjoy as much as they could like animals. But Chu Yunsheng was different, he wanted to live longer. He wanted to survive, and this was just a start.

They had different views and different ways of thinking. Chu Yunsheng didn't consider himself as an animal, he would get his girl by himself, but not like this.

Just when Chu Yunsheng wanted to refuse, he heard some noise.

A thug on the other side was kicking a man out of the group. At the same time, he cursed ferociously. “you son of a bitch still hiding some biscuit...”

That man was in pain and he was begging for mercy. Chu Yunsheng suddenly felt that man’s voice sounded very familiar. He quickly adjusted the night vision goggles to take a closer look.

What he saw surprised him. The person who was on the floor was his colleagues Yu Xiaohai! How could he not recognized him earlier! He regretted.

Yu Xiaohai looked very different now, his hair was like a messy bird’s nest,  his face had purple bruises, dirt and all sorts of color. Perhaps he did not have time to clean or received proper treatment for his face. Plus it was very dark now. if he did not make any sound, it was really hard for Chu YunSheng to recognize him.

Seeing Yu Xiaohai was being beaten up by the thugs, he quickly stood up and leaped two meters high towards him. Less a second he appeared in front of that thug and kicked him away. He quickly crouched down to help Yu Xiaohai who was still begging on the floor to stand up.

This sudden change of situation made everyone stunned. Everyone gasped in shock. The leap Chu Yunsheng did was almost over 5 or 6 meters long!

How could they not be shocked!

Chu Yunsheng did not care about their reactions. He helped traumatized Yu Xiaohai to walk to the other side. He could still see Yu Xiaohai was shivering. It seemed like Yu Xiaohai could barely calm himself down.

“Th…  thank you… for helping me”  he was in a state of trance.

Chu Yunsheng briefly examined Yu Xiaohai’s injuries. Apart from the debility caused by the hunger, he only had some bruises and minor wounds on his skin. It was nothing serious. He just needed some food and some time to recover.
He was relieved and slowly patted on Yu Xiaohai’s shoulder. “Thank me? You are still alive, that’s not a bad sign!”

Yu Xiaohai murmured. “Alive... it is worse than dead...”

Then he suddenly noticed something. He raised his head all of sudden, and stared at Chu Yunsheng’s helmet as if his sight could pierce through the helmet!
That stare gave Chu Yunsheng goosebumps. Just when he decided to take off the helmet, he then saw Yu Xiaohai started to shiver again. “You!  You!.... You are Chu ?” He said it with a slight excitement and a slight doubt.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, took off his face mask and laughed. “Apart from me, who else can it be! You think you are someone important?!”

However, Chu Yunsheng did not expect Yu Xiaohai would grasp his armor tightly and burst out crying like a child!

He could never imagine that a grown man who never shed tears, could cry this hard!

1.  Tap one's head in Chinese culture is a body language means how can I forget something that simple.... or suddenly remember something.

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