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Chapter 29 saved a wrong person

Chapter 29 saved a wrong person
Chu Yunsheng didn't kill the cripple, but he still died. He was beaten to death by those ‘cannon fodders’.

The leader’s body was also beaten up even after he died. Even his genital was smashed into minced meats.

Chu Yunsheng was silently smoking a cigarette on the side. Killing human still had some impact on his emotions, but he calmed down very soon. He guessed that perhaps it was because he had seen too many dead bodies.

No one dared to stand close to him, even Yu Xiaohai also gasped in surprise and stared at him.

Chu Yunsheng thought that he had been killing since the beginning of darkness. At first, he was just killing the insects, then he started to kill people. Probably in the future, he would kill even more people. When there would be an end?

No one could answer his question. He himself couldn't, the ancient book couldn't. Just like this dark world, no one knew when it would end!

He took off his helmet and noticed that his hair was just like Yu Xiaohai's. It had been a long time since the last time he cleaned his hair. His hair was long, messy and dirty. It was tossed around his head as a gust of cold wind blew over him,

‘It's time to go back to cultivate Yuan Qi.’ Chu Yunsheng told himself.

After Chu Yunsheng came down from the roof, he found himself a clean room and asked Yu Xiaohai to wait outside. He needed time to recover the last one and a half unit of Yuan Qi.

The building they were staying used to a luxury five-star hotel. Its furniture was still at its best quality. Chu Yunsheng found a comfort spot on the bed and started to meditate.

After a long and boring 18 hours of Qi cultivation process, Chu Yunsheng finally restored his last one and a half unit of Yuan Qi. He then immediately took out of Yuan Fu paper and started to make a brand new absorption talisman.

One She Yuan Fu which was the absorption talisman would consume him 6 unit of Yuan Qi. He was instantly exhausted with Yuan Qi after making one of them. He could barely use the last bit of Yuan Qi to activate the absorption talisman to convert Yuan Qi from the red-shelled insects and transfer into his body.

The energy from the five red shelled insects was converted into five flames patterns. It was a total of 10 units of Yuan Qi.  After he used the absorption talisman to restore 9 units of Yuan Qi, he spent two units of Yuan Qi to make a new Liu Jia energy shield without his personal signature. It was for Yu Xiaohai. He then used up the last half flame patterns on the absorption talisman. In the end, His body still had 8 units of Yuan Qi.

Yu Xiaohai did not have Yuan Qi. So the power of  Liu Jia energy shield was greatly reduced. But if it was just for escape, Liu Jia energy shield was still very helpful. After all, the energy shield would also increase his overall body strength as well.

After Chu Yunsheng prepared everything, he activated the storage talisman to store all the everyday necessities that were inside the room. Who knew how long the dark age would last? So the necessities such as the bed sheets might be helpful in the future.

He then started to go through all the rooms inside the hotel one by one, until the patterns almost filled up the entire talisman. He only kept a few spaces just enough for about 10 insect’s bodies. Chu Yunsheng was considering to make a new storage talisman when he had enough Yuan Qi. Otherwise, if he found something good, he had nowhere to hide them.
A storage talisman was going to consume him 6 units of Yuan Qi. It was too much for him now. This was also why he did not make a new one.

Some of the rooms still had people living in there. They were probably the guests of this hotel before the insects appeared.

When Chu Yunsheng was searching the rooms, most of them ran out of their rooms. But it was not Chu Yunsheng that scared them away, it was because that there was a military armor unit evacuating the people from the city on the street outside the hotel.

The whole hotel building suddenly became very noisy. There was no light in the hotel, only a few people who had flashlights, shone at the corridors to find the way to walk down the building.

Originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to go to the city library. He wanted to find out more information about the ancient book. During the age of light, some important files were not available to the general public, so he could not get them.

But he was running out of time. He had been struggling to make up his mind for a long time, and eventually, he gave up the idea of going to the city library.

If he did not retreat with the army, just with 8 units of Yuan Qi,  he could not survive the insect’s swarm attack.

As long as he was still alive, there would be a way to find out what was inside the book. But if he was dead, then it was a game over!

Chu Yunsheng spent a very long time looking for Yu Xiaohai in the chaotic crowd. When he finally found him, he hurriedly cast the talisman on to him in the crowd.

Yu Xiaohai was stunned for a long time after he saw what Chu Yunsheng did.

As Chu Yunsheng expected the power of Liu Jia energy shield only had ⅕ of its original power. But with the only ⅕ of its true power, it still increased Yu Xiaohai’s overall strength. He was able to move in the crowd smoothly after he had the shield.

Chu Yunsheng took out of a motorbike and asked Yu Xiaohai to drive it because he planned to cultivate Yuan Qi while he was on the bike. He wanted to use as much time as he could to cultivate Yuan Qi. All he thought was simple, even a just little bit of Yuan Qi might save his life!

Xiao Li was arranged to sit at the back of the bike, Chu Yunsheng himself was sitting in the middle. Only when he was sitting in this position would he have the minimum disruption.

The crowd was moving slowly. More and more people started to appear. They were holding all sorts of fire torches, flashlights to shine on the road ahead. They could see the bodies scattered around everywhere. The uneasy tension in the atmosphere spread among the group. Some were in the state of panic, some were scared. The crowd was filled with the sound of kids crying, injured people painfully moaning, and people shouting for other people…

“...Insect!!!!! …” The people at front suddenly started to scream. That sound was extremely loud, and everyone could hear it.

It followed by the sounds of tank firing and gunshots…..

Chu Yunsheng instantly woke up from deep meditation and noticed Yu Xiaohao started to panic. He quickly calmed him down, then jumped to the top of a bus and stood there.

He adjusted the night vision goggles to take a close look at the front. Through goggles, he saw a group of insects was attacking the front of the crowd.

There were too many insects, and Chu Yunsheng did not have time to count. He quickly got down from the bus and said. “Xiaohai, turn around, we can’t get through here! ”

In fact, many people had already started to run away.  Human is the type of animal that has a very strong herd mentality, their behaviors are easily influenced by others. So when someone in a group started to turn around and ran, the rest of the group would do the same thing, and they might even do it even faster.

The motorbike was pushed over by the crowd, then the crowd started to move backward, Yu Xiaohai wanted to pick it up, but he was immediately stopped by Chu Yunsheng. There were so many people here, riding the motorbike would be even slower than running.

He bought three motorbikes in total. If he lost one, he still had two in his storage talisman.

With the help of Liu Jia energy shield, Yu Xiaohai’s speed was faster than a normal human being. So he was dragging Xiao Li and quickly passing through the crowd after Chu Yunsheng.

But the insect’s rush was even faster. Some of the insects directly jumped over the defensive line and started to kill everyone in the crowd.

Suddenly, one of the red-shelled insects jumped into the middle of the crowd from a building on the side. It used its giant claw swipe through the crowd when it just landed. A large number of people were hit and flew backward. They knocked over even more people behind them.

Yu Xiaohai and Xiao Li were among those people who were pushed over. Chu Yunsheng jumped over the crowd and drew the sword while shouted at Yu Xiaohai: “Xiaohai, you leave first!”.

Just one insect, he was not that worried. He quickly charged towards the insect, jumped up and then, started to use the hack sword form. The insect was trying to use its claw to stop the attack, but it did not know that this wasn’t an ordinary sword. This sword would ignore its proud energy shield and directly sliced its body into half.

As a “Crack” sound appeared, its claw flew out, Qian Bi sword directly hit the insect’s head, and split it into half!

Chu Yunsheng did not have time to think about that this attack would expose his secret to other people behind him. He quickly stored the insect into the storage talisman after it was killed.

It was worth two units of Yuan Qi, why not have it?

At this moment, Yu Xiaohai was dragging a person and rushed towards the opposite direction. Bloodcurdling screams appeared one after another, Chu Yunsheng turned around and only found out that at least a dozen insects were running towards the crowd.
Human's physical strength has a limit. After running through several blocks, most people would not be able to run anymore. Lacking in food energy intake caused many people didn't have enough energy to support them from running. Some of them even pass out on the side of the road after they stopped running.

With the help of night vision goggles, Chu Yunsheng quickly found Yu Xiaohai who was leaning against a fence on the side of the street and panting. But he still didn't forget to grasp the other person’s hand tightly.

It was pitch black on the street, people lost their torches and flashlights while running. So they could not see anything around them, Yu Xiaohai and his colleague were scared to move around until Chu Yunsheng arrived.

Chu Yunsheng just brought them to a tall residential building near where they were. He also did not dare to run around, who knows which place was safe. Hiding on the roof to wait and see how situation progressing was the best, and the only option.

Through the night vision goggles, Chu Yunsheng could clearly see the surrounding on the top of the roof. The army was still fighting with the insects, but the situation was not clear.

Chu Yunsheng took a deep breath and sat on the edge of the roof. He quickly went back to meditation state. The rapid change of his mental state almost made him think that he was going crazy. However, no matter what, he had to restore Yuan Qi and increase his Qi concentration.

One more unit of Yuan Qi means one more opportunity to escape!

But unexpectedly, Yu Xiaohai suddenly shouted. "Ah! Who are you?.”

Another person who he thought was ‘Xiao Li’ also panicked. "Who are you?"

Chu Yunsheng immediately realized Yu Xiaohai this dumbass, saved a wrong person!