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Chapter 31 Exchange

Chapter 31 Exchange
Chu Yunsheng just stood there and looked at them without not saying anything. He was thinking about if he should take the pendant by force, or if he should find another way to get the pendant from this woman.

Among those people, one of the soldiers hastily said. “Professor Sun, the regiment commander gave the direct order to us in person. There are some important data and documents in your and miss Zhao's hand. They are our hope,  the hope of destroying the insect in the future. You can not die here! Later on, my squad will try to stop the insects. You find a way to escape from here, this is the roof, the chance of the insects are going downstairs to chase you is very small!”

This squad officer wanted to sacrifice his squad to save those two people’s lives. Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a chill down to his spine.

He suspected that it was not coincident that they chose this building, they must have seen the fire, and they must have known that there were people on the roof. They must have planned to use those people’s lives to increase their chance of escaping.

The officer quickly assigned the combat position to his squad then walked towards Chu Yunsheng. “Are you an awakened human?” He asked with a very serious and condescending tone.

Chu Yunsheng just stared at him, but he didn't respond to his question. Since the time, he figured out that they were trying to use him, he was in a terrible mood!

The officer frowned his eyebrows when he saw Chu Yunsheng didn't respond to him. He then looked at the Yu Xiaohai who was still struggling on the ground.

Suddenly, there was a gleam of happiness flashed in his eyes. He immediately introduced himself. “I am the captain Gu Liming!”

Chu Yunsheng knitted his eyebrows, but he still didn't respond to him nor did he looked at that captain's hand which was reaching out to him. His hand was still holding the Qian Bi sword.

Gu Liming had slight anger appeared on his face. "we are on an important military mission, and now we are requiring your assistance. I am commanding you to temporarily join us to fight the red-shelled insects. We hope that you will cooperate with the troops !” he slowly took back his hand and said in a stone cold voice.

‘Command? Who the hell you think you are?’ Chu Yunsheng sneered at him and said. “What if I say no?”

The officer’s face suddenly dropped. “We hope that you understand the consequence of disobeying the order from the military!...” His voice was even colder.

Chu Yunsheng was not pleased with Gu liming threatening him. He immediately stopped him and said. “I am not a soldier, so I do not need to follow your order. Also, I can tell you that if it’s just you guys, with those useless metal tubes, I can send you guys to hell in less a minutes!”

Chu Yunsheng felt that this officer got a problem with his head. With his condescending attitude, who the hell would want to join them!?

Gu Liming gasped in shock. He probably did not expect that Chu Yunsheng would respond in such way. But when he was about to say something else, his face suddenly changed.

It was the insects, the screams indicated that they were very close now.  Eventually, he did not continue to speak to Chu Yunsheng. He just quickly returned to his position.

Chu Yunsheng turned on the infrared device. The insects were still running around on the lower floor. But sooner or later they would come to the roof. With his abilities right now, there wasn't much risk when dealing with three red-shelled insects.

Pulling up the mask and lighting up a cigarette, he thought for a second while smoking the cigarette and decided to negotiate with those people. He would have to kill these three insects anyway, but if he could use it to exchange for the pendant, it would be a perfect solution for everyone.

Chu Yunsheng was staring at that woman’s chest. He was so thrilled that even his face was filled with an evil grin.

"I have a suggestion,  don't know if you are interested?” he suddenly said.

The tension among Gu Liming’s group was increasing. They were surprised to see that Chu Yunsheng could still leisurely smoke a cigarette on the side. Especially that Miss Zhao, she was annoyed when she noticed that Chu Yunsheng kept staring at her chest.

The rest of the people in the group were also irritated by his behavior when they noticed where Chu Yunsheng was looking at.

Chu Yunsheng did not get a response from them, so he said dismissively. “You have less than a minute to consider my suggestion….”

Miss Zhao's face was filled with mixed expressions when she saw Chu Yunsheng was still looking at her. But eventually, she decided to talk to Chu Yunsheng. The officer was trying to stop her, but she rejected his kindness, "I want to hear what advice you have." Miss Zhao said coldly.

Chu Yunsheng casually said. "very simple, I'll help you to kill those three insects downstairs. As in exchange…" He pointed at Miss Zhao and ready to say that he wanted her pendant.

But Gu Liming, Professor Sun, and another old man immediately jumped out and said. "No!!”

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second when he saw three people refused him at the same time.

It was just a pendant, was it more important than their lives? He was confused.

Before he even got a chance to ask, Gu Liming pointed at him and said angrily. “Miss Zhao, and professor Sun are the most important people in this mission. Do you know how important they are to our mankind?....”

Chu Yunsheng didn’t like Gu Liming one bit. He did not even let him finish the sentence.

”You do not have that many choices, die or exchange!” he interrupted the officer and said coldly.

Miss Zhao almost bit her lips to bleed. She took a deep breath and said. “Father, Mr. Sun. You all know that we can’t escape. The insects won't let us go, and I don't want anything happens to you and Mr.sun again. You both are the most important people in my life! ”

“But, we will find other ways!” her father’s voice started to shake.

“Yes, Xiao Ling, let’s us find another way!” Professor sun also said.

“We don't have enough time. Father, this is our last chance! ” Miss Zhao was determined as if she just gave up everything she cared for in this world.

Chu Yunsheng flicked the cigarette. ”ok, time’s up. The insects are coming up now, do you have the answer?”

Miss Zhao gave him a disgusted look and snorted. “How can we believe that you can kill three insects?”

Chu Yunsheng was pissed off by her look.

‘Fuck. Just one pendant in exchange for your lives, you have such good deal, why you all have to give me that look like I am gonna rape her?’ Chu Yunsheng was running out of the patient, he quickly said. “believed it or not, you have 10 second, deal or no deal?”

At this moment, they could clearly hear the insects were running on the floor below them!

Miss Zhao gritted her teeth and said. “ok, we accept it.”

An insect’s head had already come out of the door when they said it. Chu Yunsheng pulled down the mask instantly, leaped forward and shouted. ”done!”

Just after he shouted, his body flew into the stairway, and his sword mercilessly hacked down against the insect’s head!

This red shelled insect didn't expect someone would attack it. It was chopped into a half before it could activate its shield,

There were still two more insects downstairs, Chu Yunsheng pulled back the sword and walked down the stairs. When he reached a corner, two red shelled insects instantly roared and rushed towards him.

Two red shelled Insects formed a straight line in the narrow corridor. They couldn't attack Chu Yunsheng at the same time.

Chu Yunsheng repeatedly used the hack sword form to attack the first insect. The first insect’s claws and legs were already broken. It was chopped into a half after it spat out the corrosive liquid.

The last red shelled insect was smarter than the others. At first, it used its sharp legs to stick Chu Yunsheng onto the wall, then used its claws to pinch Chu Yunsheng’s helmet.

Luckily the armor was very strong. Chu Yunsheng only suffered from a little bit of concussion, and he was only restrained by the insect, nothing more.

Chu Yunsheng reverse grabbed the sword, used the tendon reflex on his right arm along with Yuan Qi, Qian Bi sword was stabbed straight into the insect’s belly. He then up flicked the sword, the insect’s belly was instantly cut open. All the organs and green blood burst out at the same time.

At that moment, all he could think of was that the smell of it was horrible.

The last insect didn't die immediately. Its legs were moving rapidly on the ground until Chu Yunsheng gave it last one stab.

It was a successful battle.

Apart from having wasted three units of Yuan Qi, and had a minor concussion, he didn't have any major injuries.
Chu Yunsheng stored three red shelled insects, and then quickly returned back to the roof.

He was worried that those people would run away while he was fighting with the insects. If that really happened, all his efforts would be in vain.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng came back in such a short period of time, everyone gasped in shock. Those people also had night vision goggles, and it seemed to be even more advanced than Chu Yunshengs’ goggles.

Chu Yunsheng saw one of the old men was holding one of them, so he guessed that they probably saw the entire battle.

However, he did not mind they watching at all. As long as he was stronger than them, it did not really matter.

However, he did not realize that his battle had caused a huge psychological impact on them. From the time he went downstairs till the time he returned, he spent less than twenty minutes. Not only he did not die, but he also successfully killed three red shelled insects without any injuries. It was beyond their scope of understanding.

Chu Yunsheng saw those people did not move for a long time, and he did not want to just stand there looking at each other. So he quickly walked towards miss Zhao, despite the corrosive liquid and the green blood around his armor.

”I have killed the insects. Now it's time for you to fulfill your promise!” he said to Miss Zhao.

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