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Chapter 32 I'll take back what's mine

Chapter 32 I'll take back what's mine
Yu Xiaohai still had not woken up, but his body state already calmed down. The girl who he saved by mistake was currently looking after him.

Chu Yunsheng was still waiting for their response. He couldn’t control the urges inside his mind. The ancient book meant a lot to him, anything that had a slight connection to it, he would want to get it at any cost.

Miss Zhao wrapped herself in a thick coat. No one knew how her body looked like. But her face was quite pretty, and she had some kind of bookish charm.

They seemed to find it very hard to fulfill Chu Yunsheng's requirement. Two minutes already past, but still no response from them.

Chu Yunsheng wasn't happy at all. It was a good deal for everyone. But if they were playing dirty, then he would have to take it by force!

He couldn't wait any longer. So he pointed the sword against Miss Zhao’s fair-skinned neck and reached out his hand wanting to grab the pendant!

“Stop!” The first one who shouted was the captain Gu Liming. At the same time, he pointed a gun at Chu Yunsheng.

“What are you doing!?” her father shouted in anger and wanted to come forward. But he was also afraid that Chu Yunsheng would hurt his daughter.

Chu Yunsheng sneered at him. “What am I doing? Take what belongs to me. You are all pieces of shit for breaking your promise, I'll do it myself!”

Miss Zhao was surprisingly calm at this moment. She grabbed Chu Yunsheng’s hand tried to stop him from reaching his hands towards her chest. “I said I'll do it, but not here, let's go downstairs, you can do whatever you like!” she said coldly.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know what she was talking about.

“Why go to the trouble to go downstairs, this place is fine!”

Her face instantly went as white as a bedsheet. Her lips quivered in anger but couldn't say a single word.

 “Animal!” professor Sun cursed loudly and held his crutch wanting to hit Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was pissed off. He instantly lifted his leg and kicked the old man regardless of how old the man was.

But how could the poor old man withstand his strength? If it wasn't the soldiers behind him, his bones would probably break into pieces.

Looking at their intense reaction, Chu YunSheng suddenly realized. They misunderstood him. They really thought that he was going to rape her.

Chu Yunsheng didn't even know how to react anymore. It was all because that Gu Liming always interrupted him while he was talking.

Chu Yunsheng was not a bad person. If it was just a misunderstanding, then he just needed to make it clear.

But he didn't expect Gu Liming would jump over him, and pointed the gun at the at the girl’s head who he saved by mistake.

The girl was so scared that she kept saying. “I… I …”

Gu Liming looked at Chu Yunsheng and shouted. “get your hand off Miss Zhao. Otherwise, I'll kill this girl!”

Chu Yunheng laughed. “go ahead, I don't know that woman! ”

Gu Liming was dazed for a second, but Chu Yunsheng didn't even look at him.

“What about him!” said Gu Liming while pointing the gun at Yu Xiaohai’s head.

Chu Yunsheng still didn't turn around. “You can try it. If anything happens to him, I'll kill everyone in here. By the way,  I can tell you that your bullets won't do anything to him!”

Gu Liming had a sudden cold shudder when he heard what Chu Yunsheng said. He didn't know if he could really injure the guy on the floor or not, but he was sure that Chu Yunsheng had the ability to kill everyone here.

Miss Zhao’s father quickly came out of the group and said. “Captain Gu, please don't be so impulsive. I think everyone needs to calm down. We can talk this through, we don't need to hurt each other,  young man don't you think so?”

Originally Chu Yunsheng wanted to explain that all he wanted was a pendant. But Gu Liming messed up everything. He was so angry that he did not want to let it go so easily.

‘How dare this man threatened him. If they think I was going to do something to this woman, then I'll do it!’

He snorted. “No more talk, I'll let you go when I'm done with her!"

“You!” her father snapped.

Miss Zhao suddenly released her hand and took out a grenade from her pocket. She quickly released the safety and looked at Chu Yunsheng coldly. “If you insist on doing it here,  I'll blow up this place!”

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, he didn't expect this woman would have this type of weapon. It was not that he was scared of this weapon. He was just worried about that it might destroy the pendant.

He needed to get the pendant first. Everything else was secondary. As he was thinking about this, he started to calm down. Even if he did force her to have sex with him, how good was it going to be?

His first priority should be focusing on his power, and the ancient book was the root of his power. It was the only thing he could rely on.

Chu Yunsheng slowly released her. He even took back his sword, and slowly walked backward. Suddenly he spun his body and kicked Gu Liming away from Yu Xiaohai.

"You....” He pointed at the woman and said. “Miss Zhao, leave your pendant here, then you can leave. One day, I will find you, and take back what’s mine!”

“Pendant?” It changed so quickly that Miss Zhao did even know how to react.

His heart instantly skipped a beat. "That's my bottom line. If you don't leave the pendant, I don't care what you are blowing up, I'll kill every single one of you!”

No one doubted his ability. When he killed the three insects, he didn't even use his full strength. Of course, they wouldn't know that Chu Yunsheng used three units of Yuan Qi to kill the insects.

Miss Zhao hesitated for a few seconds, but she still took out the pendant. She pressed her lips together tightly. Her eyes slightly turned red. She was on the verge of crying. “my mother left this pendant to me after she passed away... I hope you…”

Chu Yunsheng instantly felt the ancient book started to shake violently. He immediately stopped the woman from talking and carefully took over the pendant.

“You can leave now!” he said while waving his hand.

The group of people was looking at each other didn't dare to say anything. Only the professor who got kicked by Chu Yunsheng couldn't hold his curiosity but stared at Chu Yunsheng’s armor with the keen and sparkling eyes.

“Young man, could you let me study your armor?” said the old man. His tone was filled with eager.

Chu Yunsheng wanted those people to leave as soon as possible, so he could check what was wrong the ancient book. He ignored the professor who cursed him earlier and said. “go go go, get out of my sight!”

Miss Zhao’s father saw Chu Yunsheng was going to flip out again, he quickly dragged the professor Sun and left the roof with the rest of the squad.

Chu Yunsheng saw the girl who was saved by Yu Xiaohai was still here. He knitted his eyebrows and said. “why are you still here?”

“but… but .. I am not with them…” the girl said haltingly.

Chu Yunsheng dragged her up, and pointed at the stairs said. “yes I know that. But you can't stay here. Go, quick!”

The girl looked at him in panic. She wanted to stay, but she didn't dare to stay. She could only slowly walked down the stairs hoping that Chu Yunsheng would change his mind.

Now it only left Yu Xiaohai who was still unconscious on the floor. Everyone else had left already. Chu Yunsheng put out the fire, and checked Yu Xiaohai once again. He was still alive, but Chu Yunsheng could not help him in any further.

He cleaned the armor, found himself a clean corner and started to study the ancient book and the pendant.

However, just when he sat down, he heard some heavy footsteps rushing up the stairs.

“Those bastards are coming back again!” Chu Yunsheng cursed in silence.

Soon, he found out why they were coming back. On the street just outside the building that they were staying, a group of five red shelled insects were closely chasing one mini-van. Perhaps the driver of the van got panicked, it crashed into a mall. All the insects quickly rushed in and started a massive killing. Even the air was filled with the heavy blood smell!

---------------------------Translator's note-----------------------------

Consider MC as an emotionally immature adult, and what kind of psychological impact he had in the first few months of the apocalypse.  then you will understand why he would say such thing all of sudden.

the table of content of this blog requires manually update, it's quite a time- consuming.
so I will keep update every 8 chapter, if you have any trouble finding a specific chapter, please contact me, I'll update as soon as I can, thanks


  1. thanks for the chap but we need more XD

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    more than 5 insects? 6 or 100?
    5 is his limit?

    1. the author did not mention how many exactly, but because it's based on MC chu yun sheng's perspective, you can kind of guess, why MC did not get an exact number. he was on the roof, night vision goggles weren't very clear, so it's a rough estimate.

      as for his limit, in chapter 29, it mentioned if he fully restored his yuan qi, he could kill 9 insects, but since he had only restored 8 unit of yuan qi at chapter 29 and also consumed one unit to kill one of insect while escaping, plus in last chapter he spent 3 unit yuan qi to kill three insects in exchange for the pendant. he down to 4 unit of yuan qi.

      so basically he could only deal with 4 insects now, it's a crisis for him...

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