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Chapter 34 Three arrows

Chapter 34 Three arrows
Yu Xiaohai successfully awakened his ability.

Looking at the professor sun gasped in surprise, Chu Yunsheng realized the importance of Liu Jia energy shield. With the help of Liu Jia energy shield, the chance of a person successfully awakened power would be increased.

But no one knew this except him. Even Yu Xiaohai also thought that he had just fainted earlier.

Chu Yunsheng dragged Yu Xiaohai up. He knew for sure that Yu Xiaohai had awakened the ice elemental ability. But he was curious that what abilities Yu Xiaohai had. According to the professor Sun, most of the awakened humans he saw had awakened either ice or fire elemental abilities. Only a few cases contained some rare elements. But the pure element like what Chu Yunsheng had he didn't mention.

Chu Yunsheng wanted to try if Yu Xiaohai could use his crossbow to trigger the frost arrow or not. If it worked, they would be able to work together. With one long-range tack and one close-range tack, they would be able to survive much longer in the dark age.

He didn't know many things about the awakened humans. However, under the guidance of the professor Sun, Yu Xiaohai did different types of tests. The old man was quite disappointed at the result. Yu Xiaohai’s ability was quite weak. He could only trigger an ‘icy rain’, but the power of his ability couldn't even kill a mouse, let alone a red-shelled insect.

But Chu Yunsheng did not really mind. According to the ancient book, none of those awakened humans wasn't talented. Like Yu Xiaohai this dumbass, he should praise to the god that he was able to awaken his ability.

The most important thing was that Chu Yunsheng had talismans. He did not really need the ability that Yu Xiaohai’s awakened. As long as he had ice element energy within his body, he should be been able to trigger the frost arrow.

Yu Xiaohai was very excited when he heard what happened to him from the professor Sun. But after several tests, he was also upset by the result. The professor Sun tried to console him by telling him that as long as he kept training his ability, he would be able to become stronger.

“Chu, am I really useless?” Yu Xiaohai sighed.

Chu Yunsheng pulled him next to him and whispered. “come, follow me!”

He did not wait for the response. He just quickly ran downstairs while dragging Yu Xiaohai.

Chu Yunsheng took out the crossbow and asked Yu Xiaohai. “do you know how to use a crossbow?”

Yu Xiaohai looked at the crossbow and confused. But when he noticed the mysterious patterns on the crossbow, he was curious. “Chu what's this?”

“Don't ask, just try it. I need to know if you know how to use it.” Chu Yunsheng asked him again.

Yu Xiaohai rolled up his eyes and said proudly. "Chu, did you forget that when I dated Sijun, how much money I spent at her club. I can't say I'm a professional, but at least better than an amateur!”

Chu Yunsheng just realized Yu Xiaohai’s ex-girlfriend was in some kind of sports club. Yu Xiaohai had also tried to get him a membership card before. It was a long time ago that Chu Yunsheng already forgot it. Surprisingly, he didn't waste his money at the club.

“Ok, stop it, just do as I say. Infuse your energy into the crossbow, then shoot one arrow. Aim at that sofa.”

Yu Xiaohai didn't know why they needed to do it. So he asked. “What are we doing?”

Chu Yunsheng knew he couldn't explain it in a short time. Also, he didn't want to explain it too much. “Quick, just do as I say, I don't have time to explain that much!”

“Ok, ok. I'll do it“ Yu Xiaohai replied

Pulling the string and loading the crossbow with an arrow, Yu Xiaohai was doing it much smoother than Chu Yunsheng.

When Yu Xiaohai started to infuse the energy into the crossbow, Chu Yunsheng immediately noticed that the crossbow didn't have any energy reaction.

‘What happened?’ He wondered.

The arrow flew straight into the sofa. It only broke a hole, but nothing else happened!

Yu Xiaohai looked at Chu Yunsheng with a lot of questions. ‘What's wrong with this sofa?’ He wondered.

Chu Yunsheng took back the crossbow to check. He suddenly tapped his head. ‘No wonder why it didn't work, I forgot to change the talisman.’

The original frost talisman contained his personal signature. That was why Yu Xiaohai couldn't activate it.

However, Chu Yunsheng only had three units of Yuan Qi left. If he wanted to make a new frost talisman without a signature to arm Yu Xiaohai, he needed to use two units of Yuan Qi.

Yu Xiaohai’s ability was very weak. Chu Yunsheng didn't know how many frost arrow he could unleash. If he could unleash two frost arrows. Then, he would be able to freeze two insects in long range, and Chu Yunsheng himself could deal with one insect in close range. So they two together could easily kill three red shelled insects, and if Yu Xiaohai could unleash more, that was even better.

Chu Yunsheng immediately made up his mind. He wanted to continue his experiment!

“Wait here, I need to go to the toilet.” He said to Yu Xiaohai.
At the moment, he didn't want to reveal how a talisman was made to anyone just yet. So he just said that he wanted to go to the toilet.

Yu Xiaohai had a lot of questions. But he didn't ask “I'll wait here.” he casually replied.

In the toilet, Chu Yunsheng quickly took out the tool that he used to make the talisman and started to make a new talisman.

Because level one frost talismans needed to be changed regularly, he was already familiar with the procedures of making a forest talisman. Plus he didn't need to include a signature, it made the whole process even simpler.

Soon, a brand new talisman was completed.

When Chu Yunsheng reached Yuan Tian stage two, he would be able to add Yu Xiaohai’s signature into the seal. By that time, both of them would be able to use the same talisman.

Chu Yunsheng cast the new talisman onto the crossbow and then came out of the toilet. ”Try it one more time, just like what you did the last time.” He said after passing the crossbow to Yu Xiaohai.

“Again?” Yu Xiaohai mumbled. But when he saw Chu Yunsheng was glaring at him, he didn't carry on.

When Yu Xiaohai infused energy into the crossbow the second time, Chu Yunsheng immediately felt the new frost talisman was activated.

As an ear-piercing sound rang out in room, an arrow with a gust of freezing air shot straight into the sofa. The sofa was instantly frozen into an ice sculpture.
“Thump!”  It was the sound of the crossbow dropping on the ground. Yu Xiaohai was staring at the sofa couldn't believe what just happened.

Chu Yunsheng was satisfied with the result. It proved one more time that how powerful the frost arrow was. As long as there was enough Yuan Qi or energy, the talisman would be activated. Of course, it was under the premise that the user of the crossbow should have pure Yuan Qi or the Yuan Qi that contained ice elements. If it was fire element, probably nothing would happen.

“How many times more can you infuse your energy into the crossbow? Just like what you just did?” Chu Yunsheng needed to know how many arrows he could shoot in total.

“One more, I wasted some of the energy when doing the tests with the professor Sun.” Yu Xiaohai thought for a second then replied. He wasn't stupid. When Chu Yunsheng asked him the question he immediately realized the power came from the crossbow. He remembered that Chu Yunsheng also predicted the apocalypse, and now with this, he didn't really know if this man was still the person he knew for years. But he was smart, he didn't ask any questions.

“Oh!” said Chu Yunsheng while stroked his chin. He guessed that Yu Xiaohai could activate three frost arrow at most.

Although it was worse than his early stage, Yu Xiaohai was a friend he could trust. At least, he could help him to deal with three red shelled insects. Plus Chu Yunsheng could kill nine red shelled insects when he fully restored Yuan Qi. So in total, they could kill twelve red-shelled insects together!

Since he understood Yu Xiaohai’s capabilities, the only thing left was how to increase his power. He thought for a second and said. “can you talk to the professor sun to see, if he knows any methods that would increase your power. But don't mention anything just happened.”

Yu Xiaohai nodded his head and said. “Chu I'm not stupid, I know what to do.”

Chu Yunsheng also nodded his head. He then took out some food and stopped Yu Xiaohai who was about to leave the room. “Almost forgot, I have two bags of cookies, you take them with you. If the old man doesn't want to say it, use this to make him talk. Also, exchange the rest for some bullets with those soldiers. I need 9mm pistol bullets. If you have time, finish the bread and water before you go upstairs. We are probably going to leave place very soon.”


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