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Chapter 37 Who was that girl

Chapter 37 Who was that girl
Chu Yunsheng told Yu Xiaohai that if he did not come back in one hour, he didn't need to wait for him anymore.

He hoped that the armor would be strong enough to endure the five red shelled insect’s frenzied attacks.

The light was still very dim and hazy outside, Yu Xiaohai couldn't see anything when he was on the fifth floor, Chu Yunsheng had to give him some light.

But if he switched on the light in the dark, he would not be able to dodge insect’s attacks so easily, all the insects would flock towards him.

Chu Yunsheng took three deep breaths in a row, then he switched on the flashlight which was already tied on his shoulder. He jumped out from the corner and landed on top of a car.

The red shelled insects instantly noticed him. Without a single second of hesitation, they rushed towards Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng shouted out loud as if he was trying to embolden himself, or maybe he was trying to remind Yu Xiaohai something.

He was surrounded right after Qian bi sword hacked one of the insects. They all raised their razor-shaped legs, fiercely sliced down from Chu Yunsheng’s head. The armor was constantly making ear-piercing scratching sounds.

Despite he had the armor as protection, when taking the damage from four red shelled insects at the same time, It was still too much for his body to handle.  The sharp pains appeared non-stop everywhere in his body.

Just when he was about to be pinched by one of the red-shelled insects, he gathered all his strength jumping over the red-shelled insects. At the same time, the frost arrow that Chu Yunsheng had been waiting for a long time finally arrived, it instantly froze one of the red-shelled insects.

Now is the time to retreat. But he still needed to attract the red-shelled insect’s attention. He had to make sure that they wouldn't look for the place where Yu Xiaohai was hiding. Otherwise, Yu Xiaohai would be dead for sure!

Because of red-shelled insect’s attacks, some areas on the armor started to have cracks, but Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to check how bad the cracks were, he was running on the street and the three angry red shelled insects were closely chasing behind him.

The race between a human and three red shelled insects has begun!

Chu Yunsheng took the advantage of his relatively small body. He was much agiler compared to the insects when running through the gaps between the cars that were blocking on the street. Sometimes he even went into some buildings and broke out of the windows from the other side of those buildings.

Three red shelled insects closely followed him, and they had already passed two group of people. But it seemed like the red-shelled insects were pissed off by Chu Yunsheng so much that they didn't even bother to touch other people. They still chased Chu Yunsheng continuously without any sign of stopping. Of course, this terrifying chasing scene scared the hell out of those people that they had passed.

Chu Yunsheng lured the insects far away from Yu Xiaohai. So far, everything worked out as planned. It didn't take a long time for Chu Yunsheng to arrive at the building complexes which he had tied the rope one.

He quickly ran upstairs, the insects also followed him into the building.

He still had 6 units of Yuan Qi, but he couldn't use it. Even though he could use them to kill three red shelled insects easily, he still did not want to use it.

He was panting when he reached the roof. But he couldn't stop, because the three red shelled insects just right behind him. One of the red-shelled insect’s claw almost pinched his butt!

He quickly pounced on the rope that he had left on the roof and jumped off the building!

He swung through the gaps between two building complexes and crashed into the glass windows of the opposite building. Three red shelled insects couldn't do anything but kept howling non-stop on the roof as if weren't happy about it.

Chu Yunsheng believed that insects were intelligent. When he saw an insect climbed up the wall the first time, he knew for sure that those monsters were not stupid. So even the insects were still on the other side of the building, he still could not let his guard down. He simply and quickly ran down the stairs and left the place as fast as he could.

The insects did not take the original route down. They tried to climb down the building from the outside wall. Although it was not as fast as when they were running on the street, Chu Yunsheng still did not dare to stay there. While the insects were still on the wall, he quickly disappeared in the dark.

He did not know if the insects would go back to the high street or not, but he definitely needed to go back to collect two red shelled insect’s bodies.

The Yuan Qi inside a red-shelled insect would slowly dissipate after it died, so Chu Yunsheng was running as fast as he could.

When he came back to the high street. Two red shelled insects: One was still frozen, the other one was hacked to death. Chu Yunsheng quickly used his sword cut off the frozen one’s head, then store two of them in the storage talisman.

Time was ticking, Chu Yunsheng didn't even take a time to rest, he just ran up to the fifth floor where Yu Xiaohai was hiding. He needed to make one absorption talisman as soon as possible.

Originally he planned to make it before he left the building, but he was worried that if anything happened on the road, he would not be able to escape if his Yuan Qi was exhausted! So, for his safety, he chose the more secure way, he felt that at any time, protecting his life was the most important thing.

Suddenly, he saw two shadows through the night vision goggles when he was still at the downstairs. He started to worry about if something had happened to Yu Xiaohai.

So he careful lurked up to the fifth floor. The building originally was an electronic appliances mall. The counters were scattered all over the place. When he just pushed the door open, he immediately heard Yu Xiaohai nervously shouted. “who is there?”

Chu Yunsheng was instantly relieved. “Me!” he responded.
Yu Xiaohai walked out from the darkness and turned on the flashlight. He then noticed the slightly broken armor. “Are you injured?” He asked with concerns.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. “no, don't worry, we need to go now.”

However, Yu Xiaohai did not move. “Chu, that girl followed us here!” He paused a second and told Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was confused. “what girl?”

Yu Xiaohai explained. “the one we saved by mistake!”

Chu Yunsheng just stood there for a second then asked. “how the hell did she get here, why was she following us?”

Yu Xiaohai suddenly whispered to him. “we will talk about this later, do you know who she is?”

Chu Yunsheng didn't have time for chit-chat, he was running out of patience. “say it now!”

Yu Xiaohai walked back and brought the girl when he returned, his hand also held a poster. The poster was opened up and laid next to the girl, he seemed to be very excited. “take a look.”

Chu Yunsheng's flashlight was already destroyed by the insects, so he took over the flashlight from Yu Xiaohai and took a brief look. “New year sci-fi blockbuster movie: dark age? What the fuck is this?” Chu Yunsheng was slightly annoyed.

Yu Xiaohai pointed at a person on the poster. “take a look here."

"Hmm... does look alike..." said Chu Yunsheng. Then he suddenly realized that it was not the time to have this kind of conversation. “what the hell you are trying to say, we are running out of time, stick to the point!” he raised his voice.

Yu Xiaohai was upset by his reaction, he let out a long sighed. “Chu Yunsheng, she is Lin ShuiYao. Don’t you recognize her!”

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows. “Who is Lin ShuiYao? Your new girlfriend?”