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Chapter 38 You are an actress (end of volume 1)

 Chapter 38 You are an actress
(End of volume 1)
Yu Xiaohai was dazed for a second and then burst out laughing. “Chu, you are funny.”

Chu Yunsheng rolled his eyes and said. “you think you're a good guy, huh? ok, we should stop it, we are really running out of time!”

Yu Xiaohai turned to face the girl and shrug his shoulder. “See. I told you that my brother would not recognize you, you should stop following us.”

“Do I have to know who she is!” Chu Yunsheng suddenly asked. He probably had heard this name before, but it was very blurry. All he thought right now was the insect and escape.

Just two days ago, he saw a very famous tv presenter in the age of light died in a red shelled insect’s claw, and he didn't feel anything at that time. The whole world was in a terrible chaos right now, who cares how famous you used to be, whoever survived the longest would be the real winner.

You Xiaohai grinned in shame. He knew that he was a bit boring, so he closed his mouth and began to follow Chu Yunsheng.

“Can you take me with you?” Lin Shuiyao clung onto her last hope.

Yu Xiaohai pointed at Chu Yunsheng who stood in front of him. He was trying to remind her that Chu Yunsheng was the person she needed to talk to.

Chu Yunsheng was worried that she would still follow them, so he thought for a second and said. “if you are an awakened human just like him, it will be helpful for everyone. I also don’t have any problem to keep you in our group. However, you should understand that if you don't have any abilities, it will be dangerous for everyone, so…”

Seeing Chu Yunsheng was going to refuse her, she immediately interrupted him. “I knew a jade pendant, it's exactly like the one you wanted on the roof!”

Chu Yunsheng's heart suddenly jumped. “what did you say?!

Lin ShuiYao looked at his eyes, replied with certainty. “yes that woman’s pendant, when she gave it to you, I was there, I have seen one exactly like it.”

Chu Yunsheng's pupils suddenly dilated. The information about the maps was very important to him, and he had no clue where to find them. However, when this girl claimed that she saw one exactly like the one he got on the roof. Of course, he was very suspicious about it. His first reaction was that this girl was lying to him. The motivation was obviously to ask him to take her with them. But she would also bring huge risks to them. The rick would be big enough to scrap his old plan and force him to make a new one.

Chu Yunsheng looked her up and down. He tried to find any signs that might indicate she was lying, The girl was also staring at Chu Yunsheng. She did not panic or avoid eye contact.

It was like an invisible fight between believing and disbelieving, their eyesight clashed with each other, and whoever backed off first would lose the fight.

Chu Yunsheng couldn't find anything wrong with her,  but it made him even more suspicious of her. Because he knew that she was an actress!

He calmly said. “How can I believe you?”

Lin ShuiYao smiled. “you think I am lying to you?”

Chu Yunsheng sneered and reminded her. “don't forget that you are an actress!”

Liu Shuiyao didn't react for a second. Until she realized what he meant, she had a slight of helplessness appeared on her face,  then she knitted her eyebrows and pointed at his big sword. “you don't need to make it too complicated. With your abilities, if you find out that I'm lying, you can use it to kill me at any time.”

Even Lin Shuiyao said this, Chu Yunsheng still thought for a minute. Just like what he told Yu Xiaohai, everywhere was dangerous at the moment, but for the second map, maybe it was worth a try.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head and said sternly. “I'll try to believe you,but you need to remember every single word you just said. You can tell me where the jade pendant is now.”

Lin Shuiyao grinned with relief.  “It was a birthday present a company director gave to his son. I was at his birthday party that day.” she paused for a second. Her eyes slightly moved, causing the light to flash in her eyes. She then carried on “as far as I know, they were at Jin ling city before the sun disappeared, As for the specific name, I'll tell you when we get to Jin ling city, I hope you would understand...”

Chu Yunsheng snorted with a slight anger. “so are you threatening me right now? if you don't believe me, how can we work together?”

Lin ShuiYao shook her head and apologized. “I'm sorry, I know that I shouldn't do this, but I'm really scared that you are going to abandon me later. if you were me, you would do the same, wouldn't you?”

Chu Yunsheng didn't answer her. Instead, he asked her. “you really think that jade pendant is important to me?”

She had a sly smile on her face. “when we were on the roof before, I already knew that you were looking at that women's pendant for the whole time.”

Chu Yunsheng was shocked, this girl wasn't talking much at that time. Apart from being held as a hostage by Gu Liming, the whole incident had nothing to do with her. He didn't expect that she was such an astute observer.

She was a smart and cautious woman, this was the impression she gave to Chu Yunsheng. But then again, which woman wasn't smart in the entertainment industry?

He understood the reason why she wanted to do that. In such a dangerous world, how could anyone build up trust with a stranger so quickly? She had to keep something with her, so the deal would be able to last longer.

But it didn't mean that he was going to accept it. Although the map was important to him, four maps couldn't be collected in a period amount of time, if she thought that she could use this to control him, then she was wrong.

When talking to the smart people, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to deny that he needed the pendant. He gave Lin Shuiyao a friendly smile and said. “you are right. But unfortunately it is not my way of doing things, I don't think we can work together, so bye- bye!”

Just right after he said it, he opened the door and stepped outside. Actually, he was worried that he couldn't refuse the temptation of wanting to go back.

“You!” her face was taut, and she was terrified. She didn't expect that this would be the outcome, so she panicked. Chu Yunsheng might not need her information, but she definitely needed his protection. Although it was an unfair deal, she didn't have other choices.

She gritted her teeth and followed him. “ok, you win, I can tell you who has it!” She shouted in the hallway:”

But Chu Yunsheng did not pay attention to what she said. Instead, his heart was jumping rapidly at the moment. Just a moment ago, through the window at the corner, he saw a naked woman appeared on the street!

It was the sign of a tentacle monster!

He couldn't kill this type of monster at the moment. He needed to run away as fast as he could.

Lin ShuiYao didn't know what was going on. She thought that Chu Yunsheng was pretending that he didn't hear her. The man wanted to humiliate her. But what could she do?  She followed them all the way here just hoping that they could help her. “You… you want me to beg you?” She felt wronged, and her voice was shaking.

Chu Yunsheng was so scared right now.  He was scared that the monster might catch the noise, so he immediately pointed at Lin Shuiyao and hissed. “You shut up! Silent!”

At the same time, he quickly signaled Yu Xiaohai to switched off the flashlight and leaned against the wall. He also switched on the infrared sensor carefully detecting the movement inside the building, his heartbeats did not slow down for a single second!

Lin ShuiYao’s body started to shake uncontrollably. It was not because Chu Yunsheng hissed at her, it was because she knew Chu Yunsheng was under the extreme stress, and whatever the thing was, it was definitely dangerous than three red shelled insects!

-----------------end of volume 1 the disappearance of the sun----------------------------------

volume 2 Journey to Jin Ling City is on the way

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