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Chapter 40 The awakened warriors

 Chapter 40 The awakened warriors
Chu Yunsheng was also recruited, the reason obviously was his armor!

When he joined those people he did not want to hide his abilities, he knew how much he could do, so he did not want to be a hero nor did he wanted to use those students as the human shields to protect himself.

He was also willing to join in the escort team, the reason was simple,  he needed a lot of red-shelled insect’s bodies. With the help from the escort team, he could collect red shelled insects a lot faster.

Chu Yunsheng was very concerned about that if someone else would notice his special abilities when he was in the building No.8. It was mainly because of he had seen how the ice punch man was taken away by the troops, and he was worried about if they found out what he could do, he would end up in the same situation.

However, with the situation getting even more chaotic, it already got to an extent which was beyond his imagination, he was living in horror day by day, in order to survive longer, he had to calculate the energy he used to a very precise point.

The original social structure had begun to collapse in this unprecedented disaster. Order and morality had already started to disappear. Escape and survive became the main themes of this horror city.

The self-awakened people started to appear, he had even killed one of those people. the more people he killed, the more he realized how different the city was right now. So slowly he started to stop hiding his abilities deliberately.

“Maybe by temporarily joining them, I could get more red shelled insects” Chu Yunsheng hoped. He was struggling to find a small group of red-shelled insects now, it almost drove him crazy.

This escort team was allocated on a military truck, Chu Yunsheng suspected that it was for the ease of the team members to respond to calls and rescues. Because It was easy for the awakened humans to jump out of the truck and engage in combat.

There was a dozen of people sat randomly on the truck already, but Chu Yunsheng did not take a close look, his attention was attracted by three relative older men who was sitting at the front of the truck. At the moment, they seemed to have some intense debate over a piece of a map.

Apart from Chu Yunsheng’s groups, there were also two other men joined in, they were all recruited during the Dong Shen university's retreat.

To the awakened humans who had weak skills, fighting red shelled insects in a group was much safer than fighting them alone.

Chu Yunsheng leaned against the steel barrier on the truck, he was wearing the armor, so it wasn't really comfortable. He glanced over those people quietly. There was a light installed on the truck, although it wasn't very bright, it was bright enough for everyone to see other.

The representative who brought them here squeezed through the crowd and whispered something to the middle-aged man who was wearing a glasses.

The middle-aged man looked at them for a second, then knocked on the table and said loudly. “everyone, quiet down, quiet down, please welcome those newly recruited awakened warriors.”

No one clapped their hands or greeted them, it was just quiet as if those five people didn't exist. Chu Yunsheng was only curious at words “The Awakened warriors”, other than that he wasn't interested at all.

They did not know each other, everyone was thinking about how to get away from the red-shelled insects, so no one cared about who joined in. Trust was hard to build up, it was even so under this kind of tension.

The middle-aged man adjusted his glasses and said sternly to them. “since you have decided to join the escort team, I need to have some information of your abilities, of course, I'll tell you some information that you might need to know as well.”

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, signaled him to carry on. The middle-aged man then introduced himself. “I'm Zhang Zicheng, a physics lecturer at Dong Shen university, you could call me lecturer Zhang, I'm in charge of groups arrangement and guidance, now I'd like to know your abilities, please introduce yourself.”

“My name is Yao Xiang, Yao as in Yao Ming, Xiang as in Liu Xiang, (two famous athletes in China), my ability is Fire Ring Cut, I can deal with three nasty insects! ”  said a chubby young man, although his appearance did not look like Yao Ming or Liu Xiang at all.

“My name is Ding yan, I'm older than everyone, so you can call me Elder Ding, my ability also is fire, but I need to use gun to unleash the power, roughly two insects, I have been working with Xiao Yao (Yao Xiang) for some time now.” said a man roughly 40 years old, tall and skinny, ordinary looking, it was the type you could easily forget his look after you met each other.

Yu Xiaohai peeked at Chu Yunsheng. Chu Yunsheng gave him a go-ahead look, then he said. ”Yu Xiaohai, ability freeze, weapon crossbow, two insects!”

This answer was already planned by them, they didn't know much about others, so it was better to keep some secrets to protect themselves. Yu Xiaohai knew he was limited three insects, although it wasn't many, Chu Yunsheng still asked him to say one fewer.

After Yu Xiaohai finished, chu Yunsheng carried on. “Chu Yunsheng, weapon sword, the ability also is a sword, 6 red shelled insects.”

Chu Yunsheng didn't hide his real name, but he told everyone he could deal with 6 insects, instead of 9.  It was also a part of the plan. The first reason was that he didn't want to reveal his full strength, the second reason was that he only had 6 units of Yuan Qi he could use, so he was just telling the truth.

Just right after he said this, the quiet truck suddenly became very noisy. Everyone was whispering to each other, with the help of Liu Jia energy shield Chu Yunsheng could hear everything they said.

“Six? bullshit, our Captain almost died last time, and he just killed 5…”

“I was amazed by his armor but didn't expect he is full of shit,...”

“This guy is not normal, don't you think this armor is a bit familiar?…”

Chu Yunsheng didn't expect that they would have this kind of reaction, he had already kept almost half of his strength, but still, no one believed him. Originally, he planned to tell everyone that he only could deal with 3 or 4 insects, but on the second thought, what if he encountered some very bad situations, then he would not be able to explain why he could kill 6 insects in a row. Probably by that time, no one would trust him either.

It would be easy for Yu Xiaohai to explain why he could kill one more insect. After all, it was not uncommon to see the awakened humans increased their power to another level during the combat.

Zhang Zicheng knocked on the table again, he asked Lin Shuiyao who was behind the Chu Yunsheng. “quiet, quiet, there is another one, please introduce yourself as well.”

Ling Shuiyao paused a second, her mind instantly went blank. She did not know what to say. “she is my friend, I promised her to escort her to Jin Ling city, she is an ordinary person, does not have any abilities, but she has to stay with us,” Chu Yunsheng explained.

In fact, Lin Shuiyao had already told Chu Yunsheng the location of the jade pendant, she was constantly worried about if Chu Yunsheng was going to abandon her. But when she saw Chu Yunsheng was trying to protect her, she immediately looked at him gratefully.

A young man in a black down jacket snorted. “this truck is only for the awakened humans, everyone got their friends and families. If they are all here, how can we do our job?”

A girl next to him immediately tugged him. “Qin Heng, You! stop talking!”

Chu Yunsheng ignored him, he just looked at Zhang Zicheng. He knew that on this truck only three people could make decisions, and those three people were sitting in front of them. However, he could not figure out why those awakened humans would listen to them.

Zhang Zicheng thought for a moment, he was in a difficult position. “Mr. Chu, I'm sorry, we do have such rule,  we also want to safely escort everyone to Jin Ling city.”

Chu Yunsheng smiled. Although he already knew where to get the pendant, he still could not break his promise. As long as it was within his limit, he would not abandon her. Everyone got rules. This team was not formed by him, of course, there was no place for him to make any decision.

Chu Yunsheng did not like to talk too much, So if that was the case, he thought that he should leave.

He shook his head and picked up the sword. “ok, I do not want to waste your time, we are leaving”

Lin Shuiyao’s face was covered by a scarf, so people could only see her eye, but based on her dress, everyone knew she was a woman. Zhang Zicheng thought that she was Chu Yunsheng’s girlfriend, he was even surer when he saw Chu Yunsheng was going to leave because of her. So he smiled and explained. “Mr. Chu, please let me finish, you don't need to worry, everyone got their friends and families, they are all allocated on a bus behind us, this is one of the benefits, we as the school provided to the escort team, we will take turn to guard the bus, you may rest assured that your friend is 100% safe there. ”

Chu Yunsheng was surprised, he did not know the university had this kind of arrangement, but on the second thought, those students definitely had their friends and families, of course, they definitely would not abandon their friends and families to join the escort team. It seemed like he rushed to the conclusion earlier.

While he had not replied yet. the chubby Yao Xiang approached him, and whispered to him. “brother, don’t leave, I've heard that Dong Shen university's researchers had a huge breakthrough, the result will help awakened warriors to increase their power.”