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Chapter 41 A tempting bus No.1

Chapter 41 A tempting bus No.1
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Chu Yunsheng wasn't an idiot. If they could take care of Lin Shuiyao, he would not refuse. Not to mention that he could also get some information from the researchers, and more importantly, he could get more insects which were the reason he wanted to join in since the beginning.

There were several buses behind the truck, one of them was heavily guarded, it was definitely for the families and friends of the escort team. The heavy machine gun was installed on the top of the bus, and the bus was modified with steel reinforcement bars outside.  Each bus was constantly guarded by two people.

Normally, one bus was limited to 50 passengers only, each escort team member had two or three seats on the bus, it was based on their power level, the strongest got three places, the weaker one only got two, and it was a fixed rule made by the team leader, no one dared to break it. If anyone wanted the third seat on the bus? Then they had to earn it!

Apparently, the reason why this rule was made was because of a couple of reasons, the first reason was because it was a lack of defence, food, fuels, and other materials, secondly the students in the escort team were mainly from other cities, they didn't have many family members with them, the seats they got was mainly their boyfriends or girlfriends.

The troops provided them with weapons, the university provided them with food in exchange for the escort team to fight for them. So it meant that not only those buses would be heavily guarded, the people on the bus would also receive a regular supply of food.

It became heaven in everyone’s mind, On this moving castle, everyone would receive protection, warm clothes, and the most important thing: food and water!

Before Chu Yunsheng joined them, the escort team had 14 members, they were 8 male, and 6 female, only 5 of them had 3 seats, that included their team leader,  the rest of them all had two seats on the bus.

Everyone coveted those few seats on the bus, some of them tried to schmooze their roommates in the university; some girl even exchanged her body for the safety; some pretty boys were busy chasing the girls in the escort team.

Especially those people who already got their seats on the bus, many people wanted to curry favor with them. It was just because those people would receive meals two times a day.

Apart from this bus No.1, there were few other buses behind the truck, they were all became the secondary choices. However, those buses were not easy to get on as well, they were mainly for the people who had contact with the university or the military.

Chu Yunsheng and Yu Xiaohai both had 5 places in total, but they had to pass the team leader's strict test first, Lin Shuiyao was only allowed to get on the bus after they made sure that their abilities were real.

At the moment, their team leader was guarding on top of the Bus No.1. Zhang Zicheng used this gap to explain the benefits and responsibilities they would have.

For example, things like food and water supplies, how to respond to the calls and in what order, how they should guard the place… etc. The most importantly. He reminded all the awakened warriors, they did not need to kill insects, they just needed to destroy their defence layer, and leave the rest to the troops. In this way, they would be able to deal with more insects.

Chu Yunsheng was still leaning against the steel bar, he was smoking a cigarette when he overheard Qin Heng bluffing about how their team leader would destroy him, and expose his lie.

He did not have time to argue with Qin Heng, he just needed to wait until their team leader arrived and showed them his true ability. He wanted to see how they would react when they discovered his true power.

Chu Yunsheng turned around and looked outside,  the crowd was mixed with cars and people, it was moving very slowly, sometimes it was not even moving at all. But they could not do anything about it, the road was filled with refugees, no one cared about the bodies on the side of the road and the horrible smell of faeces.

People were shouting all the time, some were calling the name of other people, some were just crying, some people were even busy stealing other’s bags, but most were panicky footsteps.

If someone tripped over and if they did not get up on time, the result would be stepped to death. At this time, no one would care about if the person underneath them was dead or alive.

Chu Yunsheng noticed some people were jumping on top of some unarmed private cars at a place in a distance, some people even broke the windows and started to squeeze in, it was really a mess.

It was much better on the side he was staying, no one dared to fight the gun and the awakened warriors, they did not even dare to come close to their vehicles.

The Intermittent sound of explosions constantly appeared from the place far away at back, it attracted Chu Yunsheng’s attention, it was a fierce battle between the army and the swarm.

The rockets from the howitzers and rocket artilleries were violently blasting out the fire in the sky, it lit up the entire skyline, the ground was shaken violently as if it was a huge earthquake. The sound of the explosions and rockets piercing through the air resounded through the entire crowd.
Chu Yunsheng was stunned, it was the first time he saw such massive military attack other than in a movie. There were so many rockets flying in the sky, every fire trail at the tail of every rocket was pulled all the way across the sky as if the sky was raining the rockets down to earth.

The most importantly, They still had not used the ballistic missile or the nuclear weapon these kinds the destructive weapons yet. It suddenly reminded Chu Yunsheng that not only Insects, human themselves could also destroy the earth!

He could not imagine that if the president of the country which had the most nuclear weapons put his hands on the activate button right now!

Since the beginning of the dark age. Chu Yunsheng always thought that he was fighting on the front line, but now it seemed he was way off.

With such massive of artillery fire,  He didn't even need to think how large the swarm they were dealing with over there!

That should have been the front line of the battle between insects and humans!

However, even though the military had such firepower they still decided to retreat, Chu Yunsheng felt a chill down to his spine, what exactly did they see, why were they so scared that they had to retreat?

Was it really that they would only be safe when they arrived at the Jin Ling city, Would Jin Ling city really be able to stop the swarm's attack?

Chu Yunsheng could not answer himself,  apart from Qi cultivation, his thought was exactly the same as other people outside the truck, which was to flee to Jin Ling city and maybe they would be safe over there.

Jin Ling city was their last hope, and it was the only thing that kept them alive, he could guarantee that if some reliable news source told them Jin Ling City had fallen, everyone here, including himself would probably fall into an infinite panic until they die.

Or maybe this hope did not exist at all, but people still chose to believe it, in fact, some rumors had already said that Jin Ling city had fallen,  but because it wasn’t from a reliable source, no one believed it。

Chu Yunsheng looked at the endless crowds and suddenly thought if Jin Ling City really fell, where would his hope be, would he escape to the end of the world, or would he give up escaping and just wait for insects to kill him?

“I still have Yuan Qi, I can still cultivate it.” Chu Yunsheng told himself. “even it means to escape to the end of the world, I will still do it.”

His father once told him, Even the darkest clouds would be dissipated one day, never give up, otherwise, you would never get to see the sun after the dark clouds.

Chu Yunsheng’s thoughts started to drift away, the sound of someone getting on the truck pulled him back to the reality, it was the captain of this escort team!

Edited by Xiongace101

Note*  Changed awakening warriors to awakened warriors sounds more correct because of tense and awakening warrior can be misleading.