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Chapter 42 Test

Chapter 42 Test
“I'm Zhong Nan! The captain of this awakenings escort team, time is precious, let's start from the right, one by one doing the test.” said by a man while he was walking, he was closely followed by the team members who were holding a big chunk of red shell insect’s shell

Chu Yunsheng took a close look at him, quite tall, hard sinewy body, wearing a black coat, his movement was very nimble, å’Œseemed to be a competent man.

Zhong Nan stopped in front of them, and said sternly:” everyone, we are doing a basic test today, just want to make sure if everyone is truly the awakenings, and it is also used to roughly estimate your capabilities, we will readjust the estimate later on base on your performance during the battle, and give you the benefit accordingly.”
Everyone was fine with what he said, so Zhong Nan took out the red-shelled insect’s shell and explained:” the energy is important for all of us, so the test method was simplified, use your ability to attack this shell, like how you attack normally, just once, I'll give you a rough estimate base on the damage appeared on the shell.”

Chu Yunsheng already heard from other people saying that those awakening warriors couldn't break the insect’s defence layer easily, normally they had to attack continuously in order to break insect’s defence layer.

Zhong Nan’s method was to use one piece of insect’s shell, in this way, people did not have to waste too much energy on it, and based on the attack he could easily estimate their capacities.

The test was done on the truck, it was very crowded outside the truck, and there was no time to find an empty place, so everyone stood up and gathered at front of the truck, some people even sat on the top of the truck.

The first one was being tested was Yao Xiang, he was always enthusiast about everything.

The shell was tightly held on by two team members,  Chu Yunsheng was shocked when he saw Yao Xiang begun to twist his body as if he was possessed by an evil spirit, suddenly he shouted “Ha” a ring of fire was thrown out from his hand, and then smashed onto the shell, two members were pushed back half of a step by the impact.

With the help of light, the deep marks on the shell could be clearly seen by everyone, Yao Xiang was satisfied with this result, so he happily asked Zhong Nan:” captain, what do you think?”

Zhong Nan nodded his head, he simply told the girl who was making a record:” pass!.”

Seeing captain didn't have much reaction, it upset Yao Xiang a little bit, he couldn't do anything but moved to the side with a disappointment.

The next one was Ding Yan, Chu Yunsheng thought his ability looked like Simei who he killed, they both needed a gun to unleash the power, according to that lecturer Zhang, this type of ability would be their main research subject, the aim was to find out the reason behind it and use it on all type of firearm to kill the insect.

Ding Yan’s bullet burned a hole on the shell but it didn't penetrate it, Zhong Nan still without any emotions:” pass.!”

Next one was Yu Xiaohai, but it was a bit trouble for him. Since he used up his energy, so he could not trigger any more frost arrow now, Chu Yunsheng thought for a second and pulled Yu Xiaohai who felt embarrassed aside and said:” he used up his energy, couldn't do the test now.:
Yu Xiaohai nodded his head, this was the fact.

Zhong Nan knitted his brows just about to say something, he was immediately interrupted by a few team members who thought he was lying at the beginning, Qin Heng kicked up a fuss and everyone laughed.

:“don't want to do the test, then get off the truck, this is not the place you can get free food!”

“why let them go that easily, at least…..”

“was he saying 6? why when the captain is here,  he didn't even dare to do the test, such a pussy!”
Chu Yunsheng was so pissed off, he didn't think he had done anything to them, but why the fuck they were treating him like this, are they retarded?

But he didn't know that since those people had awakened their power, they slowly became arrogant, while their social status became higher and higher, they started to look down on other people.  a sarcastic speech was nothing compared to what they did normally. Sometimes they could beat up some people, and they still didn't even get any punishment for that.

A person like Chu Yunsheng who gave them such insolent statement that he could deal with 6 insects, of course, he would be considered as another stupid guy or another new person they could mock at.

Chu Yunsheng was not smiling anymore, he instantly drew the sword. Hacking, flicking and another hacking, three sword forms in one breath. Everyone could only see three red beams flashed under the light. They were stunned, they did not know what just happened. and Chu Yunsheng slowly sheathed his sword.

Even the captain also didn't see what just happened because he didn't feel any energy movement when Chu Yunsheng used the sword.

Of course, Chu Yunsheng didn't want to use his Yuan Qi on the shell, it was dead, Qian Bi sword was sharp enough to break it on its own.

He pointed at the shell and said coldly to Qin Heng and other people:” say one more word, you will end up like that!”

Qin Heng and other people were stunned by his gorgeous sword forms. But when they realised the armour did not break, they all laughed out loud:”almost fooled by you, you stupi…...” . in next moment they gasped in shock, and unable to finish the sentence. The shell was broken into four pieces and fell onto the floor.

“Thump, thump” two muffled sounds like the hammer hit everyone’s heart!

What kind power was that!?

His speed was faster than the eyes can see, he broke insect’s shell which was known to be harder than the steel, and even more absurdly that he did not use any energy.

Was that really the unbreakable red shell insect’s shell?

Qin Heng and other people looked at each other and stopped laughing!

The captain Zhong Nan’s first reaction was shocked, then he heart was filled with happiness and excitement, he had never seen such powerful man before, with this man’s help, his team’s strength would definitely increase. He thought.

He had always been nice to Qin Heng and his team, although those people acted snobby and superior in the past, for the whole team and for the big picture, he did not offend them.

 However, he did not want to lose Chu Yunsheng this powerful awakening warrior. so his face instantly turned into a grave look and said to Qin Heng’s group:”you come here, and apologise to this gentleman”

Chu Yunsheng had no interest in playing this kind of game, he said coldly:”no need for it, captain Zhong, I only hope that they won’t do it next time, I have to mention it first, the reason why I wanted to join your team was because we both need each other, we don't owe each other anything, it’s a deal. I hope that we can work happily together, and also, my brother used up his energy, believe it or not, this is my only explanation!”

Zhong Nan smiled:”with your ability, we totally trust your friend, I hope we can cooperate happily”

Chu Yunsheng saw Zhong Nan responded to him so quickly, so he did not carry on complain anything. after all, they were probably going to cooperate for a very long time, so he pointed at Lin Shuiyao and said:”apart from her, we did not bring any other people, so if it’s not trouble, please ask your people to help her go through whatever the procedure you need her to do .”

So called the procedure was actually register their name with a girl who responsible for making the record on bus No.1, because of some unknown reason, the team member would often request to replace the people in the bus.

Zhong Nan nodded his head:”don't worry, we will make sure everything was arranged properly .” then he pointed the girl who was sitting next to him doing the record, :”Also, if you need to allocate other people in the future, you can look for Tong Tong, as long as it’s within the limits gave to you, there won't be any problem”

“En” Chu Yunsheng replied, then stopped talking.

The truck had stopped moving for quite some time, all the people were crowded together and discuss something, no one knew what happened in the front.

Zhong Nan was worried while looking at front,  He called another team member and told Chu Yunsheng:”this is Qian DeDuo, you and your friend are going to team up with him temporarily, you both spent some time to get to know each other, I have other things need to attend to ”

Just right after he finished his sentence, he hurriedly left the truck, Chu Yunsheng took out a cigarette from his pocket, took a deep drag while looking at this Qian DeDuo this team leader.
He was a young man, roughly twenty years old, perhaps was the student from the Dong Sheng university, he was always squinting his eyes, and his face was filled with weird smiles.

Qian Deduo reached out his hands and smiled:”Hello, my name is Qian Deduo, you can call me Xiao Qian“