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Chapter 44 the benefit of the combat

Chapter 44 the benefit of the combat
The weakest parts of the Insects were their heads and bellies. During the fight, normally Chu Yunsheng would focus on attacking an insect’s head, once he hit the head, it would normally finish the battle straight away.

The defence of the injured insect was greatly reduced, it tried to stab Chu Yunsheng using its legs. But Chu Yunsheng dodged its attack by turning his body sideways. He slid forward and didn't use much effort to hack the insect into a half.

The soldier who blew the insect’s jaw off was thrown on the ground by the insect, the other two soldiers quickly ran towards and hugged him.

“Sergeant!...” one of the soldiers was on the verge of the tear, he wanted to gather all organs and put it back to where it was, but his body was trembling uncontrollably, he didn't know where to start.

The Sergeant was slowly losing his consciousness, the half minced left arm was hanging on his shoulder and his head dropped down. The other two soldiers were trying to wake him up, and after a few attempts the Sergeant barely lifted up his eyelid, his mouth opened and closed for a few times, but he couldn't make any noise, one of the soldiers immediately put his ear near his mouth.

Chu Yunsheng's five sense was extremely sensitive, even though the Sergeant’s voice was extremely low, he could still hear it.

“Qiang... Zi... Find... Find a place … bury me… I… I... Don't want to die… like a …. Stray dog…!” the Sergeant’s mouth was filled with blood.

Qiang Zi couldn't stop his tear, he nodded his head. “yes sir!  sergeant...  Ser…”

Suddenly the Sergeant violently twitched his body, he barely kept his eye open and looked at the sky said weakly. “if …. You see... My wife….”

He didn't finish his sentence, his eyes were still looking at the sky and there was a trace of a pitiful smile on the corner of his mouth. Qiang Zi and another soldier were crying loud on top of Sergeant's body. They clenched their fist and punched the ground several times.

”Qiang Zi, let’s go kill the insect, the Captain died, the Lieutenant died, now the Sergeant also died, our brothers all died, why the fuck we are still alive!? ” the other soldier stood up, his face was twisted and ferocious.


Chu YunSheng stepped over the insect’s bodies and left silently. When he was alone, he would often think, if one day the insect killed him, he also wanted to be buried as well.

He often laughed at himself why he would have such ridiculous idea, he didn’t even have enough time to think about how he should survive when he was still alive, why would he care about the things after he died, it was indeed ridiculous.

Qiang Deduo, Jiang Ye and other people already joined the fight,  the soldiers who fight with them were constantly shooting at insects as if they wanted to release all the anger by shooting at the insects. The insects slowly died one by one,  however, humans died even more.

Chu Yunsheng speeded up his movement and jumped up, a sword hacked down onto an insect which attempted to attack a team member from behind.

The sharp Qian Bi sword blade was filled with pure Yuan Qi, it broke the insect’s defence layer violently and smashed onto the insect’s shell heavily, the shell was cracked up open. Chu Yunsheng fell onto the red-shelled insect’s back and stabbed the sword in between the gap very hard.

The red shelled insect felt pain, it frantically jumped up and down wanted to buck off the person on this back. But Chu Yunsheng did not give it any opportunities to fight back. He pulled up the sword, and stabbed several times in one breath until the insect stopped moving.

Chu Yunsheng quickly wiped off the insect’s blood from the mask and turned the sword horizontally to cut off the claw of another insect which was trying to pinch him. His whole body was like a bullet coming out of a gun's chamber, shooting from the side which the insect lost its claw to the other side.

The whole Qian Bi sword was forcibly inserted into the insect’s mouth,he roared loudly and pushed the sword deeper while the sword was still in the insect’s mouth. The insect was pushed back a few steps, then Chu Yunsheng gathered all his strength and hacked down the sword, it instantly brought out the dirty corrosive mucus.

The insect suffered a heavy hit,  while it was staggering back, its mouth was constantly bursting out the green liquid. It wobbled and fell to the ground a moment later.

At this point, there were only three insects left on the battlefield, and all their defence layers were destroyed by the awakened warriors, the soldiers were frantically shooting the bullets to suppress the insect, the insects were dying soon.

Qian Deduo already completed his task. His face was full of surprise while looking at Chu Yunsheng whose body was spread with sticky liquid. He was puzzled and asked Yu Xiaohai who was next to him. "Your friend is very strong, but did he not hear to what the captain Said, we just need to destroy the defence layer?”

Yu Xiaohai despised him for asking this kind of question, he said arrogantly. "get rid of defence? I have never seen any Insects can survive Chu’s attack!"

Obviously, Yu Xiaohai was bragging about it. Before they joined the escort team, and In order to save the Yuan Qi, Chu Yunsheng had to design an escape route to get rid of three insects that were chasing him.

But this time, Chu Yunsheng killed three in a row, none of which needed the troop’s fire support, which made Qian Deduo did not doubt Yu Xiaohai words.

"He is really strong. Apart from the captain, I have never seen such a powerful guy. Oh no, maybe even stronger than the captain, very good, luckily he is in my group, haha!” Qian Deduo was filled with excitement.

Jiang Ye stood next to him, he had a bitter grin on his face when he heard what Qian Deduo said. The team was arranged by the captain, he did not have any choice, but fortunately, that guy called Yao Xiang was also good, so he felt a little bit better.

The last three red shelled insects finally fell on the ground, the team members who joined the battle gradually returned to Jiang Ye and Qian De duo. looking at the floor full of the dead bodies. They all lost interest to talk anything. After they roughly checked the damages and the stats of the combat,  they just simply greeted the last military instructor who was still alive. then slowly left the battlefield with different thoughts and feelings.

Chu Yunsheng did not leave yet, he stood on the side smoking a cigarette. He had told Qian Deduo that he needed to calm down for a bit.

He wanted to wait until all the escort team and troops left so he could collect the insect’s bodies as soon as possible. Every second that wasted here, made him feel distressed.

At the end of every battle, every team members would often have different kinds of emotions. Qian Deduo and Jiang Ye did not think too much, they just reminded Chu Yunsheng to get some rests, and then brought everyone back to the truck.

Chu Yunsheng asked Yu Xiaohai to get back to the truck first and to ask Zhang Zicheng about the research progress of his ability.

The soldiers who were still alive asked to bury their comrades. Chu Yunsheng understood that everyone was sad; their comrades just died, and maybe they would also die very soon!

The Insects were killed, and the crowd began to carry on moving slowly, they had not even left the outer zone of the city yet. Everyone was anxious. No one dared to stay here very long.

Chu Yunsheng did not care about exposing his ability to ordinary people. To them, using the talisman to absorb the insect's energy was as mysterious as Yao Xiang’s fire ring cut. There was nothing special about it.

All sixteen insects, Chu Yunsheng used empty absorption talismans to absorb the energy from dead insects, and made the new absorption talismans repeatedly.

Some insect’s energies were exposed a little bit too long,  the amount of energy Chu Yunsheng gathered from the sixteen dead insects this time was only equivalent to the amount that normally he gathered from fourteen insects.

He made a total of two full flame-patterned absorption talisman, and the remaining two insects were placed in the storage talisman, he wanted to keep it for the future use.

His body still remained three units of Yuan Qi, he did not want to restore it straight away, with two full flames patterned absorption talisman, he could restore Yuan Qi at any time, so there was no need to hurry.

More importantly, it was only considered a successful cycle, when he released all the Yuan Qi inside his body completely and restored it fully.  So he intended to use up all the Yuan Qi first.

Chu Yunsheng felt a little better now, the problem that had been troubled him for the longest time finally solved. It indicated that his cultivation speed would once again speed up, the Yuan Tian stage two did not seem so far away now.

When he returned to the truck, he saw Yu Xiaohai was very excited.

Yu Xiaohai told him that Dong Shen University had developed a preliminary result on his ability and they had recommended an exercise program to him.

After Yu Xiaohai tested it, the energy was indeed restored faster than before, but Chu Yunsheng still found it very slow, it was even less than half of the speed of his meditation practice.

Not only Yu Xiaohai, but he also heard that the recovery speed of other team member was also very slow, which was the reason that they wanted to split into groups to respond to the rescue call.

Chu Yunsheng went to speak to the Captain Zhong Nan later on. He requested to join the combat every time, because he urgently needed to increase his strength.

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