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Chapter 62 The assassination begins

Chapter 62 The assassination begins
Hearing what he said Yao Xiang instantly burst out. “you bunch of animals!”

The unshaven man shivered a little bit, he didn't speak back, he just carried on begging for mercy.

Yao Xiang’s face was as cold as ice, he said to Chu Yunsheng. “bother Chu, those bastards already lost their humanity, they will carry on harming other people if we keep them alive!”

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, he had killed a lot of people, but he had yet fallen to a point where he would use those women as baits to lure the meat worms. “they deserve to die, you deal with them, I am going to get a bow!” he simply said.

The unshaven man was scared, he thought that Chu Yunsheng would be like the Boss Jiang, but he did not expect that he was digging his own grave. When he knew that there was no way back, he immediately stood up and ran away from Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang.

But how could they run away from an awakened warrior! Less than a minute, they were all burned to death by Yao Xiang’s Fire Ring Cut. It scared those women into screaming constantly.

Chu Yunsheng went to the second floor and searched all the rooms on the second floor. However, he still could not find any crossbows. He only found some bows. But he still stored them inside the storage talisman with all the arrows he could find.

He was an amateur, so he did not know which bow was good and which wasn't. He just grabbed them all and hoped that the practice would make him good at it.

Chu Yunsheng unfolded the map and marked 1- 4 on the 4 areas that he had been before.  He did not know which area was the commander Du staying right now. He just hoped that he would encounter them later on or he would discover the marks that left by Ding Yan, which would help them to find the traces of where they might be going.

At the moment, the Yuan Qi inside his body had reached a state where he could almost deal with 11 red shelled insects. He needed to use the gap between the time he lost the Commander Du's troop and the time he found them again to increase his strength. He also needed to kill a few more of those red-eye monsters, so he could use Qian Bi sword to absorb more of those blue gases.

Chu Yunsheng still could not get rid of the thought of human flesh when he saw the monster's meat.  He felt sick every time when he thought about it, so he just asked Yao Xiang to give them away to those women and asked those women to leave this place as soon as possible.

After they searched the building completely, Chu Yunsheng left the club with Yao Xiang. They both then went into the fog once again.

His method to kill red-eye monsters was to try to kill as many of them as possible. If the monsters were chasing him, he just needed to cross the fog wall several times, then he would eventually get rid of them in the fog.

Chu Yunsheng’s archery skill was not very good, so instead of using the actual arrows, he used a bow to shoot out pure Yuan Qi energy. Luckily those red-eye monster's defence was not very strong, he only needed to use a small amount of Yuan Qi to freeze them.

Originally he planned to climb up to a tree to ambush them. But since he heard the unshaven man said that there were many other monsters living on the top of strange plants and none of those monsters were easy to kill, he gave up the idea.

Chu Yunsheng had passed a few blocks already, but he still didn't find any signs of the commander Du's troop, so he suspected that the commander Du's troop was probably hiding somewhere. They got so many scientists, so finding a place to study those fog wall was much better than running around blindly in the fog. After all, they would not be able to leave this place very soon.

After Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang spent two days running around inside the city, they finally marked all the 9 sections on the map. He also experienced the changes of patterns every 12 hours. That was something Chu Yunsheng knew for sure that he would never be able to figure it out by himself.

While running around the city, he also found many red shelled insect’s bodies which he could use to repair the huge crack on his armor.

He also got to see the meat worm that the unshaven man mentioned, that was a 10 meters long cylindrical tube-like white monster. It did not have any heads, it only had two mouths, one at the front of its body and one at the back. In fact, Chu Yunsheng did not even know which side was its front and which side was its back.

The only thing he knew was that with his ability right now, he could only kill two of them at most! No wonder why The Boss Jiang wanted to make a human energy bomb. Only when the bomb was detonated inside the monster, would it cause the monster to lose its ability to attack. So the Boss Jiang and his group members could get close to the monster and kill it.

What was even more terrifying was from time to time there was a strange powerful monster diving down from the top of those strange plants, the monster's body was covered with visible flame as if it was made of pure fire elements. When it dived down at meat worms and red-eyed monsters, those monsters could not even withstand its first round of attack. Chu Yunsheng even saw a group of five awakened warriors was burned to ashes within a minutes by its flame.

Chu Yunsheng guessed that his combat armor, energy shield and 11 unit of Yuan Qi was nothing to this flame monster. Unless he reached Yuan Tian stage two, otherwise when he encountered this type of monster again, he was 100% dead.

Chu Yunsheng compared his ability with this type of monster. he was still four steps away from being able to kill this type of monster.

The first step was that he still needed to circulate Yuan Qi inside his body 32 times in order to reach the peak of Yuan Tian stage one. Then he would need to recite the incantation to break through the barrier between Yuan Tian stage one and Yuan Tian stage two.
When he reached Yuan Tian stages two, not only would he be able to perform the true sword fighting techniques, but he was also able to make the lowest level of ‘Feng Shou Fu’(TL: Monster Seal talisman) to seal the dying monster.

After the monster was successfully sealed, he could then summon the monster later on during the battle to fight for him. The more Feng Shou Fu which was the monster seal talisman he got, the more monsters he would be able to summon!

With the help of monster seal talismans and other offensive talismans, the strength of Yuan Tian stage two and the sword fighting techniques, Chu Yunsheng believed that even if he could not kill the flame monster, there would not be a problem for him to run away.

Right now, he already had a dozen flame-patterned and ice-patterned absorption talismans in his hand. Apart from the last time he killed the boss Jiang's group, the rest of Yuan Qi came from the red-eyed monsters that he and the troop killed.

The blue ripples inside Qian Bi sword didn't seem to change much. Chu Yunsheng was also scared to find a meat worm to do a test because it was the flame monster’s main food. It was not worth to risk his life just to test the sword.

One red shelled insect could supply him with one unit of flame pattern, one red-eyed monster could only supply him 1/5 unit of an ice pattern, this huge gap upset him a little bit.

The only advantage he was able to find was that he could use the fog wall to get away from those monster’s chase. If it was still at outside, then he had to use his feet to race with those monsters.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunsheng was at an area where he marked as the section 3 on the map, he had already discovered the commander Du’s troop 3 hours ago. When he found them, they were just leaving the place they had stayed hurriedly. Chu Yunsheng didn't know where they wanted to go, but what he did know was that they were under the attack of a massive amount of red-eyed monsters.

This was the chance he had been waiting for, he gave Yao Xiang a signal, then both of them lurked into a building nearby. They didn't dare to get to the roof, they only got to the third floor.

Chu Yunsheng opened the window which was facing the troop and asked Yao Xiang to watch out for dangers in the surroundings, so he could focus on disrupting the troop. As he pulled the string, an arrow made of pure Yuan Qi slowly formed on the bow. Chu Yunsheng only used ⅕ a unit of Yuan Qi. His main objective was to disrupt them not to kill them, also, his archery skill wasn't very good, so even if he missed the shot, he would not waste too much energy.

He aimed the arrow at a man next to the long-faced man.

“whoosh!”  The arrow pierced through the air and flew straight towards the man.