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Chapter 47 Green shelled insect

 Chapter 47 Green shelled insect

Chu Yunsheng looked up, it was Zhang Zicheng who was taken away by the insect.

He was struggling violently and shouting in horror, but he still couldn't get off the thorn.

On the top of bus no.1.the Machine gunner frantically raked the insect with the machine gun in panic.  Chu Yunsheng wanted to know if he was aiming at the flying insect or Zhang Zicheng!

The flying insect wheeled in the sky for a few circles then bit off his head and threw away his body, then it dived again.  It headed directly towards the machine gunner this time!

“don't shoot! don't shoot!!!” Chu Yuusheng saw Zhong Nan jumped on the bus then laid in a prone position on the top of the bus and shouted.

But it was too late, the flying insect seemed to have locked on the machine gunner, it flew over the crowd once again, the back of its legs hooked on the machine gunner and took him away.
Zhong Nan stopped the Battalion commander who about to take over the machine gun, he said sternly and slowly:” don't shoot!......”

Enraged flying insect quickly tore the machine gunner apart, then carried on wheeling on top of the crowd looking for a new target.

Zhong Nan murmured:“let them kill, let them kill…  when they killed enough!them will go away!”
Everyone was gloomy, and everyone including Chu YunSheng understood why Zhong Nan said that. with their current strength, they simply could not deal with this kind flying insects, they were too fast!

Except one of insect which was twined together with the helicopter, the troops on the ground took the opportunity to use the rocket launchers to lock on it and shot it down. However, The other two flying insects continued to dive and ascend, soldiers could not hit them at all.

Chu Yunsheng knew if they blindly shot at those flying insects, it would only provoke them, based on the insect’s behaviour he learned from the red-shelled insect, enraged insects are far more dangerous than the insects just hunting for preys.

Normally the insects would leave if they killed enough people. but enraged insect would kill every single one of them, no matter what the cost was.

Chu Yunsheng dragged Yu Xiaohai off the bus and sat next to the bus tyre. It was a suicide if they were still staying on the top.

The Sound of gunfire slowly fade out, everyone had seemed to acquiesce in the killings, apart from the people's horrified screams caused by the flying insects when it dived down, and the poor people shouted for help when they got taken away, everyone was in depressive silent.

Soon, The rest of two flying insects killed dozens of people then flew away, the scattered crowd once again gathered together, as if nothing had happened.

Zhong Nan was calculating the damages and casualties on the truck, Chu Yunsheng just reported to him then jumped off the truck, he wanted to take a close look at the flying insect’s body, it was too far away when he saw one of them got shot down, but it didn't die immediately, only until the troops spent quite a lot of ammunition and also with the help of the awakening warriors, did they finally killed it completely.

When Chu Yunsheng arrived, the place was already blocked by the troops, he could only observe from outside.

The flying insect’s color was different than red shell insect’s, it was green, its body was covered with the strong shell, the body had signs of being frozen by ice, presumably was from one of the awakening warriors, on the shell there were many shallow dents,  few holes, they were made by the bullets, it seemed like even the flying insect lost its energy shield, it would still be able to withstand the bullets attack for quite some time.

Based his observation, the flying insect mainly used the thorn from the back of his foot and its front foot to tear the prey apart, and its sharp beak to peck.

Chu Yunsheng wasn't sure that if his armour was strong enough to protect him from flying insect’s attack.

While Chu Yunsheng was trying to find a way to get closer, The Dong Sheng university’s researchers arrived at the scene and started to slowly cut the insect into pieces. Luckily they knew Chu Yunsheng was one of the awakening warriors, so he was granted permission to get close to the insect.

The researchers had named this insect green shelled insect. They dissected the body and tried to study its physiological structure, during the cut-up process, one of the researchers got burned by the liquid that burst out from the insect’s organ.

They had also granted Chu Yunsheng the permission to test the strength of the shell. It didn't surprise Chu Yunsheng that the flying insect’s shell was much stronger than the red-shelled insect, he needed to infuse one unit of Yuan Qi into the sword in order to cut the shell into a half.

Chu Yunsheng was worried for quite a bit, but fortunately there weren't many of those insects, otherwise, if the sky were full of those insects, the human would be extinct very soon.

Chu Yunsheng was depressed, the drastic change made everyone felt the same way. people were slowly moving forward, but the scenes of flying insects wheeling in the sky and diving down to kill the people when they couldn't fight back still appeared in their mind,  it was like a huge rock on everyone’s chest, it made them couldn't breathe.

Qian Deduo got told off by Zhong Nan, he was sitting in the corner constantly sighing, Yu Xiaohai stayed in the corner practising his ability, perhaps the killings caused him to rethink what he should do now, Chu Yunsheng hoped that he would continue like this.

The truck was back running again, it was bumping up and down and slowly moving forwards, Chu Yunsheng had already got back on the truck and went back to meditate again.

He was spiritually exhausted after cultivating qi for a whole day. when he was in a light trance, he heard some intermittent noises, some of them seemed to be Qian Deduo’s voice. Chu Yunsheng was alerted and opened up his eye then noticed that everyone in the fourth team and the fifth team all gathered together, and Yu Xiaohai was about to wake him up.

The hazy dim light in the sky was completely gone now, Chu Yunsheng looked at his watch, it was 23 o’clock. it should have been the night time if it was still in the age of light,

Qian Deduo seemed to have restored his energy, he whispered:”Brother Chu, food factory is near here, we are moving out now, later one, everyone get off the truck one by one, be quiet, don't make any noise, Zhou Tingyun, you stay on the truck, in case captain is looking for us.”
“Why me again? ” Zhou Tingyun did not seem to be happy about it.

Qian Deduo said quietly:”of course it’s you, you are the weakest in the group, and still has not recovered the energy, if there is any danger, can you even run away?” then he tried to comfort her:”you watch our back, when we get back, we will definitely give you one share. You don't even need to risk yourself, it's a good thing, why are you complaining?”

Zhou Tingyun pressed her lips together for a moment then burst out said:”I know you are looking down on me!”,

Qian Deduo knitted his eyebrows and threatened her:”are you gonna do it or not, Zhou Tingyun, if you are not listening, then leave our group, you can join Qin Heng’s group, it does not make any difference for our fifth team to fight without you! ”

Zhou Tingyun had no choice but gave up, she unwillingly nodded her head and mumbled:”....like I care….”

No one heard her last sentence, but Chu Yunsheng did, he did not know why she wanted to go, it was obviously very dangerous, they would probably lose their life, why she still insisted going? Qian Deduo had already promised her to give her a share, did she felt not enough? Did she want more?

the human was indeed greedy, especially now, the food was even more precious than life. Chu Yunsheng thought.

But he did not say anything, he just closely followed everyone and quietly got off the truck. At this time, not many people were still moving on the road, everyone was exhausted, everyone laid on the ground to take a break, apart from few fire pits. It was very quiet in the surroundings.

no one knew where did Qian Deduo get a night vision goggles, it looked like the military equipment, so he was leading the way,  and everyone else was closely following him in the dark.

This food factory used to manufacture bread, it was located outside city zone near a highway interchange.

The surroundings went completely dark when they left the crowd, Jiang Ye had to switch on the flashlight in order to see what was in front of them, everyone was slowly moving forward in the dark.

On the way They did not encounter any insect, Chu Yunsheng thought it was normal, if there was an insect in the area, they would probably be attracted by the crowd already.

Everyone was twice as careful on the road until they finally near the interchange. suddenly there was a gleam of light appeared on the horizon in a distance far away from them, Yu Xiaohai pushed Chu Yunsheng and whispered:”chu, look over there!”

Chu Yunsheng pulled up his mask, then he saw a large group of flying creatures was glowing in the dark on the horizon, they were like the fireflies illuminating the small area of horizon,  it was a magnificent view in this completely dark night,

“What is that?” Qian Deduo approached him and said nervously.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head, who the hell would know what that was!

“Look! What’s beneath them?” Yao Xiang in the fourth team lost his calm and shouted, Jiang Ye immediately covered his mouth, because the insect was more sensitive to the sound than the light.

Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes to take a close look. The glowing flying creatures were slowly flying away. when it almost disappeared on the horizon, its light lit up a gigantic “tree” kind of plant near them.  they could not see it very clear, but it was higher than the buildings around it, and It was definitely not there before because Chu Yunsheng had not heard of this kind of scary tree in Shen Cheng city before.

Everyone looked at each other and did not know what to say, they had seen a lot of strange creatures recently, the world was getting more and more strange, more and more perplexing!
Chu Yunsheng pushed Qian Deduo and said:”stop thinking that thing, we need to hurry up!”

Everyone was stunned by that scene, only when Chu Yunsheng reminded them, did they realise they need to speed up. They quickly went around the interchange and approached a red brick building. the building was located in an open area, there was nothing around it.

Apparently, Qian Deduo was very familiar with this area, it did not take him long to find the front entrance, probably he used to work here for a long time.

“Did not see any insect! No one is here!”  Qian Deduo said quietly, he used the night vision goggles to scan the area, and used his hand to make an OK gesture to everyone.

When they approached the front yard, they noticed the gate was open, everyone’s heart sank, someone had been here before!

Qian Deduo knitted his brows, he lurked inside while moving closer to the wall. Although through the night vision goggles he could not see any insect, Chu Yunsheng did not let his guard down, he had already fallen into a trap once which was at the supermarket,  he did not want it to happen twice, so he did not trust night vision goggles.

Other team members also seemed to knew the flaw of vision goggles. it was most likely came from their research department which was studying the insects day and night. So everyone was extremely careful.

Qian Deduo led the team straight to a storage facility, it was a small factory, originally it did not have a lot of equipment, now it seemed even more empty.

Chu Yunsheng just right behind the Qian Deduo,  the storage facility was behind the workshop. After they went around the workshop, they finally saw the storage facility's door.
The door was closed. Qian Deduo sighed with relieved when he just about to get close to the door.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly felt Yuan Qi was rapidly increasing in the area, the air started to freeze, he was startled and instantly dragged Qian Deduo back and shouted:”careful!”

Before he finished his sentence, a woman dressed in white rushed out of the door, she was surrounded by the fierce frost and glanced at their group, she then lightly jumped to the roof and quickly disappeared from their sight.

Her speed was even faster than Chu Yunsheng when he was wearing the armour!
“What the hell!” Jiang Ye said nervously, he was behind Chu Yunsheng and Qian Deduo, he only got a chance to see a shadow,