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Chapter 50 The Regiment Commander's Plan

Chapter 50 The Regiment Commander's Plan
Chu Yunsheng needed to hurry up absorbing Yuan Qi from the monster before the research team arrived. He went behind the monster alone and took out a brand new absorption talisman then used the fastest speed he had to absorb Yuan Qi.

One wasn't enough then two, three…. In the end, he had six full flame-patterned absorption talismans. It was equivalent to more than 30 red shelled insects, and it was not even being absorbed right after it died, so some of its Yuan Qi already dissipated. This was how powerful the monster was.

The research team members gradually arrived, so Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to absorb the smaller one. He took back a talisman and noticed that the hazy gleam had come out of the sky again. He looked at his watch, it was already 8:00.

When he was repeatedly making absorption talismans and using them to absorb the Yuan Qi from the monster, the Yuan Qi also circulated inside his body. He now reached a state where he could kill 10 insects, but he still wasn't sure that if he could deal with a green shelled insect and a tentacle monster alone.

When Chu Yunsheng came back, The escort team members were still taking the break near the place where they buried Jiang Ye. Most of the team members more or less were injured. Then He saw Zhong Nan was talking to some military officers.

Zhong Nan saw Chu Yunsheng came back, so he turned around and said. “regiment commander Du, the man you are looking for is him.” The man he was talking to was wearing a two bars and three stars shoulder sleeve insignia, he was a colonel.

The regiment commander reached out his hands and held Chu Yunsheng’s right hand and smiled. “Mr. Chu it's my pleasure to meet you, my name is Du Qishan.”

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows. ‘why would the military look for him?’ But at the moment he could only respond reluctantly. “hello.”

The regiment commander was just about to say something, a man who just appeared behind him suddenly shouted in shock. “it's you!”

Chu Yunsheng squinted his eyes to look at that man, it was the Captain Gu, the annoying guy. It looked like he had successfully escaped from the Shen Cheng city and returned to the military.

“Li Ming you two know each other?” The regiment commander Du shifted his eyes. but didn't change his tone. Gu Liming suddenly felt embarrassed. He quickly whispered into the regiment commander’s ear.

The commander Du’s face suddenly became very serious. When Gu Liming finished, he looked at Chu Yunsheng and said sternly. “Mr. Chu, as the Captain Gu’s Superior officer, I apologize to you for the things he did, please don't keep it in mind.”

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. “it's ok,  it's already passed, and it wasn't really a big deal, he was doing his job, if you don't have other questions,  please excuse me.”

Seeing him about to leave, the regiment commander Du immediately said. “Mr. Chu, Professor Sun never stopped talking about you, he admires your ability a lot,  it was my great honor and admiration to see your sword fight and to see how you killed the monster. I was having a  discussion with your Captain Zhong Nan earlier,  we hope that you could help us to escort a group of people to Jin Ling city as soon as possible.”

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second, although the commander was very sincere, he could even see it from his eyes, it was an entirely different attitude than what Gu Liming showed before. However, he didn't want to be a bodyguard. Moreover, it was much more dangerous to escort a small number of people, far less safe than staying in the crowd.

He didn't hesitate to refuse him. “I'm sorry commander Gu, you have overestimated my ability, also I have other things to do, I'm afraid I can't join your mission!”

Commander Du smiled. “Mr. Chu don't be so modest, perhaps I have not explained myself very clear, we are not only escorting some important officials, but also some scientists, it's not for personal purpose. Because it involves some classified information, I can't tell you a lot, but I can assure you that we are doing it for the greater good, we need to arrive Jin Ling city as soon as possible, we hope you would reconsider it.”

Chu Yunsheng was curious, even he knew that staying in the group was far more safe than leaving with a few people. Those people definitely knew that as well, then what kind of emergency would make them want to leave the crowd as soon as possible?

But it was not his business anymore, so he stopped thinking about it. When the commander Du mentioned some important officials, it really made him sick,  what did he mean by escorting some important officials, their deep-rooted bureaucratism thoughts were truly unbreakable.

He disdained to be those officials’ bodyguard, his facial expression, of course, would not look good. “Commander Du, there are also some researchers in Dong Shen university, I think I'd better stay here! If you don't have other questions, I still have other things to do, see you!” he said coldly

Chu Yunsheng didn't wait for his response, he simply turned around and left. He had many absorption talismans, now the most important thing he should be focusing on was reaching Yuan Tian stage two.  Government Officials? In this bloody age, apart from themselves who else would think they were important.

When he left for a distance, he suddenly heard Gu Liming tried to keep his voice as low as possible and said. “Colonel, why don't we tell him that the garrison couldn't defend any longer!?”

Although his voice was very low, Chu Yunsheng still could hear every single word. His heart sank. ‘This day has finally come!’

Once the defence line collapsed, the insects would swarm towards this place. Even just a small amount of them could easily slaughter everyone here.

He was worried but he still didn't want to join the commander Du. Who knows what kind of monster would appear on the journey ahead of them. Especially after he saw the creepy flying creatures and strange plants when he was looting the food factory, It made him feel that the journey ahead wouldn't be much safer than the insects at back!

He speeded up his steps, and quickly returned to the truck, no one had returned yet, so the truck was empty.

The sky still had a hazy gleam, so everyone’s vision was limited, the crowd was still moving like a turtle. Now that they had already left the city, they were being surrounded by farms, it was very empty.

When it got to the night, they still had not even arrived Kun Cheng city, many people started to die because of sickness, and the number started to increase, the bodies were tossed on the side of the road, they could be seen everywhere.

The sound of artillery fire slowly faded out, Chu Yunsheng almost couldn't hear it anymore...

It was a boring journey, there weren't any insects, even just one red shelled insect. Chu Yunsheng was so bored that he started to wonder why there weren't any Insects out here.

he was wondering maybe the insect was planning a massive attack. Of course, he knew how crazy it sounded, so he just laughed it off.

He felt drowsy while sitting on the truck, suddenly he heard a clamor of noise came from the bus No.1. He opened his eyes only saw two female team members were on the truck, no one else was there. He was alarmed and quickly jumped off the truck.

There were many people gathering around the no.1. Most of the university’s escort team members were there. There was also another group stood on the other side, they were looking at each other angrily. Zhong Nan stood in the middle of both groups, he was talking to one man who seemed to be the leader of another group. They seemed to have an argument.

“Boos, don’t waste time with them, just take it. With those few awakened warriors, I don’t really give a shit.” behind the leader, was a brawny brute who was holding a big broadsword, the voice came from him.

Just right after he shouted, the rest of the group followed.

Chu Yunsheng was at back, he could not get through. Only when he dragged a team member to ask what was going on did he understand that just not long ago, a few dozens of strong awakened warriors was plundering through the crowd all the way to the bus no.1. When they were about to loot bus no.1, they were stopped by the guards, because both parties had the awakened warriors, so they were afraid to use forces at that time. When Zhong Nan heard it, he quickly came over trying to solve the problem.

The other team leader had a long face shape and a pair of gruesome eyes, he was staring at the escort team, it seemed like he was trying to compare the strength of both side.

“Captain Zhong, our brothers respect you, so I only want half of the supplies and half of the bus, otherwise...” The long-faced man said in a cold and dead voice.

Qin Heng interrupted him and snorted. “otherwise, what are you gonna do? Wanna fight, we aren't scared of you!”

The man pointed at Qin Heng and gave him a contemptuous laugh. “Captain, I respect you, because you are strong, but him, not worth my attention…!”

Qin Heng heard what he said, he instantly felt humiliated. He was enraged and about to use his ability, but he was immediately stopped by Zhong Nan.

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