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Chapter 53 I'll be the spy

Chapter 53 I'll be the spy
Chu Yunsheng had heard Qian Deduo talked about it before. The military always wanted the university’s escort team to join them, so they could leave as soon as possible. But the escort team was formed by a group of students, they were from the university, so there was no way they would abandon them, and also Chu Yunsheng himself also rejected the commander Du’s invitation. That was why the military was helping the long-faced man’s group.

But Chu Yunsheng didn't want to know this, all wanted right now was the long-faced man’s life. However, he knew that the commander Du, wouldn't negotiate with him.  The commander Du wanted the whole group, and from the way that those bandits responded when the long-faced man asked them to join in the fight, everyone could tell that they were bound together.  So if the commander Du wanted the whole group, he must keep the long-faced man alive, or at least they couldn't directly involve in his death

So he needed to rely on himself to kill the long-faced man.

Chu Yunsheng was hiding in a group of smelly refugees, he was sitting next to a body which was as skinny as a skeleton. It was most likely that the person died of starvation, but people seemed to turn a blind eye to it.

There was a commotion over the university’s motorcade after he left. But it quieted down very soon.  Then, a bus was driven out of the crowd and slowly driven towards the military’s gathering point.

Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered that Lin Shuiyao was still on the bus no.1, and since he quitted the escort team, she would probably be kicked out of the bus as well. But he couldn't help her anymore, just let fate decided what would happen to her.

Chu Yunsheng estimated his current strength, if he fully restored Yuan Qi, he could easily kill 10 red-shelled insect, but when Yu Xiaohai got caught, he already spent more than half of his Yuan Qi to shoot the insect, and then he also fought with those bandits, the remaining Yuan Qi in his body was barely enough for him to make one Liu Jia energy shield.

He also ran out of bullet as well, temporarily he did not have any way to replenish it, but it was not urgent.

The most important thing at the moment was to find a bow in Kun city.

Just when he was about to follow the bus, he noticed that someone in the crowd was following him. He immediately put his hand on the sword, and slowly changed his direction.

When he walked to an open field, he instantly stopped, turned around and drew the sword. It instantly scared away the people around him.

Two men soon slowly appeared. They were Ding Yan and Yao Xiang.

Chu Yunsheng was puzzled, and at the same time, he also wondered: 'could it be that Zhong Nan asked them to get him back to the team?' But then he thought again,  it could not be him, if Zhong Nan wanted him back, he should've sent Qian Deduo, not them.

He kept his guard up, planned not to say anything first. He wanted to see what they were going to say.

Ding Yan spread out his arm and smiled. "finding this kind of place to talk, brother Chu you are really a cautious man."

Seeing Chu Yunsheng did not respond to him, he stroke his nose and said. “can I have one cigarette, it's gonna take some time to talk!”

Chu Yunsheng didn't say anything nor did he gave him a cigarette, he just smiled at him, Ding Yan left a quite impression on him when he told him how to attack the tentacle monster. But before he knew why they were following him, he would not let his guard down. Especially in the dark age, no one could be trusted.
Ding Yan saw him was not responding to him again, he stopped smiling. Instead, he was staring at Chu Yunsheng and said sternly. “I and Xiao Yao(Yao Xiang) left the escort team!"

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, he didn't expect that Ding Yan would tell him this. He still had a suspicion, so he looked Yao Xiang. He felt that this young man would be more honest than Ding Yan.

Yao Xiang also nodded his head and spoke bluntly. “that garbage team, we don't have anything to do with them now!”

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows and said. “what do you mean?”

Ding Yan explained. “a team with one dead, and one severely injured, but the Captain didn't even do anything about it, his brain is full of guns, artilleries, and other firearms,  if we continue to stay in that kind of group, we probably don't even know how we died in the future!”

Chu Yunsheng didn't change his expression. “the way the captain Zhong dealt with the matter wasn't really wrong. If they really started the fight, then there wouldn't be just one dead, one injured that easy, also he kept the most of the supplies. didn't he?”

There was a glimmer of a smile on Ding Yan’s face, he looked at Chu Yunsheng and said. “you really think so?”

Then he suddenly changed his topic. “can you give me one cigarette now?”

The more Chu Yunsheng talked to Ding Yan, the more he felt that Ding Yan this man was interesting. He took out a pack of cigarettes and threw one to Ding Yan. When he was about to throw one to Yao Xiang, he saw Yao Xiang shook his head. Perhaps he did not smoke.

He took a long drag and exhaled a long stream of smoke then carried on “I think you know where he did wrong more than I do. Do you know how shocked we were to see the things you did at that time? I admit. I underestimated you, with your power, if the captain Zhong could work with you and led the Whole team to stand on your side, that regiment commander wouldn't dare to do anything!”

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, he agreed with him. He had thought about this, but he was not a type of person would ask help from other, he knew that he needed to earn everything through hard work since the age of light!

“ The captain Zhong might be still thinking of the military artilleries, So he would not easily go against the military's decision.” he casually explained as if he was trying to find an excuse for the captain Zhong.

Ding Yan sneered. “he just needed to take the lead to stand out, then everyone would follow. He doesn't even need to do anything, it would be more than enough to intimidate them. As long as they could hold the troop, and made them stay back, he could even stand on the side watching you and the long-faced Gan killing each other.

In the end, the long-faced would definitely be killed and many people in his group would be either dead or injured. Then you both would need to seek help from the escort team or the military, the military's control would be balanced out.  So not only the military would not do anything to Zhong Nan, they would also have to carry on supporting him.”

Chu Yunsheng was surprised by his reasoning. He had thought about if Zhong Nan stood on his side, then that detestable commander Du would’ve stayed back. But he had not thought of anything other than that.  Because he felt that he did not need to consider that kind of things.

Ding Yan smiled. “look what it has become now, not only the team members lost their hope in the escort team, one of the buses was also taken away, more importantly, the military force become stronger, no one will support him like what they did before!”

Chu Yunsheng pondered while looking at him, he said. “at that time, not everyone would think that much and that far. Also, that thing is over now, it has nothing to do with me anymore.”

Ding Yan smiled, he did not object the thing Chu Yunsheng said, he just carried on inhaling and exhaling the smoke. “I am just explaining the reason why we left the team.”

Chu Yunsheng looked at the moving crowd, he was worried about that the military escort unit will start to move out at any time. He threw the cigarette butt away and said. "In this case, you both take care of yourself, I hope we will still be alive to see each other next time!”

Ding Yan stopped him and said bluntly. “We have been following you since you left, we want to partner up with you.”

Chu Yunsheng already knew why they were here after the talk, but he did not need to partner with anyone at the moment. Because the things he was going to do would involve assassination and ambush; sneak attack etc. So the more people followed him the more trouble he would get.

So he shook his head said. “I don't need to partner up with anyone at the moment”

Ding Yan stood up and said categorically. “no! You need! I know you need to find the long-faced Gan, but you need a spy, an informant! You can't watch them every single second,  you might lose them at any time when they pass some junctions, and I can be that spy!”

Chu Yunsheng was shocked and stared at him, it was not surprising that Ding Yan could guess that he would be chasing the long-faced Gan, and probably the long-faced Gan also knew that as well.

He was shocked and curious why Ding Yan would want to be the spy? Their relationship was not that close, and he was not stupid enough to think that he had a special kind charm that would attract someone to do that for him!

More importantly, Chu Yunsheng did not trust Ding Yan, he even suspected that this was a trap set up by Ding Yan in order to please the military. The more he thought that way the angrier he got. He even began to have a malicious feeling towards him.

He wanted to kill him!