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Chapter 55 a forest inside the city

Chapter 55 a forest inside the city
With the help of tanks and armored vehicles, the commander Du’s elite team left the crowd and headed towards Jin Ling city. Chu Yunsheng still worried about that he might not be able to catch up with their speed, so he took out the motorbike and drove the bike far behind the elite team.

However, they did not even get too far before they encountered the first wave of 10 red shelled insect’s attacks, but this time they had many firearms and almost 40 of the awakened warriors,  so apart from one soldier died and a number of people injured, they did not suffer heavy losses.

It was Chu Yunsheng lucky day. He didn't waste any energy to get 10 insect's bodies, it was enough for him to make one and a half absorption talismans.

On the way, they encountered many waves of insects, luckily all the waves were small, but it still caused the entire escort group to slow down.

When it was at 20:00, based on the location that was shown on the map, they had arrived at Kun city. However, the city in front of them wasn't a city of concrete buildings, instead, the city was surrounded by many massive plants that they had never seen before.

The concrete buildings were covered with those plants. Rattans could be seen everywhere, from the rooftop all the way down to the ground and spread across the street as if they came out from other dimensions overnight.

Chu Yunsheng recognized those plants, it was those plants that he saw when he was at the food factory, the ones that were not supposed to exist on Earth.

The city was also covered with strange green fog, there were hazy light sources, but it was very creepy as if the city was a monster waiting for its preys to get in by themselves.

The military’s escort team had stopped in front of fog for a while before finally decided to go in. So did Chu Yunsheng. He hesitated, but at the end, he still gritted the teeth and followed them into the city.

The city was surrounded by the green fog, but the fog did not seem to be dangerous, at least Liu Jia talisman didn't have any reaction to it.  It just gave people an impression that they could easily get lost inside.

The noisy crowd was already far away from them, so this creepy forest city was unusually quiet, it gave people a strange ominous feeling.

Some of the plant's branches were glowing the white light,  some had unknown fluffy catkins attached to them. When tanks and armored vehicles drove pass them, it easily brushed them off those the branches.

There were also some plants that had red colored fruits on top of them. Those fruits looked like strawberries but the difference was that they were glowing a lurid red light and their size was as big as a TV.

Looking at those strange plants, Chu Yunsheng almost thought that he had arrived the insect’s nest!

The road had been covered with the strange plants, even with the help of tanks, they were still moving slowly. The motorbike was too noisy, it would be easily noticed by the military at the front, so Chu Yunsheng stored it back to the storage talisman and started to follow them by foot, luckily they were not moving fast, he and Yao Xiang could easily catch up with them.

The whole city looked like it had fallen for thousands of years, all the buildings were covered with thick rattans, some plants had even grown from the inside of buildings through the windows to the outside wall.

The only thing that Chu Yunsheng was familiar with was the broken cars and the bodies that scattered on the ground, their skulls were empty, it meant that they were attacked by the red-shelled insects, however, Chu Yunsheng had not encountered a single one of them since they entered the city.

Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang were very nervous as they slowly followed the troops secretly, they were so scared that an insect or other unknown monsters would suddenly jump out from somewhere from above their heads!

People were afraid of the unknown the most, especially at this time, although Chu Yunsheng had seen a lot of horror scenes, he also kept his breath slowly and quietly, he was leaning against trees and vigilantly watching out for any movements and noises in the surroundings.

While the troop was slowly moving into the city, they started to hear some human screams that came from deeper inside the city from time to time, it made everyone hairs stood up. The city was creepy as hell.

The roads completely disappeared, It was buried by the massive plants. The troop had no choice but to stop and look for an alternative route to go past the area.

All their vehicles were stopped at an old hospital, Chu Yunsheng did not know if they were looking for supplies or they were waiting for the scouts that were sent out to explore the possible routes earlier.

Yao Xiang and Chu Yunsheng both were sitting on the rhizome of a red lotus-root-like plant. The plant’s skin was very thin, they could even see strange liquid running inside of it.

Behind them was a shop. It seemed to be a real estate agency. On top of the shop, they could vaguely see a few words ‘the estate agency’.  The shop’s front window was already broken by thick rattans, underneath the rattans Chu Yunsheng could still see the posters that had words ‘House For Sale’.

He secretly took out a cigarette and gave Yao Xiang a bottle of still water. Qian Bi sword was always next to him, because he didn't want to let his guard down at any moment.

Suddenly, an ear-piercing scream came from the place where the troop was staying. Chu Yunsheng signaled Yao Xiang to watch out for the surroundings, and he himself popped out half of his head to check what happened.

“Click! Click!...”

Soldiers immediate released the safety of their guns and aimed the gun at the direction where the scream came from. No one knew what kind of monster would come out the green fog!

Time was ticking, along with people's hearts jumping nervously. Chu Yunsheng felt very strange, he did not know if it was because of the creepy environment or something else, it made him become more anxious than before.

Soon, two shadows finally appeared in everyone’s sights, one at the front and one at the back. Seeing the troop appeared in their sights, two people were very excited like the thirsty people seeing the pouring raining, their running speed instantly doubled!

At the same time, a grey flat thing also came out the green fog. The thing looked like a piece of cloth, and it was half of a regular adult human's size, and more scarily, it had a red eye.

When it reached one guy from behind, the “cloth” immediately spread out and wrapped the man from his head. The man’s upper body was tightly wrapped. Everyone could hear that man’s muffled scream. He was then lifted up by the “cloth” and no matter how he struggled, he still could not get away. It was not long until the top half of his body was turned into a red liquid, and then, the rest half of his body fell onto the floor.

A few seconds later, two more “cloth” flew out of the green fog, and caught the guy at the front, the soldiers in the troop immediately started to shoot. Instantly, bullets were like the pouring rain falling onto  “cloth” and the man.

Chu Yunsheng's fingers trembled, the cigarette in his hand dropped onto the floor. ‘what the hell is that?’ With this kind of death, how could he not be scared!

But that thing did not seem to have a strong defence layer like red shelled Insects did. Two of  “cloth” were shot down, only one got through the bullets rain and flew towards the soldier on the armored vehicles.

One of the awakened warriors did not wait for it to reach them, he immediately cast out his fire ability and burned the monster into ashes.

They were not relieved, the sounds of gunfire caused even more problems. There were more and more red eyes slowly appeared in the green fog. Then, Chu Yunsheng heard the commander Du shouted. “retreat!”

Tanks immediately turned left and started to run at its full speed. The awakened warriors with the ice element started to unleash the frost ability, the warriors with the fire element stood next to the machine gunners readied to attack at any time.

Chu Yunsheng felt nervous just by looking at them. But suddenly he felt Yao Xiang tugged him from behind. He instantly turned around, and noticed that Yao Xiang’s finger was pointing upwards. As he looked up, he instantly had a chill down his spine. There were at least 4 or 5 red eyes staring down at them.

He immediately lifted the sword,  jumped up while the sword pointing upwards. He needed to kill those “cloth” as fast as he could, and he needed to do it as quietly as possible. Because the fight might alert the troop and attract more “cloth”.

The defence of “cloth” monster was not strong. Chu Yunsheng’s sword easily went through its body. The “cloth” tired to wrap Qian Bi sword and his arm, but Chu Yunsheng immediately unleashed the Yuan Qi from the sword. It instantly ripped the “cloth” into pieces.

The rest of “cloth” quickly dived towards him, their speed was extremely fast, Chu Yunsheng was worried that his movements might attract other's attention, so he was afraid to dodge the attack. He could only quickly swing the sword to slice two of “cloth” monster into halves. But then his head was quickly wrapped by one of them.

After Chu Yunsheng was caught, the cloth monster immediately released a strange gas, it instantly triggers the Liu Jia talisman to defend him.

Maybe Chu Yunsheng was too nervous or maybe he panicked, he felt like he couldn't breathe after he was caught. While in panic, he wanted to use his hands to grab and pull the “cloth” away from him in panic, but he failed!

Out of desperation, he used  Qian Bi sword to slice the  “cloth” from outside while the monster was still on his face.