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Chapter 56 the fog city

 Chapter 56 the fog city

Red-Eyed monster
There were five monsters, only four headed towards Chu Yunsheng, the other one flew towards Yao Xiang. When Chu Yunsheng finally killed them, Yao Xiang also killed the other monster using his Fire Ring Cut ability.

Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to check his injury, he immediately pulled Yao Xiang back and leaned against the wall. In front of them were hundreds of red eyes, they belonged to hundreds of monsters!
Even though those monsters didn't have a strong defence, they could fly, and their speed was very fast. Once they wrapped their preys, they would immediately release a strange gas. Not only this, people would be suffocated if they were trapped by them. Chu Yunsheng also felt that if it wasn't the Liu Jia talisman the monster would inject something into his body!
Chu Yunsheng couldn't imagine if he was being attacked by hundreds of those monsters, it made his hairs stand up even just thinking about it.
Luckily the commander Du’s troop attracted those monsters, but Chu Yunsheng didn't dare to pop his head out again. He could still hear the sounds of the fierce gunfire and horrible screams.

He didn't know if Ding Yan was ok, but he thought that as long as he stayed in the group, Liu Jia energy shield should be able to save his life.

With the sounds slowly became further and further away from them, Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang bent over and slowly popped out their heads to carefully look around the surroundings, they were finally relieved when they found out there wasn't any red-eyed monster left.
Chu Yunsheng ignored Yao Xiang who was sitting next to him, and immediately used the storage talisman to store the monster's bodies. He planned to spend some time to study those monsters later on. The more he got to know the monster, the easier he would be able to escape from them in the future.
Looking at the empty ground, Yao Xiang gasped in surprise. he seemed to want to ask Chu Yunsheng something, but he didn't dare to.
Chu Yunsheng didn't want to explain it either. Sometimes, the more he explained, the things would only get more complicated.

They quickly got themselves ready and started to carefully lurk towards the direction where the troop retreated.

On the way, they had seen many monster’s bodies, Chu Yunsheng would store all of them if he had time. However, he was worried about that he might lose the troop, so he only stored some of the bodies.
Apart from the monster's bodies, there were also a few soldier's boides as well, two were the long-faced man's team members. It looked like the commander Du's troop suffered quite a loses in this fight.

Chu Yunsheng didn't find Ding Yan’s body, it made he and Yao Xiang feel much better. But they still didn't dare to get too close to the troop.

The troop slowly disappeared in the fog until Chu Yunsheng couldn't detect them through the night vision goggles. Chu Yunsheng only knew which way they retreated to, but he didn't have a specific direction, so he had to rely on the marks that Ding Yan left behind.

When he once again saw the troop, he was shocked to find out that both he and the troop had lost their directions!
In this city forest, the deeper they got inside, the thicker the green fog would be. Although most of the plants were glowing in strange lights, and the forest wasn't that dark compared to the city outside, but they still couldn't find a way out.
The roads were either broken by the strange plant's roots or covered by them, only a few skyscrapers were standing still in the fog, however, even Chu Yunsheng took out the city map he still couldn't recognize where he was.

Chu Yunsheng started to panic, if he was still in Shen Cheng city, he would recognize the buildings over there, but now, he was in an entirely different city, he couldn't even find the roads that they had traveled, on the map. Moreover, he was worried about the red-eyed monsters that were hiding in the fog.

The same thing happened to the commander Du as well. they had completely stopped moving now. His troop was gathered together and it looked like they were discussing something.
Yao Xiang was holding the map that Chu Yunsheng passed to him. He ticked one building name: Industrial and Commercial Bank- Hou Jie branch on the map and suggested. “brother Chu, I reckon, we need to ask someone local people. When we blindly followed them around in the fog, we saw many people were hiding inside the buildings, didn't we?”

Chu Yunsheng also thought about it, but the troop in front of them was the elite group that was selected by the regiment commander Du, who would know that they would also get lost, not to mention the scientists in their armored vehicles, were they not useful at all?

But apparently, they did lose their directions, they were probably even more anxious than Chu Yunsheng at the moment.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng was alarmed by what Yao Xiang said. Normally, if people saw the military troop, they would come out of the buildings and seek help as fast as they could. But he and the troop had lost in the fog for quite a while now, not even a single person came out!

He was not hallucinating, there were people inside some buildings, but why wouldn't they come out?  Chu Yunsheng’s thoughts were in turmoil. This fog city seemed to be even scarier and creepier than the horror city Shen Cheng.
He really needed to ask a local person now! Chu Yunsheng stroked his belly, they had been trembling with fear while following the commander Du for a quite some time. They already felt hungry, now it was the time to find a place to eat something. Ding Yan was still alive and the troop didn't look like they were going to move anytime soon. So they were not worried.
Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang took few turns, find a small café two streets away from the troop. He used the sword to break the lock on the door and got inside.

The cafe wasn't that mess like the outside, but he could still see few strange plants penetrated the wall and grew along the wall, one of the rattan plants was illuminating a hazy light, just enough for them to see what was inside the café.

Chu Yunsheng checked the building. He didn't find anything dangerous. He then took out the food, sat on the sofa and started to eat with Yao Xiang.

Yao Xiang smiled. “I haven't eaten this much of food for a quite long time.”

Chu Yunsheng downed a bottle of water and told him. “when you finish eating, take a nap first, I'll take a short break after you wake up. We will leave here in a half hour and find someone we can talk to as soon as possible.”

Yao Xiang nodded. “you just reminded me, I really need a rest now.”

They didn't talk much, soon Yao Xiang fell asleep on the sofa.

Chu Yunsheng sat there wanting to cultivate Yuan Qi, but he couldn't calm down. Then he thought of the red-eyed monster. He remembered that when a monster was attacking him, he felt like the monster’s attack could damage the Liu Jia talisman’s energy shield!

He quickly sat up and checked the state of Liu Jia talisman, then he found out that a lot of Yuan Qi inside talisman had gone missing!

It proved that the monsters indeed had abilities to damage the energy shield!

It instantly reminded Chu Yunsheng the insect's bodies he found while wandering in the fog. Those bodies had been there for a long time, Chu Yunsheng didn't feel any Yuan Qi inside the dead insect's bodies. He had also stored some of them, so he could upgrade his armor later on.

When he took out an insect's body to exam it again, he noticed that the insect's body didn't have any sign of being attacked by any awakened human’s fire or ice abilities. they all lost their heads, the internal organs also disappeared quite a lot. He looked at the monster's body while thinking about the red-eyed monsters, could it be that those monsters killed the red-shelled insect?

If that was the case, then it meant those strange gas they released could also destroy the insect's energy shield?

Chu Yunsheng’s heart started to jump rapidly, the monster’s energy shield was always a problem for him.

He immediately took out a red-eyed monster’s body and started to prepare an experiment.

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