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Chapter 57 choose

 Chapter 57 choose

When a Red-eye monster spread out its body, it could reach two meters long, its body looked like a grey canvas, the dark red tendons and thin bones spread across its body. it had an eyeball on its top and the size of it was as big as a computer mouse. when it died the eyeball would turn into a beige colour. Below the eyeball at the centre of its body, there were many small sharp teeth formed in a circular shape, it was like a flower core took up half of its entire body.

Chu Yunsheng turned the monster upside down, he even stepped on it very hard few times, but he still couldn't get the gas he wanted.

Was it because the monster was dead, did it mean that the gas would disappear after it died? Chu Yunsheng thought for a second, he took out absorption talisman tried to absorb Yuan Qi from the monster.

As the talisman slowly sucked the energy out of the monster, a blurry ice pattern appeared on the top of talisman, it seemed like it only had ⅕ of a pattern. One red shelled insect could supply 1 flame pattern of Yuan Qi. It obviously meant that the red-eye monster’s Yuan Qi was less than red shelled insects’.

Chu Yunsheng guessed this was probably the reason why red eye monster’s defence ability was a lot weaker than the red-shelled insect. Although in general, ice element was much stronger than fire element at defence, unless the power gap was very huge. Also, the red-eye monsters didn't have a hard shell to protect them from any physical attack.

But he still did not find that strange gas he was looking for. Absorption talisman only absorbed pure ice element Yuan Qi from the monster, it did not seem to respond to any other things.

Chu Yunsheng took back the absorption talisman and suddenly he had an idea. He deactivated the combat armour talisman and unseal the combat armour talisman from his body. he wanted to see if he could use red-eye monster’s body to upgrade the armour.

However, Armour did not have any reaction to it. it did not seem to have any interests in this monster which now looked like a piece of old ripped cloth. Instead, Qian Bi sword started to spin in the mid-air. slowly a trace of blue gas came out of the monster’s body, it was the gas that Chu Yunsheng had been looking for.

The dead red eye monster did not have much blue gas. Chu Yunsheng immediately took out all the bodies, let Qian Bi sword absorb the gas from all the monsters. However, he was quite disappointed that at the end he still did not get much gas out of those bodies.

Inside the crimson Qian Bi sword, Chu Yunsheng could vaguely feel the blue ripples slowly appeared, there was not many, if he didn't concentrate, he wouldn't even notice it.

There were some red shelled insect’s shells inside the Storage talisman, Chu Yunsheng took them out trying to test the sword. the gas did not make the sword sharper.  so, could it be something to do with the energy shield rather than the physical object?  Chu Yunsheng wondered. however, there wasn't any live red shelled insect allow him to do the test.

Chu Yunsheng looked at Yao Xiang who was still sleeping on the side.  Eventually, he gave up the idea to test the energy shield which he had cast onto Yao Xiang before, he was afraid that if he was not careful enough he would injure Yao Xiang.

He then thought again, Qian Bi sword also did not absorb much gas, so the test result wouldn't be obvious even if he did test it. In the end, he decided to wait until he had enough red-eye monster’s bodies.

But when he thought about hundreds of red-eye monsters,  Chu Yunsheng flinched.

Suddenly he heard a patter of footsteps coming from the doorway, Chu Yunsheng immediately stored everything back to storage talisman,  he did not even have time to activate the armour.

A group of men and women flocked inside, when they saw Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang,  they all stopped!

Yao Xiang was aroused from the sleep, he instantly jumped up and made a combat posture in a panic.

There were 9 people in total, 5 males, 3 females, and one kid looked like around 10 years old.  Four people were holding long iron bars. the other four, every two people together were holding a red shelled insect’s shell, they were using it as a shield, the kid was carrying a half of the dog's body.

Chu Yunsheng gave them a friendly smile, they looked like local people, they must have been living here for quite some time, especially one person was wearing a uniform, it was written “urban management officer” on his uniform.

They just came in at right time, Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang were looking for some local people, they wanted to know the situations of this city. It was creepy as hell when the strange city was surrounded by the green fog.

However, those people were extremely vigilant and it seemed like they did not want to talk to Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang, when they saw Chu Yunsheng, they immediately held the shells in front of them, but they did not seem to want to leave as well.

Chu Yunsheng pointed himself and Yao Xiang gave them a hollow laugh:” We are just passing by, we are having a rest here, this is my friend”,

Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang did not have any weapon with them at the moment, at least it looked like so. Chu Yunsheng did not activate the armour, and Yao Xiang normally fight with bare hands.

Plus they both did not look like bad guys, Chu Yunsheng also explained why they were here, so they all sighed with relief, but they still did not put down their weapon.

One of the women popped out head said coldly:” since you are just passing by, you stay left, we stay right, everyone minds their own business.”

There was a round stage in the middle of the cafe, there was a piano placed on it, it just happened to divide the cafe into the left side and the right side.

Chu Yunsheng nodded his head, but when he wanted to carry on talking, the other side already moved to the right side, they did not seem to want to talk to Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang looked at each other and gave both a dry smile.
People’s feelings were extremely fragile and sensitive now, it was very normal that people would keep their distance from a stranger.

Also, they clearly have a half dog’s body, That was also one of the reasons they wanted to keep themselves away from Chu Yunsheng.

But Chu Yunsheng did not want to give up, they urgently need some information. later on, they still had to carry on following the commander Du.

They turned around, noticed the half bags of cookie and two pieces of Sachima. He had an idea which was to use food to exchange for information. This probably was the best way to do it.

When He just stepped on the round stage, suddenly the cafe’s entrance door was kicked open, it was a man with long dishevelled hair, he was surrounded by the violent ice element and he was waving the red shelled insect’s leg while rushing into the cafe. Two women were closely following behind him.

“Crack..crack...” the windows started to break, several grey shadows plunged into the cafe,  each one of them had a bloody red-eye.

Chu Yunsheng was startled, he immediately stepped back,  and stood next to Yao Xiang then he activated the armour and drew the sword as fast as he could!

The 9 people who came in earlier immediately held up the shell and the metal bars, they also backed off for several steps, they seemed to have experience in dealing with those monsters.

Red-eye monsters did not fly towards the man with long dishevelled hair immediately.  instead, they were dashing around madly inside the cafe. one of the older women got scared, she started to turn around and run outside in panic.

One of those red-eye monsters immediately dashed toward the older women, it wrapped her around and lifted her to the left side, the man was shocked, he dragged other woman and ran towards the older one, at the same time he shouted loudly:” Mom!”

As of that moment, few other monsters also began to dive, they were heading towards the young woman,  she only got a chance to shout:”Ah Yu! Lao Gong(husband in Chinese)”, then she was lifted up and dragged away from her husband by one of the monsters.

The man was on the way rushing to save his mother earlier, but now he was stunned!

In Buddhism there was a very interesting saying,  it stated that each choice you made would lead you to a different world. This was also a very popular topic in the age of light.

Chu Yunsheng had seen a lot of bloody fight between monster and human, but even with that kind of experience, he was still shocked to see such cruel scene!

Red-eye monster’s gas would kill a person less than a minute, that man had to make a painful decision quickly:

Save mother or save wife!