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Chapter 58 where is the way out?

 Chapter 58 where is the way out?
Chu Yunsheng immediately charged forward. He stepped on the sofa, and jumped towards the old women. At the same time he shouted. “go save your wife!”

The reason why he immediately jumped out wasn't just because of his feelings towards such a cruel scene, it was also because that it was the best time to attack those monsters.  Now, there were only four monsters flying above their heads, if there weren't any accidents, he and Yao Xiang should be able to deal with them.

Qian Bi sword just lightly sliced through the monster, it immediately opened up a huge hole, Yao Xiang immediately came up and dragged the monster down.

Once Chu Yunsheng dealt with the one caught the man's mother, he immediately turned around and used the up-flick sword form to stab the sword straight into the monster which was diving at him. The Yuan Qi burst out from the sword, it instantly destroyed the monster’s central nervous system. The monster died instantly.

The man saw Chu Yunsheng killed the monster that caught her mother, he immediately dashed towards the monster which caught his wife,  he quickly unleashed the ice elemental energy tried to freeze the monster.

Chu Yunsheng swung the sword to shake off the monster which was still hanging on his sword and steadily fell on the ground. At that moment, the rest of two red-eyed monsters also began to dive at him at the same time.

He turned body sideways, then jumped up, the sword was lifted above his head, he aimed the sword at one of the monsters then hacked down, the monster was cut instantly in half.

Another monster which failed to hit Chu Yunsheng, quickly turned around and started to dive at Chu Yunsheng again. But Yao Xiang’s Fire Ring Cut stopped its attack.

Yao Xiang cast out three Fire Ring Cuts at the monster. Despite the monster was desperately trying to dodge the attack, it was still caught on fire and burned to death.

All of the monsters were killed.

Chu Yunsheng did not know how the man got his wife off the monster’s tight wrap, but the man was shaking uncontrollably while holding his wife. The skin on his wife’s head was completely gone, she did not look like she would be able to survive from it.

Chu Yunsheng approached the broken windows and looked around. He was finally relieved when he didn't find any other red-eyed monsters.

The power of the Red-eyed monster's gas on normal people was beyond Chu Yunsheng's expectation.

”you need to stay alive.” said the man's wife before she died.

The man's mother also didn't survive too long, she couldn't talk because her trachea was melted, she just tightly grasped the man's hand and looked at his son for a very long time without blinking her eyes. Her eyes were filled with nostalgia, hope, and worries until they became emotionless.

The man was choking with sobs, he hid his head in his long disheveled hair. His both hands were grabbing the hairs on the back of his head while making a heart- wrenching weep. The hairs were forcibly pulled down from his head, the blood was dripping down, but he didn't seem to feel it!

To save wife or to save Mother, in the end, he couldn't save anyone!

Whether it was in the dark age or in the age of light, the most distressing thing was probably seeing your loved ones died in front you, but you couldn't help!

Chu Yunsheng quietly picked up the monster's bodies on the floor. When he picked up the one that near the man, the man instantly grabbed the body started to tear the body frantically using his mouth and hands.

A few seconds later, he suddenly stood up, dashed outside the door and shouted at the green fog. “come at me! You fuckers! Come, bite me! Come, why the fuck won't you come out!?...”

Chu Yunsheng immediately rushed out. He was worried that the shout would attract other monsters. Just when he was about to pull the man back. He saw the brawny man who was almost two meters high suddenly kneeled on the ground and collapsed on the ground. He passed out.

Chu Yunsheng grabbed his collar, pulled him back to the cafe and laid him next to his wife and his mother.

The other group which had come into the cafe earlier looked at the man silently. But Chu Yunsheng still heard a quiet sigh came from that group.

Yao Xiang picked up the food that Chu Yunsheng dropped on the ground, walked towards the group, he said sincerely. “Hello, may I ask, do you live around here?

Perhaps they were sacred by Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang’s abilities, or maybe because Yao Xiang sound sincere, so the group didn't respond to him coldly.

The leader was that women, she nodded. “yes. if you are passing by, I know what you want to ask.”

She pointed a man in her group and said. “he also came to Kun city from the outside, I know your questions, but we can't help you. Because no one is able to walk out of this fog!”

Chu Yunsheng was startled, he immediately asked. “what do you mean?”

The woman had a wry smile on her face. She said. “since the sun disappeared, many insects came out of nowhere, a lot of people were killed. Then many strange things happened, the first thing was the fog, then different types of strange plants and monsters emerged, and then the insects were killed by the monsters in the fog.

We thought that we were finally saved, but then it was not too long until the monsters in the fog started to kill people as well.

We wanted to leave the city, but even we were following the route that showed on the map, we still couldn't walk out of the fog.”

Chu Yunsheng puzzled. “why is that?”

The women smile sarcastically. “why? if we know, we won't be hiding here!” she then insinuated. “not only just the ordinary people, even the awakened people are also not able to walk out of this fog, they are either dead or trapped here with us. I have never heard of anyone that was able to walk out of here!”

Her words instantly struck a chill into Chu Yunsheng’s heart. If he could not walk out of the fog, how was he going to see his aunt in Jin Ling city, was he going to be trapped here forever.

Yao Xiang’s face was bleak, no one wanted to be trapped here,

There must be a way out, Chu Yunsheng kept encouraging himself, so he wouldn't give up. Something must be wrong with the fog, as long as he was able to find out what was wrong with it, he would definitely be able to escape from here.

Anything that was mysterious was mostly resulted by unknown and unfamiliar. As long as he found out the root of the problem, then there would be a hope!

Chu Yunsheng slowly calmed down, he then noticed that he still was not powerful enough, the Yuan Qi he had just enough for him to kill 10 red shelled insects.

He recalled his cultivation progress, his body needed 3 to 4 more Qi circulations, then he would reach the level that would allow him to kill 11 red shelled insects. It was not far away from the peak state of Yuan Tian stage one which would provide him with enough power to kill 15 red shelled insects.

He needed to hurry up increasing his strength, otherwise, he would be dead way before he even found the exit!

Then he thought of the commander Du, Chu Yunsheng had an idea, he needed to change the plan which was to ambush the long-faced man’s group. He could use the advantage of the fog to kill the long-faced man here.

After all, he did not know when he could find the exit. It was not just dark here. In the outside, they could use flashlights or any form of light sources to find where he was, but in here, there was the green fog, light was much weaker because of the fog, the night vision goggles were also not very effective here, so this was the best place to assassinate them.,

Chu Yunsheng thought that the commander Du was definitely more worried than him right now, he was definitely busy finding the way out.  Chu Yunsheng could just follow them in the dark, once they found the exit, he would also be able to get out from here, he did not even need to do anything. Moreover, they had scientists, they were much smarter than Chu Yunsheng himself.

And lastly when they encountered monsters, not only Chu Yunsheng could disrupt them, but also Chu Yunsheng could have the monster’s bodies they killed which he could later on use to upgrade his power. It was a perfect plan for him.

Chu Yunsheng was not that anxious anymore once he made the plan.  He thought about that he still needed one bow, so he asked them. “do you know any place in this city that use to sell bows or any archery clubs?” he was hoping they knew.

Seeing the group did not reply him, Chu Yunsheng took over the food from Yao Xiang and said. “as long as you help us to find it, we will give you three bags of this kind cookies in exchange!”

“Ok!” said a man who immediately jumped out of the groups, but then he said. “I know a sports club, there are bows there, but that place is very dangerous, I don't know if you dare to go! ”

Chu Yunsheng was not impetuous, he asked sternly. "how dangerous!"

The man said. “it is not the monsters like that one, it’s people, a group atrocious thugs, they have awakened warriors and guns, I have heard that when they run out of food, they would eat human, the place they are staying right now used to be a high-grade club in Kun city, now it became their camp!”

Chu Yunsheng did not want troubles, he thought for a second then asked. “apart from that place, do you know any other places that used to sell bows?”

That man shook this head. “as far as I know, that is the only place you can get a bow.”

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth. He wanted to take a look at how strong they were, then he would decide what he needed to do, so he nodded his head and said. “ok, then we will go to that place, this half pack of cookies is the upfront payment, you take us there, if they do really have bows, I'll give you the rest of cookies! ”

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