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Chapter 59 Fog walls

 Chapter 59 Fog walls
The man who led the way called Wan GuRong, he told Chu Yunsheng that he used to be an urban management officer, so no one knew this area better than him.

However, he was still trapped inside the city by the green fog with red shell insects, before he even had a chance to escape.

He also reminded Chu Yunsheng not to run around in the fog. Otherwise, he would easily get lost.

Wan Gurong lurked into a building which used to be a Chinese telecommunications business building with Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang.

The road sign outside the building had words ‘Wan Shou road’ on it. Further along the road,  there was a fog wall, it was thicker than the other fog that existed in this city, he couldn't see what was behind the fog wall.

When Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang followed the commander Du’s group, they had seen the similar wall before. Almost every time when they went through the fog wall, they would lose the commander Du’s troop. He would always need to spend a very long time to find the marks that Ding Yan left behind in order to catch up with them again.

Wan Gurong said sternly. “be careful, stay close, and follow me.” Then he took the lead and walked into the fog wall.

Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang followed closely behind.

When all three of them crossed the fog wall, they arrived at a square. There was a water fountain in the middle of the square that looked like it had been abandoned for a long time, and behind the square, there was a mall.

There was a road sign that had already fallen on the ground next to them, it was written Ren Min road on it!

They were on Wan Shou road earlier, how come it suddenly change to Ren Min road? Chu Yunsheng puzzled, then he heard Yao Xiang suddenly said. “brother Chu, I get it now!”

Chu Yunsheng was curious. “get what?”

Yao Xiang was holding a map. He quickly approached Chu Yunsheng, and used a pen to circle Wan Shou road on the map, then he also circled Ren Min road on the map which was far away from the central city. He then drew a line to link two circles together.

He looked at Chu Yunsheng said in shock. “look, through this fog wall, we traveled several miles! No wonder why last time we crossed the fog wall in the park, the industrial and commercial bank suddenly appeared in front of us, I was baffled for a very long time, then I completely forgot about it when we found the troop again."

Chu Yunsheng took over the map and took a close look at the circles and line that Yao Xiang had drawn, he was also shocked. ‘So that's why they lost the trace of the troop every time when they crossed the fog walls.’

Then he heard Wan Gurong lowered his voice. “lower your voice, you will know it in the next few days. Now, this city has been split into 9 sections, no one is able to walk out those 9 sections!”

Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, then pointed at the fog wall behind him. “9 section? They are all separated by this kind of fog wall?”

Wan Gurong nodded his head. He then took the pen from Yao Xiang, and drew another straight line, which is perpendicular to the line Yao Xiang had drawn. “as far as I know, there are 9 sections, I don’t know if there are more.” he then pointed the pen at the line he drew and carried on. “we came from this place, now we are at this square. But if we are going to go through the same fog wall again, we will be sent to here, not here! ”

Then he drew another circle on the map and pointed it. “This is it, we need to go through this fog section, then we will need to go through the fog wall over here, and we will need to immediately go back through the same fog wall again. Only after that, we will arrive at the place we need to go.” Wan Gurong drew another small circle very hard on the map and said.

Chu Yunsheng was already lost, he was very confused while looking at those circles. ‘what the hell are those things?’

Yao Xiang suddenly interrupted. “how do you know so much?”

Wan Gurong smiled. “the fog exists in Kun city for quite a while now! Because we need to search for food all the time, so we went to all the streets we could go to, also because I used to be an urban management officer, so I have a good sense of directions. I have noted down all the routes I traveled, but this thing is too complicated, and I am just an urban management officer. I don't have a higher education, so I don't understand the rules and patterns of the fog walls!”

Chu Yunsheng thought for a second then asked. “if there are only nine sections, we could just go through all the sections and all the fog walls in those sections, then make some notes. Will that not help us to understand the rules and patterns of fog walls?”

Wan Gurong sighed and explained. “we used to have exactly the same idea as you, but in the end, it made us even more confused. Many people are still trapped in the fog to this day, we do not know if they are still alive or not. But eventually, we learned that roughly every 12 hours, those patterns will change.  For example, the fog wall we just crossed, it teleported us from Wan Shou road to Ren Min road. Two hours later from now, if someone wants to cross the same fog wall, then they will not be teleported here, it could be the eastern road or east sea road. No one knows exactly where.”

‘Is it going to change?’ Chu Yunsheng’s heart sank. It meant that after every 12 hours the city of green fog would have an entirely new map!

Suddenly they heard a human scream coming from afar, it startled three of them. Wan Gurong quickly said. “we need to hurry up. Now, I am still able to recognize the route. But we need to cross the fog before it changes the patterns. Otherwise, 2 hours later, we all will be lost in here! ”

Chu Yunsheng’s mind was filled with dread, he did not dare to delay, so he immediately followed Wan Gurong to cross the fog wall again.

This time, what appeared in front of them was a river. There was a bridge not far from them at their right-hand side. There were many cars stuck on the top of the bridge. Because of the green fog, they could not see it very clearly.

Wan Gurong emphasized that they needed to cross the fog wall on the other side, and went through the same fog wall again, and only then would they arrive the place they needed to go.

Time was ticking, three people did not dare to stay any longer, so they quickly followed the river bank and jumped on top of cars to cross the bridge.

Suddenly, they saw a tank gun slowly appeared in the fog not far from them, then a blurry tank figure slowly emerged in the fog. There was no time for Chu Yunsheng to hide, so he immediately deactivated the combat armor, covered his head with a wool hat and dragged Yao Xiang to the other side.

It was the commander Du’s troop!

Tanks slowly drove on the bridge, Chu Yunsheng turned his body to one side pretending to have a conversation with Yao Xiang who was also wearing a thick hat. Their hearts were jumping rapidly, Chu Yunsheng did not expect that they would have such close encounter with them.

The bridge was quite narrow, so three tanks were driving on top of cars and crushing them over, it made very loud cracking noises.
There were soldiers sitting on top of tanks, they were bumping up and down while tanks slowly moving forwards, and their morale seemed to be very low,

Chu Yunsheng did not see the commander Du nor the long-faced man in the group, he suspected that they were probably in the armored vehicles, but they saw Ding Yan who Yao Xiang was worried about the most, was sitting on an Infantry fighting vehicle-IFV and chewing something.

Suddenly, a man jumped off an armored vehicle and walked towards them while holding an assault rifle, Chu Yunsheng’s heart sank, he gave Yao Xiang a look while whispered. “get ready! Remember, run, if we can’t kill them! ”
Wan Gurong was so scared that he almost sat on the ground when he heard that they wanted to fight with the troop. Luckily Chu Yunsheng noticed his reaction and immediately grabbed him.

At the same time, one man came out of armored vehicles shouted. “food will be ready after we crossed the bridge, anyone who is still alive please register for the food now. ”

The soldier who was heading Chu Yunsheng obviously heard it, he immediately put the gun behind his back, and hurriedly rushed back to his group as if he was scared that he would not get the food in time.

Chu Yunsheng, Yao Xiang and Wan Gurong were finally relieved. This was about the best result that they could hope for. Otherwise, once they noticed them,  it would be much more difficult to assassinate the long-faced man.

As the soldier returned to the group, Three people immediately crossed the bridge and headed towards the fog wall.

They went through the fog wall and then quickly went through the same fog wall from the other side again.


  1. Spatial distortion? or illusions?

  2. I don't have a higher education, so I don't understand the rules and patterns of the fog walls!”

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