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Chapter 61 Meat worms

chapter 61 Meat worms
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The middle-aged man started to panic when he saw they only had three people left. He quickly came up with an idea and shouted. “this man killed three of our men in a row, he must have reached his limit, we still have three people, we will definitely win!”

However he didn't know Chu Yunsheng’s Qi was so dense that the attack had only consumed the half of his Yuan Qi, it was not difficult for him to kill three more people at all.

Three people immediately charged towards Chu Yunsheng, but Chu Yunsheng only focused on the middle-aged man, he ignored the rest of two people’s attacks.
The fire elemental warrior’s defence wasn't very strong, so Chu Yunsheng's sudden lunge attack broke his defence straight away.  The sword was stabbed straight into his chest. His eyes were wide open as if he couldn't believe what happened even after he died.

When the rest of two people saw their leader was killed and their attack didn't seem to injure Chu Yunsheng, the thought of retreat started to emerge from their mind. They backed away instinctively while Chu Yunsheng’s sword was in their leader’s chest.

The combat armor was already broken. there was a huge crack on it, if they carried on attacking him, they could easily injure Chu Yunsheng, however, they decided to run away!

They did what they shouldn't have done in a battle which was to reveal their backs to their enemy.

Chu Yunsheng easily caught up with one and stabbed the sword into his back. He quickly pulled the sword out and headed towards the last one.  But when he stabbed the second one, a strange thing happened.

The second man's ability was very strange, his ability was like the "steel beast" who he heard when he was in Shen Cheng city,  the man defence was unusually strong, Chu Yunsheng hacked down the sword several times, but it still didn't kill him. His body was shaken by the sword’s impact and the attack caused the man to constantly throw up blood.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked. He continued to infuse Yuan Qi into the sword until the power of the sword reached its peak point, only when he used all his strength to hack down the sword three times, did he finally buy only chopped off the man’s arm.

The man was begging for mercy, but Chu Yunsheng had already lost his mind, he kept chopping the guy continuously until he died completely.

Yao Xiang also dealt with the guy who fell off the roof. Chu Yunsheng walked over the bodies and approached the edge of the roof. He signaled Yao Xiang to go through the back door and attack the rest of the group from the ground floor. He himself would attack from the roof. He wanted to finish them all because he had no sympathy over those cannibalistic monsters.

When he reached the stairs, his eyes inadvertently glanced at the dead body of the strange awakened warrior. Chu Yunsheng suddenly had an idea, he was always using absorption talismans on the dead monsters, but he never thought of trying them on the awakened warriors. According to the professor Sun’s explanation on that day, Chu Yunsheng felt that the awakened warrior's energy was definitely the Yuan Qi that the ancient book mentioned, and the ability of the warrior he just killed was exactly like the metal element that the ancient book described.

Chu Yunsheng took out an absorption talisman and tried to use it on the dead body. As he expected, a stream of golden gas slowly flew towards the absorption talisman until it became two golden patterns on the absorption talisman.

“As I expected, absorption talisman could be used on the dead awakened warrior’s body, and this guy’s ability also belongs to the metal element which is a relatively rare element!”

If he could absorb Yuan Qi from the metal elemental warrior guy, that meant he could also absorb energy from the ice elemental and the fire elemental warriors. So he took the absorption talisman and started to go around the roof to absorb Yuan Qi from the rest of the bodies. Soon, he filled up two absorption talismans.  Just the leader’s body provided him 4 units of flame patterns!

The way of the absorption talisman absorbing Yuan Qi from a dead body reminded Chu Yunsheng of an imaginary martial art technique called "Xi Xing Da Fa"(1), it was a technique which used to suck and obtain the power of enemy when they were alive.

Unfortunately level two absorption talisman could not absorb energy from creatures when they were alive, otherwise, it really was “Xi Xing Da Fa"(1.)

But luckily he found out the absorption talisman’s additional ability, so in the future, he did not need to worry about if he would be exhausted with Yuan Qi!

Chu Yunsheng stored the absorption talisman and went down the stairs. In terms of the three awakened warrior's bodies that were on the ground floor, he decided to absorb them later when he got down the stairs.

When he just arrived on the third floor which was originally the rest area of the club,  he heard a quavering voice said. "Please don’t kill me! I will give you everything!!"

Then, Chu Yunsheng saw Yao Xiang who had already got to the third floor.

After Yao Xiang threw a few people who were about to run down the stairs to the ground, he noticed Chu Yunsheng.

"None of them are the awakened warriors. They are all here, did not lose a single one of them." He said to Chu Yunsheng.

Apart from those 4-5 people, on a bar next to them, there were 7-8 young women who were tied together. Chu Yunsheng suspected that those people were probably their “food”.

The quavering voice came from a man with an unshaven face, he saw both ways were blocked by Chu Yunsheng and Yao Xiang, he immediately began to turn the whole floor upside down to look for something. At the same time he begged. "please don't kill us, we are just ordinary people, we are not the awakened warriors like the boss Jiang." 

Just right after he said, he pushed a barrel towards Chu Yunsheng and said nervously
 "this is all our food, you can take it all, please don’t kill us.  oh... also... the Boss Jiang also got alcohol, let me get it for you."

Before Chu Yunsheng had a chance to responded anything to him, he quickly ran back to the bar and desperately tried to find something behind the bar while mumbling. "I remember it was here…"

He was so nervous that he did not even notice that his hand was punctured by a broken drawer. He just kept looking for the alcohol he mentioned as if that thing was going to save his life.

Chu Yunsheng looked at the things inside the barrel, it was a pile of white meat. He immediately thought of the information he received about those things. ‘Those people were eating the human flesh.' His stomach instantly turned upside down. If it was not that he used to see so many dead bodies, he probably vomited already.

The unshaven man was still looking for the alcohol, he kicked away a woman who climbed over the bar counter in panic.

Eventually, he found a bottle an alcohol with a blurry label. He was so happy that he lifted up the alcohol and shouted. "I found it, I found it!”

But when he saw Chu Yunsheng’s stern face and his eyes were still staring at the white meat inside the barrel, he immediately realized something and quickly ran over to Chu Yunsheng. 

However He was tripped over and fell to the ground, but it didn't slow down his speed at all. He was crawling towards Chu Yunsheng as fast as he could. “boss.... this isn’t the human flesh, really! If you don't believe me, I can show you." he said nervously.

"The rumor was intentionally spread by the boss Jiang, he wanted to intimidate strangers so we could be safe here. The half-human bodies you saw outside were all eaten by the monsters. We just hang them there to scare people away." he then grabbed the meat tried to eat it as if that was the way to prove the meat wasn’t the human flesh.

Chu Yunsheng knitted his brows. "if it isn’t the human flesh, then what is it?"

The unshaven man quickly answered. "boss, no one dared to eat human meat, we are not crazy! That meat came from the monsters on the trees outside this building. They were caught by the Boss Jiang and his group, one monster is enough for us to eat for several days. This monster is the only thing we found that we can eat."

The rest of the people also nodded their head and said. "yes…. Yes… they are the monster's meat”

The unshaven man worried that Chu Yunsheng wouldn't believe him, so he pointed at the women and said. "boss, as long as you let me go, I will tell you everything I know. Those women were caught by the Boss Jiang. if he liked them, he would keep them for days for his own pleasure, if he did not like them, he would rip off their clothes and use them as the bait to lure those meat worms!”

This was the first time Chu Yunsheng heard of someone using humans to lure monsters, and it seemed like it was the type of monster that he had never seen before.

The unshaven man left the bottle of alcohol in front of Chu Yunsheng and said. “if they are not well-behaved or the Boss Jiang fed up with them, they would be ripped off clothes, and the Doctor Ding would stitch bombs inside their stomach, then we will hang them on the trees outside the building."

They wouldn't die immediately, and the more they struggled, the more easily those meat worms would be attracted by them. The bombs were infused with some kind of energy by those awakened warriors. As long as the worm ate those bombs, the energy would unleash a flame to trigger the bomb. Usually, it would severely damage the worm, then the Boss Jiang and his group would attack the monster together and try to kill the meat worm. Once they killed it, they would store its meat as food.”

The unshaven man then dragged out a neat and clean man. At the same time he pointed at a corner of the room and said. “this is the doctor Ding, those are the equipment the Boss Jiang got from a nearby hospital, it is used to stitch the energy bomb. I and other two people are responsible for making the bombs.”

Just when he said this, his eyes suddenly flashed a sign of happiness. He pointed the women on the side said. "Boss, if you keep us alive, we can still prepare the bombs for you, the Boss Jiang got us a lot of materials, you could still use them. Those women, if you like them, you can keep them, if you don't like them, I will show you how to catch the meat worms. If you could also spare some meat to us... not a lot… just enough to keep us alive. So we can carry on working for you! ”


1. Refer to a power sucking technique in Jin Yong's novels (

Proofread by CeroTraducciones


  1. They shot themself in their own knee with the rumour about eating human flesh..., I am realy a bit confused how he recieved over 10 atacks in that short amount of time from 5 people,is it just me or is the author not that consistent with the fights and his abilities, considering he is so much faster.

    Also thank you for this story

    1. I think I may be able to answer your question using a very simple example.

      Let's say A is faster than B, but it will takes A 10 steps to reach B. A can only attack in close range, but B can attack in long range.

      Every 5 steps A makes, B will be able to attack once and move back one step.

      In this example, A is faster than B in terms of moving speed. But when A reach B, A will be hit twice by B already.

      Now if there are C,D,E,F, who are faster than B and but slower than A? Then it will be more than 10 times.

      I hope this helps.