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Chapter 63 model construction

Chapter 63 model construction

The arrow hit the man, but the man wasn't injured, he was only shaken by it, however, the impact was powerful enough to cause him to reveal his weak point, two red-eye monsters instantly noticed the chance and started to flap down.

The man was instantly wrapped by one of the monsters,  even though he used all his energy to pull one of the monsters away, he was already heavily wounded,  another one did not give him any chance to recover, it immediately dived at him again. the man was already exhausted with energy, he did not struggle for long before he was completed melted into the blood.

Chu Yunsheng successfully ambushed one person, so he continued to pull the string hoped that he could disrupt them even more. His accuracy was very low, so he missed a lot of shot, but luckily they were busy fighting the monsters, so no one noticed his arrows.

Until commander Du’s troops killed all the monsters, Chu Yunsheng had ambushed another 3 people, he counted, there were only 16 people in long face man's group now, it seemed like the long face man lost a couple of his men in the past few days.

Chu Yunsheng sat on the floor and lit a cigarette, he wanted to wait until the troops left. so he could take the monster's body.

As long as he carried on like this, he would soon kill the long face man.

The air was filled with strong blood smell. commander Du didn't stay for long, they hurriedly left. Chu Yunsheng quickly went downstairs to collect all the bodies. he didn't want to stay here too long as well. heavy blood smell could attract more monsters, so the longer he stayed the more dangerous it would be.

However, the thing didn't always turn out as expected. When he just finished storing the bodies, he noticed that the fog not far from them slowly turned red, it was illuminated by some kind of moving red lights. then slowly those blurry red lights appeared in the fog, they were the red-eye monsters, more than 30 of them!

Chu Yunsheng was startled, he immediately took Yao Xiang ran towards the nearest fog wall which was to their east.

He was fighting while retreating. luckily there was Yao Xiang to support him. He swung the sword to knock away the monsters which dive at him, the sharp Qian Bi sword injured most of them.

However, the number of monsters didn't seem to reduce any, it only seemed to increase and it was increasing rapidly. Chu Yunsheng suddenly increased his speed, at the same time he dragged Yao Xiang who was running slower than him. He gave up defending himself from the monsters’  because he didn't dare to slow down, once he slowed down, he would be surrounded by the uncountable amount of monsters.

When Chu Yunsheng reached the fog wall, he lifted Yao Xiang and threw him inside, then he turned around to hack down one of the monsters which almost caught his head. After the monster was killed he quickly jumped into the fog wall.

Yao Xiang was relieved when he Chu Yunsheng came out, then they both went back into the same fog wall again as what they had planned, a moment later they appeared at the southern fog wall at section 5.

They were both carefully looking for the traces might lead them to the Commander Du’s troops, but they didn't find any.

So Chu Yunsheng once again crossed the fog wall, section 5; section 1; section 7; section 4, they searched again and again. Finally, they saw the troops at section 9.


Five days later, troops Location: Jin Jiang building.

:"Commander we are suffering heavy losses, the awakening leader Gan doesn't have many men left!" said staff officer Tao who was very concerned.

In the past few days, his troops didn't suffer many losses. however, no one knew why a lot of Gan Ziqiang’s awakening warriors had died.

If they were continuously dying at this rate, then the whole team would disappear before they even had a chance to escape Kun city, not to mention they needed to go to Jin Ling city.

Du Qishan gazed at the fog outside the window, he knitted his eyebrows and said slowly:"Lao Tao, don't you think it is a little bit strange? With The same ability, why only the awakenings in our troops survived?  and why most of the awakenings in Gan Ziqiang’s group died?”

Staff officer Tao nodded his head and said sternly: "Yes, I suspect that some people made it happen, but why they are just focusing on Gan Ziqiang, but not our man?"

Du Qishan Gave him a helplessness smile then sighed: "I already know it was him. he would not give up that easily. since that day he left, I already had a bad feeling, I knew this day would come!"

Staff officer Tao was puzzled: "Who is he?"

Du Qishan had a wry smile on his face: " do You remember before we enter Kun city, we met a powerful awakening?  when I asked him to join us, he refused.  later on, he and Gan Ziqiang had a conflict, I came forward to stop him. he backed off and left the group, perhaps he has been following us and secretly seeking revenge.”

Staff officer Tao was surprised, he quickly asked: " are you saying it was Chu Yunsheng? The man you told us that he had a fight with more than 30 awakenings just by himself!"

Du Qishan couldn't help but nodded his head and said: "Yes, it is him, I can't think of any other person could follow us so long without being noticed by us, only him has this kind of ability!"

Staff officer Tao bowed the head and thought for a moment then said: "Commander, do you know how powerful he is?"

Du Qishan did not even think, he immediately replied: "I do not know,  I may have underestimated his ability before. so there is no way to tell how powerful he is now. but this is not important now! oh, how is Professor Sun’s research progressing now?"

The staff officer Tao replied:”the fog's Magic Square dimensional model has been constructed, now only left partial equations are still in deduction, but because lacking in high-end computer’s support, the deduction was done manually, so it is a little bit slow."

Du Qishan let out a long sigh and said: "That's good, finally we do not need to risk any more lives in the fog wall, please issue my order: from now on until the scientists deduced all the equations, no one is allowed to leave Jin Jiang Hotel, anyone violates this order will be shot and killed on the spot! "

The staff officer Tao immediately stood at attention and saluted: "Yes Sir!"

Du Qishan turned around and asked: "How many people does Gan ZiQiang still have?"

Staff officer Tao immediately replied: "only five, including Gan ZiQiang!"

Du Qishan Squinted his eyes, thought for a second then said: "Gan Ziqiang is not a fool, he probably already knew what happened. assign a task to Zhou Wei, give him some men and ask him to keep eyes on them. Must prevent them from making any troubles, when it is necessary, we may need sacrifice Gan Ziqiang! "

Staff officer Tao’s face suddenly changed, he said firmly: "Yes Sir!”


Chu Yunsheng had been hiding outside the Jin Jiang building for more than twelve hours now. after the commander Du went inside the building, he did not see anyone come out.

He had also successfully killed the other twelve people in their groups. they now only had five people left including the long face mam,

"Brother Chu, have you ever thought about that if we attack them now, the Commander Du probably will not stop us?" said Yao Xiang who was sitting beside him. It was quite rare for him to make any suggestions

Chu Yunsheng nodded and said: "Yes, Commander Du is the man who will only treat the military interests as the highest goal. as long as there are unnecessary losses, he will not do it.  I guess even if we are facing them right now, he will probably just abandon the long face man to avoid the direct conflict causing his own losses. But if they get to Jin ling City, they probably will not be able to tolerate the things we did!! "

Yao Xiang laughed: "then why are we still waiting? brother Ding will help us from inside. if we attack them together, Commander Du will not have any other choice."

Chu Yunsheng exhaled the smoke and looked at the the building across the street: "let’s just wait for a while, we both take turns to have  3 hours break, if they are not coming out anytime soon, we will be able to restore our strength to attack them and kill the long face man straight away.  even if Commander Du still wanted to stop us, we will have enough energy to fight them back. since we have been following them this long, there is no difference if we waited for another few hours.”