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chapter 64 fog cores' sequence

chapter 64 fog cores' sequence
6 hours later, the commander Du’s troop still had not come out of the building yet.

Chu Yunsheng had already recovered its strength, so he didn't want to wait any longer. He decided to walk into the building through the front door.

Jin Jiang building had many rooms, Chu Yunsheng didn't know which one the long-faced man would be staying at, that was why he wanted to walk into the building through the front door rather than lurk into the building to look for him. He wanted to see their reactions. if the commander Du still tried to protect the long-faced man, then he would just kill them all. Even if he still could not kill them all, he would just go back to assassinate them again until every single one of them died.

If that was really the case, then next time, he wouldn't be just focusing on the long-faced man, the commander Du would also become his target!

He had thought of the worst case scenario. He asked Yao Xiang to stay outside in case of things went downhill so it wouldn't expose Ding Yan. Also, it was in case of the long-faced wanting to run away and ambush him in the dark like what he did.

Any one of those cases happens would cause him many troubles in the future!

Yao Xiang’s ability had increased a lot, plus the energy shield's protection, even if he did face the long-faced man, he would not lose! Not to mention the long-faced man’s other team members.

Chu Yunsheng’s appearance was soon discovered by the military sentry.

The commander Du arrived the hall with his troop when Chu Yunsheng walked into the building, he had a strange smile on his face while looking at Chu Yunsheng.

”Mr. Chu, we meet again!” the commander Du said first.

It was very easy to recognize Chu Yunsheng. Because apart from him no one else would wear the red combat armor.
Chu Yunsheng was very straightforward,  he looked at him and said. "Commander Du, I think you know why I am here, so don't waste everyone’s time, just tell me which side you are! ”

The commander Du paced back and forth and then looked at Chu Yunsheng again. “is it possible for you to wait until we get to Jin Ling city?” he was testing Chu Yunsheng’s bottom line.

Just leave the question of whether they could get to Jin Ling city aside first, even if they did get to Jin Ling city, at that time, who knew what would happen. Of course, Chu Yunsheng would not let it happen, his hand clenched the sword and said it a word by word. "no way, he needs to die now.”

The commander Du nodded his head, it did not seem to surprise him much as if he already expected Chu Yunsheng’s answer.

Suddenly, the staff officer Tao trotted across the hall towards the commander Du, and as he whispered at commander Du’s ear, the commander Du's face was first seemed to be happy, then he knitted his brows and constantly nodded his head.

When the staff officer Tao finished reporting to him, the commander Du also calmed down.

He looked at Chu Yunsheng with a cheerful expression on his face while slowly walking towards him, he approached him and said in a very low voice. ”Mr. Chu, I knew you have been following us for a very long time, and you wanted to kill Gan Ziqiang, there will not be any problems, we will handle him over to you, but here is one thing, I think you will definitely be interested.”

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. ”I just want that long face’s life, I am not interested in any of your businesses.”

The commander Du smiled. “it is not just us, it is also related to you, the staff officer Tao just told me that the professors have solved the equations. the fog wall’s cracking sequence is completed. If you want to leave Kun city, we need to work together for once!”

The commander Du carried on saying without waiting for Chu Yunsheng’s response. “I'll be straight with you,  we need to destroy 9 fog cores in order to break the fog walls, we have already found out their specific locations. However, those cores must be destroyed in a specific sequence,  this sequence will change in every 12 hours. The good news is that professors have already constructed a model and equations based on the fog walls, and they just solved them.

From the beginning of the attack to the end, it must be done within 12 hours, otherwise, once their sequence changed, all the cores will be restored, and all the work will be wasted!”

Hearing what he said, Chu Yunsheng was dazed for a second, he didn't expect those scientists would really find a way to crack the mysterious fog wall this soon, Unlike him, those people were truly genius! If he could really leave this fog city, he didn't mind to work with the troop. Even though they had an unpleasant past, his own survival was far more important.

However it didn't mean that they could use the long-faced man’s life as a wager, that man’s life belonged to his friend Yu Xiaohai!

The commander Du paused for a second, he had a wry smile on his face. “I am a soldier, it is my job to obey the order. Although it is a chaotic world, as long as Jin Ling city exist one day, the military will exist and I will still live as a soldier to carry out my duty. "

“My mission is to escort those people safely to Jin Ling city, the headquarters already told us to protect them at all cost. If it is necessary, sacrificing everyone apart from the escorted targets! Mr. Chu, do you know what that means? That’s put it this way, there is no exception for me as well. So you may think I am despicable. when I need his help, I will stand on his side, when I don't, I will abandon him. But I have no choice, I have to consider what benefit my mission the most."

“Destroying the fog walls requires unusually speed and power, we could not do it within 12 hours just by ourselves, you are the fastest awakened warrior I have met, and the strongest, only with your help  will we have a chance to destroy the fog wall, I believe this is a win-win situation..."

Chu Yunsheng shook his head. “Commander Du, you are wrong and you are wrong from the beginning, I don't have to leave this city. In here, I could still survive. ”

The commander Du was dazed for a second, he then waved his hand. “I know what you mean. Just say it. Name your price. As long as it's within my ability, I can guarantee that there won't be any problems!"

Chu Yunsheng did not answer him straight away. Actually, he still was not sure if he wanted to join them. Although he really wanted to leave this city, he didn't know how dangerous it would be to destroy the fog cores. he needed to know more information in order to make a decision. However, the priority was to finish the long-faced man first.

But since he came in, he did not seem to see the long-faced man, and just when he was about to ask, he heard some noises came from the third floor.

Soon, a soldier quickly ran down the stairs, and spoke to the commander Du nervously. “Commander, Gan Ziqiang has a bomb tied to his body, he wants to blow himself up with the professors! ”

The commander Du was shocked,  He immediately ran upstairs without getting the reply from Chu Yunsheng, At the same time, he shouted angrily. “where is Zhou Wei, did he not keep eye on them? He only has one job!"

Chu Yunsheng looked up, the hall and the second floor shared one ceiling, there were lifts and stairs went up to the third floor. There were two stairs in total, one on the left and one on the right, the commander Du was taking the stairs on the left. Chu Yunsheng secretly took the stairs on the right. With the help of the dim lights, he lurked into the third floor.

The third floor used to be a business meeting hall. There was a rest area in the center of the hall, and it was surrounded by a few meeting rooms and a few big cylinder pillars that were spread evenly on the third floor. When Chu Yunsheng arrived on the third floor, he was leaning against the pillars while secretly passing through the rest area.

Gan Ziqiang and other people were not far from him.

The meeting room’s entrance was blocked by a few awakened humans from the military, Gan Ziqiang and his team members were leaning against the wall at the opposite side.

Gan Ziqiang’s face was twisted and he sneered at the troop angrily. "Commander Du, our brothers have sacrificed their lives for you, now they all died, and you want to kill the rest of us!"

The commander Du forced himself to calm down. “Captain Gan, you need to calm down, if you have any requests. we can still talk about it!"

Gan Ziqiang laughed out loud. “Du Qishan, you are really treacherous, even now, you are still lying to me. I know that guy is here and you want to hand me over to him! Yes, I can’t kill him, but you will be stuck here with me. I will take everyone down with me! ”
He then pointed the grenades which were tied all around his body. “see this? I took them from your soldier's bodies, I knew this day will come. you asked Zhou Wei to keep eyes on me. Yes, I can’t beat Zhou Wei, but why do I need to fight with him? I am not stupid! Your scientists are in the meeting room behind me. There are just ordinary people, if I pulled the pin, blow a few of them up, I don’t think you will have a good day!”

The Commander Du’s face instantly changed, he shouted in rage. “Gan Ziqiang, don’t you dare! ”

Gan Ziqiang spat on the floor and sneered at them. “don't I dare? Du Qishan, since the day I carried this grenade vest, I did not think about getting out here alive!”