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Chapter 86 Sahā World

Chapter 86 Sahā World
They were not far from Chu Yunsheng, the powerful shockwave smashed all windows. The village’s house wasn't built of concrete. It wasn't solid enough to withstand the shock wave. Within a few second the building collapsed onto the ground.

Chu Yunsheng got nowhere to run, he was injured and exhausted, he even started to lose his consciousness. He was knocked out by the shockwave and buried by the building that collapsed on top of him.

All he felt was complete darkness, and he suddenly felt the pains appeared everywhere on his body. Then he couldn't remember anything at all.

In the building debris. No one knew how long it had passed. Chu Yunsheng seemed to see his mother was preparing the dish he liked the most in the kitchen, and his father was watching the boring tv program on the sofa. It was the scene that he used to see every time when he returned home in his childhood. It didn't change at all, his father even said exactly the same words that he would say every time:"Oh, you back, are you hungry? you Mom had prepared the soup for you already. Go wash your hand first."

The sad memories instantly made him burst into tears, he rushed towards his Mom and embraced her from behind. He wanted to tell her all the panic, anxiety, loneliness and the most important how much he misses her.

He wanted to tell her a lot of things, but at the end, all he could say:"”mom….. I miss you!”

Then the scene suddenly changed, an overloaded truck suddenly appeared along with an ear-piercing breaking sound and crashing sound…….

When he opened his eye again, what he saw was two stone-cold bodies and another him was on his knee wailing:” Mom!  Dad……”

That moment, he experienced the pain once again, the pain was deep inside his heart as if his heart was torn apart!

Chu Yunsheng woke up in panic, he was shouting until he realised it was just a dream.

It was pitch black and freezing, it was completely silent as if he was in the hell.

Did I die? The first thought came to Chu Yunsheng’s mind.

But then the acute pain in his left leg instantly reminded him what happened.

“probably the house collapsed, I am buried underneath it”. What happened before he lost his consciousness flashed back in his mind.

Chu Yunsheng tried to move the floor on the top of his body, but after several attempts, he still couldn't move it.

He groped around, luckily Qian Bi sword was still next to him. He used the Qian Bi sword to slowly cut off the floor piece by piece while enduring the terrible pain.

A hazy shimmer cast on to him through the gaps between broken floor, he suspected that it was probably the daytime during the age of light.

He crawled out of the debris and checked how bad the injury is. His head was wounded, it was still bleeding; his chest was heavily hit, probably had few broken bones. he couldn't feel anything in his left leg, he didn't know if it was broken or not.

Energy shield talisman was completely gone now, otherwise, he wouldn't be injured like this.

Luckily he was still alive, Chu Yunsheng told himself.

He took out the medicines and bandages that he stored in the storage talisman, he used the bandage to wrap the wounded area without knowing how to properly wrap it. he didn't know if Yuan Qi could prevent the infections or not, so he took several antibiotics as well.

It was dead silent in the area, insects had already disappeared. He didn't know how long he had lost his consciousness, but at this moment, he felt extremely hungry.

Chu Yunsheng sat on the ground and leant against a broken wall. He just ate some simple food.

With the food slowly converted into his body energy, he slowly recovered his strength. His vision started to become clear. With the help of hazy shimmer, he saw the world that was covered with the dead bodies!

His fingers trembled, the cigarette he had just lit up was dropped on the ground. He crawled to the top of the collapsed house gazed afar. He was stunned.

Bodies, bodies, endless bodies spread to the horizon! It was the world of dead bodies!

As if Human had died out, it just left him sat on top of debris in this world!

His body shook uncontrollably, he felt cold, freezing cold.

His mind was filled with an unprecedented panic attack.

: someone must be alive, Jin Ling city definitely still exists, no way they all died, no way! ……” he mumbled again and again. He forced himself to believe it.

He made himself a walking stick out of a broken furniture he found in the debris. Then slowly stumbled past bodies after bodies and slowly headed towards Jin Ling city.

He tried to get rid off the thoughts about the human extinction in his mind by repeatedly reciting cultivation incantations.

After a short walk, he took out the ancient book to study few healing incantations. He started to test them one by one even though he didn't know if it's useful or not.

Chu Yunsheng didn't know how exactly Yuan Qi was healing his injured muscles, broken bones and nerves. All he could feel was Yuan Qi slowly stopped transforming his body and merged into those injured areas. Then The pain slowly stopped.

He stumbled across the highway while reciting the healing incantation. The sky still had hazy shimmer but it did not seem to give anyone hope. The longer he walked the more dead bodies Chu Yunsheng discovered. men, women, kids, old people. the bodies blocked the highway he had to step on them in order to cross the highway. His legs were already covered with horrifying blood

He did not know how many bodies there were, he felt like as if all the people that escaped from Shen Cheng city had died here! The longer he stumbled on the highway, the more scared he was. He felt like he was in the hell walking on an endless road that made of dead bodies. It was dead silent, terrifying. He didn't even see any live insects!

He did not feel that he can hold it much longer. When he stood on a pile of the dead body his throat was moving, he finally broke down and shouted:” Anyone still alive? Anyone?  Still alive?......”

No one answered him, it was still dead silent.

All dead? They were all dead? Not even a scream?

He refused to believe it, he still shouted while stumbled on the highway:” anyone still alive? Anyone is still alive?”

A pile of the bodies after a pile of the bodies. It was freezing and quiet, they were like the outsiders watching him shouting but not answering him.


Chu Yunsheng's voice became quieter and quieter, he became more and more desperate.

Finally, he heard a weak noise came from a pile of the body inside a car.

His heart started to jump rapidly, he only had one thought, someone is still alive, someone is still alive!

He threw away the walking stick, used his fastest speed to run towards the car. It was a small Volkswagen car, there were a lot of incomplete bodies piled up on the car, the voice was right inside the car.

Chu Yunsheng quickly moved the dead bodies away, soon he discovered a hole on top of the car, he then used his power to open the car’s door by force. A gust of terrible corrosive liquid smell instantly came out from inside the car.

At First, he saw a woman, she was facing downwards and lying in the space between the back seat and the front seats. her two feet tightly stuck in the gaps next to the seat and her hands tightly grasped the handle below the seat. Her fingers were injured, the bones were broken and almost bent to an opposite direction, it only left few thin and long strip of skins that barely hold those fingers together to prevent them from falling apart.

Her back had several big holes, presumably, she was stabbed by the red-shelled insect’s leg for several times, she even lost her half skull. But she still held it there as if she was protecting something much more important than her life.

The sound just came from below her. Chu Yunsheng seemed to realise something, he immediately moved the body away, but she was stuck there. He had no choice but slice the entire car including her legs into a half. then he discovered that What she used her life to protect was a 4-5 years old little girl.

The little girl's hair was plaited and she was wearing a blue cotton coat, she was holding a stuffed toy and her face was as pale as a ghost, there was a huge hole in her stomach. She had died for a long time. The voice came from the stuffed toy which was covered with blood.

Chu Yunsheng was beside himself with the upset. He sat on the ground and leant against the car’s door. He could not even control his breath.
Suddenly the ground started to shake again like an earthquake!

“Is it the golden shell insect or other monsters?” Chu Yunsheng sneered then laughed out loud: come...come you those bastards, they all died, all died, I don't want to live either!

boom ………..boom…………. boom

The shockwave constantly came from a distance, and each time it would shake Chu Yunsheng and the car behind him.

Underneath the hazy shimmer, he saw a monster that could destroy everything on the earth appeared.

A gigantic long leg monster slowly appeared on the horizon, it was so big that he did not even know how to describe it. Each one of its legs was almost as tall as a thirty-storey high building. The shockwaves occurred every time when its leg hit the ground! And it made whole ground was shaking.

It appeared on the horizon and disappeared on the horizon. It did not notice Chu Yunsheng at all.

Chu Yunsheng lost his hope: this world is long gone! it is over!

He quietly took out the stuffed toy and sat on the hillside. He was staring at the endless bodies while unconsciously took out two brand new batteries and replaced the old one in the stuffed toy.

Suddenly The wind seemed to appear and it seemed to come from all directions and blew at Chu Yunsheng. it made his broken grey coat constantly making the flapping sounds.
Chu Yunsheng pressed a button on the stuffed toy,  an Innocent little girl's voice wafted through the air in this Saha World:

”Firefly, Firefly, fly slowly

Summer night, summer night, wind blowing slowly

A child who fears dark, please sleep tight

Let fireflies give you a light

Little glowing bodies in the night

Guide travellers at night to the right direction

In their short life, they glow all they might

Allowing the dark filled with hope

Firefly, Firefly, fly slowly

My heart, my heart, still chasing…………………...

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Definition of sahā world [娑婆世界] (;  shaba-sekai): the world, which is full of suffering. Often translated as the world of endurance. Sahā means the earth; it derives from a root meaning “to bear” or “to endure.” For this reason, in the Chinese versions of Buddhist scriptures, sahā is rendered as endurance. In this context, the sahā world indicates a world in which people must endure suffering. It is also defined as an impure land

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Chapter 85 surrounded

Chapter 85 surrounded
Chu Yunsheng did not know when he and Lan Chaoyin were separated, his only thought was to constantly wave the sword.

The Insects continuously appeared, ran past them started to slaughter human, slowly the fire torches were put out one after another. He could only hear the constant blood-curdling scream in the dark!

Chu Yunsheng's night vision goggles were already broken by the flame monster, he only relied on his sense to detect the Yuan Qi moments around his area. because it went completely dark, so he didn't know how many insects were there. All he could hear was the noises that insects made.

Bang! Chu Yunsheng pulled the trigger, a giant fireball shot out from his gun and lit up the insects around him, with the help of fire he could barely recognise the direction.

The gun's damage to red shelled insect was way less effective than the sword. most of the time was just used as a light source to help Chu Yunsheng find a way.

Just right before the insects arrived. he had used his fastest speed to make one energy shield talisman and cast to his body. Before he even had time to make one for Lan Chaoyin he was quickly swallowed up by the insect's swarm.

With the Yuan Tian stage two’s strength, combined with Qian Bi sword, and If the combat armour was not broken,  he would definitely be able to break out from here.

However, his combat armour was already broken, not only it reduced his defensive ability, but also he lost the additional physical strength that combat armour provides to him.

One thing that didn't disappoint Chu Yunsheng was after Qian Bi sword absorbed the strange blue gases from the red-eyed monsters. Now he didn't need to infuse Yuan Qi into the sword to kill the red-shelled insects!

He didn't know how many he had killed, and he also did not know how many times red shelled insects had attacked him. he had already lost the count. He just kept telling himself that even the flame monster couldn't kill him. so those small time bugs wouldn't kill him as well.

I'll definitely be able to get out here alive! Chu Yunsheng was determined

Chu Yunsheng kept breaking out the insect's swarm, but every time he got surrounded again! There were too many of them as if he fell into an ocean of insects.

The human screams and cries around him seemed to disappear as if he was the only man still standing, still fighting!

He was not scared to be pinched by the red-shelled insect. because whenever he was pinched by the claws he could quickly cut the claws off.

He also was not scared to be stabbed by the insect's sharp legs. although every hit made an unbearable pain to his body. but every hit would push him forward, pushed him far away from the insect's crowd.

The only thing he was scared of was to be surrounded by the insect and the corrosive liquid they spat out. It was fine when he still had the combat armour, but if he just had energy shield talisman then it was very dangerous!

Every time he got surrounded, he had to use the sword fighting technique to make a way for him to escape! Only now did he realise how powerful the sword fighting technique “ward off thousands of armies” was.  Six sword Qi smash every single one of insects on its way into pieces. Every time when he used it, the insects would stop attacking him, they seemed to be scared to approach him, and they all stood at a place far away from him! But each time they would start to surround him again when they see Chu Yunsheng couldn't unleash the strange light beam continually.

However, this strength was just a tip of the iceberg.

Since he reached Yuan Tian stage two, he didn't even have time to study new abilities. He spent all his time seeking a safer place.

if he could make a higher level energy shield talisman,  if the combat armour reached another level,  if he could understand more about the sword fighting techniques, there were so many if that could make his life much easier.

But now all he could do was to only focus on escaping from red shelled insects army. Sword fighting technique would consume a lot of his Yuan Qi, so he mainly used his three sword forms.


A military flare suddenly appeared in the sky at the front, it was the place not far from him. Chu Yunsheng got excited, that meant he was not far from the army. But then his excitement was replaced by chill, a chill down to his spine.  With the help of the flare rocket he saw the ground was covered with insects, there wasn't any space between insects, there was no end,  it stretched into a distance as far as the eye could see!!!

Chu Yunsheng was stunned by the scene. suddenly he was caught off guard by a red shelled insect attacking from behind, even though he had energy shield talisman to protect him, but it still made him spit out blood. He was knocked on the ground and he was stuck on the ground by insect’s sharp leg. The insects around him immediately started to shrink the circle, he was about to run over by an uncountable amount of red-shelled insects!!!!

He panicked and instantly waved the sword cut off the insect's leg. At the same time, his immediately jumped up while his left hand pulled the trigger. The gun that filled with Yuan Qi instantly shoot out a giant fireball hit a red shelled insect next to him, with the help of recoil force, he flew up high!

While he was still in the air, the place he was at earlier already covered with insects, if he was not going to do anything, he would definitely fall into the insect's crowd and would never be able to come out again!  He immediately unleashed another “ward off thousand armies” sword fighting technique. Six sword Qi killed all the insect right below him and made an empty area for him to land.

He didn't have time to restore his energy, if he couldn't get out of this place as soon as possible, he would be dead. So when he just landed, he instantly charged out while waving his sword to kill anything that was on his way!

Soon Chu Yunsheng encountered the first group of human who was still resisting, they were a group made up of around 20 awakening warriors. They formed a tight circle and slowly move backwards while withstanding red shelled insect's attack.

The insects didn't seem to be able to break their formation, they only tried to consume their energy by constantly attacking their defensive formation.

Chu Yunsheng wanted to join them, he couldn't stand fighting alone any longer. Suddenly the whole ground started to shake, he quickly killed the two insects which were blocking his way and backed away for a distance.

The ground started to shake even more intensely, bang ….. Crack…….  one fire warrior unleashed his energy to check what was going on. Then everyone saw a giant insect’s head which was as big as a bus dug its way out of the ground, its neck was as big as its head, and it covered with many sections of golden shells. The fire cast by the awakenings made its shells shine a bright golden light in the dark!

The sudden appearance of the giant monster made all the awakenings lose their pace. a few red shelled insects took the chance and quickly killed the two awakenings!

The giant golden shelled monster raised its head and made a loud roar, then it spat out a long and thick blistering fire, the fire instantly swallowed up all the awakenings, even some of the red-shelled insects were also caught on fire.

That fire was like a dragon breath, although its fire element was not as pure as a flame bird, the power was not much different. Two awakening warriors that closest to the monster were instantly burned into ashes. Rest of them were caught on fire and scream in pain!

Chu Yunsheng was scared, at this point, he already forgot about he wanted to join them earlier.   Now the monster was concentrating on the group, he must use this opportunity to escape. He immediately killed few insects which were blocking his way and left the place.

Gunfire, gunfire!

Chu Yunsheng desperately tried to get to the place where the sound of gunfire came from, but all he could see was the insects, insect, nothing, but the insects!

Time was slowly ticking away,  his each sword swing became weaker and weaker. His Yuan Qi had declined rapidly, he knew once he was exhausted with Yuan Qi. It was time for his death.

Originally he could split an insect into half just by one swing, slowly he needed to swing two times to kill the insect, and then it became three, he couldn't feel his strength anymore! And his body was covered with sticky liquid, he didn't even have time to wipe of off. Those liquids made him hard to keep his eye open!

The sound of gunfire became louder and clear. Chu Yunsheng kept telling himself that he was near the army!

In the light that came from few scattered gunfire, Chu Yunsheng could barely recognise the houses in the small villages.

With just the slightest hope, Chu Yunsheng used all his strength to get to the village. But he was too exhausted, he had been fighting since the fog city, he used every last bit of his potential energy. His eyesight started to get blurry, but his hand still swung the sword subconsciously.

Chu Yunsheng could even hear the soldier’s screaming, he was very close to them. but just this short distance made him feel like it was even further than the distance between Kun city and Sheng Chen city.

The closer he got to the place where the sound of gunfire came from, the denser the insect’s crowd was, when finally got into the village he realised that he could not get through there. The village was already blocked by the massive amount of insects. There was not any space he could use to get through!

He couldn’t fight anymore but he could not retreat or push forward either. He headed into a three-storey village house and killed the one red shelled insect which was following him.
the light caused by the Gunfire and artillery fire flickering in the village, Chu Yunsheng did not care if the insect was chasing him or not, with the help of flickering light, Chu Yunsheng used his final strength got to the second floor, and used his sword to destroy the staircases. He could not stand anymore, he just slumped himself onto the floor and breathed heavily on the ground.

He had already finished all the absorption talisman, even the energy shield talisman was nearly broken. Luckily the insects were attracted by the gunfire, they did not chase him.

Chu Yunsheng was struggling to move to the window, he wiped off the blood on his face. What he saw next made him laugh.

He was laughing how stupid he was. With the help of gunfire outside, he finally saw the “army” he had been looking for. It was a just group of soldiers on the roof of a building. And they were surrounded by the insect. The main military force probably had already retreated. Those soldiers were left behind to delay the insect’s army.


Meanwhile the soldiers on the roof

“major, we are out of ammo!”
“me too!”
“I'm out of grenade!”


The bottom of the building was covered with insect’s bodies. The Live insects were crawling on the dead one tried to get to the roof and kill those soldiers. They almost reached them.

The major gave them the last order, everyone was gathered around formed a tight circle, some people were laughing, some were crying…...


Suddenly the ground was shaking.  It was those soldiers who detonated the explosives in the building below then.


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Chapter 84 caught up

Chapter 84 caught up
Chu Yunsheng and Lan Chaoyin both headed towards the suburban, they were on the national highway which headed towards the west of the city. Because of broken cars and bodies on the highway, they couldn’t drive very fast.
A lot of regular citizens also started to come out of fog city, most of them did not have any transportation. But since they all knew Jin Ling city was the safest city,  so they all headed towards the west.

Some of them took the clothes from dead bodies and used the petrol they found in the broken cars to make the fire torches. Soon, fire torches appeared one after another in the dark. Chu Yunsheng was very concerned with such massive crowd. they had so many fire touches, it would easily attract green shelled insect in the sky!

But they couldn't tell them to put out the fire, it was very dark outside the city, without light source they couldn't find the way.

All he could do was to ask Lan Chaoyin to speed up the bike and stay away from the crowd.

6km wasn't a long distance, if there wasn't any problem with the road, they would get there very soon.

Since the dark age began, Chu Yunsheng noticed that no matter how he made his plan, there would always be accidents to disrupt his whole plan. Before He was worried about the bike would attract green shelled insect, just when he solved the bike problem, then the crowd became another problem.

Lan Chaoyin seemed to know what he was worried about, so she immediately leant forward and said:”Sit tight!”

Just right after she said, the strange flame instantly lit up the bike, the bike rushed out left a track of fire on the highway.

Just when he was slightly relieved because of increasing speed, he heard the sound made by rocket artillery firing and a massive amount of red-shelled insects came from the front!


“division commander! If we don't leave now, we won't have any chance to escape later!   We can't continue to wait like this." said political commissar, he was grasped division commander Yang’s arm and his face was full of tears.

Division commanders face twitched then shouted:” wait!!!”

“: just because of Du Qishang, how many of our brothers have died!?.... Those fucking insects are going to surround us!  you are going to sacrifice whole division for him!” political commissar shouted with a hoarse voice.

:"It's an order, I said 23:00, then it will be 23:00, I'll not retreat one second earlier, or wait one second more!” Division commander clenched the gun said sternly while watching the soldiers fighting at the front.

Seeing Division commander Yang was so determined. The political commissar’s body started to tremble, suddenly he kneeled down, and cried out loud:” Lao Yang, please, order them to retreat, please, I am begging you! They all haven't reached 19 yet. They are all just kids!”

Commander Yang suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart, he instantly held up the politician commissar, his lips were twitching:”Lao Quan! Why are you doing this!? I, Yang Baili is not a heartless bastard, they are all my soldiers! I am not just waiting for Du Qishang that idiot! I am waiting for almost two truck of scientists! I am just a soldier, I don't know anything about science. But I still understand, without those scientists, we won't have any new weapon, if we just have the old weapon, don't even need to mention the whole army, the whole country will die! ”

Political commissar shook his head, he seemed to disagree with commander's opinion. When he was about to argue, he suddenly heard the soldiers burst into cheers at front.

They were startled and instantly took out the infrared binoculars. at the front line just right behind the insect’s swarm, a thin long tank gun slowly appeared in the dark. Then a group of awakening warriors quickly rushed out and started to attack the red-shelled insects from behind!
Some of the soldiers shouted:" it’s the 218 regiment, it's the 218 regiment!”

Yang Baili finally sighed with relief. He then shouted:"Du Qishang you bastard!” and turned around shouted again:”staff officer Bao, take out all the depleted uranium ammunition we got, let’s help them and quickly get out of here!  ”


A few minutes later.

Chu Yunsheng could see the gunfire spread across the sky and the ground was full of red-shelled insects. The insects were so crowded that it even made his soul trembled. He and Lan Chaoyin could not get through this red shelled insect’s swarm!
He immediately told Lan Chaoyin to turn around, if the insects noticed them, then it would be too late!

There was a lake in the North, if they headed that way, the journey would be too long. they had to head to the south and find a way to go around the insect’s swarm!

They were not far away from Gu Shu city, however, Chu Yunsheng was scared that Gu Shu city would be like fog city-Kun city, so he disagreed with Lan Chaoyin’s idea which was to go through Gu Shu city.

Then They started to see more and more people. most of them came from Shen Cheng city, and most of them did not have any cars. They were all just on their foot.

The crowd’s only light sources were the fire torches. although they were not very bright. but with the number of torches they had, it was already enough to light up the sky at their front.

People tend to follow where the fire touches were going, they did not have a sense of direction nor they wanted to go into the dark alone!

They felt safe to be within the crowd and near the light, even Chu Yunsheng had that feeling as well!

At least when they encountered the dangerous, the more people you have meant higher chance to survive!

Lan Chaoyin had already stopped using her ability, she said she did not have much energy left, and she needed to keep some to protect herself. But who knew if she was saying the truth.

Once the fire disappeared, the bike became a regular bike. It needed to consume petrol, but Chu Yunsheng wasn't worried. because he still had some in the storage talisman.

Lan Chaoyin’s riding skill was undoubtedly very good. She used every possible route in the crowd, but then it started to cause trouble.

Some groups tried to take their bike by force, and some of them were the awakenings. luckily Chu Yunsheng had restored some of his strength. He simply used the enchanted gun to scared them away.

But it wasn't long until Chu Yunsheng started to hear the buzzing sound appear in the sky. It instantly struck fear into Chu Yunsheng's heart, that sound was made by green shelled insects!

He turned around and instantly saw around 4 green shelled insects were diving down. the crowds panicked, some of them ran into each other, some of them were pushing each other. They were all trying to find a place to hide.

Chu Yunsheng held onto Lan Chaoyin and clenched his legs to lock himself onto to the bike. He then instantly forced himself to lean to left. The bike immediately fell down and slid very far.

Then Green shelled insects quickly flew over them!

At the same time, people at back shouted:” insect! They have caught up with us!:

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chapter 83 Ghost rider?

chapter 83 Ghost rider?
The woman started to quickly check the bike. she seemed to be very familiar with the bike. some parts of the bike were disassembled then she was using her fire ability to burn those parts, she was very fast at repairing the bike. it made Chu Yunsheng suspected that she definitely used to work in a bike repair shop before.

Soon, she stood up, tied her hair behind her head, then she quickly get on the bike without asking Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng was startled, he was exhausted, but this woman could still unleash the fire energy, that meant she still had the ability to fight. If she really wanted to run away with the bike, Chu Yunsheng wouldn't be able to stop her!

He also immediately got on the bike and held on tightly to her waist. He purchased three bikes during the age of light, this was the last one he had, so he couldn't afford to lose it. This woman helped him to fix the bike, there was no reason to ask her to get off the bike as well. Moreover, she seemed to be familiar with the bike, then she must be good at riding the bike as well. On the other hand, with his riding skill and terrible road conditions, he wouldn't be able to drive fast in this city. So he needed her.

Chu Yunsheng sat behind her, but he didn't say anything. The woman probably knew Chu Yunsheng agreed what she did, so she just said:” sit tight!”  the bike made a loud noise and instantly rushed out at a full-throttle speed.

Only now did he realised that how good this woman was at riding the bike! It was not just better than his driving skill. What was more surprising was she could still ride the bike fast while avoid hitting the large rattans that spread on the ground. She even used her ability on the bike, the bike's wheels were on fire and they were spinning fast, it Cut through all the small rattans on the way! The bike even made a line of fire track on the ground! It was like the movie ghost rider!

Chu Yunsheng was curious why the tires did not explode, he could not ask her now, so he guessed that was probably because of her ability. The whole bike and even the woman was surrounded by the fire element! She was driving very fast even when the bike was turning, sometimes she lifted up the front wheel to avoid giant rattan and make a jump.

Chu Yunsheng had no choice but bear the heat with broken armour and clung onto her. he could not use absorption talisman to restore his Yuan Qi. He was afraid that once he moved, he would fall off the bike!

It surprised Chu Yunsheng that The woman could continuously use her fire ability. Her fire ability was very strong, no wonder why she dared to lay on the ground and play dead to avoid monster’s chase!
The woman was concentrating on riding and Chu Yunsheng was concentrating on holding onto woman tightly. Both of them did not have time to talk to each other. Although the bike’s speed was slower than a flame bird, compared to meat worm and the red-eye monster it was a lot faster!

Chu Yunsheng heard from Commander Du before, The defence line was formed by his division, Their suffered huge loss during the retreat. When they had finally managed to get out Shen Cheng city and go around the fog city Kun through Su Shen highway, they encountered most of 218 regiment’s ordinary soldiers in Dong Shen university. Those soldiers were originally asked to stay and help escort the Dong Shen university's crowd by Commander Du.

It was those soldiers told the division commander that the elite troops, a group of scientists and commander Du were attempting to cross the fog city to get to Jin Ling city sooner. However, they never heard information or saw anyone came out of fog city.

In order to wait for those scientists, the division commander decided to wait for them for 6 hours, they also send people into the fog looking for Commander Du.

Although he really hated commander Du, he knew that in order to protect himself from the insect army he had to stay with the military.

That was why he told the woman to head straight to Qing Deng (green light) town, luckily this woman seemed to know where it was, so he finally relieved, otherwise he had to get the map out, but with his condition right now, how could he check the map!?.

20 minutes later, they finally rushed out the fog city, and once again disappeared in the dark.

The green light illuminated the fog city behind them in the dark, it looked like the Elf forest in the fairy tale!
It was roughly 23 o’clock now, the soft and slightly wavering light in the sky had already disappeared. Compared to the fog city, the bike became very bright in the dark!

If they continued to ride like this, they would easily expose themselves to other monsters. The woman seemed to have the same concern, so she stopped using her ability. the fire instantly disappeared on the bike as if they did not exist at all!

Finally, Chu Yunsheng had time to restore his Yuan Qi, although when he reached Yuan Tian stage two, his body would automatically absorb Yuan Qi in the air. However, he used every bit Yuan Qi he gathered to withstand the heat came from the woman’s fire ability.

The woman got off the bike. her hair had already fallen down and scattered all over her face when they were riding the bike. So she got off the bike and tried to tie her hair up again. Then she noticed Chu Yunsheng was still on the bike, so she said:"Mr. Chu you are really a cautious man,  with your ability,  are you still scared I am going to run away with the bike!?"
Chu Yunsheng thought: of course I am scared, but he did not actually say that. he asked her:"how do you know my name?"

She looked at his armour:"who doesn’t!?"
Chu Yunsheng’s armour and the sword had already become his signature, so it was not strange for her to know his name. He smiled but did not say anything. He just grasped the absorption talisman on the other hand and tried to recover as fast as he could.

The woman reached out her hand and said:”I am Lan ChaoYin,  a fire warrior!”

Chu Yunsheng hadn't had a handshake with someone for a very long time, this basic manner was almost disappeared since the dark age began. He paused a second, then reached out his hand, but he just shook once and immediately pulled back his hand. He pointed himself said:"Chu Yunsheng"  then he stopped talking, he could not explain his ability so he kept quiet.

Lan Chaoyin did not seem to mind, she turned around, took out a flat water bottle from her inside of her clothe and started to drink it slowly.
After a while, Chu Yunsheng finally absorbed one absorption talisman. Then he immediately took out a bottle of liquid from storage talisman, he did not even look at the label. he just downed it.  He was also thirsty as well!
Then he took out a piece of cloth, covered the bike’s front light. They had to move now, they couldn't stay here very long. Lan Chaoyin also could not use her ability otherwise they would attract a lot of things in the dark.  With the help of hazy bike’s front light, they slowly disappeared into the dark again.

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chapter 82 play dead

chapter 82 play dead

However, he did not get far until he heard some quick and shuffled footsteps appeared at his back, he was alerted and slightly turned around to looks what was behind. But what he saw next almost scared him to death!!!!

He saw 7 or 8 people were running fast toward him from the other end of the street, and another flame bird was chasing them!

Probably that flame bird had killed all other awakening warriors that was why it kept chasing those people who escape to the west!
Chu Yunsheng'sheart jumped rapidly, he couldn't control it. He was so weak right now that he couldn't even kill a meat worm, let alone this flame bird.

His legs started to shake uncontrollably, and he could no longer control his emotions!

His subconscious made him took out the motorbike. He would rather encounter the meat worm now than a flame bird. he knew that even the bike's speed still could not compete with the flame monster, But he still had a slight hope that he would get away.
However, it was just a wishful thinking! What made him felt even more desperate was no matter how he tried to start the bike, the bike just wouldn't start.

With the flame bird was getting closer and closer,  Chu Yunsheng finally had a mental breakdown. he kicked the bike. but he didn't realise he was weak right now. he couldn't even stand properly. one kick didn't do anything to the bike, but instead, he was pushed backwards and fell to the ground!

Chu Yunsheng laid on the ground, his heart was as cold as ice: is this how I am going to die!?

At the same time, two words suddenly appeared in his mind: play dead.

He had no other choice but gave it a try! So he just laid there didn't move!

Rapid footsteps finally reached him. The two people who fell behind were killed by the flame bird instantly. The person who ran the fastest directly stepped on Chu Yunsheng’s body. That person used Chu Yunsheng's body as jump pad to make a  jump. the armour has already broken, so as the energy shield. The man stepped on Chu Yunsheng's body very hard, it almost made Chu Yunsheng spat out blood again!

The flame bird flew over everyone's head, stepped on the first person’s back and pressed that person down very hard. The person instantly lost conscious, then the body was burned and the energy was absorbed by the flame bird.

Meanwhile, another three people just ran past Chu Yunsheng, one of them lost their balance when jumped over Chu Yunsheng stepped on his body by accident. Then the fifth person stepped on his hand, Chu Yunsheng couldn't bear the pain but slightly shook his hand.

The person who stepped his hand was scared to death seeing a dead man suddenly moved.

But then that person immediately noticed what's happening. He threw himself on the ground and played dead just like Chu Yunsheng.

And the other person who was the slowest among them, and who was also supposed to be dead but luckily the flame monster had decided to fly over them to catch the person at the front. When that person saw two people were playing dead on the ground the last person immediately followed them!

Chu Yunsheng really wanted to kill those two idiots and dumped them in a place far away from him. Can they not choose somewhere else to play dead. There was roughly 4 meters distance from each other. If the flame monster noticed any one of them, they would all be dead. Since Chu Yunsheng got ambushed by the red-shelled insect before, he never once doubted any monster's intelligence!

As he expected, the flame bird killed four people at the front, but it didn't leave, it was still wheeling in the sky and looking for few people that are missing.

Chu Yunsheng was watching the flame bird secretly. when he saw the monster eventually locked on them, he knew it was game over!

The monster flapped its wing and started to dive down. Chu Yunsheng had no other choice but kept playing dead.  He knew he couldn't run away, he just hoped other people couldn't bear the heat would get up and run away. Maybe the monster would chase the person, or maybe it would just kill two more people and leave.

All three people were having the same thought, but probably only one person would have a chance to survive!

It was a time to test their courage, Chu Yunsheng still had his broken armour, so he decided whatever happened he would have to stay to the end!
As he expected, the other two people did not have anything to protect them. One person seemed to hold it very well, but the other one could not bear the heat immediately got up and run away.

However, how could he run away from the flame bird’s chase? Soon he was burned into ashes.

Now it was only left him and the other person. the Flame bird flew back and once again dived down, Chu Yunsheng knew he couldn’t get away now, this monster definitely knew what was going on!

In that moment, Chu Yunsheng gave up all the hope, he knew his life would end here. His mind just went blank and then all the old memories flashed backed, he remembered his parents which had passed away a long time ago … he sighed. it was time to see them in the heaven.

Suddenly he heard a familiar loud screech, it sounded like red shelled insect, no…. Should be green shelled insect!!

Chu Yunsheng squinted his eye to take a close look. The flame bird had already given up flew towards them, it ascended to the sky! Flew towards three green shelled insects!

They were like the mortal enemies for many years, both sides ignored Chu Yunsheng and the other person, headed straight to each other and crashed into each other,

Although the flame bird was very strong. but there were three green-shelled insects. So it was hard to tell who was going to win at that moment!

Chu Yunsheng immediately came back from the shock, he did not expect he could survive this time! And What was more surprising was the things that saved him was not the ancient book. But it was his enemy green shelled insect!

Then another thought instantly emerged in his mind, if the green shelled insects were here, that means the red-shelled insect’s main force was very close too.

He did not know where he got the strength, but he instantly jumped up and tried to pick up the bike which he kicked over earlier. It was the only way he could get away from here quickly.

But the truth was you could never depend on luck, the bike still wouldn’t start. Chu Yunsheng was so frustrated that he even wanted to use the sword to cut the bike in half.

“Let me try it!” a voice came from his back, it was the person who was playing dead with him. From the voice and the body shape, Chu Yunsheng could tell she was a woman.

Since the dark age began, no one would have time to clean themselves, including those women, everyone had a messy hair and their faces were usually covered with dirt. If she did not talk and Chu Yunsheng did not look carefully, he would not recognise she was a woman.  Of course, there were some other reasons for women to make themselves look ugly as well, just like the female teacher he saw in Shen Cheng city.

Chu Yunsheng did not know anything about the motorbike, so he stood aside to let the woman try it, but his hand was tightly grasped the bike's back seat. He needed to make sure this woman was not going to run away with the bike.

The battle over their head was getting more and more fierce. One of the green shelled insects had already been killed by the flame bird and fell on the ground. the flame bird was also heavily injured, its fireball attack was getting weaker and weaker.

Time was pressing!

Chapter 81 kill the flame monster

Chapter 81 kill the flame monster

Meat worm's suction ability was very strange. when Chu Yunsheng was still at Yuan Tian stage one, he needed to rely on the strength of giant rattan to stop himself from moving.

When he reached Yuan Tian stage two, things did change a little bit. However, it was only because Chu Yunsheng became stronger which allowed him to kill meat worms faster. The meat worm's powerful suction ability still had an effect on him.

According to the ancient book, the meat worm he caught still had not fully recovered yet, it still needed to be fed with Yuan Qi for awhile.

However, it was a critical moment for him now, that was why he needed to release it early.

Just when Chu Yunsheng about to turn around and run, he saw the meat worm swallowed all the fireballs that were supposed to fly towards him and spat it out from the other mouth! It changed the fireball's directions and hit the buildings next to them!

What surprised Chu Yunsheng even more was the flame monster was being slowly dragged down.

It was struggling!

Chu Yunsheng immediately realised that this flame monster was also exhausted, it was just a little bit better than Chu Yunsheng, it could still throw some fireballs!

However, the power of its fireballs had greatly decreased, otherwise, the meat worm would not be able to change its directions. Normally if meat worm just swallowed one flame monster's fireball, it would severely damage the meat worm’s internal organ.

Chu Yunsheng was shocked when he saw what this meat worm did. He was trying to figure out what to do.  He did not know how fast would the flame monster recover itself. And the meat worm seemed to have reached its limit. If he left the meat worm, it would definitely be dead, and if the monster recovered itself after absorbing the energy from the meat worm,  then he would be dead as well. So why not take this chance try to kill the monster! He thought.

Eventually, he gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

Chu Yunsheng took out two absorb talismans, he planted to use it while the flame bird was still focusing on the meat worm, once he fully recovered, he would definitely be able to kill the flame bird.

Some areas of its body armour were still on fire, but he did not have time to put it out. When he was busy trying to recover his energy, the meat worm was trying its best to pull the flame bird down, and the flame bird still could not get away but slowly being dragged down a bit by bit.

The flame bird was enraged, it should have been the predator, not the other way around!  It was furiously flapping its wing to throw out some fireballs. But they all got sucked into the meat worms body, and spat out from the other side!

Times quickly passed by, Chu Yunsheng used every single second he could to absorb Yuan Qi from the absorption talisman!

Soon, he smelled a pungent smell of burned flesh. It was the meat worm, it had already reached its limit, if its conscious wasn't sealed by the incantations, it would probably already run away!

Suddenly flame bird gave up flapping its wings, it dived down like a ballistic missile headed straight towards the meat worms giant mouth.

The meat worms felt the danger, it instantly expanded its body and mouth to a size that was twice as bigger than its original size,

Within a split second, Chu Yunsheng suddenly felt the area suddenly went dark, the flame bird shrank its body and flew into the meat worms mouth. The white meat worm's body suddenly glowed in a red light like a hot stove, It suffered from huge burning pain. However,  it could not do anything else but twisted its body and rolled around on the ground.

Its body was under flame birds attack, some area suddenly swelled up and some area suddenly shrank down, it was the moment of life and death for both monsters!
Chu Yunsheng could see the victory in sight!

He immediately speeded up his absorption speed without thinking about if his body could handle it! Yuan Qi flooded into his body. The sudden change almost made him pass out!  The visceral and blood vessels were all expanded to its limit, his skins started to crack, he felt like his muscles were all tore apart! He was bleeding everywhere!

At the same time, the meat worm finally lost the battle, the flame bird burned a hole in its body and about to fly out! Chu Yunsheng suppressed his painful feeling, he pulled out the sword which was stabbed on the ground earlier, charged towards the flame bird. He forced himself to activate the sword fighting technique. He wanted to kill flame bird while it was still in the meant worm’s body

Instantly sword Qi burst out from the sword and shredded everything on its way.

Meat worm no longer existed, it only left flame birds struggling to fight with sword Qi.

And Chu Yunsheng once again exhausted with his energy. He was exhausted and he felt sharp pain everywhere in his body. He could no longer stand up but clung his body onto the sword and kneeled down.

Soon the flame bird finally fell on the ground and stopped moving, its body flame also slowly disappeared. Chu Yunsheng had never seen a flame bird die before. If he could, he would rather seal the flame bird into the talisman than let it die. This monster was very strong, it was much stronger than the meat worm.
Unfortunately, he was injured and exhausted with Yuan Qi, he did not have spare Yuan Qi to make extra monster seal talisman. He could not do anything but saw a powerful monster die in front of him.

After the flame bird died, its fire energy slowly shrank and formed a red seed-like object, it was as big as an apple. But the surface was as rough as a nut.

Chu Yunsheng was curious, he did not know what that thing was. So he staggered towards the object, used the sword to move it. It did not seem to have any reaction.  So he kneeled down and tried to pick it up. But he did not expect that object was extremely hot. even though he threw it away immediately. but still, His hand armour had already melted a layer.

Just a touch, Chu Yunsheng could clearly feel a tremendous amount of fire element Yuan Qi contained in this strange “seed”.

Since he couldn't touch it, so he just recited the incantation and controlled the storage talisman to store this strange seed inside the talisman.
Chu Yunsheng stumbled towards the west, he was walking slowly while using one absorption talisman to recover his energy.

This place was extremely dangerous, he needed to leave as soon as possible! Now just one meat worm or a few red-eye monsters would instantly kill him, not mention another flame bird!

he was scared to use the motorbike, monsters were extremely sensitive to the sound, what if he attracted one, then he would be 100% dead this time.

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Chapter 80 struggle

 Chapter 80 struggle

The building wasn't tall, it was only three stories high. third floor and second floor were almost melted by the by the female monster's fire attack.

When the ceiling collapsed, Chu Yunsheng jumped up and managed to drill a hole to get away without any injury. However, he was also exposed to the flame monster.

When he was still in the mid-air, he unleashed a small amount of Yuan Qi upwards, the recoil of sword pushed him down instantly. When he fell on the ground, he immediately picked up a person who just had crawled out of debris and threw the person towards the flame monster.

When the flame monster spread its wing, it could reach five meters long it was just like a giant bird in flame. Chu Yunsheng had encountered the flame monster so many times, but he had never seen its actual body. he could only see the blazing flame surrounds the monster every time.

Its speed was also extremely fast. If without the help fog wall, he could never get rid of its chase.

Professor Sun used to joke around by saying that since this monster like to eat meat worms, and it could fly, so maybe we could call it the flame bird.

But Chu Yunsheng did not really care about this, nor did he care about the skinny old man. He turned around and ran away without any hesitation.

In order to slow down the flame bird as much as possible, when he ran past several people who just crawled out of the debris. He grabbed another two and threw them towards the flame bird!

The flame bird was wheeling at top of the building. The debris was slowly melted by the fire from its wings.
Chu Yunsheng could hear everyone's screams, but he didn't see anyone except himself managed to get out of the building. It struck fear into his heart and made him run even faster.

He could see the giant plants on his both side quickly going back words as he was desperately trying to run as fast as he could. The whole world had become silent, He could only hear his own heavy breath!

However, two minutes later, he realised that even him also couldn't get away as well!

He was hit by a fireball. Because he didn't pay attention what was happening behind his back. So the sudden hit knocked him over and made him tumbling on the ground.

After all, he still could not run away from this monster!

The Flame monster's another hobbit was to absorb other creatures energy, so to this monster, Chu Yunsheng's nutrition level was very high. That was why it kept chasing him.

He instantly jumped up and turned around to use the sword fighting technique. Six bright beams of sword Qi came out of sword and shot towards the flame bird.

Chu Yunsheng decided not to run anymore. he couldn't run away before, it was even more impossible now! Instead of running away when obviously there was no chance of escaping. why not fight back!

6 sword Qi only slowed down the flame monster. But because of this, he had enough time to take out glacier talisman and use it!

The Flame monster blocked 6 sword Qi, and once again flew towards Chu Yunsheng. On the way, it also cast another fireball.  there was no time for Chu Yunsheng to block the fireball right now, he threw out the glacier talisman while risk himself being hit by the fireball,  a 10 meters high glacier was instantly formed and wrapped flame bird inside. The monster lost its ability to stay in the air. It was instantly smashed onto the ground.

then several huge crack sounds rang out. One after another, each one of them contained so much power that even made the ground shake.

If the military was here, they could use the heavy weapon to blast the glacier into pieces. They could work together to kill this monster!

But Commander Du this bastard had already run away.

Now Chu Yunsheng could only rely on himself, he immediately unleashed another “ward off thousands army”, 6 sword Qi once again hit the flame monster when the monster just broke out of the ice. At the same time, Chu Yunsheng already has second glacier talisman on his hand.

His plan was to use rest of glacier talisman with his sword fighting technique on this monster, he was hoping that all those attacks would injure the monster!

The flame monster was furious, it was probably the first time it had encountered such strong resistance on earth.  It made a loud scream when tearing apart the last sword Qi, and furiously charged towards Chu Yunsheng. On the way, it was constantly flapping its wing to cast out several huge fireballs.  Chu Yunsheng was hit and flew backwards with his sword!

Even with the help of combat armour and energy shield, he could barely stand up. His throat was very dry because of dehydration caused by the fireballs.

Chu Yunsheng immediately cast second glacier talisman, it instantly froze the monster again!

When he shots out 6 sword Qi the third times, he noticed that it was not easy for the flame monster to deal with his attack anymore! The third sword attack even pushed the monster backwards!

Chu Yunsheng was so excited when he saw it. He immediately cast third glacier talisman. The monster screamed in pain and once again it was frozen and fell to the ground!

Suddenly Chu Yunsheng spat out blood, he was already exhausted. but he still forced him to cast forth sword fighting technique!

When he shot out sword Qi, the flame monster also escaped from the ice and threw many fireballs towards him. This time he was smashed onto a truck, the slightly blue flame finally started to burn his armour and slowly spread across his body armour.

The armour was heavily damaged now, and the energy shield was on the verge of collapsing. Chu Yunsheng's mouth was full of blood. he did not have time to put out the fire. The fire on his armour wasn't the ordinary fire, he couldn't use the ordinary method to put it out.

He only got last one glacier talisman, if he couldn't injure it then he would accept his fate to die here!

He jumped on top of the truck, ready to cast out the last round attack.

the Flame bird’s situation wasn't any better than Chu Yunsheng. Every time when it was hit by the sword Qi, the blue ripples' swallowing ability would start to take effect. It slowly took away its energy bit by bit.

Chu Yunsheng once again cast the glacier talisman before the monster could even clear all the sword Qi!

Bang! …….boom!

After the glacier exploded, the flame monster fell on the ground once again. Chu Yunsheng’s has consumed Yuan Qi to his limit, he could not use the sword fighting technique again, he could not even unleash the frost arrow. He could use the absorption Talisman to recover this Yuan Qi, but he did not have time to do that. because the flame bird could get up at any time!

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth, he risked his life and charged towards the flame monster. He used his sword to constantly hack the flame monster’s phantom body.

The monster’s blistering fire burned Qian Bi sword to an extremely high temperature, Chu Yunsheng almost could not hold the sword.

Every Time when Chu Yunsheng hit the monster, The blue ripples inside sword would glow a bright blue light, it swallowed up the flames monster's pure fire energy like a vampire sucking the blood!

Just when Chu Yunsheng thought the monster was heavily injured and he had it under the control. The flame monster once again spread its wing, flew up into the sky. The heat waves caused by the wings knocked Chu Yunsheng over and tumbled back to the truck again.
Chu Yunsheng heart sunk, he did not have any energy to continue the fight!

Suddenly he remembered that he still had one talisman, the one he had not used. it was the monster seal talisman, which he originally decided to use it later.

There was a meat worm still sealed inside talisman, although he just used his Yuan Qi to heal this meat worm less than two hours and the meat worm was a lot weaker than the flame bird.

Also, he was not sure if he injured the flame monster or not. but because he did not have other choices, so he cast out the monster seal talisman anyway.

The talisman projected a strange pattern in the mid-air, a small white meat worm appeared on the talisman and it became bigger and bigger until it fell on the ground.

Chu Yunsheng gave the order to the meat worm straight away. It instantly opened its both mouth, aimed at the direction where the flame monster was flying and started to suck the air.

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Chapter 79 hostile

Chapter 79 hostile
“team-up” when Chu Yunsheng heard this from the skinny old man, he almost laughed, those people even had the audacity to say this. He said sarcastically:" a group of unreliable people, you even have the audacity to suggest a cooperation? "

Everyone was staying silent when they heard Chu Yunsheng’s sarcastic words. only the skinny old man’s eyelids were twitching a little bit and gave Chu Yunsheng a hollow laugh:”we were forced to make the decision, we have no choice, even Du Qishan also run away. So we have to follow them.”

It pissed off Chu Yunsheng even more when he mentioned Du Qishan. This bastard not only broke his promise but also asked professors to make up a lie, it made everyone believed that even after the fog walls were destroyed, they would still need to wait for the professors to find the final exit!!

The reason why everyone including Chu Yunsheng believed those professors was because they produced the map one after another, they also found the way to destroy the fog wall, and they indeed destroyed the fog wall!

Chu Yunsheng wished that he could catch Du Qishan and stabbed him death to vent his anger. He suspected that he probably was not the only one having this thought!

But he had already lost them, and he did not know when he could get out of here, So all he could do was cursing them, hoped they would be killed by the insect!

Chu Yunsheng ignored the old man. He did not trust them at all. He did not even want to talk to them, he just stayed aside thinking how to escape secretly.

The old man saw Chu Yunsheng did not respond to him and his face was filled with contempt, So he did not carry on saying anything, he just walked to the side and sat on the floor.

Chu Yunsheng did not see Ding Yan and Yao Xiang. He did not know if they were still alive or not. but then he thought about how smart Ding Yan was, so he was not that worried. They might have already escaped the city with commander Du.

The building was constantly shaking from time to time, they could see the debris falling onto the ground, and the dust flying in the air. It seemed like the building could collapse at any time.

The atmosphere in the room was getting weirder and weirder. Since Chu Yunsheng did not want to team up with them. That meant whoever got out of this building first would become bait.

But no one wanted to become a cannon fodder, everyone was trying to stay behind.  only the last person got out of the building would have the opportunity to run away while the flame monster was busy attacking other.

Chu Yunsheng tried to stay focus and not moving, he wanted to see who would be the first person could not handle the pressure.
Even if the floor collapsed, he had armour to protect him, so he was not scared. However, in the other group, some people could only stop a few bullet. so when the building collapsed, the several concrete floors would definitely injure them or may even kill them.

Suddenly A Crack sound appeared! While everyone was still in a panic, The building finally opened up a huge crack, and it was getting bigger and bigger!

The old man couldn't sit quietly any longer, he asked a female awakening warrior to send some food over.

Chu Yunsheng was on the high alert, he immediately stood up and pointed Qian Bii sword at her to tell her not to get any closer.

The girl smiled and raised her hands to show the food she brought, she said sincerely:” brother Chu, we sincerely want to team up with you, this is all our food,  it's  a gesture of goodwill.”

“You don't deserve my trust, forget about the team up. I don't need your food, take it away!” said Chu Yunsheng, he didn't even look at that food.

The girl pressed her lips together very hard, she begged in a wretched voice:" Brother Chu, only you can help us, please, I'm begging you….”

Chu Yunsheng didn't respond, he just stood there with his sword!

He did not know why whenever he encountered some dangerous situations, he would quickly calm down. It was the same this time as well. His mind was very clear at the moment, he knew that the number of people would be able to get out of here would be less than 2 digits!
It would be either they die or he dies!

Chu Yunsheng knew she was acting, so he ignored her.

The girl gave him a hollow smile then turned around. Just when Chu Yunsheng thought she was going to leave, and he about to put down the sword. He suddenly felt Yuan Qi was stirred up in the area where the girl was.

Did she want to attack me? Chu immediately lifted the sword and stabbed forward!

The girl immediately turned around, the food fell off from her hand, a burning dagger was revealed. It was underneath the food for the whole time.

She charged towards Chu Yunsheng with other people. The skinny old man shouted:" brothers, kill him, take his armour and sword. We can use them withstand the monster's attack!”

Before he finished his sentence, Chu Yunsheng had already taken a life away! Chu Yunsheng's sword could even break red shelled insect’s shell, let alone this girl whose ability happened to be more useful for attacking rather than defending.  The girl still grasped the dagger tightly even after her head fell to the ground. But unfortunately, she chose the wrong people to team up with.

Chu Yunsheng kicked the girl's body away, he used the dead body to block all the attack. The girl's body was instantly smashed into pieces by all kinds of fire and ice energy!

Chu Yunsheng still did not know why those people would suddenly attack him. It did not make sense at all!

However, he forgot that since the beginning he only used his ability when he wore the armour and equipped with the sword, so to other people his ability come from his armour and sword.

The skinny old man's objective was very simple. They would die if they got out of this building first,  they would be severely injured or even died if they decided to stay in this building. even if they did survive the attack, they probably had already wasted too much time, and they would probably be killed by the insect's army. Since no matter what they choose they are going to die anyway, why don’t they just take this man's equipment and leave this place as soon as possible!

To them, even though Chu Yunsheng was strong. but compared to the flame monster they still had a chance.

If they got Chu Yunsheng’s equipment, they believed that the chance of escaping from the building was much bigger!

That was why the skinny old man asked the girl to attempt to assassinate Chu Yunsheng first, if she did not succeed, they would all attack Chu Yunsheng at the same time.

But they didn't expect Chu Yunsheng was way more powerful. Not only he noticed the girl’s attack and Just one sword, he easily killed that girl!

But since they already started doing it, so there was no way back!

The skinny old man was shouting while attacked Chu Yunsheng:” Mr. Chu, we know you are strong, but even if we can't kill you, you will be injured. At that time, you can't get out of here either! As long as you give us the armour and sword, our man will lure the monster away. And we all will live!"

Chu Yunsheng snorted:" go fuck yourself!"

He instantly jumped up and sliced the ceiling, he wanted the break the ceiling!

The skinny old man was startled, he shouted:” brothers, he fought with 6 flames monsters continuously, he must be exhausted right now. Don't be scared. Now is the best time to kill him!”

Just when he finished the sentence, the old man also cast out his ability, a cloud of ice Storm flew towards Chu Yunsheng!

Chu Yunsheng's sword was very sharp, with the help of Yuan Qi, it easily destroyed the concrete ceiling. His main enemy was not those people but the flame monster outside this building. That was why he avoided using his energy to attack them, but instead, he tried to destroy the building’s infrastructure from inside to speed up its collapsing process while dodging everyone else's attack.


The whole floor couldn't support its weight any longer, it finally fell down!

Chu Yunsheng spun the sword upwards trying to make a hole for himself. But others who did not have the abilities defend themselves were all buried underneath. He could hear the horrible screams when those people were hit by the concrete!

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Chapter 78 destroy the fog walls

Chapter 78 destroy the fog walls
"Commander, are we really going to do this?" staff officer Tao said hesitantly.

“Do we have other choices? Lao tao, we can't rely on those people. We can't kill the flame monster either! So we have to give up him!” Commander Du sighed.

:" But the Capt. Ban……." he seemed to be very concerned.

"It's not his position to make any decision. The only important thing is to protect those scientists!” Commander Du interrupted him.


The Flame monster was highly on alert, it noticed Chu Yunsheng straight away before Chu Yunsheng even approached the middle part of the giant plant. It instantly dived down at him like a fighter jet.

Chu Yunsheng turned around immediately. No matter what happened next, his plan was to save as much energy as possible. behind him, The flame monster was non-stop chasing him.

Ban Shijun and other people seized the opportunity and immediately climbed up the rattan.

Since the last three encounters with the flame monster, now he was even more experience than before. He no longer ran away in a straight line. Sometimes he could use the rattans or buildings to his advantages.

Chu Yunsheng was stalling for time. A second passed; two seconds passed... Finally, those awakenings reached the top and started to destroy the core.

Boom! After A loud explosion.

The last fog core finally exploded, the whole ground was shaking like there was an earthquake!

The crowd burst into cheers!

The fog walls seemed to lose its energy and started to slowly dissipate until it completely disappeared. The unknown strange liquid in some of the giant plant's transparent roots started to flow rapidly.

Even Chu Yunsheng who was still busy running could feel its powerful and tenacious vitality.

The professors have studied this kind of plant before, they suspected that the giant plants in Kun city are all connected together, and they had an incredible life energy and healing ability. Once the fog cores were all destroyed, if they couldn't escape the city on time, those plants would to be able to heal the fog cores,  then everything would be back to its original state.

Chu Yunsheng also saw the fog wall disappeared, he immediately led flame monster to go around a giant red rattan.

He was going back to them!

The cheerful crowd saw the monster returned and quickly headed towards them, they instantly became silent.

Chu Yunsheng had already withstood flames monster's attack almost 10 times. His back armour had already melted in half.  he didn't want to attack the flame monster. because he was scared that the attack would provoke the flame monster to lock on him.  So he just kept running. Luckily the energy shield could still protect his body.

They were only paused less than a second, Ban Shijun shouted:" brothers, ready to engage, let's kill his monster!”

However, all the awakening warriors behind him had already run away within a split second, no one wanted to fight this monster!

:"Captain!  Quick, let's go,  it's the commander’s order!” two military awakenings immediately dragged him and jumped off the rattan.

Ban Shijun was struggling while he was dragged down by two other soldiers, his face was filled with shame:" how could we do this, how could we…. It's our Comrades… Is it really the right thing to do?……”

Even Chu Yunsheng had expected that this would happen, it still pissed him off a lot.

Since you broke your words, then don't blame me for being vicious.

Chu Yunsheng did not slow down at all, his foot kicked on the rattan and leapt towards the group nearest to him.

“Fuck! There are so many people, why are you following me?” a fire warrior cursed when he saw Chu Yunsheng was running towards him, he instantly doubled his speed.

Unfortunately compared to the flame monster and Chu Yunsheng, his speed was just like a man who was walking slowly. the Fire warrior only felt a light flashed by. until he realised, it was already too late. The blistering fire swept over the ground and swallowed him. His head was burned to ashes before he even had a chance to scream!

the Flame monster was only slow down a little bit. but it was already enough for Chu Yunsheng to pass several people, he did not dare to turn around, he just kept running forward!

the flame monster became excited after several horrible shrieks. It started to flying around rapidly and recklessly!

At this moment, Chu Yunsheng finally caught up with the main awakening warrior's force, "he did it on purpose, everyone spread out!" a man shouted after he saw Chu Yunsheng along with several horrible shrieks.

Chu Yunsheng sneered secretly: I indeed did it on purpose, now let's see who runs faster!

People with faster speed would try to outrun others, but people who were running slowly only hoped that the flame monster would be chasing other people not them.

Whoever got locked on by the flame monster, consider themselves unlucky!

Chu Yunsheng took a turn, but he still maintained his speed. He did not have a specific direction, wherever had more people, he would run towards that place.

The horrible shrieks arose one after the other, the flame monster dived into the crowd like the Grim Reaper, people started to die rapidly. The screams caused by burning was even more horrifying than other screams!

The Fog walls had already disappeared, but there wasn't any exit like what professors said. It was just a lie that Du Qishan gave to them to keep them in one place.

It was a trap, a fucking lie!

The military tanks and infantry fighting vehicles which carried all the scientists had already driven out and headed towards the western suburb of Kun city quickly.

Chu Yunsheng finally got rid of flame monster’s chase. He immediately started to run and headed towards outside city.

However, it wasn't long until he noticed another group of people was running back to him in panic.

Chu Yunsheng dazed for a second, then he saw another flame monster was coming towards them.

One at the front, one at the back, he was blocked in the middle.

He looked around, immediately rushed into a building on his right-hand side. No matter what happened, he needed to get through this first, then sought another opportunity to run.

The people who were running back saw another flame monster was killing another group at the end of the street, they all stopped, and shortly after, they all started to follow Chu Yunsheng.

But the building wasn’t safe. When Chu Yunsheng was about to get out through the window at the back of the building, he instantly noticed that second flame monster seemed to have locked on them. It was wheeling in the sky above the building. Once he got out, it would most likely dive down at him, even he could get away the first attack, he still did not want to be chased by this monster!

The Flame monster was big. so it could not get into the building for the time being. It made Chu Yunsheng feel slightly relieved. But it was not long until the monster started to use its ability to attack the building. Everyone could hear the scary cracking sounds arose inside the building.

Chu Yunsheng forced himself to calm down, especially during this time, he could not panic.

He looked around and noticed that the group of awakenings which were following him into the building were the first batch of recruit.  It was led by the skinny old man who was questioning Chu Yunsheng’s ability from the beginning. They did not seem to lose anyone. in fact, their group got even bigger, it seemed like they had a dozen of people now.

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Chapter 77 who is the cannon fodder

Chapter 77 who is the cannon fodder
Location: Fog Section two, the ground floor of a shopping mall.

This was the gathering point everyone had decided before the mission started.

Ban Shijun and other people were anxiously sitting on the ground, no one knew if Chu Yunsheng was alive or not, but everyone was talking about it.

“let's go Capt. Ban, we've been waiting for 20 minutes now, I don't think he is still alive!”

“Yeah, no one can survive flame monster's attack,  look what happen to Lao Wang and other two people, they all got burned into ashes!:

:" if he is still alive, he should be back by now.” the man let out a long sigh then carried on saying:” didn't expect he is the same as us.  just one flame monsters, just one. It's over now, it's over!”

:” I told you he would not make it, I told you!”

“: what a shame, what a shame!”

:” insects are coming, we all gonna die here…….”

:”It's our fate, we have survived this long, it's enough now…..”

:” sigh……”


Everyone was mumbling about something, and almost everyone thought Chu Yunsheng was dead. no one knew what they were going to do next. Chu Yunsheng was the strongest guy in their group. even he was dead. Who else could deal with the flame monster?

Yao Xiang was sitting in a corner, his heart sank deeper as minutes ticked away. Among those people, He was the one who knew Chu Yunsheng's strength the best and he was the most anxious one. Because even him also was not sure if Chu Yunsheng was still alive or not.

Suddenly,  the mall’s entrance was kicked open, it was the awakening warrior who was supposed to guard the outside for everyone. he stumbled inside the mall and shouted with excitement:” he is back, he is still alive, still alive!”

The crowd instantly exploded.

"He is back!? "

Ban Shijun dragged the man and almost shouted at him:”  Chu Yunsheng is alive!?”

When the man about to answer him, Yao Xiang lost his composure and shouted:” Brother chu!”
A man who was wearing a red armour and lifting a long sword appeared at the entrance. It was Chu Yunsheng.

He really survived, this was their first thought.

Then when everyone surrounded him, they were shocked to find that his strange armour didn't damage at all. Was not even a slight crack. How was that even possible.

Yao Xiang smiled:” Brother chu, you are really awesome!”
Chu Yunsheng patted his shoulder and said to Ban Shijun:" Capt. Ban, we are running out of time, let's go!”

:" Mr.Chu, are you injured? Do you need any break?” Ban Shijun said sternly.

Chu Yunsheng shook his head:” I'm ok, let's go!”
Someone suddenly burst out in the group:” fucking hell, are you serious! Not even injured?  You have my respect brother!”

:” huh? Didn't you just said he wouldn't make it.” said a man stood next to him.

Another big guy also said:” even if he says he could beat two flame monster now, I'll still believe him, this man is impossible!”


Chu Yunsheng didn't say anything to them, he lifted the sword again, turned around and ran into the fog.

He had one hour and thirty minutes left, but he still had 5 fog cores need to be destroyed!

Luckily in section 2 and 9, they didn't encounter any flame monster. until when they got to section 8, they disturbed another one. Chu Yunsheng had gained the experience from the last encounter. this time he controlled his pace while running. he used two glacier talismans to slow down the flame monster so he could make it to the fog wall and escaped from monster’s chase.

Because this time everything went so well, so he didn't spend much time to recover himself. He appeared at the meeting point in section 6 less than 15 minutes.

But the extreme physical activity made him very exhausted. he already had several cigarettes, it still didn't help.

Most of the awakenings had already changed their opinions about Chu Yunsheng, they admire him from the bottom of their heart now.

The first time was luck. but the second time he was still able to escape without any injury. then without a doubt, it was absolutely because of his strength!
The desire to survive burst out from everyone’s heart, everyone was filled with energy and hope, as if the victory was in sight.

However, only Chu Yunsheng knew that only the last core was the most dangerous one!

If the last core was destroyed, the fog walls would be disappeared. and it meant that if they encountered the flame monster, they would have nowhere to hide. Everyone would have to fight the flame monster together. It was either kill it or be killed!

They were on tenterhooks while destroying the section 6’s fog core, luckily there wasn’t any flame monster. However, when everyone arrived the last section which was the section 4, they were all stunned!

Section 4 was the section which Chu Yunsheng killed thug Jiang and his group. the meeting point also happened to be the club where he had been before.

Everyone was hiding in the club. Through the windows and the fogs outside the club, they could vaguely see the flame monster's shadow was cast onto the fog above their head. It was wheeling in the sky for a very long time, and it didn't seem to want to leave.

The commander Du had confirmed that in the sky above the last fog core, there was indeed a flame monster!

Chu Yunsheng’s last hope was destroyed by the news. originally he decided that once the fog core was destroyed,  even if the noise attracted the flame monster, he would give up distract the monster. instead,  He would escape this city with Ding Yan and Yao Xiang and let fate decide who was the unlucky one and who would be chased by the flame monster.

But now, the situation had changed, the monster was already there. he needed to lure it away first, otherwise, the rest of awakenings couldn't destroy the core. But what if he lured the flame monster away and they did destroy the core, then he would have nowhere to hide. The monster would definitely lock on to him, by time, how could he get away with the chase?

Chu Yunsheng did not know what to do. he couldn't think of any idea that would make it became a win-win situation.

He knew from deep inside his heart that no one cared about his life. once the fog wall was destroyed everyone would run for their lives. no one would help him. Even the commander Du, because his first priority was to protect those scientists and regroup with the military division first.

They only had less than 30 minutes now. There was no time for him to hesitate any longer, he needed to make a decision now!

If the insect’s main force came here, he may be able to survive for some time, but eventually, he would still be dead.

He did not know how many of them exactly. But he knew for sure it was a number that he could not deal on his own! Even with the help of fog wall and the red-eye monster, they probably still could not withstand swarm’s attack!  He knew this since the day saw the artilleries attack when he was on the Dong Shen university’s truck.

Everything was very clear now. Everyone knew what Chu Yunsheng was worrying about. So everyone including commander Du promised that they would not abandon him!.

but their credibility was Zero!

He sneered and finally made up his mind, “if they were going to run away, then don’t blame me for leading flame monster to them! At that time, let me see if they are still going to run away!” he thought.

Chu Yunsheng trusted his speed and protection, he had enough time to lead the flame monster to other people, use them as the cannon fodder, and he definitely would be able to run away!

Chu Yunsheng checked his equipment.

9 glacier talismans, he had used five of them. he did not have enough time to make more. Higher level talisman usually took more time to make them. so he now had:

4 glacier talismans, 7 full patterned absorption talisman, combat armour, sword, energy shield, gun,  bow and some corrosive liquid. Those were all the equipment he had now.

A moment later, Commander Du gave the order, all the awakening warriors started to move out anxiously. Before they moved out, Chu Yunsheng told Ding Yan not to stay with a large group of people. If everyone was going to abandon him, don’t try to help him, run as fast as he could with Yao Xiang.

Because those people would be his cannon fodder!

Chapter 76 fight the flame monster

Chapter 76 fight the flame monster
The flame monster dived once again like a giant flame bird, the fire constantly burst out from its body, and slowly disappeared into the air.

Chu Yunsheng calmed himself down and immediately used the sword fighting technique - ward off thousands army. the beams instantly shot out from the blade and flew towards the monster.

This Sword fighting technique was a long-range attack skill and it was the only weapon he was able to use to fight the flame monster. He couldn't use gun and arrow because the monster was very fast and agile. so he had no other choices.

With his ability right now, he could only unleash 6 sword Qi which would form 6 blades.

Those sword Qi were only powerful when dealing with meat worm. but when dealing with the flame monster, it was still not powerful enough.

If he kept practising the skill, eventually he would be able to unleash 60 sword Qi and kill the monster on the spot. But for now, his 6 sword Qi only caused the monster to slow down a little bit.

Chu Yunsheng did not want to use the sword fighting technique 10 times. It was not a just "addition" that simple. Not only because his Yuan Qi was not enough, the power level of sword Qi was completely different compared to 60 sword Qi done by just one swing. It was much weaker and it would only waste his energy if he wanted to unleash the sword Qi 10 times.

His plan was not to fight the flame monster with force, his task was to distract it until all the awakening warriors retreated.

The way to get rid of the flame monster was simple. The fog walls would still exist as long as the 9 cores were not destroyed completely. all he needed to do was to use the fastest speed he had to cross the same fog wall back and forth several times, then the flame monster would eventually lose him.

The flame monster was enraged by the sword Qi. It was probably the first time someone could hit it, or maybe it was enraged by the blue ripple’s special ability inside sword Qi which was the most effective on consuming its energy.

The flame monster flapped its long and spiky wings, once again flew towards Chu Yunsheng who was now running at his fastest speed.

Just in this short amount of time, Chu Yunsheng had already run 50 meters. He speeded up once again. Yuan Tian stage two had transformed his body to Rong Yuan body, it gave him an unprecedented power, he was like a flying arrow, dashing through all the rattans!

But even he was fast, his running speed still cannot compete with flying speed.  A few seconds later, Chu Yunsheng could feel a hot wave was pushing towards him. he did not have time to dodge the waves, he just relied on his armour’s protection to withstand the flame monsters fire attack, but when he was hit, it almost caused him to spit out blood.

The only thing that made him feel lucky was that the impact of the attack pushed him forwards, it resulted in the distance between them once again widened.

Right now,  In section 7, there was a very bizarre scene happening. an enraged flame monster was chasing a person who was wearing the red armour, and every time when the flame monster threw fire at the red armour person, that person would withstand the attack, but the impact of quickly pushed the person forward. It was like this for a very long time.

One the way, all the meat worms and red-eye monsters, no matter how many of them, they were all scared away.  none of them even dared to approach them!

Chu Yunsheng felt like he was almost cooked by the fire attack. he could even smell a burning human flesh smell. The armour was extremely hot,  when it touched the fog around him, it instantly made a sizzling sound. even the energy shield was on the verge of a breaking down. All of his defence methods would be collapsed at any moment.

It was time to use the Bing Beng(Glacier) talisman, Chu Yunsheng thought.

He immediately took out the Bing Beng(Glacier) talisman and whispered the incantation to activate it, it instantly projected a word “Beng” which meant "collapse" in the air.

The word then broke apart, and incarnation was complete.

Shortly a giant Glacier was formed and froze the flame monster inside.

Chu Yunsheng seized the opportunity and immediately ran away as fast as he could, he almost hated himself for being a human that not able to fly.

Of course, to a powerful monster like the flame monster Bing Beng(Glacier) talisman wouldn’t trap him for long. However, the Bing Beng talisman's most powerful attack was not to trap the monster, it was when it breaks.

Crack! Crack! Crack!  Bang bang bang !!!

A three continuous loud crack sound.

Chu Yunsheng was startled, he could not help himself but turned around to look what was happening behind him.

The giant Glacier collapsed and broke into many ice pieces,  the collapse started from outside spread to a central point where the flame monster was, the power of Bing Beng(Glacier) talisman was trying to crash the flame monster.

"Screeeeeeech" The flame monster screamed in pain!

Chu Yunsheng had never seen a flame monster screamed like this, his heart instantly skipped a beat:" it was injured, it was actually injured!!!!!!"

When the first time he used one of the level three talisman, he was still at Yuan Tian stage one, at that time, he could only unleash less than ⅕ of its true power. Now he was at Yuan Tian stage two, he was still only able to unleash half of its power.

One Bing Beng(Glacier) talisman could injure a flame monster. it was totally not what he expected. He was more expecting the Bing Beng(Glacier) talisman to slow down the flame monster.

When he was still deciding whether to use another Bing Beng(Glacier) talisman to kill it. The Glacier exploded and The flame monster broke out. It locked on Chu Yunsheng straightway and started to dive at him.

“Fuck!” Chu Yunsheng cursed, it just had a minor injury! This monster was too strong!

Run, had to run as fast as he could.  This was all he could think of right now.

Chu Yunsheng did not dare to turn around again, when he reached the fog wall, he almost could feel the monster just right behind him, he could feel the fire was melting his body, and even his hairs were probably already on fire!

He used his last bit of energy to cross the fog wall back and forth several times. the scenery was changing rapidly in his eyes, only until Chu Yunsheng felt dizzy did he finally stopped. It looked like he had successfully get rid of the flame monster!

Later on, He found a hidden house, then instantly slumped himself onto the ground. his breath was quick and short, he wanted to breathe as much oxygen as possible.

Until now, he could still feel the heart jumping rapidly because of fear and extreme movement. The combat armour was scary hot, it could even light a cigarette! If it was not because of energy shield, he suspected that his coat would have caught fire already!

However, the energy shield was already broken, so he immediately restored his Yuan Qi and made a new one.  He hated that he could not understand the description of level three “energy shield talisman ”, otherwise he would not have been this distressed!

After He took a long drag of a cigarette, the smoke went into his lung and started to have an effect on his mind and body. He felt an inexplicable sense of pleasure and started stretching his body trying to relax.

He was thinking that he had always been struggling to escape. he really needed to find some time to study the book now. Especially recently, he almost did not have time to touch the book at all! He relied on this book, if he just left the book aside not study it, he had strange sense that he wouldn't be able to survive for long!