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Chapter 67 The mission begins

Chapter 67 The mission begins
Du Qishan did not take too long to consider. He agreed Chu Yunsheng’s conditions. Chu Yunsheng was staring at him while he was thinking, besides, he did not have other choices. The flames monster was too powerful, it frightened them even just thought about it.

Because he had already killed Gan Ziqiang, so Yao Xiang didn't need to hide outside anymore. Chu Yunsheng had asked him to stay with the troop. Because what Chu Yunsheng was going to do was very dangerous, Yao Xiang should not stay with him.

He planned to attack those meat worms. According to the professor Sun. Those monsters belonged to the Nephrozoa clade in the animal kingdom. Chu Yunsheng had seen one before. The monster's body was 10 meters long and they often liked to stay around the branches on the middle of giant plants, the color of their bodies could be changed in order to disguise themselves as giant rattans.

In addition to that, although the giant strange fruits were the meat worm’s main food, they also eat human and those red-eyed monsters.  Chu Yunsheng even discovered some terrifying monster’s bodies in their feces. He had never seen those monster's remains before. Those remains were small and they had very sharp teeth and claws. They didn't belong to any monsters that he had seen in the fog.  Chu Yunsheng could not help but wondered why he didn't see any live ones after he discovered the strange monster's remains.

The meat worm did not have scales nor did it have a shell, it was just one pile of meat did not seem to have any defence ability. But the truth was, even when Chu Yunsheng used the three sword forms, he still couldn't injure it. That pile of meat was sticky, slippery and with strong elasticity. Chu Yunsheng had never seen anything could stretch that long before!  Every time when he tried to cut it, the sword would push its skin deep into its body without injuring it.

But it did not mean that Chu Yunsheng did not have another way to deal with it. For the time being, he would try to make the meat worm to consume its energy faster by using the red-shelled insect’s corrosive secretions to burn its skin. It would damage its skin’s elasticity, then Chu Yunsheng would use Qian Bi sword to chop it into several chunks.

Chu Yunsheng had stored a large amount of those secretions. Now it was time to put it into use. It consumed him a great amount of Yuan Qi every time when he tried to kill a meat worm. This was what he wanted. Because it would speed up his Qi cultivation cycles.

He could also choose to make many offensive talismans, but he only got a dozen absorption talismans left. So if he chose to do it that way, he would run out of backups to supply him a large amount of Yuan Qi when he needed to break through Yuan Tian stage two’s barrier.

He needed to kill the monsters and use their energy to kill more of them.

The cultivation process for Yuan Tian stage one wasn’t sophisticated,  he just needed to repeat the Qi circulation inside his body again and again and again. It was like building a solid base for higher levels, there was no shortcut he could take.

It was simple but it didn't mean it was easy, it was simple, but it didn't mean it was weak. When he could perfectly perform the simplest sword move then it would become a powerful skill. Yuan Tian stage one was just like that.

In terms of the rules and principles of incantations, only until when he reached Yuan Tian stage two, would he be able to study and understand them.

This was the method that the ancient book taught him, from knowing nothing to imitation then gradually realized the principles and finally understood it. It was a step by step process to help him to steadily build up his power.

Chu Yunsheng looked at his watch. It was 5 hours away from the fog walls changing its sequences. He took the latest channel map that showed the connections between each fog sections from Fang Ziweng, and also promised the commander Du that he would return to Jin Jiang building in five hours, but the troop must get the monster's bodies ready.

And in the next three days, he would return to the building in every 12 hours,  it was not only for the monster's bodies, but also for the latest channel map that the professors deduced.

The red-eyed monster did not have many Yuan Qi, but its number was incredibly huge. every time he encountered one, he would get into endless troubles. So on the way, Chu Yunsheng would always try to avoid having contact with them. Luckily the meat worm often appeared in the middle of giant tree trunks, it saved him a lot of troubles.

The bird-shaped flame monster was the most dangerous one. Every time when it flapped its imaginary-like flame wings, the fire would be tossed out from its wings to form a blazing fireball, a tremendous amount of fire elemental Yuan Qi would be unleashed. Even the weaker awakened warriors would be burned into ashes,  not to mention the ordinary human beings.

The troop already left the building. Not only they needed to collect the monster's bodies, but also they needed to recruit as many awakened warriors as possible. Everyone was preparing themselves for the mission which was to destroy the fog cores.

Chu Yunsheng chose the direction that was opposite to the direction that the troop went. From section 9, he chose to go to the central city in section two. It was the area that he had been before.

This area was used to be the most prosperous area in Kun city, the business rate for the shops in that area used to be extremely high. But it did not stop people, shops were still opened one after another. But now, all Chu Yunsheng could see were the broken shops left abandoned in the fog.

All the Buildings were covered by the giant plants. Chu Yunsheng chose a thick plant rattan which was over 2 meters thick and slowly climbed upwards. The rattan was slippery, it was slowly moving from time to time as if it was alive. He then jumped from one rattan to the other and climbed into a building through the windows.
Soon after he got inside that building, he noticed a meat worm was hunting its preys on the other side of the building. He quickly turned around and headed to the window which he climbed in. He decided to use the rattan as his cover to go around the building and to attack the meat worm by surprise.

The building he was in used to be a book stored. The books were scattered on the floor, half of them were burned, it seemed like someone was trying to burn them to get warm. However, he only discovered a few bodies, no one else was alive inside the building.

Chu Yunsheng stepped on the paper ashes and scattered books. He soon returned to the giant rattan and started to climb higher until he reached to another thinner rattan which crossed the one he was climbing.

The thinner rattan was directly connected the branch that the meat worm was staying.

Its preys were the red-eyed monsters that were right below its branch. There were about 3-4 of them.

The Meat worm's hunting technique was very simple, two of its mouths, one at the front and one at back could be rapidly enlarged and sucking the air in. Even though the red-eyed monsters were trying their best to fly away, they would still be sucked into those mouths.

Chu Yunsheng already took out a bag which was made of the red-shelled insect’s belly.  Inside of it was filled with the corrosive secretion. He then slowly climbed down until he reached another rattan's intersection.

He stopped and waited until there was only one red-eyed monster left, then he lightly jumped off the intersections and slid down the rattan. He used his left hand to open the bag, the whole bag’s corrosive secretion was poured onto the worm’s body, some of it even fell into its mouth!

The meat worm did not have any eyes. It relied on its body to detect the movements and the smells in the surroundings.

Because Chu Yunsheng had an energy shield and a combat armor, it completely blocked his smell from coming out, and also because when climbing down the rattan he did not make any big movements. so only when he commenced the attack did the worm notice that he was near.

But it was too late for it to react. Chu Yunsheng was too close to it. The corrosive secretion was already spread all over its body. It sensed the danger and started to violently twist its body. It had already given up on hunting the last red-eyed monster, instead, it was trying to crawl upwards along the branch and headed straight towards Chu Yunsheng.


  1. Isnt it time for the army to run out of ammunitions?
    The author should think about this even the awakends use bullets to kill when exhausted or to use their power.