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Chapter 68 capability

Chapter 68 capability
Although the meat worm suffered from the corrosive liquid attack, the actual damage wasn't very severe. Chu Yunsheng was scared to fight it directly on the branches. because the meat worm can move very fast on the plants, but if they fell on the ground, strangely they became very slow.

Chu Yunsheng kicked the branch then jumped over the meat worm. He fell behind the meat worm and started to slide down the branch.

To the meat worm, there was no such thing was front or back. At least, Chu Yunsheng was thinking that way. When it sensed Chu Yunsheng jumped over it,  It instantly moved backward with the same speed without even turning its body around.

Chu Yunsheng took out another bag of corrosive liquid, smashed it into worm's mouth and quickly retreat to the ground.

The meat worm was furious that it was attacked by the corrosive liquid twice. One of its mouths which was further away from the Chu Yunsheng suddenly sucked the branch below it and tightly locked itself on the branch. It then started to compress its body until it suddenly stretched out like a rubber. In a split second the monster's first mouth reached Chu Yunsheng. 

Chu Yunsheng instantly felt a strong wind that was pushing him towards the worm.

Chu Yunsheng was very cautious when making a jump. once he left the ground he would lose all the supports to stop him from being sucked into the meat worm's mouth! He stabbed the sword deep into the concrete ground below him and both of his feet were firmly against a giant root. He needed to hold on for a while until the meat monster stopped sucking air. Then he would launch the attack again until he killed it completely!

The wind was very strong, and it was constantly pushing Chu Yunsheng towards the worm's mouth. Qian Bi sword was slowly slicing the ground until it reached the plant's root. It was then stopped by the strange giant plant!

It was a painful struggle and it took him almost 10 minutes.  Chu Yunsheng estimated that the meat worm had probably consumed most of its energy. So he decided it was time for him to attack. The reason why he thought that way was that he couldn't hold it much longer. He was afraid that he would really be sucked into the worm's mouth. The second reason was that even if he could hold on a little longer, the worm would also be exhausted with its energy,  then it would be pointless to kill it.  Because he would not be able to harvest any energy from it.

He used his left hand to perform an incantation gesture and took out three huge bags of corrosive liquid. If he did not increase his physical strength, there was no way he would be able to lift this three huge bags of corrosive liquid.

Chu Yunsheng didn't even need to aim. He just released the bags and they were instantly sucked into the worm's mouth.

The meat worm’s strong suction would usually consume a lot of its energy, plus it had already wasted some of its energy while hunting the red-eyed monsters before. So it started to react violently to the three bags of corrosive liquid inside its body.

Many traces of green smoke slowly appeared from its mouths and skin. The meat worm was groaning with pain with its mouths closed. The middle part of its body had already swollen up, its whole body was also compressed together and became wrinkled. It looked very disgusting.

This was the moment that Chu Yunsheng had been waiting for. He pulled out the sword, jumped up and dashed towards the meat worm. The sword was filled with Yuan Qi, and it was instantly hacked on the monster’s body.

Without sufficient energy's support. The elasticity of the monster's skin was greatly reduced. With just one cut, a huge wound was opened up on the monster’s body!

Chu Yunsheng's advantage was his speed. He could swing the sword 10 times just within a second. His fast counter-attack immediately reversed the dangerous situation. The meat worm probably sensed the death was slowly coming towards it. So it twisted its body and began to climb up the branch as fast as it could.

However, there was no way Chu Yunsheng would give it a chance. The flame monster was living at the top of those giant plants. It was the danger zone. Once he climbed up, he would have to face death.

The meat monster was crawling fast. However, Chu Yunsheng was even faster. When the monster reached the rattan intersection, Chu Yunsheng immediately used the sword to stick the monster onto the rattan, at the same time he quickly took out the gun and started to fire it. He kept shooting at the monster until it stopped moving.

The gun was with a sound suppressor, it was taken from the commander Du, same as the bullets. However, when he asked for the sound suppressor from the commander Du, he was ok with it. But when he asked for the bullets, he was very reluctant to give them to Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng grabbed the dead meat worm and jumped over several rattans continuously until returned to the bookstore. He did not dare to stay at the place where he killed the worm. The visibility was very limited outside, he did not know when the flame monster would dive down from the top of those giant plants or when a group of red-eyed monsters would appear.  No matter which scenario, they were all very dangerous to him.

The meat worm had already consumed half of its Yuan Qi,  but it still filled up an entire absorption talisman. However, its Yuan Qi element was different than the others. This time the new absorption talisman was filled with strange wood patterns.

Chu Yunsheng made a new storage talisman to store all the monster’s bodies.  He even stored the meat worm’s whole body. Although it was disgusting, he still remembered what the unshaven man said. This monster’s meat was edible. Even he didn't want to eat it, he could probably use it to exchange for something else in Jin Ling city in the future.

Before Chu Yunsheng went downstairs, he searched the entire bookstore. He tried to find any books that might lead him to understand the ancient book, especially the books on archaeological studies.

From section 2 to section 6 and then section 3, Chu Yunsheng killed one meat worm after another. He almost got sucked into the insect’s mouth once, but luckily he got away. So in the end, he had hunted 5 meat worms in total.  He was quite happy, because from the beginning to the end, he did not encounter any flame monsters.

When it was near the time for the fog walls to change their patterns. Chu Yunsheng followed the map that the professor Fang gave to him and returned to Jin Jiang building. Troops had already collected the first batch of the red-shelled insect’s bodies and they were all stored behind the building. Chu Yunsheng did not inform the commander Du, he just went to the storage place and stored all the bodies into the storage talisman.

The staff officer Tao had already recruited the first batch of 8 awakened warriors. They were having a meeting with the commander Du in the hall. When Commander Du saw Chu Yunsheng appeared, he immediately waved his hands to ask Chu Yunsheng to come to talk to him.

Chu Yunsheng had already deactivated the armor and stored the sword inside the storage talisman. He was wearing his grey coat and did not carry any weapon with him.
His Yuan Qi was cultivated by following the instruction on the ancient book, so it was different to other awakened warriors. His Yuan Qi was pure and stable, so there weren't any signs of unstable energy fluctuations around him.

Chu Yunsheng did not like to brag about himself. In fact, he was used to the dangerous environment, so it made him act cautiously all the time. But in everyone's eyes, Chu Yunsheng was an ordinary human that afraid of talking to strangers.

“Commander Du, is he the person you mentioned who has the ability to distract the flame monster? ” looking at Chu Yunsheng’s unprepossessing appearance, a female awakened warrior questioned. "are you sure that you are not joking?"

The commander Du smiled. When he was about to talk, another tall skinny old man interrupted him. "Commander Du, in your plan, he needs to distract the flame monster for a total of one minute, it's not that we don't believe you. To us, safety is our first priority. If he does not have that capability, we will not join your plan, I hope you understand! ”

"True!" another girl also stood out. When she glanced at Chu Yunsheng, there was a trace of disappointment flashed in her eye. “we need to know if he is really capable of doing it, This is the basis of our cooperation." She said loudly.

The Commander Du's lips were twitching, his face was stiff and filled with helplessness. He was also shocked when Chu Yunsheng told him that he could distract the flame monster. If he had not seen what Chu Yunsheng did, he probably would doubt his capabilities just like them.

Those people were really straightforward, they did not even care about how Chu Yunsheng would feel.

However, Chu Yunsheng did not want to talk to them. He just simply ignored them. To him,  he would rather use his Yuan Qi to hunt those meat worms outside than to prove them what he could do. Also, he has not even reached that level yet. So he just left it to the commander Du to deal with this kind of troubles.