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Chapter 69 I believe him

 Chapter 69 I believe him
"Commander! Commander! " a sentry was holding a gun and running towards the commander Du anxiously, he gave the commander Du a salute and then whispered to him. “Commander, all the insect’s bodies went missing!!"

“What!” the commander Du snapped, that was more than 30 red shelled insect’s bodies, how could it suddenly go missing?

The sentry tried to lower his voice and said with concerns. "I saw Mr. Chu went in there, the bodies disappeared after he came out!”

The commander Du instantly raised his head and looked at Chu Yunsheng who had already passed them and now walking towards the meeting room.

He was in a great shock. ‘what did he do?  Don’t tell me that his way of leveling up is to eat those monster's bodies?’ When he thought of those monster’s disgusting bodies and the possibility that Chu Yunsheng gobbled up those bodies, the commander Du almost throw up!

But then he quickly adjusted his emotions and facial expressions. No matter he was a human or a monster, as long as Chu Yunsheng was on his side, then they would still be allies of one another. He told the sentry sternly. "do not tell anyone about his, it is now the top secret. From now on,  the back of the building will only be guarded by you. Do not interrupt Mr. Chu, whatever he does, just leave him alone!”

“Yes, sir!” sentry gritted his teeth and answered. There was a sign of determination in his eyes.

“You may leave now!” the commander Du waved his hand. He felt powerless but he still needed to explain the situation about Chu Yunsheng to those 8 newly recruited awakened warriors

Those new recruits were pissed off by the way that Chu Yunsheng ignored their doubt. They were all saying that they could not continue with the cooperation plan. There was no way that they would fight for the military without any actual proof that Chu Yunsheng could actually do something. Some people even asked the commander to fight Chu Yunsheng in a duel.

“Duel!?” a sound suddenly came from the doorway, it was Yao Xiang who just came back from outside, he was assigned with the mission to hunt red-eyed monsters.

Yao Xiang was an honest man. So he said Bluntly. "Want a duel! Brother Chu won’t do it, probably he is scared to hurt your guys. I have never seen anyone could live under his sword attack,  no matter it was a monster or a human!...”

The skinny old man knitted his brow and interrupted him. “Young man, if you want to brag, at least make it more believable, sword? we have 8 people, and 8 pairs of eyes, but none of them saw he was holding a sword, not even a piece of metal!”

Yao Xiang had been following Chu Yunsheng for a while now,  he had already seen many of Chu Yunsheng’s strange abilities, but he would not easily disclose those secrets to others,  he twitched his mouth and carried on saying. "I just need to remind you, believe it or not, it is entirely up to you, I would never lie!I bet you with my head that even all of you are fighting against him, the last person remains standing would still be him! ”

"Commander, I believe Yao Xiang, so I believe Mr. Chu’s ability." an officer who was wearing the one bar and three-star epaulet stood out and said sternly,

The commander Du nodded his head.

Then a lot of awakened warriors from the military also stood out saying that they agreed with him.

The skinny old man sneered, but it was not good for him to carry on questioning. After all, The troop had more people, and all of them believed Chu Yunsheng’s ability, if he carried on asking questions, they would consider him as questioning the military, not Chu Yunsheng!

Meanwhile, Chu Yunsheng was smoking a cigarette and standing in a corner of the meeting room quietly. Scientists’ deductions and calculations were complicated, plus there weren't any computers to help them to do the calculation. So the progress was very slow. That was why he still needed to wait for some time to get the new channel map.

The meeting room was illuminated by the candlelights, those candles were gathered by the troop from everywhere inside the city. In the flickering candlelights professors seemed to be unusually busy and tired, some of them could not bear the tiredness just sleep on a bed which was made by several chairs combined together. They were doing their best to draw the channels as soon as possible.

Chu Yunsheng was affected by them, he also made a big yawn after watching them for quite some time. He forced himself to stay awake and started to cultivate Yuan Qi.

Since last time he sensed something from the preliminary model, he started to pay attention to the Yuan Qi’s circulation inside his body, he wanted to observe the directions that Yuan Qi circulated inside his body, the states, strength, fluctuations and lastly how the body reacted to it.

This was a very exhausting activity, just less than an hour, Chu Yunsheng could no longer carry on cultivating Yuan Qi, he seemed to have felt something, but when he tried to grasp that feeling, there was nothing there. There were still too many things he did not understand!

He then thought of those novels he read during the age of light, those people would spend days or years in Qi cultivation and they didn't even need to sleep.

However, only when it came to him did he realized how difficult it was. If he just cultivated Yuan Qi, he could do it continuously for 6 hours, but if he needed to observe and understand every detail and step during the cultivation, just like what he did before, then just after one hour he would start to have extremely painful headaches,

When Chu Yunsheng opened his eye,  he almost had a heart attack, the professor Sun was sitting in front of him and smiling at him, his eager eyes made Chu Yunsheng’s hair to stand up!

“What do you want?”Chu Yunsheng forced Yuan Qi inside his body calmed down.

The Professor Sun waved his hand. “nothing, I am just curious, oh, right!  Are you scared of seeing dead bodies?"

Chu Yunsheng did not understand what he was saying. He was puzzled.

He had seen so many dead bodies that he did not even know how many exactly. From Shen Cheng city to here, not a single road was empty without bodies.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng did not have any reaction, the professor explained in a low voice. “not the regular dead bodies, it is the autopsied bodies, they were the bandits you killed that day! ”

Chu Yunsheng was startled that he instantly stood up from the chair. His expression instantly changed and his eyes were cold, he almost wanted to activate the armor!

He always had a good impression of this old man. Not only because this old man was not a petty-minded person, but also he respected the soldiers who were protecting him, he always tried his best to repay those soldiers.

This old man always claimed that researchers were not like what he thought was, they would never autopsy the awakened warriors. he made Chu Yunsheng felt relieved.

But this old man suddenly told him that they autopsied Gan Ziqiang and his people, although Gan Ziqiang was his enemy, Gan Ziqiang could also use Yuan Qi just like him. Today they autopsied Gan Ziqiang, tomorrow it would be some people's case study. And in the future, the one that would be lying there to be autopsied could be him.

Chu Yunsheng regretted his choice. He probably had been staying with them for too long, it made him become careless. He even thought that those people were very friendly. How could he be so stupid to let down his guard and cultivated Yuan Qi next to them?

Moreover, he did it even without anyone whom he could trust to guard him. What if they wanted to study him, probably he was dead already.

Seeing Chu Yunsheng changed his expression all of sudden, the professor Sun quickly waved his hand. "Xiao Chu, do not be so anxious, listen to me…"

Chu Yunsheng tried to calm himself down, he tried to tell himself that he was thinking too much. The commander Du and those scientists still needed him to escape this city, there was no way that they would hurt him!

But why would the world become like this!?

He had seen two people escaping from insect’s attack, one person of them broke the other one’s leg, just so the person could run away!

He had also seen a kind-hearted little girl trying to share her food with a starving man, but she was coldly stabbed to death and her food was taken away by that man!

He had seen a group of awakened warriors did not hesitate to help their teammates when an overwhelming amount of red-eyed monsters attacked them!

He had seen people on the overloaded cars killing each other on the cars and dumping bodies outside when they were chased by the monsters!

He had seen people using half pieces of bread to lure fellow human beings into a trap and use their bodies to make a bomb to kill those meat worms like Thug Jiang!


He had seen too many those kinds of things, every time it left a fear deep inside his mind. He was just an ordinary man in the age of light, his life was ordinary and mediocre like others.

Since the dark age began, with just an ordinary people’s mindset, he has endured one tragedy after another, and every tragedy was full of dark and inhuman.  Even if he had the ancient book to guarantee his safety, it still made him become more and more sensitive, more and more vigilant, more and more fragile.

Sometimes, the human race was far more terrifying than monsters!


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