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Chapter 70 Rumours

Chapter 70 Rumours
Professor was a little bit embarrassed. he did not expect Chu Yunsheng’s would have such extreme reaction. he explained:"with the current situation, we have no choice but to autopsy Gan Ziqiang. follow me, you will understand."

Chu Yunsheng hesitated. but at the end, he still followed him. he wanted to know what they were really doing with the bodies. He also realised that after all, those people were still working for the government. based on the current situation, study the awakenings was inevitable. people probably had already started doing this in Jin Ling city.

The room they used for the autopsy was a restroom next to the meeting room. a heavy smell of blood hit Chu Yunsheng’s face when they opened the door. professor Sun shook his head:" our tool is limited. so we could not handle it a better way."
There were only a few candles in the room, three bodies were already opened up and laid on a large surface made of several tables.  there were two people stood next to the bodies, one was young and one was old, they seemed to discuss something quietly in the candlelight.

They stopped discussing when they saw someone came in. professor Sun pointed at the old man said:"this is the biomedical expert Professor Huo, the other one is his student Xiao Ning." he then told Professor Huo:" Lao Huo, let’s get it started."
Professor Huo adjusted his big glasses, the lens had a crack on it and the frame was also wrapped with a piece of cloth. he cleared his throat, pointed to the body on the table and said: "take a look here. because we do not have any detection Instrument and observation equipment, so our rough analysis is based on the direct eye's observation of the samples."

"Look at the muscle part first, it has changed significantly and can even be seen with the naked eyes, the muscle fibre is tougher, traits also have abnormalities. our speculation is some part of the awakening warrior’s energy was hidden in the muscle cells, and it carried out some unknown transformation to the cells. so it resulted that the cells had the ability to store some type of dark energy in addition to food energy. because the dark matter is completely translucent, so we can not see it, that's why these inferences and experimental results do not have any evidence to support it. it is just assumptions.

Then take a Look at the visceral part. The fire warrior’s heart area has changed significantly compared to other parts of the body. Ice warrior’s viscera changes were mainly in the kidney area. because there are no other samples to verify the result, plus we had already Known there are other elements warrior exist, like the metal element from one of the military soldiers. so we don't have any conclusion at the moment.

the most dramatic changes appear in the brain region, where the nerve fibres were interlaced. the more powerful the awakening is, the more obvious the changes are. But with only the naked eye, we can not give the exact conclusion..

lastly take a look at the skeletal part, with the naked eye, it does not appear to have significantly changed, so we can't tell anything yet."
After Professor Huo’s brief introduction, Chu Yunsheng was still baffling. why would Professor Sun asked him to come to listen to his useless analysis? it seemed meaningless.

Professor Sun seemed to know what Chu Yunsheng was thinking, he said: "our operation condition is very limited, we can only do some simple experiment. based on these initial observation, combined with the experiments we had done before the insects appeared, we had discussed and drawn a conjecture:

Because the dark matter and dark energy are completely translucent, it could even quietly pass through the human body or even the object like earth. The dark energy gained by the awakening warrior might be controlled by an area in the brain, it captures the dark energy that freely moves around the body or even passes through the body, and absorbs them and stores them into the body.

This assumption requires an establishment of several foundations. one is when a human awakens, it is required to have a short period of time to transform the body muscle cells, so that the body will be able to accept the dark energy in addition to carbohydrates. and second, brain act as a controller to direct the dark energy to flow inside the body. and the third The response, mobilisation and application of the neural units to these dark energies.

These are our initial assumptions. many phenomena still could not be explained, such as the awakening’s unique skills. the way they released the energy is too complicated, we still could not build a model, so we still can not explain."

Then Professor Sun continued to tell him most of the results they had figured out.

Chu Yunsheng was still baffling until he finished talking. these speculations just like when he cultivated Yuan Qi the first time. But then he thought carefully for a second, maybe he could learn something from it. But he did not understand why would Professor Sun told him those things.

Professor Sun's answer was very simple: "If it was in Jin Ling City, we are not allowed to disclose any information about our job without any permission, even to my wife and daughter, I would also not allow myself to say anything as well. But now is different everyone’s life depends on you,  I know those people outside do not believe you, but I believe!

Commander Du said you need three days to increase your power, we were trying our best to autopsy those bodies, we just hoped that those result would help you in some way!”

Chu Yunsheng nodded gently, Professor Sun’s bold assumptions had helped him to understand how the awakening warriors absorb and store the energy. although it was still an assumption and there was no test data to support it, in combined with the knowledge he learned from the ancient book Chu Yunsheng now had a better understanding of his Qi cultivation situation. It was still very helpful to him.

Inside his mind, it was now filled with the Yuan Qi’s operation model; how to step by step absorb Yuan Qi from outside body; how to store it and where to store it...

Whenever He infused Yuan Qi into the sword he just simply let Yuan Qi flow into the sword. However in principle. he needed to understand how to achieve Yuan Qi’s mobilisation, and how to force them to come out of his body.

There were many control incantations on the ancient book,  he had been memorised them deep inside his mind. but he never cared about how these incantations were generated; How did it work. It was just like when he was in the secondary school, he could manipulate the Pythagorean equations but he never cared to find out how  "Pythagorean theorem"  was proved.

Chu Yunsheng absent-mindedly collected the bodies of the seven or eight red-eye monsters which had been hunted by Yao Xiang and troops. and then he got the new fog walls' channel map from professors.

Those who complete the deduction could no longer bear the tiredness finally collapsed on the floor and fell asleep.

Chu Yunsheng once again stepped out the door of the Jing Jiang building. he shook his head and forced himself to stay concentrated,  once he entered the fog, a little distraction would result in his death.

A Red shadow once again flew into the vast fog.

The meat worms were sometimes easy to encounter. however, because of their protective colour, some of them might be difficult to find,

Chu Yunsheng was moving fast in the middle of the part of the giant plants in the fog city. He tried to get rid off all other thoughts and just concentrate on the surrounding. sometimes he slowly lurked in between the giant branches, sometimes he ran in a high-speed like a Mercedes-Benz!

Chu Yunsheng urgently needed to break through Yuan Tian stage one. The red shadow constantly appeared in every corner in the city and killed meat worms one after another, it brought him a large amount of absorption talisman. soon, he no longer needed to avoid having contact with the red-eye monster, he just rushed into the monster’s crowd and started killing.

Chu Yunsheng still returned to Jin Jiang building in every twelve hours, those professors were working hard to prepare the new channel map for him.
The Staff officer Tao had gathered more and more new awakening warriors. until the second day evening, there were almost 60 awakenings warriors.

Their topic had already changed from questioning Chu Yunsheng’s ability to a rumour about recently an unknown person who was wearing the red armour frequently appeared in the fog. That person was very fast, and none of the monsters could survive that person's attack.

Although they had heard from the people in the military saying that they had seen Chu Yunsheng wore the similar armour before, in order to avoid the new recruits losing their trust on the military over Gan Ziqiang’s incident, Commander Du had forbidden anyone talking about it. so whenever the soldier needed to answer the questions from the new recruits, the information they gave out was very vague. It was like a story they were trying to make up, but with a lot of loopholes.

Because it was closely related to the success or failure of the whole plan, so everyone was very concerned about it. when Chu Yunsheng appeared at the entrance of the building The intense argument had reached its peak.


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