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Chapter 71 the peak of Yuan Tian stage one

Chapter 71 the peak of Yuan Tian stage one
Every twelve hours Chu Yunsheng would return to the building, and every time he would be exhausted. He needed to restore his physical strength as much as possible while the professors drawing the new map.

Once he stopped fighting, his mind would be filled with symbols and incantations from the ancient book. Time passed quickly, he was getting more and more concerned about the flame monster.

He did not know why he had a feeling that he needed to understand something first before breakthrough Yuan Tian stage one. However, Only when he reached Yuan Tian stage two, would he have enough power to distract the flame monster. So he ignored that feeling.

Because he was exhausted, so every time he entered the building was without the armor, He ignored the noisy argument happening in the hall area, Even the commander Du implied him that it was time to show them some of his abilities, but he still refused.

It was not that Chu Yunsheng was trying to make a show. It was because every time when he came back he was already exhausted, he needed to recover his strength as soon as possible, also he still hadn't reach Yuan Tian stage two yet, once he showed his ability, he would definitely receive even more questions.

Chu Yunsheng curled up his body on the chair every time, his mind was tortured by his excessive activities. Yao Xiang was on guard not far from him while trying to practice a various type of cultivation methods. Since the last time people questioned Chu Yunsheng's ability, there were many people wanted to challenge him, so Chu Yunsheng felt anxious when he was resting alone. Especially during this period when his mind was not stable. That was why he went to the commander Du to ask for Yao Xiang to protect him.

Since the beginning of the dark age, amongst the people Chu Yunsheng had met, apart from Yu Xiaohai who he trusted the most, it only left Yao Xiang he could rely on.

The troop had collected more and more red shelled insects and red-eyed monsters, Chu Yunsheng stored all of them inside the storage talisman. He planned to upgrade his equipment when he reached Yuan Tian stage two, he guessed that the armor and Qian Bi sword would definitely be able to reach another level.

Until the last day and the last 12 hours, Chu Yunsheng only left last one circulation to go. He almost reached the peak of Yuan Tian stage one!

Chu Yunsheng’s body was filled with Yuan Qi. He felt that he had so much energy to use. Jumping from one rattan to another one, his speed was even faster than before! He climbed along a giant plant’s rattan and jumped into a building through its window. When he reached the other side of the building, he suddenly noticed something.

Appeared in front of him was a group of red-eyed monsters attacking a crowd of around 30  people. Since the commander Du spread the news about they were going to break the fog walls and escape to Jin Ling city, Those people who had been desperately hiding in every corner of the city no longer wanted to hide anymore. They all flocked to the Jin Jiang Building in section 9.

If there was not any hope and if there was only just despair, people would sink into depravity, Once there was hope, even if it was just only the slightest hope, the greatest desire to survive would burst out from deep inside people’s mind, especially those people who were with their children.

Having trapped in the fog city made them lose hope before. Even they saw the commander Du’s troop drove into the city, they couldn't care less to ask for help. But now, a troop with a large number of scientists, awakened warriors, and heavy weapons, claimed that they were able to break the fog walls in three days! It was like the drowning people finally grasped something that stopped them from sinking, apart from those people couldn't move because of starvation, everyone else was rushing towards the section 9.

Chu Yunsheng vaguely recognized a few people in the crowd, they were from the urban management officer’s crowd who gave him and Yao Xiang a lead few days ago. The urban management officer was gone, only left with the woman leader to lead the rest of the people. They were still holding the red shells as shields and those metal bars as weapons, they were tenaciously resisting the red-eyed monsters.

Those were the ordinary humans, they could only rely on a few guns and metal weapons to deal with red-eyed monsters. When Chu Yunsheng appeared, they already started to have casualties. Along the way, there were five or six half bodies lying on the ground. But what was more shocking was that none of them attempted to run away secretly. They all stayed together defending themselves while slowly moving towards the fog wall.
There were only a dozen Red-eyed monsters. Chu Yunsheng raised the bow, loaded it with the arrow and infused it with enough amount of Yuan Qi. His shooting skill had increased a lot. however, the monsters were around 40 meters away from him, plus shooting at the flying targets was still a little difficult for him. He could barely hit the monsters that spread their bodies wide.

Whoosh!... Whoosh… whoosh!...

Chu Yunsheng continuously shot out arrows. Because he didn't have accuracy, so he used the numbers to make up his weakness. His firing speed was fast, just in a second he already shot 5 arrows. However, it was still not fast enough. In order to speed up, he decided not to load actual arrows anymore. Yuan Qi started to form arrows on the bow and fly towards the monsters.

He didn't spend much energy to deal with the red-eyed monsters. One frost arrow didn't consume him too much energy,  plus his body was now filled with Yuan Qi, so even though he fired so many shots, he did not really mind it at all. Also in order to complete the last cycle as soon as possible, he needed to use as much Yuan Qi as he could. He had more than 20 absorption talismans which were filled with Yuan Qi as backups, so he could replenish his Yuan Qi at any time.

Those monsters were shot down one by one, only a few of them turned around and flew towards Chu Yunsheng.

Chu Yunsheng immediately started to harness Yuan Qi rapidly inside his body, he quickly shot a few frost arrows, then hung the bow on his shoulder. He drew the sword and jumped off the rattan while hacking the sword down, two monsters were instantly cut in half!

"Look!!!  the man with red armor!" A woman in the crowd shouted.

"We, we are saved !?" A mother was crying out loud.

"Hum…. have we met this person before?" one of the kids in the urban management officer’s group murmured.


Chu Yunsheng was waving his sword fast, the red-eyed monster’s number was reduced rapidly. When it was down to the last one, everyone was shocked to see the monster suddenly turned around and attempted to run away!

Since the day those monsters appeared, they had never seen any monsters would attempt to escape the battle!

Even Chu Yunsheng who had fought with so many monsters for so many times, he was also shocked.

He had seen some monster’s strange behaviors before.  When he fought with 5 red shelled Insects at a supermarket in Shen Cheng city, the last remaining insect attempted to call for help, but that was all it did, it still did not run away.

Just in a moment of pause, the red-eyed monster had already escaped for a short distance, Chu Yunsheng quickly took out the bow and arrows, he kicked the rattans around him and jumped up to start a high-speed chase. He infused the last bit of Yuan Qi inside his body to the arrow and landed on a branch. Three arrows were shot continuously. The last red-eyed which was running away in panic was finally shot down.

At the same time, the last Yuan Qi circulation was finally completed. Chu Yunsheng suddenly felt his body was so light. He almost fell down from the rattan. The body even began to automatically absorb Yuan Qi slowly from the area around him!

Yuan Qi that went into the body started to flow everywhere inside his body. He could even hear the strange noises coming from inside his body.

Chu Yunsheng instantly became very anxious. He did not even pick up the red-eyed monster's bodies on the ground, instead, he just quickly rushed towards the building in section 9.

When Chu Yunsheng rushed into the building while he was still on his armor, the crowd in the hall area was startled. He did not even have time to consider that if he should deactivate the armor or not. He just quickly ran past the crowd like a gust of wind, and grabbed Yao Xiang who was speaking to Ding Yan then rushed into the nearest room, he hurriedly told Yao Xiang. “watch the door for me!!”
He then shut the door before Yao Xiang even had time to respond to him.

Meanwhile, people who were startled by the red amour in the hall completely lost their composure, they all demanded the commander Du telling them what exactly was going on!

More and more people started to think that this was a trap that set up by the military, and it was a trap that going to sacrifice their lives.

The hall area was extremely chaotic, It was on the verge of violent conflict.