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Chapter 72 Ron Yuan Ti

Chapter 72 Ron Yuan Ti
“ Bang !” a gunshot rang out.

The hall went silent, the awakening warriors were not scared regular of guns, But when Commander who was the highest military commander here stood on a desk in the hall area and fired a warning shot, it still made those awakenings silent.

At the same time, staff officer Tao and other people also returned to the hall. The hall was in an uproar, it was filled with more than one hundred people, and everyone was expressing their own opinions.

Commander Du shout loudly:” I, as the highest military commander here, going to mention this again, the red armour you saw is indeed Mr.Chu, who is also the key person of this entire mission, I had mentioned so many times, and this is going to be the last time!” he then looked at his watch and said:” in regards Mr. Chu's ability, I think we will have answer soon.”

The skinny old man who was recruited the earliest immediately asked:” Commander Du, this is what we are worried. I haven't seen his fight in person before. but from what I have heard from other people who had seen his fight before,  although red armour warrior was indeed very strong, please keep in mind, in our plan, he needs to distract flame monster, not those meat worms and red
-eye monsters. And from what they saw, his ability is barely enough to kill one and two meat worms. I don't think, with his ability he could withstand flames monster's attack, don't even need to mention about distracting it for one minute.”

Just right after he said this, a man stood out:" yes, I agreed with this old man, I've seen his fight before, although I admire his ability. but I think he is still not strong enough to distract the flame monster. Originally we were hoping that the grey coat man isn't the red armour warrior. since you guys did not mention it, so we thought that guy is stronger than the red armour warrior. but if you think with the help of red armour warrior, you would convince us that this plan will be successful, then you are wrong. "

“I don't agree with you!” a female awakening warrior who was holding a baby interrupted,:” I have also seen his fight before, I think you have missed something here. he is the only person I have seen that could use both fire and ice elements. when he fought with a sword, there isn't any sign of ice or fire elements. But he could use a gun to unleash the fire power and a bow to unleash the ice power. May I ask, has anyone of you seen anyone could do it?! So I believe and also support commander Du, Mr. Chu will definitely be able to distract the flame monster."


Commander Du didn't know they were not only worried about Chu Yunsheng's ability, they were even questioning red armour’s warrior’s ability. Even if he could prove that Chu Yunsheng was that red armour warrior now, it would help to solve this commotion. Because to them, they would just have another powerful team member and that was it. Chu Yunsheng was still far away from being able to deal with the flame monster.

Those people had been living in this fog city for some time now. they had escaped from dangerous situation countless times, those dangerous experiences only made them smarter and more cautious. Commander Du also understood this, that was why he didn't know what to say. He only hoped that Chu Yunsheng would come out to convince those people, otherwise, once those people left, they couldn't destroy the cores just by themselves.

But since Chu Yunsheng came back. he locked himself in the room, and Yao Xiang was guarding the door, even Commander Du asked staff officer Tao to urge Chu Yunsheng to come out so many times, but still, there was no response.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunsheng was nervously observing the abnormal changes of his Yuan Qi. he did not have a so-called legendary inner observation ability. He could only try to sense the changes by feeling how Yuan Qi circulated inside his body.

At this moment, he was not sure if he had already entered Yuan Tian stage two or not, he only felt that there was some kind wall between his body and Yuan Qi. And the wall was slowly destroyed by Yuan Qi when it circulated inside his body. After the wall was completely destroyed, he felt that his body and Yuan Qi were fused together to form a single entity. This was a type of feeling he never had before.

Chu Yunsheng thought: if Yuan Tian stage one was to store Yuan Qi in the body temporarily.  then now his body and Yuan Qi was one single entity.

The whole process of breaking through was very slow, he was trying his best to slowly speed up the Yuan Qi circulation.

All kinds of strange noises emerged from his body, they were passing through the internal nerves into his hearing system. Chu Yunsheng felt like he was a castle and it was under attack by an army of a tremendous amount of Yuan Qi.

Although he did not feel any pain. but he could feel that his body was in a very fragile state. he was scared that if he used absorption talisman to help him restoring Yuan Qi, it would break his body apart.

He could only try to calm himself down, relax his body as much as he could and let his body slowly absorb Yuan Qi from outside. Only until three hours later did Yuan Qi which was transforming his body gradually slowed down and stopped.

After he examined his Qi state, he found out that he finally reached the state which was mentioned in the ancient book. According to the ancient book, when he reached Yuan Tian stage two, the degree of Qi cohesion would be greatly increased. he could feel that just a small amount of Yuan Qi inside his body contained an incredible amount of energy. His body didn't act as storage for Yuan Qi anymore, instead, they had formed a single unity as if Yuan Qi was part of his body.

Based on the ancient book’s description, the result of body's transformation wasn't very obvious at the early stage of Yuan Tian stage two, in order to transform his body completely, he needed to go through 5 stages of the transformation.

The way of Yuan Qi moved inside his body had also changed significantly. Since Tian Di Yuan Qi had been transformed to become part of his body, It was much easier for Yuan Qi to move inside his body. He also found out that it was the reason why with the same amount of Yuan Qi, it was much weaker when he used it at Yuan Tian stage one than Yuan Tian stage two.

The senior practitioner who also was the author of this book had written down a detailed description of how Yuan Tian stage two would progress.

The benefit of this changes didn't just apply to his body, it also gave him the ability to make level three talismans. Because when making those high-level talismans, it was required to use practitioner's "Ben Ti Yuan Qi” (1.)

The most important thing was, he did not need to waste any more energy on remaking the same type of talisman repeatedly, High-level Yuan Fu could be used repeatedly as long as he replenished Yuan Qi inside.

Also, the armour and Qian Bi sword had been upgraded by him. with the help of Ben Ti Yuan Qi, the armour became thinner, it looked more flexible and lightweight. but the defence ability was greatly increased.  Qian Bi sword had also been refined to remove a lot of impurities. Chu Yunsheng had to use all of red-shelled insect’s shells and claws that were collected by the troops in order to keep the size of the sword.

Moreover, the sword also had its special ability,  that ability came from the blue ripples inside the sword. Whenever he used the sword to attack, The blue ripples seemed to swallow up the Yuan Qi inside the energy shield. it made the sword become very effective at destroying the Yuan Qi energy shield. Comparing to what he could do before. Now he only needed to infuse less than half unit of Yuan Qi to kill a red shelled insect.

That was why When dealing with the flame monster whose body was formed of pure Yuan Qi energy, Qian Bi sword could be a very effective tool.

Then Chu Yunsheng tried to recite the incantation for the only sword fighting technique he could understand in the book again and again in his mind. although he had memorised them thoroughly.

He could not test the fighting technique in a small room, so he decided to go outside and find a monster to test the sword fighting technique he had been anticipated for a very long time.

He then thought again, those people in the hall wanted to see his ability, now was the best time!

1. Ben Ti Yuan Qi, it was a name given to tian di yuan qi (world original qi, refer DBA wiki) after it had been transformed and become a part of practitioner's body energy. it is a higher form of energy.